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Default Rape Bait Academy - Gina and Teddy

Sent from: Gina 2/13/15 23:30:00

I’m begging you please don’t let him rape me im not ready. Please call him and tell him im calling it off.

Sent from: God of Rape 2/13/15 23:35:32

You don’t get to just call it off. His phone isn’t on, keeps going to voicemail.

Teddy is not your friend tonight. He’s your sadistic rapist. He is not interested in “calling it off.” Neither one of us can stop him I’m afraid. Sucks for you. The clock is ticking slut. At midnight, you two will finally get to meet.

Sent from: Gina 2/13/15 23:37:10

you narcissistic asshole! I just wont be home then. I’m leaving. Goodbye.

Gina knew Teddy could get in her home with no problems. She willingly gave the Rape God a copy of her keys by mail. Which were then rerouted to Teddy, an associate rapist closest to Gina’s address. The shame floods her face realizing what a dumb thing she did. She fantasized about it with Teddy, roleplayed with it online, sent nude pictures and a video asking him to please rape her on this night. How could anyone argue she did NOT want this? And the worst part was, her parents left her all alone tonight. On Valentine’s Day.

Desperate for safety, 19 year old Gina calls the police. Her teeny ’daddy’s little girl’ voice shrieks and races about her predicament. “Ma’am slow down, you’re saying you invited him to your house to rape you?” “Uhhhh...no. Please just send a cop car. I don’t see him yet but I know he’s coming. Shit I only have 15 minutes. He’s gonna rape me, he’s gonna hurt me, over and over again and I’m not ready for this.” “Ma’am please calm down. We can’t help you unless there’s an emergency. You sure this man isn’t just playing a trick on you?” “What the fuck?! This is an emergency. No it’s not a trick.”

The operator hangs up leaving Gina pacing in her bedroom, frustrated and frightened with anticipation. She had 10 minutes left. All she had to do was grab her phone and run out the door. As she paces up the block, she dials her best friend Victoria to let her know she’s coming over. No answer. “C’mon pick up the damn phone.” She complains to her device. Dials again. No answer. “Shit”.

Distant from her home now, Gina pauses to catch her breath. With 5 minutes til midnight, she’s safe. For now. Gina feels her phone vibrate and it is Victoria’s gorgeous face on the screen. Gina sighing in relief picks up, “Hey Vikky, you’re not going to believe the night I’m having. Can I come over?”

“You sure can, slut.” A masculine voice answers. There’s a moment of silence. Gina knows exactly whose voice that belongs to despite it being the first time she’s ever heard it. “Wh-What did you say? Who is this?” “Who the fuck you think it is?” Gina’s breathing quickens and collapses to the floor, dragged back into the nightmare. “Where’s Victoria? What did you do with my friend?” “Your friend?...Oh here she is.” “MMMMmpppghh!!!” Gina instantly pissed her pants listening to her friend’s horrifying, pleading cries. “No please! Whatever you’re doing just stop it. I’ll do whatever you…” Gina sobs, unable to finish that last sentence. “What was that slut?” “I…I said I’ll do…whatever you. Want?” “You have exactly 2 minutes to rush your bitch ass here. A second later and I start slashing your friend’s face up. Gina hears her friend’s muffled screams one more time, not having a doubt in her mind Teddy was about to torture her friend.

Gina has 10 blocks to go, running past late night walkers, couples, and joggers in the quiet suburban neighborhood. Images of Gina’s childhood friend, scared, possibly bound and gagged. With a knife to her face, maybe her throat. Completely at the mercy of a sadistic man. Gina picks up the pace to the point her bra couldn’t stop her breasts from jiggling and jostling about. She had to hold them up as she could not stop for a second. She ran through the door, already opened, and completely out of breath. Her legs collapse to the living room floor, mouthing any noise to signal her arrival.

“Hey Gina, took you long enough.” A female voice is heard from the top of stairs. The beautiful brunette and voluptuous, 19 year old Victoria emerges with a coy smile on her face, and perfectly naked. Gina wide eyed and confused, expected her to be hurt in some way. “Victoria…you’re ok. Where’s…?”

SLAM! The door Gina entered bangs shut. Teddy stands tall, dominant, tattooed and handsome behind her and smiles down at Gina as she becomes paralyzed and aroused with fear. “Nice work Vikky, she bought it.” Gina jerks her head to Victoria, expecting an explanation. Before she can react, Victoria’s foot squeezes down on her neck, pinning her to the floor. “Not too hard Vikky, she just ran a marathon.” Teddy steps next to Victoria, taking pictures of bare breasted Gina, popping out of her black blouse. She pleads at her friend with her pale eyes, “P-Please, what are you do…” “Shut the fuck up.” Gina shuts her eyes as Teddy threatens her with an 8-inch chef’s knife to the face. “You’ve been a very bad girl. Trying to get out of getting raped. The rape god does not allow such things. It is your place to be used and suffer for our enjoyment.” The tip of the knife treads down to Gina’s cunt. Her soft labia met the blade very unwillingly, shivering and quaking.

As Gina’s protests get louder and louder, her neck is crushed tighter and attempts to relieve it, but Vikky kicks her hand off and pins it with the other foot. She just smiles down, taunting, “Aww, you’re so pretty when you get scared haha. It was so easy to fool you and fall into our trap. You’re going to be a good girl for us. Teddy already raped me. You missed it. Now it’s your turn sweetie.” She blows a kiss to her terrified friend and giggles “Hehe.”

Gina struggles her hardest as the two assailants drag her by the feet and wrists into Vikky’s bedroom. “Don’t fight us baby, it’s only gonna hurt more.” Vikky pinned her body to the bed while Teddy restrained the limbs with rope and leather straps. Within seconds, Gina’s body was spread eagled and helpless. Vikky’s delicate hands stroke Gina’s tears as she coos her, “Please dont. Don’t let him torture me. I thought you were my friend.” Gina pleads and begs for this nightmare to end, but it’s ignored and indefinitely silenced when Teddy passes a roll of duct tape. Vikky whispers a final comment, “You’re going to love it. Promise. Hehe”

It couldn’t have been more than an hour since Gina experienced her first forced cock. Her clothes were ripped and destroyed. Her face was buried in Vikky’s cunt. A myriad of bruises had shaded her inner thighs and breasts purple, brown, and red. The memories were so dim for Gina after getting raped a second time. She knew she came. She screamed at herself for enjoying it. Vikky would hold the knife to Gina’s throat as Teddy recorded video to send to the Rape God. A field report was required of all rapes. Teddy was nice enough to hide Gina’s face with a pillow casing as this video would be posted on the RBA website for anyone to see. “Who do you belong to whore?” “I belong to you and Vikky.” Gina would answer the obvious but that wasn’t what the Rape God wanted to hear. A smack to her face would come when she answered wrong. “You belong to the Rape Bait Academy. You are and always will be beneath men. Any man wanting to fuck your holes has the right to do so.” Gina repeated these terrible, humiliating facts. Then Teddy raped her virgin asshole. Vikky was having fun choking her, beating her breasts and leaving bite marks on her torso and stomach. Love marks, she whispered to Gina. She enjoyed her friend screaming and begging her to stop. Teddy then got on top of Gina, forcing his cock in her mouth. She never gagged like this before. The bed sheets were soaked by Gina’s head in sweat and spit. Cum was forced down Gina’s throat and she was finally allowed a break.

A broken girl, laid to rest.

Vikky sat next to her, massaging her bruises, kissing her with all the tender love and care she has for her friend. As a reward for Gina’s suffering, Teddy fucked Vikky in round 3. After their first encounter, Vikky craved his domination. Gina couldn’t help but watch her friend get strangled and fucked, bound up and beaten. Teddy pulled out his knife, which was conditioned in Vikky to always behave herself. Degradation took on a whole new meaning. Teddy ordered, “Tell Gina what a horrible friend you’ve been for getting her raped. You tell her what an even bigger whore you are.” Vikky did as she was told, crying yet loving every moment, admitting her true self to her childhood friend. Confessing to strangers she slept with that Gina never knew. She then begged for forgiveness. Gina felt the strongest compassion. She had flashbacks of when she first met Vikky in grade school. They did everything together. School, parties, shopping, dates, etc…

Gina and Victoria truly felt closer than ever. A friendship that will never break after tonight.

Teddy expended all his energy, leaving Vikky dripping in cum and sweat, panting and crying from the abuse. Dark bruises on her breasts and ass cheeks would take maybe a couple of weeks to heal. “That’s my good whore,” Teddy romanticized to her. When the commotion settled, Vikky wiped away her tears and fetched Gina some clothes. She was freed, and all three took a walk outside, smoking cigarettes, smoking joints, discussing the worst of Teddy’s abuse. There was laughter, sweet talk, makeout sessions, more apologies from Vikky, a little more crying from Gina, hugs and kisses.

They get to Gina’s home helping her inside. All are sitting on the couch, by a lit fireplace and discussing possible violent sex fantasies to play with.

Gina snuggles next to Teddy, “I want to be kidnapped next time. Like, tossed in a trunk and taken somewhere far away. Locked in a basement, no escape whatsoever.” Vikky gaped at her friend’s confession, surprised and proud of her friend. Teddy tugs on Gina’s hair, “Beg me to do it baby.”

Gina crawls in between Teddy’s legs, unzips him, and begs like a good whore should.
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This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
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consenual non-consent, domination, gina, rape bait academy, teddy

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