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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… 12 Chapters Now On Line

This is the first Chapter of a new story.
At this moment I plan 12 or 13 Chapters, that , of course could change.

I will post the first three chapters today, with More to come as days march on.
All replies, thought, comments, and criticisms are welcomes and looked forward to, so please tell me what you think.


An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter One: Beginnings

Kris Jenner-Kardashian looked around the room in wide eyed terror. Stripped to nothing but a flimsy Black lace bra and thong, she sat on a dirty mattress on an old brass bed, trying to cover herself. Glancing around the room, she saw her five daughters and their two girlfriends, the Hadid sisters, all naked and being assaulted by a crew of dirty bikers.

A few feet away to the left, her oldest, Kourtney, found herself on the floor, flat on her back, staring up at the whiskered face of a fat biker who chuckled as he grunted and forced his way deep inside the pussy of the struggling mother of three.

Nearby, Kim, the Superstar of the family, lay bent over an old piano bench. Two big bikers entered her from either end, spit roasting the squirming Superstar in her first threesome, forcing her to accommodate one biker’s cock in her mouth, while the other biker’s cock took long slow strokes in and out of her pussy.

In the middle of the room, long tall Khloe, had finally gotten her lifelong wish and become the center of attention. Chains running from the ceiling beams to her ankles held her aloft and upside down as a scarred biker circled her, pawing at her body, slapping her with his gloved hand, and exploring her wide spread open pussy with his hands, fingers and tongue.

Her half-sister, Kendall, sat astride another old whisker faced biker, her hands tied behind her back, forced to ride cowgirl style, on a man three times her age, his hands pawing at her tender breasts as she bounced on his rock hard cock.

Little Kylie, the baby of the family, found herself kneeling in front of an old easy chair, her tiny mouth being filled by the biggest, baddest biker of the bunch. At 6’ 7” he was more than a full foot taller than the little girl, and she was helpless in his hands.

On the other side of the room, Gigi and Bella, the Hadid sisters were participating in a forced, incestuous/lesbian ‘69’, in an effort to avoid the far worse fate that awaited them with the old biker that had claimed them, and now watched their unwilling efforts like a starving wolf watching two little lambs.

Back on the brass bed, Kris eyes suddenly locked on the 18 year old biker who had just finished removing his dusty clothes and started moving towards her. She tried to quickly roll over and spring to her feet to run away, but the horny young man caught her by one of her ankles and began to pull her back towards him on the bed. He pulled her onto all fours, and as his hands griped her hips, Kris could feel the thin lacy elastic of her thong being pulled and ripped away from her body, as her hips were pulled back onto his waiting cock. She screamed in pain and surprise as the long member was forced into her body. Her attempt at pulling away was punished with a hard slap to her soft round ass.

“You’re mine you old slut”, the young biker growled as he pushed his way deeper in. “You’re gonna’ do whatever I want, whenever I want.” Another hard slap to her tender ass followed his words. “Now gimme’ those tits!” His hands left her hips long enough to rip the light bra from her body, before grabbing hold of her magnificent breasts and playing with them like toys.

Lifting her ass in an attempt to please her young rapist, Kris began begging him to be gentle with her, promising all the things she would do for him, before lowering her face to the mattress and softly beginning to sob as the pace and depth of his thrusting became faster and deeper.

Thru a torn window curtain she could she the sun slowly starting to set on the barren desert mountain landscape that surrounded the worn old house that held them prisoners, as she cried and wondered how they gotten into this situation, and what would happen to them next…

<End Chapter One>

Next Time- Chapter Two- Tricked and Trapped

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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My! CH02

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Two: Tricked and Trapped

Sunrise broke over the exclusive neighborhood that was home to Kris Jenner-Kardashian, and it was well more than a half hour later before the pampered reality star and business woman finally stirred from her California King Size bed. It was a glorious Friday and as a treat she was taking her daughters and their friend Bella and Gigi, to an exclusive new spa for a weekend of luxury… not that their regular lives were exactly a grueling ordeal by the standards of most of the planet.

Kylie and Kendall had just returned from a three day fashion shoot in Miami with the Hadids. Khloe had been busy lavishing time on her latest boyfriend. Kourtney’s nanny had been down with the flu, so she had actually had to care for her brood of three, all by herself for two whole days. No one knew exactly what Kim had been up to, but the gossip sheets that afternoon would report that she and her hubby had spent the past few days trying (unsuccessfully) to make baby #3. Such hard lives these ladies lived.

Kris wanted a papered weekend with her girls, and since the spa was giving it to them for free, she didn’t mind inviting Gigi and Bella. The spa likewise had been happy to invite two additional celebrities, as all publicity is good publicity.

None of them suspected just how much publicity, the weekend would bring.
Kris had chartered a party bus, and charged it to the spa, of course; Limos being so passé. Now the eight ladies could really relax and enjoy the trip. It would only take a few hours, so the champagne could flow freely.

The party bus company had gone full out as well. The driver was an impressive 6’ 7” giant. Clean shaven, his dark black hair pulled back to a knot, and tucked neatly under his chauffer’s hat. His jet black uniform was clean, and so sharply pressed, you might cut yourself on the cuffs.

The ladies laughed and looked at the square jawed giant as they boarded the bus that morning. Kylie even giggled as she walked past him.

What none of the ladies knew was that the driver… was not their driver. Their driver would never be found. This driver, for all him good looks and polite manners, had quite a different plan in mind for these eight beauties.
Two hours later, despite being fully stocked, the party bus pulled into a small truck stop/convenience store on the edge of the sprawling California desert, so the eight ladies could stretch, shop the tacky tourist stand, and tease the local men. After 20 minutes of shopping and showing off, all eight returned to the bus, with new cheap sunglasses, and “Shady Brady” straw cowboy hats. They were so busy drinking and laugh, that none of them noticed the driver push the button on a small box in his shirt pocket; and none of them noticed that their cell phones had stopped ringing… or working, for that matter.

Kris, being the boss of the planet, soon began the tradition of asking the driver when they would ‘be there’. The tall man behind the wheel answered with a very polite, “we’ll be there soon Ma’am.”

Almost an hour after leaving the store Kim shouted out that she had spotted the spa. The ladies all peered out the bus windows to see a brightly painted wooden sign pointing down a private road to the spa.

Khloe grumbled that the sign and road looked a little below their normal standards, but Kris quickly pointed out that the Spa had yet to have their Grand Opening, and that they were getting an early treat. As the bus turned down the road to the spa, the ladies party resumed, and the ladies didn’t look back to see the four men pulling the sign down, and covering the turn off to the road with fence and scrub. In fact, two minutes after the bus turned down the road, you couldn’t tell the road was there.

Hoping on their motorcycles, the men began to slowly shadow the bus, at a discreet distance. No need to rush, they knew just where they were going.
The flow of wine and the darkened windows of the bus could only distract the women so long When the bus came to a stop in front of an old run down house 15 minutes later, Kris was the first to lose her cool as she and Kim pushed their way out of the bus.

“What the hell is this?” Kris yelled, her voice had an acid tone as she stepped to the front of the vehicle and looked out. “Oh…no way. No way in hell.” Instinctively she reached for her cell phone like she was pulling a gun. “What is this? A Joke?” she started to curse as she stepped off the bus, and for the first time noticed she had no bars on her phone’s signal meter. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” She turned back to the bus to ask if any of the other had signal, when she saw the driver, his hat gone and hair hanging down, a small box in his left hand, and a pistol in his right.

“Oh, I’m definitely not kidding Ma’am. You see this little box has been blocking your cell signals for well over an hour now. All, of your cellphone signals.” As he spoke three men emerged from the old house, as the four men on motorcycles approached pulled up and dismounted.

Finally sensing the danger they were in, Kris and Kim tried to make a break for it, while the others rushed back inside to the rear of the bus. Kris and Kim didn’t get far. The tall driver caught Kim after just a few steps, and Kris only ran 10 or 15 more feet before hearing the driver order her to stop or watch her daughter be killed. Quietly, reluctantly, Kris slowly walked back. The driver Held Kim’s in a held nelson as he waited. When Kris approached, one of the men that had come from the house stepped forward. He looked young, much younger than the others, barely legal.

The driver looked at Kris and then looked back at the young man. “well, there you go Junior. That’s the one you said you wanted. She’s all yours.” The young man reached forward without a word and grabbed Kris by the arm, spinning her around, pulling her arms behind her back and handcuffing her in less time than it took to describe.

The two men dragged their struggling captives back to the bus, and looked inside.

At the rear of the bus, the remaining six men were laughing drinking, and roughly handling the six beauties they had trapped. The driver called out to one of the other, who came forward and grabbed hold of Kim. “She’s all yours Axe, but be sure and share.” The driver said and laughed. “I’ve got my eye on a different gal anyway.” He licked his lips as he looked back at Kyle. “Now hang on, we need to get this bus under cover.” Jumping back into the driver’s seat, he once again fired the engine up, and drove the bus inside an aging barn near the house.

“Gentlemen, let’s get these sluts into the house, and get Junior’s Birthday Party started!”

Quickly the men gather the ladies up and herd them out of the barn and into the house.

The ladies are all gathered into a group in the house’s main room as the driver begins to speak. “Well, ladies, I’m Steel, and I run this crew. And you are our special guests, not to mention the entertainment…” the other men began to hoot and howl, “... at Junior here’s 18th Birthday Party.” The young biker stepped up as the others began to clap. “Well boy, it’s your Birthday Party… Pick your present.”

Silent as when he was outside, Junior reached out and grabbed 61 year old Kris Jenner and pulled her away from the crowd and over to the brass bed in the corner of the room.

“Well, alright,” Steel Shouted. “Let get this party started.”

<End of Chapter Two>

Next Time- Chapter Three: Kris’ Story
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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!CH03

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Three: Kris’ Story

Kris mind was a blur. Not far away she could almost see her daughters and their two friends being passed around between seven of the roughest men she had ever seen. They had all been led into a trap. No one knew where they really were and their cell phones were jammed and useless. Now she sat on the edge of a filthy bed, with a man young enough to be her gran… well her son (pride kicked in to avoid dealing with her age).

Kris was wearing an elegant back striped silk blouse, tight, form fitting slacks that hugged her curves and 4” high pumps. Underneath were black silk thigh his and barely there black lace bra and thong. These soft , delicate clothes would present little impediment to the horny young man who’s hands were now starting to roam over her well maintained body.

Roughly, Junior shoved her onto her back on the bed, and then flipped her over onto her belly. The thin leather belt around her waist slipped away before Kris could even object, and the lust driven strength of the 18 year old allowed him to tear her thin slacks open and off her, baring her stocking covered legs, and almost completely bare ass.

Round, smooth and soft to the touch, Junior had never felt anything like Kris’ ass and he began to softly kiss and lick it. Kris was unprepared for the sensation, and foolishly tried to get away.


The stinging pain of Junior’s hand coming down hard on her tender ass cheeks brought tears to her eyes and a scream to her lips. Never had any man dared to treat her like this and she was NOT going to stand for it.


Another hard hand to her ass brought a second scream of pain and more tears. Kris began to rethink her idea about telling the young man off. As he flipped her over, the idea disappeared completely.

On his knees, straddling her prone form, Junior held the largest Bowie knife Kris had ever seen. She screamed weakly in fear, as Junior began to slice away her fancy silk blouse, till nothing but a few thin strips remained. He quickly pulled those off her and threw them to the floor in a pile with the scraps that were all that remained of her stylish outfit.

Grabbing her wrist, Junior stood up on the bed and pulled her up to her knees, forcing her to kneel in front of him. She looked up briefly to see the large belt buckle the loomed just above her forehead. She knew what he wanted, but just could bring herself to believe it.

Finally, the young man broke his silence and spoke to her. If she had expected a young gentle voice, she was disappointed. Junior’s voice was as old and hard as any biker there.

“That’s right Woman. You know what I want.” Kris quickly looked up again, hoping to see young eyes with some small gleam of mercy. Instead, all she saw was the gleam of light, reflecting off the huge Bowie Knife. “Now do you job, and suck your owner’s cock!”

Her owner’s cock? It suddenly dawned on Kris that this was going to be more than just a quick rape. She started to speak, by the reflection of light off the knife made her think better of it, as she unbuckled Junior’s belt, and slowly opened his jeans. To her surprise, Junior was wearing no underwear, and his long already hard cock popped out of his jeans as soon as she opened them. That alone was shock enough, but the length and hardness of his cock caught Kris completely off guard. When she opened her mouth to say something, Junior grabbed a hand full of her hair and forced his dick into her unprepared mouth.

Kris gagged immediately and tried to back off, but Junior was already trying to push his member down her throat. She hadn’t even been able to catch her breath, and soon was woozy from the lack of air, as Junior roughly pumped his dick in and out of her mouth. Thinking quickly, Kris reached around behind Junior. She knew that trying to push him away would only result in rougher treatment. Instead, she began to massage his ass, relaxing the man with her pleasure skills, slowing the pace of his thrusting into her mouth, and allowing her to take the long member into her throat more smoothly. Soon she was moaning with pleasure just like Junior was. She moved one of her hands onto her balls and slowly, gently began to massage them as well. The more she pleasured him, the easier his grip on her hair became. Soon, she was able to back off the long cock far enough, to slide it out of her mouth, and run several long, slow licks up and down the shaft, before sliding her head underneath to lick and suck on his balls.

“Mmmm… That’s a good slut. You know what I want.” Kris quickly started licking harder on Junior’s ball sack, and started slowly working her tongue back to his ass. Suddenly it occurred to Kris that she had never been this submissive to a man before, and now some 18 year old kid was training her. She immediately started to squirm and try to escape, but Junior had already sensed what was happening, and pulled her back and forced his cock into her mouth again. Again she struggled, and resisted and choked, before calming down and returning to her calm obedient sucking of her owner’s cock.
Long minutes passed as her hands returned to Massaging Junior’s Balls. Soon she noticed his pace pick up, and the balls she was massaging start to pull up tight. The first drops of his pre-cum dripped into her throat and she almost panicked. Kris hated it when men came in her mouth. She thought they just enjoyed it too much. She hated the taste, and she knew Junior was going to insist on her swallowing it all. She began to squeal quietly, hoping to get the cock out of her mouth, praying to finish him off with a hand job; But Junior was onto her already, and his hands clamped down on her head like a vise.

“Come on slut. You’re going to suck me off. You’re going to suck your owner off, and you’re going to swallow every drop of it.” Junior was deep in the heaven of the moment, and Kris decided this was the moment to fight. She began to struggle for all she was worth. She was tempted to bite, but the sight of the Bowie knife held her back. The more she fought, the longer and harder Junior’s cock seemed to grow until finally it exploded in her mouth, wave after wave of hot cum, spraying over her teeth and tongue and down her throat; and as she struggled, Kris suddenly noticed that without even realizing it, she was swallowing. She was drinking his cum, and swallowing it down… and it tasted different somehow. The taste was sweet, hot and sticky, like warm honey, and she began to suck harder to get more. Yes, she wanted more, and she was swallowing down ever drop. Suddenly she was hungry for cum, even greedy for it. She heard Junior taunting her, asking her if she wanted more cum. Then surprisingly, she heard herself saying she wanted more, begging for more, begging for more cum. The sound of her voice begging for a man to cum in her mouth shocked her. She quickly backed off and looked around the room. Kourtney was staring at her. She’d never heard talk like that. She’d never dreamed she could. Tears filled Kris eyes as she sank back into the bed with shame, and looked around the room at what was happening.

Her beautiful daughters and their friends were all being raped.

Back on the brass bed, Kris eyes suddenly locked on to Junior again, who had just finished removing his dusty clothes and started moving towards her once more. All the submissive feeling that had come to the surface during the blowjob evaporated, as Kris tried to quickly roll over and spring to her feet to run away, but the horny young man caught her by one of her ankles and began to pull her back towards him on the bed. He pulled her onto all fours, and as his hands griped her hips, Kris could feel the thin lacy elastic of her thong being pulled and ripped away from her body, as her hips were pulled back onto his waiting cock. She screamed in pain and surprise as the long member was forced into her body. Her attempt at pulling away was punished with a hard slap to her soft round ass.

“You’re mine you old slut”, the young biker growled as he pushed his way deeper in. “You’re gonna’ do whatever I want, whenever I want.” Another hard slap to her tender ass followed his words. “Now gimme’ those tits!” His hands left her hips long enough to rip the light bra from her body, before grabbing hold of her magnificent breasts and playing with them like toys.

Lifting her ass in an attempt to please her young rapist, Kris began begging him to be gentle with her, promising all the things she would do for him, before lowering her face to the mattress and softly beginning to sob as the pace and depth of his thrusting became faster and deeper.

The sharp hard pain as Junior pinched her nipples caused Kris to scream yet again. Kris had never liked rough sex, and she had always used her lovely tits as a prize to entreat men into doing what she wanted. To have them used like this was humiliating. For all her millions in the bank, for all her high class airs, Junior was treating like a street corner hooker… or less. A hooker got paid. A hooker could at least set a few ground rules. Kris realized she was nothing but a sex slave, forced to do her owner’s wishes.

The humiliation of it all hurt more than the actual pain, as Junior pushed her down onto the bed, and rolled her onto her back. As Kris looked up at Junior, tears rolled from her eyes further smearing the mascara on her lovely face. She cried softly, as Junior grabbed her ankles and lifting them above her, spread her legs wide as he mounted her, and thrust his manhood deep inside her wet pussy. Instinctively, Kris wrapped her stocking clad legs around Junior, as he began to suck on her tits while fucking her. Her hips began to respond, and meet the push of his thrusts, taking him in deeper with each shove. Her nipples were rock hard as he bit and nibbled on them. Unexpectedly, Junior Moved up and clamped his mouth over hers forcing his tongue to invade her mouth, even as his cock invaded her cunt.

Kris responded. Passively at first, but soon her tongue was wrapping with his, as his hands squeezed and fondled her tits. The occasional sharp pinch to a nipple, would bring a spasm of pain thru Kris body, but soon those spasms were timed to match his thrusts into her body, and the pain began to meld with pleasure.

Kris was having trouble catching her breath when Junior finally removed his tongue from her mouth and began licking and nibbling on one of her ears. As Kris gasped for breath, she could hear Junior, hald whisper, half growl into her delicate ear.

“You’re going to make a fine wife for me, slut!”

Kris eyes widen in horror as she finally realized what was happening. She wasn’t just being raped. No, it was Junior’s 18th birthday, and time to take a bride. The dirty old mattress was her matrimonial bed, and this was her unwilling wedding night. Around her, the sound of her seven ‘bridesmaids’ being raped by her new owner/husbands friends filled her ears.
Kris Jenner began to fight for her life and her freedom, knowing she had already lost.

“No, no. You don’t want me for your wife. Junior I’m too old for you. I’m way to old. You want a young woman, with a soft, fertile body. You want a woman more your age, who can satisfy you, and give you babies. I’m too old for that.” Kris words poured out of her lips a mile a minute, as she began to squirm and try to wiggle her way out from under Junior… to no avail.
“No babe. That why I picked you.” Junior licked his lips as lust filled his eyes in preparation for what was coming. “I want a hot slut, I can cum in anytime I want, and not have to worry about knocking her up. You haven’t made a baby in 20 years, but you’ve still got a hot sluts body. I can rape you 5 or 6 times a day, and never have to worry about becoming a daddy. And when I’m ready… well, I’ve got 5 step daughters to choose from for breeding!” Junior laughed as the look of shock washed over Kris face. Now the full scope of the biker’s plan was revealed. They weren’t just keeping Kris, and giving her to Junior as a concubine. No, all eight women would spend the rest of their lives serving these sadistic rapists.

Junior had begun to thrust harder and faster into Kris, and by the shortness of his breaths, she knew what was about to happen, but she was finally forced to admit defeat. There was nothing she could do to stop him. 61 year old TV Star Kris Jenner was now the slave wife of a 18 year old biker, who was just about to cum inside her pussy for the first time. Her mouth hung wide open as she panted and cooed, as her owner/husband claimed her as his property, by shooting the first of many, many hot stocky loads of cum inside her trembling body.

Kris screamed with surprise. It had been years since a man came inside her so hard, she could actually feel the sperm splash against her inside. It shot like a stream from his man hose, so hard it almost hurt Kris delicate, seldom used pussy. Load after load shot inside her, As Kris heard the other bikers cheer and applaud, and the other women sob and cry, as she moaned and sighed with pleasure.

Her new husband’s load planted firmly inside her, a sweaty Kris lay back against the dirty mattress hoping to catch her breath and rest. Junior had different plans in mind.

“Oh no, no rest for you slut. Not yet. This is your wedding night. You have to satisfy your husband!”

Another cheer went up from the bikers, as Kris slowly slipped down the bed, as Junior mounted her face and stuffed his soft cock back into her waiting mouth.

Time for Round 2.

<End of Chapter Three>

Next time – Chapter Four: Kourtney gets Wrenched

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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My CH04

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Four: Kourtney gets Wrenched

“Well, alright,” Steel Shouted. “Let get this party started.”

In the corner of the room, seven women huddled together, trying to find strength in numbers, as seven large bikers encircled them, and began to grope and grab the helpless females.

Suddenly one of the men let out a roar that silenced the room. At 6’3” & 300 lbs. this hairy mountain of a main was called Wrench, the gang’s Mechanic. Long reddish Brown hair hung past his shoulders, and his full beard reached almost to his chest. His arms, chest, hell his whole body was covered with thick reddish Brown hair, giving him an almost Bear like appearance.

After he roared, he reached one long, muscular, hairy arm into the small crowd of women, and grabbed Kourtney by her arm and pulled her away from the group, and tossed her over one of his shoulders. Kicking and yelling, Kourtney was carried off as the remaining women tried to fend off the advances of the six bikers that remained.

Meanwhile, Wrench unceremoniously dropped Kourtney onto a pile of old couch cushion on the floor not far from the bed. He stared down at her, laughing and growling as he unbuckled the straps holding his overalls up, and letting them drop to the floor.

Kourtney tried, but couldn’t tear her eyes from the huge man that now towered over her. She was used to the Slim Hollywood boys, with their slim, hairless shaved, smooth skinned, bodies. What lurked over her now looked more like an animal. A Werewolf, or Bear maybe. A thick body, huge muscles, and hair, lots of thick hair covering almost every inch of the 75” tall body that loomed over her.

Instantly Kourtney regretted her choice of outfits. The short cropped red and white checkered blouse, about two sizes to small, the Daisy Duke shorts that left half her ass cheeks bare, the Cowgirl boots that drew attention to her legs, and that damned Straw Cowboy hat Kim had talked her into buying at the store.

As Wrench reached down to claim his prize, Kourtney decided to try and reason with him. She thought that if she connected with him, he’d she her as a human being and wouldn’t be able to hurt her. Please, please, you don’t want to do this. I’m a mom. You understand, don’t you? I have three little ones. Please, you have a mom, don’t you? You wouldn’t want someone to do this to your mom, would you?” Kourtney tried to look small, and timid, and motherly… and she succeeded; but what she hadn’t counted on was Wrench’s reaction.

Kourtney could almost see the lust filling his eyes, as he actually began to drool at the sound of her begging. The first reach of his hand pulled her blouse wide open exposing her full braless chest. The second grab pulled the blouse apart and completely off her body. Yanking open her shorts, Wrench actually lifted Kourtney into the air while pulling the cut off down… or up, her lifted legs and slid them off over her boots.

It was as Wrench bent over Kourtney again to rip away the small silk panties, that she saw it.

Wrench’s cock wasn’t particularly long, the average 7-8” length; but the width of his cock, the girth of the massive member, the sheer colossal circumference of his dick, looked like three or four cocks, all combined into one to Kourtney, as she stared and gasped in shock.

“Oh, my, God!” was all she could stammer out

Immediately, she changed tactics, and began to try and back away from the monstrous penis that hung over her, backwards on her hands and feet like a crab, stumbling, falling and trying to get back up in a vain attempt to escape. “You can’t be serious… that will never fit… I mean you can possibly put it in… my god it’ll tear me in half… you can’t!”

Wrench just chucked and grunted as he lowered himself down onto her.
Some women, after having a few children, will have to hear their husbands complain that things just aren’t as tight as they used to be. Mother of three Kourtney now screamed in pain as Wrench’s massive tool stretched her pussy even further just forcing it’s way into her pussy. As the big man slowly began to force his way in and out of her cunt, she thought she could actually feel her body starting to tear as her pussy attempted to open wider and wider to accommodate it’s huge carnal visitor.

Kourtney’s head spun and she felt dizzy from the pain as the big man forced his way deeper inside her, all the time laughing, slapping her tits, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Kourtney could do nothing but squirm, cry, and beg for mercy.

“Oh god, no more, please no more. I can’t take it. You’re too big. Oh please, not so hard. Please, I’ll do what you want, just be gentle with me, please, not so rough.” Her pleas were interrupted only by her crying sobs and her frequent screams of pain, as Wrench’s thick tool continued to force Kourtney’s pussy wider and wider open.

For his part, Wrench only laughed as he continued to violate Kortney, his booming laughter only occasionally interrupted by Wrench’s coarse words of ‘encouragement’ to his unwilling partner.

“That’s it slut. Take it in. Take that big ol’ cock into your little pussy.” A sharp slap to one of her big tits focuses her attention. “Do it slut. You’re going to take my dick all the way in. You’re mine slut… you understand?! YOU’RE MINE!”

Kourtney’s struggles had almost ceased, she was tired from constant pounding of Wrench body on top of her. She felt almost dizzy, like she would soon swoon. Her light headed moment was brought to a quick end, by the sound of a familiar voice, screaming on the nearby bed. Kourtney recognized her mother’s voice moaning and begging her rapist. She couldn’t make out all the words, only a few of them, but they filled her heart with dread. Wife… satisfy… babies; the words made no sense, but caused Kourtney panic and fear at what all their fates might be.

The sound of her mother’s struggles began to have a strange effect on Kourtney. Kris’ voice was soft and soothing. She wasn’t screaming at her rapist. She was speaking with him calmly, slowly, even passionately. The sound calmed Kourtney, just like when she was a child; but a flush began to wash over her, as her body began to tingle. Her hips had begun to move in rhythm with Wrench’s thrusts, rising up to meet his enormous cock’s invasion of her body. Suddenly her body began to shiver, then to openly shake as a hot wave of passion took over her body, as an unexpected orgasm took control of her. Her screams took on a new nature, rising higher in pitch and frequency. She could feel her juices gushing from inside her as her orgasm squirted so hard is almost popped Wrench’s cock, like a massive meaty cork in an exploding bottle of wine.

Kourtney couldn’t believe what was happening; she couldn’t be orgasming, not from this, not from being raped. She couldn’t be enjoying this. But her body continued to betray her, and reward her rapist with her passionate moans and her now cooperative and well lubricated body. Her juices coated his fat cock, making it slippery as it began to slide in and out of her drenched pussy faster and faster.

Finally Wrench let loose with a loud growl, as his muscles all tensed, as his balls launched their load inside Kourtney’s now wet and responsive cunt. Her womb became a reservoir for the massive load of hot sticky cum that now filled it.

Kourtney let out one final scream of pleasure, before Wrench’s tongue filled her open mouth and smothered the sound. He continued to grunt as he kept shooting the last of his sperm inside her. Caught up in the passion, Kourtney wrapped her arms … and legs around her rapist’s large, hairy body, as her kegel muscles squeezed and milked every drop of his cum into her waiting cunt.

Kourtney lay on her back in shamed silence for several long minutes. Wrench still on top of her, still inside her. His hands roaming her sweat cover body, his tongue exploring her mouth. After a long probing kiss, he finally took his tongue from her mouth and raised his head a bit to look over her glistening, body; still gasping for breath from the fucking she had just endured.
Wrench lifted his body slightly off Kourtney causing his slowly shrink cock to slide from her pussy lips.

Once again he began chuckling then licked his lips. “Ready for some more fucking slut?”

Kourtney’s big soft, tear filled eyed looked up at the massive mechanic. Slowly she caught her breath, then slowly rolled over and lifted her round ass into the air. Softly she opened her mouth to quietly speak. “Please Wrench… please fuck me doggie style this time…”

Wrench howled with laughter as he moved behind Kourtney and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down her dripping pussy lips.

Kourtney quietly licked her lips, then submissively lowered her shoulders and pressed her face down against one of the pillows to wait for her second raping to begin…

<End of Chapter Four>

Next Time: Chapter Five – Kim takes on Two

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Nice job so far! I especially enjoyed reading about Kris getting raped hard. Looking forward to the next installment.
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Default An Orgy of Rape: Chapter Five- Kim Takes on Two

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Five: Kim takes on Two

“Well, alright,” Steel Shouted. “Let get this party started.”
In the corner of the room, six women huddled together, trying to find strength in numbers, as six large bikers encircled them, and began to grope and grab the helpless females.

Kim stared and schemed. Only moments earlier, She had just seen her Mother and older sister hauled away by bikers, and already she could hear their screams. From her earlier escape attempt, she could tell who the boss was, and that he wasn’t interested in her, so little chance of escape with him. But the other biker, the one Steele had handed her off to, he seemed interested, and if there was one thing Kim Kardashian knew, it was how to use her body to manipulate men.

Spotting Axe, Kim pushed her way thru and reached out to the biker and called his name.

“Axe!” all the fighting calmed for a moment as bikers and victims all took a moment to glance at Kim. “Axe, you don’t have to force me. I’ll go with you. I’ll go willingly. I’ll do anything you want.” Kim’s mind was already spinning with plans. First; Axe seemed high enough in the gang to command some respect, she guess that if he claimed her, she would be safe from the other bikers… attentions. Second; when earlier given orders by Steele, he quickly obeyed. Kim knew how to handle men like this. Finally, Axe was a bit older, and seemed to walk with a pronounced limp. If the opportunity for escape existed, Kim hoped the handicap might work in her favor.

Axe smiled and reached out a leather gloved hand. Kim took his hand in hers, and quietly stepped thru the stunned crowd and wrapped her arms around Axe. Walking away, the pair could hear the clamor and struggling began again behind them. Kim tried to shut out the sound, and focus her mind on the plan; but the sounds of her sisters and friends fighting for their lives distracted her.

Her distraction didn’t last long.

Suddenly, Axe stopped and spun her around to face him. Grabbing her large round ass, the leathery old biker pulled her close to him and pressed him lips to hers. The taste of old beer flooded Kim’s mouth as Axe pushed his tongue in to her, and his hands squeezed her ass, and lifted up hard, as his tongue press in. The taste of the unwashed biker in her pristine mouth made Kim almost gag in disgust; but she fought and controlled the urge.

“Remember the plan, Kim” she thought to herself. “Remember the plan.”
Summoning her strength, Kim began to passionately return Axe’s kiss, and let her hands wrap around his chest and roam across his lean back.

Axe forced one of his think muscular legs between Kim’s, and pressed his thigh hard up till she was almost riding the biker’s leg. The pressure against her pussy and clit gave Kim an unexpected rush, and she used the sensation to fuel his attentions to the man that held her captive. If her plan was to work, Axe would have to believe she was completely under his control.

One of Axe’s hands slipped off her round ass and slid up under her thin top and onto one of her breasts. The biker quickly set about fondling and squeezing her sweet tit, even delivering a hard pinch to her delicate nipple. The pain sent a surge of adrenaline thru Kim, as she realized she was losing control of the situation. She was succeeding in exciting Axe, but she hadn’t planned on becoming aroused herself… not like this. Quickly she thought of a way to retake control, and catch her breath.

“Daddy?” Kim put on her best little girl voice. “Daddy, would you like me to dance for you?” Kim, long an expert at reading the men she was attempting to use, had guessed Axe would enjoy the baby talk, and the sight of her body wiggling to music in front of him.

Axe quickly dropped down into a nearby easy chair, a reached down to push the ‘play’ button on the CD Boombox that sat on an old piano bench next to it. As the music began to play, Axe leaned back in the chair and put his hands behind his head. “Come on baby girl, strip for Daddy.”

As “Creedence Clearwater Revival” began to play, Kim started to slowly move to the thumping rhythm of ‘Down on the Corner’. Kim worked the music like a pro, and slowly teased her top till it was almost off, before pulling it back down as the song reached it’s finish. As another song started, she started her routine of teasingly starting to pull her top up, lifting it till she had almost bared her breasts, before covering herself again at the songs finish. With this plan, she hoped to stall the biker till she spotted an opening to escape. She tried to dance just outside the reach of the scrawny biker, but Axe was smarter and quicker than Kim had thought. On the fourth song, she slowly turned her back, and rolling her hips, stuck her famous ass out, toward the seated biker.

Axe moved like lightning, grabbing Kim by her hips and pulling her down onto his lap, and much to Kim’s surprise onto his exposed erection, standing hard from his open jeans. Immediately, Kim tried to pull away and regain her footing, but Axe held her with a grip of iron, that now was pulling down on the thin stretch pants that covered Kims round bottom and luscious legs. Within moments the thin fabric tore and gave way completely exposing the lower half of Kim’s body.

Thoughts of her plan disappeared from Kim’s mind as Axe began repositioning himself under Kim’s twisting hips. Kim screamed in pain and frustration as Axe cock suddenly popped inside her pussy. Axe leaned back in the chair, still holding onto Kim’s hips, forcing himself deeper and deeper inside the struggling woman’s body. Each thrust produced a new sound from Kim. A despondent moan, a deep sob, a pain filled scream; and with each thrust Axe penetrated deeper into Kim’s rapidly moistening cunt.

The sounds were enough to distract the gang’s bottom member, Little T, from is staring at the same pool of women still being divided between gang members.

Wandering over towards the pair, Little T smiled and called out. “Hey Axe, don’t you want to see those tits?”

Somehow, thru the dancing and raping, Kim had managed to keep her small top on, Axe being more interested in forcing his cock inside her pussy. “Well come on boy.” Axe shouted out. “You want to see her tits, get the top off her. Boss told me to share this one anyway, come get some.”

Eagerly Little T rushed the remaining distance, and grabbed Kim’s thin shirt. The flash of a butterfly knife and two quick movements from T’s wrist and Kim suddenly found herself completely naked, with the tattered shreds of her shirt lying on the floor. T grabbed Kim’s bouncing tits as Axe continued to force his way inside the unwilling woman from underneath.

Putting his hand behind her neck T tried to force Kim to bend over enough for the biker to force his cock into her mouth, but she leaned back to resist, only to discover is allowed Axe to drive into her even deeper and harder.
That’s when T spotted the piano bench.

“Axe… I’ve got an idea!” Pulling the old cushioned bench in front of Axe’s chair, T patted it on the cushion and said, “What do you think?”

Axe let out a cowboy ‘Yee haw’ and before Kim could figure out what was going on, she was bend over the piano bench, with Little T duct taping each of her wrists to a bench leg, as Axe wrapped an old leather strap across her back before running in under the bench and tying it off, securing Kim’s struggling body firmly to the heavy wooden bench.

Suddenly Kim realized, she was going to be spit roasted.

She had heard her brothers and other mean used the term, and had always objected. Now, here she was, about to become the meat on her own spit roast.

Little T was first. His cock was slim, but a little longer than average; but like his fellow bikers he hadn’t bathed in days, and the stale taste made Kim gag as he guided it into her mouth. Pulling her long hair back into a pony tail, T used it like a handle to move her head anyway he wanted it, as he hummed to himself while raping her mouth.

Axe stood behind Kim, marveling at the site of her soft round ass. Slowly, he let his hands drift over her bottom; at first gently patting her, then slowly firming his strokes till she reacted with screams effectively gagged by T’s cock, as the hard slaps rained down on her famous ass.

Chuckling to himself, Axe was ready to ride again. Straddling the bench, Axe stuck his hips back just far enough to take Kim’s pussy from the rear again. This time, standing over her helpless body, Axe was free to fuck her as hard as he liked.

If Kim had thought the slaps to her ass were painful, they were nothing compared to Axe plunging the full length of his rock hard cock into her pussy, in one, fast thrust. Kim screamed so hard, that the vibrations thru T’s cock (still planted deep in her throat) almost made the low ranking biker cum.
Positioned above her, Axe was ready, and made every thrust into her squirming quim hard and painful. The steady rhythm of his pounding of her pussy, made worse as his balls slapped hard against her clit with each thrust. Soon the bikers were laughingly matching the timing of their thrusts into Kim’s unwilling opening, doubling her pain and her humiliation.

What happened next was Kim’s worst nightmare.

Soon, both men began to increase the speed of their pounding in Kim’s body. Their breaths became shorter, and their moaning louder. Then is all changed. The speed of the thrusts slowed, but each thrust pushed deeper inside her, and stayed there longer.

Realizing what was happening Kim began to panic, and her efforts to pull away became more and more frantic as she tried to escape the coming humiliation, to no avail.

Suddenly, Little T let out a loud, growling yell as his balls exploded, releasing wave after wave of hot, sticky cum down Kim’s long throat; followed a mere second later, by another scream of ‘Yee haw’ from Axe, as the biker blew his load inside Kim’s well fucked cunt.

Still restrained and filled from both ends, it was all Kim could do to avoid drowning in the waves of cum that now filled her from head to tail. T’s grip on her head was firm as he continued to hold his still hard cock deep down her throat, while Axe gripped her hips as his balls emptied their last drops into her cunt.

Finally spent, the two men laughed and high fived as they withdrew from Kim’s sore holes.

Kim had already swallowed the load dropped into her throat, allowing her to stammer out a few words.

“Ok guys. You had your fun. No more, I’m sore. Untie me.” Kim’s voice was more a plea than the order she had intended it to sound like.

Axe smiled and chuckled some more. “She’s all yours T. Remember, the boss said to share. I’m going to check out these young chicks.”

Kim began to cry as Axe’s words sunk in.

“Alright guys!” Little T called out as he stepped behind Kim’s still restrained body. “Who wants to join in next.” Straddling her helpless body, T began to lower his stiffening cock into her wet pussy. . .

<End of Chapter Five>

Next time – Chapter Six – Khloe: Tortured and Tamed
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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My CH06

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Six – Khloe: Tortured and Tamed

“Well, alright,” Steel Shouted. “Let get this party started.”

In the corner of the room, the remaining women huddled together. Some had begun to question their wardrobe choices for the day, but none more than tall curvy Khloe Kardashian. The 6’ tall beauty was wearing a loose fitting ‘Harley-Davidson’ black and orange tank top, cut off denim Daisy Dukes that bared a third of her shapely bottom, and thigh high spiked heel black leather boots. Standing there, trying to fend off their advances, she looked like every biker’s dream bitch. Hot as she was, every bike there stepped back when Deacon strode up to her. Even the boss, Steel, made way for the huge grizzly bear of a biker, as he silently walked over to Khloe.

At 6’ 5” Deacon towered over statuesque Khloe. Staring up as the big biker, Khloe angry mouth fell silent as the big man pulled a think black leather collar from a hook on his belt, and in one smooth practiced movement, slipped it around Khloe’s neck, and buckled and locked it before she could even make a sound of protest. She barely saw his hand move to attach the leash to the collar, before Khloe found herself being dragged to the center of the room.
Khloe briefly looked up at Deacon scarred face, hoping for some sign of pity or tenderness. The lust she saw caused her to close her eyes and cry.

For his part, Deacon had found what he thought of as the perfect victim, and wasted no time. Steel handcuffs held Khloe’s arms behind her back, before Deacon picked up the iron bar. At first the bar confused Khloe, thinking she was about to be threaten or even beaten. Then she notices the metal rings at either end of the bar, with the large locking loops of leg irons on them. Deacon attached one end to one of Khloe’s ankles and then forced her to spread her legs wide enough so he could attach the other end to her other leg.

Up till this point, Khloe had offered only weak resistance, but as Deacon pressed a button lowering a chain from the winch mounted in the room’s rafters she realized what he had in mind and began struggle in earnest. Her struggles amounted to nothing, as Deacon pushed her to the floor, and grabbed the iron spreader bar that held her legs apart. He ran another chain between the two end loops of the bar, and then connected the chain from the ceiling winch to middle of the cross chain.

Deacon went back to the winch control, and after a small adjustment, the motor whirred to life and began to slowly lift the chain back up. After consuming the slack, the winch began to lift Khloe’s legs off the ground, as she screamed in protest, cursing and spitting at Deacon.

The other bikers let out a cheer as Khloe’s denim covered bottom lifted from the floor, and she was slowly, painfully raised till she dangled, upside down, with her head almost three foot above the floor. Her screaming continued as she hung inverted, in center of the room. The center of attention as her mother, sisters and friends all looked at her, as her body slowly turned on the end of the chain. Her hands bound, Khloe attempted to lash out with her teeth, trying to bite Deacon every time her drew close. Even that tactic was doomed to failure. After a few tried Deacon managed to catch Khloe by her cuffed wrists and step up behind her where her thrashing teeth couldn’t reach.
Deacon reached out and picked up a large wash tub, and set it on the floor under Khloe’s head, then pulling a garden hose laying nearby, shouted out, “Little T, turn on the water.” Slowly the hose sputtered to life and water started slowly began pouring into the empty wash tub.

Khloe twisted, trying to get a better view, trying to see what was happening, trying to figure out what this monster had planned for her. Soon, she could see the tub was three-quarters full and she could see the water stop flowing in from the hose.

Another click from the remote in Deacon’s hand, and Khloe felt herself slowly lowering down towards the water filled tub. Khloe called out for help as her hair began to dip into the water, and her head inched ever closer. As water touched her head Khloe began to call out, pleading for help. When the water reached her eyes, she squeezed her eyelids tightly shut. As she sank deeper in the water flooded in her nose. Khloe tried exhaling to blow the water out, as she closed her mouth and tried to hold her breath. The winch stopped as the water reached her chin. Khloe fought to hold her breath, and began to struggle harder, trying to escape the washtub.

Finally, as Khloe was about to give in, the winch came back to life and began lifting her up, out of the water. Khloe coughed and spit out water as she slowly rose and her lungs desperately reached out for air. Gasping for air, Khloe was still unable to speak when she felt the winch start to lower her down again. Once again, she slipped into the water, and the whole torture started all over again.

Khloe lost track of the number of times she was dunked and nearly drown. Finally, on the fourth or fifth dunking, Khloe passed out, giving into the dark fingers of unconsciousness, and slipping into oblivion.

When she came to, Khloe was still hanging from the ceiling, with Deacon slowly circling her dangling body.

Slowly, Deacon’s hands roamed up Khloe’s inverted form, from her back, to her hips, to her long, leather boot covered legs. He kissed her round ass checks where they showed from under the cut-off jeans. The whole time, Khloe still cursed and screamed obscenities at Deacon, while his tongue roamed freely over the exposed portions of her ass and thighs.

“MORE!” he growled. “I want more!” His voice rocked the room, and caused Khloe to tremble. Slowly Deacon turned the helpless woman till she was facing him (or his crotch anyway). That’s when Khloe saw the big bowie knife Deacon had pulled from its sheath, and was had firmly gripped in his right hand. Not knowing his intentions, and fearing the worst Khloe switched from screaming and cursing to crying and pleading. Chuckling, Deacon used his free hand to pull Khloe closer, as he skillfully slipped the tip of the big knife into the leg of her short shorts, by her right hip. Slowly, carefully, the big biker sliced the slow denim from leg to waist band allowing that side the fall open exposing Khloe’s right hip and completely baring her right ass cheek.

Khloe let out an almost silent sigh of relief as Deacon turned her around further, and slowly, tortuously repeated the cutting of her short on her left side. The denim fabric lay loose and limp, still lying between her legs, providing her with a last morsel of cover and modesty. As Deacon lifted the torn fabric away, Khloe realized that only a tiny thong kept her from being totally exposed to the cruel man that now hung her in mid-air.

Turning her back around Deacon returned to kissing and licking Khloe’s now completely bare bottom. The blood rushing to her head made it hard for Khloe to concentrate as she attempted to twist away from Deacon’s attentions.
Suddenly the hard slap of Deacon’s leather gloved hand of Khloe expensive bottom brought the woman back to clarity. She screamed in surprise as much as pain. Deacon hadn’t slapped that hard, but Khloe had been totally unprepared for the assault. She growled in fury as she felt Deacon’s tongue slip between the ass cheeks that only moments before he had struck. As his tongue danced around the thin string of her thong, Khloe was startled by the unexpected feeling of the biker’s long rough tongue probing her anus. The tiny brown rosebud puckered closed at the unwanted attention, and Khloe found herself momentarily breathless at the feeling of a strange man forcing his unwanted affections on her unwilling ass. Then, Deacon began… moaning, almost humming with pleasure as his tongue continued to probe and tickle Khloe’s ass. The sensation caused Khloe to draw a sharp breath, as her eyes widen from the sensation. When her breath returned she squealed out loud, without even meaning to.

Slowly Khloe’s body was turned in midair again as Deacon once again growled “MORE!” and pulled the bowie knife from his belt again. This time the target was Khloe’s thin tank top that had already fallen on the upside down model, until it exposed her under boob. Slowly, Deacon’s knife produced a series of small cuts in the cotton cloth of the tank top, slowly reducing it to a flimsy rag that barely clung to Khloe. For her part, each time the knife sliced into what was left of the tank top, Khloe feared would be the time the knife cut her as well.

Finally, Deacon grabbed the tattered remains of the tank top and ripped them away, exposing Khloe’s perfect 32C breasts for all to see; and more importantly, for Deacon to grope.

“This is it” Khloe thought to herself. “This is as humiliating as my life can get.”
She was wrong. Deacon’s knife had one more job to do.

“NOOOOOO!” Khloe screamed as Deacon slipped the knife blade under the thin elastic of the right hip of her thong, slicing it with a merest flick of his wrist, before moving to her left hip to slice that elastic away. Deacon’s hand gently lifted the remaining tiny fabric of the thong from between Khloe’s legs, leaving the beautiful woman totally exposed except for the leather boots that covered her long legs.

After returning the knife to its sheath, Deacon’s hands resumed their groping of Khloe’s firm C cup tits, and his face plunged into her now exposed pussy with the enthusiasm of a starving man at his first sight of a gourmet banquet. Khloe could do nothing but try and twist away, and mouth words of useless protest. Meanwhile Deacons mouth continued to ravage Khloe’s tender pussy.

At first Deacon had been content to lick his pussy back and forth, up and down her pussy lips. Then the tip of his tongue began probing, first spreading her surprisingly wet pussy lips to expose the treasures inside. His brief probe inside her caused Khloe to try and twist violently as she squealed. Deacon soon returned to licking Khloe’s pussy in his slow up and down rhythm until that probing tip found her delicate clit, slowly opening and rising. Her clit now became his tongue’s exclusive target. Probing, circling, flicking over the rapidly rising button of her clitoris; Deacon listened to the sound of Khloe’s moaning, and watched as her hips began to press forward, offering him better access to her now dripping wet pussy.

Deacon decided it was time to take further advantage of the helpless woman. His left hand lifted from the breast it was fondling, and slowly wrapped around Khloe, slipping behind her, and slowly forcing his massive middle finger inside her tight asshole.

Khloe screamed with indignity and pain, as Deacon finger-fucked her asshole. Soon the cursing and threats had returned and Deacon was forced to turn his attention away from her clit.

“Woman”, Deacon growled. “If you can’t learn to shut that mouth, I’m going to have to fill it.” With that, the big bike unbuckled his belt, opened his jeans, letting them fall to the floor.

A cheer went up from the other bikers. Whatever Khloe had expected she was totally unprepared for the sight that stood before her eyes…

12” of erect cock now stood mere inches from her face, and aimed directly at her mouth. Khloe gasped as she tried to form words. Not only was Deacon’s cock massive in length, it was freakishly wide as well. Khloe had a well-earned reputation that had exposed to her many massive men’s members before; but never in her life had she even imagined a cock could be this big around. Her already dizzy brain now swirled with thoughts of choking to death. Thought of gagging on a dick so big it would become stuck in her throat, suffocating her. Her eyes widened with fear, as she began to imagine the sensation of the monster ripping open her pussy, or worse yet her ass.

As Khloe opened her mouth to utter words of protest, she felt the fat cock forced inside her mouth faster that she could react.

“I know what you’re thinking, cunt.” Deacon smiled for the first time. “You even THINK about biting or getting clever, just remember, you’re still hanging from the ceiling, and my buds have your momma, your sisters and your friends. Just think about all the bad things that can happen.

Khloe closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could to take in Deacon’s cock. It tasted stale, dirty and unbathed. It was like he had been riding his bike for days with no break. The smell and taste was musty and Khloe thought about home much she hated it. Straining her jaw, she swallowed to get more of the long fat cock inside her mouth and slowly began to work it in and out.

Meanwhile, Deacon’s tongue had returned to massaging Khloe’s clit, and now both of her arms were wrapped around her, as the middle finger of one hand returned to probing and twisting in her ass, the first two fingers of the other hand had begun their invasion of her pussy, slowly sliding in and out. Soon without even noticing she had done it, Khloe had matched the pace of her sucking to the rhythm of her finger fucking, and matched those with the rocking of her hips.

Deacon took a short break from his licking to tell Khloe that she was being a good girl. Khloe felt flushed with shame at his praise, but her attempt to protect quickly turned into a deep hum, timed to match the movement of the massive cock that was sliding in and out of her stretched mouth.
Hung upside down as she was, in pain and humiliated, Khloe could feel the warm tremble of an orgasm building up deep inside her. Never before had she been stimulated on her clit and in all three orifices at the same time.
Unwilling as she was, Khloe was about to cum.

Urgently, Khloe tried to thrust her face forward harder, desperate to try and push Deacon’s cock deep down her throat. She tried to push her hips up to his face as he began to use his teeth to nibble on the delicate throbbing button of her clit. Khloe screamed in silence (Deacon’s big cock gagging her) as the big biker slipped a third finger into Khloe dripping pussy.

Just then, as she was almost ready to explode, Deacon yanked his fingers and cock from Khloe’s all holes and ended his attention to her throbbing, stimulated clit.

Khloe gasped for air at the shock. She tried to swing forward and catch Deacon’s cock in her mouth again. She twisted her hips and tried to push them forward to him like an offering. She howled and screamed in frustration as her near orgasm began to fade.

Quickly, Deacon grabbed a Small cat-o-nine tails and a riding crop. First he began to work Khloe’s soft round ass over, as she howled in pain and frustration. Next the crop went to work. Short, accurate swats to her clit and pussy lips caused Khloe to twist and scream in agony.

Now Deacon produced a short chain with clips on both end and a hook in the center, from his pocket. Khloe screamed in pain as the clips were allowed to snap onto her erect nipples, then pulling the chain tight, Deacon attached the center hook onto the “D” ring of Khloe’s Collar. The shot chain pulled in her exquisite nipples, painfully stretching them and causing Khloe to cry and sob loudly.

Now Deacon returned to the ‘cat’ and his flogging of Khloe’s ripe round bottom. Each swat of the whip, caused Khloe to jerk away, pulling her head back, further, painfully yanking the chain that linked her collar to the nipple clamps. Between swats from the whip, Deacon would alternate sharp painful swat to her pussy with the riding crop.

Khloe was dizzy, tired, seating; but Deacon was just hitting his stride.
A special vibrator came out of Deacon’s bag of tricks. Its straps looping around her legs, the vibe was firmly planted on top of her clit. The remote control in Deacon’s hand soon had the vibrator buzzing and humming, stimulating her sore clit; while Deacon pulled to small metal balls from the bag. Hooking each one on to Khloe’s nipple clips they pulled even harder on Khloe sensitive areola; but if Khloe thought that was their only purpose, she was soon sadly surprised. Pressing a button on each ball, they both began to vibrate. Khloe screamed again, this time not even knowing why. Silently Deacon smiled, and stood back up with the whip, to continue torturing Khloe’s bottom.

Long minutes passed, but Deacon had too many more tortures planned for Khloe to let her wait long for the next. A butt plug in the shape of a string of four vibrating balls now came from the bag. Deacon didn’t even bother to lubricate it. He just forced it into Khloe’s unprepared anus and listened to her scream as her anal ring puckered tight around the backside of ball, before the next was pushed into her ass.

Deacon turned the balls on, and then went back to lightly whipping Khloe’s ass. This was the final humiliation. Khloe yelled in pain, and then twisted weakly again the intrusion, before finally falling silent, and allowing her body to simply hang limp from the chains on her ankles.

She had surrendered, and was too tired to even say it out load. She just hung their and allowed Deacon to do whatever he wanted. She still reacted to the vibrators, the nipple torture, the whipping; but gone was the defiance, the screaming, the cursing, the threats; even the begging had been silenced.
She had surrendered, she belonged to Deacon know.

Removing the vibes and clips, Deacon used the winch to slowly lower his prize to the floor. Removing the spreader bar, Deacon reattached the leash to Khloe’s collar.

Holding her leash in his hand, Deacon gave her the first command of her new life.

“Khloe, get up.” He said firmly, slapping the riding crop against his own boot, to emphasize the command. Slowly, weakly, Khloe managed to rise to her feet, and stand in front of her new owner, on her tired, wobbly legs. “Good Girl.” Then without another word, Deacon pulled Khloe close to him by her leash, and kissed her, forcing her lips open and sliding his tongue inside her mouth. Khloe quietly kissed her new master back.

The room had fallen almost silent at the sight of tall, defiant Khloe beaten and submissive. The other women couldn’t believe their eyes. If Khloe couldn’t fight these men off, what hope did they have? The bikers, on the other hand, cheered; some even clapped; as Deacon Picked up his prize and tossed her over his shoulder before carrying her out of the room.

Khloe didn’t know it, but her destination was one of the building’s bedrooms. Deacon wanted some privacy for what happened next. Deacon carried her in and dropped her unceremoniously on the bed, as Khloe softly cried unaware she was even doing it. Looking at the big bed, Khloe assumed Deacon would soon be on top of her, having his way. She wasn’t quite right.

Deacon pulled on Khloe’s leash until she was sitting upright on the edge of the bed. It was the first time Khloe got a good look around the room. It was a large bedroom, and contained a number of pieces of odd looking furniture. One, that deacon was busy wiping the dust off, looked like a short saw horse; except that in addition to the cross piece at the top of the triangle formed by the legs, there were also cross pieces parallel to the top piece, a few inches from the bottom. Even stranger, while the legs were made of a strong looking dark wood, the three cross pieces were all covered with cushioning and were upholstered. Also, large steel screw eyes were bolted onto the object in several locations.

“Come on Khloe” Deacon ordered as he gave a gentle tug on her leash. Pulling her leash, he led her to the strange piece of furniture he had just finished cleaning.

“Kneel”, Deacon ordered, as he guided Khloe down and forced her to put her knees on one of the lower cross members. “Now, bend over.” Khloe slowly leaned forward, till her belly lay on the soft, cushioned top cross piece.

Without another word he unhooked one side of the handcuffs that restrained her and pulled the wrist that it was still attached to around to the other side of the piece of furniture, and locked the open end into one of the screw eyes. Then producing another pair of hand cuffs duplicated the restraint on the free hand. Khloe was still dizzy and confused; she pulled lightly on the cuffs that now held her down, and Deacon moved behind her and ran a rope around each of her thighs, pulling them open, and securing them to the screw eyes on that side of the object.

When he was finished securing her , he stood up and gave her a pat on her bottom, then stepped around in front on her.

“You don’t have to tie me anymore. I won’t resist. I won’t try to get away. I’ll do anything you want.” Khloe quietly spoke the words; and then added, “Master.”

“I know Khloe. That’s a good girl.” Deacon patted her head like she was a dog. He smiled as he tosseled her long hair. “But I like my women properly restrained, especially when they’re on the breeding bench.”

Khloe’s eyes snapped wide open at the name of the device she was strapped down to. She started to open her mouth to ask what a breeding bench was, but suddenly found Deacon’s massive cock stuffed into her mouth again. This time there would be no resisting. Khloe had learned her lesson and quickly set about trying to satisfy Deacon, managing to pull the cock from her mouth so she could lick it full length, from tip to balls. The sounds of Deacon’s groans told her she had found something he liked, as she began to lick the sweaty, hairy balls of the biker who now owned her. She sucked each one into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue, before surprising even Deacon by sucking both his balls into her mouth together. The groan from Deacon came from deep inside. Long and low, the big biker was enjoying his new prize possession.

Returning his cock to Khloe’s mouth, Deacon took her head in his hands and began fucking her mouth. She tried as best she could to keep up with him, and suck the fat dick that was now filling her throat. Khloe struggled and pushed trying to get the cock further down her throat. She wanted to please Deacon, to keep him happy. A satisfied biker might be less likely to whip and abuse her.

Deacon growled with satisfaction, as he pulled his cock from Khloe’s skilled mouth. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face. “Good Girl.” Then patted and stroked her head again.

Deacon stepped behind the bound beauty, and patted her round bottom that Khloe tried to hold up for his inspection. He looked down on his prize as he slowly stroked her ass, then without warning grabbed her hips and began forcing his massive member into her pussy that was still recovering from his earlier torture.

Khloe’s scream was one of pure pleasure.

Deacon began plunging his cock deep inside Khloe’s wet pussy. Taking firm grip on her hips He begin slamming his dick inside, and with each stroke his balls slapped against her clit, and with each slam Khloe grunted with pleasure.
“Oh god!”, Khloe screamed. “Oh god! Breed me… please… Breed me.”
Deacon smiled and shoved his cock deep inside Khloe, and held it there. Pressing hard against her hips, he held deep inside and twisted and grinded his cock in her. Khloe twisted under the pressure of the massive cock opening her pussy wider and wider. Soon she was pleading for Deacon’s cum, begging him to fill her. But Deacon wasn’t ready to end his torture of Khloe yet.
Deacon slowly pulled his cock partially out of Khloe’s throbbing pussy, as he leaned over and spit onto her asshole. The feeling of his spit hitting her ass surprised Khloe. The next moment Khloe was hollering in pain as Deacon forced his thick middle funeral into Khloe’s tight anus. As his finger worked her puckered bottom, his fat cock returned to working its way in and out of her pussy.

Khloe now found herself growling and moaning from pain, as well as the surprising amount of pleasure she was feeling as Deacon raped her. Helplessly she lay bent over the breeding bench, tied down and at the mercy of a monstrous man who knew no mercy. Yet strangely, her body had responded to him, almost instinctively. Now she found herself pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts as his massive cock painfully forced its way inside her tender cunt. Tied down like an animal, sweating and grunting as he raped her, Khloe realized that she had never felt more passionate, more sensual, more… alive.
“Give it to me.” Khloe gasped. “Give it to me. Fuck me. Oh god, fuck me.” Deacon smiled as he slammed into Khloe’s cunt one last time, before drawing it all the way out. Deacon stood towering over her for a moment, looking down on her helpless squirming body, then plunging his foot long cock directly into her unprotected asshole.

“ARRRRRRGH!” Khloe’s scream pierced the air thru the house. “Oh god… No No No… Not this… please not this! I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything you want… anything but this. Oh god you’re tearing me a part. It’s too big… I can’t take it… I can’t take it… you’re killing me.” Khloe struggle like she had never fought before, as Deacon’s massive cock continued to force open her ass, and penetrate deeper and deeper inside her.

And above it all, Deacon’s laughter echoed.

“Ooooooooh. Oh god, it hurts” Khloe screamed. “It hurts so much. Please just be gently with me. I’ll do anything you want… you know I will. I’m yours, I’ll do anything… please, just don’t hurt me.” Khloe cried, loud deep sobs as she begged. Finally, Deacon’s cock was fully inserted in Khloe’s tight ass. Now deep inside his victim, Deacon began to move his cock slowly in and out. Khloe’s head was spinning from the pain and the stimulation of her tired, stretched rectum. The sensation was nothing like she had ever felt before. She had boyfriends who were into rough sex over the years, but nothing like this. Nothing this painful… yet, deep inside, she could feel another orgasm starting to build.

Khloe’s eyes widened, her begging was replaced by short passionate grunts as Deacon reached full insertion, and long moans as he slowly slid in and out. Khloe cried tears of pleasure and self-disgust. She couldn’t believe her body was betraying her like this. She couldn’t believe she was building to an orgasm. An orgasm like she had never felt before. An orgasm she didn’t want, and an orgasm that might be the biggest she had ever felt.

If she wasn’t strapped down, Khloe probably would have collapsed onto the floor. Tired, sweating from the rough treatment of her body, Khloe could no longer resist in any way.

Deacon could almost feel her surrendering to him. He began thrusting harder and faster into his helpless slave. By her panting breath, and her rolling hips he knew Khloe, like himself, was close to cumming. He was ready and felt the urge to bring to orgasm at the same time as he came. He knew exactly how to make her do it.

Drawing his hand high over his head, Deacon brought it down full strength onto Khloe soft round ass.

“RAAAAARRRRRGH!” Khloe screamed loud enough to make the windows vibrate. “Yes.. Yes… Yes… Do it again, DO IT AGAIN!” Deacon shoved his cock in full depth, hard and fast, followed by another hard slap to her ass. Khloe screamed with delight and continued to beg for more, becoming louder and more obscene as she screamed.

“Fuck my ass… fuck it harder.” Khloe growled. “Rape me… treat me like a slut. Yes… I’m your slut. Rape me… rape your slut!” Deacon made his final thrust inside her, just as Khloe’s orgasm finally exploded. Her ass gripped tight, as she screamed and her pussy gushed out her juices. Her anal grip was so tight, even Big Bad Deacon yelled as his victim squeezed his huge cock.

Pulling his rock hard cock from her body, it’s head emerged just as Deacon massive load of cum shot out onto Khloe’s ass, back and hair; Covering her trembling body with his sticky seed. Staggering in front of Khloe’s bound body, Deacon shot another load of cum all over Khloe’s internationally famous face, before stuffing his still hard cock into her panting mouth, forcing her to taste her own anal slime as he stuffed his cock deep in, before shooting his final sticky load down her throat, forcing her to swallow every drop.

There she lay. International celebrity Khloe Kardashian, bent over and tied down to a ‘breeding bench’, covered with the sperm of the strange man who had just raped her, her belly filled with the man’s spunk, that she had just willingly swallowed. Her ass cocked up at the touch of Deacon’s hand on it. Khloe purred at the feeling. “Mmmmmm… please master… more…”


Next time – Chapter Seven – Kendall: Toy for a dirty old man
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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids Ch 07

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Seven – Kendall: Toy for a dirty old man

“Well, alright,” Steel Shouted. “Let get this party started.”
While most of the girls stood still, frozen in place with fear, Kendall immediately began moving, trying to hide behind her sister, and place her friends between her slim body and the grasping hands of the bikers that tried to grab her.

Her actions caught Doc’s eye.

“Looks like we’ve got a tricky one here”, the old man shouted and laughed as he pushed the old sun faded straw cowboy hat further back on his head. While the others were moving aimlessly, groping one girl after another, Doc had seen his target hiding behind the others, and began pushing thru the group towards her. While Kendall was focused on the younger men, Doc slipped up behind her, and wrapping his arms around lifted her up from the rear and pulled her away from the crowd, as she kicked and screamed.

At 6’ tall, Doc was easily three time young Kendall’s age. The old man of the gang looked more like a member of the cast of “Duck Dynasty” with his long graying beard hanging down below his chest, and a full head of long salt and pepper colored hair tied in a ponytail on his back, observers would be hard pressed to narrow his age down between 60 and 80. His leathered old face was covered with a big smile today as he pulled Kendall’s slim figure over to one of the couches scattered around the room. The old man’s arms had easily encircled Kendall’s 24 inch waist, and pinned her arms to her side.

Now face down on the musty old couch Kendall could feel her arms pulled behind her back, as her old captor quickly tied her wrist together with a length of soft rope. Her wrists snuggly bound, Kendall knew this was not the old man’s first time to bind a woman.

Doc dropped down and sat on the couch, carefully pulling Kendall up right and seating her on his lap. Sitting there on his lap, Doc slowly examined his new toy, as she lightly twisted and squirmed. Kendall sat helplessly in the old man’s lap, covered by nothing but a thin white tank top and denim shorts, she quickly began to regret her decision to go braless today, as Doc’s rough hands explored her tender young body.

She had begun to protest his groping, when the sound of Doc’s stiletto sliding open silenced her, and froze her motionless as she sat. Her eyes tracked the sharp tip of the thin knife blade as Doc lightly skimmed over the surface of her flimsy tank top. Kendall held her breath as the blade slipped under the fabric that covered one of her shoulders, and sliced the light material away. Tiny tears began to form as the old man sliced away the fabric covering her other shoulder, then grabbed the remaining cloth and roughly tore it off her body and now heaving chest.

Kendall’s perfect 32B tits stood exposed and vulnerable as Doc began to fondle one, while roughly sucking on the other, his long, rough facial hair tickling and scratching the tender flesh of the young woman’s chest. She softly cried and moaned as she was molested; closing her eyes, just wishing the torture would end.

That’s when she felt it. Doc’s hand slip off her breast and down to the leather belt that held her shorts on.

“No. Oh no no no no.” Kendall begged as Doc unbuckled the belt and slipped it from the loops on her shorts. “No, no please don’t do this. Please don’t” But her words floated away unheard as Doc opened her shorts and began to roughly pull them down over her long shapely legs.

In mere moments, Kendall sat, naked, in the lap of a man old enough to be her grandfather; a fact not lost on Doc.

Doc looped Kendall’s leather belt around her neck, slipping it back thru the buckle and pulling it tighter, till it fit snuggly against her throat. Using the loose end of the belt like a leash, Doc pulled Kendall’s face close to his.
“Come here baby girl. Give Granddaddy a kiss.” Doc said as he pulled her closer. Kendall tried to pull away, repulsed by the thought of kissing the hairy old man. Doc was ready for this. Quietly, he moved the middle finger on the hand that now explored Kendall’s firm young bottom, and quickly pressed it against the puckered brown rosebud of Kendall anus.

Kendall screamed with surprise as she pulled away from the unexpected anal probing, forcing her open mouth directly onto Doc’s. One arm wrapped around her back, and the finger of his other hand continuing to apply pressure to her ass, Doc held Kendall firmly in place, as his tongue began to explore her unwilling mouth. With many decades experience, Doc was a talented kisser, unlike the sloppy mouthed young men Kendall was used to. Between his skilled tongue massaging hers and the constant vibrating pressure of his finger in her ass, Kendall soon found herself responding, kissing back and softly moaning at the attention being lavished on her pert body.

When their mouths finally parted, Kendall gasped for air, leaning back against Doc’s air, her chest heavy as she breathed heavily.

Doc stared at her naked body and licked his lips like a starving man staring at buffet. Slowly, Doc withdrew his hand from her ass, and slipped between her smooth supple legs to search for her clit. Doc once again pulled Kendall close and began placing soft little kisses on her cheeks. Kendall giggled slightly as Doc’s whiskers tickled her soft face. Tauntingly, Doc whispered in Kendall’s ear, “Tell Granddaddy you want him to play with your tits.”

Kendall frowned and begged. “Please, I can’t say that, don’t make me say that.” Her eyes filled with tears as Doc’s hand slipped from between her legs and moved to one of her tender breasts.

Pinching hard on her nipple, Doc half growled, “Now, tell Granddaddy you want him to play with your tits!”

Kendall screamed in agony, No one had ever treated her like this before. No one had ever inflicted such pain. Without a second’s hesitation, Kendall decided to do anything, anything to end the pain.

“Oh, Granddaddy, please play with my tits. Your little girl loves it when you play with her tits.” Kendall put on her best, coyest, babyface, and tried to coo as she spoke to her captor. “I love it when you play with my titties Granddaddy.”

Taking one of her succulent tits into his mouth, Doc’s hand slipped back between her legs to explore. Doc sucked Kendall’s tit with the enthusiasm of a teenager; every now and again taking it from his mouth, so he could rapidly flick the tip of his tongue on her nipples. Soon Kendall’s nipples stood hard and erect, almost as if they were rising up, begging for his attentions.

The rush from Doc’s attention to her tits was so great that Kendall almost didn’t notice as the finger of one hand slipped into her pussy… almost.
“Ohhhhh Granddaddy, that feels so good.” Kendall purred. By now here hips were rocking to match the probing rhythm of his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

Doc smiles with satisfaction, as Kendall squirmed and moaned in his lap. He felt his cock stiffening and decided to wait no more. Originally he had planned to take his time, but the young nubile body in his lap was just too good to wait for.

Roughly, Doc pushed Kendall onto her back on the couch. He stood, towering over the slim girl, and dropped his jeans to the ground and stepped out of them, and began lowering himself down onto Kendall’s trembling body.
“Granddaddy is horny babygirl.” The old biker taunted her. “Granddaddy’s going to rape your sweet little pussy.”

Kendall’s eyes widened in horror. She had expected the old man to play with her for a while, get excited, and she had fully planned to jack him off to avoid the old man entering any of her tender orifices.

“Oh, Granddaddy, don’t you want me to…” Kendall’s words were cut off as the old man jabbed his rock hard cock into her unprepared pussy. “Arrrrgh!” Kendall screamed as she threw back her head. Doc quickly pulled her slim legs up and lay them over his shoulders, allowing him to push deep inside Kendall.

Kendall thrashed in surprise. She hadn’t expected the old man’s cock to be so large… or so hard; and she never would have expected the amount of energy the old man used as he drove his dick deeper inside her, and fucked her harder, and harder. Kendall was pinned down, and no amount of struggle would set her free. Desperate to bring the torture to an end, Kendall changed tactics. First her struggles stopped. Next she wrapped her arms around Doc’s wrinkled old body and attempted to hold him close. She began talking to man fucking her. Urging him on; encouraging him; trying to excite him. Hoping to bring him to a climax and end the rape.

“Oh, Granddaddy. Oh I love it. Oh your babygirl loves it when you fuck her.” Kendall rolled her eyes up as she tried her best sex talk. “Oh, please… put it in deeper. Fuck your little girl. I want your dick inside me sooo bad.” The warm feeling starting to creep over her body went unnoticed, at first. “Make me your little slut, Granddaddy. I want to be your little slut.” Suddenly a strange rush came over Kendall, as she began to stutter and stammer her words. “Oh, Gran… Gra… Gra…, Oh it feels, aaaaah. Oh it… Oh, I’m… Granddaddy, I’m… I’m… mmmmmm.”

“Auuurr.. rrrrgh!” Unexpectedly her orgasm washed over Kendall as she screamed in surprise and pulled hard against Doc’s ass, pulling his aging cock fully into her. Kendall eyes opened wide and stared into Doc’s. The old man plunged his tongue back into her mouth, and this time found her willing, even hungry for him.

Kendall tightened her lips around Doc’s tongue as she began to suck on it.
Doc could hold back no more.

With a final hard shove Doc penetrated Kendall deeper than any man ever had, just as his balls exploded into the orgasming young woman. Load after load splashed inside Kendall’s cunt, coating her womb and spreading out, seeking her precious ovum.

Kendall didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything except the waves of pleasure rushing thru her. Exhausted from the roughest sex of her life, Kendall collapsed back onto the cushions of the couch, feeling safe that the old man was now satisfied, and would let her rest.

Kendall’s sleepy, half-closed eyes didn’t see Doc reach into his pocket. If she had, she’d have seen Doc pull out a special little blue pill and pop it in his mouth. Minutes later, Kendall’s sleeping form was lifted up a bit. Her eyes opened, and finally focused enough to see Doc cradling her head in on hand, and guiding his once again erect cock into Kendall’s groggy mouth.

Taking her head in his hands Doc began to slowly fuck Kendall’s mouth.

“Get to work baby girl.” Doc chuckled.” Granddaddy’s got lots of little blue pills, and you’ve got a long night ahead of you.”

Next time – Chapter Eight – The Hadid Girls: Incestuous Sapphic Sisters, and group rape girls.

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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids Ch 08

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Eight –
The Hadid Girls: Incestuous Sapphic Sisters, and group rape girls.

“Well, alright,” Steel Shouted. “Let get this party started.”

As the men groped their way thru the crowd of women, Gigi and Bella Hadid held each other tightly, hoping for safety wrapped in each other’s arms. The sight of the frightened sisters clinging to each other caught the attention of Wolf. The hard case of the gang, Wolf had been released from prison only two weeks earlier, and after 6 years inside he was hungry for the taste of a woman.

Before him, in thin almost see thru sundresses, were two of the tastiest morsels he had ever seen.

Grabbing both girls by an arm Wolf drug them screaming down the hallway to a bedroom and tossed both girls on to the bed as if they were a play of dolls.
Instantly his eyes locked onto Gigi with her blonde dyed hair. Smiling he reached out towards her.

“No” Gigi said softly. “I’ll strip for you… you don’t have to do it. I’ll… I’ll put on a show for you. Would you like that?” Gigi slowly slipped one shoulder drop down as she sat up on the bed. Quietly she began to more her body as she slid the other strap off. Her hands glided over her chest then down her body, past her hips and down her legs to the hem of her dress. Teasingly she lifted it up revealing her long shapely legs. As she lifted higher her white cotton panties came into view as she crossed her legs to try and maintain some modesty from Wolf’s eyes. Slowly the lifted the dress up and over her head till it fell onto the bed. Gigi lay exposed. Braless, only her panties and sandals provided her with any coverage at all. Pushing her sandals off, Gigi allowed them to drop to the floor before she slipped her thumbs under the elastic of her panties. Gigi leaned back and lifted her legs together in the air, and slowly slid the panties over her thighs, and then her calves, before slipping them over her feet and tossing them away.

Now the show began in earnest.

Bella huddled back against the headboard of the bed as she watched her older sister perform a strip that would have done any professional dancer proud.
Her legs still pointed to the ceiling, Gigi slowly spread then open, wider and wider, till her ankles finally touched the bed. Her delicate pussy now fully exposed, Wolf was able to watch the young model as she massaged her own tits, while slowly beginning to rock her hips. Gigi moaned as she pinched her own nipples, before one hand slid from her breasts, down over her belly and onto her pussy. Her fingers began to frantically seek out her clit and begin to rub against the delicate bud that waited there. As her thumb began to press on her gender clit, Gigi slipped first one finger, then two into her rapidly moistening pussy. Her soft moaning was becoming louder and louder, as her body began to sweat.

Wolf kicked a chair to the foot of the bed, and then dropped his jeans to expose his massive cock. Sitting in the chair, Wolf stroked himself and began to enjoy the show.

Gigi smiled slightly as she saw her plan beginning to work. She’d cock tease the big biker till he was spent. She’d done it many times before and knew how to put on quite a little show. She didn’t know about the show Wolf had in mind for her.

Wolf reached down into the bag he had sitting by the chair and pulled out an 11 inch vibrator and tossed it up to Gigi. She hadn’t expected this, but didn’t mind. She had used them often enough in the past and the vibe would just make her work easier. At least that’s what she thought…

The vibe snapped on with a quick practiced turn of it’s base and was soon sliding it’s way in and out of Gigi wet pussy. The size and ferocity of the vibe required Gigi to move both hands onto the beast as it began to growl faster and faster despite her attempts to slow the device. That’s when she realized that the vibe had a remote control, and that Wolf was using it to set the pace of her show. Gigi was slowly losing control of the situation for the first time in her young life.

The feelings washing over her caused Gigi’s vision to blur and the excitement made her concentration slip, till she noticed Wolf sitting on the foot of the bed, slowly running his free hand along her sister Bella’s leg. Gigi knew she had to act fast, or soon she would be masturbating to the sight and sounds of her younger sister being raped on the bed next to her.

“No, wait” Gigi shouted as she put her hand on Wolf’s chest. “Let me do her for you.” Gigi fairly purred the words out as she pulled the vibe from deep inside herself. “Do you want to watch me do my sister?” Gigi pulled herself close to the big biker as she cooed. “Wouldn’t you like to see us do each other while you watch?” Gigi couldn’t see the look of terror and shock in her sister’s eyes. It had all been too much for little Bella. First kidnapped, then forced to watch as her sister stripped and masturbated, then the thought of being raped, now followed by her sister offering to use her in an act of lesbian incest.

Bella began to cry as Gigi yanked the top of Bella’s sundress down, exposing her perfect tits. Gigi had always admired her sister’s body, and while she was finding off this big biker, she just might have a little fun as well. Gigi hovered her chest over Bella’s, slowly circling, so their nipples would come together and touch, rubbing together lightly. Lowering herself, Gigi pressed her breasts against Bella’s and softly kissed her sister’s cheeks. “Just do what I want Bella” Gigi whispered. “Pretend like you like it, so he’ll get off and leave us alone.”

Bella opened her mouth to object, but was cut off as her sister’s tongue forced it’s way inside and wrapped around her’s. Bella’s eyes widen as Gigi’s closed and her mouth began to purr with pleasure. Bella couldn’t believe her sister was doing this to her. Then Bella held and soft ‘snap’ and realized too late Gigi had turned the vibrator back on and was starting to insert it into Bella’s unprepared pussy. She had been so distracted by Gigi’s oral attentions; she hadn’t even noticed her sister pulling her clothes off of her.

Bella’s attempts at screams were muffled by Gigi’s mouth firmly clamped over hers, as her tongue continued to explore Bella’s mouth.

Finally, Gigi turned her oral talents from Bella’s mouth, to her perfect tits. Soon Bella was panting and moaning to the twin stimulation of Gigi talents tongue on her breasts, and the vibrator that Gigi continued to work Bella’s now sopping wet pussy with. The feeling was so intense; Bella was having trouble catching her breath. No boyfriend had ever made her feel like this.
Her back turned to their captor, Gigi had dared to believe her kissing and groping of sister Bella would soon be enough to send Wolf over the top. The feeling of his hand slowly rubbing and fondling her ass was enough to know her planned had not worked… yet.

Gigi was not one to give up.

The show wasn’t hot enough to get Wolf off? Then, she’d just have to turn up the heat another notch.

Whatever Bella had expected next… she was wrong.

Keeping the Vibrator fully inserted in Bella’s pussy, Gigi spun around and sat down firmly on her sister’s face, planting her wet cunt on Bella’s open mouth as her juices dripped in.

“Lick it little sister.” Gigi called out, “Time to eat big sister’s pussy.” Gigi’s eyed closed and her mouth hung open as Bella’s lips wrapped around Gigi’s pussy lips and began to suck greedily as her tongue lapped up every drop of juice. Gigi reacted by reaching down and giving the vibe in Bella’s pussy and slow twist as she pushed it deeper in.

Bella roared at the feeling, and the vibration from the sound buzzed thru Gigi’s nether lips and into her body causing her to moan as well. Soon Gigi yanked the vibrator from inside her sister, and dove face first down onto her pussy. The two sisters now seemed to be engaged in a contest, each trying to make the other cum harder, each trying to humiliate the other more. Soon they had both forgotten the man who hovered over them watching the spectacle.

Gigi remembered when Wolf grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her back to a kneeling position, sitting on Bella’s face. Before Gigi could come up with an idea to stall him, Wolf plunged the full length of his hard cock into Gigi’s mouth, forcing her to suck. The force of Wolf pushing his cock in, forcing Gigi to deep throat him; pushing her body down, ramming Bella’s tongue even farther into Gigi pussy. A tongue in one end and a cock in the other, Gigi could offer little resistance, and Bella was so excited by it all, she could barely comprehend what was happening anymore. She came back to reality, as Wolf bent Gigi over again, and then quickly removed his cock from her mouth; and stuffed its full length into Bella’s waiting pussy.

This time it was Gigi’s pussy that muffled Bella’s scream as the young model tried to twist and squirm away from the massive dick that now raped her. Once again Bella felt like she couldn’t breathe. Wolf’s cock was so big it filled her body. She had never experienced anything so big.

Still Wolf held back from losing his load.

Pulling his cock from Bella’s pussy, he pushed Gigi’s face back between her legs and ordered her to lick. Moving around to the other end of the 69’d sisters, Wolf lifted Gigi’s hips long enough to slide his cock into Bella’s mouth. Bella gagged as the size of the dick and the taste if her own pussy juices; but any fight quickly faded as Wolf began to rape her mouth. Now it was Bella’s turn to experience the double ended delight of a tongue in her twat and a cock in her mouth.

Tired and humiliated as she was, Bella could help herself but wonder what would be done to them next. But Gigi already knew. She had already figured it out and began to cry as she licked her sister’s pussy. All her plans had failed, and know Wolf was about to claim his full victory.

Pulling his cock from Bella’s mouth, Wolf aimed it for Gigi’s doggie positioned pussy. Without a word of instruction, Bella began licking his balls as Wolf slowly slid his cock into Gigi. She lifted her mouth from Bella’s pussy and threw her head back to scream in pain and pleasure as the massive member opened her up.

Wolf gathered her hair like a pony tail and used it like a leash as he pulled back on it, controlling her, humiliating her, using her like the fine animal she was. Gigi defenses were gone, her every plan failed, she was broken and at his mercy. Soon she began begging, trying for any tiny act of mercy that would lessen the pain, lessen the humiliation.

When he finally relieved himself, Wolf pulled his cock from Gigi’s pussy and then came all over Bella’s face and tits, before ordering Gigi to lick it all off, and then share it with her sister as they swapped tongues.

Humiliated, broken and exhausted, Gigi slumped back on the bed to try and get some rest. That hope died as Bella was dropped face to face on top of her. Gigi barley got out the word “What” before she felt Bella helping to hold her legs up almost to her shoulders as Wolf’s already hard again cock slipped back into her pussy.

Bella kissed one of Gigi’s ears. “Now it’s time for you to do what you’re told, big sister.” Bella grinned. “Now suck on my tits some more while you get raped”. Gigi tried to catch her breath as Bella slowly lowered one of her erect nipples into Gigi’s waiting mouth…

Next Time – Chapter Nine – Little Kylie meets the Boss

After That – Chapter Ten – Kris’ Wedding day

And Finally – Chapter Eleven – All good things and NOT so happily ever after.

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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My! CH09

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Nine – Little Kylie meets the Boss

“Well, alright,” Steel Shouted. “Let get this party started.” In mere moments all the girls were gone, pulled from the group by various gang members to meet their fates. All the girls, except one. Kylie Jenner, just turned 20 years old, stood alone, in her cut off Daisy Dukes and flimsy tank top.

Steel leaned back in his chair as his eyes slowed worked their way up Kylie’s slender legs, over her 36” hips, past her slim 27” waist, and pausing on the 34c breasts that filled her sweat drenched cotton tank top.

Steel lifted his right hand. “C’mere little girl.” He said as he called her over with a coaxing motion from his index finger.

Kylie lowered her head and shook it slightly.

Steel leaned forward in the chair. “I said… COME HERE… NOW!” His voice was cold and hard as his name. Slowly Kylie inched her way to the biker, her eyes glued to the ground as she walked.

“That’s it sweetie.” Steel said as he stood up. Placing a finger under Kylie’s chin, he gently lifted her face till the 5’ 6” girl was staring up into his eyes. “That’s my girl.” Cupping Kylie’s head in his hands, Steel lifted her up on her tiptoes, as he pressed his lips on her’s and forced his tongue into her mouth.

Kylie’s arms had been folded over her chest, trying to deny him the view of her breasts thru the thin tank top; but as the big biker continued kissing her, her arms moved straight down along her sides, with her hands tightly gripped into fists. Steel was easily old enough to be her father, and her body began to tremble as his hands slowly slipped down from her head, and his arms wrapped around her shapely figure. Helpless and unable to pull away, Kylie stood passively while Steel’s tongue explored her mouth and his hands explored her body.

The rest of the room began to disappear in Kylie’s mind. No one else was there, but her and the tall rough looking biker who now groped her unwilling body, and tore at her clothes. Somewhere… in the distance she could hear sounds. Her mother, Kris, yelling at someone to leave her girls alone; Her half sister Kourtney, moaning like Kylie had never heard before; Half sister Kim, screaming and begging for mercy; and faintly, half sister Khloe, cursing. Kylie kept listening for her sister Kendall, the two had always been allies against the world, but today Kylie couldn’t hear her sister or see her.

Then Kylie began to hear music playing. She didn’t recognize the music, but obediently began swaying to the music as Steel did. Song after song played before Kylie finally recognized the sound of “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, as her slow dance with Steel turned into the prom dance she never had. Her tank top had long since been torn away by Steel, and his hands now firmly gripped Kylie’s ass cheeks that were exposed by the constant pulling and tearing on her cut off shorts. Steel pushed one finger between her nearly bare ass cheeks, and even thru the same amount of remaining denim, she could feel the pressure of Steel’s finger, pushing against the tiny puckered brown rosebud of her untouched asshole. Any sound she attempted was stifled; Lost in Steel’s mouth, which remained tightly clamped over her’s.

Unwanted, a thought entered Kylie’s mind, as she slowly opened her eyes to look as the man who molested her. It was a term she had heard before, but never thought would be applied to her.

Prom Night Pussy.

For the first time since Steel began to play with body, Kylie tried to pull away. Steel’s eyes flared as he continued to kiss the young woman, and then without a word, one of his hands came down hard on Kylie’s bare ass cheek. Kylie’s scream of pain melted into Steel’s mouth, as his hands returned to groping her now sore red bottom.

Strangely, Kylie noticed that the massaging grope on Steel’s hands lessened the sting pain from her sharp spanking. The squeezing motion of his hands on her bare ass was even beginning to feel… good? No! Kylie tried to wipe the thought from her mind. Instead, she’d think about Steel’s tongue which had unwantedly invaded her mouth. Then Kylie realized that her tongue was now sliding along Steel’s, and into his mouth. No! Again Kylie tried to focus on something else. She thought about how her now bare breasts were being forced to rub against Steel’s chest in time to the music. Against his hairy, muscular chest… and how the pressure was hardening her nipples, and making them stand erect and press even harder as she rubbed against him… NO! Kylie felt herself panic as she realized her body was responding to Steel’s molestation against her will.

Suddenly Steel slipped his tongue from Kylie’s mouth, and without a word or warning lifted the young woman by her ass till her feet left the ground, and her beautiful C cup tits were on level with his hungry mouth. Instinctively, to keep herself from falling, Kylie had wrapped her shapely legs around Steel middle as her arms wrapped round his shoulder. The petite beauty suddenly found herself wrapped around the big biker, holding on for dear life; as his mouth began to feast on her tender breasts.

Her mouth now free of Steel’s tongue for the first time since the groping began, Kylie’s loud, deep moans now filled the air and drew the attention of everyone in the room. Half terror, half pleasure, her voice began to rise higher and higher as the attention from Steel’s rough tongue began to focus in on her throbbing nipples. The tiniest nibble from Steel’s teeth caused Kylie to release an involuntary scream, so loud and long it left the slim girl breathless and panting.

Kylie’s face was red and flushed with both excitement and embarrassment, that her body was giving in to Steel, so easily. Steel noticed the look on his helpless victim’s face, and took a short break from suckling on her tits.

“Mmmm, I think baby needs some privacy.” The big biker shouted, as he turned and carried her back to an empty bedroom. Steel roughly laid her down on the bed on her back, settled in on top of her, and returned to mauling her breasts with his mouth

Kylie’s panic level began to rise when she realized how easily Steel had put her in bed, and that his hands, previously occupied with groping her ass, were now concentrating on opening her tiny Daisy Dukes and pulling them from her struggling body. Her struggles were a waste of energy, and in a few moments Steel had the young beauty completely naked on the bed, as he began to pull his own clothes off as well.

Steel’s tongue began to slowly work it’s way down Kylie’s squirming body; down from her full, perky breasts, over her smooth abs stopping briefly to tease her belly button, the on down, between her legs. Laying her legs over his shoulder, Steel buried his face between Kylie’s silky smooth thighs and rested the tip of his tongue on her sensitive pussy lips.

Little Kylie was surprise by how delicately the big biker moved his tongue , fairly dancing it slowly up and down her pussy lips, lightly tickling them along the way. His touch was inexplicably gentle on Kylie’s tender labia, softer than she had ever felt. She hadn’t expected any cunnilingus from the big biker, and if she had she’d expected it to be rough and forceful, not like this. Surprisingly, she began to feel her juices flow as Steel’s slow, skillful tongue probed it’s way between her pussy lips and gently began to explore inside.

Steel was pleased as he heard Kylie’s moans becoming louder. He had expected that removed for the view of her Mother and Sisters, she would become more responsive; but the rocking of her hips as he licked her nether lips was better behavior than he expected or hoped for this soon. The tip of his tongue soon sought out it’s prize, the tiny throbbing bud of Kylie’s clit. Steel’s slow strokes with his tongue, were now replaced by short, firm, rapid, flicks directed as the hardening center button of Kylie’s tender clitoris. As he licked her clit, Steel slowly began working a finger into Kylie’s dripping wet pussy. Even as wet as she was, Steel’s thick finger felt tight in Kylie’s cunt, and the combination of assaults on her pussy started the young model screaming and thrashing on the bed.

Kylie was in the midst of both ecstasy and anger as Steel continued to force his oral attentions on her pussy. As his fat finger probed deeper and deeper into cunt, the speed of his tongue had increased to a blur on her clit. She both moaned with pleasure, and cursed with a schoolgirl’s energy; unaware that much more was yet to come.

Steel still hand another hand, with probing finger ready to explore on it. Rubbing on her wet pussy the large center finger of his free hand was soon coated and lubricated with Kylie’s own sweet juices, and while his activities kept Kylie distracted, and pinned to the bed, that free hand quickly slipped under the slim model, and the large center finger been a slow, and quite unexpected entry into Kylie’s virgin asshole.

This scream was pure agony! Kylie had never even imagined anything so painful as Steel’s finger forced it’s way into her untouched backdoor. She had heard her half-sisters laugh and joke about how much anal sex hurt, but to feel anything actually forced into her tiny ass was painful beyond belief. And yet somehow, mixed with the waves of pleasure Steel was causing at the same time on her clit, Kylie’s mind was becoming quite confused. Pleasure and pain mixed together, each stronger than she had ever felt before, now inexorably linked in her psyche.

All these sensations left Kylie dizzy, weak, and unable to resist. Steel recognized the look, the feel of a woman ready to completely surrender, and how to finish the job. Till now Kylie had only been able to speculate about the fate that awaited her. His tongue satisfied, Steel now sat up in the bed, fairly towering over little Kylie, and for the first time exposing to her his massive 11 inch cock.

Kylie managed one last scream of terror as she caught sight of the massive member, then her head fell weakly back against the pillow as she awaited her fate. She had never seen anything so big in her life.

Steel reached down and grabbed Kylie by her ankles, lifting them into the air and spreading her shapely legs as he prepared to mount her. Settling down on top of her, Steel’s hands returned to playing with her tits like they were toys, and passionately kissing her pouty little mouth. His cock guided itself. After years of raping dozens, maybe hundreds of unwilling women, Steel’s cock knew the way well, even raping Junior’s mother more than 18 years ago, leaving her breathless, helpless, and impregnated with Steel’s first son.

This Birthday was turning into a real Party!

As Steel lowered himself down on Kylie, his long hard cock began slowly opening her still tight pussy and forcing it’s way deep inside.

“Oh my god, oh my god.” Kylie screamed and she tried to squirm away from under Steel’s thrust. “Oh god you’re tearing me apart. Please… stop. You’re hurting me!” Kylie struggled her best to try and escape, but as she was slowly impaled on Steel’s thick pole, she could barely move, let alone get away. As Steel forced his way deeper and deeper into his helpless victim, she became little more than a meat sickle. Soon, the penetration of her tender body was so deep she was having trouble catching her breath.

Tears flowed from Kylie’s eyes as Steel’s cock pounded into her wet box. She was totally pinned down, and completely vulnerable to anything Steel wanted. Sobbing Kylie began calling out for help… in vain.

“Mommy, please help me. Please make him stop. He’s hurting me Mommy.” Kylie gasped for breath between cries for help. “He’s raping me. Mommy please save me.”

Steel grunted as he laughed at Kylie’s pleas. If he knew his boy (and he did) Mommy Kim would be busy trying to satisfy Junior right now, in an attempt to end her own pain. Like Father, Like Son.

Steel pushed down hard on Kylie, getting as close to her as he could, before rolling onto his back, and pulling her limp helpless body on top of his. Grabbing her beautiful tits firmly, Steel shoved the little girl back until she sat upright on his long erect cock. Her own weight forced Kylie down hard, pushing Steel’s dick farther up inside her than ever before. Kylie’s eyes widened as the hard member filled her body. She felt like she was balanced, legs spread, on top of a skyscraper. She tried to lean forward and slide up the massive cock a bit, but Steel forced her to sit up, and placing his hands on her hips, added his strength to the thrust of penis into pussy.

Kylie, for her part, teetered like a limp ragdoll, impaled on Steel’s up thrusting cock. Flopping about helplessly, she was nothing more than a toy.

Steel was in heaven, his cock certainly was in heaven; and he wanted more. He pulled Kylie close to him again to suck triumphantly again on her sweet tits, before lifting her up and off his cock, and tossing her onto the bed. Quickly rolling over and standing, Steel grabbed Kylie by the hips and rolled and lifted her onto all fours.

Kylie was already screaming and crying, as Steel lined up his cock and then stuffed it into her already sore pussy. Kylie lowered her head in shame as Steel began to thrust into her cunt at a fast regular rhythm, as his balls slapped against her clit.

Kylie threw her head back and howled in pain, as Steel jabbed his thick middle finger into her tight, abused asshole. “Take it slut.” Steel growled. “You’re mine now. TAKE IT! You’ll be taking my cock in that tight little ass soon!”

The pain woke Kylie back up and pumped her full of adrenalin… and fight. That’s what Steel wanted. He wanted her fighting and struggling. It made the sex all that much better, and her humiliation all the sweeter when she finally broke.

Now, it was time for Steel to deliver the coup de gras!

“You’ve been working hard little slut.” Steel grinned as he pumped his struggling victim. “You’ve earned your reward for all that hard work. A nice big load of cum in your sweet little pussy.”

Kylie went from angry and struggling, to pure panic in a split second (just the reaction Steel had hoped for).

“No, please. Please don’t cum inside me. I don’t want to get pregnant. I’m too young to have a baby. Please don’t, please.” Kylie begged as never before. Anything would be better than carrying this monster’s child.

“Oh, but baby, I brought you here to breed you. My seed is your reward for all your hard work.”

Kylie’s mind flew at a mile a minute. “But if I’m pregnant, I can’t fuck you anymore. That big cock of yours is too much for me if I’m knocked up.” Kylie scrambled to come up with an alternative, as Steel slowly pulled his cock out of the sweating girl. “Wouldn’t you like to cum all over these big tits.” Kylie turned to face Steel as she slide her hands under her breasts and offered them up to her rapist. She opened her eyes wide as she could, and gently batted her eyelids as she pouted her lips. “Or maybe you’d rather cover my face with your cum.”

Steel smiled as he looked down on his captive toy. “I think… I’d like to rape that pretty mouth. I’d like to cum in that sweet mouth, and let you swallow down every drop…”

Kylie quietly gasped, and then silently, without a word or sound, knelt before the big biker, and wrapping her tiny hands around the massive schlong before her, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and slowly tried to take in as much as she could. With a cock as long as Steel’s, Kylie knew there was no chance of her being able to take it all in her mouth, or even down her slim throat.

Steel took the young girl’s head in his hands and began guiding his dick in and out of her mouth. Kylie was already gagging at the taste of her own pussy coating Steel’s cock, and the taste of his pre-cum already leaking from it’s tip.

“Come on baby. Show me how much you love it. Do a good job, or it goes back into your pussy.” Steel chuckled as he fucked her mouth. “Show me how much you want to swallow my cum.”

Threaten again with impregnation, Kylie dove into her work, and forced Steel’s big dick down her throat. Deep throating his cock, deeper and deeper with each plunge of her bobbing head. Finally reaching her deepest, with her throat sore and straining, she held the thick cock deep down inside her, as she fought against her gag reflex.

Finally, after long, breathless minutes, Steel pulled his cock out of her throat, and unexpectedly, out of her mouth.

Long, hot sticky streams of sperm splashed onto Kylie’s face and her opened eyes; before Steel moved his cock down and exploded again on her smooth tits.

“Open that mouth slut!” Steel growled. Kylie’s mouth sprang open just in time as another stream of cum erupted from Steel’s balls and shot into her mouth and onto her waiting tongue. But Steel wasn’t finished yet. Forcing his cock back into Kylie’s mouth, he ordered her to suck, as a fourth, then finally a fifth loaded sprayed from his cock and down her throat.

“Swallow it slut. Swallow every single drop.” Steel directed her like an orchestra conductor. “Suck it dry, and then lick it till it’s clean. That’s it, clean every inch with that tongue.” Her oral cleaning of his cock finally finished, Steel pulled it out of her mouth. “Now slut, lick up every drop I blew on your tits and swallow it. Get every drop I planted on your face and make sure you swallow it to.”

Steel stood there staring at her. Watching her lick her tits clean and swallow his seed. Watching her scoop up her drop from her face and suck and lick it from her fingers. The sight was delicious. The tiny young super star model, reduced to a whore, licking her own body clean.

Steel felt his cock stiffening again.

Kylie looked up, just in time to see Steel stroking his already rigid cock. Placing her tongue at the base of his balls, Kylie slowly licked up till she reached the tip of her rock hard dick. “Please sir, I’m still hungry…”

Next time – Chapter Ten - Kris’ Wedding day

And then Finally – Chapter Eleven – All good things and NOT so happily ever after.
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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My! CH10

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Ten – Junior’s bachelor Party


The first light of dawn began to play on the seemingly abandoned old desert house, as Kris Jenner found herself being awakened from a few, brief hours sleep, by the unexpected feeling of a hard cock forcing it’s way into her unconscious pussy. Her bleary eyes opened involuntarily to the sight of Junior, once again on top of her, raping her for a fourth time… or was it the fifth?

By now, Kris had learned better than to resist. Her head leaned back hard as her eyes rolled up at the feeling of a rock hard dick forcing it’s way inside her, which groping hands and an eager mouth mauled her tits.

In moments her loud moaning began to wake the others.

Across the room on an old couch, Doc was awakened by the noise, from a sound sleep with his arms still wrapped around Kendall in a comfortable spoon position. The sound of Kris being fucked, and the sight of Junior fucking her, brought a smile to the old man’s face.

“Looks like my grandson has the right idea.” Doc fairly glowed with pride… and lust. He gave one of Kendall’s breasts a gentle squeeze, followed by a firm pinch to her nipple. “Wake up baby girl. Grand Daddy’s got something for you,” he said, as his morning wood started to slowly enter the awakening girl’s love box.

Soon all the bikers were busy taking some form of pleasure from their helpless captives. Steel soon reentered the main room, with a semi-conscious Kylie slung over his shoulder. He dropped her sleeping form onto the bed next to her mother, just as Junior blew another load into Kris’s well fucked cunt. The grunting, and moaning didn’t even wake the exhausted Kylie, who had spent the night being used by Steel.

“Well son,” Steel asked as he looked at the Mother Daughter pair laying on the mattress, “You still sure you want this one?” Steel pointed at Kris.

“She’s even better than I thought she’d be Dad.” Junior smiled a mile wide. “I’m just not sure deacon’s going to be able to stand for the ceremony.” Junior laughed, as Deacon tossed an empty beer can at the youngster.

Big, tall Deacon had just walked back into the room, with Khloe following behind him, on the end of his leash. “You want to see which one of us can go the longest before we bust a nut in these bitches” he said yanking on Khloe’s leash.

“It’s the boy’s wedding day” old Doc called out. “Cut my grandson some slack.”

The other bikers walked over to the kitchen, as Deacon order Khloe to make coffee. Alone on the bed, Junior continued to play with Kris tits, as she slowly tried to rock her hips enough to slide his softening cock from her pussy. Trying to distract Junior from her breasts, Kris asked, “Why is Deacon so important? I thought your father was the boss. Why does Deacon need to be standing?”

“Deacon is a genuine, licensed Minister. He’s got to be standing up, so it’s nice and legal when we get married tonight.” Junior barely missed a beat playing with Kris breasts. “After tonight, you are my wife. All nice and legal.” The marriage talk aroused the young man, and Kris could feel his cock stiffening in her sore pussy. Pushing his way deeper in, Junior’s face rose to meet Kris’. His tongue darted into her mouth as his hands roamed over her body. “You’ve got a very special wedding ceremony coming. One like you’ve never seen before.” Junior whispered the words to Kris as if they were a secret. “But right now… Mmmmm, right now it’s time for number 6.”

Kris closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Junior, as he pushed deep inside and began to rape her for the 6th time.

<The Bachelor Party>

By noon, all the women had showered and cleaned up as best possible. All eight now huddled in one of the bed rooms, crying, cursing and trying to comfort each other, while in the main room the men laughed and ate and drank.

The main room looked very different now. Wrench had setup a small sound system, and a makeshift stage. An improvised bar sat to one side, and Junior’s Bachelor Party was soon to begin.

Steel stood, laughingly arguing with Junior. “I understand you’re marrying Kris tonight, son. But for you Bachelor Party, you’ve got to party with another woman… it’s tradition!”
The other bikers cheered in support. Junior had wanted Kris for his party ‘entertainment’, but the other insisted. First they demanded he have all seven of the other women, but Junior finally negotiated the number down to just two.

He picked Kourtney and Kim. The others would remain locked in the small bedroom with Kim, helping her get ready for the wedding.

In one corner of the room, Steel laughed and drank with Doc. “Ok, he’s marrying the Momma.” Steel said, “And for his Bachelor party, he’s picked the two oldest daughters. The boy’s definitely got a thing for older women. I’m starting to think I sold his mother off to that Mexican cathouse when the boy was too young.”

Doc smiled, “Well, maybe now that’s the boy’s 18 you can make it up to him. Come Christmas, we can all three ride down there and fuck her. You know make it a real family holiday.” The two men roared with laughter.

Off to the side, Wrench was giving Kourtney and Kim some last minute instructions. “Now you bitches are going to get up on that stage and strip! You give us any trouble tonight and we’ll beat the shit out of you. Steel wants his’ boy’s party to be real special. So after you finish stripping on stage, you’re both going to give him some lap dances, and then he’s going to take you to the bed room and fuck you, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make sure it’s the best fuck of his life!”

The women whimpered and agreed.

Wrench flipped a switch and the speakers blared to life to the sound of Def Lepard’s ‘Pour some Sugar on me’ as the big man shouted out, “Let’s get the show started!”

That was their cue, mustering what enthusiasm they could the two oldest Kardashian daughters took to the small stage and began to move to the music. Their costumes consisted on nothing more than high heeled ‘fuck me’ pumps and Men’s white linen dress shirts.

As them twisted and moved to the music, Doc walked over to the guest of honor, his grandson Junior, seated in the center of the room on a barber’s chair, and handed him a large super soaker water gun filled with cold water. Taking careful (and drunken) aim, Junior proceeded to soak the front side of Kourtney’s white shirt. The cold water quickly soaked thru, causing the fabric to cling to Kourtney’s 32B cup breasts, and her nipples to become hard and erect. Now Kourtney turned around and stuck her fine round ass out, rocking her hips and wiggling as Junior took aim at shirt tail fabric covering her otherwise bare bottom. Soon the 38 year old was soaked head to toe as the thin white shirt wrapped close to her skin, showing off every curve.

Now it was Kim’s turn. Junior stood up and walked to the stage carrying a large bucket of water with him. As he reached the edge, Kim grabbed his head, and pulled his face into her shirt between her breasts, and slowly rubbed the 34Ds around the sides of his face. Letting out a yell, Junior stepped back just a little, and lifted the bucket over Kim’s head, and slowly poured the water over her 5’ 3” body, soaking her long hair, and her thin white shirt. Junior sat back in his chair and leaned back with the super soak at the ready. As Kim turned and bent over, Junior’s marksman like accuracy with a water gun paid off, as a long stream of water splashed onto Kim’s exposed pussy, causing the surprised woman to catch her breath at the unexpected stimulation.

As the music moved on the sister turned to face each other, as each began to unbutton the other’s wet shirt. First, Kim slowly lifted Kourtney’s open shirt and slid it off her sister’s shoulders, and gracefully bent over to slide the shirt down her arms, and let it drop to the floor. As she stood back upright, Kim gently brushed her face between Kourtney’s breasts and pretended to lick before pulling away and standing up. Now Kourtney returned the favor, pulling Kim’s shirt wide open, and sliding her tongue onto Kim’s massive tits, while sliding the soaked shirt off her sister, and letting it to, fall to the floor. For long moments, Kortney quietly licked Kim’s nipples and massaged her breasts; much longer than they had agreed to, Kim thought to herself as she closed her eyes and felt a wave of please sweep over her.

Soon the sisters had wrapped their arms around each other, and rubbed their tits together sensuously, as they openly swapped tongues to the sound of ‘Nine Inch nails’ – “Closer” (I want to fuck you like an animal). The song pounded as the sister tongues flickered over each other.

Turning and moving together, Kourtney and Kim stepped down from the stage and walked to Junior, as the other bikers whistled and cheered.


Kim circled behind the seated young biker, while Kourtney walked straight up to him, and placing her hands on his knees, jerked his legs wide open. Kortney pressed herself against Junior from the front, pushing her tits into his face; while Kim wrapped her arms around him from behind, cushioning the back of his head between her tits. Kourtney slid down Junior’s seated form, stopping to unbuckle his belt and open his pants, Kim’s hands slid down and help her sister slide the jeans off Junior. Kourtney quickly turned and sat down on Junior’s naked lap and began to grind to the music, as Kim lifted his shirt up and off him, and began massaging and kissing his shoulders.

The rubbing of Kourtney ass on his cock was starting to feel like heaven to Junior, and Kourtney was beginning to feel the heat as his cock slid around her soft backside. Kortney turned again and knelt between Junior’s legs and using her hands, wrapped her tits around his cock. Meanwhile sister Kim lowered the back of the barber chair, until Junior was laying back with her huge tits dangling over his face. Junior’s mouth began to feast on Kim’s tits, as Kourtney began to move her tits up and down around Junior’s straining dick. Titty-sucking, and titty-fucking, at the same time.

This was going to be the best bachelor party ever.

Kourtney looked up at Kim, and an unseen signal passed between the two sisters. Kim lowered the barber chair back even lower, and then swung her leg over Junior till she was straddling his face. Junior needed no instructions, as he grabbed Kim’s hips and guided her pussy down to his waiting tongue; just as Kourtney took his throbbing cock from between her breasts, and put it between her full lips and began to suck.

The cheering from the crowd grew louder and louder; but Junior didn’t hear a thing. His mind was overloaded by the feast of Kim’s pussy and the rapid deep sucking of Kourtney’s skilled mouth. Kim was beginning to react to Junior’s talented tongue. Moaning, and cursing, and egging him on, Kim’s juices were being happily slurped up by Junior’s hungry mouth. As she knelt with his cock in her mouth, Kourtney actually begin to feel jealous of all the attention Kim was receiving from the cheering bikers who chanted her name; but jealous of the tongue lashing Kim’s twat was taking as well. The taste of Junior’s pre-cum brought her back to reality. Wrenches had warned them that if they got Junior off too quickly, Steel would be pissed and take it out on them. He wanted his son to have a long, satisfying party and they had to make sure he got it.

Kourtney quietly slowed her pace, and started massaging Junior’s balls, slowly pulling them back (so to speak) from the edge of ejaculation. Kim saw her sister’s change in rhythm, and guessed why she was doing it. Slowly Kim tried to lift her pussy from Junior’s mouth, to no avail and the strong young man just pulled her back down and returned to his mission of mouth-to-clit resuscitation. Kourtney saw her sister’s struggles and knew exactly what to do. Taking Junior’s cock from her mouth, Kourtney lowered her head under the big dick and began licking on his balls. At the same time, Kim bent over, careful to leave her pussy available to Junior’s tongue, but at the same time low enough that she could now take his cock into her mouth.

The feeling of both women now sucking and licking his cock and balls made Junior’s head spin. Soon he was gasping for air, and Kim was able to lower herself off his face. The two sister continued there oral escapades, finally moving till each sister was on either side of Junior, and his cock was caught between their tongues as the pair worked their way from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock and back down again, over and over.

The oral delights charged Junior like he had never felt before.

Grabbing each woman by her hair Junior lifted them away from his dick, and as he rose, used their hair to drag them to the nearby bed. Kourtney was first onto the bed, positioned on all fours near the bed’s edge; Junior next forced Kim to straddle her sister, facing Junior as he stepped behind Kourtney and wrapping her arms around Kim, grabbed Kourtney’s hips and slammed his dick doggie-style into Kourtney’s pussy, while his mouth began to savage Kim’s tits.

Occasionally, Junior would take a break from mauling her tits, to tease and torture Kim. “Look down Kim, Look at my long cock forcing its way inside your sister.” Junior teased. Kim tried not to cry as she looked down and saw Kourtney’s body being violated. “You want me to fuck her harder, Kim? Do you wanted me to fucker her HARDER? Come on… tell me to fucker her harder. Tell her you want me to fuck her harder.” Junior finally began to show some of his father’s savagery in sex. Kourtney was screaming in pain from his hard raping of her; and Kim was crying and begging for her sister to be raped even harder. Steel couldn’t help feel a glow of pride in his boy and Junior yelled, “You want me to fuck her some more? Do you? Tell me you want me to fucker her some more!”

The look in his eyes told Kim to obey and quickly. “Fuck her some more! Please, fuck her some more for me. Please I want you to fuck her some more. Fuck her harder… make her scream.”

Without warning, Junior grabbed Kim and threw her down on the bed on her back, with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. Quickly picking up Kourtney, he put her on top of Kim in a ‘69’. Stuffing his cock back into Kourtney’s pussy, he ordered Kim to lick his balls as he raped her sister. Kourtney was so surprised by the turn of events she even stopped crying, just bent over on all fours, on the bed. Wide eyed, shocked, mouth hanging silently open as she was fucked, unable to even form a word, let alone resist.

Then Junior added to the sister’s torture. After several minutes banging Kourtney’s pussy, Junior pulled his cock out and forced it into Kim’s mouth. A few strokes later he pulled his hard cock out of Kim’s mouth and slammed it back into Kourtney’s pussy for several strokes, before he would pull it back out and once again force it into Kim’s mouth. Having found a new means of humiliating Kourtney and Kim, Junior settled into a rhythm of alternating oral and vaginal rape that satisfied him for the better part of a half hour, before he could take no more.

The urge to cum hit Junior like a small truck. His cock buried deep in Kourtney’s pussy, he barely managed to pull it out in time. Kim lay there submissively with her mouth open wide, expecting Junior’s cock in her mouth once again for more sucking. Instead, hot cum splashed over her face and into her waiting mouth. The sticky surprise caught her off guard, and she gagged as the first load slid down her throat. Quickly recovering from the surprise, Kim wrapped her lips around Junior’s spewing cock, and coaxed more cum down her throat as her tongue milked every drop from his member.

Junior collapsed onto the bed, howling with pleasure as he grabbed at his two playmates and pulled them close to him. As he rested, his hands slowly roamed over the women’s sweaty bodies. Junior caught a glimpse of the clock. “Still hours till the wedding ceremony, lots of time for more fun.” he thought to himself. Looking at Kourtney lying next to him, Junior felt his lust began to rise again. “Aw baby, you wanted some cum to, didn’t you? Well don’t worry, this next load is all yours.”

Junior laughed as he stood up from the bed, pulling Kourtney along with him. “Hey Pop” Junior yelled out to Steel. “Baby girl and me are going to take a shower.” Junior motioned at Kim, still lying on the bed. “Why don’t you and the guys have some fun with little sister while I’m gone?” And with that comment Junior led Kourtney down the hall to the bathroom, while 6 of the 7 remaining bikers began to close in on Kim, who lay tired, helpless and outnumbered on the bed. The last holdout, Little T, had been busy shooting video of the party, and now looked forward to capturing Kim’s Gang rape on camera as well.

In the bathroom, warm water surged and pulsed over Junior and Kourtney’s bodies, rinsing the sex sweat from their skin. Grabbing a bottle of liquid soap, Junior squirted a large glob onto Kourtney’s breasts, and then began to rub the slippery soap all over her body with his hands. Carefully, probingly, Junior scrubbed and explored every inch of Kourtney as the warm water ran over her. She passively complied with his fingers probing of even her most tender regions, and gradually began to respond with increasing passion to his skillful touch. Even a soap cover finger, slipped smoothly into her asshole, and meet with no resistance. Kourtney drew a deep breath at what would have otherwise been a painful unwanted intrusion, and softly moaned as Junior’s digit slowly travel deep into her dark passage.

Long minutes passed, as the sounds of the splashing water drown out the noise of Kim being violated by six men in the main room, only a few feet away. In the bathroom, Kourtney passionately kissed Junior, as his finger continued to slowly work it was in and out of her tight anal passage. Kourtney fairly swooned at the feelings that washed over her, like the warm water that ran down her figure.

“Time for you to wash me, baby.” Junior smiled as he gently pulled his finger from her hot, tight hole. Kourtney knew just what she wanted, and grabbing the bottle of liquid soap filled her hand with the slippery stuff. Starting at his shoulders, Kourtney smoothed the soap over Junior’s slim muscular body. She massaged in into on his chest and abs, then reached around to rub it on his back while pulling her chest close to his and squeezing them together, her slippery, soap covered tits sliding over Juniors chest. Soon as she was satisfied that his upper body was clean, Kourtney lowered herself to her knees, and started scrubbing on Junior’s feet, cleaning and playing with each toe individually, before starting her way to his ankles, and over his calves, and up his thighs, till finally her hands gripped, and stroked and cleaned the long muscle that dangled between his legs. Junior let out a little groan of pleasure at the stimulation.

“Oh, Junior.” Kourtney cooed as she slipped a soapy hand onto his balls. “Hang on lover. You know I’ve got to clean it before I eat it.” And with that, Kourtney direct the water’s spray onto Junior’s hard clean cock, before slowly starting to lick it, tip to base as the warm water continued to flow over them.

Back on the bed, the scene was quite different. The sight of a half dozen hard cocks emerging from jeans and approaching her started Kim’s heart racing as she looked about for a means of escape. The threesome with two biker the day before, and today’s performance with her sister and Junior were one thing; But six big hard bikers raping her was another matter altogether.

Doc led the assault, his wrinkled old hands grabbing her breasts and fondling them. As she tried to pull away from the old man she felt two pairs of hands start to roam over her ass, as the fingers from one of those hands entered her pussy and began to probe. “Stop it!” she shouted as she felt more hands groping her body. Suddenly, Deacon loomed in front of her. She remembered him; he was the man who broke Khloe. Kim couldn’t imagine how any man could break the will of Khloe, and now that man’s huge cock was being forced into her mouth. Her world was quickly becoming a blur of hands and cocks. Kim saw one of the bikers; she thought it was Wolf, lay down on the bed next to her. The other bikers lifted her up; Deacon’s cock still firmly planted in her mouth, and set her back down on top of Wolf. Soon she felt Wolf’s fat cock working its way inside her pussy while she kept on servicing Deacon with her mouth. Doc continued to reach in and grope Kim’s spectacular tits; but now the superstar could feel her arms being pulled out and her hands guided. Soon her hands were wrapped around the lubricated cocks of Axe and Wrench, as she was now forced to jerk off the two bikers, in addition to being spit roasted by two others and fondled by another.

That’s when Kim finally caught sight of the camera capturing her humiliation. She tried to scream at Little T, but Deacon’s cock filled her mouth, and silenced her screams. Kim’s eyes continued to dart around. She could only account for 6 of the bikers, one was missing. Then she felt him. She felt Steel stand on the bed straddling her, taking hold of her hips, and guiding his long fat cock into Kim’s tight dry asshole.

Kim let out a scream of pain that could be heard despite the fat cock that filled her mouth. Wildly she whipped about trying to escape, as six pairs of strong hands held her in place. Doc pinched hard on her nipples as Deacon forced her to deep throat his cock. Wolf and Steel took turns ramming their cocks onto Kim’s precious holes. Wolf would shove deep into her pussy and then pulled out, and as he retreated, Steel would force his way deep inside Kim’s asshole, before popping out to make way for Wolf, once again invading her pussy. Meanwhile she continued to stroke Axe and Wrench who urged her on obscenely.

Kim Kardashian, gang raped and forced to satisfy 6 men. Little T smiled and thought that the video could make him the Steven Spielberg of rape porn. A pity it would be seen by so few. Kim not knowing that continued to cry scream and struggle as the camera documented every second of her degradation and shame.

Meanwhile, in the shower, Kourtney stood, bent over with her hands on the shower wall. Behind her, junior’s hands reached around and fondled her tits, as his cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. Water splashed as his hips slapped hard against her ass. His hands squeezed her breasts harder and he pushed in deeper, her moans urging him on. Unaware of the torture Kim was going thru, Kourtney made the best of the situation, and enjoyed the fat dick that was being slammed into her. She pushed back against Junior and rocked her hips to meet his thrusts. Deep inside, she felt the slow warming of her orgasm beginning.

“Please, please.” Kortney panted. “Please Junior, Please.”

“What do you want, baby?” Junior whispered in her ear. “Come on… tell me what you want.”

“Please… please, give me your cum. I want it, I want it all. Please give it to me.” Kourtney lowered herself, first to her knees, then to all fours. She lowered her shoulders to the floor of the shower and rested her head on her folded arms; and then cocked her ass up, offering it to Junior. “I’m all yours, please take me and cum in me…” her voiced drifted away softly as Junior slipped his cock back into her waiting pussy.

This time Kourtney’s moan turned to a low hum. It was soft and melodic, like a song purred by a kitten. Her song became louder and faster, matching the rhythm of Junior’s accelerating thrusts. Her mouth opened and began to make sounds; sounds like she had never made before. A song with no words, sung in perfect pitch, louder and louder with each note as Junior played her body like it was an orchestra. And as the song moved faster and louder, the tune reached its climax like the crash of cymbals as Junior and Kourtney came to simultaneous orgasm. Exploding inside her pussy Junior’s growl of satisfaction was the perfect match to Kourtney’s scream of ecstasy, echoing long and hard out of the shower.

In the main room, Kim heard her sister’s sounds of delight and howled with anger at her pleasured sounds, while she was forced to be the unwilling star of the party’s gang rape video.

Kim growled and struggled and renewed her futile attempts at escape powered by an angry adrenalin rush at the thought of her sister enjoying herself, while she was being forced to satisfy the lust of six men, recorded for posterity on video.
Her renewed fight only spurred the bikers on as their assault came faster and rougher with each passing moment. Doc stepped away from the excitement, to sit back in a comfortable chair and enjoy a beer while watching the show. He applauded and cheered as the men neared the peak of their pleasure.

Axe and Wrench were the first. Pulling their cocks from Kim’s pumping hands, the two men Howled like dogs as they blew their loads across her back, until it was covered in sticky goo. Kim began to cry at the feeling of their cum splashing on her back.

Wolf was next to explode, deep inside Kim’s pussy. In the midst of all the tortures inflicted on her body, Kim could feel his seed shooting in her, as she rode on his fat cock. The big biker even managed a second load inside her, as Kim sobbed in despair.

Deacon and Steel now began competing, seeing which man could drive his cock deeper in Kim’s body. As Deacon’s cock forced down her throat caused Kim to gag; Steel’s cock made the helpless woman scream as he opened her ass. Unable to breathe, or end the incredible pain in her backdoor, Superstar Kim Kardashian flopped about like a ragdoll between the pair of muscular bikers. Finally the duo released their potent payloads into Kim. She thought she might drown as Deacon shot wave after wave of sperm down her throat. Gasping for air Kim let out a final desperate scream. If she had thought the pain of Steel entering her ass was unbearable, the feeling of him exploding his load deep in her rectum taught her a whole new meaning of agony.

Laughing the two bikers slapped hands in a high five, as they dropped Kim on to her back. Standing up from his chair Doc walked over to the bed and finishing his stroking blasted a final load onto Kim world famous tits. The old man laughed in victory at her suffering. “Here bitch, you look thirsty. Open your mouth.” Doc slowly poured some of his beer into her mouth and as she choked and slurped, Doc squeezed the last of his load into her mouth and on her face.

Kim’s humiliation was almost complete. The party was almost over, as Kim lay weak and half-conscious on the bed; Junior walked back into the room with Kourtney slung over his shoulder. He dropped her clean, still damp body onto the mattress next to her cum covered sister Kim. Both women cried as they saw the other, and the men all joined in a toast.

Glasses held high they cheered, “To the best Bachelor Party in History.”


Next time – Chapter Eleven – Kris’ Wedding
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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My! CH11

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Eleven – Kris’ Wedding

The Bachelor Party had ended a couple of hours earlier.

Some of the guys had hosed the cum-covered bodies of Kourtney and Kim down and tossed the two women into a locked room to rest before the ‘ceremony’ that night.

Doc lay stretched out on his back on a mattress in a back room. On top of him, riding in an unwilling cowgirl position, sat young Kendall, ball gag in her mouth, and her hands cuffed behind her back. Doc groping hands forced Kendall to sit up straight on his hard cock. The threat of punishment forced the girl to bounce on the rock cock, while the gag squelched all her screams.

Khloe stood very still in the barn while Deacon fitted her curvy form with a full body leather harness; a headgear with bit and bridle, and a tall feathered head dress. Angrily she growled into the metal bit between her teeth as Deacon carefully outfitted her for training as a Ponygirl.

Kylie and the Hadid girls were tasked with gently bathing Kris, and dressing her for her big night.

The rest of the men, sat about, drinking and resting from the party… waiting for the wedding.

The main room of the house had been rearranged all the chairs faced in one direction, facing a cushioned saddle like stool in one corner of the room. Junior stood next to the stool, with Deacon facing out to the men and captive women settling down in the chairs.

In the other room, little Kylie finished her mother’s makeup. Kris looked stunning in her ‘wedding dress’; A beautiful white satin strapless bustier. The cupless lingerie lifted her magnificent breasts and placed them on display for all to see. Garters flowed down from the bustier to white silk thigh high stockings that rose to just a few inches below her bare, uncovered pussy. The white stiletto ‘fuck me’ pumps she wore lifted her ass, making it look even better than it normally did. A small white lace veil covered her hair, and hung down to her neck and the white ribbon choker that looped around her throat.

Steel stepped into the room and pulled Kylie away from her mother. A short towel wrapped around her body was all that barley covered the young lady. One sharp tug from Steel was enough to leave Kylie naked. “Get used to it baby girl”, Steel smiled and chuckled. “You’ll be naked from now on.”

Kylie took the bouquet of flowers that Steel handed her. She was the flower girl. She glanced back quickly at her mother, looking for some sign, some hope that this horrible wedding wasn’t going to happen. She saw nothing but the tiniest tear in Kris eyes, as Steel Took her arm in his, and then pushed Kylie forward as the trio slowly marched down the aisle.

Steele escorted Kris to Junior’s side, then pulled Kylie back to his front row chair, where he seated the naked girl in his lap, as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

Deacon started the ceremony, a twisted version of a standard wedding, with a few special changes. Standing there, her body mostly exposed in the white wedding lingerie, Kris was forced to recite the vows, written especially for her, and especially for this ceremony.

“I Kris, accept you Junior, as my Husband.” Kris stammered a little as she hung her head in humiliation.
“I Kris, accept you Junior, as… my Master.” The tears began to well up in her eyes, as she looked up.
“I Kris, accept you Junior,” Kris gritted her teeth to hold back the crying before finishing, “as my Owner.”

The men applauded and howled in approval, as the girls all sat, shocked by the unexpected sound of Kris words. But the ceremony wasn’t over yet. Junior was about to have his moment in the spot light.

“I Junior, take you Kris, as my Wife.” The young biker pulled Kris close to him as he locked his mouth over hers and forced his tongue into her mouth, while his hands groped her scantily clad body, in a bizarre twist on the traditional wedding kiss, while his fellow bikers and their captive women looked on.
“I Junior, take you Kris, as my Slave.” Junior placed his hands on Kris shoulder and gently pushed her down to her knees. Obediently knowing what was expected of her, Kris opened Junior’s pants and pulled his already stiffening cock out into the open in her lace gloved hands, and slowly began to kiss and lick it, before opening her mouth wide and sliding it down her throat.
A cheer went up from the men as they began to fondle their stunned female prisoners. The women couldn’t believe their eyes. They knew Kris had been forced to suck Junior before, just as they had been forced to suck the cocks of their rapists; but to see her in this bridal lingerie, to hear her pledging herself to her captor, and to see her actually kneel and satisfy him in front of them all was a shock they weren’t prepared for… and there was more to come.
Kris continued to suck passionately on Junior’s schlong, hoping to excite the young man over the edge, and bring this horrible ceremony to an end before its planned climax. But it was not to be. This wasn’t Deacon first wedding, and Junior had dreamed of this moment too long to be denied his victory.
After several long minutes of pleasure, Junior pulled his wet glisten penis from Kris’ mouth, and pulled her back up to her feet. Quickly, Deacon moved the padded saddle stool behind the woman, as Junior turned her around, and forced her to bend over the stool and grab hold of its legs with her hands.
“I Junior, take you Kris, as my Property!” and without another word Junior plunged his still slick cock deep into Kris exposed pussy, causing his unwilling bride to yell in surprise, pain and pleasure. Kris had been told how the ceremony would go in advance. Still, even with that foreknowledge, Junior taking her so roughly, and in front of an audience that included all her daughter, caught her by surprise, and the way her body had reacted to it all caught her off guard as well.

Within moments of the start of the assault on her pussy, Kris body began to tremble and fairly gush with excited lubrication. She tried to look up and find the faces of her girls, but the hard pumping of her husband’s cock in her cunt caused her to close her eyes and moan at the sensation.

Then suddenly Kris realized she had just thought of Junior as her husband. “No,no, no” Kris thought to herself. “This can’t be happening. He’s forcing me. He’s not my husband.” Just then Junior slapped his bride’s ass, just to make her scream. “Oh, spank me Master… use me.” Kris eyed widened in horror. What had she just said? Why was this all going so wrong? Why was she responding to his touch? Why was she pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts?

Suddenly, over the chanting of the men and the crying of the women, Kris felt Deacon felt deacon grab a hand full of her short hair and pull her head up for all to see her face as he finished his part of the ceremony.

“I now pronounce you, husband and wide. Junior, you may now cum in your bride!”

The women in the room squealed in shock at the sound of Deacon’s closing words, and the sound of Junior’s growl as he approached the wedding’s finale; but one of that matched the shock of what they heard next.

“Oh… that’s it Junior. Fuck me! You own me now, use ME!” Even Kris was stunned by the words pouring from her mouth as the last of her resistance collapsed. “I’m your slave, please fuck me Master, please, fuck your sex slave. I want it… I want it so bad. It’s our wedding, I want you to cum inside me soooo bad. Please cum in me, cum in your wife.” Kris was shouting now, all signs of struggle disappeared as she gave in to her lust, and resigned herself to serving her new Husband/Master/Owner.

“Please, I want my husband’s cum. I want it inside me so bad.” Kris licked her lips in anticipation. She looked up at her daughter and the Hadid girls. She thought about the bikers in the room raping them, raping them all, over and over again. The men had already begun groping, and fondling them, and Bella and Gigi were already being forced to kiss each other and entertain Wolf. The sight of a gangrape in its starting moments would have repelled Kris only days earlier; but now the scenario that was playing out before her only excited her more. The thought of her daughters being raped at her wedding as she was being taken by her new husband started her blood to boil, and the warm rush to start rolling over her body.

“Oh god, I love you. I love my husband. I love the way you fuck me. I LOVE THE WAY YOU RAPE YOUR LITTLE WIFE!” Kris head was whipping about as she felt Junior’s hands grasp her breasts. “Yes… play with my tits. I love it when you play with my tits! I love it when you play with my body. I love it when my husband uses me!” Kris could tell it was almost time, and did her best to make the moment a special one for her new husband.
“Oh, oh, oh… please give me your cum, please cum in me. I’ll do anything you want, just please give me your cum. Oh, you can have anything you want. I’ll suck your cock… you can fuck my tits, you can fuck my pussy… you can fuck my ass. I’ll do anything you want! Please, please give me your cum.”
Now Kris pulled out her last card, one she knew was guaranteed to make Junior shoot his load in her. ”You want my daughters? You want my little girls? I’ll give them to you… I’ll help you rape them. I’ll train them to do anything you want.” The sound of their mother offering them up as rape toys was the final straw. The daughter all began to cry and beg for help as the aroused bikers now began tearing off what little clothes they had, and helped themselves to their helpless bodies.
But just as the gangrapes were about to begin, Steele stood and shouted, “NO!” the room fell silent except for the sound of Junior fucking his new bride. “This is Junior’s wedding. No one gets to cum before he does.”

With that all eyes turned on Junior and Kris, and the men began chanting, “Cum,cum, cum.cum,”

Urged on by his fellow biker’s Junior exploded into Kris wet waiting pussy.

“Yes, yess, oh god yes. I love it! I love your cum.” Kris was shouting at the top of her lungs. “I love feeling my husband cum inside me. I want more. I want more cum. Please fuck me more. Please rape your wife!” Kris pressed back hard against Junior, her greedy pussy taking every drop of his spunk it could and still looking for more.

Spent, but still charged, Junior pulled Kris up from the stool, turned her around, and picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Kris purred. “What are you doing? Where are you taking me Junior?”

“I’m taking my new bride to bed. It’s your wedding night, and you’re going to spending it getting fucked.” Junior smiled as he patted her beautiful ass.

As they walked out of the room, the other men were finally allowed to have their way with the other women. Kris caught glimpses of each of her girls.

Kourtney was sucking cock already. Kim’s tits were being mauled and fondled, as another biker forced his way into her squirming ass. Khloe was flat on her back with her legs spread wide in the air. Steele had bent Kylie over the now abandoned padded saddle stool. And Kendall was once again being raped by Junior’s grandfather, Doc.

Watching her daughters being violated again, Kris closed her eyes and smiled. “Mmmm… I want some more of my husband’s cum.”

NEXT TIME ... CHAPTER 12> All good things and NOT so happily ever after
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Default An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My! CH12

An Orgy of Rape: Kardashians, and Jenners, and Hadids… Oh My!

Chapter Twelve – All good things and NOT so happily ever after

A few days had passed since the wedding; Junior and Kris were still in full honeymoon mode, never leaving the bedroom except to grab food or more beer. The others had grown accustom to the sound of Kris screams, the few times any one had managed to peek inside, they saw Kris chained down to the bed, spread eagle and naked. Junior preferred Missionary; it allowed him a better view of the expression on Kris face as he raped her, and gave him full access to her breasts.

The men had decided it was time to move on, and to head in different directions for 6 months, to avoid the law enforcement searches for their captive prizes.

Doc bound and gagged Kendall, the rolled her up in a little ball and stuffed her into his motorcycle’s sidecar. The old biker headed out saying he was going to visit friend in Montana.
Deacon chained Khloe down spread eagle in the bed of his pickup truck, gagged her, and covered her with a tarp before heading east for Texas.
Little T and Wrench loaded Kim and Kourtney into large Dog Kennels and loaded them into the back of Wrench’s van. The duo said they were heading to a ghost town in Nevada.
Axe took Bella and Wolf took Gigi, and like Steele, gagged their ladies and put them in full face helmets and long black leather coats. The women were seated behind the men, with their arms wrapped around them and cuffed together, with the coat sleeves pulled over their hands, and buttoned together. To anyone seeing them ride past, they would just look like a pair of bikers riding down the road.
Steele did the same with little Kylie, leaving Junior and Kris to continue their honeymoon at the desert house.


[Six Months later]

The sun was setting as the gang member began to arrive at the desert house.

Steele and Kylie were first to arrive. Steele laughed as he swung the door open, and found Kris kneeling, naked, her head lowered. She wore nothing but thigh high black leather boots, long black leather gloves, and her owner’s collar, locked around her neck. She kept her eyes to the ground, as she softly spoke.

“Welcome home sir. My Master is waiting for you.” She showed no sign of seeing or recognizing her daughter Kylie who trailed behind Steele on the end of his leash, wearing nothing but a tiny leather bikini and a pair of 4” stiletto heels.

“Here” Steele said, handing Kris Kylie’s leash. “Put her in the slave room till I want her. Right now I want to see my son!”

Kris stood silently as she took Kylie’s leash and quietly led the slim girl back to a room Junior had designed to hold captive women.

Kylie waited till Steele was out of sight before speaking. “Mom, are you alright?”

“Quiet Kylie, you don’t want your Master to punish you.” Kim said quietly as she led her youngest daughter into the slave room, and gently guided her into one of the tall, narrow cages, closing the door behind her and locking it.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Kylie’s eyes filled with tears as her mother secured her in the cage.

“This is for your own good Kylie. Now be quiet while I take your Master the key to your cage.” Kris turned started to walk out the door, before pausing. “It’s good to see you, Kylie” Kris said without even turning to face her daughter, the walked out of the room and closed the door.

Next to arrive was Deacon, but today his truck pulled a horse trailer behind it. Opening the trailer, Deacon stepped in and moments later led Khloe out by a leather lead. The tall beauty’s long hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and wore nothing but a leather strap harness that really proved her body no modesty or cover, but only served to provide Deacon with points to lock things onto her, while humiliatingly reminding her that she was nothing but a slave. Combined with leather boots, a ball gag and blinkers on her head, Khloe looked every bit the Pony Girl Deacon had trained her to be.
Deacon tied Khloe’s lead to a nearby hitching post, before re-entering the trailer, and emerging with a second beauty. A black woman; she was about Khloe height and build, with slightly larger breasts. Ebony, as Deacon called her, was outfitted identically to Khloe; but while Khloe was sullen and silent, obediently following Deacon’s commands, Ebony pulled and resisted. Only her ball gag prevented Deacon from hearing another round of her cursing. A sound he had been ‘treated’ to almost every day, since winning his black slave girl in a poker game a few weeks earlier.

Deacon led the two slaves to the barn, and locked them in one of the holding pens there.

“You two stretch and get some rest while I go get a beer. I’ll be back for your evening exercise later. Khloe, if you behave, I may let you visit with your mother and sisters. Ebony, you’re going to get to see how a whole family of slave girls behaves.” The tall black slave girl once again tried to scream and curse thru the ball gag as Deacon walked away and locked the barn up tight.

Wrench and little T pulled up next, but in a big RV instead of Wrench’s old beat up van. They walked into the house, as Kris once again knelt by the door waiting to serve. Kim and Kourtney followed quietly behind the men. The two nude women weren’t even bound, they just silently followed their owners.

“Ok you two, go get in bed and wait.” Wrench ordered as he stroked Kris’ head. “You stay right there woman. Your girls are well trained now, they now what to do. Let’s see if Junior trained you as well.”

Without another word, Kim and Kourtney went to a pair of mattresses that lay in the corner of the room, laid down on their backs, spread their legs and quietly waited. Meanwhile, Kris opened Wrench’s fly and pulled out his cock and began sucking, while opening Little T’s pants and stroking his cock as well.

It was quite a sight. Her two oldest daughters, laying spread legged on beds, waiting to be fucked; while the matriarch of the Kardashian clan knelt nearby, giving blowjobs and handjobs to her masters guests.

“You should be proud of your girls momma.” T laughed as he bragged. “They’ve been working hard, fucking five or six clients each some days.”

“You must have taught them well momma” Wrench chimed in. “Their sucking and fucking paid for that new RV out there.

Kim looked out the door while she sucked on T’s dick, and looked at the long, deluxe motorhome that sat outside, and thought about how many men that had paid to rape her daughters to afford an RV that expensive. But instead of being offended or angry, the thought of all those men, all those dicks violating her girls, excited her. She imagined all those cocks entering her, opening her body. All those hands groping her body, and playing with her as she fucked them all.

Her sucking and stroking became faster as she became more and more excited, until both men finally exploded onto her tits that she offered up as perfect cum targets.

Kris licked the sperm off her breasts and swallowed it all down before speaking. “My Master and his other guests are waiting for you in the kitchen. Would you like me to secure your slaves.”

“No need” Wrench said as he closed his pants. “They’re as well trained as their momma. They’ll wait on the beds until they’re told to do otherwise.”

Doc and Kendall pulled up next in a new Charger, financed by Docs sale of photos and videos of the young woman, who now wore a long trench coat that covered her down to her ankles.

Stepping in the house Doc ordered Kris to take his slave’s coat. Kris lost composure for the first time, when she pulled Kendall’s coat away and saw her young daughter was obviously several months pregnant. Her yell of surprise drew the men from the kitchen, to join in her shock.
“Pop, you old sumbitch!” Steele shouted.

“Damn Grandpaw, how old are you?” Junior yelled as the others hooted and hollered.

“Well, when I rape ‘em everyday, they’re bound to get knocked up every now and then. How d’ye think yer Dad got here?” The old man beamed with pride as he bragged about impregnating a girl more than 40 years younger than him.

“Looks like I’m not the only one breeding ‘em this year”

The men turned and saw Wolf standing in the doorway, and next to him a very pregnant Gigi.

“Guess my gun shoots as straight as yours Doc!” the big biker roared, as all the men laughed and cheered.

“Hey where’s Axe?” Junior yelled.

“Right here” a voice called out. Axe walked thru the front door with Bella slung over his shoulder. Crossing the room Axe dropped her onto a mattress next to Kim and Kourtney, and stopped to admire the two women that lay there, quietly waiting to be fucked.

“Watch these two, slut. You need to learn to obey as well as they do.” Axe growled and turned to the others. “This one’s still got a lot of fight left in her.”

Steele smiled. “Well maybe we can do something about that.”

Junior spoke up, “Kris, take these two back to the slave room and wait there with them till I call for you.” Kris quietly obeyed and led the pregnant slave girls away, as the men moved the mattresses in the room, where three nude women waited.

Junior was out of his clothes first, and settled down on top of submissive Kourtney. “Hey baby, it’s been a long time. Ready to get raped by your step-father?”

Kourtney’s eyes widened. She hadn’t given it any thought, but Junior was married to her mother now, and that made the young man her step-father. Her mind reeled, but only for a moment. After 6 months of being raped by any man Wrench and Little T had rented her out to, nothing phased her anymore. Not even the thought of being rape by a ‘sort of’ family member. “Yes sir.” She said submissively. “Whatever you want, Mas…”

Her words were cut off as Junior jabbed his cock into her pussy catching her unprepared.

Deacon grabbed Kim’s ankles and roughly pulled them into the air and over his shoulders.

“Lets see if you fuck and good as your sister Khloe.”

Kim didn’t fight at all. Instead she wrapped her arms around her rapist, pulled him close and slipped her tongue into his mouth, passionately kissing him. 6 months as a prostitute had taught her how to please a man, and even how to make him cum quicker. A handy skill to have, when a line of men wait outside her brothel room, waiting for their chance to fuck her as well.

Soon Kim felt Deacon’s balls slapping against her asshole, as the big biker began to slam into her harder and harder.

As Little T set up a video camera, the remaining men all began to take their turns at Bella’s various holes, frequently occupying all three at the same time. Bella even gagged on Wolf’s fat cock as it she was forced to deep throat the big biker.

“Hmmm… every bit as good as your sister.” Wolf told Bella. “Hey Axe, mine calmed right down after I knocked her up. Maybe you should breed this one too.”

Axe lay under the slim model and forced her to ride his cock cowgirl. “Not a bad idea Wolf my old friend. What cha’ say Bella. Ready to make a baby?”

Bella squealed, and tried to shake her head, but Wolf’s cock down her throat held her still.

“Alright then, baby making time.” Axe shouted.

Steele has been enjoying Bella’s unwilling asshole, but stood up and tagged wrench to take his place. He checked T at the video camera before heading back to the slave room.

Steele opened the door and took in the view. Kris was still naked, tending to the needs of pregnant Gigi and Kendall. Kylie stood in her cage, holding the bars staring out and the growing bellies on her sister and her friend. Slowly, she turned and looked at Steele with silent, pleading eyes.

“Just a minute” Steele said to Kylie. “You, come here.”

Without a word, Kris stopped tending to the pregnant girls and walked to Steele. Quietly she stood there, not know what to expect from Steele.

“You know, Doc used to rape my wives whenever he felt like it.” Steele said, staring down on Kris. Suddenly, he shoved the naked woman onto the nearby bed as the other three women looked on in shock. “I think it’s time I find out how raping my daughter in law feels.”

Still naked from his assault on Bella, Steel quickly forced his cock into Kris pussy. The well trained slave barely resisted and soon was grunting with pleasure as Steele forced his rod deep inside her.

“How does it feel bitch?! You like getting raped by your father in law. Maybe you’d like to get raped by your grandfather in law as well. Eh? You want to get fucked by the old man that knocked up your daughter? Or do you just want to get raped by the guy who’s raping one of your other daughters?” Kris had begun to struggle and squirm under Steele. She liked being fucked, but the talk about the rape of her daughters angered her, and the thought of the men who were raping them raping her as well brought out the last shreds of defiance in her.

“That’s it bitch, show me how much fight you have left in you. Let’s see if you still have some spirit, or if my son has turned you into a little tamed pussy.” Steele taunted her as he slapped her tits. The pain caused Kris to cry out. She was used to rough sex, but Junior was nothing like this. Steele wanted to cause her nothing but pain and humiliation. Pulling out his cock, Steele rolled Kris over and pulled her up on all fours, then started to viciously fuck her pussy doggie style. Kris had never liked doggie style, she said it made her feel like she was an animal, and Junior preferred her on her back so he could watch her body and play with her. Steele reached around and grabbed her tits and squeezed like he was milking her; but this time Kris complied in silence, only a few grunts and moans of pleasure were heard.

Soon Steele was grunting as well as his ejaculation neared.

“No!” Kylie’s voiced called out, seeing what was about to happen. “No Master, please! Don’t cum in her. Please don’t cum inside her!”

Steele smiled and pulled his cock from Kris’ pussy and dragged her over to the cage where Kyle stood. “Alright.” Steele said pulling the cage key from his pocket. “Out you come.” And without another word removed Kylie from the cage and put Kris in her place and relocked the door, before pulling Kylie close. “Now, why don’t you want me to cum in your Mommy?” Steele questioned.

“I want you to cum in me Master. I want you to cum in my pussy. “Kylie shot a quick glance at her sister Kendall and friend Gigi. “I want your seed in me Steele, I want your baby. I want you to rape me, and cum in my cunt, and knock me up. I want you to breed me, Steele. I want you to make a baby in me.” The tiny slip of a girl began kissing Steele’s chest, down to his stomach, and finally falling to her knees and licking his cock and balls. “I want to feel your cum inside me. I want you to use me like a slut, and make me a mommy. I need to feel your baby growing in me.” Kylie Turned and began rubbing her ass on Steele’s hard cock, finally bending over, reaching between her own legs and taking hold of his meat and guiding it into her already wet pussy.

Standing locked in the cage, Kris had begun to softly cry again, at the sight of her baby girl begging her rapist to impregnate her.

For her part Kylie was having the time of her life. For months Steele had cum in her mouth, on her face, on her tits, on her ass, IN her ass; she was finally going to feel his hot sticky cum inside her fertile pussy. She wanted it all, and stood up to pull Steele’s dick out of her so she could lie on her back and be ravaged. She wrapped her arms and legs around Steele’s body as he forced his cock into her pussy. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth before she began to lick and kiss his neck.

The hard fucking was causing her to build to what she’d been dreaming of, a screaming climax; and scream she did. Her cries of pleasure drew the men and women from the other room to watch and cheer as Steele fucked Kylie’s sweating form; and Kylie begged Steele for his cum deep inside her. When Steele finally came, Kylie could feel it splash hard against the walls of her pussy. Her back arched up, trying to push her pussy forward, and Steele’s cock inside her deeper. She keep lunging, harder and harder against Steele’s hips, trying to hold his spraying member deep inside her.

Drained Steele collapsed onto Kylie for a moment, then lifted himself up and demanded a beer.

“NO!” Kylie shouted. “NO! I want more, I want more Master. Rape me again. Take me again. I want more cum. I want more cum. Please rape me and cum in me again.”

Steele’s smile was a mile wide. “What can I say Gentleman. This little girl knows what she wants.“ Pulling his dripping cock from her pussy, Steele laid back on the bed. “Come on slut, lick it clean and get me hard again. Then you’ll get that fucking you’ve been begging for.”

Kylie sprang onto Steele and quickly began to devour his cock.

Axe pushed Bella into the room and shackled her to chains that already hung from the wall for just that purpose. Wrench led Kourtney and Kim into the room and ordered them to take care of the two pregnant girls while Kylie pleasured their leader.

“Come on Guys, let’s go out to the barn. I’ll show you the black girl I won in a poker game.” Deacon shouted. “I call her Ebony. I’ve got her and Khloe both trained as Pony Girls, they pull carts and everything. Ebony’s still got a lot of fight left in her; but you won’t believe how well trained Khloe is now.”
“Alright”, Junior yelled as he picked up a carton of beer. “Let’s go to the races.“

The End (OR IS IT?]
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Excellent work TS!
I am not racist, I dislike everyone equally.
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