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Default Beth's Weekend "Chapter One"

Hey guys this is my work in progress rape story...not much of the rape happens yet...well none of it really but there is violence. Chapter Two will be up soon and that's where the rape happens...or some of it. Let me know what you think:

Beth’s Weekend
“Chapter One”

Beth was an attractive woman. She was tall, with curves in all the right places, long brown hair, brown eyes, C cup breasts, a firm ass, and a great fashion sense. She worked at the town café, as a waitress. She took in a lot of tips. Brad and John were two of her regular customers. She would only have to see them walk through the door to call back to the chef their orders. One day, before a long weekend, they came in. Something was different about them, though. They seemed angrier. Perhaps they were drunk, Beth thought. She served them their meals and went about her day.
It was an hour to closing and Brad and John still hadn’t left. They were talking in low tones. Beth went over and sat next to Brad. “What’s the matter, sugar” she wanted to know, winking. “Hard day at work?”
Brad had scowled. “I got fired. What’s it to you, sugar?” His words were slurred together. He was drunk.
Beth frowned sympathetically. “Oh, I’m sorry. Here, I’ll refill your coffee for free.” She rose and headed for the counter, her hips swaying gracefully. If she had eyes in the back of her head, she would have noticed both pairs of eyes glued to her perfectly shaped ass. “Drink up and then you gotta get out of here. We’re closing down early today.” She took the coffee pot back to its assigned place on the counter and began sponging down the tables. As she leaned forward, her shirt would flow forward a bit, revealing a nice glimpse of bra encased tits, straining at their lace prison.
Brad and John got up silently and left.
“See you later, Kurt” Beth called to her boss as she stepped out the front door. She was glad it was a weekend and their hours were shorter. Her heels were beginning to kill her feet. She got in her car and drove home, but the whole way there she had the strangest feeling she was being followed. Parking her car, she hurried inside and locked the door. Now that she could breathe easier she went upstairs and ran the water for a bath. After soaking in the warm water for half an hour she got out of the tub and crossed to her room, still slightly dripping. She lay on the bed and sighed.
An urge to masturbate came over her and she flicked on her stash of porn, beginning to rub her breasts slowly. Having not had sex in years, it was a wonderful feeling. The doorbell rang. Swearing under her breath, she hurriedly got dressed, still a little wet between the legs, and went to answer it. At first she saw nothing. Then she saw a brick being flung at her head and then she knew no more…
It must have been hours later when she awoke. She was lying on her back on a cold, concrete floor. Her head hurt where she had been hit and her muscles ached from lying on the ground for so long. She tried to sit up and found she couldn’t move. Assessing the conversation further, she realized that her hands were bound above her head to a metal pole in the ground. She kicked her legs around, trying to wriggle enough to free her arms, but nothing worked. She was no longer wearing her white blouse and boy shorts that she had tossed on in a rush, but was only clad in a thong that was riding up her ass, and a much tighter bra than she remembered. It was then that she realized that whoever had kidnapped her had changed her which meant that they had seen her naked and her face flamed up.
She began to struggle again and a cold voice piped up from the corner. “The more you do that, the more that thong is going to wedge itself between your cheeks and I’d imagine that’s not too comfortable.”
Beth shivered at the iciness of the voice and tried to draw back as its owner stood up. With a jolt in her stomach, she recognized him as Brad. “Brad” she gasped. “What are you…why are you…why me” she pleaded, rubbing her wrists together to try and free them of the coarse and itchy rope around them.
“I’ve wanted this for awhile Bethany” he drawled, coming closer and now Beth could see that he was grinning wickedly, still drunk, and holding a long horsehair whip. “I just couldn’t risk anything so I’ve been planning and waiting and waiting and planning. And finally the time came…and it was too easy to get you here. You really need to be a little more cautious.”
Beth was trembling from head to toe. “You’ll never get away with hurting me. Kurt will be looking for me tomorrow.” She tried to sound defiant and not terrified.
“Kurt won’t be looking for you…I called Kurt and let him know you wouldn’t be back until Tuesday. That you had a last minute decision to go hiking in the woods this weekend. He’s perfectly ok with that.” He ran the whip through his fingers with a mocking smile. “So you’re all mine until then…bitch.”
Beth recoiled as though he had physically slapped her. “Brad…why” she whispered, close to tears, wriggling backwards only to feel the thong slip a little further up her crack. She squirmed uncomfortably.
“I warned you about that.” Brad pointed towards her ass with a smirk.
“I know” she whimpered. “I’m sorry, Brad. What did I do to you? Why me?”
“Could you come up with some other questions” he barked. “The why me crap is getting old. I told you…I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile.” He knelt by her side, holding the whip close to her face. “Now…you’re going to do what I say, is that right, my little slave?”
“Slave? No, Brad, please” she began in a terrified and cracked voice.
He stood up and straddled her so that he was sitting on her exposed stomach and produced a short, silver knife. Pressing it ever so casually to her cheek, producing a few drops of scarlet blood, he hissed, “We’ll try this again. You’re going to do everything I say without complaint, isn’t that right…slave?”
Beth yelped in pain, tears splashing down her cheeks, mixing with the blood. “Brad” she whimpered. “I’ll…I’m sorry, I mean…yes.”
Brad smirked in satisfaction and tossed the knife aside. “We’ll start simple. I’m going to untie you and you’re going to come over here and take off my pants.”
Trembling with fear, Beth nodded. Her arms and legs were a bit stiff and it took a moment to steady herself once back on her feet. Her wrists were still bound together and she looked at them forlornly. “Brad…you untied me from the pole, but…my wrists are still…” She faltered under the look he gave her. “How can I do what you ask with no use of my hands?”
“Be creative.” Brad’s eyes danced merrily.
Beth saw one opportunity to get out of there and it could only be plausible if she could get to the knife before he realized what she was doing. She inched closer to him, one eye on him, the other on the fallen knife. At the last minute possible, she dove for the knife but before she could get there, she was grabbed by the hair and yanked backwards. “I knew we were going to have issues, cunt” he snapped, smashing her face first into the wall. “We’ve got a long way to go.”
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So far so good. I enjoy that she's not completely compliant yet.
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Well done I'm looking forward to the rest! xx
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