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Chayna looked herself over, peering into the bedroom's vanity as she propped up her chest; holding both her firm mounds together before running her fingers along the black lace of her bra. She frowned in slight dissapointment, always worrying of the proportion of her bosom, she was glad she was so short making her endowment look bigger than it actually was. Since junior high she hads always been highly self conscious of her figure; she was a dimunitive at 4'11", and back then hadn't had much shape. It wasn't until late in highschool that her chest and hips began give her the curve she had today. She had learned to compensate with careful styling of her long chesnut hair, frequent tanning of her fair skin and keen sense of taste. Thinking on this, her time years ago in highschool as she turned to regard her firm rounded bottom that sat beneath the curve of her waist, well porportioned she supposed, but still small.

With a sigh she resumed dressing, pulling the auburn skirt from her bed and gingerly sliding the material up her thighs, her favorite white sweater followed, with its billowing collar that showed just a hint of her clevage. Sitting down at her dresser she touched up her make up for the evening. The plans with highschool friends had fallen through, but she lived close enough to some of the guys from her college that she could drive down to meet them. And she was releaved some, she had been dreading seeing her friends from years ago.
There was bang downstairs, followed by a loud rumble; almost sounding as if someone or something had fallen down the stairs. Rolling her eye's she could only imagine that it was her brother or one of his weird friends getting back; despite being so early she paid no more attention to it. They didn't seem like the type to stay up late anyways.

And secretly she hoped it was her jack ass brother falling down the stairs, breaking his neck hopefully she groaned narrowing her eyes. Getting back this summer she had learned what he had been up to while she was gone. Word had reached her that several of his friends somehow managed to get a hold of some of the pictures she had kept on the laptop she had given to him the year before, copies of which she had given to her ex during her second year at college. She had thought that all that was deleted long ago, and her suspicions lay rightfully with that brat. He had just turned 18 a few days ago, and was spending his first weekend at the bar, she wondered what kind of a boorish boring twit he would be when drunk.

tap tap tap

The knock on the door made her jump from her stool, quickly she snapped to face the entrance to her room, "What the fuck do you want?" Getting from her chair she moved quickly towards the white panelled door, wrapping her hand around the brass knob and pulling it open. Stood before her in the dark hall were three figures, and she only recognized the one lanky boy now stepping back from her door. It was painfully clear how nervous he was, but beneath it she sensed something else before turning to the other two. While her brother's friend was drunk, and stank of whiskey the other two stood calmly, without expression as they watched on. One even had a cigarette in hand, its glowing cherry trailing a thin whisp of smoke.

"Yes Keith?" Her brothers freind, "What?" She looked nervously between the boy she knew and the two older guys at his back.

"Hey Chayna, you're in town? Wanna party?" Keith held up a mostly empty bottle of whiskey, the obvious cause of his slowed speech and bleary eyes. One of the others smiled, leaning over to whisper to his companion.

"Who are these guys Keith, and why did you let them in my house?? Where's David!?" She was now suddenly worried about her brother, feeling her heart begin to race she suddenly had a very omnious feeling and wished she handn't left her phone on her night stand.

"Oh, we met... uhm... we met them at the bar!" Keith struggled to remember the older men's names, stumbling around to point at the pair as he spoke, "We talked about you, and they said we should come over and get you to come out with us." They turned to her, interupting the whispered conversastion they had been sharing. Both we in they're mid twenties, only few years older than herself. Chayna shivered as they leared at her, the smoker took another drag of his cigarette, the glow revelaing his disheveled dark hair and sun darkened skin, he stood more than a foot taller than the small woman, his friend was only slightly shorter and was stepping forward.

"Your brother is in the basement... he had trouble getting inside." He spoke as he moved into the light coming from her opened door, Chayna's heart dropped when she realized she couldn't recognize him at all. Keith and David had brought two complete strangers into their home, had probably shown them the pictures.

"Oh god, please..." She backed into her room, trying to shove the door closed, striking the man's shoulder as he came through. "Please don't!" She wailed, running towards her bed as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "KEITH!" She screamed, getting out the name before her attackers hand clamped around her mouth.

"Shut up Chayna... ain't got nothing against ya, just going to have some fun, that's all..." he whispered into her ear, the other two following into the room, the second man looking outside for a second before turning back at them.
"Think anyone heard that?" He asked his friend.

"If they did, not much we can do about it now... but I doubt it." She listened, barely able to hear them talk over the sound of her panicked breathing. "This girl feels really good, I love them when they're so fucking small."
"I know, right?" The other man turned back, the man ahold of her was darker tanned and lean with dark close cut hair. She was too afraid to move as they circled her, feeling suddenly very vulnerable, instinctively she pulled her thighs together, clamping her legs shut. Now she could feel that her eyes had begun to tear and then she prayed for the first time in her life, knowing all to well what awaited her.

"Your friend has a really hot sister..." The man holding her turned to Keith, she could smell his breath, it was foul, almost as if he hadn't brushed in days.

"Yeah..." Keith fidgeted, obviously turned on by watching her get man handled, but apprehensive about how this was going to happen.

"You've seen her pictures... now to get the real thing." Her long haired attacker moved in, his hands taking the collar of her shirt and tearing it open. Chayna watched the man's muscles work, momentarily thinking of how strong he was before squealing, twisting in her captors arms.

"I can't imagine how tight you must be..." she heard whispered in her ear, her squeal turning to a serious of wrecked sobs, the tears now flowing down her cheeks as she felt the cool air of the room against her flat stomach, the shreds of her shirt coming off her arms as the man teraing at her sweater finally stepped back.

"Check out those fucking tits, look big on her..." He grinned, tossing her shirt aside, the white fabric torn and tattered. "Can't wait to bite those suckers." Tearing the bra off her tits bounced free, all three sets of eyes in the room learing at her openly, they all stood silently for a moment, making her skin crawl. The man approached again.

"Nooo!" Chayna screamed into the palm covering her mouth, her legs to weak to lift her as the man now removed her skirt, dragging the black silk panties she wore down with them. Never had she thought, each evening after carefully choosing her attire that she would end the night like this, never. Her clothing now strewn across the room, her naked body clutched in the hands of her soon to be rapist.

"First fuck?" Tossing the panties at Keith the man turned to man holding her firmly, a sadistic smile on his face. She knew that they had no intention of letting Keith in on her while they wanted her. Closing her eye's she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the dumb kid.

"Hell yes," He replied, pulling his prize onto the bed, taking his arm from around her waist and groping between their two bodies. She was suddenly aware of something warm and hard pressed against her rear while hands at her ankles pulled her legs apart. She struggled for a moment, relenting quickly as she tried to calm herself. Chayna inhaled, desperate to regain control of her mind; wincing when the cock pressed against her inner thigh, her thoughts becoming disconnected from what was happening. She hadn't slept with anyone in a year, and in her head she wondered how tight she might have become.

It was at her now, pressing against her clit.

She hadn't wanted to cry, she willed herself to stay calm and to take him, but the first thrust surprised her; the pain was intense, it was sudden and listening to her rapist grunt in her ear made her all to aware of burning shame inside of her. No, she hadn't wanted to cry but she wailed all the same, screaming into the hand covering her mouth as the tears begun to pour. Crying out until she begun to cough and gag as the man started to pump his hips against hers, his cock buried inside of her womanhood.

"Fuck, she's a screamer!" The other man laughed as he stood at the foot of her bed, watching the scene in amusement, the hot college student pressed beneath his friend as he filled her with his cock, slapping his hilt against her round ass. He was eager for him to finish so he could take his place, to feel the walls of her wet hole against his cock.

"Fuck!" The man inside of her cried, collapsing ontop of her, his manhood twitching as he buried it inside her flesh. "Want to take this bitch home with us, we could get the little slut pregnant and ditch her somewhere."

"You came already?" His friend laughed, pulling down his pants.

"Fuck yes... she's to good not too fucking bust your nut that fast." He climbed off her, leaving her mouth uncovered but all she could manage was to whimper, dreading the prospects of this man's seed taking. "Don't worry Keith, you'll get your fucking chance." He glared at the lanky kid standing awkwardly in the corner as he rolled off his victim. Pulling a cigarette out as he watched the second man pull Chayna to her knees.

"Come on slut, your night is just begining..." She heard hissed at her over her, her world spinning she couldn't tell from who it was. The second one violated her, she grunted in acklodegment, letting it fill, the experience passing much smoother than her first.

"Pp... please... I have condoms..." She whimpered meekly as he sunk inside of her.

"Think I'm too dirty for you slut?" Her head was slammed into her mattress, causing her to cry out before he begun to lash her cunt with his shaft, the bed springs sounding out. The room went silent, she listened to her bed and to the man grunt as he raped her, knowing they all were watching her like this were some sex show.

Chayna moaned as the second man started to grab at her chest, squeezing and pulling her breasts as he abused her sex, enduring the indignity as he started making the same sounds the first man had made when he came, his body stiffening.

"Please..." Her voice squeaked, feeling utterly drained as he pulled off of her. She wanted this nightmare to end, she could stand Keith on her, as long as the other two left her.

"Ready to go again?" She heard, pressing her eyes shut with a groan, pulling herself into a ball as the men moved around her, "Think the bitch will suck?"
"Oh course..." The discussion went on above her head as she was rolled onto her stomach and pulled flat, her first attacker quick to take her again, making her wince when he suddenly lifted her head up by her hair, the second man holding his organ at her face. Chayna looked at the glistening limp dick, gritting her teeth.

"Fuck you..." she groaned, opening her mouth for the man, unwilling to fight. Suppressing a sob when the stinking thing slid past her lips and begun to swell.

Keith watched anxiously, never having imagined he would see Chayna getting raped by two men, both taking her from each end. Her expression souring as the taller unkept man begun using her mouth to pleasure himself, his hands tangled in her hair, pulling her against his crotch. Swallowing he reached down, pulling his own out, massaging it between his fingers vigorously as he continued to watch.

"This bitch is amazing," The larger man groaned, grabbing ahold of the college girls slender waist, pulling her against his thrusting, the two of them leisurly fucking the poor girl between them as she slowly slipped away consciously, quietly sobbing to herself and suppressing only the urge to vomit.

"Fuck her mouth..." Chayna was thrown around, then dropped back on all fours before finding the cock that had just been inside her vagina suddenly filling her mouth, the taste of battered hole still strong as it was forced down her weekly shut mouth. Above her bobbing head she could see the two men, to tired to even flinch as a moistened head of a penis found her rectum. The pain shot through her when it tried to go inside her, after a while she could hear a muffled curse and it pulled back.

"Tight little asshole..." The man trying to sodomize her spat, slathering her with his spittle before retrying her little rosebud, this time the beel shaped head of his manhood forcing its way in to her cries. "Shame its not that tight all the way down..." He grunted again as he pushed in, Chayna could feel her flesh tremor as he ground into her.

"The little slut must be enjoying it... she hasn't tightened her mouth at all..." She heard laughed, her eyes rolling up to look at the man she mouthed, willing herself to try to to beaten to attempt. "You can tell your friend how much of a fucking slut his sister is!"

Chayna groaned hoarsly at Keith as her ass was finally taken fully, her little pert tits begining to bounce as the man started to fuck her, her world begining to turn dark as he became more viscious and the pain more intense. She couldn't remember her last thoughts as her mind finally went blank.
She awoke with a moan, her hands moving to push away at the head lapping at her chest. Was she dreaming? Her eye's shot open, surrounded by her room. Her brothers friend Keith standing at the foot of her bed, and a stranger inside of her, his hips bouncing off her body as he sucked on one of her nipples. She gasped for air, pushing at his head again before crying out.
"No! Noo! Get off!" Fighting weakly, her crys hoarse and soft as she rolled her head to each side, feeling his teeth begin to dig into her unmarred flesh. He was biting her, as he said earlier. He seemed to be taking immense pleasure from the pained it caused as he switched between each of the round lumps on her chest, slowly covering them with the half cirles of his teeth.
She couldn't tell how long she had been out, how many times they had used her, came in her. She felt wet, cold and afraid. Letting her head fall against the pillow, defeated as he finished inside of her for the last time. This strnager she had never met, that her brother and his friend had brought here to rape her. She cried, covering her face with her hands as the man got off the bed, pulling up his pants.

"All yours..." He chuckled, leaving the room. The girl imagine that he would be joining his companion, where he went she couldn't tell, and as Keith climbed onto the bed she heard movement downstairs; the pair must have been looking for valuables she thought as Keith mounted her, his cock taking what the first pair had already used to exhaustion.

"I..." He stammered as he begun, stopping as Chayna looked into his eye's, hers void of expression, cutting him off.

"Just use me, fucking prick..." She looked away from him, shutting her eyes, having become numb to everything.
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