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Default Taylor Swift Rape Story

I'm going to be posing all my Taylor Swift Rape Fantasy stories here. All of them are my own works and fictional.

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Default Taylor Swift: Backstage Butt Whore

300+ views and only 2 comments...

Clearly posting stories on this board is a waste of time

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Thank You this was good please continue.
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Ok, so far you are 0-1....

That was a nicE FANTASY....but hardly a rape story.
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Where is the story? I've searched everywhere for Taylor Swift rape stories, I would really like to read yours.

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Old 04-13-2011, 09:53 PM   #6
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By: König

I've dreamed about making love to Taylor Swift ever since she came into the major music scene. I fantasized thousands of times of how I would lick her pussy and asshole. How I would slowly push my throbbing cock into every one of her orifices. Dreaming about slowly pushing my cock up against her asshole until her butt gave way and let me into her warm moist ass. One day I had enough and purchased a ticket to her concert, front row, I knew for the amount of money I paid I would have a great chance to look up her dress or make eye contact with her.

The concert was pretty lame, but her slender 5'10 frame was so beautiful prancing around the stage. Her blonde hair and blue eyes were perfect. They screamed of innocence and dirty sweaty sex at the same time.

The show ended and I started to head towards backstage immediately, hoping to get a glance of her as she whisked by from the stage. There was such a huge crowd at the main stage exit that I could barely even see the doorway where she was suppose to exit. I felt defeated, walking the other way knowing that I would just end up jerking off to her at home, ...again. Suddenly I was bumped by a large man in a black shirt that read "security." I looked at noticed Taylor Swift walking behind him.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, laying a hand on my arm. A few of her fingers were touching my skin beneath the sleeve, and the skin-on-skin contact was electric. “I wasn’t watching where I was going. I’m so sorry,” she repeated.

“It’s alright,” I assured her, smiling, doing nothing to break the physical contact between us. “No harm done.”

She started walking away towards her dressing room and I noticed that one of the security guards dropped a backstage pass. I don't know what happened, but I instantly grabbed it and put it around my neck. I started heading towards her.

We shortly came to Taylor’s dressing room. The guard went to the right and I darted to the left. He had no idea I was there! I was all but in! She took a few steps inside and stopped, appearing timid. she realized that someone was behind her and whipped around.

"what are you doing in here?" she cried

"I was sent here to get a couple of pictures of you for teen magazine, I'm a photographer." the words came fumbling out of my mouth as she looked me over. Is it ok if we do this now, I have to get home to my family.

"Oh sure!" let me start taking off my makeup and then after we will do a couple pictures." She seemed so pleased, so I patiently waited.

Her back was to me and I knew this was my chance. I pulled her to me and fell on top of her. She yelped but the noise of the tv and the 20,000 screaming fans in the arena drowned out the sound just enough.

Putting my hands on her shoulders, I pushed her back until she was lying on the ground. Grabbing the top of her dress, I pulled it down her body and slipped it over her legs. I quickly did the same to her panties, leaving her naked on her floor.

I quickly stripped my clothes off, then went to my knees beside the bed. Leaning forward, I licked her clean-shaved pussy softly, bringing a soft moan from Taylor’s teenage lips. I did it again, dragging my tongue along her slit. She shuddered and moaned again. With every lick I felt her body slowing relaxing she was started to accept my touch.

Spreading her lips with my fingers, I plunged my tongue into her pussy. She moaned even louder than before and her hands gripped my hair, pulling my tongue deeper into her pussy.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Eat me! Fuck yes!” She began squirming with pleasure as I licked her private areas. Never in a million years had I imagined that I would be licking Taylor Swift’s sweet pussy.

Her pussy tasted great. She was sopping wet by now, her juices flowing into my mouth as my tongue worked inside her. Her hands tightened on my hair and she pulled me closer to her pussy while thrusting her hips up, shoving her pussy into my face, forcing my tongue even further into her.

She moaned loudly. “Keep going, baby. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum soon,” she cooed. I increased the pace of my licking, exploring her insides gently. Unexpectedly, I found her g-spot; I knew I found it because she shuddered, hard, and shrieked with pleasure, her hands gripping my hair so tight I thought she would pull some out by the roots.

“OH SHIT!” Taylor screamed. “I’m going to cum! I’m going to fucking cum! Oh shit, it feels so fucking good! Don’t fucking stop! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!!”

She came hard, her whole body trembling. Her hips were lifted off the ground and her pussy juices were dripping down her asshole and onto the floor.

Leaning over, she kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth, tasting her pussy juices. Her hands went to my face, holding me there, kissing me intently for over a minute.

finally she released me, she smiled and out of breath said "That was amazing, but if you leave now then I won't tell anyone you were here." I paused and realized that this getaway was more than perfect. Soon I realized though that I wouldn't have this chance again, I need to make the most of it.

I leaned towards the coffee table and grabbed the super glue, the same kind she uses to put on her fake nails. I quickly applied it to her lips, telling her that it will be all over soon. I knew her and I would never be the same after this amazing experience. I threw the super glue down and saw her panties lying there. I grabbed them and stuffed them into my pocket. By this time she was attempting to closer her legs but I quickly forced them open and laid right on top of her.

Her eyes got so big as the tip of my penis touched her pussy lips. They were so warm and soaking wet. My penis was so hard it almost hurt. I placed my dick in her entrance way and slowly pushed forward. The wet, warm, and gooey feeling rushed on to my dick like nothing I have experienced before. Her head tilted upward and let out a moan.

It felt divine. It was obvious that she wasn’t a virgin, but she was still very tight, her pussy walls gripping my dick. I began plunging in and out, enjoying the feeling of her skinny, nubile body under my own.

Her hands roamed over my back and her legs wrapped around me as I began jack-hammering into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was; I’d never been with a girl like this before.

Feeling myself nearing climax, I slowed my thrusts down, wanting to make Taylor cum again. I nibbled on her neck, sending waves of pleasure through her. She drug her fingernails down my back, the pain it caused highly erotic.

I was also very close to cumming. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, so I moved my mouth to her tit and licked her nipple. She shuddered and I did it again. Her arms tightened around me and she again drug her fingernails down my back, leaving scratch marks. I took her nipple into my mouth and lightly bit it.

She shrieked loudly. “Fuck, I’m cumming again!" The super glue bond broke. "FUCK! Give it to me! Give me your fucking sperm! Cum inside me!” She gripped my head and lifted it up from her chest, looking right into my eyes. “GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING CUM! I FUCKING NEED IT INSIDE ME!”

Grunting, I complied with her wishes, shooting my load deep inside of her pussy. My orgasm seemed to go on and on as sperm just kept shooting from my dick. Eventually, it ended and I just laid there, enjoying the feeling of my dick in her pussy.

I realized that I almost forgot to pay attention to one of my most favorite holes on the feminine body. The asshole. Taylor's asshole was so pink. This beautiful perfect hole looked as if it had never been forced open. I took her from her side and flipped her all the way on her stomach. She was whimpering to loudly so I was forced to super glue her mouth shut again. this time I used enough so I wouldn't have the same problem as before.

Taylor's asshole looked even more beautiful compared to her stretched and ravaged pussy. I took some cum that was dripping from her cunt and decided to use it as lube for her ass. I knew I didn't have time to gently work my penis in her so I had to resort to other measures...

I took my hands and positioned them on each side of her butt cheeks. while pulling them open. I positioned my dick on top of her asshole and pushed. She squealed like a pig, her asshole clenched up and had a vice grip on my cock. It felt so amazing, that amidst her crying and pain, I went further and further. After about a minute of heavy thrusting and spit, I was easily thrusting my seven inch cock in and out of Taylor Swift's perfect ass. I was a bit worried for her because he asshole eventually didn't have the tight hold on my dick it once had. I would to have Taylor Swift wearing a diaper on stage for the rest of her life.

I felt myself ready to cum, I pulled our and flipped her over on her back. I ripped her lips apart from the super glue and forced my cock down her throat. I felt her gasping for air and dry heaving. My cock and all the saliva and ass juice was to much for her to swallow. I dove my face into her pussy and kept fucking her face. Her toes curled and her throat tightened, and then I had the most wonderful orgasm ever.

I pulled my cock out and stood up. She laid there on the floor breathing heavy. I quickly clothes on and headed for the door. Before I could open the door she blurted "Oh my god, thank you so much. I never thought I could experience something like that ever." I smiled, opened the door and left. I know for sure that I just inspired the next Taylor Swift album.
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Hardly a 'rape'...but a nice fantasy nonetheless...
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