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Default Wife Sheryl passed out and Raped

Wife Sheryl Passed Out and Raped
As 6 buddies and I watched Gladiator one Saturday night, my wife Sheryl sat in the den with a couple of the wives. Scott, Jeff, Danny, and Glen had come over without their wives, who were at home with the kids. About 1030, we were halfway through the movie when Shannon and Debbie came in to get their husbands to leave. Shannon told me that Sheryl was shit-faced in the den and probably passed out. The 2 girls grabbed their husbands and left. The rest of them continued to watch the movie while I went to put my petite redhead wife to bed.
She was wasted, alright. I threw her over my shoulder and carried her to bed. I stripped her clothes off, admiring her little A cups with the tiny nipples and her shaved little twat. I quickly stripped and climbed on the bed with her. I parted her legs and pushed into her sweet snatch, fucking her quickly and dumping a hard load. Then an idea hit me. I picked her back up and carried her back to the den, laying her on the floor with her clothes in a pile beside her. Scott, Danny, Jeff, and Glen would have to walk right past her to go pee, which they had been doing a lot of because of the beer. I grabbed the video camera, aimed it at Sheryl, and turned it on. It would be amusing to see the guys reactions as they walked past her.
I went back to the movie and watched as all 4 guys, over the next 2 hours, got up twice each to relieve themselves. After the movie ended and the guys all left, I went and got Sheryl and took her to bed. Then I setup the tape to watch the guys reactions.
Scott was the first to go past her. He almost jumped out of his pants when he spotted her and realized she was nude. He spoke to her, but she was out cold. After soaking up her naked body with his eyes, he left for the bathroom. When he came back he was butt naked. Scott wasted no time getting Sheryl’s legs spread and climbing on! Already half erect, he stroked his cock 3 or 4 times, then entered her pussy. He pumped slowly for a few seconds, then shifted into high gear! Scott pounded Sheryl’s pussy as fast as he could! I was furious! I started thinking of ways to kill him! He was taking a long time to cum. That distracted me, and as I watched for him to finish I started getting a raging hardon! Just as I got my dick in my hand, Scott let out a moan, dumping a hot, scalding load into my wife! He disappeared into the bathroom and hurried out a minute later fully clothed.
Danny forgot all about taking a leak when he saw Sheryl lying on the floor, her legs still spread from Scott. He pulled his pants to his ankles and plunged his rod without hesitation! I’ve never seen a man get hard so fast! He speed fucked Sheryl, almost a blurr for the camera! Danny finished in 2 minutes, quickly suckled her tiny left nipple, and then hurried to the bathroom to pee.
A minute after Danny left, Jeff came in. Apparantly the guys were sharing information, because Jeff was stripping off his pants as the door slammed shut. My buddies were fucking my wife and talking to each other about it!
When Glen came in, he paused at Sheryl, and then got a couple of pillows from the couch. He went to the bathroom and came back with a washcloth. He wiped Sheryl’s little bald cunt, cleaning her snatch of 3 loads of cum. Then he went down on her a licked her pussy for a couple of minutes. I could see his dick growing as he moved up to her nipples. He gently circled each one. As he passionately kissed Sheryl on the lips, he slowly slid inside of her. Glen was making love to my wife! I guess he had thought of fucking her often, because he was doing it as though she were awake! Glen’s movements became quicker and more erratic as he got closer to losing his cum into Sheryl’s cunt. He got faster and moaned loudly, dumping into her as deep as he could push.
All 4 guys took a second helping from her about an hour later. I went back to her , fucked her again, then cleaned her cunt thoroughly.
Two days later we all met at Scott’s house for movie night. I brought out this movie that I thought they would like, then watched their stunned faces as we watched them all fuck my passed out Sheryl. After realizing that I wasn’t mad, we all laughed….and started plotting on doing the same thing to the rest of our wives!
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Nice little story thanks MG
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Sounds Hot! Would have love to been there to pound her too! lol
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Fucked ten times in two hours? Badass
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