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Default G I Jane Part Twenty One

Part Twenty One.

Senator Lillian Dehaven was approached by an aid, He whispered to her and she smiled, made excuses and left the meeting she was attending.

She arrived twenty minutes later at her plush apartments, She went in her eyes immediately went to the crate stood at the end of her elaborate four poster bed. Major Henry smiled relieved at her arrival.

"You are late Major, as ever, is she sedated or not?"

"Not Maam, it was unwise, the dose with all the other things weve given her"

"Liberal applications of your own seed no doubt! I want her Co-operative at the least" she frowned. Major Henry just nodded sheepishly.

"What is she dressed in Major eu-natural I suppose?"

"Yes apart from dog tags and combat boots."

"Im going out to dinner when I come back I want her ass in dress uniform, and on that special frame, attached to the foot of the bed, is that clear? Or would you like a diagram Major?"

"That wont be necessary Maam, I will get it done"
"Good you have two hours Major, and when I get back I dont want to see your worthless ass anywhere near here. Understood!"

He grinned. "Yes Maam!" She left.

Major Henry put his hat on the bed and set too taking the back off the crate. Ten minutes later He rested it against the wall and crouched down to admire the view.

ONeils ass was impaled to the hilt on the bung attached to the frame, below that her cunt was gaping open. slick with juice, her shaven twat looked so swollen and excited, Her clit was an unbelievably thick stud, protruding from its hood. She moaned and flexed her thigh muscles, pressing her ass back to the butt plug. The crate floor was covered in her cunt excretions. Her whole muscular frame shiny with sweat.

"I hope your cunts as hot as it looks Lieutenant, because your gonna get a fucking you wont ever forget tonight bitch"
He sneered as he opened his medical bag and retrieved a syringe and filled it. He tapped it and then jabbed it into ONeils flinching ass. He watched her slump.

"Lifes a bitch ONeil, a bitch, and tonight your it" He went to work.

ONeil slowly came too, she tried to breath but it was difficult, there was something in her mouth, or in her throat, she came too with sudden realization. Tried to bite down but couldnt, her teeth ground to the metal ring as the thick cock in it pumped in and out. She opened her eyes as the foul tasting thing expanded and flooded her gullet with seed. She began to choke. A hand stroked her head.

"Thats a good girl swallow, swallow thats it good girl" Major Henry cooed.

He withdrew it letting what was left of his semen dribble from her mouth.

She was suspended at one end of a big four-post bed. She coughed spitting out great globs of come. Her ass ached, from the bung. She watched as the Major clambered off the bed. Realising she was dressed again. She lowered her head to the sheets; She was attached by her ass to the frame from the crate. This was attached to the bed frame. Her feet were on the floor behind the bed, straight out. She had dress shoes on she could tell by the feel but she was stood in some kind of plastic tray?

Her breasts were sore and still burned; she looked beneath her they were trapped inside a dress blouse and dress jacket, An Army uniform? She wasnt in the army? A skirt was bunched around her waist. Her arms were out straight to either side attached to manacles on chains, which went to the bed side beams above her. She was suspended there, ass in the air impaled on the ass bung. She could feel a dress hat placed on her head and then straightened.
"There, all ready, sorry its the wrong uniform but its what your host wanted. Thanks for the throat fuck it was really good of you" he smiled

"PHUK OO OO ASTARD!!" she managed.

"There it was no trouble, oh I gave your tits a booster shot while you were out, thought it would make you appreciate how tight the jacket is more. Now you be nice to your host, your career is quite literally your ass!" he laughed and left.

ONeil struggled to be free to no avail, her legs were free but there was nothing to lever against. She hung there feeling the semen and spit dribble from her mouth onto the sheets. Her breasts were throbbing it was growing in intensity. She needed to open the Jacket and blouse. She looked down, left much longer, with the buttons straining like that, They would open themselves. The full feeling from her ass was incredible. The excruciating fullness of her breasts was growing much worse. She stamped her feet in frustration.
"My, my you are impatient Lieutenant!" It was the Senator, behind her.

She came around the front and sat across the bed in front of her smiling. She took hold of ONeils chin and lifted her head looking into her angry eyes.

"You are a big girl now arent you. I like big girls, Oh dear has that nasty Major been filling your poor mouth with his excuse for a cock? never mind, Aunty Lillian will look after you now."
She reached forward to the side of the ring gag.

"Push your tongue through it hard and it should pop out"

ONeil tentatively did nothing happened so she stuck her tongue right through Lillian twisted something and the thing snapped shut on her tongue trapping it. ONeils eyes bulged as she tried to pull it free, but it was fast.

"Oh you military types are so trusting" She laughed.
She started to get undressed.

"The military want more and more funding, they cant recruit like they did, So they begrudgingly open the doors to women, then, when their played at their own game and forced by PC issues to take on Female Combat troops.

Oh no then, its but theyll be captured, captured and raped! So they get theyre wish, I give them your ass, first chance they get they rape the shit out of you. Well after they made you shit on the floor that is." She paused.

ONeil realized she was enjoying the look of horror on her face as she realized the only way she could know that would be if she had seen the video of her rape in the beach house.

"A nice touch I feel, So now I go to them and say, hey you cant recruit, You recruit women and you abuse them, you cant man all these establishments without hauling women into the service, and now I have video proof that testosterone rules. So female soldiers are a no, no. Hell our soldiers cant stop raping them, fuck knows what the enemy will do! So therefore I get the cuts in military expenditure I want, the country is eternally grateful. I get a shot at presidency, and to think Salem just wanted to add you to his extensive array of hookers! Shit thats ambition for you!" She was naked now.

She toyed with her small hard nipples, then her twat, for an older woman she was still in pretty good shape. She got on the bed in front of ONeil and spread her legs exposing her wrinkled sex to the horrified Lieutenant.

"Now lets see are you going to be a good girl for Aunty, lick her wet cunny for her?"

ONeil went cross eyed focusing on her twat, she eased two fingers in and out of it, they came out slick with thick cream. ONeil pulled her face, paling and shook her head No.
"Now thats a naughty girl, Aunties cross, shall I show you what Auntie does when shes cross and wants naughty girls to behave?"

She got up and went behind ONeil; She pulled the rubber cap off the butt plug and eased the plunger out. Then she began pumping it, expanding the awesome girth of the thing. ONeil stiffened groaning; Lillian traced her finger around the sensitive inner walls of her buttocks, making her flinch and squirm.

She pumped, and pumped. ONeil was shaking her head struggling jerking her hips as the thing grew in her rectum. The Senator smiled pumping it some more, watching as ONeils thin stretched ring became thinner and tighter as the diameter grew.

She stopped and came back around the front, She settled on the bed and shuffled her ass closer to ONeils head. She took hold of her head and drew her protruding trapped tongue toward the folds of her cunt. ONeil closed her eyes as she began to grind her cunt to it. All ONeil could feel was the burning pressure in her breasts and her ass ring burning from the stretching.

"There thats a good girl, lick, LICK! Otherwise its ass splitting time honey!"

ONeil swallowed and began to circle what she could of her tongue, it slipped between the opening lips of the Senator, who groaned and began to press her twat to her face, ONeil felt her tongue slip into the entrance of her cunt.

Lillian began to hump her face gasping and moaning as ONeil stabbed her cunt entrance with her trapped tongue.
The Senator stopped and drew herself away, turned over and backed her ass to ONeils disgusted face, she held her cheeks wide open.

"Lick my asshole soldier bitch LICK IT!!"

ONeil licked at it and noticed with relief she was clean. She swiped her tongue across the length of her wrinkled asshole and down to the opening to her cunt, which left her ass hole resting on her nose. She drew back and inserted her tongue against her ass. She pushed back forcing her tongue deep into her butt, She moaned and her cunt and ass jerked. She kept tonguing her asshole as deep as she could. She reached back and began finger fucking herself jerking back on to ONeils probing tongue.

She tongued her asshole for about 5 minutes, and then she pulled back, Lillian, got up fingering herself hard.

"Nearly came bitch, nearly, now Im gonna introduce you to my friend, And Im gonna fuck your big soldier girl ass for you.

ONeil shook her head in disbelief.

The Senator went behind her and undid the release on the butt plug.

ONeil felt it slowly deflate. An incredibly strange sensation.
The Senator drew out a a wide rubber coupling and attached it to a rubber hose. Then attached the hose to medical pump on a drip stand. ONeil whimpered and strained her head around to see.

She could just see the drip stand, A box that was the pump attached to it with a large white filled syringe to one side. Above it was something she couldnt see.

"This wonderful toy has a hole in the tip to allow liquid to be administered via the tube on the inside, Im going to wash all that nasty semen out of your ass before we play isnt Aunty nice to you"

ONeil struggled trying to curse her as Senator Dehaven twisted the dial on the pump and a warm liquid rushed into her, flowing into ONeils bowels. Immediately the anal bung inflated to its extreme, ONeil began sobbing. She could feel her stomach begin to bulge as the liquid hosed out of the terrible thing into her intestines.

She felt her stomach continue to expand more and more and groaned nervously as the pain began. Then the expansion stopped. ONeil felt even more full than she had when those sick bastards had made her swallow their piss.

Lillian felt at her extended stomach, under her service skirt, then giggled.

ONeil flinched, again with a thump warm liquid started filling her bowels. The pain slowly changed to a warm tingling feeling starting in her stretched asshole. The warm feeling spread through her entire bowels as she felt the pressure increasing. ONeil felt the change in pressure in her bowels and almost immediately there followed a wave of warm chills sweeping her body.

Within the dress blouse her nipples stood straight out and she felt her clit swelling instantly. The lips of her cunt ached for attention, all puffed up. Renewed juices flowed from her open cunt. God how she craved sex. To be suckled and fucked heat spread through every part of her body.

Lillian stroked her thumb around ONeils clit, careful not to touch it Enjoying the way her body trembled and snatched. She switched off the pump ONeils belly was like a drum, as if she was pregnant. She made muffled complaints her belly filling her senses with odd sensations.

Lillian smiled and then gripped the end of the bung firmly, she tugged on it, and again, ONeils anus stretched out around it her ring being dragged back with it. She made a loud grunting noise as the pressure behind the bung began to take the upper hand. Lillian grinned as it began to move on its own. She was panting, she watched as ONeil pushed out the bung, her ass spitting it out with enormous force.
All the fluid burst out behind it in a rush, flooding out, bringing with it semen and shit.

ONeil howled in disgust as she felt herself empty. Feeling relief as the pressure dwindled inside her draining intestines. ONeils asshole was now extremely open from the effect of the bung. No matter how much she tried to squeeze it shut it wouldnt close. Her ring seemed to be trapped in that extremely open position.

"Oh dear you dirty girl, you have made a mess all over auntie!" The Senator laughed as the mess coursed down her naked body. ONeil shuddered unable to deal with how turned on it had made her.

The unpleasant burning was still there, but she realized she craved for something to fill the unbearable emptiness. The Senator admired her open ass. She raised her elbow level with the opening and rammed her fingers into it making ONeil jolt and squirm She forced it deeper, the heal of her hand pressing to the opening. It sank instantly in a little way then she swirled it around before pulling it completely out again.

She dipped her fingers into a jar of lubricant and wiped the large glob into her helpless ass, filling it with the thick jelly like substance. She stuck her fingers back in the jar and proceeded to pack ONeils ass full.

ONeils ass was gaping wide open allowing more and more of the substance to be packed inside. She felt The Senator filling her cavity with what seemed an enormous amount of the jelly. Just then she felt her slide all of her fingers into her ass effortlessly only to be pulled out as easily as it was inserted. ONeil realized her open bowels were now exposed more than ever before. She felt cold air pass up inside her ass unrestricted.

"Oh NO!" ONeil thought. "My asshole, It wont ever recover!"
The Senator continued to pack her ONeils ass until the jar of lubricant was empty. She looked at her hole and suppressed a giggle at what she had done.

"Shall I show you what I have to fill this with ONeil? Youre so wide open, you could fit a horse cock in your ass now," she chuckled at the sight of ONeils frantic complaint. Her ass shaking so that lubricant leaked from her enlarged opening.
Senator Dehaven busied herself for some minutes and then came around to the front of ONeil, held in her hand, attached to a set of thick straps was a huge real looking dildo in the shape of a horses cock. She held it in her hand and smiled to herself.

She had rarely had an opportunity to use it. The object was an exact replica of the Senators own Stallions dick, and he had a very large dick. Its length was 20 inches long but had a really wicked thickness. Most of its entire length it was 2 inches in diameter and at the tip it blossomed out like a bloated mushroom to 4 inches.

"Only a fucking soldier slut like you could manage to take this up your ass. As you can imagine its going to take ages to get it in, and then once forced in. Its gonna be painful as hell to get out!"

Lillian grinned and then felt ONeils breasts through the dress jacket, ONeils eyes smouldered with need as she brushed and teased the thick nubs underneath. She began to undo the buttons

"Oh dear are you very full of mummy milk? Perhaps you should get used to it, Im sure with all this unprotected sex you have indulged in some of that semen must have stuck?"

ONeil grimaced in disgust at the thought that they had made her pregnant. Her jacket was open now Lillians fingers swept over and around the two big soaked patches on her blouse, teasing her teats so that they pulsed with thrills, she tweaked them between finger and thumb gently pulling them so they were big and fat. ONeil was desperate she was staring at the senators grinning mouth trying to will her into suckling her. Her teats burned and throbbed.

ONeil hung her head watching as Lillian produced two little clamps, two thin bars, separated by two poles, screw on bobbles on top and bottom. She made muffled entreaties as Lillian attached a clamp behind each thick stud and tightened them. ONeil thrashed as the clamps began to crush her engorged nipples, squashing the flesh so that her teats were two fat balloons poking stiffly out of the other side. Milk coursed from each.

Her whole body jolted and trembled as Lillian pulled and teased each one. Then to ONeils disbelief she did her blouse back up over them. The material stretched across both bulging peaks.

ONeil looked up pleading as Senator Dehaven left them and grabbed an attachment collar for the horse dildo and connected it to the bottom end. ONeil watched horrified as she then connected a tube from the syringe on the pump to the coupling at its base.

"This rubber ring at the base is inflatable, so it will pulse just like the girth of a real Horses cock, and then I can flood your guts with semen as if a real horse was coming up your ass."
Senator Dehaven smiled and went behind her. She placed the tip of the monster horse cock at the lubricant filled gaping wet red-rimmed hole of ONeils ass. Lillian watched ONeils ass pulse in anticipation her taut ass cheeks trembling. Without warning she rammed it forward. ONeil moaned as she felt the head of the hard rubber object enter her ass. Just as she tried to prepare herself for the thick shape to be rammed into her, It was forced in hard.


This one was different. Where the many cock heads that had pressed there before were hard and soft at the same time, this one was only hard, unrelenting and HUGE! Her asshole, brutalized as it was, could offer no resistance as the vast intruder forced its way inside her.

Again, the gag prevented a full throated scream. The Senator pressed it in, harder, and deeper, its length seemed to be covered with sharp little nubs, that bit into her flesh and scraped along her sensitive anal canal as it slipped in.

In her pain shrouded mind, her body quivered in helpless agony as the huge dildo started to slide in ONeils eyes squeezed shut, her mind racing madly. The soldiers cocks that had raped her ass had left when theyd cum. When would this end? How could it end?

ONeil screamed and snorted with pain but at the same time pressed her ass hard onto the invading object. Senator Dehaven was pleased when she saw that the first three inches were inside. She ignored ONeils screams, leaned back and pushed with all her weight. Screams resounded off the walls as more of the invading giant disappeared into his ONeils ass.

Senator Dehaven twisted a knob on the base of the Dildo and the rubber knot began to expanded inside the stretched ring of her ass and began pulsing. It was now secured inside her and would not come out until Senator Dehaven chose to remove it.

The throb from her breasts was incredible. She had to have more cock. She wanted to feel the whole thick length inside her. ONeil felt the familiar burning at the entrance to her filled ass, as she straightened her legs and then pressed back forcing more of it through the entrance of her wide open ass.

She pushed back groaning as Lillian shoved up until 9 inches of the horses cock was lying inside her bowels. She rocked forward and rocked backward feeling the cock rub in the bottom of her bowels.

"There I knew youd like it. Cmon thats a good girl fuck aunties big cock thats it, take it honey, take it, TAKE IT!!"
ONeil eased backward and felt the end of the head hit her narrowing bowels. She pushed hard onto the thick cock and buried it another 5 inches into her body. It wasnt enough for Lillian but it refused to go any further. No amount of pushing was going to get it in more than the 14 inches it was already in.

She rocked desperately on and off the end 4 inches trying to satisfy her bodies desperate craving to cum. Just then she felt Lillians fingers at the entrance to her pussy. ONeil was filled with both fear and desire.

With 14 inches of horse dildo stuck in her ass she realized she was totally at the senators mercy. Lillian pressed and pulled on her clit causing ONeils bowels to squeeze against the long, thick, brown horse dildo in her ass. Once it was inside her, it rested there.

"Please," ONeil prayed, silently,

"just let it stay there. please, dont fuck me any deeper, its going to kill me!"

Suddenly the Senator shoved forward and thrust the long, thick, veined dildo deeper. ONeil felt the thick dildo surge further than she could imagine it to go. She was sure it was not going to stop till it burst into her stomach. The intense thrill of fullness filled her.

Obsessed with desire she shoved back as the Senator bucked forward. In and out of her, tearing at the walls of her asshole, bringing blood and cum out with it with every stroke.

"There good bitch, deeper, thats it."

Lillian heaved up into her and with a single thrust he sank her massive dildo deep into her asshole again. It went half way in and stuck, too big even for ONeils gapping hole, the sheer size almost ripping her open. With a grunt and a mighty shove she pressed until it was fully in her, thick gobs of lubricant oozing out of the sides of her destroyed hole.

ONeil howled thrashing under her as the dildo raping went on for a good long time. ONeil couldnt tell how long. It seemed that it was going on forever, The thick head was behind her cervix, almost crushing it as it slammed and battered her searing rectum.

Lillian put all her weight down on her hips, and the monstrous, knobbed dildo inched deeper into the straining ONeil as she felt the huge, stretching invader slip deeper. She could only scream against her trapped tongue as Lillian buried the rest of the dildo up her searing, white hot tight asshole. scream and thrash her head about, Lillian started fucking her with brutal strokes. The awful thing deep in her violated hole.

Lillian gripped ONeils shoulders and looked down watching the way it disappeared into her shaking, writhing, sweating body. She fucked harder, the dildo glistening with blood and lubricant. She enjoy her displeasure and tears and pushed further, grinding up her poor ass.

She lay on her back putting her full weight on her manacled wrists as she reached under ONeil and squeezed and pulled her poor tits, twisting and yanking on the cruel clamps. ONeil was nearly delirious with pain and pleasure. Pain hot and insistent from her over stretched packed full rectum, Pleasure in deep throbbing waves from her pulsing teats.
"Thats it take it like a good girl, auntie wants you to come, come with her nasty cock in your ass, thats it good girl. There shall I tease that naughty cunt of yours? There its nice and wet, nice and wet!"

She dragged her hands down ONeils bulging belly and began to ease her cunt lips open, she thrust her long fingers inside ONeils wet opening and began to rub the heel of her hand to her tense clit. ONeil grunted and began humping back impaling herself to the hilt on the awful length.

Lillian reached under the base of the dildo and pressed the release. The pump whirred. Suddenly ONeils bowels inflated with the sudden surge of horse cum being pumped into it. The huge cock continued to empty itself filling her ass hosing warm thick semen into her spasming bowels.

ONeil felt the horse cock surge in her ass as Lillian continued to stroke it in and out hard. Then she rammed it deep. ONeil felt the stuff shoot into her, tickling her inside so intensely, her cunt closed around Lillians pumping fingers, squeezing them. Her rectum clamped around the girth of the dildo, as she came with unprecedented ferocity. Cunt juice flooding from her twat through and around Lillians fingers as she wept with release.

She shuddered and gasped in aftermath her belly still rippling with contractions when Lillian finally dragged the monster out of her ass. Her ass was burning and bleeding. She could feel cool air flowing much, much to far inside her, as her tortured anus refused to close, dripping blood and the cum of from the pump of her viciously hard anal rape.

She felt Lillian press something into her cunt, it gripped it tightly hungry. Then something being fastened around her. She looked down, seeing mounted on her groin a huge, black rubber dildo, covered with knobs, Then Lillian was under her guiding the cock protruding from her groin into her own ass pressing the tip to her own tight little hole.

"You gonna rape me soldier girl huh? rape my ass, teach me a lesson? Make me plead and squirm?"

ONeil felt her anger well up, well up and consume her. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly. She rammed forward, impaling her ass in one sudden thrust. Lillian groaned in bliss.

"Thats it teach the bitch a lesson, that a girl UUHHH! UHHH!"
ONeils ass became a blur as she did.
End of Part Twenty One.
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty two

*Part Twenty two.

ONeil dreamt, dark dreams. Salem was hunting her, she ran through dense undergrowth, naked save for boots, and a huge remote controlled dildo which she couldnt dislodge from her aching ass. She stopped, panting, crouched low. she tried to shit it out again, straining with all her might, scrabbling around its stubby girth with her fingers, Finding no purchase.

It sprang to life in her ass, churning her bowels, making them cramp.

It could mean only one thing he was gaining on her. She leapt up.

"There she is!" soldiers crashing through the bushes.
She sprinted away as fast as her legs could go, pumping, pumping. Got to keep going, failure is not an option, not an option! The dildo in her ass was growing, pushing and pressing deeper. She felt it begin to fuck in and out, she could hear Salem laughing.

She became aware, her breasts screaming for attention, hot insistent pressure, nagging awful pain right behind her teats. She tried to reach for them to tease and pull them ease the pressure. Her arms were fast, she pulled, it was hopeless.
She grunted as her rectum screamed pain forcing her to open her eyes her body trying to pull away. Reflexes desperately trying to achieve the impossible.

"Wakey wakey soldier! time I returned some othat ass fucking you gave Auntie Lillian last night, That a girl you pump your legs again some more that was good!"

ONeil groaned feeling the weight of the senator settle on her broad back, her hands gripping her skirted waist as she forced her horse dildo deep up the poor Lieutenants sore ass. She felt the huge, stretching invader slide deeper making her belly ache.

Lillian buried the rest of the dildo up her searing, tight asshole. Hot pains shot up through her ass from her over stretched rectum. Lillian butt fucked her slowly enjoying ONeils whimpers as it hit bottom. She put her hands up under her and gently caressed her turgid breasts. she stayed clear of her clamped teats, knowing how frustrating it would be.

"Oh you have got big full udders this morning Lieutenant, nice and full would you like Auntie Lillian to milk you? sure you would. Pull those big teats, make all that nasty milk squirt out. Would that be nice?"

ONeil nodded enthusiastically, trying to twist her chest so her fingers at least touched her distended clamped teats. She could feel her aureole pulse and springe behind the cruel things. She wanted to plead, to beg, to push her breasts to her warm wet mouth. The senator pushed her hands down to ONeils belly, she pressed and pumped it. ONeil could feel her bladder begin to ache with fullness.

"Aww do you need to pee? of course you do."

Her fingers slid down to ONeils cunt and began to pull and twist her swollen pussy lips. Spreading them and teasing.
"Piss Lieutenant, piss through Aunties fingers, piss for Auntie and Auntie will milk youre big fat udders, would you like to be milked" she encouraged.

ONeil cringed in disgust, she didnt want to, but she needed to, if it meant maybe the bitch would milk her and ease the building hot pressure. She pushed down, straining to piss.
"Thats a good girl, good girl piss for auntie!"

ONeil began to piss she felt her bladder empty, Lillian cupped her twat with her fingers so it streamed between her fingers. She rubbed and pressed her clit round and round. She spread her labia and forcefully squeezed the hood of her clitoris, pulling it up and down over the wet, swollen head of her clit. She responded immediately, moaning and whimpering with each stroke.

Then she began humping her ass, with strong deep thrusts, grinding and swerving her hips. Without interrupting her work on her clit, Lillian slid the index finger of her left hand into the pink wetness of ONeils vagina, causing her to moan loudly. Slowly, she rimmed the opening, pulling at the tight muscles that guarded her entrance.

A second finger followed. Her strong digits pushed into ONeils warm flesh and penetrated up to the third knuckle. She felt her muscles relax slightly. The tightness of her opening, no doubt from lack of use, surprised Lillian, but excited her to.

"Is that nice soldier girl, Auntie playing with your cunny, all those nasty men are interested in is your nice tight ass huh, forgetting that you need your cunt filling too"

Her fingers slid in and out rhythmically, pulling at her inner lips. The added pleasure of her digital penetration was beginning to bring ONeil quickly to orgasm, and she slowed the attention she was giving to her clit in order to prolong her vulnerability.

ONeil began to press back onto the dildo slowly, letting out little groans as her building physical excitement provided copious amounts of pussy juice, Lillian soon had her third and then fourth finger jammed into her hot box.

The Senator own cunt was soaking wet too, and she ground her vulva against the formed base of the dildo. As she slid my fourth finger along side the others, and wedged it into the sticky folds of ONeils cunt. The group of fingers wedged just above the second knuckle.

Lillian spread and pushed her fingers alternately, until the breadth of her third knuckle was surrounded by the stretched muscles of her cunt.


Slowly, Lillian clenched and unclenched her hand, rotating it back and forth in time with her hips pumping the dildo up ONeils squelching ass. She felt the last resistance of her heated tight hole begin to yield.

Tucking her thumb into her palm, she continued to stretch her wide. She began to rub the heel of her hand to ONeils now enlarged clit. Lillian began to lose control, she humped her ass harder and harder, bathing the dildo base in her own juices. Juices witch dripped down to ONeils straining virginal opening. ONeil groaned and increased her humping back sending Lillian reeling toward orgasm.

Lillian pushed with all her might, making her trapped hand inch deeper. ONeils pink wet cunt flesh sucked at her hand. Her wetness was overpowering. Lillians fingers felt as if they were in a hot vat of thick oil.

She whispered, "You like that you little bitch my hand inside you, while I fuck your big strong soldier ass, fucking you."
"UHHHHHUHH," ONeil gasped.

"Are you going to come? Cum for Auntie? Thats it good girl!."
Lillian began to thrust into her ass long and hard, twisting and pushing her fist, starting a hard rubbing against ONeils clit, rapidly stroking and pressing her clit.

After a long, low scream of pleasure, ONeil began to climax. Her vagina opened completely, and then a series of pulsing contractions began, which faded with her moans. Her orgasm excited Lillian to come with her. ONeil heard her gasp and moan as she made herself cum against the dildo base. ONeil shuddered with delicious relief as she pulled the awful thing from her bottom. She felt cool air flood fill her gaping rectum.

"Oooh that was nice, you are a good girl for Auntie"

Over the next hour Lillian raised her up via the chains and cuffs so that she was erect. She cleaned her up, redressed her in her uniform. She left her heavy jutting tits sticking out of the front of her dress blouse.

The thin clamps still pressing her nipples into two flat painful protuberances. Then she released her tongue. ONeil found it was swollen and unresponsive and that when she tried to speak she sounded intelligible and strange.

Then Lillian fed her, ONeil chewed and swallowed everything down, She was fed and watered with milk. By the time the Senator had finished ONeil looked a whole lot better, and felt for the first time in a month like a person.Then she was left, still restrained.

Lillian returned an hour later with a man in his fifties smartly dressed in a dark suit. ONeil felt more like herself now.

"Hoo thph phuks ee? auver apist astard" he grinned at her.

"No Lieutenant, you dont speak unless spoken too, otherwise we go back to the ringgag, you understand? Silence!!"
ONeil nodded dumbly.

"Get on with it man, we havent all day!"

He nodded politely and went over to her, he climbed on the bed and put his hands on her breasts and squeezed them lightly. feeling their firmness and heat. He squeezed them and bounced them and played with them by lifting them and then dropping them. He had them dancing all around. He then placed his fingers on her clamped nipples, using all his fingers around each nipple so that he pulled them in towards the clamped teat and then twisted each one with all his fingers.

ONeil managed to remain silent apart from a groan as he twisted them.

He squeezed and twisted lightly over and over againpulling his fingers up and around the clamped nipples lightly squeezing over and over. Her nipples were trying to go hard. They began to throb and tingle, ONeil grimaced and shook her head pleadingly wanting him to stop. He then squeezed tightly and pulled the nipples up and out, lifting each one of her tits as he pulled. He pulled harder and harder so that her chest was forced up a bit as he saw tears in her eyes. He grinned sadistically.

Her head thrashed back and forth. He dropped each tit, watching as they bounced and formed their normal shape again. He lifted them up again the same way, hurting her more each time and letting them fall back each time, marvelling at the bounce of each luscious milk filled tittie.
"Phees downt" escaped her lips as she found her eyes drawn to his mouth. the urge to feed almost overwhelming her as she watched his lips move as he manipulated her poor breasts.

He began slapping her breastslightly at first so that they just bounced. He slapped them from the underneath which lifted them up so that they fell heavily down, bouncing into place. He slapped them from the side, Then both sides watching them wobble and bob. Seeing them get redder and redder even though he didnt slap them that hard.

His constant slapping of them was making them as sore as if he hit them harder but he got the pleasure of doing it for a longer time.

He stopped and scrutinizing her face he slowly undid the bar clamps on each nipple.

"Im going to take these off now cow, it will hurt, hurt bad but not as bad as what comes later, you going to plead soldier? Beg? cry? Tell her what I get to do if she does Senator, tell her what I insisted on to keep the price down!"

"If you plead beg or cry Mr Augerer here gets to sit on your face and have you lick out his ass, that is what we agreed is it not?" He nodded grinning at her look of total distaste.

"AWW dont look like that, big soldier girls are meant to be mistreated have you not learned that yet? I thought they fed officers shit in the military? Hey once they are off you can be milked, would big soldier cow like her big udders to be milked?"

He removed them and ONeil began to bite down gritting her teeth trying to stifle the yell, which welled up as the blood came back. She felt a vicious surge of pain lance through her body from each breast as her nipples filled back up. She gritted her teeth, stamping and straining in frustration, feeling this fresh pain.

"Aww go on scream bitch you know you want to!"

He started smacking her nipples with the tips of his fingers. His fingers were long and acted like little floggers on each nipple. He hit one nipple several times in a row before switching to the other one. Tears of anguish flooded down ONeils cheeks as he alternately flogged each one with his fingers.

He loved the smack, smack, smack sound his fingers made on her twitching teats. Each red fat nipple got bigger and bigger, droplets of milk shot out of each thick nub as he made her dance and squirm. Her chest bursting with pent up howls of agony, pins and needles began to sear through each nipple. It was exactly as if someone was sticking toothpicks in her tits.

He knew her tits had to be sore and looking at her face bore it out. He gripped each thick stud between the second knuckles of each hand and yanked them viciously, watching her face crumple into agony.

Her eyes showed her pain as did her contorted face. Her forehead furrowed as she fought to contain her agony. He grabbed her teats and just started to squeeze and pull on each onejust as if he were milking a cow.

ONeil suddenly squeaks almost silently. She tenses as a spasm caresses her womb. He pulls and yanks on her tits, which roll and slap against each other in the process, He grinned the bitches tits were magnificent, her aureole fat and dark her breasts taut balloons. She was glowing red with anger and humiliation; tears were filling her eyes as she stood there trying to keep control.

He released them and then took hold of each, he touched them feeling how stiff they had become, weighing each huge tit, ONeil trembled they were real sensitive now, her aureole thick and wrinkled, he teased around her nipples ONeil stamped shaking her head as tingling chills coursed through each heavy breast.

He began to pull and play with them making her squirm, he slapped them again making her wince and shake her head No Both heavy jugs wobbled and banged together, Then he took hold of her teats between finger and thumb and began to pull them slowly watching her reaction.

ONeil sobbed inside the feelings from each were so intense, that she couldnt stop her chest heaving as he pulled and twisted each.

He laughed as he pulled them. Twisting and yanking on both mammaries cruelly. ONeil thrashed about desperately trying to pull them free as he squeezed and pumped them.

She just couldnt deal with how hot they felt, each one felt as if it would burst. He pinched and twisted them hard making her squeal and stamp her feet. He began to shake them by the teats causing pain and hot thrills to shoot through each hard tit, Every time he brushed her teats with his long thick fingers incredible thrills lanced through each tit making her cunt hotter.

He squeezed them tightly, with both hands, avoiding her nipples. He slides his index fingers across to her teats and drags his fingernails over the thick nubs. His nails drag around the sides of her sensitive buds. She almost was doubling up with the building contractions in her belly that came as he teased and gently pulled her jutting nipples.

ONeil shudders uncontrollably with pleasure. He squeezes her left tit firmly, using both hands to stroke and pull the flesh, drawing it down to her laden teat. The tingling feeling coming from nipples mixed with the fear and humiliation to create a swirl of emotion in ONeil, she had to feed him let go of this awful pressure.

She nearly groaned as she felt her breast heat build and the sensations grew and grew suddenly she struggled to stifle another gasp as they released and an overwhelming rush of let down flooded her senses. A river of milk issued forth from both quivering jugs, A fine spray shot forward with such force and volume her teat throbbed and ached as milk forced out, spraying over his dark suit.

He let go of them grinning evilly as he reached inside his jacket and pulled out a small tool roll. He undid the silk tie on it and rolled it open. Mr Augerer was an older man of about 50, his wizened eyes shone out from his weathered face. He had done this job as a hobby for years, as was now the routine, he took his sharp pointed auger out of its sleeve and brandished it before the terrified ONeil, he traced it around her teats slowly.

She was shaking with fear. Her teats squirted milk out on their own as she squirmed and stamped in helpless impotent rage He gripped her right nipple hard and dragged it out as far as it would go. The thick dark coral flesh whitening in his grip. He watched her tear streaked face as he suddenly pierced it through.

"NAARGHHHHH!!" she hollered.

Pain, white blinding pain, from the nipple being pierced. She went on tip toe arching her back as he rammed it through, twisting and turning it viciously. He dragged it free and quickly inserted a thin bar through blood and milk filled hole. Then a circular cone device that it fitted across and pressed into her swollen aureole, forcing the teat out.

As each nipple was pierced, he held her by her teat while her body danced and fought. The metal ring was inserted and snapped closed. Then the nipple of the left breast. Then darkness as ONeil passed out.

She hung limply from the manacles as he finished. Both her teats were now cruelly pierced by a thin bar, ending in two screw on balls. These were then attached to a swirl of metal which coned backwards from that bar, circling her teat, this pressed into her aureole, forcing the nipple out as if it were being continually stretched to its maximum length. Beneath this a ring extended for attachments.

Lillian watched as he lowered her strong frame to the bed, He twisted her arms up behind her and fastened the manacles together. He then threw her over on her back and dragged her so her head was over the edge of the bed, on her back, her limp mouth hung open.

He forced the ring gag back into her mouth and secured it behind her head. Then he slapped her round to rouse her.

"Do you really have to?" Lillian asked.

"Oh yes a deal is a deal" he grinned.
"You are a dirty bastard, you know that dont you"

"Oh yes"

She stood silently cringing as he lowered his trousers and pants.

ONeil was coming too as he backed his ass onto her face, he held his ass open guiding his butt hole to right over her ring gagged mouth. he sat back heavily letting go of his ass cheeks so they closed on either side of her trapped face.
ONeil began to struggle as he groaned in pleasure grinding his ass against her face.

ONeil didnt know what was happening but she knew she was ringgaged again and that there was an awful stench. She stuck her tongue out experimentally, she gagged as she slithered her wet, pink tongue up inside his asshole.

She shook with degradation at the image of how she must look, a mans shitter on her face She gagged again as she whipped her tongue back from up inside the mans asshole.

His ass was surely the dirtiest in the world, and she could feel his shit stained ass smearing all over her cheeks. Still he forced back making her trapped face burrow as deep into his ass crack as he could make it, plastering her lips right over the hot hole of his shitter and wiggling it over her helplessly wide lips.

He was wanking his cock, rapidly jerking it as he pushed back. Suddenly something thick and awful struck the tip of ONeils tongue. Panic filled her, she tried to pull her face from between the mans ass cheeks.

"God this feels good soldier bitch!" the kneeling man shouted, grunting as he tried to shit.

"Hold still stay right were you are Lieutenant here comes your penance right from Salem!!"

ONeil screamed under him her legs flailing as he shut his legs around her head and bore back. She tried desperately to force her jaws closed, she tried to pinch her nose together. But there was no escaping what the kneeling man was doing. She watched in horror as the mans anus began to push outward and spread open.

Lillian suddenly realized what he had said and rushed forward. He punched her in the belly knocking the wind from her, she crumpled to her knees.

"Oh yes ughhh! you think your so fucking clever Senator! So fucking clever, but Salem asked me to tell you this UGHH! He wants his whore back, he wants her back as soon as! And hes gonna have your Lez ass gang raped for your trouble. You hear me! good!!"

The first turd pushed out right in ONeils helplessly trapped face. It smeared out over her lips and nose, finally sliding over her cheek before it fell to the floor. His smelly shitter was less than inches from her face. A little brown log appeared and plopped out ONeil went crazy kicking and fighting she yanked her head away to one side. His shit slid down the side of ONeils face - then another - then another!

ONeil retched at the revolting touch and smell of the awful turd, coming closer to throwing up than she had during her whole degrading ordeal. The next piece of shit slithered out over her trembling lips and tumbled past her chin. The man tried to reposition for the third, and it smeared her forehead with shit before it splatted against the floor.

"You moved you fucking bitch! Thats all you are, a fucking toilet! A fucking piece of sewer!! whore!" the Man screamed, turning around just in time to bathe ONeils scummy face with his jism. Thick wads of cum splattering over her shit stained features.

Lillian crawled to the alarm at the side of the bed. He was up, pulling his trousers up, turning he kicked her in the belly. He fled.

Minutes later Major Henry appeared, he took in the scene with a wry grin.

"Well dont just stand there, Mr Auger is working for Salem get those pussy men of yours after him and smash the fucker up then send him home in a bag yeah"

Major Henry went out and then came back in.

"Help me get goldilocks here in the bathroom, were going to have to move her elsewhere, get the alternate address sorted OK"

"Yes Maam!"

They dragged the spluttering ONeil off the bed and into the bathroom. He left leaving Lillian alone with ONeil. She knelt next to ONeil and began cleaning the shit from her face.

"There, there did the nasty man poo on you? Auntie will clean it up, dont you worry"

ONeil lay there as her face was cleaned and the awful stench dissipated.

"Oh thats much better, hold still for Auntie ohh your mouth is so pretty, and so available"

Lillian swung her naked leg over ONeils face and lowered herself. ONeil felt the spongy wetness and warmth of her overheated cunt smearing over her face and she started to gag.

"Eat that cunt, bitch !" Lillian moaned, riding ONeils head as though it was a horse. Still she opened her mouth under the leaking mouth of Lillians cunt, and when her pussy juice dribbled past her parted lips she swallowed it right down.

ONeil wasnt sure if she liked the taste of pussy as much as she did that of cock, but just the idea of how degrading it was to eat our her cunt made ONeil squirm with reawakening lust. Her body ached horribly as she squirmed on the bathroom floor, but the fires lighting up in her, swollen pussy overpowered her feelings of exhaustion and pain.

Lillian moaned and slapped her ass against ONeils trapped face. Just the brushing of her breath inside her cunt doubled Lillian over with excitement. Lillian had made it with women before, and ONeil wasnt the first slave bitch she had broken to her will, but something about the fact that it was her own sexy cunt of a soldier with her face plastered to her pussy made Lillian jerk and twist with pleasure.

ONeil moaned with pain as Lillians full ass bucked against her face. ONeils head felt like a basketball, being dribbled powerfully against a hardwood floor. She slithered her tongue into Lillians clutching, leaking cunt, and the older woman went even wilder with passion. A wave of cunt juice washed over ONeils face in a wave that almost drowned her. ONeil squirmed her face deep inside her frothing cunt. She fucked her tongue like a miniature cock into the humid depths of her pussy.

"You good bitch whore!" Lillian gasped, riding ONeils face like a pogo stick. "You're making me cum, you dirty bitch piece of shit! Stick that tongue way up deep, you good for- nothing slut! Lick your Aunties beautiful cunt!"

ONeil cried out in despair into the soaked pocket of her pussy. Her flicking tongue found Lillians clit and she licked it the way a dog would a bone, making the Senator buck and twist with lust.

"Youre my toilet not Salems MY FUCKING TOILET!!"

Lillian started pissing in ONeils mouth, and ONeil exploded through one orgasm after another. Her mind shattered with the realization that it was her treatment that had made her come. That filling her mouth with piss made her come. It was her own mind that would make her into the whore they wanted, turn her into the lowest species of gutter slut. ONeil climaxed again and again, every thought of her old life washed away by Lillians stinking yellow piss. ONeil kept her lips planted tightly up against her cunt.

She gulped piss as quickly as she could, drinking down every drop Lillian squirted into her mouth. ONeil lashed her tongue through the ring gag deep inside Lillians cunt, lapping up the pussy cream that had once more started leaking from her squirming cunt slit. Her face was sticky with cunt- juice now. It dripped from her chin and rolled down her cheeks. She wagged her tongue as deep as she could in Lillians cunt and gathered up more to swallow.

"Good Soldier, Good girl Lieutenant, lick all of Aunties
nice cunt juice up thats it OOOOOOOH"

End of Part Twenty Two.

Enjoy Mg
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty Three

Part Twenty Three.

ONeil was still licking the Senators cunt out when Major Henry sank a Hypodermic into her upper thigh, she felt her vision dim her limbs go slack as she sank into unconsciousness.

She woke on a bed with a start, she looked about groggily. She was on her back on a bare bed, in a bare whitewashed room, well a cell really. a big grey door was the only exit.
She was dressed in her black winter uniform, trousers, blouse, shoes. She sat up wincing her breasts hurt bad. Hot heavy pressure that weighed them down. ONeil tried to feel them but couldnt her wrists were manacled to a thick belt around her middle, the chain just kept them out of reach. She looked at them hoping it was a dream, but it wasnt.

Her nipples were pierced and clamped. Stretched out by the weird encircling clamps that the disgusting man had fitted. She strained and bent managing to touch one with her finger tips. As she touched them hot tingles rippled through each breast making her gasp. Even worse the clamps had been attached through neatly sown holes in the blouse, so that her nipples were effectively clipped to the material.

ONeil stood up her cunt ached driving her to try to push her hand down between her legs. She startled as the door burst open. Two really big black men stood there, one holding a tray of food. One of them undid the right chain so she could extend it and eat. He handed it to her. She grabbed the tray and began to shovel the food into her mouth.

"Fuck bitch you got the munchies or what!" they laughed and stood watching until she had finished. Then they re-secured her wrist and left slamming the door shut.

She ate and drank and then slept.

The two men and Major Henry watched through the one way mirror. They grinned.

"See that she didnt even notice all our semen in her meal" they chuckled.

ONeil didnt know how long she had slept when they hauled her off the bed and forced her down on her knees. One of the black guards stood behind her holding her elbows. His feet trapping her legs.

Major Henry stood over her grinning.

"Wakey, wakey Lieutenant, has Mommy got milk in like a good Heifer then?"

She stared at him defiantly, as he reached down and squeezed her swollen oversized breasts through the black winter dress blouse. She gritted her teeth the pain was tremendous, Her breasts felt like two footballs full of concrete, as he squeezed the need to feed welled up inside her like a wave, tears sprang to her eyes, he wobbled and pulled her stiff hard tits cruelly. Her trapped pinned teats pulling against the material.

"Please . . dont" she managed to sob.

"Awww they all tender and smarting? Does mommy want her big boobies emptying for her?"

"Please they hurt I just need to ARGHHHH!!" He twisted them his fingers digging deep into each heavily laden mammary. Pulling the flesh down toward her stopperd up teats.

"Need to what huh? Have these big fuckers fucked so the nice major lets you be milked? is that it eh?"

"SHIT NOOOOO UHHHH Please they hurt bad Major, please if thats what it takes, yes fuck them, but you gotta let the milk out man they feel like theyll split!"

"So you will have your tits fucked in return for me having you milked?"

"Yes you bastard YES!!"

"You heard the Lieutenant men fuck her tits!" he undid the buttons on the front of her blouse revealing her deep cleavage. The guard behind her tightened his grip on her arms.

The other undid his pants and squeezed his fat dick up, admiring her darkened veiny breasts. ONeils eyes opened wide as the proportions of his dick came into view. He manhandled the thing, a big fat bloated snake.

"Hey bitch, have you got milk or what!" they both laughed.
ONeil shook her head terrified as he took out his meat. It was thick and about 7 or 8 inches, circumcised with a dark swollen head, he spat between her tits, the slimy spit made her shudder.

He began to pull and play with them making her squirm, he slapped them making her wince and shake her head No Both heavy jugs wobbled and banged together, Then he took hold of her clamped teats and began to pull them slowly watching her reaction.

ONeil groaned and tried to pull away but the feelings from each were so intense, that she couldnt stop her chest heaving as he pulled and twisted each. She couldnt believe what they had done to her, what could she do, her breasts were aching each pull on her teats was driving her crazy. He reached down and pulled the thick foreskin back, revealing the thick round purple head of it. He slapped it between her tits eagerly and grabbed two handfuls of them.

"Nice big mommy tits ONeil! Ill give them a nice fuck I promise Lieutenant, make them feel better!"

Her aureole were now huge topped by her now thick stud like clamp trapped nipples springing as he thumbed and brushed them.

"That nice huh? like that? I bet you fuckin fat titted bitch!"

He slapped them kneeling down so he could watch them slam into each other, He shook and jiggled them. ONeil couldnt deal with how hot they felt, each one felt as if it would burst. He took her nipples between finger and thumb and pinched and twisted them hard making her squeal and kick her feet.

"Oh thats it whore squeal some thats nice honey!"

He began to shake them by the teats causing pain and hot thrills to shoot through each hard tit, ONeil was begging for him to stop. He yanked on them viciously dragging each teat out painfully, pulling her up toward him from the floor, suspending her from both she moaned in agony, tears welling in her eyes.

He stared grinning into her face, "Im gonna fuck these till theyre blue Lieutenant, and then Im gonna cum all over the fuckers. You like that idea?"

Then he gripped both in his big hands and forced them together around his twitching shaft. He closed her great mamas around it, enclosing it in a warm, fleshy embrace. He began to slide his huge shaft in and out of the great canyon of ONeils cleavage.

Shuddering at the sensations he felt as he pressed against her ham sized boobs with his hands, in-creasing and releasing the pressure as he pumped. He lengthened and deepened his thrusts.

"Be nice Lieutenant, tell me to fuck your mommy tits bitch!" he growled,

She swallowed looking at the Major.

"Play along Lieutenant, the quicker he cums the quicker you get milked"

"Fuck my mommy tits like a good boy"

"You aint tryin whore, again!" he threatened.

"Mommy needs her big tits fucking, be a good boy, fuck mommys big milky tits"

"Thats better" He pushed his cock into her tight deep cleavage, it was hot and hard.

"Thats it good boy push it right in UGHHH!" he started to fuck them. The pain in her tits was so awful, as he began to shaft them cruelly.

He squeezed them together hard really forcing his fingers into her stiff flesh. ONeil jerked and shouted as he laughed and pulled them. twisting and yanking on both mammaries cruelly. ONeil thrashed about desperately trying to pull them free as he squeezed and pumped them.

ONeil shied her face away as he began to fuck her cleavage, his cock smelt musky and unwashed, he pulled her jugs up and down slowly, teasing her teats with his thumbs.

His meat slid in and out easily, her stiff bulging breasts making loud squelching sounds as he fucked them. Steady long strokes his fingers kneading and pulling both trapped tits, He got faster ONeil groaned and winced as he slammed the wind from her.

He was fucking her tits like a mad man slamming them up and down, forcing the two bloated globes hard to his thick, vein covered cock. Faster and faster he went turning her chest into two red slime covered balloons.

His dicks rubbing was sending spasms of pleasure down her abdomen into her genitals, ONeil realized she was probably going to orgasm just from hes tit fucking. Oh God, she thought, I cant. She was almost doubling up with the building contractions in her belly that came as slammed in and out of her tit cleft.

"That a boy! Fuck em thats it fuck em!!" Henry encouraged.

ONeil groaned incessantly as the pleasure grew greater ... greater ... and then burst ... nothing but delicious, satisfying chills of pure pleasure coursing through her ravished body.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ..." she screamed.

The blessed, fulfilling relief spread over her. The Guard cursed aloud, still sawing into her tethered tits savagely.
He groaned ramming up into them viciously time and time again. He let go of her jugs and gripped her face forcing it down to face his bloated cock head. Finally, with a great shudder as his dick spasmed from its purple, swollen head down to the baseball sized sack of his balls.

he came, he shuddered as his cock unleashed an eruption of great, steaming clots all over ONeils face, neck, shoulders, hair, He grunted and another gush of hot thick semen hit right into her suprised face. She jerked and let out muffled agonized complaints as more and more of his pent up seed landed all over her face coating it in a thick glaze of semen. He began grinding his balls hard against her aching tits in his powerful orgasm.

Eventually it stopped and his cock began to wilt, he let go of her face letting her shake it in disgust like a wet dog. Henry let go of her shoulders and let her slump forward on her sore tits. her face dripping cum as she blinked and snorted trying to clear her clogged nose and eyes.

"Them fuckers nice and full huh, I bet they ache, yeah? You like your nice new titties, or do you want em bigger?" Gloated
Major Henry

"No . . please theyre fine, dont make them bigger . please I couldnt stand it please!"

Major Henry brought out a syringe from behind his back.
"Are you sure Lieutenant?"


She was still begging and pleading as he injected each slime covered tit.

He left as the guards swapped places, ONeil sobbing as her aching burning tits were squeezed together and slammed up into.

He came back, as they finished leaving ONeil knelt on the floor her tits and face dripping with semen.

"You ready to be milked Lieutenant?"

"Yes, please, please, its terrible, I need this stuff out of me!"
"Stand up Lieutenant!" she struggled up.

They watched grinning as she eventually got to her feet. Her black winter dress blouse, tethered to her nipple clamps, covered in clumps of jiz. Her face still defiant.

"Outside now!" he ordered.

She walked out of the door the weight of her tits making her back ache with each step.

Outside was a long whitewashed brick corridor, she could smell horse shit. They pushed her along the corridor to the double doors at the end. On the other side was a stable come barn.

ONeil was taken across to the centre of a stall. Across it was a thick beam, with a strap in the middle, across the floor was another with two O rings of metal, about a metre and a half apart.

"What the fucks this Major, another toy?" she spat.

"Do you want to be milked? well?"

"Yes" she said flatly.

"Well shut the fuck up Lieutenant! Get your waist against the bar!"

With tears in her eyes she strode forward and stood against the bar. The guards silently went over and adjusted it too the tops of her thighs. Then the Major forced her face forward over it. He strapped the belt tightly around her waist pulling her pubis to the wood, her ass stuck up raised behind her. The guards attached manacles to her ankles. Major Henry reached around and undid her trousers. The guards dragged her ankles apart.

"Oh right let me guess, this is were you big men fuck me in the butt again, while Im helpless, whats the matter scared I might . . . . UGHHH!!"

Major Henry punched her face, hard from the side.
"Shut the fuck up Lieutenant! I wont tell you again."

She glared at him sullenly biting her swollen lip, tears rolled down her face. Her breasts throbbed. They felt like two footballs full of concrete. Her teats burned with terrible hot pressure. Both massive mammaries hung pendulously heavy from her chest as she bent over, the lower ends seemed so pressured like two heavy balls trapped in some thin bags. Her large thick aureole were partially creased were the rings from her clamps dug in. Crowned with her fat dark engorged pierced teats, her blouse hung around them.

Major Henry and his guards turned and left.

"Hey shit, Major you said . hey my tits! Please shit, shit!"

She desperately peered over her shoulder falling silent.
Almost all of the wives of the Navies high ranking staff officers stood in the stables waiting silently.

Lillian walked over toward her.

"Aunties got a surprise for you, tonight ONeil, I managed to get together, just for you some of the women who didnt realize until recently, that you and them were so close, yeah theyve fucked their husbands too. Just like you!"

"Oh God, please Senator, Lillian my breasts, they hurt so bad!"

"Thats OK soldier girl, because these ladies are here to help, isnt that true girls?"

They all began to strip coming closer.

"Please look Im sorry, if I did anything I . ."

They were around her now one grabbed her face and began kissing her mouth hungrily. Another began pulling her service trousers down the backs of her legs. Two more began weighing and teasing her still gooey tits.

Lillian reached down and undid the balls on the ends of the bars through her teats, she withdrew them slowly, and took away the rings, ONeil groaned in helpless satisfaction as they came off. Her uniform blouse was dragged away and four of the ladies began kissing and licking her heavy tits clean.

ONeils teats were rigid thick ruddy nubs, her aureole so dark thick, and wrinkled, their tongues slid over and around them, sudden hot tingles of insistent electricity shot through each swollen mammary, making ONeil squirm against the bar.
"Oh shit, suck, suck them please!" she begged.

Behind her two others were kissing and fondling her butt and cunt their fingers spreading and pushing into her wet pouting twat. She helplessly pushed back to them groaning. She felt her ass cheeks dragged wide open, hot fingers pulling and drawing them wide, she flinched as a warm soft tongue began exploring the rim of her abused anus. It teased and probed, fingers eased in and spread inside.

Lips moved over, around, across and swiped her throbbing nipples. almost but not suckling her. Fore milk oozed from both, making her springing teats slick. it slowly dribbled down her aureole and formed drips which were quickly licked up. She shook them in frustration trying to get her teats to those lipsticked mouths.

"Please, suckle, suckle me PLEASE!" she pleaded.

They kept on teasing and sucking her heavy hard tit flesh, drawing closer and closer to her desperate nipples and then moved away. They giggled and teased as she struggled to push her breasts to their mouths.

ONeil felt her ass invaded by a hot eager tongue, which wetly stabbed and rotated making her go on tip toe. four fingers were now inside her cunt, the thumb pressing and kneading her erect hard clit. ONeil gasped and groaned.

Lillian grabbed her chin and dragged her shaved head up to look at her.

"You need a fuck honey?" she drawled.

Without thought ONeil felt herself nodding in agreement.

"Please Lil . . Auntie make them suckle me, Ill do anything please, please!"

The Senator smiled "I Know soldier girl, you ready to take it up the ass to get milked bitch?"

ONeil looked pained but nodded yes.

"Thought so, thats a good girl auntie is pleased" ONeil swallowed in apprehension.

She moved away, out of sight, the teasing went on.
Lillian wheeled a cart next to her.

"First were going to clean your ass ONeil," Lillian said.
There were intriguing giggles from the women. Lillian unfurled a long hose from the cart, on it was a large tank, oval, made of metal. In the top was a funnel, out of the back at the bottom snaked this hose. it was thick and rubber, it ended in a tapered, ridged nozzle.

ONeils ass was slick now with saliva, her cheeks were held wide while Lillian inserted the large nozzle into her wiggling ass. ONeils screamed loudly as it was forced in and ground deeper. she jolted and jerked as it was force fed deep into her well used ass. Lillian went to the cart and smiling adjusted a knob there. ONeil gasped and jolted as the fluid hit her insides. She started the fluids flow to a slow trickle.

"2 quarts of horse piss should get you into the spirit of things," Lillian laughed.

ONeils stomach retched as they all laughed, and she fought the need to vomit.

"Shit, please look Ill do what you want, take it out, what are you shoving horse piss into me for? UGHHHHH!"

As if on queue a horse neighed, The women at her breasts continued to tease her hanging jugs. It was not to bad at first. ONeils felt the liquid slowly filling her bowels. But as time passed the cramping began, her ass wanted to explode. But still more liquid drained into her, her stomach distending beneath her over the beam. Pain flashed through her body, she trembled and shook as the last of horse piss filled her ass.

"Nearly there soldier girl, can you guess why were filling your ass with piss?"

"Let me guess, your a sick mother fucker?!"

"Close ONeil, (She grinned) its to stretch you so Patton can get his cock into you"

"Patton who the fuck is Patton?"

"Why hes my stallion, you lucky girl!"

"Stallion? No, you cant, I . . NO!" they all laughed, she heard hooves approach.

Lillian went behind her and removed the nozzle, slowly, watching as ONeils puckered hole expanded around the plump nozzle. She pushed it in and out a few times for fun as she pinched ONeils clit. smiling as ONeil squirmed and kicked yelping and swearing. Then she yanked it out. Horse piss squirted a good 2 feet out of her ass before Lillian held a bucket under her and quickly shit and horse piss shot out of her ass, filling the bucket.

"Get it nice and wet." Lillian ordered.

One of the wives, Brenda stepped up, then sank to her knees beside the horses flank. The horse stood still, his haunches quivering slightly in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to enjoy. Brenda was quivering plenty, herself, now. The woman really loved to milk that massive prick and drain the stallions huge balls.

She reached under him, palm upward, and began to run her hand a long the length of his prick, from his bloated balls to his flaring cockhead. His fat fuck -rod throbbed in her hand. She began stroking the underside of his prick-meat with both hands.

His cock was so stiff that it was vibrating like a tuning fork and that vibration ran up her arms and set the girls body to trembling in the same tempo. She blew her warm breath onto his cockhead. The great prick flared out wildly.
ONeil forced her head around to look at the Stallion. He was huge. a black glossy beast, two of the women were under him another held his harness. Her face creased in revulsion as the two women lapped and sucked at his hanging meat. It was just thick dark meat.

They dragged back the long foreskin and both began slurping at the mammoth pink head beneath. Drenching Pattons cock with saliva.

ONeil jolted and rocked, Lillian greased her asshole. From a big tub. The women pulled their mouths away. Spit glistened on her his swollen stiff cock head his cock now a thick ridged pole. Lillian leered at ONeils asshole. A shudder raced down her spine as she imagined Pattons huge cock fucking into the narrow channel of ONeils ass.

" Oh God." ONeil moaned.

They brought the horse closer, The girls that had been teasing her tits hurried to clamp two metal shelf plates over the bar. The woman guiding the Stallion ordered him up and his massive hooves clattered down on the shelf plates.
His massive body was now over ONeil. She squirmed under Pattons powerful body, inching close, the head of his cock brushing against the cheeks of her ass.

"Its too big please hell kill me, Lillian."

"Oh, hell try," Lillian giggled. She scooted close, grabbed Pattons hard throbbing boner.

"Hold still."

ONeil whimpered, trembling. "Im trying."

Patton, his passion aroused, jerked his cock through Lillians grasping fingers. The head of his fat prick banged into the cheeks of ONeils quivering ass.

Annoyed and frustrated, he rumbled in his throat. Another jerky thrust banged his cock between ONeils ass cheeks, but not close enough to her asshole to penetrate.

"Oh, shit, Lillian!" ONeil wailed. "Please I cant do this."

Her tits hung heavy, swinging like fleshy weights as she rocked and struggled on the bar. She turned her head.

"Please Senator, Lillian." She was beginning to panic.

"Shut up Lieutenant or Ill leave you in here with him afterwards," Lillian said.

She licked her lips nervously, seeing the panic on her face. She understood.

"Damn. With you shaking and Patton jabbing, I cant get him in."

Gritting her teeth, she shoved her hand under ONeils cunt and lifted her belly propping her ass into a better position, ONeil wailed her face flushed, she panted.

"Hows that? you gonna fuck the soldier girl Patton?"

He neighed as if in response. ONeil sobbed terrified.

"Perfect," Lillian said, aiming the head of Pattons cock at ONeils asshole the same moment Patton lurched forward.


Patton neighed and tossed his head. The bloated tip of his cock had found the mark. He snorted, splitting open ONeils wrinkled lubed asshole. Pattons Balls swung loaded with jizz, he ached to be rid of the churning white cum.

"Hes in me!" ONeil complained squealing and wriggled her hips.

"God, hes killing ...me oooooo ... yeahhhhh!"

Patton fucked harder, burying hard thick inches of his cock deep in the screaming Lieutenants asshole. He foamed at the mouth, drooling, and fucked ONeils tight narrow hole.

"SHIT OH SHIT MY ASS!" ONeil wailed, lifting her head.

"Ooooo, FUCK! Lillian!"

She squirmed her ass, taking the rest of Pattons huge fat prick into her hot sizzling body. Lillian watched, wide eyed and stunned. Pattons cock had disappeared.

"Hes all the way in," Lillian gasped, she moved around looking down into ONeils flushed passion racked face.
"How does that feel soldier?"

"UGHH Like a fucking hot log. I feel it in my gut. GOD make him stop!"

"You two suck her tits!" Lillian ordered. Two of them eagerly knelt and began hungrily suckling her big bouncing tits.

Dazed and shuddering in sudden mind shattering bliss, the shaven headed woman jammed her ass back, her tight asshole gulping at Pattons cock. She rocked, delirious with joy as her engorged breasts went through let down. Pattons cock stretched her asshole even more. Lillian licked her lips jealously. Next time, she vowed to take him in the ass. She reached under and gripped Pattons balls.

"Fuck her, Patton. Make her howl."

Patton lunged forward, his cock fucking in and out of ONeils soft receptive asshole. Her tight ass muscles clung like hot vices to his prick shaft, arousing him, infuriating him, and making the cum in his balls boil.

ONeil rocked and jolted. Each fuck thrust of horse cock stretched her asshole and caused friction on her cervix slamming it back and too. Her eyes bulged. It was a bonus she had never expected.

"Oh, God. Im in heaven!" her tits surged milk out into their mouths.

She shoved back, revelling in the whacking of his balls as they slapped against her quivering thighs. Patton pressed forward. ONeils knees locked against his vicious heavy thrusts.

She screamed and Patton whinnied, their animal sounds blending. ONeil fucked the black stallion with feverish intensity. His cock drilled her ass deeper with each thrusting fuck. His prick was hard, wonderfully hard, and she was in ecstasy.

"More Patton!" she squealed. "Cream my asshole, fucker!"
Lillian stared, ogling as her shaven headed captive writhed in lust. She gazed at ONeils ass, saw Pattons cock fuck her clinging asshole and wondered if she were going to be able to take it.

"Unnnnn," she moaned aloud, knowing she would. Gurgling, her mouth drooling, her eyes popping from their sockets, ONeil rammed herself back on Pattons cock. Deep growling sounds came from her throat. She fucked herself blind on Pattons raging cock, absorbing the pleasure of his thick throbbing prick shaft. She concentrated, using her ass muscles to massage his cock.

Patton liked the clinging muscles of ONeils ass. He began to fuck maniacally into her ass, dragging the impaled woman back against the straining leather strap. He snorted, whinnied, then dropped his head. His prick swelled, and his balls churned. He was getting ready.

Her face flushed and contorted in a mask of pleasure and pain, tits feeling like wave after wave of hot gushing milk poured from each, ONeil opened her mouth. "Im cumming!" she shouted, not believing it herself. Pattons wonderful cock was destroying her, making her clit pulse, making her gaping pussy ooze. "Im cumming!"

The muscles in ONeils asshole responded. They beat a rhythmic tempo on Pattons fat bloated ass splitting cock. The steady beat ignited the fires in his balls, and he grunted heavily. A jet spray of hot horse cum from his cock jetted forcefully deep inside ONeils asshole.

"Hes cumming. Hes cumming!" ONeil wailed as the hot jizz squirting from Pattons cock flooded her asshole and catapulted her into another more intense orgasm.

"Ohhhh, God!"

Patton fucked away at ONeils quivering body, squirting wad after wad of hot thick cum into her asshole. He whinnied, tossing his head high, snorting sounds coming from his flared nostrils. His front hoofs pounded the metal shelves and dirt as his cock pounded ONeils asshole. Hot jiz forced out of the sides of her stretched shit hole back up the sides of his shaft.

ONeil was impaled on Pattons cock. She thrashed on the beam, her ass high, her tits dragging against the milk coated faces beneath. She felt each stringy lump of cum as it shot from Pattons pisser and white washed her asshole. Jizz shooting into her asshole was strangely exciting and addictive.

"Ooooo, shit Its too much I . . Im going to faint!"

Patton fucked forward, taking ONeils writhing twisting body with him. Gobs of gooey cum greased his path as he fucked ONeils ass. He fucked with more force, his balls thudding against her cum stained thighs. ONeil was shaking uncontrollably. Her ass humped. She lifted her head, then let it thud back down. She shoved back, matching the stallions thrust for thrust.

"Fuck! shit! hes still cumming, Lillian! Ohhhh, Im going to too!"

With ONeils asshole greased, Patton had no trouble ramming his exploding prick deeper and deeper. His cum, shooting out like a geyser, now gushed from ONeils asshole with each violent stab.

Jizz dribbled down his swinging balls and the backs of her thighs. "Aghhhhh!" ONeil dragged herself up, then collapsed again. The last stabbing thrust of Pattons cock knocked her thighs hard back and too to the wooden beam. He fucked hard, spurting jizz. He neighed, then stepped back, his cock popping from her asshole.

He sprayed her back with a fine mist of white sticky cum.
ONeil hung limply still being suckled. Her blasted open asshole gaping wide open, bloody cum poured from her making her cunt a slimy mess.

With his balls emptied for the second time, Patton lazily walked back to his stall. ONeil came too, she howled in disgust as the women fought over slurping his jiz from her blasted open ass. The ones that couldnt get to her ass were slurping his cum off her back as she writhed and bucked.

End of Part Twenty Three.

Enjoy MG
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty Four

Part Twenty Four.

All the horse Jiz had made her twat an open dripping target. Fingers pulled and stretched her lips wide. Tongues probed and prodded her still fluttering inner cunt muscles.
Senator Dehaven looked on as the wives pulled ONeils cunt wide and began to finger fuck her with expert skill.

The woman fucked her finger in and out of ONeils pussy while she used her thumb to stimulate the trapped Lieutenants swollen clit. Then she added a second finger, and then a third, twisting and thrusting inside her until suddenly and without warning, ONeil started to convulse as she experienced an extremely powerful orgasm. While she was still cumming she forced her fist deep into her twat.

ONeil groaned as it was forced into her, she felt her vaginal muscles contracting involuntarily in response, her juices flowing freely. Her legs shuddering and straining as the fist was twisted and pushed. She went rigid as it was slowly forced deep into her still quaking cunt.

The women fought over ONeils asshole, fingers dragging her cheeks cruelly wide so they could slurp and lick all the horse semen from her blasted open ring. ONeil flexed and swerved her hips as much as possible desperately trying to avoid the tongues that were snaking into her super sensitive rectum.

"NO, YOU disgusting pieces of shit NO!" she wailed

They took it in turns to lap up Pattons seed as it bubbled and coursed out of her. Her cunt squelching as it was pumped and stretched by the fist rammed deeply inside it.

ONeils big jugs bounced and sprayed milk as she was viciously fisted as the others each took it in turns to lick her ass out. While her cunt produced more and more Girl cum that they lapped up as it oozed out around the soft muscles of the fisters forearm.

Dehaven crouched down low to watch ONeils face as she grimaced and grunted her whole body jolting and jerking stiffly as the woman with her fist in her cunt pinched and tugged on her swollen clit. While horse semen coated faces feasted between her straining twitching butt cheeks.

ONeil began to snort and force back her nostrils flaring as she began to pump her hips, biting her lip as she slowly stiffened. Her whole muscular frame tightened like a bow. She squealed and bucked as she was forced to cum.

"There thats a good soldier girl" Lillian said gloating.

She stood smiling at the others, from behind her back she pulled out her favourite strap on, the dildo copy of Pattons cock.

"Whose first ladies, not all at once now the lieutenants very patient, arent you dear!"

"NO Nooooooooooooooooo!" ONeil pleaded as they scrambled to be first.

One of them snatched at the strap on and quickly pressed the base into her wet cunt, strapping it on. Then she stood behind her and as the other woman slid to the side twisting her arm round inside ONeils sodden cunt. She hurriedly pushed the head of her dildo into the space above her elbow and slid it into ONeils painfully over stretched sex.


ONeil screamed as the dildo was forced into her pain wracked pussy, stretching the muscles beyond anything that the poor Lieutenant had felt before. Her cunt burned and ached spasming around the two as they fought inside her.

The woman slid her hand almost out, turning it to cup ONeils G spot she pressed and massaged it as the other began to fuck her frantically. ONeil groaned and jolted succumbing again her unwilling body cumming over and over.

One of the other women was beneath her and began pulling and stretching her turgid mammaries, holding them at their bases and driving the milk down out of each with her cruelly clenched fingers. ONeil howled in pain and then release as milk poured from each studded nub.
Three hours later the Senator looked in on the stall.

ONeil was limp making little grunts as a big fat pale woman in her late forties was pounding her bruised ass, the dildo squelching in and out of ONeils slick sore cunt. She was the wife of the commander at the central Ops. room where ONeil used to work.

She had her arms around ONeil gripping her swollen great mammaries. Her fingers pressing and pulling in time with her hips.

"You like that you little bitch huh? bigger than my hubbies yeah!"

ONeil gasped as the woman twisted her tits cruelly as she stiffened thrusting her fat cunt hard to the base of the dildo embedded deep in ONeils aching cunt. She arched her back as she came lifting her voluminous sweaty tits from the trapped Lieutenants back.

Hot cunt juice frothed out around the base dripping down her coarse pubes as she thrust again and again in the throes of orgasm. Her big white ass cheeks pumping around the thick strap between them.

Dehaven was beside her before she noticed, her hand entangled in her hair. Wrenching her head back hard.

"Enjoying my bitch Brenda?"

"Y Y Yes yes" she panted.

"Good! now get off and take my dildo off!"

Brenda struggled up and slid the thing from ONeils gaping twat.

She quickly undid the strap and pulled it free.

"Put it on the Lieutenant slut!"

Brenda complied setting the base against ONeils inflamed clit and swollen labia. She dragged the straps around and fastened them.

"Get on your hands and knees under her you fat bitch!"

Brenda ducked down under her and knelt trembling.

"Get up on all fours, put that fat ass against that cock!"

Brenda did as bid on all fours, lifting her ass so the slick head of the thing pressed to her ass hole. Lillian grabbed ONeil under the chin, lifting her face.

"Do you want my nice stallion to fuck your butt again Lieutenant?"

"No" ONeil gasped.

"Then fuck this fat bitches butt, while she licks auntie out"

Brenda gasped as ONeil pressed forward, Lillian grabbed her hair and pulled her face up into her cunt.

"Lick fatty, lick!!" she ordered. Brenda obeyed.

Dragging the Senators clit into her mouth, sucking it like a tiny cock. Lillian had both of her hands cradling and stroking Brendas head as she stood with her eyes closed, moaning softly as her climax grew under her ministrations.
Beneath ONeil Brendas fat body shook and stiffened as the awful thing slowly sank into her dry anus.

Dehaven watched as ONeil pressed it home.

"Hurt her Lieutenant, hurt her!"

Then the vengeance filled Lieutenant thrust her hips forward and Brenda screamed, as her asshole was ripped open. Brenda squealed and sobbed into Lillians twat as ONeil began to piston fuck her fat ass. Lillian ground her cunt harder into Brendas face.

"There, there Auntie make it better!"

Within a couple of minutes, her fingers curled tightly into Brendas hair as she cried out. She rammed her hips forward and began grinding her cunt against her face as she came, squirting her juices into her slaves mouth. She stood for several moments, trembling slightly in the afterglow of her orgasm as her love juice dribbled down Brendas chin.

All ONeil could feel was the delicious pleasure from her tits bouncing on Brendas back. With each thrust her tits spilt more and more milk as her teats were dragged back and too. With a squeal Brenda came beneath her and fell on her face. wrenching her ass off the dildo like a bloody dagger from a sheath. She sobbed and then cradling her hurt ass got up and fled.

ONeil was exhausted. She hardly noticed as Major Henry came with the guards and refitted her breast cones. Then they released her and dragged her back to her cell. She was thrown on the bed. The Major left.

The guards took it in turns to hold her by the wrists to the headboard and rape her twat, both coming deep in her belly. She lay there unmoving as they pleased themselves. They went to leave.

"Hey do you think shell get pregnant?"

"Who gives a fuck!" they laughed and left.

After awhile ONeil drew her self into a ball and slept.

End of Part Twenty Four.

Short but sweet Enjoy MG
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty Five

Part Twenty Five.

ONeil had slept, slept the sleep of the exhausted. She dreamt of cock, lots of cock and Salem laughing. She was laid on the bunk in her cell, Naked. Her body covered in bruises and drying horse semen. Her breasts were two heavy, turgid, swollen balloons of flesh far bigger than normal. Her aureole were thick wide and dark supporting two now cruelly pierced teats by a thin bar, ending in two screw on balls.

These were then attached to a swirl of metal which coned backwards from that bar, circling her teat, this pressed into her aureole, forcing the nipple out as if it were being continually stretched to its maximum length. Milk eased from the ducts in each and slid down the sides of her jutting peaks.

ONeils well-muscled belly was marked with scratches and bruises from countless pulling and gripping. Below that her shaven cunt was covered in bristles as her pubes fought to grow back. Her twat its self was also swollen, her vulva thick and wide, in a state of almost constant arousal. Between them her inner lips were distended and bloated. Slick with cunt juice, her clitoral hood was partially drawn back by the swelling showing the glistening nub it protected.

She groaned and moved, her strong legs squeezing together. Hard thigh muscles straining then relaxing, her calves tautening then flexing as she shifted. Her hand cradled her breasts as a nursing mother would, fingers caressing her pinned teat into fuller erection. Her bruised wrist displaying how tight manacles and ropes had been fastened there recently.

Her other hand pushed down between her legs and cupped her twat, squeezing it slowly, she rolled on her side, drawing her knees higher, trapping her hand over her womanhood. Her strong hard buttocks gaped as she moved showing her deep ass crevice, her asshole red raw with the attention it had received over the last week. Her hips pumped her cunt to her hand as she dreamt.

ONeils mind was full of evilly grinning black faces, mens laughter, thick, hard black cocks, her throat swallowing as she dreamt of sperm flooding her throat.

Major Henry watched through the one way mirror, next to him stood a large well built black guy in army PT gear.

"When did she work out last Sir?" he asked

"A week, during SEAL training, but shes been quite active with sex aerobics since."

"So what do you want Major?"

"The Senator wants her kept in shape, up to the same standard"

"So what kind of motivation keeps her in line?"

"Her breasts mainly"

"Her breasts?"

"Yep! she needs to feed otherwise her tits are excruciatingly painful, agony in fact, she doesnt want to submit but the pains too much and she gives in its exquisite to watch."

"Her ass looks sore man?"

"Yeah she took a horse on!"

"Fuck Major, she needs to keep in shape!" they both laughed.

Lt. ONeil woke as she heard the door open. She stayed still waiting her chance as she did every time. She winced as her breasts springed and throbbed, she felt them burn and pulse. Her nipples itched and burning with increasing intensity.

"On Your feet Lieutenant!"

ONeil lifted her head and rose to sit on the edge of the bunk.
She stared at the Major and the guy with him.

"On your feet Bitch!"

"What not on my knees? cant get it up this morning you old fart?"

Major Henry smiled, then with lightning speed punched her face viciously. Surprised ONeil sprawled on the floor, she lifted her head her jaw aching, blood on her lip. Before she could move he was over her, he kicked her left breast cruelly. She howled in agony and twisted on her side covering them protectively.

"Tits Sore Lieutenant? feeling full huh!"

She put her hand up to fend off the next kick.

"Do as your told Lieutenant!"

ONeil got to her feet. Looking warily at Henry.

"This is Sergeant Nero he is your physical trainer. You will do as he says. you do as he says you get milked, understand?"

"You bastard"

"Attention!" She snapped to attention the conditioned reflex making her shudder at the realization.

"You might remember when you insult me Lieutenant, that the only way that nasty building pressure in your melons is going to be relieved is by my machine, unless of course youd prefer to be under the control of Salem. I am sure he would have some novel ways of milking you."

ONeils face stayed impassive, a small tear coming to her right eye the only sign that she realized she was totally reliant on his machine to take away the pain and keep her sane. He stared into her face smiling as he saw the tear. She shuddered at the mention of Salem.

"Apologies Lieutenant!"

She swallowed her face blanching and then her cheeks slowly reddened.

"Sorry Sir!" she barked.

"Accepted Lieutenant, Sergeant shes all yours".

Sgt. Nero looked her up and down. Then threw a T -shirt at her, it was white with her name stencilled on it. the same she had been issued with at the SEAL training camp.

"PUT IT ON LIEUTENANT!" he barked.

She struggled it on it was far to small and she had to really pull at it to get it down over her big stiff tits, it was so tight around them that it squeezed milk out which caused great round wet patches to grow outward from the bulge of each bulging coned teat. The shirt ended just below them showing the bottom edges of her globes.

"AT EASE! . . . ATTENTION!" he grinned at her as she obeyed.
Her jugs bounced stiffly as she slammed her feet together making her wince with the awful full tender pain a feeling of intense pressure.

"You will begin with jogging on the spot, BEGIN!"

"You must be joking Soldier I cant run with these!"

Major Henry tutted. ONeil looked at him warily. He had the crop in his hand, he brandished it.

"Lieutenant you will comply with the Sergeants direction"

He stepped forward bringing the crop down viciously on her tender tits. ONeil screamed he struck them and her over and over as she fought to protect them, searing welts criss-crossed her swollen orbs, He laughed at her agony.

"You will begin with jogging on the spot, BEGIN!"

ONeil began to run on the spot, her massive unwieldy tits bouncing with each footfall.

"Faster!" she complied

"Thats better Lieutenant" the Major encouraged.

Her breasts were slamming up and down now, the front of her shirt, sopping. Vicious pains lanced through each tit. Her nipples cones chaffing on the material as her chest began to heave. Each step tugged them and made her sensitive teats expand.

He kept her running like that for ages.

The tremendous ache in her breasts was awful, and it was steadily growing worse. With each step she was feeling real pain, her breasts felt even larger and as the bounced like sacs of concrete she felt like they would definitely burst.

Then he set her running from wall to wall of the cell. Then halted her and started her on Jumping jacks. screaming at her to jump higher and faster. Loving the site of her bust slamming up and down, her face twisting in effort and pain as they swung up and down. She was an impressive sight in combat boots and T -shirt.

"STOP!" she halted she was panting but not to excess.

"Deep knee bends BEGIN!"

She set off her tits banging up and down as her knees hit their undersides. Her body was now covered in a sheen of sweat.

The front of her shirt dripping milk.

Outside the mirror Major henry stood next to the Senator. She watched as ONeil was put through touching toes and sit-ups. Once satisfied she signalled to the Major he went in, with his machine.

ONeil was ordered to stand at attention. She stood panting her hot body rigid. Her breasts throbbed and burned heavy with milk. Her eyes were fixed on the machine her teats straining against the material.

The Sgt grabbed her wrists and dragged them behind her back he Trapped them, drawing the plastic strap tight. She turned her face to him.

"Scared?" she stated staring at him.

"Shut the fuck up ONeil, kneel down!"

She struggled down to her knees and waited. Henry attached the cups to the hoses, pulled the sopping shirt out of the way he felt them.

Her nipples were hot and painful, very stiff and bloated both boobs heavy and hot, she felt thoroughly humiliated that she was totally helpless, racked with turgid breast pain, desperate for him to attach the machine.

"Oh they ache ONeil?, really ache yeah? Mommy wants her big boobies pumped doesnt she?"

He squeezed them hard. She shuddered and almost feinted from the rush as milk dribbled from each stiff nipple.

"Boy are they tender?"

"Yes you know they are! SHIT! please dont"

He twisted and slowly pulled her teat studs making her grimace and moan.

"Shall I put the pump on your jugs bitch?"

"Yes . . YES! please they . . its awful please"

"Would you let the Sergeant have you in your arse Lieutenant?"

"YES . . just put it on!"

He laughed, and pressed the cup to her tit. He thumbed a switch on the machine and it hummed into life, The suction snatched the flesh of her breast into the cup and held it. He repeated the process with the other. Once both were attached he increased the pressure, and watched her jolt as her nipples were drawn into the nipple shields and milk began to squirt out around her teat studs.

The squirt became a torrent ONeil groaning and shuddering in ecstatic bliss at eventual release, she felt utter relief flood through each jug. Her cunt reacted heating and moistening.

Major Henry grinned at her watching closely as her face reflected that bliss as milk began to coarse out of her heavily laden jugs.

"She sure is a nice piece of ass Major!"

"Yes, you are arent you bitch!" ONeil just stared at him dreamily.

The major busied himself with an electric razor shaving her head as she knelt there. Nero squeezed her tits and teased her cunt while he did. She gritted her teeth trying not to cum as he flicked and tugged on her clit.

ONeil felt the pressure in her tits lessen but before she had complete relief the Major pulled the cups off and moved the machine away. She whimpered as he took it off, wanting to plead with him to leave it connected but forcing herself not to.

The Major produced a thick black leather collar and attached it around her neck. Then she was dragged up by it and forced from the room. They took her back out into the stalls. She struggled pulling with all her strength desperate not to go back in there.

The two black guards were waiting; they helped manhandle her to a thick pillar in the middle of the floor. A top it was a shaped miniature saddle type affair not unlike an inverted bicycle seat. They forced her to her knees against it, pushed her to the pillar until it was between her tits, her face over the saddle. The collar was attached to the pillar beneath it.

"What are you doing you freaks, stop, STOP IT!"

They ignored her and Major Henry pulled and dragged her tits around the pole and then attached her teat studs together with a short thick chain. Now ONeil was helplessly attached to the pillar, her jaw cradled in the saddle, head tilted back. He produced a black hood made of PVC he pulled it over her head dragging it down her face. It was tight and eventually covered all her face.

The eyeholes in it were two tiny slits. ONeil could only see to the front. She thanked God that there were nostril and mouth holes.

"What are you going to do? Please!" she begged as they busied themselves about her.

The major fitted two hooks to a chain and then inserted them in her nostrils, and yanked the chain over her head and back. ONeil yelped as her head was dragged back.

Her mouth dragged wide open. He attached the chain to the back of the collar. She was trapped helplessly her mouth wide open.

They left her like that going off a way and talking lowly. Then the Major left. The guards came over, and stood with Sgt Nero. he chatted with them and then they stood impassively while he got down behind her and forced a saliva wet finger up her ass.

"Oooh yeah baby hot SEAL ass, I gotta have some"

She knelt there helpless as he slowly inserted his meat up her ass, he pulled her cheeks wide open and forced himself all the way in. He gripped her shoulders and pulled up into her. Then he reached around to her breasts and gripped their sides pulling them as he fucked her butt.

He leant near her ear. "Scared?" she swallowed fearfully.

He kept fucking her ass and pulling her tits back until she gave in and began to scream. Then he pulled out, stood up came around the front of her and forced his shitty cock down her throat and came. ONeil gurgled and gagged as he beasted her face. Ropes of cum blew back down her nose as he filled her throat with gush after gush of cum.

He left her there choking and coughing. It was about twenty minutes later that the senator arrived and came straight to her. She had shit round her lips and semen dribbling down her chin. She walked around her. ONeils ass cleft was streaked with shit from her reaming. She leant close to her face smiling.

"Oh dear have those nasty men been naughty with you again?" she began to lick the shit and semen off of ONeils repulsed face. She tongued her mouth out. Then she stood up and dragged her skirt up. She pulled her briefs to the side and pushed her cunt toward ONeils face.

"Auntie had better give it a wash, there" she started to piss.

She grabbed her head on either side and pulled her mouth right up to my pussy. She pissed directly into her mouth, ONeil instinctively swallowed. She aimed the spray all over her face and tits. Then back into her mouth.

"Just keep drinking bitch," ONeil struggled to swallow.

"Lick my cunt Whore" she ordered ONeil refused.

The senator ground her twat to her open mouth slapping and beating her head.

"Oh dear well its on to our next treat then" she said.

ONeil knelt there trapped while the Senator went to the other end of the stables and brought Patton back.

ONeil suddenly realized why she was attached to this pillar as she was. She suddenly realized the place was filling with people all dressed in evening wear. All wearing masks. They started to gather around.

"Hear we are boys and girls the treat I promised, this lucky woman is going to deep throat Patton for us!"

She could see through the slits in the hood and hear that someone was taking bets. Bets on how many inches she could take. He had wads of hundred dollar bills in his hands, and a pad where he was writing down the details.

"200 that she spews!"

"500 she swallows the whole thing!"

"A grand that shes choke fucked to death!"

Two other women were measuring Pattons cock and marking off the inches with a black marker. They finished.
A cheer went up. She stepped up to ONeil with Patton, then sank to her knees beside the horses flank. Major Henry guided the horse so that it was over ONeil and she was between its front legs.

"PEASE NOH!" Neil begged trying to pull her head free
The horse stood still, his haunches quivering slightly in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to enjoy. ONeil was quivering plenty, herself, She started to cry, pleading open mouthed as she could see the horses cock in front of her now.

"Aww dont cry big soldier girls dont cry now do they? Your really going to love milking his massive prick and draining his huge balls."

She reached under him, palm upward, and began to run her hand along the length of his prick, from his bloated balls to his flaring cockhead. ONeils eyes widened in horror inside the hood as she saw his fat fuck rod throb in the senators hand. She began stroking the underside of his meat with both hands.

"NOH NOH PEASE NOH!" ONeil pleaded and begged.

The audience laughed and egged her on. Pattons cock was so stiff that it was vibrating and twitching. Lillian squeezed the thick pole behind the head. The great prick flared out wildly. ONeil watched horrified as his piss slit gaped open and a drop of thick milky pre cum came bubbling out. It ran down the dark meat of his cockhead in a creamy trickle. ONeil whimpered when she saw that.

Lillian leaned in, pushed her tongue out and slowly drew in the tip of the horses cockhead, gathering up the hot cum drop. Then she drew the horse by its cock closer and closer to ONeils helpless mouth

Lillian rubbed her hands up and down, milking another fat droplet from his piss slit. She dragged the huge slab of prick meat across her face. The fat head of the horses cock around Jordans quivering lips and nose letting her smell the horses sex. The horses cock bucked in her hands.

ONeil face was poised directly in front of the head of his cock. Her face twisted in disgust, going cross-eyed she could look right down his parted piss slit, inside his prick. She saw more pre cum bubbling inside his knob and she whimpered with the sight.

Then the Senator fitted her hands around his prick shaft, just behind the throbbing cockhead. She could not quite span the breadth of his prick with her two hands.

She began to slowly jack his cock up and down. As her hands pulled back, his cockhead flared. She pulled the horse by his cock and pushed the head into Jordans mouth. Patton neighed, humped, pushing his rubbery cockhead into ONeils face and forcing her head to tilt back. His wide meat began to run down her throat.

"Ummmm, good girl" Lillian purred. She leant close to ONeils head.

"Suck it you little bitch or it goes up your ass again!"

Jordan leaned forward, sticking her tongue out. She began to lick at his dark cockhead, lightly at first, then all over it with long, slurping tongue strokes. She pushed her tongue right up inside his piss slit. Then she kissed the tip of his prick and let her mouth slowly open as wide as she could. She could not quite manage to fit his massive cockhead into her mouth, but she was able to get most of it in, collaring the dark meated wedge with her lips.

"Oh dear is it too big?" Lillian grinned and began to force it in.
Jordan sucked, her cheeks hollowing in and her lips turning almost inside out as they pulled at his prick meat. Her tongue was still working merrily away, sliding around against the underside of his knob. She knew if she could get the horse to cum now she could let most of its seed course out of her mouth.

Lillians hands skimmed up and down his fuck rod, jacking the brute faster now, eager for him to fill her slaves hungry mouth with his load, yearning to see ONeil earn a dose of hot, thick, creamy stallion jism. ONeil could feel pre cum trickling onto her tongue. A little jet of his strong cum hit the back of her throat. Her face was contorted by lust now, a mask of pure desire. She knew that it would not be long before the animal blew his wad and she sucked for all she was worth, fairly inhaling his prick meat.

As ONeil sucked and tongued, Lillian continued to pull his prick back and forth with her hands, jacking him into ONeils mouth. The stallions massive prick expanded mightily between her stroking hands and Jordan groaned as she felt his cockhead swell in her mouth, spreading her lips out wide around the slab.

Lillian grinned at her and then forced more of the horses meat up to her mouth with her fingers. She then began to ease more of his stiff girth in past ONeils tight stretched lips. Pushing the flesh in with her finger tips, while Jordan struggled to widen her aching jaw, tears coming to her eyes as more and more slid in.

"Oooooh, hes so big isnt he" Lillian giggled

Patton was merciless; he didnt allow her anytime to get used to it. He simply shoved it down, down her helpless abused throat. He pushed inch by inch, deeper and deeper. Nostrils flaring wide Jordan felt her throat expand and tighten, more than with any of the other cocks that had raped her throat. Deeper it went. Lillian forcing more in with her finger tips, driving that fat sausage further in to her throat.

Lillian watched her eye slits enjoying the way her eyes followed his cock as more and more of it slid past her lips.

"Look at this stupid bitch take that cock!" Someone shouted,
ONeil moaned, feeling the thick head expand and ease deeper her tongue crushed flat under the shaft as Patton neighed and stamped pushing deeper into the entrance to her throat. She groaned in helpless disgust knowing that it was coming, that the horse was just about to shoot his load. ONeil gagged violently; her throat bulging as Patton drove down.

"Six thats SIX!" someone shouted.

Her lips were stretched obscenely around the huge girth of his cock. Her throat worked convulsively in a vain, desperate effort to swallow the inches of almost wrist thick tool Lillian was pushing down her gullet. Patton pushed deeper, forcing it down.

He drove relentlessly forward, feeding her all fourteen inches of his massive prick. Finally all fourteen inches of horse cock buried in her throat.

Patton was in heaven, his whole body quivering.

ONeil was gagging and thrashing wildly, and her crowd were going wild.

"I dont believe it, the bitch took it all!"

"Fourteen inches, Jesus, what a fuckin slut!"

"Look at her throat! Its bulging like fuck shit!"

"Suck that cock, bitch! Shit, look at the way shes taking that big prick!"

Patton whinnied he was nearly ready to cum, the feel of her tight throat sending him over the edge.

"That a girl! make it spit in your throat, you nasty little whore!" Lillian gloated.

ONeil could feel fingers invading her ass and cunt, testing her tits.

People leaned close taking photographs of her crammed mouth. She felt fingers at her anus, smearing her juices about and probing at the soft opening.

Flash! Flash! Then suddenly her mouth was full of cum.

Jordans head jerked her body snatching and stiffening as the slimy cream flooded into her, He pushed forward tilting her head back as Patton hosed her throat with jism.

She gagged and gasped for air through her nostrils. Her face flushes dark red and she makes gagging sounds as his cock shuts off her trachea blocking the air supply into her lungs. Lillians hands pumped up and down as fast as she could, milking the horses cock into ONeils mouth in a frenzy of lust.

ONeil sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. Lillian kept jacking his meat hard to her lips forcing ONeil to keep sucking it down or drown, The stallion kept pouring the cum into her mouth.

There was too much too quick of the thick stuff for ONeil to drink it all. The foaming jism overflowed her stretched lips and ran down her chin. Thick drops splashed down the front of the pole and a trickle curled down and hung off the chain between her teats.

Another spurt hit her throat, Gushing against her tonsils. Jordan gurgled and struggled. She just couldnt swallow fast enough to get enough air. Lillian wanted to see her swallow his jizz until her belly was blown up like a balloon.

She pumped his massive prick squeezing it and teasing his balls. Pattons cock throbbed spurting more and more cum into ONeil which she gulped down, gulp after gulp after gulp.

Her throat beginning to react automatically to each spurt.
But Patton stopped spurting it into her then. The last few drops came out in a trickle. At last his mighty balls were emptied.

ONeil was near delirium through near suffocation and kept right on sucking. Lillian squeezed and pumped it to her face though, to make sure that she had nursed out every last precious drop and worked off every spasm of his orgasm.

She watched as ONeil swallowed the last mouthful almost greedily. Her bulging throat worked as she gulped it down.

Then she drew the stallions dark softening cock meat out from between ONeils still sucking lips. A glob of cum oozed from the cleft of his massive cockhead. She spread it over Jordans face covering her hooded features with a glaze of horse semen.

ONeils belly was really bloated now, her mouth awash with horse semen she coughed and choked spitting some out.

"Right gentlemen, whos first!" she said guiding the horse away.

The men scrambled to form a queue at ONeils trapped face, each sporting a huge hard on. They all nodded to each other and unzipped their flys, a couple of them started to smack her hooded face with their half erect organs. She began to sob hoarsely through her sore throat, as one laughed, and grabbing the back of her head, forced his stiff cock deep into her warm horse cum slick wet mouth, sticking her so deep she choked on it.

"Thats it guys fill her belly up I want to see what she looks like pregnant!" The senator encouraged.

ONeil coughed and spluttered but he kept pumping her wet mouth, grunting as he did so. His two hands gripped her head like a vice as he fucked her mouth remorselessly.

Someone asked. "Like that bitch?" They all laughed.

ONeil could feel his hot meat slide in and out of her mouth, her screams were muffled by him, her arms tied and useless, she could feel him bang through the back of her throat, she could taste his pre cum juice.

Suddenly he pulled out, spraying hot jiz all over her face, making way for another cock, a line of saliva trailing from her mouth to the first mans tip fell onto her post.

"Try this for size bitch"

Violently a second hot prick was forced into her warm mouth, the men were laughing now, pounding her mouth; all she could do was weep, silently and uselessly.

The second man was smaller, his penis was thicker though her puffy lips stretched around his hot thick prick, she felt the man quicken his strokes, as he groaned, grabbing at her hooded head he pulled her mouth deeper on him.

"Eat it bitch! "

She moaned, the other men goading him on.

"Go on man, give it to her!"

"Fill the bitches belly up! do it!"

His cock was jammed entirely down her throat, his pubic hair pounding her lips. It made no difference to him that ONeil was gagging. She was their toy. Just a piece of meat to spew their cum in.

"RRGHH!!" He growled,

His entire body spasming as he came. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around his penis. ONeil made loud gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down his sperm.

He continued to come, She gagged as he came again in her throat, her lips at the base of his shaft; its spasms causing him great delight as her throat squeezed his cock tight. Then the pulsating stopped and slowly the extraction began, pulling the shrinking black cock from her mouth and throat.

"God damn, shes one good cock sucker,"

Another steps up, his cock bigger and fatter, and it doesnt take long before the poor whore is choking and gagging on him as well. The men all take turns fucking ONeils face, slapping it, choking her, making her gag and cough up thick white jism, thrusting angrily into her. Someone shoots off in her throat, his legs wide apart, hips pumping as he unloads into the gasping slut.

A moment later after he pulls his dripping prick out of her, another takes over, spurting hard hot jets of cum into her wide-open mouth and on her hooded cheeks.

Her tits flared into pain again as someone pulled at her nipples.

The Senator smiled watching as the men from the central Ops. Room enjoyed themselves unwittingly with their ex-Co-worker.

End of Part Twenty Five.
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I am personally proud of;

Sgt. Nero looked her up and down. Then threw a T -shirt at her, it was white with her name stencilled on it. the same she had been issued with at the SEAL training camp.

"PUT IT ON LIEUTENANT!" he barked.

She struggled it on it was far to small and she had to really pull at it to get it down over her big stiff tits, it was so tight around them that it squeezed milk out which caused great round wet patches to grow outward from the bulge of each bulging coned teat. The shirt ended just below them showing the bottom edges of her globes.

"AT EASE! . . . ATTENTION!" he grinned at her as she obeyed.
Her jugs bounced stiffly as she slammed her feet together making her wince with the awful full tender pain a feeling of intense pressure.


Enjoy MG
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty Six

Part Twenty Six.

It was hours later that the last man filled her throat with semen ONeils throat was sore as hell her tits burned and ached, her belly was worse, bloated and stiff giving her the appearance of being 7 months pregnant.. She was so full of Jiz, She burped and brought back Semen which ran from the sides of her mouth down her neck.

The Senator stood over her, she looked well pregnant. Lillian went on her knees behind her. She rubbed her crutch against ONeils back and wrapped her arms around her to squeeze and fondle her stiff belly.

ONeil groaned as the Senator manhandled her bloated abdomen she kissed her shoulders and ear whispering to her.

"Oh yes bitch, my big soldier girl, my youre belly feels nice, I do like it, a nice pregnant soldier girl next. Youre belly full of a big black baby from my men. So I can feel it kick while I take your ass. Then I can adopt it and the people will love me for adopting a poor unfortunate"

The party over all the guests left. The senator was pissed as a fart. She had a bloated anal bung, which she shoved into ONeils squirming ass. She laughed as she fitted a tube to it and inflated it inside her rectum until Jordan snatched and yelped as it forced her bowels wide open.

She sealed the valve and removed the tube.

Major Henry watched impassively. The Senator smiled at him.

"Have her taken back to the cell, get the men to fuck her cunt, hard and often, I want my little soldier pregnant so Auntie can be a mommy!"

ONeil couldnt believe her ears, tears came to her eyes, her belly and ass were achingly full her throat felt raw. She had to escape this hell, to find help.

The Senator left with Major Henry, leaving the guards to release her from the pole. The released the chain, pulling the hooks free from her nostrils, undoing the strap from around her throat. One of them stood over her and grabbed her shoulders wrenching them back.

ONeil screamed as the chain between her teats went taut.

Then began to stretch her pinned teats painfully, she tried to struggle forward but she was to weak as they were stretched to the limit the other guy undid the chain letting her teats snap back.

ONeil squealed as they burned intensely.

He threw her to the floor were she landed on her side Her ass felt as if it would burst as she hit, her over full belly bounced, she wretched up some semen, her arms still bound behind her as one of them ran at her and kicked her in the belly. She yelped doubling up.

"Time to get banged up whore!"

They grabbed her and dragged her on her knees to her cell.

They threw her across the bed. Her belly slammed into the frame her hooded head bouncing on the mattress. Before she came to a rest Jez kicked her in the ass, ramming the bung deeper into her butt. ONeil screamed long and hard. He knelt behind her fisting his cock ready rape her cunt.

As he put it against her twat she heaved her self up slamming her head into his face smashing his jaw, she swung around bringing her thigh up to push him aside. She surged to her feet. The other tried to draw his pistol she leapt and span around bringing her foot up to kick him in the jaw. His head thwacked to one side, his pistol clattering to the floor, as he was hurled back into the wall.

Jez was scrambling up.

ONeil threw herself forward and butted him in the stomach, lifting her head to hurl him into the wall.

He grabbed her around the torso. his fingers binding into each other as he tried to keep her down.

ONeils thigh muscles bulged with effort as she lifted the big black guard. His feet kicking as she slammed him into the wall. His grip loosened and she pulled her self free and kicked him viciously in the groin then the face. She turned to see the other rushing at her with his nightstick. She ducked and slid to the side the stick slamming down on her shoulder.

ONeil yelped in pain, bringing her knee up into his belly doubling him over. she slammed her forehead into the back of his head, missing and pitching forward. He staggered to his knees twisting and kicking with his legs. his booted foot contacting with the back of her knee. ONeil grunted as her knee gave way, swinging her around like lightning he slammed the nightstick across her bouncing breasts.

ONeil yelped as pain surged through her tits. She pulled her leg free and fled toward the door. Jez scrambled up and leapt toward her. in the hood she couldnt see he swung his foot up and around kicking her in the cunt.

ONeil howled in awful searing pain as her inertia took her straight into the door her head slamming into the heavy wood dazing her. She slid to the floor groaning.

The both leapt at her grabbing her feet and ankles. the dragged her to the end of the bed and threw her on her bound arms. They forced her legs up over her head Jez holding them as the other produced some thick gaffe tape and quickly taped her ankles to the base of the cot.

One ankle to each metal leg. Her thick strong thighs framing her voluminous breasts. Her ass held up stretched open around the bung the senator had lodged up there. Her twat gaping.

Her thick pouting vulva was covered in emerging pubes, sharp bristles. Jez was panting with exertion and anger. He patted her twat grinning.

"So you still like it rough huh, soldier? Ill give you rough bitch! you dont know what fuckin rough is whore!!" he ripped off some tape and forced it over her left vulva.

ONeil started to come too struggling. He slapped some on her other lip. Then slapped some on her pubis. He pressed it home with his fingers. Then he gripped the edge and grinning gloated at her bruised face.

"You ready to buck soldier girl? Yeah! BUCK!!"

He ripped the tape off, ONeil went mad her ass bouncing as she screamed. The tape had torn all the bristles out of her vulva. He gripped the other side.

"Please NO NO NO!!"

She screamed again as he did the other lip, tugging and wrenching it off bit by bit. eventually it came free.

"Oh shit now that looks sore!" they both laughed.

ONeils vulva were bright red, livid, swollen and bloated, her inner labia were visible he dragged his fingers over it, then forced them in and pulled them open.

Cruelly spreading her cunt. He rubbed his thumb over her clit then pulled his cock out and rammed it into her twat. forcing it in hard. the head pressing into her pressure tightened twat. ONeil sobbed as he mounted her, feeling his cock slide over the mammoth girth up her ass. He grinned at her his face over hers as his cock bottomed out against her cervix, his chest hard against her thigh muscles. He spat on her face, and began fucking her hard.

"Were gonna make you a mommy bitch!"

She twisted her face away in disgust as he rode her smarting cunt. ONeil gasped for air, tears streaking her beautiful face and sobs wracking her helplessly pinned body. Her wide blue eyes were glazed and she was gasping for breath as though she was suffocating.

She winced back from every pummelling thrust, Her stocky, sweating hard muscled body bounced and vibrated with the aftershocks of every punishing thrust, and she moaned as though in terrible agony. Her aching, battered cunt clutched around his bruising cock.

Every flex of her punctured pussy caused waves of piercing agony to knife through her body, but she couldnt control her treacherous slit. Her clit throbbed wildly under the crushing advance of Jezs cock. Her pussy was beginning to drip with fuck-cream. A strange tingling was filling up her pussy, then spilled over to run in-to every inch of her svelte, sexy body.

"Oh nooooooo!" she shrieked.

She bucked her ass so violently, ONeil arched high off the floor, every muscle in her lean, limber body standing up in bold relief.

Sweat poured off her sleek, squirming body,
Her clit was still jerking and wriggling, and for some reason the cock-juice that was burning up every other spot in her pussy felt cool and welcome on the tiny nub of flesh.
Then ONeil climaxed.

She screamed as her orgasm overtook her holding her ass a foot above the floor. Her perfectly rounded asscheeks flexed rapidly. Her swollen pink pussy-lips fluttered wildly.

The fiery agony that burned her cunt flared hotter yet, the pain a constant spurt that made her jerk and thrash like a wild woman, but the whipping of her clit brought lots of pussy cream rolling out of her pulsing cunt, brought waves of pain-filled pleasure splashing through her sweat-soaked, squirming body. Her pussy lips were the worst, though, swollen and reddened by the brutal fucking. even more brutally, slamming her down into the floor with all the strength his muscular body could muster.

ONeil thought he was going to kill her. His cock was stabbing up farther inside her than she had ever thought anything could reach. The pointed head of his cock pressed against her cervix, stretching the tiny soft pocket of her pussy farther than it had ever been meant to stretch.

His hard chest and stomach and thighs smashed down against her helpless, tender body, jarring her with impacts that stung her flesh and rattled her bones. It was as though someone had tied her to a wall and was slamming a thick oak door into her over and over. Jez was beating her with not just his fists, but with his whole body.

ONeils eyes bulging as she felt the first fire hose blast of cum shooting up inside her tattered pussy.

"Take it, you dirty bitch!" Mark shouted.

Beating her insides with his fountaining cock and slurping his tongue over her beautiful, fevered face.

"Suck all that sweet jism up inside your stinking, dirty cunt!
You lo-ve it, dont you, whore? Tell me what it feels like!"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh yes! Oh yessssss!"

He was filling her up with his filthy cum! He was pissing his dirty jism up inside her precious, sore cunt! The thoughts flashed but her mind was reeling with horror and revulsion. Struggled wildly as she felt every ounce of jiz slam into her cervix. Jez laughed as he finished spurting in her.

"That got you huh! youre gonna love bein a mommy Lieutenant"

"Fuck you, you dirty bastard!" she spat at him as he chuckled and moved aside for Mark to get a view of her twat.

He crouched over her and slid his manhood deep into her gaping cunt. ONeil grunted and flexed her ass as she felt him bottom out inside her. He held himself deep in her and showed her the chain from the other room. she watched helplessly as he clipped it between her pierced teats.

He pulled it dragging her swollen jugs up between her thighs. She gritted her teeth as he stretched and pulled each bulging breast through the gap. He snatched it tight making her gasp as he pulled her tits toward him.

"Now listen up you worthless piece of shit! Your gonna ride my cock nice or Im gonna pull your teats clean off yeah! you understand bitch?"

ONeil looked up into his viciously leering face and realised he meant it. He dragged them out further, elongating the already tortured flesh. Her aureole two swollen dark stretched out ovals. The metal stud through each nipple pulling her flesh almost to breaking point. She nodded.

"Thats a good soldier girl, Now start moving that ass bitch!" he barked.

ONeil began to fuck his meat, slowly grinding her hips. In minutes ONeil squealed and jolted twisting and snatching her legs as he force filled her cunt with more semen.

Grinding her cunt as he dumped load after load into her.
They left her there. During the night another four sets of guards used her sodden cunt. By morning her twat and buttocks were awash with semen.

End of Part Twenty Six.
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Getting close to the rare chapters now...
Can't wait!
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty Seven

Part Twenty Seven.
Senator Dehaven sat at her desk nursing her hangover. Her intercom beeped.
"Major Henry to see you Senator"
"Show him in"
The door opened and her secretary showed Henry in he had a file under his arm. He sat down. at the offered seat.
"Well?" she barked.
"If your serious about your intentions there is a problem!"
"I dont like problems Major I prefer solutions understand!"
"Her medical records before her internment at the SERE faculty show she was Manorial, that is she was not having a normal monthly cycle. In fact she hadnt bled since she joined the training program."
"So what can we do Major?"
"Its difficult, the lactation cocktail Blondells was injecting her with and the one I have used makes her body believe hormonally that she is ante natal, thus the milk yield. Now you want us to turn that around so she falls pregnant. Its a tough one."
"So I find someone who doesnt find it tough is that what your saying?"
Major Henry flushed trying to keep control of the brief.
"I have someone outside who can place your eggs inside her and fertilise
them. We can ask his advice"
"Well hes not helping outside is he Major get him in!"
Sergeant Nero came into ONeils cell and looked at her. She slept fitfully at the end of the bed on the floor. Her booted feet still had tape around them. At some point in the night it had broken. Her cunt was a sodden mess. Her arms were still tied behind her. They looked puffy and uncomfortable.
Nero placed her breakfast on the floor and cut the plastic tie from between her wrists. ONeil stirred, she groaned and pulled them free slowly moving them as the circulation returned. Her belly cramped with the painful fucking she had received. Her ass needed a shit, it tried to press out the bung. She gasped in pain.
"Get up Lieutenant! ON YOUR FEET!!"
ONeil struggled up, grimacing and groaning. Her breasts were very stiff and bloated. They swung against each other as she got to her knees. She leant forward steadying herself with her head on the end of the cot. Suddenly Nero slammed his foot down on her neck pinning her head to the cot as he grabbed the end of the bung protruding from her ass.
ONeil gave a strangled cry. her arms useless she felt him grip the bung and lift her ass with it.
With a viscous yank he heaved on the bung, ONeil screamed as it felt as if he was pulling her guts out. He yanked on it again. And heaved. her knees came off the floor as it began to pull out with excruciating slowness.
He pressed her face deeper into the cot, pulling with all his might. ONeil gritted her teeth panting and grunting as he heaved her knees off the floor again. Suddenly with a loud snap her ring gave and the long inflated rubber bung slid out. He pulled it out in one long heave. It popped out with an almighty PLOP! leaving her ring gaping wide open. Shit and horse semen gushed out with a loud fart.
ONeil wailed in disgust and horror as it all rushed out. Nero laughed and took his foot from her neck. She groaned as more rushed out. He let her kneel up pressing more out helplessly. Her massive jugs shook and bounced heavily. She was red with humiliation. Semen poured from her twat making her inner thighs slick.
Her breasts were huge, felt huge, all she wanted was to release the pressure that was sat like a hot insatiable need behind each swollen teat. Her cunt ached almost as much as her stiff globes. Both needed to be emptied. She fought her unwieldy chest out of the way to get at her pussy.
Despite the pain, as she pushed them together she felt a familiar stirring in her crotch. Colostrum leaked around each pinned nipple, dripping from the metal on to her tense belly. She could feel the heat building in each, just with her touching her jugs it made her nipples react. ONeil glanced at each teat and saw the distension visibly increase.
She needed to feed, desperately, an awful intense urge. One that wouldnt go away, awful nagging tense pressure bearing down on each heavy boob as she moved. She looked on the point of tears as she pulled her sore twat open and let it drain out. Then pushing her fingers up inside herself to drag it out, she flicked it on the floor in disgust, quickly pulling more and more out. Remembering them gloating as they told her how they were going to knock her up.
"When youve finished soiling yourself Lieutenant, well begin!"
He turned to her and threw her PT shirt.
"Put it on!"
She grimaced and struggled it over her head and down over her tits. She pulled at it but it just wouldnt cover them. Both mammaries ached solidly. Her nipples coming up fat and hard against the material. He the crop in his hands he smacked it against his palm threateningly.
"Down give me 20!" he barked.
She looked at him with pure loathing as she lowered herself on her hands and forced her throbbing arms to do the push ups he demanded. She pumped them out wincing as he walked around her.
Her heavy tits pushing into the mess on the floor beneath. "10 more, ONE ARM!" he smacked her ass sharply with the crop, making her cheeks clench and quiver deliciously. ONeil struggled to do her one armed presses.
"Now the other!"
Nero stood behind her watching her buttocks clenching as she forced herself up and down on one strong bulging arm. her ass was closing up, her ring recovering its shape. It looked real sore and he noticed it had bled.
"ON YOUR FEET!!" she jumped up her tits bouncing. She winced as the milk laden jugs collided, they ached and throbbed, her teats tingling against the cloth, which was wet with fore milk. They bounced stiffly as she slammed her feet together wracking her chest with awful intense pain as they throbbed.
"You will begin with jogging on the spot, BEGIN!"
ONeil began to run on the spot, her massive unwieldy tits bouncing with each footfall. Her breasts were slamming up and down again, she fought the need to hold them still as she knew he would strike here with the crop as soon as she did. Each step caused more and more to seep from her jugs making the front of her shirt, sopping once again. As her thighs struck the underside of her melons vicious pains shot through each tit.
Then it was running from wall to wall again. He watched her with sadistic glee as she forced herself to jog back and too her gait forced by her bouncing breasts. She was panting covered in sweat her muscular legs propelling her with purposeful strides across the room. The front of her shirt was sodden now. milk dripping from the lower edge.
"STOP!" he walked around her.
Her studded teats pressed hard to the material of her PT vest her chest heaving up and down with exertion. her muscles quivering. He traced the outline of her aching tits with the crop. ONeil stared ahead parade style, he ran the thing over and under each globe. He lifted them slowly, the crop bending with the weight. The thin pole pressing deep into her breasts. He grinned at her waiting for some reaction as he proceeded to bob them up and down, her face flinching slightly as he jiggled them. He pulled it away.
"Jumping Jacks, GO!" he ordered.
ONeil grimaced and then leapt up, spreading her arms and legs, then down forcing her reluctant weary body into each jumping jack. Her bust slammed up and down, her face twisting in pain and effort as each huge jug pounded up and down, round and round.
ONeil was at the point were it felt like the skin covering her bosoms would split from the pressure inside. Thin streams of white liquid wear now running down from her studded teats, streaming down in fine tributaries to drip from the undersides of each bouncing tit. Her muscled belly slick with milk. Her mind was possessed by the need to drain them, to drain them and rest.
"STOP!" she halted she was panting to excess.
"RUN ON THE SPOT!! Get those knees high bitch! BEGIN!"
She set off her tits banging up and down as her knees hit their undersides. Her body was now covered in a sheen of sweat. The front of her legs covered in her milk as each collision forced more out.
"STOP! ATTENTION!" he ordered after five painful minutes.
ONeil stood rigidly her body quivering with tension as he walked around her. Her sopping T shirt stained with her mess off the floor. The peaks of her pinned teats pressing through the wet material.
He went to the corner of her cell and unlocked a box cupboard inside was a hose and tap. He turned on the tap that was there. He dragged the hose out and played it over ONeil. It made her gasp with shock as the cold water struck her body. He soaked her washing all the cum and mess from her ass and legs. Then playing the water over her head.
"You thirsty Lieutenant?"
"Yes" she forced out.
"Then kneel down and drink bitch" he grinned at her.
ONeil rushed to her knees, sinking down as he played the water over her mouth and nose. She drank and drank, thirsty beyond thirst. He watched her impassively as she knelt there slurping up the water.
ONeil finished and gasping rested back on her knees. Her breasts were painful. Two hugely bloated balloons of sweat sheend, goose bumped taut flesh. Her aureole throbbed with the pressure acting on them from the clamps she was forced to wear.
"You finished?" she nodded gratefully.
Her Tits began to pulse she cradled them wincing as she felt each heavy hot globe begin to throb painfully. ONeils breasts were tingling, She whimpered as she felt them engorging with more and more warm sweet mommys milk. Ballooning fuller and fuller, the skin growing tighter and tighter.
"Oh yeah thatll be the water, those udders of yours cant make milk out of thin air bitch, the more you drink the more they can make. You just drank one hell of a lot of tit fuel you dumb cow."
He laughed as she groaned, her jugs swelling with excruciating hot pain. milk began to gush through duct after duct, entirely bloating one new reservoir after another. She was helpless as her already large breasts began to feel like hot huge rubber balloons, forcefully over inflating.
"I suppose Mommy wants milking now dont she huh?" he gloated.
She bent to the floor holding them wracked with breast pain.
"Please . . its awful" she begged.
"Kneel up whore!" she forced herself up.
He roughly brushed her shirt up and clipped the chain to her nipple studs, he yanked them out hard. She shrieked in pain.
"Get up Lieutenant!"
She climbed to her feet her body bruised and aching. He dragged her to the door. It opened. He dragged her out by her tits.
ONeil was dragged stiffly from the room, Outside two of the guards joined them they took her across to one of the stalls. ONeils tits ached with each cruel tug. her nipples were agony. The pressure behind them an increasing hot pain. They took her to another stall than she had been in before. The side wood of it stopped at her chest height. The two guards grabbed her arms twisting them up her back forcing her head forward. Her heavy jugs bounced forward and down. ONeil winced as Nero yanked the chain down.
"Aw are mommies boobies tender?"
"Fuck you ass wipe!" she grunted
He grinned and tugged her teats pulling her breasts out from her chest like two drawn out footballs. The two guards reached around and squeezed her big hard breasts. Both were now red and dark. The hot pressure of milk was causing her aureole to bulge as tears crept from her eyes. Colostrum leaked from her pinned nipples.
"Oh dear, would you like to be milked Lieutenant?"
"You know I do you evil bastards!"
"What you want us to put your big jugs in those milking cups and drain Mommy milk out?"
"Put your Tits over the beam!"
They shoved her forward, Nero went around the stall and to the other side of the beam. He grabbed the swinging chain and dragged her hard up against the wall. The guards held her against it. On either side were metal loops riveted on. A D ring in the centre. Nero let the chain fall and pulled up the thin rope that hung from the D ring. He quickly looped it around her right jug, and tied it to the loop at the side. Then watching her face he dragged the rope back until it bit deep into her breast flesh.
Before she could move he slipped the rope around the base of her other tit and yanked it up tight. ONeil yelped as it drew her tit flesh in at the base almost cutting off the blood to her throbbing mammary. He quickly did the other.
Her breasts were now two swollen jutting orbs thrust out from the top of the beam. He smiled and viciously dragged the rope tighter. ONeil struggled in vain as he kept on until she screamed. He laughed and stopped.
Tears ran down her cheeks as Nero unclipped the chain, pocketing it, he slowly undid the bars that pierced her nipples and withdrew them, he took off the metal springs.
ONeils nipples tingled with shocks as he took them off, she let out a groan of relief as her nipples sprang back to normality, swollen but almost normal. They pulsed and ached. Tingles flooded hotly through each laden tit. Now ONeil was trapped tied to the wall of the stall by her tits. The immense pressure in each throbbing against the tight rope.
He took a firm grip of her breasts, they springed and pulsed as he weighed and hefted her weighty globes. They insistently demanded milking.
All she wanted now was to feed. Her cunt was on fire, she wanted to be suckled. Nero pulled her teats watching her face. Colostrum leaked from each breasts lubricating his fingers. ONeil felt her face flush with heat, felt her nipples growing steadily more and more aroused. She glanced down to watch the distension increasing in each teat, Nero twisted and pulled each fat stud. She wanted to feed, needed to desperately, She bit her lip trying to think of something else.
"Oh youre one full uddered cow aint you soldier girl!" He teased.
She glanced at him he was licking his lips slowly, as he squeezed and stretched each teat right out, kneading the hard nubs between finger and thumb as she groaned and shuddered. She stamped her feet in frustration.
"Oh yeah these sweet udders are ready to burst, do you want the machine ONeil?"
"Yes . . Please its awful please, you dont know what its . . UHHH!"
Just then, her big swollen nubs erupted with a flood of needle thin streams of hot milk. She gasped and writhed as he grinned and pulled them harder. It ran down his fingers and sprayed out in bursts as he pulled. ONeil was almost overwhelmed with sensation as throbbing exquisite bliss shot through her.
Helplessly she pushed her cunt toward the wood her whole body heaving as he tugged on her jugs. Milk bursting between his fingers. Nero laughed and grinned with explicit glee as he let go of her teats and swiped and rubbed her nipples. ONeil writhing and stamping making animalistic groans as he bounced both swollen boobs so that milk streamed out. He viciously grabbed each and twisted and pulled them making hard milking motions.
"OH GAWD YOU BASTARD!" She spat in anguish as he jerked her tits out hard.
He laughed as he gripped her teats between finger and thumb and cruelly yanked them up stretching her tits up toward her face. Sprays of milk splashed her grimacing face.
"AWW and Mommy wanted milking so much!"
ONeil just gritted her teeth and yanked her arms free. She gripped his wrists trying to pull them away as he let her nubs slip through his pinching fingers. He released them and snatched his hands away.
"You want milking whore, heres your babies bitch feed them"
He went to the back of the stall and opened another section. He went in and dragged out with him two bullocks.
"OH Jesus NO!" she wailed.
Nero came out of the stall and closed it behind him. Leaving her trapped. She cradled her tits trying to rub the pain away. Milk squirted out. She tried to pull away as the bullocks came closer. She tried to undo the knots holding the rope so tightly around her engorged tits but her fingers were to slippy with milk. Every time she tried more fore milk sprayed out in a fine arc. Nero stood behind her.
"Now that aint no way to treat hungry children is it!"
"Please, Ill do what ever you sick bastards want, anything! just get these fuckers away from me!"
"Well it seems to me you got a stack of milk in them udders oyours an they got big empty bellies, I cant see theres a problem."
ONeil was fending them off with her hands now as they tried to nuzzle up to each helplessly bound tit. She had to use two hands to push one at a time away. meanwhile the other was sniffing her jiggling tit.
Nero and the guards watched as she began to lose the fight. One of them got close enough to lap his big fat tongue over her jutting teat. ONeil howled in frustration. Her mind filled with a desperate need to feed but also fear that the animals would ruin her breasts forever.
As she force the other away the other bullock nuzzled her right tit and in a flash his mouth pushed on and latched on to her distended teat. ONeil shrieked in horror and grabbed its head trying to pull it off. ONeil gasped and strained feeling shocks lance through each thick teat as one after the other super engorged jugs were sucked harder than she had ever imagined possible. ONeil gripped the fur of the bullocks as she groaned and shuddered through another stage of let down.
The bullocks snorted and sucked and pulled her teats deeper into their hungry mouths. ONeil was in excruciating bliss. Her breasts surged to feed the demand. She wept with shock and relief as their hot soft wet mouths pulled and pumped. They nuzzled and swept their heads about causing more release, more milk feeding their needy bellies.
She gasped and shook as they suckled hard in unison causing her thick stretched nubs to squirt streams of milk against their hard rough insistent tongues. ONeil reeled as fresh ticklish shocks struck out through her hot breasts to her contracting belly.
ONeil shuddered as through each breast she felt hot electric shocks, she could distinctly feel every motion of their hot hard gums working away at her aching teats. Their hairy lips stroking the bloated dark coral flesh of her aureole. Her large swelling breasts now lined with puffy blue veins. as they sought to supply the hungry animals.
ONeil could feel a hot tingling in each boob as milk bubbled deep inside each breast. She could feel the blood pounding through them, her nipples were burning, and itching excruciating throbs wracked each teat. Her belly was tightening. The heat and pressure in her tits was indescribable. She was now lactating heavily into both hungry bullocks mouths.
Each dark glistening teat was now unbelievably thick and long, as the suction from the animals just kept on and on as the tried to drain her two engorged udders. She moaned as the building release suddenly cascaded into a million tingling shocks through each teat as they began gushing out of their milky backlogged nipples.
She felt her breasts thump and ache as milk hosed out in long pressured squirts. Her whole body squirmed and shuddered as she experienced the most intense let down. Warm milky streams shot out flooding the bullocks mouths.
"ummmmmmmmmmmm," ONeil moaned.
Nero came up behind her watching her hips hump toward the wood he kicked her feet apart and pushed his hand down the front of her belly and under cupping her twat. ONeil gasped as his fingers plunged into her cunt in rhythmic motion, trying to match her every thrust.
ONeils body tensed, then began to tremble. Her pussy was now gripping his fingers. Her cunt was about to explode. He pulled his cock out with his other hand and forced it up her ass. ONeil squealed and kicked as he thrust up into her in one deep hard stroke.
"ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG," she groaned from deep in her throat.
She was cumming, Buckets of pussy juice flowing from between her legs spilling out over his hand and down her inner thighs.
"UGH, UGH, UGH," she grunted as the fragrance of her juices filled the air as Nero started to really ram her up the ass making her kick and stamp as he viciously force fed her bowels his rigid meat.
End of Part Twenty Seven.
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty Eight

Part Twenty Eight

"Hey Ed you like these udders? get them animals off em and give them a good fucking!"

Ed went into the stall and wrestled the Bullocks off her tits. ONeil squealed and clung on to the animals by their fur. Her teats stretched alarmingly and then twanged back as their mouths were pulled away. ONeils teats gushed fine sprays of thick milk; She put her hands to them and tried to stem the flow. She gripped them hard groaning as Nero slammed deep up her butt making her throw her head back.

Ed threw a bale on the floor and stood on it. Nero carefully positioned ONeil halfway between two of the upright posts that supported the roof of the stable. Eds next step was to grab one of the ropes tethered to the wall. He threw the end of the rope up over a rafter, retrieved it, and then pulled it very taut, He grabbed ONeils wrists and yanked them together.
Quickly with her struggling to pull them free he tied them. Once tied he grabbed the wall end and yanked it hard lifting ONeils arms high over head, and forcing her shoulders to almost buckle He then fastened the rope securely around a hook on the wall.

Ed stepped back to admire the vision of feminine vulnerability that awaited his wrath. The strong Lieutenants tanned arms were stretched to a tantalizing tautness by the ropes that lifted her wrists skyward.

Ed was a breast man. Always had been. And the best thing about ONeils captive posture was that it lifted her remarkable, gravity-defying enhanced melons into a truly tempting position.

The tall guards fingers stroked, gently at first, and then more and more roughly, the satiny curves of her succulent breasts. His to kiss. Eds mouth bent to encircle her thick elongated rosy tip. His tongue lightly flicked the tasty bud, and then Ed sucked it into his mouth for long seconds, tugging gently at the pink crest.

His hands cupped the big tied globes from below, his fingers kneading the creamy flesh. Eds dirty, jagged thumbnails scraped the pink points of her breasts into greater prominence, ONeil groaned as her belly responded.
Ed wasnt about to stop with kisses and caresses. He leered menacingly as he fondled her ripe breast fruits, delighting in their size, their shape, their weight and warmth.

"Are you ready Lieutenant? Im gonna hurt these babies. Gonna slap and squeeze em bitch. I want you to beg me to fuck them slut"

Ed studied the fine tracery of bluish veins that pulsed just beneath the surface of her bulging helpless breast flesh. He began with a mild right-handed slap to the outside of her left breast. Just using his fingertips. The slight blow caused her breast to jiggle just a bit. Then, still with his right hand, he slapped the inside of her right breast, savouring the sensation of the impact on the naked, resilient flesh.
Eds hands were rough and strong. Still using only his right hand he back-handed her right breast, a little harder this time, his knuckles sinking in a little deeper into the juicy globe. And then he back-handed the other tit, sending it swaying. Each time his big hands made contact with her soft flesh, he could feel his massive cock swell in his uniform confinement.

ONeil let out a guttural grunt and let out a sob. She gripped the rope, trying desperately to pull her ass away from Neros viciously pounding cock.

He paused for a moment to study the agitated rise and fall of her bound breasts as her breathing became more laboured. As far as he was concerned, her up tilted coral nipple tips were an invitation to continue. And continue he did! Eds powerful left hand walloped her right breast again with a brutal smack . His blows were harder now and louder, even though he was still using only the last two inches of his stiffened fingers. And the creamy flesh was pinking up prettily, he noticed. It would be a lot pinker before he was done.

And now a lefty backhander that just caught her on the edge of a lovely pink roseate. "Smaacck!" Again, still harder. Her wobblers were wobbling now for sure, with every blow. Smacckk! A sharp right to her left breast, sending it jumping inward. and then, Smacckk! An even harder shot to the right globe. ONeil was gasping and wincing with each blow now, as Ed continued to abuse her sensitive torpedo tied tits.
Ed was hitting her harder now, and the pain was cumulative.

"Hows that baby? Enjoyin it? I sure am!"

ONeil did her best to twist away from the punishing slaps, but every movement, every wriggle of her ripley curved body served only to heighten Eds lust, and to whet his determination to impose his fury upon her trapped boobs.

"OH God you bastard! BASTARD!!" she panted.

That was when Ed started using more of his hands to slap, the entire length of his fingers was slapping into her mouth watering flesh. He decided to concentrate on just her right breast for a few minutes. He hit her on the curving in slope right-handed and then, before the bouncing tit had come to rest, he whacked it sharply with his left, sending the shuddering globe careening inward again just in time to receive another stiff shot from his right.

ONeil jolted and screamed as he slapped her massive jugs. His thick fingers smacking into the tense flesh. Both stiff jugs bounced and jiggled. Milk coursed out. Spraying out in thin streams.

ONeils feet slammed and kicked as Nero held her hips and buggered her like a jackhammer. She screamed in agony as he forced his cock in and out, stretching her ass until she was sure it had torn, her bruised and marked hard cheeks twitching and clenching as he reamed in and out her body shaking and jerking in revulsion and terror.

Ed began to beat them hard. Cruelly slapping both tits so they slammed up and down.


He slammed them again and again, her tit flesh shuddering and stretching. Milk gushing out of both bruised oscillating orbs. Ed then, adjusted his aim, the leering guard decided to work on the protruding, pouting thick chewy studs of her breasts, slapping only that inch of flesh closest to him.
Right! Left! Right! Left! Again and again Eight times in quick succession, his rigid open hand slashed the crest of her right breast . ONeil was howling and sobbing in earnest now.

"Oooh UGHHHHHH!!" ONeil yelped, as pain coursed through her breast.

"You Evil bastard!"

"Shit, Lieutenant, you aint got no idea yet of what a bastard I can be! But Im fixin to show you."

Ed continued by taking a step to his right, and cupping the outside of her sweat-slick left breast in his right hand. While holding it in place, his other arm swung and his open left hand connected crisply;

Ed really enjoyed the smacking sound his big hands made when they made impact with her ballooned up bound tits. Then, before she could recover her breath, he backhanded her viciously across the centre of her breast, crushing he crinkly nipple deep into the yielding flesh.

Ed had tit-slapped more than a few women in his time, but this captive officer l was something special. Being Ex Navy hed wanted to do this to so many female officers. Now was his chance and he was going to make every blow count. He had those big boobs bouncing, now, as he continued spanking them.

ONeils head was swinging back and forth, too, as he whacked her glorious naked breasts; Right, left. . Right, left. After another minute or two, though Ed paused. ONeils tits were two bulging round handfuls of tied blushing red flesh, her nipples were rock hard, pointing brazenly at Ed.

"You ready to ask me to fuck your tits yet Lieutenant?"

She gasped wincing as Nero bit her shoulder, jack hammering her poor ass, enough to draw an "Unnggh!!" from ONeil as she struggled to catch her breath.

"What with your pathetic ween . . .?"

ONeil never finished the sentence. Ernies left fist, still smarting with the last impact with her left tit, punched her squarely in the face.

"NEEEEEUUUURGGGHHHHHHH!!" She wailed. Spitting blood.

"Still not askin? OK by me. I need a work-out anyway. How about I practice some body shots on those big titties of yours, Lieutenant?"

Ed fired a short right hook that landed flush on the inner curve the side of ONeils left breast, sending both tits bouncing and milk flying.

"Anybody ever tell you, you got some nice firm punchin bags, ONeil?

Big, fuckin punch bags bitch. Just right for boxing practice. Most gals with tits that size, theyre all soft. But yours?",
Ed shot a right cross that exploded into ONeils left breast with a sickening thud,

"Are damn near fucking solid bitch. How many beatings can these babies take, ONeil?" Ed asked, just as he ripped a solid left uppercut into the soft under curve of the ONeils right breast, sending it bouncing upwards. It was just coming to rest when his right fist shot in at an angle and landed squarely on the rounded inner curve of that same milk laden globe.

"You gonna ask whore?"

Ernie stepped forward, and using the back of his fist, lifted one proud handful of breast-flesh to his eager lips. He sucked hungrily at first one nipple then the other.

"Shit, Ed, theyre all bruising up, look at em swell up. Its time to ask bitch!"

"Please . . Please No mo . . !"

"Too Late!"

Ed, as good as his word, stepped back, took aim, and launched a straight jab at her left breast, catching it flush on its puffy nipple. ONeil groaned in agony. It felt like he had driven her breast all the way back to her chest wall. And then, quickly, Right, Left, Right , he rabbit punched each swollen bud with three more jabs, and ONeil, at last surrendered.

"No more," she panted,

"For Gods sake, stop. Ill do it."

"Youll do what, ONeil? I want to hear you ask Lieutenant what you want me to do."

"Fuck my tits you bastard. Fuck them!!"

Ernie hooked her squarely in the right globe again.

"I want you to say, "Fuck my big Mommy tits, Ed, PLEASE!"

ONeil, her breasts throbbing with pain, was crushed into submission.

Weakly, she whispered,

"Fuck my big Mommy tits, Ed, PLEASE."

"Well, good, ONeil. Beg more whore!"

ONeil hesitated again. Bad move. The big black guard man drove his fist brutally into her face again.

"Agghh!! Please, Ed, I want you to fuck my big Mommy tits. Now, Ernie, please. Please."

"Thats a good soldier ONeil!"

He pulled open his uniform trousers and wrestled his rigid cock out.


With that he gripped both tits and slammed them together, he crushed her delicate breast flesh together so violently that he had to strain to force his dick between the two hard tit-balls, squashing the flesh hard around his straining Negro cock. The thick bulging purple head bursting out of ONeils deep cleavage as he began to squeeze them up and down his girth.

"NEEEUUURRGH HURTS hurts christ!" she wailed.

His hairy-knuckled fingers twisted her thick aching teats first in one direction and then the other, as he rammed his rod through her milk slick cleavage. The pain and pleasure was indescribable as Eds massive cock rutted between them.
As Ed brutally fucked her trapped aching tits. ONeils body jolting upward as she took the full force of Neros cock right up her flinching ass. While Ed slammed her tits downward making her scream in agony as each breast sent streamers of agony through her each time his hands forced her breasts together and down and his hips crashed upwards.

"Ahhhh, Thats it soldier girl, thats so good."

His staccato grunts filled the air,

"Fucking - your -big - juicy - Mommy tits -"

Accompanied each violent thrust between her captive mounds.

The head of his cock jolting and straining in front of her grimacing features as Nero slam fucked against her ass cheeks, the penetration tearing her apart. the stables filled with her grunts and wails dispersed with loud wet farts as his cock pulled right back and then rippled back in.

"Thats it Lieutenant, can you smell that! Yeah thats me shit fucking your ass bitch! SHIT FUCKING YOUR ASS!!"

ONeil groaned and turned red in shame as another loud fart was ripped from her as she felt him come inside the rim of her ass, her ass burning as it spurted the length of her gaping bowels.

Her tits were hot agony with the violent fucking Ed was delivering ONeil was shrieking in agony as ED groaned, and laughed at her distress. He couldnt get enough of crushing her tits together, and then ramming his meat up between her trapped slabs. Ed pulled her nipples straight up and in, so that they almost touched. He ground them between finger and thumb, pressing them flat.

This time, ONeil could not suppress a scream. - it felt like her breasts would be pulled right off her chest.

"Mmmm. Ohhh, yeah scream MOMMY! Fuck? Scream all you want bitch. I love it cunt!."

He continued to squeeze his thick meat between ONeils poor abused breasts until at last, with a violent shudder he discharged a series of huge thick spurts of semen onto her tits. Then it expanded as he rammed hard between them and released a flood of hot semen all over her face. As ONeil gasped and spat, shaking it from her eyes he rubbed the thick warm liquid into her bruised breasts as if it were some strange perverse lotion.

Ed stepped down and moved away. ONeil continued to shake her head trying to clear her eyes of sperm. She wailed in shock and horror as she felt the first wet nose bump into her swollen aching tits and drag itself about trying to find her thick rigid champagne cork sized teats.

"NO! ENOUGH!! get them away! away!! SHOO!!"

She beat at the bullocks with her hands desperately trying to push them away. The first thick lipped hot mouth latched on making her yelp as the suction thumped on. She was still pulling and fighting that one when the other latched on and she wailed in agony as both teats were stretched and sucked.

ONeil heard them laughing as she went on tip toe gasping as her breasts thundered through let down. Her belly contracting her cunt flooding as she rubbed her thighs together in torment.

Nero had the guards drag her feet wide apart. and tied. so she couldnt please herself. ONeil gasped and groaned her ass bucking as the Bullocks sucked and sucked. Her cunt dripped juice. She was desperate to frig herself off. It was beyond torture her clit vibrated with tension. She sobbed in frustration as the bullocks pulled and slurped, Her twat getting close but never reaching orgasm.

They left her like that. It was about 2 in the morning when the Guards heard her calling them. Begging for someone anyone to fuck her.

ONeil was weeping with frustration, her cunt was in an endless cycle of building orgasm. Each hard suckle making her thighs flinch as her belly tightened and her cunt fluttered inside. The insides of her legs were slick with cunt juice from her vulva to her boots.

Shed tried to free her legs, endlessly tugged at the ropes securing her swollen jugs. The Bullocks never seemed to be satisfied. Their hot mouths chewing and slurping. Shed fed them pumping her tit flesh to their mouths, hoping it would sate them, hoping she could make herself cum.

The Senator had come in the morning. ONeil heard her walk up behind her. She tried to look over her shoulder.
But couldnt. In the end she gasped out,


"Please what Soldier Girl?"

"Please, fuck me please!"

"Ask nicely, remember how?"

"Please auntie fuck me, I need to cum please auntie!"

"Thats a good girl, You have been a dirty Soldier now havent you, all that juice all over the floor, tut,tut!"

"Please its awful . . . Please!"

ONeil flinched as Lillian lightly traced her fingers over her shoulders, down to her hips, then she pushed one down to cup her wet pouting cunt, she didnt move her fingers she just cupped it. ONeil felt the hard rubber of a strap on press against her ass. She pushed back.

"Do you want auntie to fuck little Soldier girls pussy?"


"Piss bitch piss!"

"Oh god I cant please fuck me!"

"PISS!" Lillian hissed.

ONeil flexed her hips tears came to her eyes, she gritted her teeth and sobbing pissed through the Senators waiting fingers. As she finished Lillian forced her strap on dildo up into her sopping cunt.

ONeil felt her hips smack against her ass as the head of it slammed up into her cervix. She began to buck backwards her cunt gripping the thick, hard rubber cock. The Senator began to fuck her. Her hands came around and pumped her swollen mammaries to the Bullocks faces as ONeil began to wail and thrash. Slamming her ass back against the Senators belly as she laughed and began to grind hard up inside her cunny. ONeils cunt gushing spurt after spurt of cunt juice in time with the womans thrusts.

End of Part Twenty Eight.

Enjoy MG
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Default G I Jane Part Twenty Nine

Part Twenty Nine.

Lillian came shuddering and gasping against ONeils powerful back. ONeils head slumped forward as she pulled her strap on out from her juiced up cunt.

The Senator lit a cigarette and stood smoking while the bullocks tired of ONeils milk and wandered away to the other side of the stall.

Lillian began to un-strap her dildo. Nero and Major Henry turned up. Behind them Ed and Jez the guards took up position on either side.

"I want her cleaned up and in BDUs, once thats done load her in the ambulance. Well take her straight to the fertility clinic, Doctor Stern will take charge of her there."

"Yes Maam" Major Henry confirmed.

Lillian picked up her clothes and walked off to her waiting car.

ONeil hung from her bound arms. Her head slumped legs still tied wide open. Her bruised and marked breasts still jutting out of their bonds into the stall.

"Had any trouble with her?" the Major asked.

"Oh yeah she tried to make a run for it only yesterday! But we beat the fuck outa her and then raped some sense into her dumb ass!" They all chuckled.

Major Henry went up behind her and thrust his fingers into her cum sodden gaping ass, he twisted and turned them admiring the way her ring clung to his finger tips. ONeil hung still out cold.

Major Henry went around to her front and examined her bruised swollen breasts. He felt and weighed them. Then he undid the ropes securing them and admired how deep the ropes had bit into her turgid flesh.

"Give me a hand lets get her down, the Ambulance will be here in the hour"

The guards and Nero helped get her down and manhandled her limp form to the floor. Nero fetched a bucket of soapy water and then him and the Major stood and watched as the guards slopped and scrubbed all the drying sperm off her. She lay still unmoving as they towelled her dry.

They dragged her olive drab briefs up her legs and then her BDU trousers. Fastening them tightly around her waist. Then her feet were forced into her combat boots and they were laced up. Nero and Henry went to see if the ambulance had arrived. The guards pulled her T shirt over her head and wrestled it down over her tits.

While they were both pushing her breasts into her shirt. ONeil suddenly brought her head up into Jezs face. His nose made a popping noise as blood spurted from it. Her hands came up gripping Eds throat and squeezing. He struggled gripping her wrists and then his eyes rolled up and she let him slide sideways to the floor. Jez was in a semi stupor on the floor. He tried to get up she leapt to her feet and kicked him in the head. He lay still. She grinned a kicked him in the balls for good measure.

She looked about. She could hear Major Henry and Nero talking out through the main door. She sprinted to the stall housing the bullocks and leapt the gate. She pushed open the sliding panel which shut them off from their paddock. She made sure it was clear and scrambled out. She ran to the end of the paddock and vaulted the fence.

She was in countryside. It was early morning.

There were fields and hedges and a dirt track leading away. She sprinted for the hedge. ONeil at least had a good head start. She headed off down the side of the dirt road at first, where the footing was good.

She could see what looked like a road about three to four miles in the distance it was going to be a long run if she was going to get there before the bastards came after her; at her best ONeil could probably have done it in something over twenty minutes.

She was still fit from SEAL training and felt strong. She had long, strong legs. But the morning was cold; worse, she had been subjected to all kinds of abuse and tied up for hours and her legs just didnt respond as well as they normally would have.

Her tits were the biggest problem, they were more than unwieldy. Both sore tits were bouncing madly with each footfall. Both ached fit to bust. Pains from their weight and the beating theyd received slammed up through her ribcage as she tried to run as fast as they would allow.

She pushed gamely on, covering ground with her long panicky strides. With her mammoth breasts bouncing in time to the beat of her footsteps, her nipples painfully distended against the material in the crisp morning air, the muscles in her lithe thighs working overtime, her strong but seeping ass jiggling with every stride.

She heard shouts in the distance behind her, faint because of the additional distance. But sound carried a long way in the still morning air out in the country. Her lungs were burning now, her legs were tiring, and she was sure her tits would split with the pains lancing through each with each footfall on the dirt track. But still she ran.

Behind her she could hear a vehicle. Up ahead were the track met the road she could see two men with rifles. Convinced that this was her best chance, ONeil left the road and headed into the field, still running in the same general direction toward the road, but at an oblique angle, some forty metres away from the road.

As soon as she got in the field, she began paying a price. The field was fallow, and was strewn with every kind of weed, thistle, bramble and bush that could grow. In her haste, ONeil stumbled and nearly fell; she hadnt run 20 metres before she felt her boots sinking in mud. Her legs were being tugged at by a variety of prickles and thorns.

But still she ran, blindly, toward the direction of the road. ONeil couldnt have been much more than a 20 metres from the safety of the road when she could hear a jeep behind her. She pushed herself to sprint faster.

Hardly daring to look over her shoulder. She had to grab hold of her tits and hold on to them so she could run.

She glanced back and saw Nero driving a jeep. Major Henry grinning stood up in it. Mark and other guards leering behind him.

She swerved to the right doubling back as the jeep sped past, its brakes howling as it swung around in a sharp circle. Nero swore as he backed it up and set off again after her.

ONeil forced more speed out of her aching legs. Her lungs full of hot searing pain as she pumped her legs up a ridge and scrambled down the other side.

She was in a shallow gully. She set off down it following the stream. Boots splashing in the shallow water. Her face filled with grim determination as she heard the jeep thunder down into the gully.

Trees to the left. Not enough gap for the jeep. She sprinted through them. Leaping briars and undergrowth as she heard them shouting and the jeep speed off parallel to her.

She had lost the road. Damn, she glanced about trying to get her bearings. The trees were thinning. She burst out of them.

The Jeep squealed to a halt in front of her. It swung around as she pounded away her breathing ragged as she ran down a dirt track bordering a small lake.

In front of her the track went to the left. She leapt through the undergrowth to the front. She was in another copse of trees she heard the jeep drive down the track. They must know they can head her off.

She nearly broke down sobbing as she tried to think. She turned about and hurtled off to the right through the trees she glimpsed the road. She pushed herself hard.

Suddenly the jeep was there alongside her. The guards jeered and shouted. She glanced at it Major Henry was levelling something at her.

She tried to force more speed out of her legs. Suddenly something hit her in the shoulder.

She screamed, her body thrashed as the Tazor charge slammed through her. White harsh light blanked her vision as she tumbled head long bouncing over and over through the undergrowth unconscious.

"Fuck that was good, can we do it again?" Nero asked laughing.

They got out of the jeep and Major Henry checked her pulse. Satisfied he undid the Tazor tag from her shoulder.

"No but we can teach her a lesson she wont forget, get her up and against that tree."

They looped a rope around a high branch and fastened her wrists to it. They dragged her up until she was off her feet, three guards heaving on the rope. Nero and Henry grabbed hold of her dangling legs and pulled them back around the trunk. Nero lashed them together. Then they tied the other rope off around a sapling.

Major Henry pulled her sweat darkened T shirt out of her pants and dragged the front up over her head and behind her neck. Her fat bloated jugs wobbled and bounced free. Her head hung limp.

"Well I reckon shes gonna need to be awake to learn her lesson huh?"

Major Henry pulled on some black leather gloves. He walked over to some stinging nettles and wrenched a whole bunch up. He walked back over chuckling.

ONeil Jolted awake, her arms were killing her. Her legs were too. But her tits. Her tits were on fire. She opened her eyes jerking her head up. Thousands of hot pains were shooting through each tit.

"Hooowey! Nice of you to come back bitch! I thought these nettles would get your attention!" Henry chuckled.


ONeil struggled and wriggled as he lashed her hanging bosoms with the poisonous fronds. Her breasts were already red and inflamed. Large hives were coming up all over both. She tried to twist them away.

"Oh dear they are going red!" he stated grinning sadistically.


He began to rub the bunch of nettles into her cleavage and over and around her wrinkled studs.

"Youve been a very naughty soldier girl, and if youre a naughty girl you must be punished."

ONeil was snatching and writhing her face pulling in agony as the leaves burned and irritated her breast flesh.

Major Henry dropped the leaves and took a length of thin white cord from his pocket he made a noose, he looped it around the base of her quivering inflamed left breast.

She looked on helplessly as he made another and looped that around the other. Yanking hard on the ends to remove any hint of slack.

This time he pulled it hard, then harder, the cord biting deeply into her tit flesh. ONeil winced and gritted her teeth as she watched The Major take out his anger on her poor boobs. With the bases of her tits constricted, the juicy globes soon begun to swell considerably.

Major Henry was in his element. There was nothing he loved more than the pleasure of tying up a juicy pair of breasts.

Seeing the look of utter disbelief in a womans eyes when she understood what he was about to do. He loved nothing more than enjoying their looks of fear, surprise, and ultimately submission when he turned their soft, sensitive breasts into bulging hard hemispheres of pain.

"ONeil youre going to learn not to be a naughty girl.

I'm going to teach you a lesson loud and clear..."

ONeils tits had been big and stiff before he started working on them, but Henry knew just how to make em stand out even more. He wrapped the white cord around her breast again, and once again tugged hard at the ends. Twice more he wound the rope tightly around the captive jug, squeezing more and more of her breast flesh down and out toward him as he did so.

When he was done, he stepped back to admire his handiwork. Already he could see the shadowy blue veins in her milk laden tits standing out, her dark red teats becoming much more prominent.

"Lookin good, ONeil. Lookin damn good!!"

Satisfied that the technique he had used on ONeil could hardly have been improved upon, Major Henry roughly proceeded to pat and smack her imprisoned boobs.

The four loops of white cord had sunk so deeply into each heavy orb. He was damn pleased with ONeils tit-popping breast bondage. Hed tied her throbbing treasures so tight that they seemed to be strangled by the white cords.

They were thrust out and bulging as stiff as fuck. And you could tell that they had to be throbbing with pain, too. It had only been a minute or two, but already her swollen jugs had begun to grow redder and redder.

They pointed out from her ribcage like a pair of twin Zeppelins.

Zeppelins that seemed at the point of explosion at any minute. ONeil sobbed watching in dismay as Henrys big hands reached for her taut globes, and then encircled them; his lightest touch was torture, her breasts burned and itched with searing heat.

"Oh dear are they burning Lieutenant perhaps if I give them a squeeze? What dyou say ONeil? Should I give them a rub and pull on em?."

Major Henrys hands slowly began to close lightly on her huge naked breasts.

"Oh dear theyre so full of milk and itching like fuck aint they bitch."

He squeezed a little harder, now, his moderate pressure forcing milk to trickle through a few of the ducts in her teats. He clenched still harder. ONeil had never felt such pain. Her knees kicked and heaved as she tried to pull them away, but his unforgiving grip on her tits kept on.

"You know what I like to do with big titted girls like you, ONeil?"

ONeil was screaming incoherently and yelping.

"I like to squeeze them, ONeil. I like to squeeze them so hard that all the Mommy milk runs out."

His grip tightened a little more. "Squeeze it all out."

His grip tightened yet again.

"You like that huh? Im gonna burst your fucking udders bitch!"

More milk was squirting out now.

Henrys teeth were clenched now, and the tendons in his forearms were standing out rigid from the force he was exerting. ONeil could feel an almost titanic pressure building inside her tortured breasts. The front of his uniform was now adorned with several thin streams of milk.

Henrys hands relaxed, then, and he let them drop to his sides. Deep impressions of his hard fingers were left in ONeils ruddy hive swollen breast flesh. She sobbed as they ached and throbbed.

"Dont know how theyre feelin, ONeil, but they're sure gonna get worse. They are lookin good. GOOD FOR A WHIPPING"

"No please, please theyre so sore isnt that enough?

Henry deliberately took her two distended teats securely between the thumbnail and forefinger of one hand and pulled. He pulled outward, he seemed to be trying to pull her tits right out into two long torpedoes by her pain wracked nipples.

ONeil was screaming and yelping. Her body snatching and thrashing as he yanked them out.

After some seconds her teats were twin pellets of agony. And then, without warning, "SLAPP!!

He backhanded her viciously across both swollen stinging breasts. The force of the blow drove ONeil to jolt and kick helplessly with her knees in agony. The tightness of her breast bondage magnified the pain enormously.

"Nero you got that belt and youre switch?"

"Sure Major here they are!"

"Right get her trousers down!"

Two of the guards undid her BDUs and yanked them down off her ass. One of them pulled her briefs down to show her twitching jolting bum cheeks.

"Please no . . you motha fuckers dont NOOOOOOOOOO!!"

Nero readied the thick leather belt. Major Henry tested the switch.

"OK, soldier girlie! Tits forward, head back, and ass up.
Party time!!"

Poor ONeil pleaded and begged her face lined with tears. She glanced about despairingly hoping against hope that they wouldnt whip her tits and ass.

"Ready, Nero? On three!"


Major Henry swept the switch viciously down across the upper slopes of both of ONeils jutting taut breasts at exactly the same split second that the leather belt exploded across the ripe summits of her bottom!

"NNNNNNEEEE Arrrrggghhhh!! Oh, God, NO NO!!"

"Aww, ONeil. A big soldier girl like you should be able to keep quiet when shes being taught a lesson."

"Ready Nero? One... Two... Three!"

And the fiendish switch once again bit deeply into ONeils bouncing bound breast flesh, She bellowed in horror and anguish at the pain as the horrible belt slammed into her ass.

It was everything ONeil could to do stop from fainting.

" Whats the matter Soldier girl? Does it hurt? Should have thought of that before you started runnin off, ONeil. And disobeyin orders."

Major Henry moved around so that he was on ONeils right.
"OK, Lieutenant. Stick those jugs out! Time for more, goddamit! Or youre gonna get it worse! Head back! Is she stickin her ass up nice for you, Nero?"

In fear ONeil strained to comply.

"Sure, is Major! Just as round and as can be."

"Lets go. One...Two...Three!" And again the Major whipped her savagely across her splendid melons, driving the tender flesh down, squashing her hard jugs so that milk spurted out in thin streamers, just as Nero lashed her flinching ass cheeks.

"NNNNNEEEEAauuuuuhhh!!! No more. Please, youre killing me. Please."

ONeil, sobbing, could only choke out, "I dont..." before she felt the agonising pain of the horrible wooden weapon as Major Henry ripped into her breasts again, this time just below her bravely erect nipples.

"Tell us you wont do it again, you fucking bitch!"

Major Henry waited only another second before he lifted the switch high in the air and hacked ONeil across the tops of her naked jugs with a vicious downward blow.


When he still got no answer, Major Henry, in the throes of a sadistic frenzy, whipped the switch savagely downward across first her left nipple, and then her right. And then he blasted her squarely across the centres of both breasts, brutally attacking both bulging orbs at once.

"Promise, you fucking whore!" And then he blistered her firm breasts yet again, just missing the nipples, landing on the edge of her swollen coral brown aureole. Moments later he sliced her proud beauties savagely once more, this time drawing blood from her left breast. But still ONeil would not Promise.

Then he slammed two more then three tit busting cracks across her swollen teats. As the belt slammed down right over her bright red ass. ONeil screamed and screamed then a sob wrenched from her mouth.


"Promise what Lieutenant?" he lifted her bleeding breast with the switch, bouncing it.

"I Promise not to run away!"


"I promise not to run away SIR!"

"Good Soldier"

Major Henry pulled his trousers open and yanked out his cock, he wanked it slowly, his cock was rigid.

"Tell me again!"

"I . . promise not to run away sir!"

As she uttered the last word he groaned and spurted a huge load of jiz into her startled face, and onto her bleeding tits.

She gasped and squirmed as the salty deposit stung and seared her scarred breasts. He put his cock away while the others gathered around her face and wanked off onto it and her tits.

Nero favoured her slashed ass. He came all over her twitching clenching ass. She sobbed and thrashed as he rubbed it in.

While she hung there sobbing Major Henry reinserted the piercing caps to her nipples. He tightened them and reattached the chain to each. He wrestled her T shirt down over both smarting tits. They dragged her briefs and BDU trousers up.. Then he ordered they let her down.

Minutes later she was sat in the back of the jeep on the way back to the stables. Her tits throbbed and ached still itching, she could do nothing to soothe the pain that coursed through them.

As they got on the drive outside the ambulance sat waiting the doors open. Nero slowed the jeep to a halt. Major Henry got out and walked over to it. He stopped and motioned for the guards to come over.

They got down and strolled to the ambulance.

Suddenly the air was rent with three shots. The guards tumbled to the floor. Major Henry pulled out a pistol as his shoulder exploded in blood.

He was thrown back against the ambulance. Nero slammed the jeep in reverse and began speeding backwards. His head blossomed with shards of bone and red. The jeep careered into a tree tipping on its side.

ONeil was thrown out. She scrambled to her feet. In front of her were six troops. In the middle was Salem.

"Surprise, Surprise! Well, well if it isnt my favourite SEAL recruit"

ONeil stood shocked rooted to the spot in fear.

End of Part Twenty Nine.
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Default G I Jane Part Thirty

Part Thirty.

ONeil came out of her shock with a jolt, turning she went to flee only to be tripped and whilst stumbling she was grabbed on both sides by Salems troops.

She was dragged around to face him.

"Now that aint nice is it ONeil, while youve been branching out on your own here me and my men aint had nobody to take out our normal healthy male desires on. Well almost no one." He chewed his cigar regarding her fearful but determined face.

"Pleased to see us?" He got real close.

ONeil couldnt help it she was trembling, she shied her face away as he stood before her. Salem looked her up and down, ONeils tits were massive slabs that pressed hard trying to burst her T-shirt. Her thick teats housed in their pierced and pinned cones stuck out hard. Her shirt was wet around them.

"You been overdoing it with the chest expander bitch?"

They all laughed. Salem caressed her jugs through the shirt, slowly working toward her pinned teats. Suddenly he gripped both cones, hard. He twisted and wrenched them up making ONeil yelp and grimace in pain.

He pulled her up by her nipples until her face was real close to his. He gripped them harder. ONeil gasped and kicked trying to pull free.

"You missed us whore? huh?" He pushed his face next to hers. Staring into her pain filled eyes,

"You missed my meat up your ass?" she tried to shake her head No "Dont be afraid of showing your emotions ONeil, you filling up with the thought of how me and my men have been abstainin from sexual release until we found you again!"

"Please . . dont"

"Sure you are! Dont you worry not long now and well
all be slam fucking you just like old times"

"Oh god, please my tits!"

"Now seems to me that you aint been to well here? what with that black eye, an all, so we think its best if you take a ride in this Ambulance where my two enthusiastic medics can look after your feminine needs!"

He nodded. There was a flurry of activity while the two on either side held her arms rigid. Salem grinned and viciously twisted and stretched her teats until she screamed, throwing her head back in agony.

Another waited behind her, with a large O ring gag. As her head went back. He brought his knee up into her back, bending her like a bow. in moments he managed to shove the wide ring gag into her mouth, behind her teeth. Then he did up the thick strap behind her head.

"Just like old times huh!" Salem chuckled.

They opened up the rear of the ambulance. crouched at the far end. His face covered in a cold sweat. Was a Guy in a lab coat. He raised his arms.

"Dont shoot me, please!"

Salem grinned at him.

"Well dont you look shit scared Mister? who in the name of sweet Jesus are you?"

"I . . Im Doctor Stern. The Senator . . well she?"

"Isnt worth a crap! Get your ass out O' There!"

Dishevelled and shaking the doctor scrambled out.

Two others dragged out an evac trolley from the rear of the ambulance. ONeil was fought toward it. Eventually with a huge struggle they got her on her back on it. With her kicking and struggling they held her down while two others forced her powerful arms above her head. They lashed her wrists to the head bar of it.

Her legs were batted away and struggled down. then her BDUs were undone at the waist and wrenched down her legs. It took them awhile but eventually her trousers were off. They struggled her ass down to the full extent of her arms and lowered the bottom third of the couch. Then her knees were dragged open and lashed to the guide bars on either side. This left ONeils panty clad ass and cunt tantalisingly open for attention.

Salem had Dr Stern by the shirt front, his feet nearly off the floor. The Doctor was a slight man 54" with dark curly hair, and thick black framed glasses. a long nose and thin mouth made him appear very weasel like.

"So talk! what did the Senator want your sorry ass for then Doctor?"

"Please . . youre choking me, Im a fertility specialist, she wants her eggs implanted in a surrogate Im here to begin the process and oversee the transfer!"

Salem chewed his cigar. Thinking, he grinned.

"And the name of the surrogate?"

"ONeil, Jordan ONeil!"

"Well that old bitch, Listen Doctor, nothings changed right, you go ahead as if nothing was different yeah! Your patients waiting. Wait, do you need anything else to do this?"

"Well yes, the eggs are at my faculty, I need proper facilities, nurses!"

The air was rent with a hoarse scream from behind the Ambulance.

The Doctor flinched. Salem grinned.

"OK you give directions, well go and collect them that OK?"

"Its highly irregular, Im supposed . ."

Another scream rent the air.

"Youre a surgeon yeah! Youre hands are invaluable, what if we cut a few fingers off?"

"Its OK!! we can do anything you want SIR!"

"Thats better!"

One of the troops came to attention near Salem.

"Sir, the Major there, seems, the bullocks were used to milk the Lieutenant, and a machine. The drugs in his case are to maintain her breast production."

"Well, well quite the Mommy aint she. Right get the machine and drugs. You two, Get those bullocks loaded on a truck! The rest of you get these bodies dumped."

Salems troops loaded the evac trolley onto the back of the ambulance. ONeil starred about wildly, terrified at what would happen. She could see nearby was an IV stand with a red bag and some plastic tubing coiled around it. On a cart to one side was a stainless steel tray with various shiny steel, glass and plastic instruments laid out neatly in a row on a thin white towel.

A faint smell of alcohol, Betadyne and germicidal soap permeated the Ambulance. Salem and two of his men got in the back with her. The Doctor spoke with the driver Salem had put in charge of the ambulance. Then the Doctor clambered in.

They drove the Ambulance into the stables and mounted guards while the Doctor began his treatment. The stable doors slammed closed.

Inside he looked ONeil over. Then he pulled open a draw and found some thick leather straps.

He withdrew two knee supports and fastened them to the trolley. He then undid one thigh at a time and with help wrestled them into the supports.

He put the thick straps over her lower thighs and strapped her strong legs to the supports. He pulled them far too tight. He enjoyed watching her grimace in pain as he pulled them tight into her flesh.

"Well now we are lucky today, I come out here to pick you up and treat you with kid gloves, and then impregnate you with the nice Senators eggs.

But now I can play my favourite games with a big strong bitch, A helpless big strong bitch!"

"Sounds to me Stern like your gonna a be one hell of a team player!" Salem laughed.

ONeils tongue lolled about in her painfully ring gagged mouth as she tried to swear and threaten the little doctor.

Her breasts wobbled and bounced under her shirt. Two large damp patches spreading from each pinned aching teat.

He ran his fingers down the inside of her upright thighs, to her panty clad pussy. He opened another draw and selected a scalpel. He sliced the gusset of her pants and then the hem. He pulled them away. Her swollen bald cunt lips were still pouting and raw from all the fucking in the stables.

He spread her bald bruised pussy lips and roughly shoved his ungloved fingers between her thick labia, forcing the folds apart stabbing up inside her slightly moist cunt opening.

ONeil jumped when she felt him ram his finger inside her, he took his other hand, he placed it on her stomach and pushed down hard, forcing her ass back down.

"Oh you are nice and strong aint you," he said to her, gently, then quickly shoved another finger inside her tender cunt and began to move his thumb, in a circular motion, over and around her clit hood.

He found she was still tight with good tone, he slowly moved his finger around inside of her cunt. He used his other hand to keep her pussy lips spread and kept rubbing her clit while he moved his finger in and out of her pussy, which had now started to moisten despite ONeils tension and fear,

"Oh yeah lots of room for improvement here," he said grinning; all the while fucking his fingers in and out of her now somewhat wet pussy.

"My little hobby you see, when Im not cleaning out old ladies wombs, and mopping out bloody cunts, is Pussy enhancement"

He rubbed his thumb over her clit hard. Chuckling as her hips flinched.

"So what could you do for Lieutenant ONeil here Doc.?"

"Well lets see, I think, what I can do for you is One, give her a super engorged clit. And two make her G spot so big and sensitive that she has to fuck all the time just to stop from going mad!"

ONeil was frantic.

Salem puffed on his cigar, "Well this should be fun!"

"Well lets open her up and see!," Stern said and abruptly pulled his fingers out and stopped caressing her swelling clit. He reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a huge metal speculum. He showed it to ONeil and smiled running his tongue up its length.

Her eyes were bulging as she took in its size, her legs snatched and strained as he lowered it and without further warning, he shoved it through the entrance of her pussy.

"This is the bit I like, Brace yourself!" he giggled.

ONeil yelped as she felt the cold metal slither inside and jolted as he forced it deeper still. She tried to lift her ass but he held her belly down.

"There, there, dont squirm so youll make me cum too soon!
One of you, strap in the box, pull her belly down."

One of the medics attached a thick restraint across her hips and pulled it tight.

"NOH YOU HWAT!!" she hollered as he began spreading the walls of her cunt.

Dr. Stern slowly forced the handles open watching her face intently, catching every twist, and grimace of her features. After the initial cold shock, it had started to burn as it forced her inner muscles to give. He was hurting her and enjoying every moment.

Slowly the speculum was extended as far as it could be and some more. ONeil arched her back panting and groaning as it went wider and wider. She was sure it would tear her cunt and rip right through to her rectum.

"There just a little further, is it smarting yet?" he chuckled.

"You see I need to get it as wide as possible, because I can!"

They all laughed while ONeil grunted and strained as he locked it open. He put on a headlamp and looked in her twat. Her vulva was stretched to the limit. Her clitoral hood stretched back off her shiny nub, the red walls of her cunt gaping beneath.

He smiled and moved around to her side and dragged her T-shirt up over her swollen breasts, he examined them. Then took a thick bungee with hooks on the ends and fastened one to one cone. Then dragged it up over a IV hook in the ceiling, back down and dragging her other teat up by the cone hooked it to that. ONeils tits were now again two very fat stretched torpedoes.

Salem laughed and twanged the elastic. ONeil howled and heaved as pain and thrills shot through each pinned teat. Beads of sweat were now running down her naked, immobilised body. The Doc. gave the case of Henrys to one of the medics.

"8ccs in each tit, shoot the fuckers up!"

"NOH! NOH!!" ONeil wailed as the medic pulled the bottle of breast serum out and began to draw it up.

In moments he was stabbing the hypodermic into her bloated aureole and thumbing the contents in.

"There that should make you eager!"

ONeil sobbed as her aching bruised tits began to throb and swell. Stern shoved two fingers inside her cunt and flipped his hand over. ONeil jerked and shook as he found the thickening pad of her G spot and began feeling and probing it.

Smiling to himself he pulled his fingers free and went to the drawer again and removed a slim flexible urinary catheter. He brought it up and showed it to her and smiled. ONeil had lifted her head to look between her stretched tits her face betrayed her recognition of the device.

"Well I see you recognise this is a urinary catheter, Im going to shove this thing up your piss hole Lieutenant! Unless of coarse youll piss for me? No? Oh well!"

ONeils sobbing and snivelling reached a new height.

"Ph-Ph-Phhheaseeee dohnt Ph-Ph-ph Oh Ph-Ph-ease" she sobbed,

"Phease dohnt hut hat ing in ee phease!!!"

Stern pulled his cock out and wanked it, grinning.

"So youll piss for me?"

"ESS OU ASTARD!" she bore down making herself piss.

Stern gasped watching her piss shoot out of her urethra and wash over his cock as he wanked it. Slowly it petered out.

"There thats a good bitch, now Im going to insert it anyway!"


He fingered her wet lips apart, slippily seeking the small hole. spreading apart the sparsely bristled outer lips, examining her inner lips, moving to the urethral opening under her clitoris, then finally to the clitoris itself.

He pulled back her hood, exposing ONeils most sensitive organ.

The doctor had a metal clamp object and she felt his fingers part her lips and manipulate the cold metal between her inner lips. She strained to see as she could see the end of the object sticking up between her legs.

Then she heard a series of clicks and she hissed in air, as her cunt lips started to part wider and wider and she shuddered as she felt the cold air rush onto her pee hole.

It made her want to piss. Her lips stretched more and more until they began to sting with being so spread.

"This will be a little cold as I scrub you now." The doctor said. ONeil felt a cold sponge start to scrub at her piss hole. This made her want to piss even more. She gulped in air and laid her head back looking at the ceiling.

"Im going to insert the tube now into your bladder."

ONeil looked down again to see the doctor standing with a long black tube in his hand and he placed it right at her piss hole and Then he roughly inserted the thin tube into her. She started to breath real hard.

"AAAAHHH!!!" ONeil cried out and tried to close her thighs and sit up. She was unable to do so, Helplessly she wailed and jolted as he forced it in. Dr. Stern chuckled and shoved the tube in harder.

ONeils booted feet kicked and jerked as he let go of it and attached a big syringe to it. In moments he was pushing water up into her bladder. He forced 500ml in and tapped it off. ONeil was frantic her abdomen cramping as she took it until her belly was bloated. He patted her belly.

He forced his fingers around her clit and spread her hood back painfully. Her clit protruding alarmingly with the pressure behind it.

He took a small suction cup with ball pump and pressed it to her clit her body went rigid as he squose it and sucked her clit into the cup. He bent it up slowly watching her face as her clit was pulled slowly out harder and further than ever before.

Once he was almost finished he snatched it out hard making her squeal and jolt. Now her trapped clit was a taut thin nub, pulled out and up displaying the taut glistening red tissue beneath. He attached the pump device to the restraint over her belly.

ONeil looked on terrified as he readied another syringe.

"A lot of people say the perineum is the most pain reactive part of a womans body, but I reckon youll go along way to beat a syringe stabbed under your clit, what dyou say Lieutenant?"

"So whats that then Doc?" Salem asked amused, pointing at the syringe.

"IV steroids, Make her clit come up like a fucking knob on a Russian radio.

Makes it super sensitive, and with the hormones shes got on board for her increased lactation, shell be like a bitch on heat the whole time. Lieutenant ONeil heres gonna be begging you, no more trying shell be one grateful piece of cunt."

"NOHHHH DOHNT!!" She struggled as he bent down.

He thumbed her clit hood wider so he could see, ONeils body was trembling her strong thighs goose bumped and bulging with effort as she tried desperately to lift away. She bit on the ring gag sobbing as the anticipation built.

He grinned and touched the hypodermic to her clit giggling as she jolted and fought against the straps. As she relaxed He stabbed it into the underside of her clit.

ONeil went rigid screaming in agony as he plunged the needle into the so sensitive flesh of the underside of her clit.

Her hips bucked as much as they could and she wailed like a banshee as he pushed the lot in, with excruciating slowness. Satisfied he withdrew it.

Slowly ONeils body relaxed into sobs.

"There thats all over now, you are a big brave girl" he mocked.
"Right then now for her G spot!"

He cranked the Speculum a notch wider enjoying the way her hips twitched.

He refilled the syringe.

Pushing his fingers inside to find her pad. Hooking them up and pressing and teasing it. ONeil jolted and sobbed as he pressed and probed it.

Her clit was throbbing and twitching. shocks shooting up through her belly from it. Suddenly he plunged the needle into her cunt wall and pushed the steroids home.

ONeil thrashed and squealed as he forced it in. She could feel heat rapidly spreading through her cunt.

Doc. Stern examined her cunt watching as juice began to bubble up from her cervix, Her inner thighs were trembling with tension her belly was fluttering with building contractions.

"Whhat ave oo un? Ohh OD oo Astards!" ONeil groaned.

"Right lets have a look at your shitbox then Lieutenant!"

He cupped her inner cheeks and dragged them apart, admiring her well fucked anus.

"Cheek spreader please! Right what I'll do now is place a large clamp between her cheeks to spread them wide, stops her trying to clench and ruin things." The doctor told Salem.

ONeil felt something cold go between her cheeks and then felt and heard several clicks and her ass cheeks parted out wide so that her anus was now stretched. She winced as the last click of the device spread her to the point of intense pain.

"Oh dear, looks like you have been overdoing it with the old shitter ONeil?"

He forced two fingers in and twisted them about testing the elasticity of her ring. He tutted.

"UGH" Is all she could say as her anus felt more stretched than ever before. Soon her anus gave into the stretching and the doctor was pushing four fingers in and out of her rapidly.

"Needs tightening up dont you think huh"

He pulled his fingers out, and looked at them. They were smeared with semen and shit.

"I think well clean it out first, youve got one hell of a lot of semen up there bitch, once its cleaned out we can start over huh!"

He wiped his fingers on her belly and began searching for equipment.

He produced a funnel, tubing, two types. Then a large syringe.

"There all the ingredients we need, soon have all that nasty cum out of your shitter Lieutenant. You guys? take a piss in this!"

He handed them the red bag off the I. V. stand. They took it in turns to piss in it.

He forced a full-size white rectal nozzle to the end of the thin pipe. Then a wider one on the thicker pipe. He pushed the thick pipe onto the syringe. Once that was done he forced two fingers back up her ass, twisted them and then spread her ring by force.

ONeil yelped and strained to pull away as he force fed the thick nozzle up into her rectum. Then before withdrawing his fingers, he slid the thinner tube in along side.

All ONeil could see was his head as he worked. Then he stopped, leaving the syringe laid on the couch top. He took the bulging bag off Salem

"Time for that dream colonic flush youve always wanted bitch!"

He manhandled his cock over the funnel and started to piss into the bag. Once he had finished he lifted the thin tube and attached it to the tap at its base. Then he hung it up on the IV stand. He touched it and grinned at her.

"Nice and warm, your gonna love this Lieutenant."

He turned the tap, her eyes were drawn to the transparent tube which was rapidly filling with amber piss.

ONeil grunted and flinched as she felt it start to squirt into her bowels.

"OW OO ICKK ASTARD!!" She wailed as she felt theyre hot piss start to fill her up.

"Right you two hold her legs!"

He quickly released her booted feet from the stirrups. She kicked wildly but they fought them and soon they were forcing her knees up to her suspended tits.

"Hold her, HOLD HER!!" he ordered.

ONeil was bucking and wailing as her ass began to fill with warm piss. They held her legs up hard, while he turned the tap full on. ONeil jolted as she felt gravity thump the piss up into her stretched abused rectum. Her water filled bladder was aching and burning but now with her ass filling too it was unbearable. She wailed and bucked.

Dr. Stern laughed with glee and gave the bag a hard squeeze. ONeil went mental straining and jolting, her distended belly wracked with cramps as her bowels started to back fill. She needed to piss and shit! It was beyond excruciating it was awful. He gave the bag a squeeze again they laughed as she wailed and snatched.

The doctor could see her ass would take no more, piss was starting to stream out of the sides of the nozzle. He turned the tap off. He went to her trapped clit and pumped the ball hard making her writhe and strain with her legs. Her clit had doubled in size, the flesh of her nub hard and shiny as it swelled. Cunt juice was dribbling from her stretched open twat.

He reached for the thick hose and dragged the large syringe to him he began to draw the plunger out, the hose began to fill with a sludgy mix of semen, piss and shit. He drew it further the mixture began to flood the wide body of the syringe.

ONeil gasped in relief as the pressure lessened a little, as the contents of her bowel filled the hose and syringe.

Stern grinned watching her legs relax a little then he pressed down on the plunger forcing a huge quantity of it back up her ass.

ONeil howled and fought, gagging and gasping in agony as her belly cramped and rebelled, desperately trying to expel the awful pressure.

"Shit it out whore! SHIT IT OUT!!" he ordered.

Perplexed with no other option ONeil bore down pressing her ass out wider, forcing the plunger of the syringe out. Stern grinned, he watched the Syringe fill to the brim and then he turned off the tap on the thin tube leading to it.

ONeil wailed as she felt the pressure build again.

"Strap her legs back in the stirrups!!" Stern ordered.

They fought ONeils sweaty tense legs back into the stirrups and strapped them in. Her belly was tight, Stern tapped it admiring the way she flinched. He undid the Syringe. and showed it to Salem.

"This is the bit I like, the number of wealthy women that Ive treated with this gem is surprising. Sedate them fuck them in the ass, wash it out with your own piss and then feed it to the bitches. Wake them with some mouth wash and its amazing how many bore you about how their colonic washes have changed their lives. Hold her head!"

ONeil gasped and tried desperately to pull her face away as they held her jaw and forehead. Salem laughed.

"Me and the boys have done something similar with the Lieutenant here before, only not with as much style."

ONeil gagged as the funnel was pushed down her throat through the ring gag. Pressing her tongue out of the way. Dr. Stern leaned over her.

"Now be good and take your medicine, and I might let you piss!"

He chuckled as he began to press the mixture out of the syringe into the funnel. ONeil gagged and choked, her nostrils flaring as he filled the funnel up. He smiled and pinched her nose shut. She began to struggle helplessly. Her whole muscular frame flexing and straining.

"Swallow like a good girl!" he urged.

Her face was taking on a blue tinge.

"Swallow!!" still she wouldn't

"One of you, pump the ball on her clit hard!"

ONeil shuddered, her body flinching as Salem tugged the ball pump hard and then pumped it. ONeils eyes bulged with revulsion and then she swallowed, She gagged on the foul brew, then swallowed again.

Salem pumped her clit viciously. Her legs kicked and jerked as her body tried to buck.

Stern stroked her face perversely as she glugged the funnel dry.

"There would you like some more?" he gloated.

ONeil shook her head her eyes pleading.

Salem gripped her suspended tits and pulled and pumped the flesh up and down.

"Ok Salem, you feed her the rest while I get to work on that slack ass of hers."

ONeil glugged and spluttered in protest as he handed the Syringe to Salem

Dr Stern checked on her clit, it was swelling nicely as it should with the amount of Depo-testosterone IV he had slammed into it.

He drew the rest of the piss and semen mix out of her ass. Then he dragged out the pipes.

He selected another instrument and took the round fixed-diameter stainless steel rectal speculum off of the instrument tray and roughly shoved it into ONeils ass.

He pulled over a stool and began adjusting the speculum until he could clearly see the pink insides of her lowermost intestinal tract. Her body flinched and heaved as Salem dripped the mix into her mouth.

"My my you are a bad soldier arent you? running away when we had such plans for your sorry ass. Thats it swallow it down! then you can piss! But dont you worry Ive still got lots of plans for you Lieutenant" Salem promised filling her mouth with the disgusting sludge.

The Doctor examined her anal sphincters, teasing and manipulating them until he could drag them inside out with the rectal speculum.

He then selected another syringe and filled it with anabolic steroid, he injected her muscles, enjoying the way she winced and her hips jolted as he jabbed it in.

Then he selected another syringe and drew up Collagen with it. This he injected directly into her sphincter. filling each muscle group that made her star with the thickening gel. He then withdrew the speculum and admired his handy work.
Her sphincter was tight now, the band of her ring thick and pressured. he pushed his finger tip in and smiled at the resistance it gave back.

"There better than new, take a look at her new ring gentlemen."

Salem filled the funnel to the brim and put down the Syringe. Stern pushed his finger tip back up ONeils ass with effort.

"Shit thats tighter than when I first fucked it!" He clapped Stern on the back.

Stern pulled his finger out and inserted them into her spread cunt. ONeil glugged the rest of the mix down and groaned as he found and manipulated her swollen sensitive G spot. He pressed and probed it, her cunt flushed with juices. They ran out in thin rivers down to her enhanced ring.

ONeils clit was a thick hard nub, it protruded from her hood as if it were being strangled. the head of it was a deep red. Stern flicked it with the tip of his finger. ONeil howled her whole body going stiff and shuddering as shocks slammed up through her spread cunt and full bladder.

Every time she flinched, she pulled on her swollen mammaries, her thick stretched teats seeping more and more milk as they were pulled by the cones pinned through them.

Her milk ran down the body of each suspended tit, coating her flesh with thin white streams. ONeil choked and tried to spit out the foul taste in her mouth. Her breasts were burning with pressure what was worse her cunt and clit were burning and tingling too.

Dr Stern Grinned at Salem "Time for a test I think!" He got his cock out and wanked it. The thing was short and wide, with a thick circumcised head.

He gripped ONeils thighs and dragged her ass further down the couch. Her ass was still spread by the clamp, her cunt by the cruelly wide speculum.

Stern picked up the Syringe connected to the catheter. He placed the head of his cock against her bloated sphincter.

"Now listen up Lieutenant, thats my dick against your ass, I want you to try and shit, when you do it should open up and suck my meat up into your shit hole, yeah? Now I want you to make a real effort to make use of this new ass hole bitch, because if you dont then Im gonna see how much more water I can push into your bladder before it pops.

He pressed down on the catheter syringe with his thumb. ONeil wailed and her abdomen clenched and flexed as the burning pain in her bladder grew in intensity. He pushed at her ring. She gasped in pain and despair. He thumbed the syringe down further.

ONeil groaned "OWH U ASTARD U ASTARD!"

She slowly pressed down, her ring began to blossom around his cock head. He kept it still, letting her anus slowly engulf it. He encouraged her by pressing more into her bladder. She snatched at the straps, groaning and tensing with effort as she pushed and pushed. With a wet snap her ring swallowed the head of his meat.

ONeil tried to pull off again as her rectum lanced with raw pain. She couldnt. Her legs bulged with effort as Stern laughed.

"There now thats fucking tight, Hot and tight, You cant force it back out can you bitch, try as you might, once its in its in until I pull it out."

ONeil moaned and bore down hard, he was right. She grunted and stiffened with shock as he lightly thumbed the ball pump on her clit. Hard cold shocks of tremendous force rippled and shot through her cunt. She twisted and strained as he did it again.

Her cunt began to stream with hot slick juice. He began applying slight pressure into her ass as she tried to lift her butt away from his thick dick. He followed, keeping the same pressure until her ass was as high as it could go, and she ran out of escape.

He then began to gently push down on the catheter plunger, increasing the burning ache in her bladder, forcing her to choose between fucking his cock with her ass, or the pain in her bladder and clit.

With a groan she began to sink slowly down the length of his dick as her asshole dilated to accommodate his cocks fat girth. When she had impaled herself all the way, he released the catheter syringe and gripped the ball pump on her clit. He tugged it, ONeil wailed and jerked her ass up and down in agony.

He grinned watching her ass rise off his cock, before he repeated the process, forcing ONeil to sodomise herself.
After a few slow strokes like that, he lost patience, and started stuffing his meat up her ass hard, driving her belly up against the strap holding her down as her fingers clawed at the air above her head.

She grunted and moaned. Each time he rammed her up the ass you could hear the air being expelled from her lungs in a painful moan.

Stern tugged and pumped her clit cruelly, making her writhe and jolt her cunt awash with more and more cum juices.

They coursed out of her spread twat and ran in rivulets around her twitching dilated anus. He pumped in and out of her ass viciously, watching as her belly tensed more and more, The inner walls of her cunt squeezing the cold hard speculum as her orgasm built.

"You gonna cum bitch? Flush my belly with all that hot bitch cream? sure you are, cum with my cock up your hot shitter, where you deserve it whore! In your prissy shit box bitch!! I'm gonna fill your ass chute! Fill it then feed it to you whore!!"

He ground up against her spread ass, ONeils body began to tremble and stiffen, her back arching as she pressed her ass down the length of his cock.

Her belly was tight, muscles standing out as she gulped and then with a wailing shriek began to thrash under him. A huge orgasm slamming through her.

ONeils belly jolted into wave after wave of pounding contractions. Hot slimy juice ejaculated from her cranked open cunt in heavy spurts. Her hips jerking solidly as he leant back to look down inside her cunt to see her cervix squeezing and pumping.

Stern gasped at the sight and gripping her suspended tits in a vice like grip (which made milk jet out in fine sprays from both teats) began to stuff her ass with the ferocity that only horses usually display.

He grunted as her spasming rectum squeezed pulse after pulse of hot sperm from him. Her whole shit chute sucking and pulling, milking his balls into her bouncing ass.

ONeil yelped as she felt the hot seed jet up her sore anal sheath. She clamped down against his dick in a desperate effort to expel it, but her resistance only made his orgasm more intense, and he slammed her ass like a mad man.

He came to a halt, He slid his cock out, until only the crown was trapped by her sucking swollen ring. Her cunt squirted more juice, as he wanked the rest of his load into her ass.

ONeil blinked tears from her eyes her head spinning as he finished and slowly dragged his meat from her twitching ring. It snapped shut as his meat left, leaving his hot load in her rectum. Then he unlatched the speculum and withdrew it.

ONeil gasped as she felt her cunt muscles snap shut.
Then he gripped the ball pump and stretched it up and out. ONeil wailed in pain. Salem held it out taut as Stern tied some type of dental floss around the base of her stiff bloated clit.

ONeil sobbed and snatched in agony as it throbbed with intense pain and became fiery red. He dragged it tight, then tighter still almost garrotting it. ONeil was stiff biting on the ring gag hard. Then in one movement he gripped the ball pump and wrenched it off.

ONeil went into a fit of rigid screaming as her clit jolted free, it was huge now and pulsing like a little cock. He bent to admire it and her wet cunt.

ONeils vulva pouted open the flesh thick and swollen. Between, her labia was thicker and more angry and swollen, protruding stiffly as a thick cowl surrounding her bloated shiny clit.

The head glistened and trembled engorged with the drug enhanced blood flow trapped inside. The hood around it stretched tight. Straining to contain the throbbing head inside. Her skin taut and pressured behind and around it.

ONeils mind reeled, she wanted it back up her arse, or in her cunt. Wanted it bad, she swallowed remembering all those huge black cocks, forcing into her ass, shoved up her twat and down her throat, the things they called her and the swearing while they raped her poor aching ass.

All those big cocks forcing her to cum, making her cum. She never wanted too, it was disgusting the way she had been treated. Raped over and over all those big black bastards, the smell of their sweat, the taste of their jiz, their grinning faces as they made her cum. Made her cum.

Her hips were moving gyrating trying to fuck, Dr Stern laughed.

"I guess Lieutenant fuck slut is about ready guys"

End of Part Thirty.
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Unbelievably good story, this one!
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Default G I Jane

Merry Christmas to all my readers, I planned to update this with new re written parts before Christmas, but unfortunately that is not going to happen as work etc. has got in the way but they will happen in the new year I promise. So enjoy your Holidays, be safe, and thank you for reading my stuff and I hope you enjoy it, be back soon M G
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Merry Christmas, Gerald!
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Default G I Jane Part Thirty Four

Oops I fucked up sorry there will be a short break in broadcast while I get my shit together, meanwhile some juggling Llamas


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Default G I Jane Part Thirty One

Happy New Year Perves

Yes I know it seemed like it was never going to happen but here it is the fabled continuation of the drivel that comes from my mind! Please don't step in it, it will ruin your shoes madum! Anyhow Enjoy if you enjoyed it please say so as I get so little feedback I wonder if I just write it for me?

ONeil wailed as her frustration mounted, the Doctor flicked her clit gently making it swell and throb visibly. He smirked watching her cunt twitching and flinching with each touch her abdominal muscRles flexing and jerking as her ass lifted.

"You want fucking Lt. yeah, well Im going to fill you right up you big mellond whore, right up!"

He went to the side draw and pulled out what can only be described as a mammoth dildo. It was long, coated in black, shiny pvc. The base had a switch and a valve on it, He liberally coated it with lubricant, it was covered in thick ridges and veins. He grinned at Salem who looked on appreciatively.

"Hoooooweeee you sure are gonna fill her cunt with that!!"

ONeil tried to lift up her features betraying her concern, Then his fingers were prying her cunt lips wider, forcing the head into the entrance of her twat. Her whole body quivered and her strong thighs flinched as it entered the tapered head sinking into her. He had to ease her lips wider to stop them from being dragged in. He twisted and pushed she groaned and pushed back with her hips as it slid into her twat. She could feel her cunt muscles ache as they fought to stretch as the monster slid in.

Stern grinned as he attached the pressure pipe to the base of it and opened the valve ONeil went rigid her legs fighting as the thing began to expand inside her cunt.

"Oh yeah Lieutenant you like that, thats it filling you right up."

ONeils labia were stretched tight around the girth of the thickening monster. She felt an ache that she had never felt before, an exciting strange ache, it oscillated up through her cunt walls making her womb contract hard. Her vulva joined in sharp throbs pulsing up through her stuffed twat. Her cunt muscles were screaming in agony as Stern stopped the inflation.

ONeil felt as if her cunt was filled with something of water melon size. Her uterus spasmd and cramped with building hard contractions. She literally felt this must be what its like to be giving birth.

The muscles in ONeils thighs stood out hard, her whole frame trembled and twitched. Stern leant forward to admire her stretched vulva. It was thick and bulged out on either side of the thick hard dildo. Between it and her vulva her labia was a thin squashed line of angry flesh.

Above that with her cunt lips drawn, as they were, her clit hood was pulled back tight. Her clit a thick pink hard stud, the tip clearly defined, shiny with pressure as it slowly twitched.

She moaned and let out a frustrated grunt wanting him to touch it, to lick it, to suck on it and make her cum to force her to slam over the edge. He ran his fingers over her pubis, making her shudder as he neared her clit. He ran his hands over her well-muscled abdomen.

Her big hard tits bobbed with her quickening breath, the thick trapped teats rigid and swollen her wide dark aureole bulging with milk, stretched tight by the unrelenting chain. Droplets formed and ran down the sides, ONeil could feel the pressure building in time with the excitement in her clit, she wanted them sucked, and pulled, to feed!

He grinned as she tried to arch her back to push her clit to his mouth, he looked up watching her teats dragged bigger and bigger as she tugged her fat stiff jugs away from the strong unrelenting chain. More milk dribbled out forming rivulets down her breasts to her glistening tense body. He breathed on her clit making her whole frame tremble and tighten against the restraints.

"Right get some of your men ready Salem, seen as theyre so keen they can fuck as much milk as they can out of her tits, and cum in her mouth."

He went in the draw again and withdrew a thin, chromed vibrator. He switched it on and eased it into her ass. In response her hips began to twitch and grind. She let out a moan of frustration as the strong vibrations began to strum through her stuffed twat.

Stern went to the front of the trolley and dropped the head cushion down. ONeil glared at him with defiant but wanton eyes as her head dropped down at a 90 degree angle. ONeils eyes went wide as she felt her head come to a rest, feeling her throat and mouth open.

Realisation slammed through her. He went to her ring gag and unclipped a small handle.

He cranked her mouth slowly wider. He smiled as tears welled in her eyes as her cunt sang out for attention. She felt him take a thick strap and fasten it around her forehead so she couldnt move her head. Then he put a large plastic drip tray affair under her head and shoulders.

"There, Ill collect what you dont swallow for later, You see this is the only chance these men will get to fuck any part of you for awhile. Also I want you so fucking deliriously excited by the time we get to the clinic that youll be glad of the procedure. There shes all yours!"

ONeil groaned and shouted for him to come back. Salem and Stern clambered out as they walked away Salems men began streaming into the rear of the ambulance.

Her eyes were still wide as they feasted their eyes on her trapped body her mammoth slab like tits suspended cruelly from the ceiling, her cleavage wet with milk her mouth held wide open lips tight and thin, Teeth white, straining against the metal loop that kept them at bay. Her pink wet throat swallowed in apprehension as her eyes went from cock to cock. It looked so tight and inviting, her neck muscles straining as she tried to pull away.

ONeil looked with panic at the sea of grinning faces around her. Surrounded by 8 naked black soldiers. They were slowly jerking off some monster-sized pricks and talking among themselves, she glanced from cock to cock feeling her belly tighten and her ass move in frustration.

The first one stood over her face and stuffed his cock into the stiff suspended cleavage of her massive jugs. His fingers gripped each heavy mammary and squeezed them hard. forcing her teats to be tugged and pumped as he began to fuck her tits.

His balls swiping her face as he rapidly fucked her tits viciously pressing them together making milk stream from her pierced nipples as he quickly reached climax. He pulled out and shoved his cock straight down her throat unleashing a huge wad of semen right down into her belly. ONeil swallowed as if by reflex.

He pulled out. Another was waiting he grabbed her pierced teats, twisting and yanking them toward him, pulling them up and in to make a tighter channel for his hard cock. His strong fingers squeezing the flesh of her teats behind the bar heads, stretching and pulling.

He rammed his cock into her slick channel, fucking her tits. ONeils cunt spasmd around the dildo edging toward the brink but never getting there. More hands gripped and squeezed and tested her hot hard milk filled jugs. Forcing her tits to the brink and then over into let down.

Milk flooding down her breasts coating his slamming cock, he jerked it free and rammed it into her throat. She felt her mouth filling up with sperm again.

Again and again, she swallowed the hot gooey load as another cock immediately took its place in her mouth. Men fighting over licking the milk from the sides of her tanned jugs as another fucks her tits. Milk and semen started to drip into the tray, the milk as it ran down her breasts and the semen slid off her face from those who didnt make it from breasts to mouth.

They barely gave her time to breathe. Cock after cock fucked and pounded her suspended jugs leaving her choking and gasping for breath before another cock rammed deep into ONeils throat, leaving behind their hot cum.

Her whole face had become a mess covered in sticky sperm that was running down her cheeks, forehead and neck. It seemed to go on and on. Huge black cocks continually filled her throat, cumming in her mouth until it ran out and splattering more all over her face.

An hour later when Salem and Stern returned from their discussion over ONeils future, it was obvious that the gagging sounds Salem could hear was ONeil being choke fucked one last time by a long line of throbbing cocks that added more and more to the load on her face.

Her face a thick mask of cum, blobby and almost pure white. Shes completely unrecognisable. A steady, soft, moan comes from her lips, bubbling with the residue of cum still lodged in her throat.

Salem ordered the troops out and watched as Stern scooped the rest of the semen off her face into the plastic drip tray. ONeil gasped and blew semen bubbles out of her nose as he took away the tray and decanted it into another vetinary wide bore syringe.

"There you were hungry werent you Lieutenant!" he gloated.

She tried to open her sperm coated eyes, and moaned spluttering goo out.

"Now weve just one more thing to attend too and well be off
to the clinic"

He reached over and undid the strap holding her head down she lifted her neck groaning. He took out a little plastic case, he opened it.

"You see this, its my piercing kit, Im going to pierce your
big fat clit for you"

Her eyes opened wide "NOH NOHHH (Splutter) NOHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

"Dont be silly Lieutenant, see its actually a very clever device, and very well designed for what it does. You see Its like a pair of pliers, but it has a hole bored through the clamping part. And here on one side, theres a tube with one end cut at an angle to do the actual piercing. See it extends through the hole, and when the pliers are closed, the tube goes through the hole on the other side, and there one pierced clit."

"NOH PHEASH NOHHH NOHHHH!!" she pleaded, he grinned and went around to between her thighs.

He fitted a new tube into the piercer, and got out a specially made clit ring, which was opened into a C shape. ONeils clit was still a hard fat nub, She grunted and flinched as he touched it and pulled it up.

He quickly attached the small ball pump and sucked it up and bent it back. Then he swabbed it with alcohol. He lined the sharp end of the tube to the taught skin at the right side of her clit, made sure the everything was set up right.

In one swift motion he squeezed the pliers closed on her clit. She screamed loudly. The sharp end of the tube punched through her cunt flesh behind her clit, emerging bloody through the hole in the opposite side. He then released the pliers, leaving the tube piercing her clit;

ONeil sobbed hysterically and tried to get away. Stern rotated the C shaped ring through the tube so that the open end was facing upwards, and used a second pair of real pliers to force it shut.

The ends of the ring itself were notched such that once shut, it would lock and require serious pliers work to undo. When the ring was locked, he slid the piercing tube around and snipped it off with a flick of a knife. At this point, her pleas for Stern to stop were reduced to incoherent babble.

Now it was finished. Stern took off the pump releasing her smarting clit and gripping the ring flipped it up and forced it over her clit trapping and squeezing it. ONeil went crazy as he admired his handiwork.

ONeil could feel the pain subsiding now to be replaced with an excruciating throbbing pain/pleasure from her clit, she needed to rub it, to press her legs together. She tried to fuck her hips, desperate for attention.

Her imagination was flooded with cocks and mouths, the feeling of semen bursting in her ass, in her throat, in her cunt! She lifted her ass testing the belt that held her belly down. She felt her cunt squeeze the dildo hard as if trying to break it.

"Oh Yeah Lieutenant are you a slut or what, dont you worry were going to my clinic now. My nurses will love to play with your big titties. Drain them dry with their hot mouths, and then when your nasty hormone levels have stabilized. Im going to make you pregnant with the Senators baby!"

ONeil jolted in shock with their plan.

"And I little lady am proudly gonna be the father!" Salem said with relish.

ONeil felt her eyes flood with helpless tears which flooded down her semen crusted face.

"AWW dont cry Honey, were happy for you too!" Salem gloated.

He stood over her puffing on his cigar,

"Bet you wish youd hit that bell huh? Oh yeah!"

Stern was feeling her abdomen he stopped.

"Twins definitely maybe triplets, she is ideal!"

End of Part Thirty-One.
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I love all your stuff, but to me G.I. Jane is the reigning queen of suffering. It's truly great to have all her adventures republished in corrected (?) form. It is possible that this forum is not the most visited, however. Seems to be more action in other places...
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