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something a bit different from the usual. it struck me to do a short parody fanfiction on attack on titan with some reverse rape. all characters involved in sexual situations are 18 or older.

Bertholdt likes annie. She doesn't know. When she finds out she lets him know about the matter in a less than pleasant way.


He hadn’t been able to answer her, Bertholdt realizes as he looks back towards where Rainer and Annie stand, speaking in whispers at the other end of the dining hall. The crowds of trainees all chattering and eating their food drowns out whatever sound he might have otherwise picked up.
He sighs, picking at his food half heartedly. Rainer is with her. Rainer with his large stature and strong muscles and short blonde hair. He has an air of confidence Bertholdt could never attain. Even Annie is rapt in attention, though she still seems to glare at the man darkly, her eyes flashing anger. Then she turns those eyes on him and he turns away suddenly. Those eyes, they are filled not only with anger, but hatred.
Annie Leonhardt, part of the 5th training regiment along with he and Rainer. And Eren Jaeger. Bertholdt feels his fist begin to shake, but he pushes his emotions down, gritting his teeth. He swallows slowly, balling that anger up into a small spot in the pit of his stomach.
Annie seems to have taken a like to Eren of late for some reason. She and Rainer both. A short young man, not even really a teenager yet, with scruffy hair and simple looks. He’s nothing to look at, but...
He has confidence. A desire and a rage that perhaps matches Annie’s own. A determination to fight. Everyone can see it in Jaeger’s eyes. A confidence mixed with so much anger and hatred it can be called madness. It is something she seems to respect, that backbone. Something Bertholdt has never really had through his 18 years of life. He is silent, a soldier. Not brave, not strong. He is tall, plain, quiet. Just a number. One of many and nothing at all. Nothing special at least, no matter his powers.
He looks at his hands, opening and closing them, wondering if he’ll ever truly be brave enough to tell her how he feels. How she makes his heart flutter every time she walks by or glances in his direction. How lovely he finds her golden hair or her fiery blue eyes. He leans down and sighs.
At 18, Annie is beautiful with long legs and a shapely body but Bertholdt has noticed her lips always seem to remain in a thin line, as if a smile never crosses them, though he remembers when the Jean kid had been annoying Jaeger and Jaeger had used the very move Annie had used on him earlier in that day. A quick learner, that one. Something Bertholdt isn’t any good at.
He leans back staring at the ceiling. She’d smiled then. Smiled at what Jaeger had done. Impressed and taken in by him. Her eyes had lit up, a smile crossing her lips, making her seem so radiant. Not like now, with her eyes staring down at him dark and cold, her lips a thin line. He shuts his eyes. She’d seemed so beautiful then. She....
Is staring at him?
He opens his eyes, looking into hers and nearly falls over, turning away from her suddenly, making the chair hit the boards with a thud as he mumbles incoherently. Why is she staring at him? Why is she here? He swallows and finds himself unable to ask.

Annie Leonhardt looks towards Bertholdt Fubar. He is one of the soldiers she’s been assigned to be with. A comrade in arms. Except...
“Remember,” an elderly voice in her head says. “Only your father loves you. Treat everyone else as an enemy.”
Her hands flex, opening and closing as she considers Fubar. The man lacks confidence. Even now with her behind him, he is shaking, keeping his eyes away from her. Physically, he isn’t bad to look at. He is tall, perhaps too tall. He is well filled out with a sharp chin and high cheekbones complimented by a matt of dark hair. But he has soft eyes. He has no strength, this one.
Rainer had pulled her aside after Fubar had fumbled over something he’d wanted to ask her and he’d told her that Fubar had feelings for her. An interest in her that went beyond that of a solider. She stares at him. He is weak. Spineless. But he is a soldier. He follows orders...
“Hey Annie,” a light hearted voice says, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Stop it. You’re scaring him.”
“Leave me alone Jaeger,” she says without turning to look at him. “This is none of your concern.”
“Yeah, but..”
Why can’t he say what he feels himself, she thinks. “Annie...” Jaeger’s voice sounds. And why can’t Jaeger follow orders? He may be attractive and strong willed but he needs to know when to keep things to himself and stand down.
Snapping, she grabs his wrist, turning it on him and slams his cheek down on the table with a crash. “I told you,” she growls, pushing her hand down hard against his cheek, “this is none of your concern.”
There is light wisp like sound as something brushes by her ear, and thuds in the wall before her. “Leave Eren alone,” the Asian woman growls. Annie looks back towards the other woman. Mikasa Ackerman. She is short, with bitter eyes and what Annie considers almost pretty looks. A full chest for one four years her junior and dark rich hair. But the woman is formidable. There is an air of hostility mixed with capability that the others do not have. Even Jaeger. It would not do well to add this problem to the one she already has with Fubar.
Annie grabs Jaeger, pulling him within inches of her face. “You stay out of this Jaeger.”
She tosses him aside, letting him hit the floor with a thud and grabs Fubar’s arm, squeezing it tight. Without looking at him she says, “Come with me.”
The man stumbles along behind her as she begins to walk, almost tripping over the seat in his haste to follow. Not that she is giving him much choice. Even Rainer, with his formidable size, stands back. Annie glances at him before walking past. The man glares back, but does nothing. Friendship only stands for so much before an enemy who is stronger.
Someone grabs her wrist, squeezing it hard. Annie stops for a moment, looking towards the Ackerman woman who doesn’t even look towards her. “This isn’t over,” the woman growls. Annie brushes it off, pulling Fubar with her. He is quiet through the whole ordeal. He mumbles something unintelligable but when she looks back at him he simply turns away from her with a fearful face. Weak. He is weak.
She opens the door, slamming it behind her with a crash, watching as a shadow approaches from the distance to her right. From his stance and height she can tell it is their commanding officer. She turns the other direction, walking into the shadows, away from the man’s eyes, or anyone else’s for that matter and ducks in between the cabins. Fubar follows in his stumbling sort of way. She grits her teeth, squeezing harder on his wrist. She’ll deal with this situation in her way.

Bertholdt follows Annie, his feet stumbling over one another in Annie’s haste to get into the darkness. His eyes are locked onto her back and he has some difficulty trying to keep them above her shoulders, his eyes wandering low to stare at her rear end that moves quickly in the shadows like a white ghost. He squeezes his eyes shut, letting her drag him along, ignorant to where they are going. He can hear someone in the background yelling but it seems so far away now. It isn’t until he feels her slam him against the back wall that he opens his eyes.
“Annie?” he says, trying to push himself up having slipped on the muddy earth. He realizes she’s positioned herself over his legs so he can’t stand fully erect when he stumbled, her hips seeming to push his legs down. As he looks at her she moves so fast he has little time to react when she pushes her lips against his, her mouth invading his own, lips locking with his own, her hands pulling him close.
He is stunned, unable to react properly with Annie pushing against him like she is, her body pressed against him so he is unable to ignore the swell of her breasts, how her hips straddle his own, or her hair tickling his neck. Or the fact that her mouth is forceful, demanding, sucking in his tongue and tasting it hungrily, almost as if she wants to tear it out.
After what seems like several long minutes, she pulls away, staring at him with dark eyes that are just as cold as when she was inside the cabin. He tries to look away when she slams her hand against the wall to his right. “Look at me,” she says in a voice that allows for no rebuke.
He swallows and stares into her hard eyes. “Can you follow orders?” she says flatly.
He nods, his heart beating rapidly. She is quiet for a moment, turning away from him, looking back towards the entrance of the cabin. The captain who had been yelling is gone, his voice having faded, the lights in the cabin having gone out in his absence. She turns back towards him, her eyes still cold and calculating.
“Good,” she says coldly. “Now you’re going to do what I say and follow it to the letter. No questions asked.”
He nods slowly and Annie only continues to stare. She pulls back and nods.
“Well then,” she says. “We should get started.”
“Get started?” he asks, not fully certain what it is she means. She grips his shoulder, fingers digging into the cloth hard enough that her nails scrape his skin.
“Kneel,” she says.
He winces, the pain at his shoulder a stinging sensation but does as she commands, his face almost at a level with her hips. He tries to look up at her, but her face seems masked in darkness now, looking unequivocally cold.
Her hands slip down her waist, moving towards her belt which she begins to undo. His eyes grow wide and he grips her hands. “Annie? What are you doing?”
He feels her tense under his grip, her body tensing. He thinks she’s afraid. “Don’t worry,” he says. “I...”
“Are you questioning my orders?” she says.
He hesitates, his lips quivering, eyes wide, hands suddenly sweaty. She stares at him, her eyes very dark and cold against the moonlight. “Then let go.”
He lowers his hands, holding them back, unsure of what to do. He can scream, but what will that do? Tell the commander a woman is undressing herself before him, forcing him to watch? He’d be laughed at by the others and punished by the commanding officers for forcing a woman when it’s the other way around. He’s sure of it.
He swallows a bit of bile, watching as Annie unclasp her belt and slips off her pants along with her undergarments over her pale skin. He does not want to look, but so close to her, inches away from her body, he can see every curl of blonde hair on her pubis, her clit pushing against the pink folds of her vagina which pushes outwards from her hips like a secondary skin.
He’d always wanted to see Annie naked, but so close, and so quickly it unnerves him. He isn’t sure he likes the notion. Yet, here he is, with her womanhood inches away from his face. What should he do? He feels a cold sweat running down his skin, a shiver pushing down against his spine. Straddling him as she is he can not even think about running.
Rainer would laugh, he thinks, if he told the man that Annie had offered herself to him like this. He would...
“Fubar,” says Annie, her voice just as hard as it was earlier. “Pleasure me.”
“B-but...” she says, lips quivering.
“Do it,” she says. “Now.”
Quivering, he leans close, and very lightly, timidly, kisses the outer region of her vagina, his hand against her hip. Annie grips a handful of his hair suddenly, pushing him roughly against her womanhood, his mouth opening on instinct so he has no choice but to taste her body, his yell cut off by her body.
“Bertholdt,” she says, “make me cum.”

He is terribly weak, she thinks as she grips his hair, pushing him against her body, moving herself closer to the wall so his shoulders are pushing back against it, the back of his head almost against the wall. Most men if they found a woman undressing herself before them would have faces full of wicked thought, but Fubar, “Bertholdt” she whispers, correcting herself, he is different. Her body entices him, but at once he is scared of it. Frightened of her. That means she has power over him.
When she’d undressed, pushing her pants down to expose her womanhood, Bertholdt had leaned back, his hands against his face as if to ward her off, mouth half open, skin having gone several shades paler so it almost matched her own. He is a coward, she thinks. But a soldier as well. One she can control. Now she will test how well he will obey.
“Bertholdt,” she says, “use your tongue. Make me cum.”
His tongue brushes against her insides with quivering flicks, touching her hesitantly. She pushes him harder against her body so his tongue probes deeply into her. “Deeper,” she orders. “Use long strokes against the sides.”
He has his hands against her hips, but they are hesitant, shaking. His tongue moves deeper into her body and she can’t repress a shudder as she feels it brush against her G-spot. “Yes,” she says. “Right there. Keep working it with your tongue.”
She feels him lapping at her there, running his tongue over it quickly, stimulating that spot and Annie quivers with emotion. This is the first time she has allowed someone to be intimate with her and she is still new to it. Still untrained.
She digs her nails into Bertholdt’s scalp, pushing him against her body harder. She will not allow herself to lose control so easily. “Slow down,” she says. “Use long strokes.” He does as he is told and Annie leans her head back, her lips parting, eyes shutting as she allows herself to embrace the feelings Bertholdt is giving her. He is unlearned as of yet, but...
A wave passes through her body and Annie has to bite down on her lip hard to avoid letting out a scream. Her body shudders, growing hotter and she stares up into the sky, looking for something there which is not truly there. “Is this how I do it father?” she whispers to herself.

Bertholdt stops momentarily, hearing Annie say something about her father. He tries to look up at her when her nails scrape against his scalp and she pushes his face roughly against her womanhood. “Did I tell you to stop?” she says. “Keep going.”
Bertholdt has to push back on her hand to get back into position and then push himself against her hips, his tongue sinking into her body, her pubis tickling the inside of his nose. His tongue goes over her insides in long strokes, working it slowly, as she ordered. He can feel her quiver as he taste her body, hot and salty. He wonders, is this what he wanted? But it is too late to question and too late to go back. Biting back his tears he continues to lap away at Annie’s insides, feeling the woman groan against him.
“Yes,” she whispers, “a little more to the right. Ah! There! That’s it!”
Her hips begin to gyrate against his face, her hairs pushing into his nose as she begins to rock against his body, her own gleaming with a sheen of sweat. “Yes... more like that. Don’t... stop.”
He does as she orders, though he feels uncomfortable, though he is having a bit of difficulty keeping his nose clear of her hair. He does what he is told. He is a soldier. A soldier follows orders. He has been given an order, so he must follow through.

Annie can feel the shuddering waves running through her body, rippling through it. She can not deny it. It begins to rip through her body and she slams her hips into Bertholdt’s face, grinding against it as if she were riding his tongue. “Yes,” she whispers in heavy breaths. “Yes.”
“Ahhhh!” she cries out loudly. A light turns on in the cabin and she grinds against Bertholdt more frantically.
“Hurry. Hurry. Hurry,” she says, wanting to be done before anyone comes out to investigate. She gyrates against him, rubbing his head back and forth, feeling his tongue burrowed deep in her body, pushing at her insides, stimulating her G-spot. The rippling waves come upon her suddenly. Annie sucks in the air about her, barely able to cut off her screams as she bucks against Bertholdt’s face, pushing him against the wooden wall repeatedly, the waves hitting her in torrents, her body cumming hard. The waves rush through her body in such a heat she can barely control it.
Her legs quiver, wobbling on the dirt floor and she lets herself slide down, running her hands over Bertholdt’s sweaty cheeks. She leans her forehead against his, feeling how damp and wet his face is. She finds herself giggling, repressing the urge to laugh. But he continues to stare with those dumb eyes, quivering, full of fear, mouth half open with no sound coming out but a trail of wet drool. It dampens her mood.
She pushes away from him, lifting up her pants and undergarments, feeling the wetness in her body. She lets a final shudder ripple through her before she finishes buckling her pants and tightens the straps. “Clean up,” she says. “Wash up your face before you come inside.”
“Right,” says Bertholdt, rising on unsteady feet, his eyes like those of a wounded dog. She turns away not wanting to look at those eyes any further.
“Oh, and Bertholdt?”
“Yes?” he says silently.
“You will join the military police when you graduate and accompany me. That is an order. Forget Rainer and the others.”
She begins to walk away, when something else strikes her. “When you’re cleaned up, come to my bed. You’ll be with me from now on.”
She turns away, striding back towards the cabin to finish cleaning up and getting ready for the night. Bertholdt is hers now. Her soldier. The situation is under her control. As it should be.

Bertholdt stares after Annie’s receding form, as her hips sway with a white glow in the moonlight, her form consumed by the darkness. He is no longer certain he actually wants Annie as his partner, except...
He wipes his mouth and looks down at the gleaming liquid on his hand. The excretion from Annie’s body. He lowers his shaking hand and looks up at the sky, his heart beating fast, that woman’s taste still strong on his lips. Hot and salty.
He shuts his eyes and lets out a breath. He’s a soldier. The choice has been taken away from him. He must accept that.
Sighing, he lets his head drop and heads towards the water basin in the center of the camp to clean up, washing the woman’s feel from his face and rinsing his hair out, running his hands through it thoroughly as if hoping to clean her out from him, but as he looks down at his hands he realizes he can’t. What’s happened. It’s inside. Somewhere he can’t reach with his hands.
He leans down, hugging himself, leaning against the basin of water, letting out a stifling sob. He lets the tears run down his cheeks, no longer able to hold back the pain and humiliation.

It is several minutes before he is composed enough to realize there’s a presence next to him, looking down at him. He looks up slowly, hoping to see Rainer’s warm face, to be able to confide in him what has happened, as embarrassing as it is.
What he sees makes his heart run cold, a shiver racing down his spine.
Annie looks down at him with a cold look in her eyes, the wind ruffling her golden hair so it looks almost silver in the night sky. He wonders how long she’s been there, watching him cry.
“It’s late,” she says. “Come to bed. We have training tomorrow.”
Bertholdt nods, getting up on shaky legs and walks back towards the cabin, towards his friends. But he knows that’s a falsehood, something his mind sets up to protect him. He can feel the truth behind him, following him a pace behind. Her hot breath on his back, heavy boots crunching the dirt behind him. A dark shadow, menacing and strong. He knows the truth. And he’ll never be able to escape. Ever.
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