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Default Violets Are Blue

This story is part 2 of the Red Rose Rapist short stories. Obviously you want to read Roses Are Red before reading this wonderful work of art

And now I give you Violets Are Blue.

We last left off where the Red Rose Rapist has taken another victim and we saw the florist acting suspiciously. But the florist is not the only suspect. The police are going to find two more people acting suspiciously, including one of their own!

Rapes were now becoming an every other day occurrence. Rose and the rest of the police were so swamped with damage control that no one caught Inspector Violet's absences, or strange comings and goings around the police station. In fact it was pretty unusual for someone investigating the rapist case to be in the police station at all.

Rose was just that kind of unusual. Following her own thoughts she gave to her boss, she started to pay more attention to the people around her for strange or unusual behavior. John Violet was the first person to hit her radar. Rose was in the police station tonight searching through some files in order to dismiss or further research a hunch. Her hunch was that John Violet was unaccounted for during all of the Red Rose Rapist rapes. A simple look back at records showing who was working on what day and who should have been working but wasn't there was all she needed.

"Violet, I need to talk to you."

"Rose, right now I really have to go. This cannot wait and I don't have time to chat."

Violet walked in a brisk pace, as if he was in a hurry towards the door. As he left, she heard him call "And it's pronounced Violeigh!"

Rose shook her head. Violet always corrected people about the name, even though people preferred to say it like the flower. When will he give up? Or better yet change his name. Rose laughed at the thought, then kicked herself for letting her mind wonder. She had something to do and it couldn't wait.


"Ok Bentley, just keep a close eye on his car. Don't make it look like we're following him, and don't get close enough to where he can tell it's us."

"This is all for the sake of quelling a hunch right? I mean Violet doing something suspicious? He's a great officer and has helped many people in London. I honestly can't see him doing anything wrong unless he's got a Mr. Hyde inside of him running around."

"Look, just follow him ok? According to the most recent pattern of rapes the Red Rose Rapist is going to strike somewhere in London tonight before our shift is over. If it is Violet then we can stop this before it gets worse..."

"And if it isn't Violet?"


"Rose, the only reason I'm doing this is because your instincts have never failed you before. I'm thinking there's a first time for everything though. Either way if he is the rapist or not, it beats driving around and attempting to look through every dark alley."

"Look, he parked his car. I don't think that's his house..."

"Come to think of it I haven't seen where he lives, but a cop living out here in the bad part of town on our salary? Now I'm interested. I'll park a distance away and we'll keep a close eye on him."


Inspector Violet knew he was being followed, and that very fact frustrated him. He was now about a block or two away from his car and he looked over his shoulder for the umpteenth time. Finally, they weren't visible. He must have given them the slip. Violet ducked into a dark dank alley and hid behind a dumpster. She should be arriving soon, and when she does...Violet's body quivered with excitement as to what was about to happen.

Uh oh! Looks like Violet is setting up a trap for the Red Rose Rapist...unless...unless he is the Red Rose Rapist and he's been stalking the woman for weeks! Either way get those arms ready for a workout! The Red Rose Rapist is going to take another victim tonight!
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