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Default The Hiker

This story was written for the Hiker Challenge/Request

"Not again!" Claire yelled, though there was no one in the forest to hear her annoyed rant. She slipped her yellow tank top over her head and let the red and white polka dot bra slide from her arms. The bra had been cute when she bought it but it was cheaply made and it wasn't the first bra her size D breasts had destroyed.

She put the thin tank back on and reached into her pack. She pulled out a map and gave it a long look. After a few moments she still was clueless about where she was. Claire put her map away and pulled her backpack onto her shoulder. She figured the best thing to do would be to keep moving and hopefully she would come to a creek or a river.

As Claire walked along she could feel the heat beating her down. She stopped once again and pulled out her water bottle. It was her last one and it was less than half full. She didn't want to panic but really if she didn't find anything helpful soon her chances for surviving didn't look good. While she was taking a break she decided to braid her rich chestnut hair. The braid fell about halfway down her slender back and it felt good to have some breeze hitting her moist neck. She didn't want to waste too much time and so she started her hike again.

During her two-day hike she'd gotten a very decent tan and if it weren't for all the trees sheltering her from the full force of the sun she might have been badly sunburned. She was thankful for the small blessing even as she realized her situation was potentially life-threatening. She knew she was stopping for rests more than she should and she knew her pace was slowing more and more. It was tempting to put down the heavy pack but if she wasn't out of the forest by night it would be cold and she didn't want to sleep in her shorts that barely covered any part of her leg. She wouldn't be caught dead in them anywhere there might be people but out here in the forest she didn't have to struggle with her ideas about modesty. Her friends were always kidding her about how old fashioned she was but she didn't care they were her beliefs.

It was getting to be late and every water source Claire had come across had ended in disappointment. Her legs were sore and she knew she needed to give up for the night and find some kind of shelter. Claire turned in a circle and off to the west, not far by the looks of it, she could see a swirl of smoke coming from the forest. Campers? A Cabin? It wouldn't matter smoke meant humans!

Claire felt a burst of energy as she raced off towards the direction of the smoke. She left in such a flurry of excitement and relief that she didn't even bring her pack. As she approached the site of the smoke she felt a pang of apprehension. She could hear male laughter and some deep instinct told her to beware but another part of her knew that she was out of water and food and after this little jog there was no time to find other shelter. She pushed the part of her that told her to be wary away and crept slowly towards the voices and the laughter. As she got nearer she picked a thick tree and stood behind it. There were four men. None were super models.

There was an amazingly fat man sitting on a log, his legs spread and his girth filling it the space. He was sweating even though there was now a chill in the air. Next to him sat an old man with some vicious wrinkles and some even nastier tattoos. Another man was stooping to fish a beer out of the cooler, his crack was in full view and his belly fell over his pants . The last man was standing by the fire he seemed drunk and he was hollering. Everyone else was agreeing with him. Claire wasn't sure what they were talking about so she moved closer to the group she was still unsure about approaching.

"Fuck the cunt I'm done with her fat old holes. Rather fuck garbage disposal then that old bitch!" The man in the middle yelled and the other men grunted and hooted.

"Won't ever have to look at her fat face anymore! Like to see the dick that gets stuck with the sour old slit!" The other men laughed their support.

The subject of the standing man's rants made Claire want to leave. She wasn't sure what they were talking about but she really didn't care to find out. She could see the trail that the truck had come here on and she knew if she could just find some place safe to sleep tonight she could find her way out via the trail these men had used to come here in the morning.

Feeling relieved that she wouldn't have to interrupt this woman-haters meeting, Claire turned to leave and found herself face to muscled chest with the biggest man she had ever seen. She backed up and tried to hide the fear on her face but it was too late. The man reached for her and she turned to run only to stumble. The man lunged forward and picked her up, holding her arms and pushing her into the clearing. The men turned to their friend as he approached with a woman held in front of him, "Who ordered a stripper fellas?"

"Damn just what we was missing!" The man by the fire said and his friends responded with laughter again.

"Please I'm sorry I was spying I...I've been lost for a couple days now...please if you could just take me to town?"

"You've been lost for a couple days then? No one out here looking for you darling?" The old man asked from where he sat on his log.

"No I didn't tell anyone I was coming here" As soon as she said it and seen four simultaneous smiles she knew she should have lied.

"So no one ordered a stripper then?" The man holding Claire asked. The men shook their heads and the man pushed Claire into the man standing next to the fire, "Consider this my divorce gift to you then Jed"
Jed caught Claire and moved his hand under her tank top. His fingertips barely brushed her breast and Claire pushed away but the muscular man she'd run into in the woods just held her from behind and though she struggled her movements got her nowhere except to make the man she struggled against hard.

Jed stepped closer to her, "Hold the bitch tight Brett," Bretts grip on her tightened and Jed slapped her hard across the face. A line of blood split from her lips. Jed laughed and once more reached under the yellow tank top. This time he caressed the breasts feeling their firmness and flicking over the hard tips.

"Let me go I'm not the kind of girl that does this. I'm not like that." Claire hated the feel of someone touching her she'd never felt comfortable enough with anyone to be naked in front of them.

"Take the top off we all want to see." The girthy man called to his friend.

Jed smiled to his audience and took the tank in both his hands and ripped it down the middle. Jed jerked his head towards his friends and Brett walked the mortified Claire over to the men sitting on the logs. Brett shook her and her breasts jiggled. The fat man who had called out for his friend to remove the top lurched forward and took the right tit in his sloppy mouth. Brett released one of Claire's arm and she started to beat the fat man in his head. Brett and Jed both laughed," Dennis sit the fuck down. Its Jed's divorce party he gets to play with this little toy first."

Dennis glared at Claire, "When its my turn you are going to pay for that you stupid bitch."

Claire was crying and with her free arm trying to cover her exposed breasts. The man who had been getting a beer suggested getting some rope and went to the truck to get some when he returned they rigged the rope to the front bumper and tied her hand tight. Claire couldn't quite sit or stand in the position and she kept a continuous plea to let her go even as Jed took off his pants and revealed his huge dick.

Jed bent down and unzipped her shorts; her sweat has made them too tight to pull over her hips so he borrowed a knife and cut the last bits of cloth covering the girl's body and admired her. "Goddamn my wife never looked this good even in high school. Boys anyone ever seen a bitch look this pretty?"

There was a chorus of various negative comments but Jed wasn't listening he ran his hand down her perfect body cupping her boobs and running his hand down her satiny legs. She locked her legs together but he pried them apart and Brett took one leg and the old man took the other leaving her fragile pussy open to its attacker. Jed opened her lips and stared into the delicate womanhood before him. He ran a finger down the middle and the girl jerked away from him. She was begging him not to do this and that was making it even more fun. Time to show women what they deserved.

"I'm saving myself please just let me go."

"Saving yourself? Like a fucking virgin?" Jed laughed but as his fingers found resistance he decided the bitch wasn't lying. The hymen was intact and ready to be ripped away.

"I want to wait til I'm married you're drunk you...you'll feel so bad tomorrow if you knew what you were doing!"

"Fuck you! If he don't fuck you I will and I ain't drunk" Dennis yelled.

"Dennis over there's a virgin too. So how old are you cunt?" The men laughed.

"I'm 24 please I'm just so scared just let me go."

"24 and a virgin. We're doing you a favor then."

Jed continued to stroke the pussy of the beggin girl but she wasn't getting wet. Fuck her then if she won't lubricate herself its not on me I tried, Jed thought and lined his dick up with her slit. Even the slight pressure of his head poking her hurt her unbroken virginity. Jed grabbed her tits and rammed with full force into the girl. She screamed and jerked. Inside, her pussy spasmed against its intruder but Jed pumped her hard as he could. Claire jerked her legs so hard she almost broke the mens hold on them. She couldn't do anything except take the painful strokes. She wept for her innocence. Jed squeezed her breasts and slammed harder and faster inside of her. He felt something change in her body and realized she was cumming which sent him over the edge and he came inside her. He withdrew his dick and rubbed it against the girl's teary cheeks.

Jed looked at the bloody wreckage of her once cute little pussy. The bitch had four more men to service he felt a little bad for cumming in her when his friends also wanted a turn. Embarassed he turned to them, "Sorry guys jizzed her up."

"Thats alright man Dennis take my place and hold this bitch upside down," The old man said from where he still held her weak legs apart.

"Make it fast Roger I want a turn!"

Roger returned with a couple of bottles of beer the first one he opened and emptied a little onto Claire's pussy. The beer washed some of the blood and outer cum out. He stuck the neck of the bottle into her and she thrashed around. It cleaned her out well enough and Roger put his mouth against Claire's clit. He licked it with his tongue and sucked on it. He bit the inside of her thigh and drew blood. Roger walked around to the front of the girl and looked down at her upside down face. He laughed as she cried and kept up her begging he kicked her in the face and punched her in the stomach. The man whom Claire had no name for grabbed Roger and pulled him away before he could get another kick in, "Whoa Roger some of us still want the bitch pretty when we get our turn."

"You're right Travis got carried away. Reminded me of Sylvia for a second." The friends all knew Sylvia was the step-daughter Roger had raped and been sent to prison for.

"Mind if I go next?" Travis asked and his friends gave him the go ahead.

Travis was the only one of the friends that was married now and though he had a good relationship with Amy he'd never seen her look as good as this woman. He didn't want to look her in the face though and he had his friends flip her over and put her across the hood of the truck. Travis positioned himself behind her and bent down to get a view of her pussy. Amy always wanted sex in the dark and so he'd never gotten a real good look at a lady's parts before. He was surprised at how fragile they looked. Pink and wet and defenseless. Travis put his mouth face against her soft pussy and breathed her in. He let his tongue explore her and he suckled her pussy lips and her sensitive clit. He stuck his fingers in deep and pumped her while he playfulled flicked and sucked her clit. He couldn't get over the fact that he was violating a woman a hot fucking woman and it made his cock harder than it had ever been. He stood up and stuck his dick in her. The tight feeling of her barely stretched pussy devoured him and he nearly came just standing there. He gave her some slow strokes testing if he could hold himself or not when he felt that he wouldn't embarass himself he let himslef pump her harder so that he was raking her against the hood. Feeling her spasming around him made his dick explode luckily he got it out and he came up her back instead. He gave her ass a hard slap and pulled up his pants. He couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

"Before you two fuck her up bad I'm going to have my fun with her," Brett said," I won't need any help holding this little bitch either. But I want my privacy so I'm taking her out in the woods a little." No one argued with Brett. No one ever did.

Brett hauled Claire out into the woods until they could no longer hear or see the other men. Claire didn't understand why he wanted her alone. Brett put her on her knees before him, " I'm going to fuck your mouth princess and if I feel teeth even once you won't have teeth anymore."

"No please I'm hurting so bad I can't do this." Brett unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick foot long dick. He pressed his slimy head against her closed lips and she looked up to him with pleading eyes.

"Open. Now!" Claire opened and he pushed inside her but she was crying to hard to suck and so he pushed her onto her belly he thrust into her with no warning and she screamed out as he pulled her hips backward making her take his whole length. He could feel her cervix and still he pushed deeper. Once his whole length was inside her he held her there and reached around to feel for her clit. He found the little nub and rubbed it. He rubbed faster and faster until she was moaning almost enjoying the sensation. He started to work her tit with his other hand and he could feel her moistening. He started to pump her as he rubbed her clit and then he picked up the pace and felt her orgasm around him. He rammed her harder and harder and felt her whole body jerk he slid his dick out of her and replaced his dick with three fingers rubbing and caressing inside of her. Her pussy was trying to go back to normal but it kept getting invaded. He removed his fingers and made a fist. He droved his fist inside of her and ripped it back out over and over he did this. His hand was soaked with her juices, blood among them. He flipped her over so she was on her back again and drove his dick into her asshole. Her face cringed and he knew she'd not been expecting it he pumped her ass and then stuck his fist back into her pussy. She had been too scared too move before but now she had resumed her struggle and she curled up to try and push him away. Brett didn't have to try to hard to keep the beaten woman from getting away from him. She might have some fight in her spirit but her body was a different story. He came in her ass and he pumped his fist in her until she squirted all over his arm and then he gave her worn out pussy a few more good pumps for the hell of it before dragging her back to the last two men who wanted a little action with her.

Dennis already had his pants undone when Brett let her drop at his feet. The woman wasn't a flight risk anymore that was for sure. Dennis looked around at the group and then laid on top of the once beautiful woman. He pulled a tit into his mouth and sucked. He looked into the eyes of the girl and instead of her delicious fear he found indifference. It pissed him off he wanted the bitch he had seen before that was putting at least a little defense. This cunt was just like his blow up dolls back home.

"Christ Brett what did you do to her the bitch is lying here dead."

Brett shrugged and flipped off his buddy. Dennis returned the gesture and grabbed both boobs in his hands and squeezed waiting for a reaction. He didn't even get a flinch out of his little blow up doll. He slapped her and punched her breasts finally getting her to flinch.

"Thought you was dead pussy bitch"

"What do you want? You just want me to hurt. I've done nothing to you."

"Bitches like you have been telling me no my whole life so don't tell me you've never told anyone no. You can't say no this time can you cunt?" Claire shook her head and silent tears started to fall again.

Dennis shoved his dick into her abused [ussy and continued to molest her bruised tits. He pulled his belt out of his pants and double it up making a whip and as he humped her he whipped her tits getting her to scream like he wanted. He came inside her pussy before he had a chance to pull out and let her pussy get a nice taste of his makeshift whip he flipped her over and whipped her ass and then took a few more good licks on her breasts. His arms were worn out and he took his place back on his log to catch his breath again.

It was finally Roger's turn and he approached slowly,"Sylvia why did you turn me in Baby?"

Roger reached down and stroked her badly bruised breast. Jed one of the only people to ever see the real Sylvia after one of Roger's sessions with her couldn't help but think that indeed she did look a bit like Sylvia.

"If you would just fuck me like a good bitch this wouldn't happen you know. Have to hurt you a little to make you fuck thats not going to do much for your looks Syl."

Roger flipped Claire over easily so she was laying on her stomach but unlike the other men Roger's dick lay flacid against his balls. When he noticed it pissed him off and he started to beat Claire. No one stopped him as he punched her ass and back. She was beyond struggling and they all knew it. She'd been fun while she lasted but her body was just a lump of bruises and cuts now. Roger pulled her up by her braid and spit into her face and then started to pummel her face. She attempted to put her hands up but just like before two men stepped foward and held her hands so she was allowed no defense as Roger's fist slammed into her face and tits and stomach and hips. At some point he found a stick and began to jam it into her pussy as if it were a jagged and unforgiving dick. She felt it cut something inside of her and the rest of the men seen the blood start to come out and coat her inner thighs. Roger finally stopped and the men holding Claire's hands released her. She lay looking up into the night's sky.

She was bloody and disgusting with dirt and other grime covering her body. No one wanted a second go with the poorly maintained toy so they decided to tie her hands and feet and leave her in the forest. They didn't tie the ropes too tight so that it would be possible after a bit of struggle for the girl to break free of her binds. After leaving the bound girl the men packed up their campsite and drove off hoping she wouldn't turn in to a Sylvia that got all their asses thrown in prison.
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cheers great work thank you
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Very nice.
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Excellent story!
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really loved what you did with my request! thanks!
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Thanks to everyone for commenting. Makes me want to keep writing!
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Originally Posted by mmeridia15 View Post
Thanks to everyone for commenting. Makes me want to keep writing!
Well don't let us stop you!!!
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beating, fisting, gangrape, rape, virgin

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