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Default lesbian raped by best friend

lesbian raped by best friend

im a 38 year old female and this story
is about how i was brutally raped by a
female friend when i was 32.

women who like me that love lesbian rape
are welcome to email me as i love to chat
about lesbian rape and share stories, my
email is:

my name is allison and when i was 32 i had a best friend also female named lorraine, lorraine and myself would catch up nearly every day for a coffee or lunch either at my house or lorraines house and this one day lorraine came to my house and bought a video over to watch, the video which surprised me a little was a porn video and besides the normal porn movies it had a couple of lesbian scenes, i will admit getting a little turned on as we sat and watched the video and the subject turned to sex and lorraine asked if i had any fantasies which made me feel a little embarresed and i simply said yeah i guess so but none id really mention and lorraine then asked if i ever thought about being with another woman which i then said no and then admitted that yeah maybe i had wondered about it but could never do anything with another woman and lorraine then said how do you know unless you try it, i shrugged my shoulders and then changed the topic as i asked lorraine if she wanted another coffee and she said ok so i went and made coffee and then got talking about going shopping as i wanted a new skirt and needed some new pantyhose, just to let you know how i like to dress i have always loved to wear stockings or pantyhose and i love leather skirts and in general just dressing classy like a nice blouse, skirt, pantyhose, high heels, anyway lorraine seemed to always copy my dress style and would buy the same things as me and would always wera a nice dress or blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels.

so to get on with the story of how lorraine brutally attatcked me that day i was dressed in a clingy light knit black cardigan, tight red skirt that sat a few inches above the knee, tan pantyhose and my favourite black ankle strap strappy high heels, lorraine was wearing a tight white satin blouse, skin tight black leather skirt that sat a few inches above the knee, tan stockings and black leather knee high boots, we both went shopping and i bought some new pantyhose and stockings and a new black dress, lorraine asked if i wanted to check out the adult shop across the street and i said no its ok you can ill go order us a coffee and as i went over to the cafe to order us a coffee lorraine said she would be back in a minute and she walked over to the adult shop and came back about 10 minutes later carrying a bag, i asked what she had bought and she said oh just a vibrator and said she would show it to me later, well i definetly got to see it when we got home as pretty much as soon as we walked into my house lorraine said that she couldn't stop thinking of me after watching the lesbian porn with me yesterday and how much she wanted me, i was shocked and said look lorraine your my best friend but honestly no im not into that type of thing, lorraine started puuting pressure on me saying how do you know if you dont try it you might like it,

to my shock lorraine said i want you and i cant help myself and lorraine grabbed me and threw me against the wall and pinned me against the wall and started forcing a kiss on me, i started to try and push her off me and she would pin me against the wall with more force and as i kept turning my face away from her to stop her kissing me she then got a bit pissed off and started yelling at me to stay still and she said she wasn't going to stop till she got what she wanted so i might as well enjoy it, i wasn't enjoying it at all and was struggling more and more trying to push her off me and yelling at her to let me go and i was really getting angry with her and as i felt her hand going up my skirt i then yelled out for her to please stop and before i knew what was happening lorraine then dragged me by my hair down onto the loungeroom floor and as i struggled to get free she quickly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed my arms behind my back and then rolled me onto my back and sat on my tummy and i started crying as i begged her to please not do this to me and with that lorraine slapped my face and then backhanded me across my face and told me to shut up, the sting from her slaps had me crying louder and as i yelled out loud for help hoping a neighbour might hear me lorraine slapped my face a few more times and then covered my mouth with her hand as the buttons of my cardigan broke off as she ripped open my cardigan and started playing with my breasts thru my black lace bra, she slid my bra up and pinched and pulled and twisted at my nipples as i lay there crying and still struggling and then she positioned herself further down my body and used her right knee to force my legs apart and as she clamped her left hand tightly over my mouth to stop me screaming for help she slid her right hand up my skirt and down my pantyhose and black lace panties and i really started freaking out and crying harder as she forced 2 fingers up my pussy which was dry and it hurt as she roughly raped me with her fingers, as she forced another finger inside my pussy and pumped her fingers in and out of my pussy roughly she leaned down and took my nipple into her mouth and started sucking on my nipple and biting on it causing me to cry out and then she worked over my other nipple with her mouth and then she took her right hand out from between my legs and stuck her fingers that she had inside my pussy into her mouth and sucked on them and said mmmmm you taste so nice and she then grabbed me around my throwt with her right hand and grabbed a fistfull of my hair with her left hand as she forced her tongue in my mouth and kissed me deeply for a few minutes.

i thought that it was over but it was just the start, lorraine then picked me up of the floor and started dragging me to my bedroom and and i once again did my best to srtruggle to get away from her and she then picked me up and carried me the rest of the way to my bedroom and threw me down on my bed and quickly got on top of me, sitting there on my bed next to me was a pair of pantyhose that had a ladder in them that i had changed out of before we went shopping and lorraine picked them up and removed the handcuffs of my wrists and tied my arms down to the bedhead, i was really scared of what plans she had for me next and she then got of me and went to my dresser draw and took out another two pair of pantyhose and used them to tie my legs spread apart to the end of the bed, here i was tied spread eagled to my bed after just having a very rough sexual assault forced on me in my own loungeroom and here i lay still struggling even though im tied so tight and still crying as im about to be raped even more by a women i thought was my best friend, lorraine then went out to the loungeroom and came back carrying the bag of things she bought at the adult shop earlier that day, she pulled out this strap-on dildo that was pretty thick and about 9 inches long and i lay there crying as i watched her remove her leather skirt and put on the strap-on dildo and then she climbed between my legs as i begged her that i couldn't take that size and please dont as tears ran down my face and i sobbed but she didn't care, lorraine said that i would get used to it and i told her my pussy was dry and to please not hurt me like this and she told me to shut my slut mouth as i had bought this on myself for knocking her back and i deserved this, she then clamped her hand over my mouth as she got between my legs lifted my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and panties and i started crying again and she positioned the head off the strap-on dildo against my hole and then in one big push she pushed the strap-on about halfway up me as i screamed under her hand and then she pulled back and slammed the strap-on all the way inside me, i was screaming as she went wild and pumped the strap-on inside me with a lot of force and very hard thrusts and she fucked me with the strap-on for about 15 minutes and then stopped and took of the strap-on and made me first suck on her tits and then she climbed up and sat on my chest and grabbed me by my hair as she ground her pussy over my mouth and was pulling my hair hard and twisting my nipple making me lick and suck on her pussy till she cum in my mouth and when she got off my face i lay there crying with my head turned to the side with my pussy stinging from the rough fucking she had just given me and then she went down between my legs and started roughly fingering me again and then she licked and sucked on my pussy trying to force me to orgasm but i just couldn't, i could not get turned on at all i was hurting and scared and then she put the strap-on back on herself and raped me again with her hand clamped over my mouth, the rape lasted about 3 hours and i had never felt so sore and was so glad when it was over but it wasn't it was still just the start of things to come and after she had untied me and i had gotten dressed lorraine then held me against the wall in the loungeroom and kissed me and told me that if i told anyone what happened she would really hurt me bad, i really was scared of her and told her i wouldn't tell and she then left.

the next day lorraine came knocking at my door and i wouldn't open the door making out that i wasn't home and then she came around the back of the house and walked in through the back door which i had forgotten to lock and when she saw me standing in my kitchen she got angry with me for not opening the door to her and she grabbed me by my hair and dragged me straight to my bedroom and started ripping of my clothes and she threw me on my bed and slapped me about for a while as she yelled at me for being a bitch and she once again tied my arms down to my bedhead and then she pulled out a strap-on dildo that was huge, this thing was even thicker than the 9 inch and was like 12 inches long and as i screamed at having it forced up me i then felt it enter my cervix and i nearly passed out from the pain of it, she raped me for about 6 hours that day taking little breaks in between, she raped my ass with the 9 inch strap-on, she fisted my pussy, she face sat me and cum in my mouth a heap of times, she pinched and pulled my nipples really hard, slapped me about, used a leather belt to beat my ass and even gave my pussy a few swats with the belt, i was so sore i couldn't walk the next day and she still turned up and raped me for hours on end again, this went on for a total of nearly 2 years and even agreeing to sex with her did not matter as she really only got off on having me struggle and cry and raping me and each time she would make sure she had me crying.

the end.

hope you enjoyed this story and didn't find it too long
or drawn out as im only new to writing stories and
also im male but a male who happens to love
lesbian rape stories and well anything to do with
lesbian rape wether it be pictures or videos and
i know there are a lot of people both men and women
that love the idea of women raping women so
hopefully my contributions are welcomed.

p.s. i plan on writing a lot of short stories
involving lesbian rape where it gets straight
to the story line rather than being long stories
like this one so look out for them.
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thanks for everything....
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