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Default Raki's birthday surprise

Raki's Birthday Surprise
This is a fanfiction rape based on the claymore series. the women here are women with silver hair and eyes who look to be around 25-30. they're immortal basically and really strong with great speed and demon blood. Raki is a guy who has been hanging out with Clare in a deserted cave for the past several years with growing tensions in the group and has just had his 18th birthday a few days ago. Wicked Ophelia plans to use Clare for a nasty birthday surprise.
Warning, some snuff and blood may be involved.

He watches her, her short blonde hair blowing with the chill wind, her pouty lips seeming so inviting. The sway of her hips, the skin of her legs gleaming, her breast tight against the dark leather fabric. Raki feels himself warming despite the cold.
She turns towards him, Clare, her silver eyes shining, seeming to bore into him. “Is something wrong?” she asks him.
“Uh...” he asks, his eyes widening. Clare walks up to him, placing her hand under his chin, her soft lips only inches away from his. Raki can’t help but look at their fullness and remember that kiss he’d had with her, her tongue running through his mouth, playing in his insides. “Uh...”
“Your skin is red,” she says. “Are you getting sick?” She places her hand on his forehead, feeling how warm it is. “Maybe you’re getting a fever. This cold isn’t good for a regular human.”
Someone grabs him from behind, pressing him close. He feels the press of her breast, a strong breath against his face. The redness fades, a little...
“You know exactly why it is, Clare,” says Helen, another blonde with a bob type hair style, but with part of it parted along her right ear. Raki’s heart is suddenly pumping wildly, his eyes widening, and the red returning.
“It’s cuz you want to warm Clare’s bed, isn’t that right, Raki?” Helen says with a smirk.
Raki doesn’t answer, the perspiration dripping from his forehead suddenly.
Clare grabs his wrist, pulling him away from Helen. “Leave him alone Helen!” Clare says, her voice becoming heated. “You’ve been at this for weeks now.”
“You know Clare,” says Helen, “you should just give him a good lay and we could get all this awkwardness over with.”
“Helen...” says Clare, her hand squeezing around Raki’s wrist.
“Clare..” he whispers, suddenly grabbing at her wrist. It’s starting to burn around his hand.
“If I could get you both drunk, I would,” says Helen. “Unfortunately you’re too much of a prude and can’t see what’s right in front of you.”
“Why you...” says Clare, her hand squeezing hard on Raki’s wrist.
“Ow!” Raki yelps, his hand now actually stinging.
“Clare...” says a seductively playful voice. “I think you better let him go.”
Clare slowly releases Raki’s hand, her eyes wide, her breathing coming out in short gasp. Raki suddenly doesn’t want her to let go. The woman behind her smiles at him, a large grin splitting her face in two, but one that never seems to reach her eyes.
She is Ophelia, former rank 4 of the organization until she turned on her masters. With a lithe body and elfen ears, a long braid tying her hair back hanging down to her hips, she’d almost look a perfect woman if not for that madness in her eyes. That madness that led her to torture him and Clare when they first met with her. She turns to Raki, her grin growing even wider.
“You know Clare,” Ophelia says, keeping her eyes on Raki the whole time. “Maybe Helen is right.”
“What?!” says Clare, rounding on her.
Ophelia places a finger on her chin, her long ears twitching. “Maybe you just need to give the boy a good fuck. It could be a wonderful birthday present! Right, Raki?”
“Uh.. Uh...”
“That is just sick,” says Clare, jabbing a finger into Ophelia’s chest. “Raki and I respect each other and would never do anything to upset that.”
“Yeah,” says Ophelia, rolling her eyes. “That’s why I’ve seen him masturbating in the corner next to your sword. How much baby batter have you had to clean off it anyways, Clare?”
Helen starts to snicker. Clare’s eyes widen and she turns to Raki with a glare. “Come on Raki, let’s go.”
She drags him away outside and Helen calls out, “If you want a good lay Raki, I can pretend I’m Clare!”
Clare grunts and jerks Raki along with her. Outside she pushes him against the wall. She is quiet for several minutes, the only sound his steady breathing and the howling winds.
“Clare,” he says. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean... I .. It was an accident!”
She is silent for awhile, her eyes quivering. She grits her teeth and punches the wall. Stone chips fly away, a crack opening behind him. Raki stares with wide eyes. Clare is silent, looking down at the floor.
“Damn it Raki!” she yells. “We can’t do that! Don’t you understand? We’re too different! Damn it!” And she turns, storming off into the cold.
“Clare! Wait!” Raki yells, but she does not listen, her form receding into a wispy shadow against the cold. He grits his teeth and punches the wall. “Damn it,” he whispers, feeling his own tears starting to form. “Damn it.”


Clare’s fist crackle against her leather gloves. She’s suppressing the urge to scream. After all this time, after all this time... and that boy still doesn’t get it! She sighs, letting out a breath of air slowly and calls out his name. “Raki!”
She is tense for several seconds expecting him to come bounding at any second, his messy short hair whipping around and his eyes lit up with exuberant joy. She’d have to tear out some of that joy. He couldn’t stay here anymore. Why’d she keep him here so long to begin with? He’s almost a man now. No. He’s past eighteen. He is a man now.
“Raki!” she calls out again. Still there is no reply. She waits, tapping her foot, arms folded across her breast, the only sound, her steady breathing and the thumping of her heart and the loud and lonely howl of the wind.
“Raki...” she whispers. “Where are you?”
Could he have gone to a town on his own? Maybe? But with how the winds are howling and the snow and ice blowing about, it would be suicide for someone like him. Someone human.
Damn it, she thinks, fist squeezing tight, teeth grinding against one another. Why couldn’t he at least wait for her to escort him out? He’s still human after all. Doesn’t he understand the difference between silver eyed warriors and humans?
No, she realizes. He doesn’t. He’s been with them too long. He probably thinks more like them then he does as a human. She sighs and readies to go out into the cold in search of him, hopefully to find him alive.
“Raki,” she whispers. “Please...”
She hears the tap of footsteps and turns quickly, expecting Raki. Her smile falters upon seeing that it’s the pointy eared witch, Ophelia.
“Hello, Ophelia,” she says, pushing past her.
“What? No hug hello?” she says, with mock amusement.
“Goodbye Ophelia,” says Clare.
“You won’t find him wandering out in the snow,” says Ophelia. Clare stops, her heart beating faster.
“He’s waiting for you, you know,” says Ophelia. “Waiting to give you a present.”
Clare rushes, drawing her blade on Ophelia, pressing it against the woman’s throat. Ophelia’s ears quiver with excitement, almost bouncing, a large grin spreading on her face. “What’s wrong Clare?” she says mockingly. “Don’t you want to know where your little Raki is?”
“What have you done with him!?” says Clare, pressing her blade close against Ophelia’s throat, drawing a sliver of blood across her neck. The woman merely begins to chuckle.
“You aren’t going to find him if you kill me, you know? No yoki to track, remember?”
Clare pulls her sword back and punches Ophelia as hard as she can. There is a splatter of blood as her lip cracks. “Where is he?!” Clare screams, grabbing Ophelia from her collar, pulling her close.
“Temper. Temper,” says Ophelia, placing a finger on the sword’s tip. “He’s just waiting to start our little game Clare.”
Clare grits her teeth, her eyes going a bright yellow as she draws back with her blade. “Touch me,” yells Ophelia, “and you’ll never see that little cunt clogger again!”
Clare is quiet for a long moment, the seconds seeming to extend into minutes and then hours. She shuts her eyes, remembering Ophelia’s type of “games.” How the first time she and Raki had met the woman she’d cut off Clare’s legs and forced Raki into a duel where Ophelia then proceeded to slowly torture him with her sword. Ophelia’s games. After all these years she still hasn’t changed one bit. After what seems an eternity Clare draws back her blade, forcing herself to relax, her eyes going back to their regular silver.
“Alright,” says Clare. “Where is he?”
Ophelia shakes her head, crossing her arms and making little tsking noises. “Uh-uh,” she says. “I’m not telling you anything until you drop that sword and leave it here.”
“Like I’d trust you without my sword,” she growls.
“No sword, no Raki.”
“Damn it. Once Miria gets word of this...”
“Miria’s not going to hear a word of this!” says Ophelia, her voice changing to a growl. “Well, not while we’re in the middle of the game at least. She’s bound to right after though!” Ophelia begins to chuckle, staring at Clare with large eyes. A cold chill runs through Clare’s spine. The woman is insane.
“Alright,” says Clare, drawing her blade and throwing it aside. “But if you’ve done anything to harm him...”
“Clare. Clare. Clare,” says Ophelia with a chiding lilt. “Without your quick sword, even at full strength, you’re barely more then Raki is!”
And suddenly Clare finds herself thrown against the floor, her jaw numbing up from a sudden pain. Something slams into her, grinding her face into the floor, her hair is then being pulled violently upwards. She lets out a cry of pain.
“I owed you that for the punch earlier,” says Ophelia. “Now is Clare going to be a good girl...” and Ophelia proceeds to grind her knee into Clare’s temple, causing Clare to scream. “Or are you going to be naughty?”
“Damn it!” says Clare, her eyes turning bright yellow. “Let go of me!”
“Say it,” says Ophelia, jerking Clare’s hair again. “Say it!”
Clare grits her teeth. If Miria and the others weren’t scouting outside for yoma right now... Damn it! “Alright, damn it! Let go!”
“No,” says Ophelia, her voice suddenly going serious. “Say you’re going to be a good girl, Clare, and start with your name first please?”
Her fist clenching, Clare shuts her eyes and lets out a breath of air. She sees his smile and large eyes and she nods. For you, Raki, she thinks. “I Clare, will be a good girl.”
Ophelia’s lips form into a pout. “Not the way I would have done it, but it’ll do, I guess.” And she smiles broadly. Damn it, Raki, Clare thinks. You’d better be alright!
As they’re walking through the knee deep snow with the wind slapping at their faces Clare can only wonder about Ophelia’s twisted game. And how far she’d brought Raki. Is he even alive? Damn it.
Ophelia stops, halting Clare. “Are we here already,” Clare ask. She’s not seeing a cave anywhere in sight. That can only mean... he’s dead already. Buried under the snow. The twisted bitch had brought her here to laugh in her face.
“Damn it,” she says, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “I should have known!”
“Known what,” says Ophelia, turning while tugging something out of a small pouch on her waist. “My, look at that pouty expression on your face. It’s so cute. You’d think Raki is dead already!”
“Wait,” says Clare. “He’s not?”
Ophelia squeezes her cheeks together, shaking Clare’s head. “Of course not, boo-boo. What? You really think I’ll bring you out into the middle of nowhere to find his dead body?”
Then she starts to laugh. “Now that I think about it, that would be funny!”
“It’s not funny, you sick twisted bitch!”
Ophelia pats Clare on the head and smiles. “I couldn’t give my little Raki a proper present if he’s dead already. Can I? No. So stop your moping.”
“I want you to take these,” says Ophelia, opening her palm in front of Clare. In her palm are several small tablets of brown coloration. She recognizes them immediately.
“But these are...”
“Yup,” says Ophelia with a sing song voice. “Yoki suppression pills! I told you, Miria isn’t going to find out until after. Plus...” and she raises her finger to indicate a statement. “Didn’t you say, you and Raki are too different? Well... now you won’t be. Now... for a little while, you’ll both be human.”
“Human,” says Clare, thinking on it.
“Yeah,” says Ophelia. “Isn’t it what’s stopping the two of you from going at it like wild bunnies? Cuz you’re scared you’ll break him? Not that he wouldn’t chance it. Given long enough he might take Helen’s proposition up to pretend to be you. Course Helen wouldn’t let that fly for too long I imagine. Helen being Helen. Then again, maybe you’d lose your precious Raki to her. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?”
“Shut up,” says Clare, taking the pills and swallowing them quickly. They go down fast, with a bitter taste. Already her body absorbs their nutrients, their warping effects taking hold of her. Already the cold feels more bitter, the chill winds sharper.
She squeezes her arms, shaking a little. Damn it. Regular suppression pills aren’t supposed to be like this. So why are these?
“Oh, shaking already?” says Ophelia. “No matter. Come on. I’m sure Raki will warm you right up.”
Clare nods, her teeth starting to chatter. She shuts her eyes and trudges through the snow, each step a struggle now as her foot sinks up to her knee and she has to struggle to pull it out and put it forward again. The pills are stronger then normal. Why? She..
She stumbles and Ophelia catches her. “Tsk. Tsk. Didn’t think they’d work that fast. If we wait too much longer you’ll be no good for the games. And we can’t have that.”
“What are you...?”
There is a blur of movement and suddenly Clare’s world goes black. When she wakens it’s against cold, hard stone, her head throbbing, a muffled sound and thumping coming from her left. She wakens slowly, rubbing her head.
“Well, well, you’re finally awake. Took long enough. I was beginning to worry.”
Clare’s eyes snap open. She turns to her left, staring at Ophelia in the poorly lit cave, the sun going down outside. A figure is struggling at her side, bound to her sword with tight ropes. And Clare finally realizes who it is.
“Raki!” she says, her eyes adjusting to the dim light.
“Clarfph!” he yells through the gag on his mouth.
“Well now,” says Ophelia with a smirk, her eyes shining with glee. “We can let the games begin."
Ophelia stands up from the stone, putting her hands below her skirt and starts to pull down her underwear, exposing her vagina to the cool air. “What are you doing?!” says Clare, her heart thundering loudly against her chest.
She stares wide eyed as Ophelia strides over to Raki and pulls out his gag. “Clare!” he yells.
“Raki!” she answers. Ophelia grips his cheeks tightly, lifting his face to look at her.
“Now Raki,” she says, “I want you to show Clare what we’ve been practicing.”
Practicing, Clare thinks questioningly.
“But I...” he says, tears starting to run down his eyes.
“You’re going to do it,” says Ophelia, “Unless you want to see your lovely Clare get hurt.”
“Let go of him!” Clare yells, rushing at Ophelia. But despite her anger, despite her trying to summon her yoki, her body feels sluggish. Slow to respond. And when Ophelia’s fist crashes into the side of her face sending her flying backwards, the message is sent clearly.
“Clare!” Raki screams.
Clare holds her reddening cheek, the swelling burning against her jaw. For all intents and purposes, they are both at Ophelia’s mercy. “Damn it,” she curses. “Damn it.”
“Now see what you did to Clare,” says Ophelia. “Do as I say, or she’ll get hurt more.”
She hears him whimpering and turns to look at him. “Sorry Clare,” he says, through tear streaked eyes.
“Raki..” she whispers.
“I’m waiting Raki,” Ophelia growls, her eyes shining with malice.
Raki turns towards her slowly, his tongue sticking out from his mouth and slowly he begins to lick her labia. “Raki!” Clare screams.
His tongue runs over her lips, lost in her hair, and comes back down. Clare can see him sputter but his tongue is soon out again, running over Opehlia’s lips.
“He’s not that bad,” says Ophelia, her eyes aglow. “To think you could have been getting some of this for years. Haha! It’s so sad really.”
Clare grits her teeth, tears welling in her own eyes. “Let him go!” she says, standing on shaking legs.
“Oh no, Clare,” says Ophelia. “I’m enjoying his virgin tongue quite nicely. Be a good girl and I might give you a turn.”
“You bitch!” Clare growls.
“Such vulgar language,” says Ophelia. “It’s not all that bad, and Raki enjoys the taste, don’t you, Raki boy?”
“Noff,” he says while his face is buried in her hips.
“What?” says Ophelia, jerking his face back from her vagina. “You’re saying you don’t like the taste of my virgin lips?” says Ophelia.
“NO!” says Raki. “It’s gross and disgusting!”
“No?” says Ophelia, shaking his head around. “And here I was going to offer you Clare’s lips when you were done. But since you don’t like that... well... you’re going to lick something else of hers.”
She turns towards Clare, an evil grin splitting her face. Clare’s heart skips a beat as that look settles on her. “Clare, come over here, I’m going to need you for this part.”


When Ophelia hit Clare, Raki felt part of his world break. How Clare flew.... something was wrong with her. Or Ophelia is just a lot stronger then she looks.
But looking at Clare’s face, at her swelling cheek and her eyes. Oh God, her eyes are the wrong color! She’s taken one of those pills again, and that means she’s lost part of her power. “Now see what you did to Clare,” Ophelia says in a sing song voice. “Now do as I say unless you want her hurt more.”
“Sorry Clare,” he whispers, tears filling up his eyes. He’d do anything, even pleasure this monster, if it means Clare won’t get hurt more.
He hears her scream his name, but he tries to ignore it, to put her out of his mind, but this feels like such a betrayal of everything he is supposed to be.. To be for her. He runs his tongue along the edge of Ophelia’s labia, going up its surface slowly. He feels her quiver, reacting already to his touch. For all intents and purposes, Ophelia is as much a virgin as both of them are. But unlike them, she’s willing to experiment, by force if necessary.
He runs his tongue against her again, then runs it higher, his tongue sweeping over her clit. She moves as she groans and his tongue is suddenly buried in her fur. He pulls his tongue back quickly, spitting out the hair that got stuck to its surface. Fortunately Ophelia is too busy berating Clare to have noticed.
With the hair out of the way, he shuts his eyes and runs his tongue deep along the center of her vaginal folds, entering it. It is wet and slimy and warm to the touch. A strong musky odor permeates his senses. She grabs his hair, burying his face deep in her, his tongue thrust deeper into her folds as she lets out a moan.
“... and Raki enjoys the taste, don’t you Raki?” she asks him.
“No,” he answers, his words drowned out against her lips. She jerks his head back, looking deep into his eyes with a malicious glare.
“What?” says Ophelia. “You’re saying you don’t enjoy the taste of my virgin lips?”
“NO!” he shouts. “It’s gross and disgusting!” He’d never admit to liking the taste, like a sugar in his mouth. That the smell makes him very aroused. Never. Not in front of Clare. The only taste, the only smell he wants against his mouth, is hers!
He can feel Ophelia shaking his head back and forth. “No?” she says. “And here I was going to offer you Clare’s lips when we were done.” What, he thinks, eyes going wide. He can feel his member hardening at the very idea of touching Clare that way. Of running his tongue over her delicate folds and hearing her soft moans against his ear, of tasting her sweet nectar...
“But since you don’t like that,” he hears Ophelia say. “You’re going to lick something else of hers.”
What? He looks up at Ophelia’s malicious grin, suddenly turned away from him, turned towards Clare. Oh God, no! “Clare, come over here,” says Ophelia. “I’m going to need you for this part.”
For once, Clare looks rooted to her spot. Her eyes wide with fear. “Come over here, Clare,” says Ophelia, motioning with the crook of her finger.
Clare narrows her eyes, a glower taking the place of the fear. “No, I’m not going to take part in your twisted games.”
Ophelia sighs and stomps over towards Clare, quickly grabbing her from the scalp and pulling her violently towards Raki. “Leave Clare alone!” he screams, his fear disappearing in a rush of anger.
“Oh hush up Raki,” says Ophelia, handling Clare with one hand alone. “You’re going to enjoy this about as much as me.
“I’d never enjoy hurting Clare!” he blurts out.
Ophelia laughs. “Oh really?” Her hands are suddenly on Clare’s chest, pushing her down towards Raki, groping her and moving them roughly. Clare is moaning, growling at Ophelia to stop it. Raki can only make stuttering noises, her breast so close to his face. Even under the leather he can feel his erection growing.
“Raki!” Clare yells. “Don’t look! Please... don’t look.”
He turns his head away, trying not to look, trying not to be aroused. “Oh but you want to look, don’t you boy,” says Ophelia tauntingly. “You want to see her firm breast out in the open and suck on them, don’t you?”
“No I don’t!” says Raki, suppressing his urge to scream. “I don’t want to hurt Clare!”
“Oh?” says Ophelia, her voice softening. Clare’s moans have stopped and he can’t hear the swishing of leather now. “Fine I guess. We’ll save that part for later.”
She grips Clare roughly from the scalp, pulling her to her feet. “Stop hurting Clare!” Raki yells. “I swear if you..”
“Oh don’t worry,” says Ophelia. “You like kissing Clare’s ass so much, well... I’m going to give you your chance now.”
“What?” says Raki, not comprehending.
“Clare,” whispers Ophelia, licking her right ear lobe. “Be a dear and pull down your underwear.”
“What?!” Clare nearly shrieks.
Raki’s heart starts thundering. He feels the sweat dripping down his forehead. He didn’t want to lick Ophelia’s vaginal lips so she’d said he could kiss Clare’s ass? He swallows. Oh no... please not that.

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Clare had never felt so humiliated in her life. Being forced this way in front of Raki, almost as if she were... human. Right now she’d give anything to have her powers back, to not be made into this slave for Ophelia.
And as Ophelia presses Clare’s breast against Raki’s face, she begs him not to look. She can tell he’s aroused, might even like to do this under other circumstances. But not when he’s bound like this, not when Ophelia is pressing her breast against his face and digging her nails into them. Not like this. Raki seems to agree, and turns away from her. Even after Ophelia taunts him, he doesn’t give in, instead yelling at Ophelia to let her go.
She feels the tears brimming at the edges of her eyes. “Raki...” she whispers. “Thank you.”
Then she is being jerked to her feet, Ophelia roughly pulling her by the hair making her cry out. As she struggles against Ophelia’s grip, the woman whispers in her ear. “Clare... be a dear and pull down your underwear.”
“What?!” Clare nearly shrieks.
Ophelia sighs, and jerks Clare’s head back, looking into her eyes with a menacing glare. “I said, take off your underwear.”
“Go fuck yourself!” Clare hisses.
Ophelia merely chuckles at the thought. “No, not today I think. That’s why I brought you two here.”
Clare shuts her eyes, trying to keep the woman’s sight out of her vision.
“Let Clare go!” Raki yells.
“Oh shut up,” Ophelia hisses, kicking him in the chest. He grunts as he is slammed bodily into the back of the wall.
“No!” Clare yells. “Don’t hurt him!”
“Oh yes,” says Ophelia, smirking. “You care for this little meat sack quite a bit, right Clare?”
Ophelia lifts her foot, pressing it against Raki’s neck, her heel pressing down on his throat.
“No! Stop it!” says Clare, struggling against Ophelia’s grip, trying to elbow her in the stomach. But the woman feels almost like she is made out of rock. Damn it! Thinks Clare. This is what it’s like to be human... against a monster. No wonder humans hate us.
“Clare... time’s awasting.”
Her heel is pressing deeper into Raki’s throat, and he’s starting to gag.
“Clare...” he gasp.
“Raki...” she whispers, the tears running down her cheeks. She quits her struggling, calming herself, trying to, despite the thundering of her heart.
“Alright! Stop it! I’ll do what you want. Just stop it.”
Ophelia smiles and takes her foot off Raki’s throat. “That’s a good girl Clare,” and she runs her tongue along the back of Clare’s left ear. “Now be a dear and do what I asked.”
Clare nods and the woman lets go of her hair. “I’m sorry,” she whispers to Raki.
“Clare..” he whispers back, tears brimming in his eyes. Damn it. This woman... if I ever..
“No Clare,” says Ophelia. “I want you to turn around and look at me as you do it, with your ass to the boy.” Clare turns around, facing Ophelia.
“That’s right, now take off your underwear. Slowly. I want the him to have a good look at what he’ll be licking.”
“You’re sick,” says Clare.
The woman merely laughs. “Yes, but you’re still going to do what I say, unless you want your little boyfriend to suffer the consequences.”
Her eyes widen briefly. Is that what he is to her? Her boyfriend? But...
She glances at him briefly, his eyes wide and turns away. She has to do this. No choice.
Slowly she starts to pull down her underwear, leaning her ass towards Raki. Hopefully her skirt can hide her intimate areas, but she doubts it. She can hear him breathing hard behind her, his breath against her legs.
As the underwear finally comes down to her feet she steps out of them and turns to Ophelia. “Now what?” she asks, trying to sound as impassive as possible.
“Now Clare? Now... you lean that sexy ass down towards him and spread your hole open. Spread it wide so he can see it inches from his face.”
Clare gasp, her eyes wide. This is some kind of prostitution! She’d never present herself that way to Raki! Never! She’d...
“Clare...” says Ophelia. “Attention over here. Now.. if you don’t do this,” she flicks a knife from her boot. “I’m going to cut off one of his ears.”
Clare can tell from the woman’s smile, she means it. Clare swallows and leans down, pressing her hands against the sides of her anus, spreading it wide before Raki. She can feel his hot breath against her hole, sending sensations ripping through her. She’s quivering.
“Now stay there,” says Ophelia, “and tell him to lick your asshole.”
“What?!” says Clare. “I’m not going to...”
The blade whisks past her ear imbedding itself in a crack of the rock.
“I’m not going to ask again,” says Ophelia. “Tell him... to lick... your.... asshole.” Each word is pronounced with emphasis, the point being driven across. Clare swallows, shutting her eyes, quivering.
“Ra-raki,” she whispers in a nearly cracked voice. “Raki... lick my...”
She lets out a yelp as she feels Raki’s tongue flick against her asshole.
Ophelia claps, laughing. “Good. Good. It seems Raki is getting into the game already.”
She places her hand on Clare’s head, rubbing her scalp as Raki flicks his tongue around her hole again, sending a shiver up her spine. “Now you be a dear,” says Ophelia, “while I go talk to your boyfriend over there.”
“Don’t you dare hurt him!” says Clare.
“Oh, I’m not gonna hurt him,” says Ophelia. “I just want to make some things clear. That’s all.”
Clare lets her head fall, his tongue running around her hole, making it wet, but unsure of itself. “Raki,” she whispers. “Raki... I’m so sorry.”


As Ophelia crudely instructs Clare to prostitute herself Raki screams at her. The movement is sudden, a boot crunching against his chest, smashing him against the wall. He hears Clare scream but isn’t able to think about that, all the air knocked out of him, blood forming at the edge of his lips. It hurts to breathe.
There is a boot being pressed against his throat, and he is looking up at Ophelia’s evil grin, his eyes going wide as her foot presses against his windpipe. Clare is struggling against the woman’s grip, trying to fight her, but to no avail. And Ophelia’s boot is digging deeper into his windpipe, pressing what little air there is out of his lungs.
“Clare...” he gasp. “C-can’t breathe!”
He sees Clare’s tear streaked face, the tears glistening against her round cheeks. Clare. How he wishes he were stronger, able to fight this monster. Able to...
Clare screams something and Ophelia’s boot comes off his neck. He is gasping. Coughing violently as he tries to suck up some air into his starved lungs. His groggy mind isn’t able to capture what is being said between the two but he sees Clare standing up, slowly running her hands over her hips, under her skirt...
Raki’s eyes widen as Clare bends down towards him, hips towards his face and slowly removes her underwear. She exchanges words with Ophelia, but Raki isn’t focused on the exchange, his heart thundering, his eyes riveted on Clare’s camel toe, now open for him to see with barely a hair on it. The soft folds of skin open to the air. And her round rear, soft creamy and white. He has a brief glimpse of her puckered asshole before it disappears back under her skirt with her movement.
He swallows and grimaces. It hurts to swallow. His chest still hurts. It...
Clare’s rear is suddenly moving towards his face, only inches away as he leans back against the wall, her hands spreading her ass cheeks apart, her puckered hole close enough that he’s actually breathing on it. It is pink and quivering as she spreads it open for him, almost clean with very little grime. A fortune of claymores not eating much is they don’t use the number two much either. Lucky him. “You like kissing Clare’s ass so much I’m going to give you the chance to do it.” He thinks on these words and swallows. This is not how he wanted to start his affair with Clare.
Clare starts to yell something when a knife thunks, embedding itself in the rock to his right, quivering slightly. Raki stares at it wide eyed. He knows, she’ll kill them if they don’t do what she says, anything she says.
“R-Raki...” Clare stutters, and Raki turns quickly back to her rear, almost slamming his face into it. “Raki... lick my...”
He knows what to do already. He won’t chance Clare being hurt. He flicks his tongue tentatively across Clare’s asshole and she gasp, her body jerking forward momentarily before settling back against him. He can hear the madwoman clapping, laughing about him. The bitch. He runs his tongue against Clare’s hole again, circling the entrance way. Even though this is appalling and probably the last place he’d ever want to touch Clare even though he loves her, if he’s doing this already he might as well feel every curve she has. “Clare...” he whispers and leans forward, flicking his tongue against her hole again. She lets out a cry like a small child, shaking her rear but keeping it in place. He runs his tongue against her crack, lapping it up.
He hears Clare growl something and then there is a retort, the cracking of stone against boot as that woman’s fearful shadow descends on him. He tries to ignore it, tries to stop the fear building in him.
She leans down, hands resting on hips. She is smiling, watching as he licks Clare’s asshole. Clare is letting out little moans and gasp.
“You’re enjoying her little hole, aren’t you boy?” she says mockingly. He glares at her but continues to lick Clare’s rear, avoiding making any sound that could get him or Clare in trouble. Who knows what this woman is capable of if he’s not careful?
Ophelia stands up, ripping the blade from the wall. She flicks it and Raki can feel himself shaking. “Raki,” Clare asks. He turns back towards Clare, keeping his tongue running along her ass. She isn’t moaning now though, just quivering. But she’s quiet, keeping her attention on Ophelia’s words.
“You’ll do a little better with your hands free, don’t you think,” says Ophelia. He doesn’t reply. “You’re being a little piss ant, aren’t you? No matter.”
Just like that the ropes that were binding him are gone, dropped to the floor. His sore arms free.
“Use your hands and help her spread her ass.” He lifts his hands immediately to Clare’s rear, for the first time feeling their softness. He stops momentarily, letting himself feel her.
“Raki,” Clare asks, “why did you stop?”
“Probably cuz you’re all lubed up and ready to take something bigger, right Raki?”
“Bigger?” he asks in a stupor.
“Yeah,” says Ophelia, her grin going wide. “Stick your finger into her ass and spread it open. It’s probably still too tight for your dick!”
“What?!” says Raki. “I’m not going to...”
Ophelia grips his hair, pulling him close to her face, her knife tracing a cut down his throat. “Raki,” Clare says, starting to stand up.
“Put your face back to the ground and keep that ass in the air, Clare! Else I shove this knife up your boyfriend’s throat!”
He hears Clare growl but she’s leaning back down, pushing her hips at Raki’s face. Ophelia smiles. “What an obedient girl.” She turns towards Raki, her eyes glowing that eerie amber when they start releasing yoki. Raki can feel himself shaking with real fear, she’s getting too excited. If she awakens while Clare is in her current state...
“Now...” she says, digging the knife into his neck. “If you don’t stick your fingers into her little hole,” and she taps the flat of the blade against Clare’s rear. “I’m going to shove this up her little hole and split it open! Got it?”
His eyes widen and he nods his head. He doesn’t want Clare hurt. But.. This would hurt her still. He looks at the knife and grits his teeth. Damn it, he’d have to hurt Clare to avoid giving her worse injury.
“And take off the glove,” says Ophelia. “You should feel her completely on your skin, wrapped around your little finger.”
“You’re sick,” he says as he removes the leather gloves. “You know that?”
Ophelia just smiles. “Yeah. Get to work.”
He turns back to Clare, lifting his hand to her ass. Gritting his teeth he starts to push his finger into her hole.
“Raki!” she screams. “What are you doing?!”
“Eyes up front Clare,” Ophelia orders. “He’s just loosening you up for the main course. Isn’t that right Raki?”
“I-I’m sorry Clare!” he says, the tears running down his eyes.
Clare doesn’t respond, instead grunting, trying to hold back her scream as his finger pushes into her anus, sliding to the joint. Gods, is she tight, he thinks. Ophelia must be joking if she really thinks his penis will fit there!
“Slide it all the way in to the knuckle, Raki boy!”
He shuts his eyes, gritting his teeth and slides it in to the knuckle. Clare lets out a short cry, her sphincter squeezing around his digit. It is hard and tight around him. “Now slide it back out,” says Ophelia.
Good, he thinks. She’s done with this game then. As he begins to slide it back out she grabs his hand and rams it back against Clare’s anus. “What are you doing?!” says Raki as Clare lets out a short scream. Ophelia presses Raki’s hand tight against Clare’s hole.
“Slide it in and out, boy,” she says. “Quickly. I’ll let you loosen her up, but not too long. I don’t want to get bored.”
“You sick twisted...”
Ophelia swipes the blade down across Clare’s rear and Clare screams, jerking her body up, her rear pressing against Raki’s chest, her sphincter grabbing tightly around his finger. Ophelia slaps Clare roughly on the ass. “Get back down!”
Clare leans back down, quivering. Raki can hear her teeth grinding. Ophelia giggles, licking the blood off her hand from where it smeared from the knife wound. “Now... Raki... start finger fucking her little hole, fast! No slow assed shit now.”
Raki hesitates for a moment, catching his breath, shutting his eyes, and starts rapidly thrusting his finger in and out of Clare’s hole, causing her to let out a series of grunts and moans. Raki can feel her anus contracting on his finger, but slowly starting to loosen up, a liquid squishing between his digit and the gap. “Now...” says Ophelia. “Use two fingers.”
“What?” says Raki.
Clare lets out a yelp as Ophelia rakes the knife across her buttocks again. “What are you-“ Raki begins when Ophelia jerks him by the hair pulling him close.
“You keep delaying and Clare is going to end up like a butchered ham. Now do what I say when I say it or next time I’m cutting off your finger and shoving this knife in its place!”
“Don’t threaten Raki!” Clare yells.
“Do it now!” Ophelia growls at him, letting go of his hair. He doesn’t think, only reacts and starts to push a second finger against Clare’s hole.
“Raki?? What are you-?! Ow!”
His second finger slides in and Clare is yelling. “Raki! Get it out!”
“Do it fast,” says Ophelia. “You need to get the third one in her hole soon!”
Raki growls but start ramming Clare’s sphincter with his two fingers, forgetting about the feel of it, just trying to do it rapidly to please the monster so she’ll let them go. If she’ll let them go...
He starts to slow down as Clare’s yells are becoming hard to bare. “Clare...” he whispers. “I’m sorry.”
“Now,” says Ophelia, running her blade softly along Clare’s quivering skin. “Put the third one in. We want her ass real nice and loose for your little human dick.”
Raki grits his teeth, squeezing his eyes shut, the tears running down his cheeks. He starts pushing his third finger into Clare’s virgin hole. Clare starts to scream, her sphincter trying to push his fingers out.
“There’s nothing like a virgin’s ass, is there boy?”
Raki is crying not caring wether Ophelia sees him or not. “I’m sorry Clare. I’m sorry!” Still he continues to push that third finger in against her wails, hoping this is the worst she’ll be receiving from him.


Clare had been shocked by Ophelia’s suggestion that Raki stick his finger into her hole and it had hurt going in like that, she gritting her teeth hoping Raki would be allowed to pull it out but knowing the likelihood of that with the psycho controlling them like this. Clare bites her glove, feeling Raki starting to ram his digit into her anus repeatedly, rapidly. It hurts, god it hurts.
Still, she could stand that all compared to Ophelia threatening to cut off Raki’s finger. Clare sits up, the finger digging into her ass. She ignores the pain wishing to protect him but Ophelia shouts at her to stick her face back to the floor and the look in Raki’s eyes... Damn it all. She bends back down, ignoring when Ophelia flicks her blade against her. As long as Raki is safe she can stand anything!
She still screams though when Raki sticks a second finger into her tight fitting hole. “Get it out Raki!” she shrieks suddenly. “Get it out!” She feels her tears welling at her eyes, her back arched as he’s ramming both fingers against her ass. She grits her teeth, hearing that witch laugh, and gasp when she hears her tell Raki to stick the third one in.
Her mind blanks for a moment not wishing to comprehend what she’d just heard. Raki is going to...
And it starts, his third digit trying to force its way into her tight hole. The already stretched walls of her anus fight against the intrusion. “Push it in boy!” she hears Ophelia yell and suddenly that third finger is rammed up her sphincter. She lets out a piercing wail feeling her anus clamp tight on his fingers.
Clare squeezes her eyes shut, her ass seeming to respond in turn. “Clare!” Raki yells. “My god! You’re so tight!”
Ophelia just laughs, a cackling sound behind her. Clare grinds her teeth against one another, waiting for the inevitable. As she thought Ophelia instructs him to start ramming her with his fingers. He hesitates for only a moment before he starts pumping her ass rapidly and Clare screams, a full throated sound escaping her lungs.
“That’s the spirit,” says Ophelia, clapping in delight. Clare groans, the tears rolling down her eyes. She can hear Raki beg for apologies but she isn’t listening, simply trying to endure the pain, for him...
“Raki...” she whispers. She grunts, sounds that sound like cries, her body bucking against Raki’s assault to her most unused canal.
A shadow appears above her and she turns away, not wanting to give Ophelia the satisfaction of her pain. Ophelia grips her hair violently, jerking her face towards her.
“Don’t hurt Clare!” Raki yells. “I’m doing what you want!”
“Shut up boy, and continue fucking her ass! I just want Clare to do something here.”
She hears Raki make a grunt but soon her ass is taking an assault again, his hand slapping against her hole violently. She shuts her eyes, letting out a long cry. “Oh my,” says Ophelia. “After all you’ve endured a little finger fucking up your hole is too much for you?”
She is laughing darkly, her lips twisted into a dark grin. “Fuck you!” Clare hisses through tearing eyes.
Ophelia pulls her hair back more making Clare wince. “That’s kind of the idea, and if you don’t want me to take your boy’s virginity your going to help me along here.”
“What?!” says Clare, trying to ignore what Raki is doing to her. It’s hurting, her rear burns profusely.
“You’re going to help me along Clare,” says Ophelia. “With that pretty mouth of yours.”
“What do you mean?” says Clare, dreading where Ophelia is going with this. She has an idea what the madwoman means and she isn’t liking it.
“Well, you saw what your boy was doing earlier right?” she says. Clare’s body is shaking, her body being jerked back and forth by Raki’s quick paced hand. “Feels nice doesn’t it?” says Ophelia. Clare shuts her left eye, gritting her teeth. She won’t give the woman more satisfaction. She won’t!
“You’re going to lick my pussy until it’s all nice and wet, Clare. You’re going to fuck my pussy with your mouth because if you don’t your boy is going to do double duty and I’ll take his fucking virginity in front of you!”
“No,” Clare growls.
The knife flies from Ophelia’s hand and Raki lets out a sharp cry, his hand stopping suddenly. “Raki!” Clare yells, twisting quickly in Ophelia’s grip. The woman lets her, letting Clare watch Raki pull away from her anus and hold his swelling cheek where the knife ripped through it. The blade itself is sunk deep into the wall next to him.
Her hair is wrenched back, Ophelia’s face inches from her own, her eyes a golden amber. “See what you made me do? Little Raki is bleeding now!”
“You bitch!” Clare hisses, spitting at Ophelia’s face.
Ophelia wipes the spit from her cheek slowly, flicking her hand in a quick motion. “My, you still have spunk in you, don’t you? Is it that you can’t follow orders or do you just like abuse Clare?”
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Clare just stares, her heart pounding. She knows instantly she’s crossed the line. When Ophelia’s fist smashes into her left cheek, the bone seeming to give under it, Clare knows it well. She slams into the floor, blood spilling against the stone.
“Clare!” Raki yells. Instantly his hand is gone from her rear and he’s running to her aid. He doesn’t get far before Ophelia’s fist smashes into his diaphragm, taking all the wind out from him.
“Big he-man can’t take much, can he Clare?” says the woman wickedly.
“You sadistic whore!” Clare says. The backhand comes quickly, cracking against her face, the fist against her cheek again and then again. Clare yells, feeling her cheek swelling, something already broken.


“Stop hurting Clare!” Raki yells through gritting teeth. He coughs, gripping his stomach. That last punch nearly took him out of the game. But that won’t help Clare. This bitch would kill her if he goes unconscious. So he fights the pain, trying his best to ignore it. Ophelia smiles, biting back the urge to laugh.
“My,” she says. “You two just don’t know when to quit, do you?”
He ignores her, focused on Clare who is shaking on the floor, her cheek already swelling. “Clare...” he whispers.
“Clare, Clare, Clare,” Ophelia pantomimes. “That’s all you can say, isn’t it? It’s getting boring!”
“What do you know!” Raki yells. “You never cared about anybody except yourself!” The woman gives him a cold, hard look. Her eyes a very different kind of gold now.
“Raki,” Clare whispers, “don’t antagonize her!” Clare is shaking, pushing herself on her arms weakly. Ophelia shoves her face back against the floor with a crack.
“Yes Raki,” says Ophelia with a smile as Clare scrabbles against the floor. “Don’t antagonize me or your little Clare is going to be hurt!”
“Don’t hurt her!” says Raki, rising to his feet and almost doubling over from the pain in his gut. He forces himself to stand straight, ignoring the pain. It doesn’t escape Ophelia’s eye. She gives him a grin.
“Well,” says Ophelia, holding Clare against the floor as she struggles to push her off. “I guess I won’t make you fuck Clare’s anus... yet.”
“You won’t?” says Raki, surprised.
“No,” says Ophelia. “Instead Clare is going to service you, like you serviced me.”
“What?” says Raki, not fully understanding.
Ophelia turns towards him slowly, that grin forever plastered on her face. “Clare is going to suck you cock boy. Doesn’t that sound like fun!”
“No! I won’t make Clare...”
Ophelia jerks Clare, twisting her on her back in one quick motion, slamming her hard and pinches her nose shut. Clare claws at the woman’s hands, her mouth opening wide, gasping. Her mouth is bloody, lips cracked from where Ophelia punched her.
“Clare....” Raki whispers, tears welling in his eyes. Why isn’t he strong enough to protect her. He should...
“Pull down your pants boy,” says Ophelia. Raki gives her a glance, shaking. “Do it!” she growls.
Raki is quick to comply, pulling them down quickly after unbuckling his belt in a shaking jangle of movements. He stands, his penis flaccid against his testicles. He feels no lust watching Clare struggle under Ophelia’s grip. “Toss those aside and straddle your girlfriend’s face. Do it quick before I decide to fist fuck her mouth.”
He throws his pants to the side and slowly comes around Clare. She stops struggling, feeling him on top of her. Raki cries bitterly, this isn’t the way he wanted to start with Clare.


“Now Clare,” she hears the woman say, “better stop your struggling. You don’t accidentally want to bite off your boyfriend’s dick, do you?”
Clare stops her struggling, having heard the monster’s entire conversation with Raki. She didn’t want to do this! But...
She feels Raki’s legs straddle her head, his weight on her chest. He feels comparatively light to her. She feels something against her chin, something soft but slightly wet and realizes with a chill that it’s Raki’s penis.
“Clare, open wide,” says Ophelia, “otherwise....” She hears Raki yelp and feels that flaccid flesh lift away from her. “I might tear off Raki’s dick and testicles if they really aren’t worth anything.”
“Don’t,” says Clare through gasp. “I’ll...”
“Just open up your mouth cunt.”
Clare complies, opening her mouth wide to allow Raki’s member access. Her mouth feels numb from the blows she just received, the taste of blood and iron thick in her mouth. “Now stick it in your slut’s...” There is a chuckle above her. “I mean your girlfriend’s mouth.”
Raki growls but Clare feels his penis brush against her sensitive lips and rest on her tongue. “Push it into the back,” says Ophelia. She feels Raki put his hands against the sides of her head and lift her up slightly, his member sliding against the walls of her throat.
“You can close your mouth now, Clare,” says Ophelia.
Clare complies, closing her mouth around Raki’s member, feeling her lips quivering on his soft flesh. She can feel him quiver, his member flicking against her tongue. “That’s right Raki,” she hears Ophelia say. “Your woman’s mouth isn’t just for screams. She can do so much more too. Isn’t that right Clare.”
Clare simply glares her mouth shut against Raki’s member. “Alright Clare. Though this should probably be obvious, start pleasuring your boyfriend. Start licking his little dick and make it hard.”
Clare complies, shutting her eyes, trying to breath as she pulls back and forth on Raki’s dick, running her tongue with soft flicks against his dick. It hits the roof of her mouth and she gasp but shuts it again quickly, running her tongue under it and along it length.
She looks into Raki’s eyes trying to tell him it’ll be alright, that she’ll get him out of this somehow, even if it cost her. But he doesn’t believe her. She runs her hands softly over his inner thighs, running her tongue gently against the sides of Raki’s penis, ignoring the smell of taste of it, instead trying to think on who Raki is instead. That is easier and she begins to lose herself to the act.


Ophelia laughs wildly. “My, your girlfriend really is a bitch, isn’t she?” says Ophelia. “Look at her go!”
“She’s not a bitch!” says Raki. Ophelia swings her arm around his shoulder, pressing his head close against her bosom.
“Such a cute boy, always defending momma Clare. But now momma is sucking you off boy, and it’s making you hard, isn’t it?”
Raki swallows. Clare’s mouth, the feel of her soft lips around his flaccid member, so gentle at the touch. He’d felt the blood, nearly gagged inside feeling against her lips. But she is so gentle, it makes him forget, and her soft probing of his member. He can almost feel himself cum already, her touch so enticing against him. It sickens him that he is doing this in front of a woman he despises. One who so enjoys hurting them. One who...
“Ahn!” he yelps, feeling Clare tug more tightly at his member, sucking on it, moving her head back and forth. He’s breathing hard, feeling her mouth move against him like this. “Clare... I...”
“Is going to be busy,” says Ophelia.
“What?” says Raki. But her flap is already rising in front of him, Ophelia’s musky odor before him. The mass of fur around her labia, the lips of flesh quivering brightly in front of him. He turns away from her. “I...”
Clare moans, her teeth scraping the undersides of his penis. Raki turns, bumping against Ophelia’s open vagina, his nose in her lips.
“Start working it boy, or I press my boot down on your girlfriend,” and she presses against Clare’s forehead for emphasis, Clare moaning, her teeth nipping at his skin. “And she inadvertently has Raki sausage for dinner. Got it?”
Raki snorts, clearing his nose and runs his tongue over Ophelia’s inner folds. Ophelia quivers and lifts her foot off Clare. She puts her hands in his hair, running them through his scruffy matt. “Play with it, Raki. Enjoy it!”
He can feel Clare working his penis, her tongue running over him and he moans Ophelia’s lips, his tongue in her folds. Ophelia presses him against her hard, arching her back and letting out a great sigh.
Raki does his work, feeling himself warming, feeling the hard woman’s hands buried in his hair, his mouth in her soft sensitive flesh. He sucks at her lips, pulling and sucking at the ridge of skin around it and running his tongue against her inner walls. She groans loudly, moving his head about, bucking against his face.
He continues to work her, feeling Clare working his penis. He runs his tongue over her slit, licking the juices that are starting to leak out. Under different circumstances he might actually enjoy this. Under...
The heat in his body is starting to rise and he groans against Ophelia. “Don’t stop boy!” she says. Easy for her to say, he thinks. She isn’t the one being sucked off... and he realizes that’s exactly what she is now. Being sucked off by him while Clare pleasures him.
He realizes while he is drinking Ophelia’s milk he is thrusting harder into Clare’s tight mouth, the heat in loins quickly becoming a fire. It isn’t long before he’s beating against her face with hard slaps while lapping at Ophelia, a groan escaping his lips every so often as he face fucks Clare while pleasuring Ophelia.


Clare feels him bucking against her, his penis at first gentle now bashing against her side walls, pushing into the side of her cheeks. She presses lightly with her fingers to warn him to slow down a bit, but she’s not sure he’s paying attention. Ophelia’s grip on him seems to be slamming him with equal speed against her own hips.
Clare continues her work, pleasuring Raki. There is a wet splash that makes her hesitate, blink for a moment, and it’s soon followed by more. She soon realizes it’s Ophelia getting wet with Raki’s distasteful slurping. Clare groans inwardly trying to avoid biting down on Raki’s member. If he’d at least pretend he didn’t like the taste of her! If at least...
He’s slapping against her quite violently now. She slaps his legs a moment and he slows down, a yelp escaping his lips.
“My,” says Ophelia. “Clare doesn’t like you beating against her face like that. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a chance to beat against something else of hers later. Just continue your work boy.”
Clare hisses inwardly but continues sucking him. She can feel him warming, getting hard inside her. Soon he’ll...
Almost on cue he grips the sides of her hair, pushing her against his hips hard, making her gag. She slaps at him a few times, feeling the slimy taste of his precum spilling into her mouth. The slaps make him release her, dropping her head with a soft crack against the floor as he groans, shooting his load over her. She feels the warm spray splatter her on the forehead. A warm slimy thing that drips on her eye brows. He sprays with two more spurts hitting her eyes. She turns only to have cum shoot into her left nostril. She snorts, trying to blow the cum out.
“My,” says Ophelia with a snicker. “It sounds like your girl is getting dirty.”
Raki begins to pull away from Ophelia’s hips when he is pressed deep against him, Ophelia grinding her hips against his face. “Don’t stop boy. Not now! You can check on her later. She’s not going anywhere.”
Clare growls lowly. She watches, fingers digging in softly on Raki’s hips and the woman above her drips from her snatch, her hips smashing against Raki’s face. His mouth should be against her hips and not Ophelia’s! Clare feels the pangs of jealousy starting to rise with a growl but sits quietly as Ophelia gets off on her boyfriend.


Raki feels his face smacking against Ophelia's hips in a similar way he was smacking Clare's. He tries to lap at her sides, not sure she's paying attention until she slows down, realizing slapping him like that isn't getting what she wants. He moves towards her clit, sucking on it, circling it with his tongue, taking it lightly between his lips and tugging on it ever so gently. He can feel her fingers in his hair, wanting to push into his scalp and roughly ram his face against her, but she's resisting. He can hear her grinding her teeth then letting out a high pitched moan.
Soon despite her efforts, she's thrusting at his face again. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
She's pushing him against her, running him in circular patterns against her hips. He tries to push away at first but then raises a hand away from Clare and thrust two fingers into her cunt. The reaction is immediate. A wild bucking against his fingers.
He thrusts them rapidly, her juices splashing down over his fingers, spilling over the floor. Or so he thought until he yelps and is jumping back, or falling more precisely as he stumbles back, a light mark on his member as Clare sits up, coughing, her face dirty and wet, cum dripping from her lips. Her eyes are heated and angry.
"Raki," she hisses, her eyes glaring at him. "I..."
Her head is suddenly jerking back, a scream ripping from her lips. "Clare!"
"You stupid bitch," Ophelia growls, her eyes a golden yellow as she holds Clare's head back. "You don't know when to stay out of things, do you?" She is struggling trying to pull her hair out from Ophelia's grip as Ophelia shakes her back and forth.
"Stop hurting Clare!"
Ophelia isn't listening, shaking the woman back and forth. "So you want to mess with my good times eh?"
She throws Clare over a stone, Clare's stomach slamming on the hard rock. Clare gasp as Ophelia walks over to her, gripping her hair tightly. "Fucking bitch!" she says, bashing Clare's face on the stone. "You stupid, Fucking Cunt!" Again she crushes Clare's face against the stone, Clare's face comes up bloody. "I'll teach you to mess with me you fucking whore!"
"Stop it!" Raki yells, running towards the two. An elbow to the ribs makes him crumble to the floor, blood pooling at his lips. "Clare...." he whispers. Blood drips on the floor, the pain tearing at him. He lifts his arm slowly, nearly doubling over on the floor, only able to watch as Ophelia beats Clare against the hard stone. "Clare..."


“Raki,” Clare whispers from between bloody lips and a swelling eye, her hand going out towards him. He’s doubled over on the floor, holding his ribs.
Ophelia suddenly jerks her upright, pulling her head back. “Look what you made me do!” the woman hisses, pointing at Raki. “That isn’t what I wanted for his birthday surprise!”
Clare winces, the pain in her scalp feeling like Ophelia is trying to rip her follicles out. “Wha-what did you want,” Clare gasp, trying to undo Ophelia’s grip on her. How long are those damned pills supposed to last, she thinks. She needs to get Raki away from here and back to Miria. She...
She feels herself thrown back across the stone, her back making a sharp crunching noise as she bounces on the stone. Her left leg is suddenly being jerked up, pushed almost against her shoulder as Ophelia leans towards her, her breath strong and hot against her face.
“I was initially going to let you both take each other’s virginity,” Ophelia says. “But... I think you owe me a bit for taking away my pleasure with Raki. And I was so fucking close to climaxing! So please.... bitch, scream for me!”
“Never!” hisses Clare... “I...”
She feels Ophelia’s fingers pressing against her clit, forcing the opening. Clare lets out a gasp, her back arching. “No... don’t...”
“Oh we’re just getting started Clare,” the woman hisses. “There’s no backing out now!”
She feels the third and the fourth finger dipping into her dry cunt, forcing her lips apart, pressing into her deep sensitive area. It hurts as Ophelia starts digging her way in, the blood already starting to ooze from the opening. “No!” she shrieks. “Don’t!”
Ophelia’s lips twist into a grin, her eyes shining with malevolent glee. “Get ready for it, bitch! This one is going to hurt!” Without anymore warning Ophelia rams her entire fist up into Clare’s quivering pussy, tearing open her hymen with brutal force and punching into the back of her cervix. Clare lets out a pain filled scream, her back arching, her pussy trying to push the brutal fist out, lips compressing while trying to accommodate the limb lodged into her flesh. She can feel the blood leaking out, her body shaking, the tears streaming from her eyes.
“Aaaaahhhhhnnnnnn....!!!” Clare moans, crying.
“Thought you weren’t going to scream,” says Ophelia wickedly against her ear.
Clare grits her teeth, biting back the tears. “You sick bitch, you... AH!”
Ophelia is suddenly jerking her fist out of Clare’s raw pussy and as it starts to slide out, the gore making a squelching noise, Ophelia slams it back into Clare’s hips with brutal force.
Clare grunts as much from the sudden beating of her cervix as the suddenness of it all. Ophelia turns her wrist slowly, making Clare’s legs thrash about. She slowly licks the trail of tears from Clare’s left cheek, smiling. “You’re starting to turn me on Clare. I’m getting wet down there again.”
She kisses Clare lightly on her bottom lip and Clare just sobs quietly. “Why... why are you doing this?”
“Cuz I want to,” the woman laughs. “Now.. get ready for the steam train you little bitch!”
She nips Clare’s ear and starts pressing her wrist against the edge of Clare’s womb. Clare cries loudly, bucking against Ophelia, feeling for all the world as if Ophelia is trying to force her way through her womb. She feels the wrist pull back then slam back in with brutal force, eliciting a cry of pain from Clare’s lips. Again it pulls part way out only to slam back in. Again and again Ophelia does this, slamming Clare’s womb until something inside actually tears.
Clare coughs blood, feeling the intense bile and fluid rush up her lips as Ophelia’s fist breaks through her womb from the inside, sliding through. “My,” says Ophelia as Clare’s body twitches violently around her arm. “That’s sure a nice warm fit in there! I love it. I’m about ready Clare.”
Clare simply looks on bitterly, the tears constantly flowing now. She is heaving blood and bile from her lips, spilling it on the floor. “You really are a pretty one Clare,” hisses Ophelia.
“Clare....kkkk...” she hears Raki say. She lifts her head towards him, watching him struggle towards her. “I .. I won’t let you.... hurt Clare!”
“Ra...ki...” she says before shrieking as Ophelia wrenches her wrist out of her pussy. It comes out with a splat and Clare thrashes about, the pain in her hips horrifying. She can hear the blood splatter on the floor, feel it splash against her hips. “Oh god...” she moans.
“Well Raki,” says Ophelia with a smile, “I’m satisfied. Now come here... you gotta’ do your part for Clare now.”
Clare’s heart thunders as she hears those words, her body now weak against the monster’s assault. What more could she really do to her?


(comments appreciated. )
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“Raki,” he hears Ophelia say. “Get over here. You gotta’ do your part now.”
“No,” Raki, hisses, the blood spilling from his lips. “I’m not going... to ... hurt Clare!”
He’s holding his ribs, the ache in them giving him a surreal pain. Despite it he stares at Ophelia defiantly. Ophelia nods with a smile.
“You’re right. I don’t really need her alive for this part. I’ll just kill her and get on with your real birthday surprise!” Ophelia raises her arm, pulling Clare’s head back. Clare moans, her scalp aching, lifting weak arms towards her. Clare’s too weak to fight, thinks Raki. Ophelia will kill her if I don’t...
“Wait!” says Raki, wincing again as his ribs flare up.
“Yes?” she answers looking at him with a smile. All this is a game to her, he has to remember that, he thinks.
“Alright,” says Raki. “What do you want me to do?”
She puts a finger under her chin, pretending to think, before her smile splits terribly wide.
“What I want you to do Raki? Why... only the thing you’ve wanted to do since you started tagging along with your silver haired slut. I want you to fuck her.”
Raki stares with wide eyes, quivering. He looks from Ophelia to where the woman strokes Clare’s split vagina, the blood dripping down the stone. “But Clare is injured. I...”
The crack against Clare’s face echoes in the cave along with her scream. She tries ineffectively to block the next blow, the crunch of her lower jaw sounding. “Stop it!” Raki yells, running and grabbing Ophelia’s arm.
“So you gonna’ fuck her now, or do I kill her?”
He is crying again, crying like he did back when he was younger. Like back when Ophelia nearly fed him to the awakened being. “damnitdamnitdamnitDamnit!”
“Nice tongue Raki, but...”
“I’ll do it! Gods, I’ll do it! Just stop hurting her!”
Ophelia grabs his shoulder, thrusting him on top of Clare, the movement against her hips making her cry out in pain. “Clare,” he whispers. “I’m sorry.”
She strokes his face with her hand, smiling at him from a purpling eye, the blood flowing down her mouth. “It’s... alright. I know your heart. Just do what you have to.”
He feels the tears come down his eyes, and he leans forward, kissing her gently. They hold each other for a moment before Ophelia jerks him away.
“Boooorring! Get to fucking little boy! Or I smash her skull in.”
“You sick...”
She thrust him against Clare who squirms only a little bit, looking at him. “Clare...”
“Do it, Raki. If it’s you I’ll allow it.” Tears are in her own eyes and he shuts his own, feeling her bloodied opening on her hips and sliding his flaccid penis into her hips far too easily. The warm blood closing around his member. She winces, and he begins with slow thrust in wet vagina, trying to be slow in his movements so as to avoid hurting her. She moans beneath him and he begins to move a bit faster.
He strokes her face and begins to move more quickly, Clare’s limbs wrapping around his neck and torso as he begins pumping against her body. Ophelia has wandered off but he stays with Clare, slowing his strokes some to keep her from screaming. Each stroke of his body sends a shudder through her body, a small cry escaping her lips, the blood wet against his hips and dripping on the floor.
Ophelia returns shortly, watching them both as Raki starts to work himself faster into Clare. The woman smiles, but neither is fully aware of her anymore, looking into one another’s eyes, his mouth against hers. He takes her tongue into his and cries softly, feeling all the blood there and the sudden gaps in her teeth.
Clare is more forceful, entering his mouth and making him concentrate on her. As they kiss he feels the heat within his body growing, becoming enough that after a few minutes he actually arches his back away from Clare, yelling from both the agony in his ribs and the sudden spurt from body as his seed is released into Clare’s bloody womb.
There is a loud clapping behind them. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. Clap. clap. Ophelia stills and smiles. “Well now...,” says Ophelia smiling. “It’s time for the real part of our show,” and she pulls out a knife from behind her back.
“You said you weren’t going to hurt Clare!” says Raki.
“No,” says Ophelia, twisting the blade in her hand. “I only said you’d get to fuck her before your big surprise. Well... it’s time for your surprise!”
Her smile twist into a great grin, her eyes glinting darkly, shadows converging on Raki and Clare. The last he sees before his mind goes blank is the terrified fear in Clare’s eyes.

((and here is the final part, hope you all enjoyed!))
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Good work

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