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Default Come with me to the rape room

Hi all, usual caveats about this is just fantasy folks and all apply. This is the first story I ever posted online and this is the type of roleplay I can really get into. Now that this is my home for wicked discourse, here you go, hope you enjoy!

Part 1:

“Aren’t you just the unlucky one,” I say calmly, standing in front of you.

“Millions of women out there, going about their daily business. Just like you would’ve been. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and the rest, continuing their lives. Having a choice. Having freedom. But not you. You get to be one of the few who get taken. Who end up tied to a chair with me here. I decide now. I do what I want to you.” I lean in close. “And I’m going to rape you.”

I take in your lovely tear streaked face. Your watery eyes pleading with me for mercy. For some small mercy. “Let me go, please please don’t hurt me,” those eyes say. You’ll find no mercy with me. Your vulnerability only feeds my desire to take you. To hurt you in the most intimate of ways.

Tying you up was harder than I thought, what with you not cooperating and all. But I've got you now...tied you to a chair. Simple, but essential. Because you’d fight, rightfully so. I’ve no right to do this to you. To take you away from your life, your freedom. Your wrists: tied behind you to the posts of a wooden chair. A simple circle around each wrist, each tied fast to the seat back. You tug at them. Hard as you can. The sickening realization that you can’t get free. Can’t put your hands up to defend yourself.

Your legs. Pulled open just enough that you can’t close your thighs. Exposed. Your ankles tied to the back seat legs. Again you pull…trying to at least get some measure of coverage. You can’t. However you strain you can’t overcome your legs’ bonds.

Your mouth. You can’t talk. Can’t even close it. A ball gag has been forced in it. Keeping your jaw open. The basic dignity of being able to plead coherently taken from you. All words. All pleas. All begging turned into indistinguishable…and deliciously arousing…stifled feminine protests.
The room. No windows. A single light hangs from a string above. Probably a basement. You don’t really know. Its hard to see into the corners. You can’t see behind you. There’s a table in front of you. There are bad things on the table. Things that restrain. Things that penetrate. Things that pinch. And a bed to your right. There is one door. It locks on this side and unlocks from the other.

Your heart is pounding in your chest. “please don’t let this be happening. Please oh please god no don’t let this be happening.” You’ve been kidnapped by some kind of sex pervert…there’s really no doubt anymore. There are leather cuffs on all four bedposts. And a very bad man sitting in a chair across from you. He’s been rough with you already. You were shopping. You were walking to your car. A zap and your body collapsed…right into a man’s arms. Before you could get control of your body you were tied and gagged, in the back of a van. He picked you right up after you drove for hours. Over his shoulder. Your dress fell up, revealing your panties. He patted your ass as he carried you in. To this room.

That man is me. I am your kidnapper. Your abuser. Your rapist. It is time to start the fun.

I stand in front of you. You weep and stare at the floor. Cringing as I come closer. I take off my shirt. I unzip my jeans. I pull down my underwear. I stand before you naked. My cock standing straight and hard. You try not to look. I grab your hair and force your head up. You squeal and clench your eyes.

SLAP open hand SLAP back hand SLAP open hand. “Open your eyes bitch. Look at what’s going to be fucking you.” You open your tear streaked eyes and stare at the dick. Like you are told. The slaps really hurt. It isn’t the first dick you’ve seen. But it is the first you’ve seen from inches away, belonging to a man intent on hurting you sexually with it. And the last, and only, man you slept with was 2 years back now. He wasn’t,quite as, shall we say, aggressive about things.

“You are going to suck this, and suck it nice like you like it. And you are going to take all of it.” You cry…trying futilely to pull your head back as I force it forward…rubbing my dick in your tears. “Every. Fucking. Inch.” You shudder in fear and revulsion. You’ve given a BJ but don’t like the taste of cum. Always making the last boyfriend take it out. And never deepthroating it. Got kind of close once, but it made you gag so you stopped. After all, its your mouth. You have a choice what you do with your mouth and the rest of your body!

Not today. I use your body today.

“But first, I think its unfair that you still have clothes on.” I move behind you. I grab under your jaw and hold your head steady. You scream through your gag and try to express the simple word “no” around it. You can’t. I caress almost gently your shoulders…the top of your breasts that your thin tank top reveals. I slowly pull the thin spaghetti straps of your shirt off your shoulders. Then the straps of your bra. Your shoulders bare now.
I reach into your bra and squeeze your left breast. Gently at first. Then harder.

I feel your heart pounding beneath. You squeal. You beg incoherently. You cry. And I don’t stop. I whisper gruffly in your ear, “this is just the start bitch,” as I squeeze your defenseless tit. A quick, fierce pinch of your nipple as I remove my hand gives you a start. I enjoy the jump and your resumed futile tugging against your bonds. My cruel fondling leaves your left breast out of your bra and shirt.

I step away for a moment and am behind you quickly. You feel something cold on your neck. You stiffen, terrified. I move the tip of the blade slowly down your neck. To your chest. This releases a fresh round of sobs. Your breasts tremble deliciously in tune with your shivering fear. Your panic is intoxicating. I slide the dull part of the blade across the tops of your breasts…both the one exposed and the one still barely covered. The nipple of your exposed breast is hard. The skin around it is reddened from my marauding hand.

I slide the knife over to the straps. Cut. Cut. Your bra strap and shirt strap give easily. Sliding slowly to the other arm. You feel the same slight pull and sag of the straps as I do it again on the other side. I set the knife aside for now and reach to the sides of your tattered shirt…pulling it down, over your heaving with sobs breasts…down and crumpled at your waist against the top of your skirt.

I stare down at you for a moment from my commanding, abusive position. Disheveled. Your shirt pulled down. One breast inelegantly popped out of your bra cup. The other barely covered by the now strapless bra that wasn’t designed that way. You’ve been crying so long that your salty tears drip from your chin onto your beautiful chest. Some saliva I suppose too. Some trails between your breasts…some down the sides. Delicious.

You feel my fingers now at the center of your back. I love removing a woman’s bra. Especially an unwilling one. Each clasp slowly. Feeling the pull as your breasts tug it downward as each support gives way. Then finally as the back straps pull away when the last clasp is done…your breasts tugging it down. Now your femininity exposed. The thin, tearable fabric that men everywhere would tear away in a second if not for the confines of a civil society.

But I’m not civil. Since I can, I do. I cast the useless garmet on the floor. “You won’t be needing that anymore.” So vulnerable. I pull my chair up behind you. You can’t see what I’m doing but soon feel it. Running my hands up your arms. Over the soft skin of your neck. Your shoulders. Into your hair. I yank it, because I can. Down your tear streaked chest. Cupping your breasts. Groping you unselfconsciously, maliciously. You shake your body, trying to get my abusive hands off your sensitive breasts. It is useless. I squeeze them hard. I pull the nipples out as far as I can. I slap your tits, just to watch them shake. Just to hear you cry out. There are some bruises already where my cruel fingers clutch too hard. Your nipples sore from the abuse…hard as pebbles they are tugged and pinched nearly endlessly.

Again my mouth at your ear. “These are mine to play with.” Despair sets in. “Mine” I remind you. I’m hurting you. Dear god just please let me go running through your head on rapid replay. I ignore your moans and struggles. I grab your throat with one cruel hand while I torment your breasts with the other. I squeeze. You panic and struggle…drawing breath harder. I release…letting you breathe for a moment. Then squeeze again. “You’re mine little bitch.” I release again. Only to cut off your breath again with another squeeze. “Right?” You cry and struggle to turn your neck to draw more than the tiny bit of air I let you breathe. I squeeze your nipple viciously, lifting your breast up by the nipple only.

“With just these two fingers I can make you hurt this much and more.” You sob hopelessly. My hand still at your neck, but not squeezing…just a reminder I am there and in control. “So again I say…you are mine little bitch, right?” You feel something break inside your spirit as you nod your head…hoping it is what I want so I won’t hurt you anymore. “Good answer sweetie,” I say as I kiss you almost lovingly on the neck…releasing your tormented nipple for the moment, your breast returning to a more natural position.

Your wailing, gagged despair makes me even more aroused as I continuing doing whatever. I. want. I put my mouth on your delicious tense skin. A nibble on your shoulder. Your neck. The sideswell of your breasts. Now a bite. Not hard enough to break skin, but harder than any gentle lover would ever be. You jump each time and cry meekly, resigned now to my predatory abuse.

I let you be for a moment to wallow in your humiliation. Just long enough to move my chair around to sit directly in front of you. While you watch helplessly behind blurry eyes, I grip the bottom of the soft white skirt that - for now - rests modestly at your knees. Again I brandish the knife and your eyes go wide. Starting at your cheek with the dull, cold metal, I watch as a single tear travels from your skin and slides down the blade. With agonizing slowness, drinking in your fear, I slide it down. Down your neck, between your abused breasts and over your stomach…stopping to slice through the remains of your shirt.

I slide my free hand unceremoniously up your skirt, gripping your smooth left thigh hard, indenting your skin…my thumb uncomfortably close to your most intimate place. Then, continuing with the slow cruel trail of the blade. Over your skirt but still pressing down uncomfortably through the fabric to your shivering skin. Down the side feminine curve of your hip, down your thigh…
You try desperately, straining against the rope around your ankles, to close your knees. To protect your most intimate, sensitive place from the blade that could cut you at any moment. But the knots are too tight. You are too vulnerable, too scared. I reach the bottom of the skirt and cut it open. Just a little tear.

Again I place the knife aside. Where you can see it. “You are a dicktease with this skirt you know that? Such a skimpy thing covering your bottom…giving me just a peek at your soft thighs. Teasing. Out there you can get away with wearing something like this and not getting your ass squeezed. And worse” You shake your head slowly, meeting my eyes, pleading with me not to do this. “But you aren’t out there anymore are you?”

“You are mine, and I don’t want you wearing this,” I declare matter of factly as I grip the skirt on either side of the rip. And begin tearing. More of your inner thighs visible as I tear slowly, drawing out this degredation. You moan pathetically and keep trying to force your knees closed. Soon your simple pink cotton panties are visible. Your last “protection” from the monster slowly stripping you. Finally the tear reaches the top and your skirt is parted. I pull the useless item away and drop it to the cold floor. “There now…almost finished.”

I slide my hands up your thighs. Squeezing. Pinching. I lean forward, taking a single tit into my mouth. Tasting the tears of your humiliation, I mouth as much of your breast as I can, sucking and nibbling at will. Possessing you. With nowhere to backup to, no way to defend yourself, you can do nothing to stop me as I lick you, pinch you, hurt you. I sense your panic rise again as I slide my hand around the crotch of your panties…my hard knuckles against the soft lips of your pussy. With sudden fierceness I yank back, tearing the soft fabric of your panties, throwing them to the side.

You cry out at your complete forced nudity and start crying into hysterics. I encourage it…SLAP an open hand to your tear streaked face. SLAP again. And again. Your hands flexing open behind you as you try to brace yourself. I lean close to your face as I slide my hand over your pussy…parting your lips slightly and pressing a finger at your sacred opening. “My cock. Right here,” as I push it inside you, “whenever I want.”

Leaning back to the table of toys behind me I lean in close again to your defenseless chest. You hear a clink of a small metal chain. Terrified, you see and see I hold two things: a permanent marker and a small chain with two small clamps at either end. “AGGHPHHHGPHHH” you protest and recoil as I grab your right breast and squeeze, forcing your nipple to jut out. Crazed with fear, knowing what I intend, you shake uselessly…trying to save your sensitive nipple from the pinch. I squeeze the clamp open…you feel the pressure on either side of your nipple…and I release, letting it grip you securely.

At the moment I release you wail loudly again “AGGHGHGHGGGGG.” Kicking your feet the few scant inches the ropes allow in protest. Coveting your pain I slap your bare right nipple several times. Forcing that nipple too to harden. Again grabbing your breast while you try in vain to recoil, I clamp your other nipple. Again you cry out. A womanly, degraded, violated howl of pain. My cock twitches eagerly at the sound. I give the chain connecting your nipples a little tug and growl. The pain in your nipples is razor sharp.

And you can’t do anything to make it stop. You lean your head backward to cry out in pain. I mock you, “That’s right bitch. I will do. Whatever. I. Want.” With you still kicking and shaking I uncap the marker. You feel me using it on your right breast first. Making two large letters. Then your left. Two more large letters. I stand and move behind you and you hear a squeaking, rolling sound. You look up to see me wheeling a full length mirror in front of you, where I was sitting and tormenting you seconds ago.
I hit the overhead light, sending it swinging and casting dizzying shadows around the room…the light crossing your body momentarily, then leaving you in darkness, then swinging back, repeatedly. “Lets let that message sink in for a bit,” I say as I walk out of the room. You hear the door slam closed, at least three locks being turned. You look up into the mirror, seeing yourself as I see you each time the light gives you a glimpse. Hair tussled. Nude. Bruised. Bound. Tear streaked. The cold chain connecting the horrifically pinching clamps on your nipples. And on your bared breasts the message I left you to contemplate:
more to come...
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Great start, look forward to part 2
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love it. looking forward to part 2.
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part 2/3:

Hours later, you can’t tell how long. Your heart lurches as you hear the locks tumbling. He’s coming back. Panic rises. You tried for interminable hours to free yourself. Your shoulders and thighs sore from the effort. Your wrists and ankles chafed. But nothing. Still trapped in this…this…psycho’s…this monster’s…cell. Your nipples raw and sore and nearly numb from the devices. Despair and fear return in the extreme as the door opens.

I walk in to find you just as I left you. I am still as naked as you are. And the sight of you makes me stiffen. You cringe, you plead with me with your eyes and shake your head fiercely. “NNNGGGNGG NGGGNGNGG,” you plead as I walk menacingly towards, then behind you. I grab the clamps. Just before releasing them from you I whisper again in your ear, “Whenever I want, these go back on.” I release the clamps and you whimper in relief, shuddering and crying.

While you recover and feel the tingling in your nipples as feeling begins to return, I grab your chair and turn it quickly around to face what’s behind you. “That,” again my hand groping first a breast, then your defenseless pussy, “is where you get fucked.” I squeeze your clit, jolting you. “Hard,” I growl deeply in your ear. Your heart sinks as I push you towards it. You’ve seen one before, everybody has at a gym or the Olympics on TV. But this one isn’t for gymnastics. That much is clear from the four sets of straps meant to hold that are placed at the bottom of the two posts. And the height is lower. Just barely at the height of your hips, in fact.

Protests mixed with despairing cries come from your still gagged mouth. You feel me working at the binding on your right leg. When it comes free you try to kick but I’ve got it easily. You aren’t strong enough, and your leg is sore and weakened from being bound for so long. Squeezing your calf I force your leg to the leather strap at the base of the horse. And strap. Your leg’s freedom lasted seconds. I repeat the same thing with your left leg. Legs spread open, much more open than when you were stuck to the chair. You feel so vulnerable. You pull at the bindings. Again they hold fast. You aren’t going anywhere.

Now at your wrists. I loosen the bindings to the chair. “UP!” I command you and yank you to your feet by your hair. So fiercely you feel like the roots are being torn. With your legs spread so wide and your wrists still bound at the small of your back you have little balance, and less leverage. I press your bare hips into the pommel horse. With one hand on your hip I take a moment to cup your breast and roll a nipple casually between my finger before ordering you, “bend over.” You shake your head and let out a helpless, pleading sound. It might be “no” or it might be “please don’t” that you’re trying to say. It might as well be the pledge of allegiance for all I care.

“I SAID. Bend. OVER.” And give you a good hard slap on the ass. Several more in quick succession. Not loving, play spanky slaps…hard and brutal abusive slaps. Your cheeks are bright red. You scream out hysterically. Terrified, you obey and you slowly bend over. Legs straining straight as your thighs are pressed tightly against it.

Dangling breasts. Hanging free of any support. Full and swaying with every slight movement of your body. No bra or shirt to protect your modesty as your position leaves them hanging. Free for me to abuse further. There is hardly anything more beautiful in this world than a woman’s breasts dangling as she’s bent over. Hardly anything because a bare, spread pussy with absolutely no way for the woman to resist is even more beautiful. I grab your hips and pull myself against you…pressing my cock against your ass.

You think this is the moment…the penetration…the rape I’ve been leading to, and you struggle fiercely, trying to stand back up. But its simple to keep you bent over and I do by grabbing your bound wrists and simply lifting. You have no choice but to stay bent. But I don’t penetrate just yet. Instead you feel my hand sliding up your inner thigh. From your upside down vantage point you see that hand creep and crudely squeeze its way up your thigh, to your defenseless sex.

“Mine.” I reiterate as I cup your pussy. You moan in despair. Your sex in the palm of my hand. And my hand is not gentle. I give a quick slap and you scream out, shocking pain radiating out from your core. A few more just because I enjoy it, and I can. You jump each time. With two fingers I spread your lips, opening you. Keeping you bent with your wrists lifted I simply keep your pussy lips open…doing nothing but drinking in your terrified, gagged pleas. Minutes go by. Pussy held open vulgarly. I want you to know just how vulnerable you are, as if there was any doubt.

I bring the head of my cock to your opening and press it there, releasing your pussy lips to kiss the head. But I don’t penetrate you yet. This is just to humiliate you. More minutes go bye. I want so bad to simply impale you with my dick this moment. “NNNGHGHGHGHG” you cry out…the unmistakable head of a cock just slightly entering you. Held open first by my fingers, and now by my cock you are disgusted, violated, afraid, and alone. Completely at my mercy. Your body my toy. “Don’t worry bitch, this pussy gets it real soon. But first…” I step back and you sigh, relieved that your pussy wasn’t defiled.

Instead you feel me working at the ties on your wrists. Though your ties are undone, you are not free. I keep your wrist in a vice grip as I walk around the other side, yank it to the straps, and fix your wrist in it. You are busy with your free hand though…fumbling at the strap of your gag, desperate to remove it and the aching of your jaw. But you don’t succeed…and suddenly your face is stinging from a sharp slap to the side of your face.

“NNNGGHGHGHGNGN” you wail as I grab your “free” wrist and yank it down to its proper home, strapped at the base of the pole. “Defiant little slut,” I growl angrily as I fix your wrist. Pausing to slap your ass and inner thigh a few times for my amusement as I go and grab my chair.

“This,” slamming down the chair inches from your head, “is my blowjob chair.” I sit, and you feel the heat of my sex against the back of your head. Almost gently you feel your hair being arranged while I continue to tell you exactly what’s going to happen. “Now I’m going to take this little ball - this ball that stops you being so fucking mouthy - out of your mouth.” Continuing with your hair I put it into a high ponytail as I continue telling you what I want you to, no, what you are, going to do. “And when I do, this cock is going in your mouth. You are going to give me a nice good dick sucking. Aren’t you?”

When your reply is just a slow, defeated shake of your head and some stupid protest garbled by the gag, I give you nice slap to the face, watching your helpless tits sway in reaction I grab a nipple and tug, HARD. You scream out in pain. Releasing the nipple ever so slightly and grabbing your pony tail to yank your head up so your face is pressed into my cock I repeat, in a more menacing growl. “Aren’t. You?” More of your will breaking, or just realizing how helpless you are, or both, you nod your head. “Good. Real good.” I grab my stiff cock and again rub your tear soaked face against it.


I move to undo the gag, pausing for a warning. “If you even think of biting what I give you, I want your very next thought to be how you are going to free yourself from this position when I walk out of here, and don’t ever return.” A chill goes nearly visibly up your spine and you shudder. “Got it?” Again you nod your head feebly. Terrified. You remember what I said earlier about “every inch” and you shudder again. “I couldn’t possibly…” you think to yourself as you feel the gag loosening in your mouth. The moment it is out you start to put that into words.

I loosen the gag and grab the pony tail. “I‘ll be controlling your pretty mouth on my cock in case you don‘t do it nice.” The ball falls and bounces on the ground. “Please, I ca..” SLAP again. I yank your pony tail up, forcing your head with it, covering your mouth with my hand.

“Cock. Mouth. Open,” I say with sinister calmness. I grab your mouth by the jaw and squeeze. “Pleeahs I can MmMMMMPH.” I force the cock into your mouth, warmth and wetness surrounding me. Words cut off you have no choice but to accept it. The fistful of ponytail behind your head already forcing down. You couldn’t get your mouth off my dick if you wanted to. Remembering my warning you keep your teeth off of it as best you can. But I, being cruel, immediately force it in past the point you ever had your ex’s, the only cock you’ve ever sucked.

I mouth rape you. “Suck it bitch…that’s right…take that cock.” I force your head down and hold your jaw, enjoying how far you have to open to take me. “That’s real good. Open that mouth more for me slut. You take it all.” I force your head down brutally. Gagging already you try to pull your head back…blocked by my iron hand in your hair, pushing you right back down onto it. The salty taste disgusting you. “More, whore. That’s right more. I want that tongue on it. Let me feel that tongue. DO IT!” I yell and you comply, forcing yourself to taste the horrible dick filling your mouth.

Sobbing, your tears stream down your mouth, adding to the wetness and streaming down the base of my cock. Tears and drool wetting my balls.
I sit back, settling in for a nice slow dick sucking. One hand guiding you by the hair, the other free to fondle your beautiful breasts. “That’s right slut. Nice and slow slut. Do it like you like it…you keep that tongue moving. Taste that dick. That’s my dick. You’re sucking my dick. Whore.” My cruel words, your vulnerable position, my vicious fingers violating you. You cry and suck. Sob and suck. “Good fuck toy….gag on it bitch.”

I push your head down more, overcoming your meager neck muscles trying against it. “Gag!” I command as I shove your head down to the base of my dick. The head forcing down your throat. Suffocating and gagging you. “Too much dick in your mouth bitch?” I mock as I keep your lips forced at the base of my dick for an eternity, watching you twitch and gag, fighting throwing up. Finally I yank your head back up, letting you get a quick breath of air before forcing your mouth open with my cock yet again.

I alternate what I want you doing with my dick at will. Sometimes brutally cramming it into your throat, sometimes forcing you to go very slow and savor every inch. Sometimes quick and at just the head I have you purse your lips and squeeze while I fuck your mouth. Your pretty soft mouth invaded by my dick. One thing I never let you do is take your mouth completely off it. Its your pacifier. Your new gag. For an eternity it seems you are stuck servicing my cock…mouth wide and drooling. Forced to obey. Never once do I let you forget your vulnerability. I cup your breasts. Slap them. Pinch them. Let them sway against my hands while you suffer on my dick.

“Good fucktoy,“ I taunt you. “I take this hand off your head and you keep that mouth around my cock bitch” I say before releasing your head. You do as you are told. Too terrified to stop, you keep sucking. Hating yourself, feeling humiliated. But you keep sucking up and down, up and down, just like I want, without even my hand forcing you…just your fear. You feel my hands on your tits. On your hips. On your ass. Touching and slapping and pinching every aspect of your female body. Being used and violated. No one to help you. You discover despair. All this against your will. This…this rape. This complete violation.

“Faster bitch,” you feel me bucking my hips and you know it’s coming. The cum. The thing you’ve only tasted once and then spit out, vowing its too gross to ever do again. I grab your head again and force my dick into you again. You try to pull your mouth off but again I force it back around the base of my cock violently. “Suck it bitch. That’s right suck it. Gonna fuck that pretty mouth.” I pull your head back and force it back down repeatedly, using your mouth as my dick sleeve. “You fucking swallow this load slut,” I warn moments before I again stretch your mouth around my cock and force it in.

I feel my release coming…and your fear and futile attempts to avoid it. But there’s no choice for you. “You’re mine bitch…Suck…every…drop” as my dick spasms in your mouth and I explode into your throat. You gag and pull and moan around my dick but I don’t let you up. Not until I’m completely done. I buck my hips into your pinned head one last time and spurt the last of my come into your throat.

Leaning back in ecstasy I pull your sobbing mouth off my dick. Forcing your head where I want it I wipe my cock on your face while you cough and gag for air. You swallowed most of it…didn’t really have a choice, but there is enough left over to paint your beautiful, reddened face with my cum. After listening to your sobbing for a few minutes and letting my cock soften, I stand up.

Before I go I cup your vulnerable pussy and declare again… “Mine. Next,” and walk out of the room, hitting the lights and leaving you in pitch blackness. Leaving you bound and crying, neck sore, and face humiliated with cum sticking your lips, chin, cheeks, and the few strands of hair loosened from my attack. Maybe your tears will wash it off.

conclusion to follow...
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and in conclusion, for now anyway for this poor toy:

Time passes. You try in vain to free yourself. You dread my return. More hours. My dick grows eager again. So once again I let myself into the rape room. The door slamming and abrupt light wakes you out of the exhausted, lost shock you fell into. Bound into your most vulnerable, fuck-able position, you tense as you feel my presence behind you. I rest my cock on your ass so you can feel it stiffen. You couldn’t beg before. Now you can, and you don’t disappoint. “P..p…please. Please don’t hurt me anymore. Please let me go.”

“No,” I answer simply, and cruelly begin feeling you. Touching you wherever I please. I reach down and grope your vulnerable breast. Enjoying its unrestrained, un bra-shaped weight and softness in the palm of my hand. My dick stiffens. You feel it too, pressed against your ass. “Got dried cum on your lips, don’t you slut? Dumb bitch. Maybe…” I slide my hand over your ass, once again cupping your pussy…this time pinching your sensitive clit between my fingers…. “maybe you don’t realize your position here. You’re my cum sleeve.”

You tense as you feel my fingers all over your most intimate, sensitive, feminine place. “Please…Please I’ll do anything…don’t dd. Don’t rape me please?” You break down into sobs as I again spread your lips with my ring and index fingers and expose your opening. My dick is now rock hard. Straight and ready to penetrate. “Don’t rape you?” I tap your opening with my middle finger. “You don’t get a fucking say.”

“I’m going to rape” <tap> “this” <tap> “pussy” <tap> “as hard as I fucking want, little bitch. You keep saying no though…I like that.” You tense your thighs as I tap your vaginal opening repeatedly…tormenting you simply because I can. There’s no hope for you. “Nobody’s coming to save you bitch. Nobody even knows you’re here. You are mine.” I keep your pussy open. No possible defense and you know it. “Please Please please please please” you beg me, now whimpering as you know it’ll do no use. Left only to beg, praying I show mercy.

“No bitch. Now you get fucked.” I adjust myself again. My muscular knees between yours. I position my cock against your pussy and only then release my spreading fingers. Once again leaving your lips to close not on each other, but on the tip of my rock hard cock. You panic and pull for all your might and as before, it is useless. I grab your hip in one hand and my dick in the other. “NoNONONONONO PLEASE DON’T PLEASE,” you beg before devolving into whimpering tears as I slam your hip down and the head of my cock in.

It had been two years since the last time you fucked…and with the only boy you fucked. Of course then, it was loving and gentle, just like you liked it. This was the extreme opposite. In one single, long and slow thrust I push into you. Spreading you. And you were aroused with gentle loving foreplay the last time. This time, unaroused, barely moist, your pussy erupts in pain as my cock moves into you. Mercilessly. Unceasing, I penetrate further into you. Only halfway and the pain is unbearable. “AHAHAHA STO HOOOP STOOOOP PLEASE STOOOO AAHHHHH” you scream in that uniquely delightful violated female way as I tense my hips and continue to push into you.

Your only resistance is the tightness of your pussy walls. I break through that resistance easily, turning you into my personal dick glove. Ass in the air. Spread. Pussy completely exposed. I grab your hips for extra pull as I impale you. “that’s right bitch. Cry you slut,” I degrade your very personhood as I use you solely for the feeling you give my dick. The squeezing around my cock is incredible. I lose myself in ecstasy as I bury myself. “Scream for me slut!” A final push and I am buried to the base inside you. Your pussy on fire. Swollen. Sore. Stretched and hurting more than you ever could’ve imagined. I push in even harder. The head of my cock ramming against your cervix as your opening spasms around the root of my penetrating cock. Your helpless pussy trying to force me out.

I pull out slightly and ram back into you. The vulgar slap of my hips against your ass cheeks. Damaging your pussy and your psyche at the same time. You wail out in desperation. No longer pleading with words just with violated screams of pain and despair. I am rough with you. I’m beyond rough with you. Trussed up. Pussy exposed. No other purpose in this world than as a tight warm space to shove my dick inside. I grab both your hips and dig in painfully with my finger tips…limiting whatever scant freedom your pelvis had to try to create a less painful penetration. I keep one hand clutching your hip and reach down to grab the ponytail I put you in and yank back.

Nowhere to go, my sweet fuck slave…thighs pressed against the pommel horse, my own hips pressed against your ass. “My fucking pussy cunt.” I withdraw only to slam back into you again. Your natural wetness only mediating the friction by a fraction.

The pain in your pussy is your world. And it is my pleasure. Your intimate place impaled over and over again. Hysterically you cry. Broken physically and mentally. Used. “My.” SLAM. “pussy.” SLAM. The polar opposite of intimacy. Brutal rape. My balls slapping against you….bottoming out repeatedly. Hurting you just to stoke my own sexual pleasure. My explosion is imminent. I hold your pelvis still and drive into you, completely filling you in one final thrust. You cry out. I burst. Cum exploding into you. My dick spasming, surrounded to the base by your violated pussy. I pump you full, completing your violation. I groan in unrestrained delight while you cry out in violated suffering. I feel my dick spasming inside you for an eternity…knowing you feel it too, only as disgust and hatred of me. Filling you with cum. My dick finally empties my load deep inside you. Sated. For now. I remove myself from you, my fuck toy.

Knowing you are broken and scarred physically and mentally I untie you. You collapse on the floor, clutching your knees to your chest. Sobbing and hurt you don’t even fight as I cuff a wrist to the bedpost. I am done with you.

For now.
The end.
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I'm new here so I'm not sure how but I wanted to give you an upvote or a thumbs up or something. I enjoyed this story quite a bit.
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re: Come with me to the rape room, I loved this story, loved the pace, the detail, brilliant, thank you so much, :-)
Best wishes

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I loved this story.... thank you
I fight back
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Interested to see what you do to her next. Got my attention
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abduction, brutality, domination, kidnapping, rape

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