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Default High School Rape

I couldn’t take it anymore! Leaving work was always supposed to be what men look forward too. Never was for me John Ferguson. By the time I eventually got home everything was fine, but the drive back required me to pass the local high school. Every time I looked out the car window I’d see a little high school hottie with a perfect freakin ass. There were so many of em it drove me crazy... and hard.* All those hot young girls about to go off to college and find some lucky bastard to marry who’ll get to fuck them every night of their fuckin lives.

It isn’t fair! Why couldn’t I have any of them? They’d give their slutty little bodies away to any boy their age who asked em, but because I’m 53 they wouldn’t even look at me. I was finally ripped, with a body any man older than 30 would be proud to have... but the only females who noticed were the ones over 40. I don’t give a fuck about them! They’re old and outdated. They have lines on their faces and no cuteness in their smiles.

I just wanted to have what I never could have... a gorgeous teenager; one of those perfect little angels who’s just turning from a girl to a woman. When I was in high school none of them would look at me because I was skinny and had an ugly face. When I turned 30 I started working out and finally got a girl. Even though she wasn’t that hot she at least gave me her pussy. We were married for about 2 years, but then we both got tired of each other and divorced. Since then I’ve been working out like a madman, and I’m about as big and buff as they come, but it doesn’t do me any good. These spoiled little teenage brats don’t notice me, they only notice their idiotic football-playing boyfriends.

Every afternoon at 3:00 as I got off from work I’d drive past the high school and see the little sluts makin out with some lucky fuckin kid. It drove me fucking insane! Bitches with their tight asses up on a bike, bitches jumpin into some lucky dudes arms, bitches walkin alone with their attitudes of “I’m too cool to walk with someone else” and then of course there are the ugly ones, but who cares about them?

Finally the tension just overwhelmed me. I was driving along and I saw this brunette turn right ahead of me. She was biking all alone, and I couldn’t help myself. The car seemed to turn itself... but somehow I wound up behind her, and I saw her perfect ass propped up on top of her bike seat. It was amazingly round and tight, and covered up only by her super short jean shorts. I wanted to see her face, so I drove in front of her, stopped in the middle of the road and stared at her through my side view mirror. Apparently she must have seen me looking, because she screwed up her face, as she rode past my window, and gave me the middle finger.

This insult from the little bitch was just too much. I rapidly turned the car in front of her forcing her to stop her bike. I opened my door and leapt out. I think my agility surprised her, because she just stood open mouthed while I grabbed her off her bike. The moment I started pulling her in though, oh God did she start fighting. She was kicking and screaming desperately. I held her mouth shut as best as I could, and then with a really rough shove I threw her into my car. As fast as I could, I opened the door to the back seat and shoved her bike into it. By now she was trying to get out of the car but I hastily ran back to the front seat, shoved her head back down toward the passenger seat, and then I jumped in and slammed the door shut.

Her face was in the passenger seat, but her legs were in my seat because of how I had thrown her into the car, so I had to sit on her legs in order to drive. I bet it hurt her, because she was screaming hysterically, even more than she had when I had originally grabbed her. Thinking ahead, I knew I had to find a secure place to enjoy the little bitch secured if I was going to have my fun with her. After brainstorming all the places I could go, I decided on the relatively deserted park about 3 blocks down. I pulled into the parking lot, and after making sure no one was around, I forced the little bitch to sit up in the passenger seat as I climbed on top of her.
“Now shut up!” I yelled
“Wh... what do you want from me?” she asked miserably
“I said shut up bitch! Now turn around and lemmee see that ass.”
She unhappily complied, and I got to pull myself up against her butt and dry hump her.
“Mmm” I breathed, “you have a gorgeous ass bitch. What’s your name hottie?”
“K... Katie” she said in a frightened tone
“Well Katie, you need to be punished for flipping me off, and for being a high-schooler. I think your ass is going to pay the biggest price”
With that I leaned back, pulled my hand all the way back to the windshield, and then swung with all my might against that teenager’s ass. Then I did it again, and again, and again. I spanked that little darling through her cute jean shorts for about 5 minutes straight. She was wailing, sobbing, and pleading with me to stop, but this wasn’t going to stop. This was revenge for dozens of years of stupid high school bitches rejecting me.

I got up against her again and started grabbing her boobs through her plain white t-shirt. They weren’t huge breasts, but they were enough to get in some good quick feels. I grabbed the front of her shorts, unfastened them, and yanked them down. She was wearing some purple Victoria’s Secret panties that just barely covered her butt. Excited, I leaned back again
“Nooo!” She screamed “I’ve learned my lesson, don’t spank me again!!!”
“Katie” I whispered through my clenched teeth “we aren’t even close to being done” and with that I smacked that little hotties ass again. I spanked her over and over, then I pulled her shirt up, grabbed her tits through her purple bra, and after playing with it for a couple seconds, I pushed the bra up above her boobs. I quickly groped the smooth skin of her perky breasts, then focused my attention back on her perfect ass. I placed my right hand on her right butt cheek, and my left hand on her left butt cheek, and I squeezed tightly through her panties. Then I pulled the helpless teenagers panties down and I repeated the squeezing on her nude white butt.

Finally the moment had come that I’d been waiting for for dozens of years. I pulled out my 8-inch long dick, and forced it into the screaming little girl’s asshole. In and out and in and out I shoved it, enjoying every second as I forced my way all 8 inches into the defenseless teen. I heard her start to moan as well as scream, and I knew she was enjoying it, despite her feeble protests. After a ridiculously short time I felt myself about to explode. All my pent up anger at these teenagers made the excitement of raping one bring me to the climax incredibly quickly. I started rocking faster and faster, and then with a scream of bliss, I came inside of the young girl. Then I pulled myself out, and gasping, I took a moments rest.

“Oh, oh my God!” she said in an amazingly sensual tone. “You can’t stop now! I haven’t cummed yet!”
“Alright Katie” I said hardly able to believe my ears “I will fuck you again if you will promise never to breathe a word of this to anyone”
“Anything!” She yelled “Just fuck me!”
“I need you to promise not to tell anyone”
“I PROMISE!!!” she screamed, hardly able to bear the sexual agony.
Without waiting for her to change her mind I quickly flipped her over in the seat, pulled her legs to both sides, and thrust myself into her young pussy. Oh God it was heavenly! She had had sex before, but she was still tight and seemed relatively inexperienced. I rammed myself in as far as I possibly could and listened to her adorable screaming of sexual excitement. After a short time of rocking back and forth it was obvious that she was ready to cum. She started yelling:

“Oh my God! Oh My GOD! OH MY GOD YES YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!” and then her whole body erupted in an incredible climax. Moments later, I shot my second load into the young teen’s pussy. Exhausted, I then reached my hands up, stroked her gorgeous brunette hair that I had hardly noticed in my excitement over her ass, gazed into her beautiful hazel eyes, and kissed her gently. She looked extremely stunned, but she shut her eyes and surrendered to my kisses. THAT... was what I had always dreamed of. I figured that the next time I tried this I would have to pay more attention to the details of my victim’s faces. Then I let go of her, smacked her butt softly, and said:

“You can go now, but make sure you remember your promise”
She looked so conflicted. She both hated and loved me at the same time, but it appeared that hate was starting to settle in again now that the sexual excitement was over.
“Oh and by the way” I said softly “4236 Abacond Way”
Her eyes opened wide in horror
“I took your ID card out of your jeans. Here it is again. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe... unless you ever break your promise and breathe a word of this to anyone”
Then as she exited the car I gave her one last smack.
“You sure have one hell’of’an ass” I said with a grin.

I drove home with the most extreme feeling of satisfaction I’d ever felt. I had not only had sex with a super hot high school girl, I’d also punished the bitch for her stupidity and the stupidity of her kind. It was like my life’s mission had been accomplished. But before I’d even gone three blocks, some stupid blonde girl walked right in front of my car forcing me to slam on the brakes. I honked the horn but the stupid bitch just turned, stood in front of my car, and gave me the middle finger. FUCK YOU! I yelled out the window as she ran off. Then it hit me.

Maybe what I’d done to Katie wasn’t the fulfillment of my life’s mission. Maybe it was just the first mission.

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Great story man! If you like high school rape stories you should check out my stories, "The Black Limo" and "It Was Self-Defense". They're a bit long but I think you'll like them. Read them in parts if you don't have time to read them all at once.
I like how your rape victim was a feisty little thing! She'll get it again!
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Yeah man, nice story.
Why that guy didn't get together with his buddies in the gym, like those guys in the 40's/50's that are pumping iron in the evening with him, and they build like a group to catch and gangrape senior Latinas high school girls?
You know Latinas, with that accent, their fat asses, big titties, those dove eyes, and their natural ethnic slutiness just pouring out?
The guys can get a cabin somewhere in the middle of the woods, like Everglades, and then they can catch those Latinas as they get out drunk and drugged (those girls take lots of Xanax with Ecstasy and booze) from those Hispanic music clubs where they go pretty much every night, throw them in a van and take them to the cabin, where the guys can gangrape the Latinas until they break the girls so they start to talk like crazy whores and scream like bitches things in Spanish like: "Fuck me, Papi", "I want someone in my ass too!", "Damelo mas dick! I need more!"
Those girls will become their sex slaves after that, and would work in the streets or like call girls for them after that, bringing them money...
Think about those Latina girls getting gangraped with their pussies shaved in heart shapes, V shapes, or just totally bald, their tattoos, like Dolphins and Butterflies that are different codes for the Hispanic guys to identify which kind of hoes those girls are?
(I went to High School in Miami-Dade County, so I know what I am talking about).
That should be some amazing stuff. From Lone Wolf to Wolf Pack, and now targeting Latinas, who are the biggest sluts of all...
Damn, I gave you some good fantasy material for you to write new stories now. lol.
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Haha I like the idea of turnin the lone wolf into a wolf pack and raping latin girls. I think first he will have to grow comfortable with raping girls before he branches out. I kinda see him as a relatively uneducated, but still cautious man. He probably wouldn't risk telling someone else about his exploits quite yet, but I'll be sure to have him branch into that in a few chapters. Good idea, and keep reading if you want to see it eventually happen.
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Aw yeah!! Sequel, sequel!! (Chants with the guys)
"Don't let your prayin' knees grow legs"

"Know when to hold em' fold em' and when to walk away"

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Definately deserves a squel
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Installment #2

Drinking was dull. TV was dull. Porn was dull... life was dull. Everything is worthless and boring when your mind is full of much more exciting thoughts. I guess that’s what I accepted when I set myself up as a rapist. That being said, I wouldn’t have traded this life for the fuckin world. Even though the rest of the world seemed extra boring, my personal fantasies were FAR from boring. You could say that I was better off than I’d ever been in my whole fucking life. I wasn’t just any boring old rapist, I was a special kind of rapist, the kind who has a certain victim who he always takes. I was like, some sort of a superhero. You could call me rape man!

I know, I’m acting like a fucking child, but I feel young and excited again. Well... not excited about the world, but excited about my newfound purpose in life; teaching those who truly are young about where their place in the world is, by fucking their little brains out. After my first taste of rape, I was more than eager to go at it again, but I was a little more cautious this time. I decided to choose a victim in advance, and take her at an opportune moment, rather than risk someone seeing me take her and be able to turn me in and spoil my fun.

I waited about a week, making sure to keep my eye out for the right target every day, and then on Friday I turned the corner and there she was, the perfect victim. The moment I saw her ass I knew I had to have her. She had a gorgeous curvy tight ass which was covered in some cute jean shorts, and on top she wore a pretty pink T-shirt. She also had incredibly long shapely legs, gorgeous light brown hair and what appeared to be (from far away) a super cute face. I drove ahead of her and turned at the next street. When she walked by the intersection I checked to see where she was headed. She turned left, so I waited in my car watching her to see where she would go. When she reached the end of that block she turned left again, so I drove up to the turn, and waited at the stop sign to see where she would go.

Fortunately for me, the pretty little thing stopped after only a few steps, and walked up a driveway toward a white two story house. I drove a little ways away, parked in an inconspicuous place, grabbed my handy notepad out of my glove compartment, and then walked up to the house. I rang the doorbell, and excitedly waited to get so see my future prey up close. Sure enough, she answered the door with a sweet little smile and said:
“Hi there, you looking for someone?”

My eyes instantly took in the sight of one of the most gorgeous young girls I’d ever seen. Everything I had noticed earlier was true, and I now could also see that she had on a stylish brown belt around her super short blue jean shorts, and her fingernails were all painted red. Most importantly though, she had some gorgeous brown eyes that I just fell in love with on the spot.

Trying to appear unstalkerish, I made a point of clicking my pen and holding it above my notepad in a very official manner, and then I replied:
“Well hello there Missy, I was wondering if I could speak to your parents. I’m with the IRS and I wanted to see if we could talk about their tax forms.”

I know I know, that was a really dumb excuse. But I’m not the one who’s known for fuckin intelligence. I’m just your typical guy, so don’t knock me for it. Luckily things worked out fine, and she answered exactly as I had hoped she would.
“Well neither of them are home right now, sorry” Again with the adorable smile that made me want to beat her senseless. It wasn’t right that she was so fucking cute! But I still managed to overcome my urges and ask:
“Oh alright then, well do you know when they’d be around so I could talk to them?”
“Haha well they won’t be available this weekend” she said with a twinkle in her eye “but they might be back by Tuesday”
“Oh well you see its important. I need to talk to them both. Could we schedule a time to meet over the weekend anyway?”
“Well they’ve actually both gone on vacation together. So I don’t think they can really talk to you.” She said with a sparkling little laugh. Try them again on Tue…”

At that moment I threw caution to the wind. I had only intended to scout out the premises, but the knowledge that she was on her own for the weekend, and the sight of her darling face just pushed me over the edge. I jumped on the little high school girl, forced her past the open door and quickly shut it behind me.
“Wh, what are you doing!?” she asked in horror
“I’m getting ready to rape you Darling, because you’re a fucking teenager and you deserve it!”

She screamed in terror and started to run toward the back door, but I easily caught up to her, grabbed her from behind and dragged her toward the living room couch. I threw her down on the couch and smacked her pretty little ass.
“No! No! Help!” she cried
“Shut your fuckin mouth!” I responded, and I grabbed the beauties tits roughly to show her I meant business.
“Oh yes” I moaned “oh I love holding your teen titties. Now Hold Still bitch!” I ordered cruelly.
“Oh!” she cried as her breasts got harder and harder. “Oh my God no! Noooooooo!”
“You stupid little teenager. Soon you’ll be saying “Oh my God yes! Yeeeeees!”
“No! No no let me go!”
“Oh I’m not letting you go Hun, you’re gonna be in my arms for a long time now.”

At that point I pushed her down flat on the couch, and started rubbing myself against her perfect ass. I buried my face in her hair and reveled in the feeling of her soft brown hair.
“Ah!” she shrieked “Ah no!”
“Stop arguing with me bitch! I’m going to fuck you and there’s nothing you can do about it!”
“Let go of me now!” she screamed. She was a feisty little thing, cute as could be. Unfortunately for her, being cute was not something you want to be when a man is trying to rape you. I laughed at her and said:
“You aren’t listening Baby, I think you need to be punished for that. You and all you stupid high school hotties dress like sluts. Just look at those tiny shorts. You all deserve to be raped. Plus, you need to be punished for being a high schooler, and I think your ass is going to pay the biggest price.”

Then I got up on all four’s over her and I started spanking her perfect tight ass. I smacked her and abused her for about 5 minutes straight, and all she could do was scream in protest. Then I flipped her over onto her back, pulled the belt off her skinny waist, and unfastened her jean shorts. Then I pulled the teenagers legs straight up in the air, so that she was in an L position on the couch, with her upper body laying flat on the couch, and her body from the waist down was up in the air.

I had known her legs were long, but I hadn’t realized they were this long! When I had her in this position it really showed off the perfection of her legs. I leaned down, put my face against the helpless little girls waist, glanced up at the incredible sight of perfect legs flailing in the air above me, and then took in the smell. Ah the smell of that little beauty was incredible, and it totally excited my already horny self. With an added passion, I grabbed her shorts and pulled them up the tower of her legs and threw them against the far wall. This revealed her cute pink panties. They looked like maidenform make, and they were the same color as her shirt; a rather purplish shade of pink which perfectly matched her beautiful hair.

With her legs still propped up in the air, I reached down, grabbed the cuties pussy through her panties, and started rubbing. Oh it was heavenly. Why oh why had I never been allowed to experience this fucking ecstasy in my youth!? It wasn’t fair! That thought spurred me on to abuse the little thing some more. I grabbed her shirt roughly, and pulled it up over her head and threw it off to the side. I didn’t pause to admire my handiwork, I was too horny for that, although I did notice that she was wearing a bra that matched her pink panties.

Spurred on my sexual excitement, I grabbed the girls hair, pulled her into a kneeling position, quickly yanked down my pants and boxers, and then shoved my dick into her face.
“No! No don’t! I’ll bite you!” she cried, still with her cute feistiness that made her such a turn on.
“SUCK IT BITCH!” I yelled authoritatively, and shoved my manhood toward her mouth. “If you even try to close your mouth I will beat you silly” and to emphasize that point I slapped her cheek cruelly. Then I grabbed her cheeks and pried her pretty little mouth open, and inserted my dick into the opening.

In and out and in and out I forced myself, all the way down into her throat. She was gagging and coughing and growing red in the face from the lack of air, but I didn’t give a shit about the fucking girl, I was having the time of my life! After what seemed like no time at all, I felt myself all set to cum. I cried out:
“Suck it down! You deserve no better you fucking cunt!!!” and then I shot a huge load inside of her throat. She had a lot of difficulty getting it all down, but after swallowing several times she managed to accomplish the feat.

Temporarily, exhausted, I stepped away from her as she gasped for air. After I regained myself, I said:
“So I think we’d better get to know each other better, after all we’ll be spending a lot of time together tonight. My names John, what’s yours?”
“Get away from me you pervert!” she said with a shaky voice.

I slapped the little bitch hard for that comment. I smacked her pretty little face several times hard to teach her a lesson. All the feistiness beaten out of her, she put her head down and started to cry.
“Alright now, you are going to tell me your name or I will beat you again”
“No don’t! Please! My name is M… Mackenzie” she sobbed
“Well Mackenzie” I said, we’re going to have some fun tonight.
“You won’t get away with this!” she choked out through her sobs
“Oh yes I will, your parents are out of town remember?”
“Well my friend is coming over in about 10 minutes and she’ll see what you’re doing! You’ll go to jail for the rest of your life!”
Feigning fear, I said: “What!? You’re lying! Why would you have a friend over?”
She turned her pretty little face up towards mine, and said defiantly:
“We planned a sleepover because my parents are gone. I’m telling the truth and you know it! You will pay for what you’re doing! But if you let me go right now then I won’t tell anyone what you’ve done to me.”
“Oh Mackenzie” I said with a cruel laugh “let’s hope your friend likes anal sex.”
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very good !
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Awesome man! Simply awesome! Let's get a little sleepover action going with hot little Mackenzie and her, hopefully, equally hot friend! There's gonna be ALL weekend to brutalize and humiliate these two little teenage tramps. Great set-up!
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