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Default blackmailed teacher

Angie Boyle was every high school guys wet dream. This sexy, 32 year old English Composition teacher had it all. Gorgeous legs, cute sexy ass, petite waste, medium sized perky breasts, and gorgeous shoulder length blonde hair. She also had an amazing smile and eyes that you could lose yourself in if you stared into them for too long. Aside from looks, she had an amazing, friendly, and outgoing personality. Mrs. Boyle was that rare breed of teacher that actually cared about her students. She went the extra mile to make class both interesting and challenging. She stayed late to help students, and she was always quick with a joke to lighten the mood during really tough assignments. She also volunteered to help students with problems outside the class such as helping seniors decide what college to apply to and helping us develop our college applications. She really was an amazing woman, and not that marriage was truly on my mind as an 18 year old high school senior, but in the back of my head I hoped that when my time came to get married, I would be lucky enough to find a woman half as beautiful and kind as Mrs. Boyle.
Surprisingly, Mrs. Boyle’s husband was the complete opposite of her. How this fat bastard had ever been lucky enough to land such an amazing woman was far beyond me. He taught chemistry at the local Jr. college. While I had only had a couple of interactions with him, I had heard stories from older friends who had taken his class. All the stories were negative. He had a reputation of verbally abusing students in class for failing to correctly answer questions, and never helped anyone understand his material. You either got it the first time, or you didn’t get it at all (which was the most likely outcome since he was a terrible instructor). Once while Mrs. Boyle was helping me after class, he came in pulled her out by the arms and chewed her out for making him wait 5 minutes in the car. I suspected he was at the very least verbally abusive to her and at the worst abusing her physically. Still, she remained devoted to him and oblivious to the fact that she could clearly do better. It made me boil on the inside that this SOB did not know how lucky he was to have her, but at 18 years old, there wasn’t a whole lot that I could do.
Being in a small town, rumors spread extremely quickly. So within a few days of news that Mrs. Boyle and her husband were getting a divorce, the entire high school knew about it. In all honesty that didn’t really surprise us. The real shocker was that it was him who was divorcing her. Seems the fat fuck was having an affair with his 19 year old lab tech and was leaving Angie to start a new life with his new toy. Suddenly, Mrs. Boyle’s entire attitude changed. She begin to drift silently into herself, her preparation for class suffered, and she no longer was outgoing to students. It was a sad sight to behold.
I was your typical American high school senior. Excited to finally be the upper classman, but still looking forward to better things to come. I was 6’2” and well built as a result of years of weight lifting, martial arts , and wrestling training, as well as being the starting linebacker for our football team. Despite my jock build, I was also on the honor roll and the absolute last person anyone would think would ever become a rapist. I was actually very shy around women, and only had two girlfriends (my current and one ex). I treated them very well. Flowers, candy, the general high school puppy love schtick. My current girlfriend had taken a long time to get the nerve up to ask. I actually joined the yearbook staff just to get to know her. She was a gorgeous 18 year old Vietnamese girl named Minh. After about half a semester of working side by side with her, I finally got the nerve to ask her out to the homecoming dance. We made a great couple. Next to Mrs. Boyle, Minh was the other woman of my fantasies. Unfortunately for my lustful desires, Minh was extremely conservative and we had never gone any further than some intense make out sessions.
As part of my assignment for the yearbook staff, I was in charge of taking faculty pictures. I had an appointment scheduled with Mrs. Boyle for 5:00 that I was looking forward to all day. When the time came, I grabbed my digital camera and walked to her office and knocked on the door. No response. That wasn’t like her to be late for an appointment. I thought I saw the light on so I listened to see if I could hear anyone in there. That’s when I heard the sound of a woman crying. As I was always trying to be a white knight, I turned the knob and stuck my head in the door.
“Mrs. Boyle are you okay?”
She looked up from her desk, with tears till streaming down those gorgeous eyes.
“Oh my God, Dan! I’m so sorry, I completely forgot about our appointment.”
“I’m sorry to have burst in on you like this. I heard you crying, and thought you might be hurt. Is there anything I can do?”
She wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at me. “You’re a very nice young man, but unless you can turn back time, I’m afraid no one can help me.”
I looked at her very puzzled.
“I probably shouldn’t be telling you this,” she said, “but ever since my husband left me for younger woman I’ve been feeling really depressed about my age and looks. I’m more and more convinced that I’m going to be alone, getting older, all by myself. This whole messy divorce has already given me wrinkles.”
She put her head in her hands to cover her face. I felt guilty, but every chance I could, I was stealing quick glances down her shirt. She was wearing a white button up dress shirt that when she bent over gave me a great view of her cleavage. She also had on a tight, form filling skirt that even though it went down to her ankles, it did nothing to hide her sexy figure. I could feel an erection start to grow. I was wearing loose fitting windbreaker pants as I was going to go for a run after school today, and I was terrified that she would notice.
“I know this is stupid, but I really miss my husband. I still love him. I always dreamed we would grow old together, but that’s not going to happen now.”
She was crying again and I didn’t know what to do. This wonderful woman was having a complete breakdown right in front of me. I didn’t know what to do so I leaned over her desk and placed my hand on her shoulder.”
“I know that this won’t bring your husband back, but I think you are a wonderful, beautiful woman. Heck, there isn’t a guy in the school who doesn’t think you’re the prettiest and kindest woman here.”
She thanked me for her comments and we ended up talking for at least another hour until she calmed down enough to let me take her picture.
“Just give me a few minutes to reapply my makeup and I’ll be right back,” she said as she left the room. I could hear the sound of her high heels disappear as she made it down the hall. There I sat. Alone in her office. I decided to check my email on her computer before I left. When I flipped the monitor on, I saw pictures of Mrs. Boyle in a bikini. Seems she was loading pictures on one of those dating sites. She looked amazing. Better than I ever dreamed. I felt the blood rush to my cock, giving me a giant erection at finally seeing more of the woman of my dreams than I ever thought possible. Suddenly, I heard the sounds of her steps coming back down the hall and quickly shut off the monitor. When she returned and opened the door, I grabbed my backpack and sat it on my lap to conceal my erection.
“I’m ready for my close up,” she said with a smile.
I took a few pictures of her in her office. Poses, candid shots, etc… Then it was time to go.
“Thank you for helping me today, Dan. It was really good to talk to someone finally.”
Unexpectingly, she gave me a hug, and when she pressed her body next to mine she felt my erection throbbing against her stomach.
“Wow, I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you found me attractive.” She said smiling at me.
I was so embarrassed. I tried to look away, but she placed her hand on my cheek and guided my eyes to her.
“Don’t be embarrassed. Hell, you’ve really just made my day. You have no idea how wonderful it is to be desired. Tell you what, you made my day, how about I make yours.
I was in shock! She locked her office and guided me over to her chair. Now don’t ask me why I did this. Maybe I just wanted to relive what I thought was about to happen again later, but I already had the camera on so I quickly guided it over to the movie setting, pressed record, and set it down on the shelves next to her, all without her seeing what I had done.
While standing at her chair, she looked me in the eyes.
“Now if I do this, you can never tell anyone. Don’t go bragging about it to your friends. I could lose my job if you do. If you can keep our little secret, I’ll make sure that today is a day you’ll remember.”
I gulped and knodded.
“Good. Now let me see what you’re working with.”
She grabbed my waistband and pulled my pants down, exposing my erect, thick, 9 inch cock. She grabbed it in her hands and began rubbing her hands up and down the shaft.
“Ooh, Dan. I’m a very lucky girl to have such a big hard cock to play with tonight. You better sit down though. It looks like your knees are going to buckle.” She guided me into her chair slowly and unbuttoned her shirt. I quickly reached over and undid her bra, grabbing her perfect tits in my hands, taking time to pinch and tickle the nipples. She got on her knees and positioned herself between my legs. With on hand, she rubbed my shaft up and down. Slowly, she leaned over and with her tongue, licked from my balls to the tip of my penis. Then she gently licked the tip of my penis before guiding my dick in between her lips. I had had blowjobs before from my ex-girlfriend, but never from an experienced woman. She worked her tongue around my cock and slowly began to take more and more of my shaft in her mouth. It was amazing to feel her lips and tongue work up and down my dick. She sucked with an audible pop when she took my dick out of her mouth only to jerk me off for a while, then start sucking again. I was in heaven. I reached down to grab her breasts, and noticed her free hand was down her panties, rubbing her clit. As she sucked, I placed one hand behind her head and begin to guide her down my cock. She could only fit about half of me in her, but I wanted more. I thrust forward in her mouth and caused her to gag. She coughed and pulled her head back.
“Easy there, Dan. You’ve got to be gentle to a girl when you have a cock that big,” she said with a smile.
I started to apologize, but she was already back on the task at hand, rubbing my balls, and sucking my cock like a pro. She was an expert. It was almost like she could sense when I was going to blow my load. She slowed down, to prolong my pleasure, “Easy there, I don’t want you cumming to soon.” She said.
Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Mrs. Boyle, I’m going to cum!”
“Cum on my face then, Dan.”
She stuck out her tongue and began licking and flicking it on the underside of my penis, while she furiously jerked me off. I came harder than I ever had before. I blasted my load on her face coating her face with my white, thick seed. She was drenched in it. Some was dripping onto her boobs. I noticed that I had hit her in the eyes and in her hair. She looked so hot with my cum dripping off her face.
“Wow, you really didn’t hold back did you. My gym bag is over in the corner there. Would you mind getting me a towel there.”
I walked over and grabbed the towel, and brought it back to her. As she wiped her face, I turned off my camera and stuffed it in my back pack. She looked kind of regretful. A little late for second thoughts now, though.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Boyle. I’m not going to tell anyone, “ I said.
“I know you won’t, Dan,” she said as she smiled. She changed clothes and when I looked out to see if the coast was clear to leave, she pulled me back in, hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Thanks for being there for me.
Awkwardly, I thanked her for, well, everything and we parted ways. When I got home, I downloaded the video of our escapade on my computer. It recorded everything. It was great to watch her suck my dick, but I found it began to fuel something primal inside me. As good as that felt, it left me wanting more of the beautiful Angie Boyle.

Chapter 2:
The next couple of weeks were really awkward around Ms. Boyle. I would see her in the hall, and she would immediately walk the other direction. In class she barely looked at me, and it was beginning to become obvious that she regretted what happened between us. I guess I can’t blame her. Her divorce from her asshole husband must have caused her self-esteem to sink quite low when she got so desperate for attention that she blew one of her students. It could cost her her job if the video I took ever got out. Why the hell did I do that anyway? What kind of bastard violates the trust of someone like that? Still, I craved more of the sexy English teacher, and watching her blow me on my home computer ever night did nothing to relieve the sexual frustration that was building.
After another long week of school, I was looking forward to Friday with my girlfriend. I was very hopeful that tonight she could help me get out some of my built out sexual tension. We did the usual high school dating bs. Dinner, movie, wasting time in the football field parking lot with friends. Then it was time to drive her home. She lived well out in the country roads so on the way home, I pulled over on some quiet side road that led to lake access. I put the car in park, and leaned over and started making out with her. After fogging up the windows, I began to work my hands down her body and started massaging her breasts and pussy through her dress. Predictably, she began to look nervous.
“I’m sorry, I-I’m just not ready to go any further,” she said quietly.
Fuck… I considered just taking her right then and there whether she wanted it or not. Her meek little attitude was starting to piss me off, but before I could go any further, I saw the lights of a car passing by and that snapped the dark thoughts out of my head. I told it was okay, kissed her on the forehead and drove her home. As I watched her walk in the door, my hard-on had not subsided and it begged for release.
I don’t know what came over me, but as I was driving home, I realized that I was only a few miles away from Ms. Boyle’s house. Since my parents weren’t home, I decided I’d drive by and slowly I came up with an idea. I’d go to her house, knock on the door, and tell her that I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Then she’d take care of me like she did before. Of course she would! She’d already done it once, why wouldn’t she again, and since it was in her own home, she wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught!
At 11PM, I reached her house and knocked on her door. She must have been getting ready for bed, cause when she opened the door she was wearing a black bathrobe. Hopefully, tonight I will see what’s underneath.

“Dan! What are you doing here!”
“I’m sorry, I-I just can’t stop thinking about what happened between us. Can I come in? I really need to talk to you”
Now in my 18 year old mind, I imagined that once I got in, she would fling off the robes, lead me to her room, spread her legs, and let her fuck me. Instead she brought me to the living room and sat me on the couch and sat across from me. She looked so sexy in the low light with her legs slightly showing from under robes as she crossed them.
“You know Dan, I’m glad you stopped by. I-uh, I owe you an explanation. I, I don’t regret what happened between us, but you have to understand…it was wrong. It can’t happen again. I was in a bad place and wasn’t thinking clearly. I really appreciate you being there for me when I needed you, but I could lose my job if someone finds out. Not just my job, my career! You’re a good young man, and I know that you’ll do the right thing.”
She smiled and place her hand on my knee.
“Thank you for understanding.”
She couldn’t mean it! I know she wants this. I leaned in closer and put my arm around her. She pulled back. Maybe I just needed to get the ball rolling and then she’ll respond the way I want her too.
“I can be discreet, Angie,” calling her by her first name. “I’ll keep this between you and me”
I lean forward to kiss her, but she turns her head and tries to get up. I push forward and lean my weight forward. I’m on top of her now and I can feel her struggling. Why doesn’t she want this? Why am I not stopping? I begin moving my hands up and down her body, and during her squirming her robe comes undone, revealing a black tank top and black laced panties. There’s no turning back now. I restrain her and remove the robe. I begin to rub my hard on against her as she struggles to free her hand from beneath her body.
“Get off me. GET THE FUCK OFF ME.”
I’m lost in my own lust and don’t hear a word. I rip one of her tops straps and see her tits again. This time, I have to suck them. I place my lip around her nipple and start to lick. Suddenly, her hand gets free and she slaps me upside the head. All of a sudden, something snaps in me! No longer do I care if she wants this or not. I want this, and if she wanted to say no, then she shouldn’t have used me in her office to make herself feel better this bitch was mine.
“You… fucking bitch!”
I watch her, trying to cover her breasts with what remains of her top. I just look at her with an evil smile on my face. As she starts to get up, I jump up and punch her right in the stomach causing her to double over on the floor. As she gasped for air, I kick her in the stomach. She’s coughing and trying to speak, but I can’t understand her. I reach down and grab her hair and drag her to the door leading to her garage. I open it and look for something to restrain her. To my satisfaction, I see a roll of duct tape. Kneeling on the small of her back, I place her hands behind her back and secure them with the tape. Satisfied that she won’t be slapping or clawing at me again, I throw her over my shoulder and begin looking for her bedroom. When I find the room, she’s gotten a little bit of fight back in her. I throw her on her bed and she immediately tries to kick at my nuts again. Big mistake, and she earns a slap upside the head. I force her on her stomach. Sitting on her ass, I remove my shirt, and unbutton my jeans. Now it’s time to see her pussy. I flip her over so I can look at her face. She’s screaming bloody murder right now. I effortlessly tear what’s left of the tank top and again turn my attention to her tits. I grab each one and squeeze as hard as I can. Then I begin to lick and suck her perfect titties. She’s squiriming underneath me to get free, but all she’s accomplishing is pleasuring my cock with her movements.
“Stop it you sick fuck. Leave me alone!”
“Not on your life, you dumb, cockteasing, slut. If you’re good enough to suck my dick, then you’re good enough to fuck it.
I tear her panties off revealing her pussy for the first time to me. It looks amazing! Neatly trimmed, and very tight. I begin to rub it and slip my finger in eliciting more scream’s.
“I’ll kill you. I’ll fucking kill you, you bastard!”
I get up off the bed and remove my raging hard on from my pants. It springs out and bobs up and down in anticipation. Her eyes are fixed to it, but it is a look of fear this time.
“You remember this don’t you, Angie.”
Suddenly, she flies off the bed. Stupid bitch. She gets to the door before I grab her by the hair and drag her back to the bed. She’s kicking, but my arms are much stronger than her legs and I effortlessly spread them and position my dick to her entrance.
“Foreplay’s over, Angie!”
“please don’t do this. I-I’m sorry I misled you. I,I,I was wrong. we can stop right now. No one has to know what happened. You don’t have to ruin our lives because of my mistake.
I lean in to her, look her in the eyes and say,“it’s too late for that, Angie.”
With that, I ram all nine inches of my cock into her cunt. She screams louder than I thought was possible. The bitch is completely dry, but I’m so hard that I have no problem sliding inside her. I bring my cock out and jam it back in again slamming it against her cervix. I go slow as possible, because I want to make this last. After a few minutes, she begins to finally lubricate herself. I alter my pace to prolong the experience. While humping her I lick her tits and run my fingers through her hair grabbing it to pull it backwards so I can kiss her kneck. Her head is moving side to side, but I want to look at her.
“Kiss me you bitch, or I’ll choke the life from you.”
I place my hands around her throat and start to squeeze to remind her to behave before bringing my lips to hers. She’s crying so hard that she has trouble kissing me back.
“Now spread your legs wide to the side so I can penetrate you deeper or you’ll get another punch to the gut.”
She complies and spreads her legs and I intensify my rhythm. I turn my lips back to her nipples. This time I bite down hard causing her body and pushy to tighten up from the shock. I’m not going to last much longer now. I grab the back of her legs and fold them up to her chest fucking her faster and faster. She begs me not to cum in her cause she’s not on the pill. Not my problem, bitch. She’s crying and looking to the side trying to avoid looking at her rapist. I lean in, grab her throat and with my other hand force her face toward’s me.
“Look at me bitch. I want to look in your eyes when I cum.”
She doesn’t respond, so I slap her twice.
She opens her eyes and I see her pain and sorrow. Her tears send me over the edge and I flood her with my cum.
“NOOOO. How could you? how could you”
I’d never cum inside a woman without a condom on before. It felt so good. Her juices mixed with mine. The warmth of her body intensified by the presence of my cum. It was amazing. I didn’t want to take my dick out. It just felt so good, so I rested on her body. She was sobbing, and with each breath her pussy contracted a bit. In no time my dick wanted more. You recover very quickly at 18. Slowly at first, I began to slide it in and out of her. In no time I was fully hard. This time I fucked her at a nonstop furious pace. My cum added to her own lubrication and with each thrust I slammed into her bottoming out each time. Her voice was sore so all she could do was gasp with each assault. Finally, I reached my climax again and sent more of my seed in her pussy. As I pulled out, my cum leaked out of her cunt and down her ass. I lied there just looking at her as she brought her legs to her chest and cried.
“You got now you want now leave, you bastard.” She said with a renewed resolve in her voice. “I hope raping me was worth prison.”
“There’s something I want to show you. Just stay there and I’ll be back.” I used a belt to secure her legs and another to wrap around her throat and tie to the bedpost. I quickly ran to my car and grabbed my laptop. I brought it up and sat it on the bed.
“Before you call the cops, you should watch this.”
The look on her face was priceless. Before her eyes, she saw a video of her office of me and her. She watched herself give me a blowjob.
“You see, Angie, I have copies of this video that I will share with the principle, schoolboard, and superintendant if you get the idea of going to the police. As you said earlier, if this gets out it will ruin your career.”
I moved her on her belly to the foot of the bed so that we could watch it again. She was speechless. Catatonic and violated in every way. Well not every way.
“Watching you suck my dick has sure made me hard again. Now let’s see, I’ve had your mouth. I’ve had your pussy twice. Guess that just leaves one more hole. Before she could figure out what I meant, I jammed my cock in her ass and started pumping her while she watched the video of her giving me a blowjob. She struggled and screamed, and it felt so good and tight. Finally, after a brutal ass rape, I blew another load in her shitter.
I rested for an hour to the sounds of her crying in the background. I decided to go take a shower and I brought her with me. As I scrubbed our bodies, and molested her gorgeous tits again I told her what was going to happen.
“Now Angie, if you go to the cops I will give them this video and claim that you seduced me by threatening to affect my grades. I will say that all that happened tonight is consensual. Now who do you think they will believe after watching the video of you blowing me. I think you’ll lose everything, and I’m going to look like the victim. Oh and don’t go moving either, because if you do then I’ll release the video. I kind of like the idea of having you around as my fuck buddy. In fact, why don’t you go and get yourself an extra cell phone that just for me. I want you to keep it with you at all times and when I call you on that number, then you have to drop what I’m doing and do whatever it is that I tell you. I think that’s a fair arrangement. Oh and I’ll be going off to college soon so you might want to think about getting a job that’s a little closer to me. Do we have a deal.”
The tears never let up as her situation got worse and worse, but what could she do. The video I had could cost her everything. Without any real choice, she was forced to agree to my terms.
“Good, now why don’t we seal the deal with a blow job.”
I helped her to her knees and she blew me right there in the shower. I looked down at her as the water ran down her gorgeous skin. I think this arrangement will work just fine.
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I liked the storyline, very hot.
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nice story
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