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Default Bred For The Market

The start to a new story. One of my own little perverted dreams.

Kelly wakes first. Her head pounds. She is cold. The flesh of her breasts feel as though they're trapped in an icebox. She begins to blink her eyes. The lights are bright; The room dark. Large stone walls come into view, much like a castle. Her jaw is held open. There is something in her jaw, holding her mouth open. It is hard and metallic. Kelly reaches to feel what it is. Her hands won't move. They are trapped. She looks to her right. Her wrist is there, encased in a black leather restraint, attached to the stainless table she is lies upon.

'Oh God, No!'

She comes to realize why she is so cold. She is naked, her body strapped tight, belly down to a flat stainless-steel table. Her feet are strapped as well, spread about four foot apart, and attached to the corners of the table. She wriggles her ass from side to side, feeling the young hairs of her mound graze across its chilling surface.

She remembers now; Her trip to the doctor's office. She had gone with her friend; Casey. The school made them go. They had to go each week, since their entrance into the new school. The swimming scholarship had a clause, insisting their health was closely monitored. Only this time, it was a different doctor; A dark haired doctor that gave her the creeps. The doctor kept eying her with a look that seemed more than just medical. She remembered clutching the flimsy hospital gown to her chest, as he had her lie down. Then there was the gauze; She remembered it clearly now. He had placed the damp gauze over her nose and mouth. It smelled sweet, yet pungent. She had struggled, screamed for help, then blackness, complete blackness.

'Yes, her friend; Casey. Casey would know she was there. Casey would get help.'

She turned her head to the left. She could see something just beyond her strapped hand. It was a form; another girl, strapped as she was to some kind of surgical table. The girl was young, probably the same age as Kelly; about 18 or 19, with red, shoulder length, curly hair.

"Oh my God! Casey! Casey!" Her words were just a mixed garble of sounds coming from her widely open lips.

Suddenly she got a different chill; One of horror and helplessness.

'Where were they? Why were they strapped like this, and naked?'

A door squeaked behind her. She jerked her head back, trying to see. It was a man; A man is a white lab coat.

'The doctor! Oh no, the doctor!'

Yes, that doctor.
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Default Bred for The Market Pt. 2

The doctor was an athletic man, in his late forties, with thick black hair, and a short goatee with mustache. He was nude beneath his white lab coat. Behind the doctor was a black haired woman. She wore the same white lab coat, but hers was unbuttoned partly down the front, highlighting the luscious curve of a bountiful pair of breasts. She had long black hair that ended just below her shoulder blades. Her eyes were a wonderful, yet almost frightful shade of green. He handed a clipboard to the woman and surveyed the two captives with a smile.

The two young women were flat on their bellies. Their stainless tables were a few feet apart. Both of the women were 19 years of age with the healthy muscular bodies of accomplished swimmers. The dirty blond one was squirming her tight round ass and looking back at the doctor with beautiful, blue, frightened eyes. Both of their breasts were pressed to the cold steel surface of the table, but you could still tell that they were young, firm, and perfectly rounded. The redhead was just beginning to roll her head and become accustomed to her surroundings.

"They're perfect specimens, Doctor," the woman remarked, looking down at the clipboard then back to the two girls.

The woman stepped to the side, making ready some equipment at the nearby counter. The doctor walked to the front of the two girls, pulling up a rolling stool, so he could see their faces. Their eyes were round with fright. Their ring-gagged mouths drooled. Strange sounds were produced, as they tried to ask questions and plead for release.

"Hush, hush. Yes, I know girls. You have many questions,' the doctor explained. 'We have been preparing for you for some time. Our partnership paid for your scholarship. We do many across the country. The examinations required are to make sure we have healthy, fertile specimens for our work. You see; We are in the baby market. It is quite profitable at this time. Many couples are unable to qualify for normal adoptions, with police records, mental problems, or just plain time constraints. For the right price, we can deliver, healthy, beautiful babies, some made to order, with no chance of their real mothers ever being found and intruding into their peaceful, personalize lives."

As the doctor continued to explain their predicament, the nurse rolled two long poles between the two tables. The girls jumped as the woman raised their hips and pushed an elongated pad underneath. The pads lifted each young ass off the table about six inches, tightly stretching their strapped legs.

"You see, the examinations weren't just to make sure you were healthy, but to track your periods, and determine the exact time of your ovulation. Yes, you are both very fertile right now. I'm sure you felt that special glow and itch between your thighs this morning. Oh, we do have a few weeks for this, but we are in a business. It can't be all pleasure," he laughed.

Each girl's eyes shot wide open as a greased finger forced its way into their virgin assholes. The doctor noticed their look and began again.

"You see, one of the best ways to deliver fertility drugs into your system is internally. In your bowels it will soak more quickly into your system, and it is in closer proximity to your ovaries, tubes, and cervix. The nozzle is being inserted into you now. It will be expanded, to maintain its position in your rectums. There will be some discomfort, but I'm sure it's nothing like childbirth.'

The girls broke out in a cold sweat. They wriggled their asses and pulled uselessly at their bonds. The woman patted each one on the derriere, as she slipped the long tube into their tight holes. She began pumping the little bulb that expanded the base of the nozzle just underneath the muscular anal rings.

"Is that tight enough?' the woman asked. "Now, now, don't struggle. There will be plenty of time for that latter. The doctor assures me that you are both virgins. Is that correct?" As she asked the question, her hands wandered down each girl's butt cheek, beneath the long clear hose, and into the cleft of their sex. Her fingers were still slick from the lubricating jelly; They easily slipped into the tight crevices, feeling around inside. "Ah, yes. You are most correct, Doctor. What a pleasure it will be to introduce these girls to sex, and breed them at the same time."

Both of the girls began to groan, as the warm fluid filled their bowels. The tight, firm, young bellies began to swell and touch the cold surface of the steel below.

"Yes, Girls, imagine your bellies swelling like that with a child. We will get to watch it grow, as you spend your time with us. I will be the one to strap you back to these tables, and enjoy the pain of your delivery." the woman cooed. She was still lightly stroking the petals of each one's sex, while her own naked sex was dripping with lust.

"There," the nurse finally said. She walked to each bag and gave it a squeeze. The girls groaned, and she smiled, knowing the last of the drugs were delivered with with a painful blast of warm air. Before removing the nozzles, she reached above and pulled down a metal hose, with a tapered end and curved trigger. The woman went to Kelly first, quickly jerking the tube from her ass and stuffing the tapered one in its place.

"Ughhh," Kelly cried in pain.

"Hot wax,' The doctor explained, 'It cools to form a nice plug. You'll have no choice but to hold it in and let the drugs do their work."

Casey cried next as her ass burned from the hot, but rapidly cooling wax.

The doctor opened his coat and revealed his thick, erect cock. The first cock that either of the girls had seen in real life.

"Now,' the doctor announced, which of you girls would like to service my cock while your ovaries get to work?"

The doctor moved to Casey and tilted her head up to him. She stared back at him with pleading eyes, her heart throbbing with fear.

"I believe you will do," he said. "Open wide." He caught himself and laughed. "That's right, I don't have to tell you that."

He lifted his erect shaft and eased the round head to her lips. Making tiny circles, he painted his pre-cum around her trembling lips. His fingers tangled in her soft curly hair, holding her head firmly in place.

"You like that?" he asked, watching the clear drops drip from the tip of his cock to her jerking tongue.

Kelly turned her head away, determined not to watch her friends abuse. Her head was lifted by the hair, turned back around, and slammed against the cold steel table.

"You look at your friend,' the nurse commanded, 'You will need to learn. It will be your lips that prepares the lover of your virgin friend. You watch and feel my finger on your cunt. Now, I'm going to remove my hand, so I can pleasure her too. You turn your head away, and I will have the doctor fuck your sweet, tight ass."

That last sentence made Kelly cringe. She lay her head on the steel and cried, watching as the doctor's cock head disappeared into Casey's ring gagged lips. The teasing fingers of the mad nurse were back on her sex. They opened the folds of her cunt, slipping up and down, till they uncovered her untouched clit. Against her will, it began to swell and throb, just like the many times she had played with it herself; Only this time; this time, it was the probing fingers of another woman. Kelly was disgusted, yet her pussy was aroused. She tried to push away the feelings.

'It must be the drugs,' Kelly assured herself.

In the meantime, Casey was struggling to breath. The thick crown had expanded in her mouth and was pushing against the back of her throat.

"It's ok to choke, Little Redhead. We won't let you die. No, we have much use for your tender little body," the doctor said. "You sure you haven't done this before? Your throat grips my cock so well. Now, when it erupts, you be ready to swallow like a good little whore ,"

'When it erupts?' Casey wondered. "Is he going to cum? In my throat? How much? Oh, please, no. Don't let him do it.'

The doctor pumped harder and faster. His thick shaft was bruising the soft lining of her throat. Drool and pre-cum ran from her lips, puddling on the steel below her chin. Casey also began to notice the fingers, gently strumming over her virgin clit. It was sending unwanted tingles around her sex. Her thighs were lifting up, pushing her clit back to the fingertips.

"Yours is so wet, Doctor.' the nurse said, 'I think she likes her face fucked. What do you think, Blond? Can you take a cock like that? Just watch. Let's see if she can swallow his cum without drowning."

Kelly saw the doctor groan. Casey coughed a few times. Cum and spit splashed out of her mouth and over the rigid cock. Then Kelly watched as her friend convulsed and her throat began to contract. Kelly knew that Casey must be swallowing the vile seed that pumped in jets down her throat. The whole seen caused her to hump back on the nurse's fingers.

The nurse smiled to herself; Both of the girl's were coming along nicely. With her arms spread, hand in each girl's damp sex; she was determined to play with them, not letting them cum; keeping them on the brink of orgasm. Their orgasm would come later, with a stiff hard cock pumping its potent seed into their fertile virgin wombs. The thought made her all hot inside.

When the slick cock finally slipped from Casey's lips, she still sputtered, coughed, and gagged, trying to push the remaining cum out with her tongue. The doctor looked to his nurse;

"Time to get Lamar," he said.

Turning away and buttoning up his coat, he walked to the other side of the room. The girls watched as he rolled a small, 6' X 8' stage to the center of the room, about 3' in front of Kelly's table. He locked its wheels down. The stage was black and padded. It was adorned with black metal rings and had two metal holes in its center, about two feet apart. They watched in confusion, as he went to a corner and picked up another device. This one was a 'T' shaped metal pipe. It was about two foot high and another two feet from the ends of each 'T'. Going to the stage, the doctor pushed it into one of the two hole-slots. Turning it like a key, he locked it into place. They wondered what purpose the 'T' was for, and feared the worse.

The nurse had returned. She was followed by a large, rather handsome black man. The man was around 6' 3" and rolling with muscles. He wore a blue pair of strip-away jogging pants, no shoes, and his shaved chest was uncovered. As he stepped before the girls he flexed his chest up and down with a sinister grin.

"Lamar,' the doctor said, 'would you do the honors and help the nurse bring the redhead here?"

Casey was happy to be freed but hesitant to be taken to the makeshift stage. Still her arms and legs were wobbly and unable to respond. Upon standing, she was hit with another painful cramp in her bowels. She heard it gurgle just before she went straight to the floor, curling into a painful ball.

"Oh, get up, Girl,' the nurse chastised her, 'Most of that liquid has already soaked into your system."

The black man pulled her up, locked the wrist restraints behind her back, and grabbing her by the hair, pulling her head back. This thrust her breasts up, allowing the black haired woman to see them fully for the first time. The woman's green eyes sparkled with excitement.

Casey had firm rounded breasts; The kind that ended in thick puffy areolas, tipped off with small thick nipples. The woman cupped one in her hand and ran the tip of her finger over a nipple.

"Oh, I just love these," she said, giving it a painful squeeze. "I will enjoy milking them, when they're swollen like a cow. Go ahead' Lamar, put her over the bar."

The black man easily maneuvered the kicking girl to the stage and painfully tossed her belly over the bar. Her legs hung over the back of the bar and her head crashed into its padded surface. His strong hands pinned her head down, while the nurse ran a strap over her back and shoulders, locking both ends into the rings on each side. This left Casey unable to rise, her naked ass sticking two feet up in the air; The 'T' shaped bar pushing deep into her lightly swollen belly. She wildly kicked her feet and cussed through her ring gag. Next they took her knees and attached restraints above them. Thick cords were tied to them and stretched to more rings on each side of the stage.

"No...No," Casey tried to plead, as she felt her knees being pulled apart by the cords; The thighs being spread wide, opening her virgin sex and plugged asshole to their staring eyes.

Lamar then stepped between the two girls and the doctor. The nurse knelt beside Casey, running her hands up and down the girls white back, over the plug in her ass, to her damp cunt, and back up.

"Lamar,' the doctor said, 'Show the girls what you have."

With a quick jerk, the black man ripped the Velcro pants from his legs, leaving him naked in all his ebony glory. To the inexperienced girl's eyes, the man's cock was huge. Not even fully hard, it hung down a good 9", and it was as big around an Kelly's 19 yr old wrist. The doctor began again;

"You see, mixed babies are all the rage these days. It seems every mother wants one...and those with red hair,' he said, watching Casey's wide eyes, 'Oh, those can go for hundreds more."

As Lamar looked at Casey, strapped, ass up, quivering on the stage; His cock twitched. Casey saw the twitch, and watched it grow. She trembled in fear.

The doctor waved his hand towards Kelly.

"Lamar, Good Man, allow the blond's mouth to prepare you for the breeding.
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Default Bred For The Market Pt. 3

Kelly turned her head away, as Lamar moved towards her. She had watched Casey being forced to service the doctor but this man was much larger, and black. The thought of taking his cock in her mouth sent shivers down her spine. Kelly had nothing against black men; She was just never interested. Since high school she had only had two boyfriends. They had both been sweet Christian boys, and the relationship never went past a few kisses and holding of hands.

The cruel doctor picked up her head and presented it to Lamar's cock.

"Now, Kelly, be nice to Lamar or I'll have him fuck you too," the doctor said.

That gave Kelly some false hope. 'Maybe they are going to spare me? Not take my virginity, at least not to this huge black man.' Still, she definitely was not looking forward to putting that nasty thing in her mouth.

Lamar pushed his bulbous head to the ring gag.

"Shit, Doc, this rings to small," he remarked.

The doctor fiddled with the buckle behind Kelly's head.

"Now, I'm going to remove this. If your teeth so much as scrape Lamar's shaft; I'm going to force two gallons of that drug into your ass, mixed with hot pepper juice. There's a whole bottle right there on the counter," the doctor warned.

Kelly glanced to the counter and cringed.

The horrendous cock touched her lips, just as she was stretching the muscles of her jaw. The thick bulb did not allow her close her lips; It stretched them even wider than before.

"Uahh," Kelly groaned as the black snake wound farther inside.

She was confronted with her first taste of semen, as the cock dripped its fiery liquid across her tongue. Kelly couldn't gag; Her jaw was already stretched to wide for that. Lamar's black hands took the place of the doctor's, and he fed the fleshy root into the virgin's hot mouth. Back on the stage, the black haired woman continued to run her fingers across Casey's damp pussy.

"Look at your friend,' the nurse told Casey, "She's getting Lamar all nice and hard for you. Don't you worry though; We won't let her suck him clean. He's been saving up that potent cum just for your nice tight cunt. Look how big it grows. It is going to reach deep into your womb. His little strong swimmers won't have far to go to find your waiting eggs. You will find the cum feels warm, as it rests in your young belly."

The woman was right. Lamar's cock was even longer and thicker each time it withdrew from Kelly's sensuous lips. Casey was shaking from fear; Dreading with each thrust of the cock that it would withdraw and arrive to snatch away her precious maidenhood. It was agonizing to watch, waiting for the inevitable.

The black cock was at its hardest now. It was deeply embedded in the tight confines of Kelly's throat. She was breathing in quick snorts through her nose, praying for the torture to end.

The doctor rubbed his own growing erection. He glanced towards Casey, savoring her fear.

"You can have it soon, Baby,' he told her, 'It will be so hard." He nodded at Lamar; "I think your ready. The redhead is just dying to make a baby."

As the black cock slipped from Kelly's lips, a mass of reddish bile and pre-cum shot from behind the shaft. Her once beautiful eyes were red and bloodshot. Tears ran in volumes down her face. She was unable to talk. Her throat was raw and throbbing.

Lamar walked towards Casey. His dark, wet, shaft was shimmering in the lights. It swayed from side to side against his muscular thighs. He took his position, kneeling between her spread thighs. By now Casey's whole body was twitching. Her bladder suddenly let loose, and the urine poured down her trembling thighs.

"Let me get that, Lamar," the nurse said. She quickly wiped up the pool of piss, leaving the poor girl's cunt lips alone. "I'll leave that wet for you, though her tight pussy was already seeping. I saw to that. Her cunt loves my fingers, but she has yet to feel a man's cock."

Lamar's cock jumped to life at those words.

She then moved to Casey's front, sat down, lifted her head, and stared deep into the girl's eyes.

"Fuck her good, Lamar. Don't hold back."
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I love the storyline. Great job so far.
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Default Bred For The Market Pt 4

Lamar was toying with Casey, tracing the crown of his shaft up and down, between the engorged folds of her sex. Upon each pass over the opening, it would slightly dip in, coating the surface with slick ooze. Casey jumped when it finally stopped and began to apply pressure to her tight hole.

The nurse had removed Casey's gag, wanting to hear her whimper.

"P...Please, don't. It hurts. He is too big," She pleaded with the nurse.

"Suck it up, Red. It's going in. Nothing you can do about it," the nurse coldly remarked.

Lamar held his cock working it in deeper. He groaned at the warm tightness that enveloped the mushroom head. "Ah ha," he reflected, feeling it stop at her resisting maidenhead. "You ready, Bitch? Ready for Lamar's black cock?"

"No. Don't. No!" Casey cried.

With a forceful thrust of his mighty hips; Lamar burst through Casey's hymen and buried his smoldering rod, balls deep, in her womanhood.

"Aghh! Aghh!" Casey cried. Her body shook, and she tried uselessly to push the animal off with her cuffed hands.

Lamar rolled his hips, grinding his crotch into her ass, laughing as she groaned.

The small walls of Casey's sex painfully stretched around the larger invading cock. Squeezing with her tiny muscles, she tried to force it out. That only succeeded in giving him stimulating pleasure. As the snake slid backwards, a thin line of her blood trickled from their union and ran down her pale inner thigh. Tears flowed down her face, not only from her pain, but from the sad loss of her virginity.

"Aww, Look at the bright side, Red,' the nurse teased, 'Now you get to feel the pleasure of a black cock. Some women would die to be ravaged by a cock like that. It makes me all wet"

The beautiful nurse opened her white coat and pushed two fingers into her soaked cunt. She lifted them out and presented them to Casey. The girl could clearly see the whitish cream coating the nurse's digits. As they floated towards her face; She became aware of the highly fragrant aroma. The woman smeared the unwanted secretions over Casey's face and lips. Casey was unable to pull away. Her mouth was wide open; It was stuck there in mid-scream, as the black shaft drove back into her snug depths, delivering another striking blow to her tender cervix. The nurse took the opportunity to stick her fingers into Casey's mouth and liberally coat the tongue with her cream.

Kelly lie there watching; Still trying to spit out the taste of black cock. The awful doctor was by her side, running his hands over the cold cheeks of her young ass. He pulled the pad out from under her, forcing her belly to rest on the icy steel of the table. He pressed down on the small of her back.

"Ugh," Kelly groaned, hit by a tight, cramping pain in her bowels.

"I love it when you squirm," the doctor remarked. "You have such a cute little pert ass. It will look excellent with your round belly. I think I'll fuck you in the ass, when we breed you."

"No, no, you can't. I thought you were just going to take Casey?" Kelly questioned while still biting her lower lip from the cramps.

"Now you can't let her have all the fun. Look at the way her cunt grips his shaft as it withdraws. Her pussy doesn't want to let him go. You just watch. Kate will have her fucking him back in no time. Right now, she's trying to fight back her inner feelings, but the strong hormones are running through her blood. Her body will lubricate even more, allowing the black shaft to move faster and deeper. You see, her body wants to breed. It wants her to cum, and when it does; The walls of her sex will contract around the cock, milking it of all its potent cum. You will feel it too. You won't want it, but in the end you will give in. They all do."

Kelly could tell; Her friend looked different. She had a funny look in her eyes. Casey's puffy areolas were swollen; The little nubs were hard and erect. The nurse had noticed this too, and her hands had moved under Casey to caress small orbs. Kelly thought she heard Casey moan between grunts.

The doctor had slipped a finger just inside Kelly's cunt. She knew he could feel the moisture there.

"I think you like seeing your friend fucked. Your so horny, aren't you, Baby?" the doctor asked.

"No! I am not. Your sick. I am not getting off to this." Kelly denied.

The doctor knew better. He knew that she was fertile and ready to be aroused. Fear is an aphrodisiac all to itself, and the strong mixture of hormones coursing through her system, was just what it took to tip the scale. His fingers felt her little bud. He rolled it between his fingers. It was engorged with blood. Her ass rose from the table; The cheeks clinching together. Yes, she would be ready when the dick came.

Casey was whimpering, "No...no..."

The nurse had one hand on a swollen breast, while the other had slipped between the red curls of her mound. It crept between Casey's wide spread folds and latched onto her tender clit. As the black cock slammed into her cunt, Lamar's heavy balls crushed the finger between them.

"D...Don't do that...No,,,no"

"Cum for him, Girl," the nurse commanded.


"You should see back there, Darlin. That black cock is slick and covered in your white cream. It's thick and getting thicker. Your already there, Girl. Just let it go."

"N...no...Mmm,,,Nmmm, Ahh...Ahhh!"

Casey's hands were clinched into tight fists. Her legs trembled in vibrations.

Lamar moaned, "Yes, Yes, Yes, Take my seed!"

The dark snake erupted inside the young girl. Blast after blast of hot cum painted her cervix.

"Oh, God! Ughhh!" Casey exploded in the first real orgasm of her life. The warm seed was a shock to her system. She knew it was filling her up, but there was nothing she could do about it; Her sex wanted to milk it, and milk it it did.

The nurse cradled her, licking her ear, and humiliating her;

"You just suck those ropes of sperm into your womb. Draw them up into your tubes. All those little swimmers are in you now, looking for a home. All it takes is one, Sweetheart; Only one." "Don't pull out yet,' she told Lamar, 'Keep filling her little cunt. I'll get the wax."

The nurse stepped away to return with the metal hose. It rolled from above, much like the wand of a car wash. As soon as Lamar's black shaft moved away; The tapered nozzle entered the edge of Casey's hole. The girl thrashed and screamed, as the hot wax invaded her cunt, searing the nether lips and sealing the vile seed within her womanly depths. Working in unison, Lamar and the nurse, unstrapped Casey and flipped her over. They pushed her knees up to her chest and wrapped a tight band around them, trussing her up like a Christmas turkey. Picking her up, they placed her on the floor next to the stage. A heavy bar was thrust under her still cuffed arms, keeping her on her back, unable to roll over. Lastly, the pad from before was pushed under her ass; The perfect position to allow the sperm to work its way inside. Casey could do nothing but lie there in humiliation.

"You just stay there, Honey,' the nurse said, 'You have a front row seat to your friend's defloration. I'm sure it will bring back wonderful memories."
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Default Bred For The Market Pt. 5

The doctor had Lamar and the nurse take Kelly to the bathroom, clean her up, gag her, and bring her back, while he prepared the room. When they brought her her back in; She was held under each arm by Lamar and the nurse.

Kelly noticed that the 'T' shaped bar had been removed, replaced by a large, rectangular, 'U' shaped frame. The frame had been lowered from the ceiling, still attached by four strong chains, yet resting over the padded stage.

Casey was pleading to the doctor;

"Don't do it to her, please. You had me. Let her go. Isn't one enough?"

The doctor stepped over Casey and strolled towards Kelly. This was the first time that he had fully viewed her from the front. Kelly was a beautiful girl. At 19, she was fully formed and well equipped for womanhood. Her hips held a wonderful curve, flowing down to strong, muscular athletic thighs. Between the thighs was a short, neatly trimmed patch of coarse dirty blond hairs. Her legs were tightly pressed together, as she tried to conceal her womanhood. She stared back at the doctor; Her blue eyes full of anger and embarrassment. Beautiful, dirty blond locks of soft hair flowed down to her tanned shoulders. A black ball gag was thrusting out beneath her pursed lips. He ran two fingers through her hair and looked down at her heaving breasts. They rose and fell erotically, as she tried to breath fresh air through her nostrils. The doctor loved young women. Their breasts were still solid, upthrust, and pert. This one's were stunning. Her little springy pearls were upright and hard; A dark shade of pink. The dose of hormones must have been surging through her system. Reaching down he cupped a breast to his hand then bent over to run his tongue over the nipple's surface. Kelly struggled in vain, as the lips sucked in the nub, twirling around it. The doctor stood back up, locking eyes with her as he spoke;

"Spread her legs," he ordered.

Lamar and the nurse hooked their legs over Kelly's and pulled them apart. The doctor licked his fingers and dipped them between her folds. She was wet and moist, lubricating very well. Kelly watched, disgusted, as he put the fingers back to his lips and sucked them clean.

"Your virginity tastes marvelous," he commented. "Attach her to the frame and go get Victor," the doctor added.

Kelly fought like a Hellcat, but it was no use. Her body was dumped onto the padded stage. The nurse sat on her feet, while Lamar strapped restraints over her elbows. Strong straps were drawn through the eye hooks, then to identical ones near the top side of the frame. Once pulled tight; Her elbows were tugged away from her body, and across from her ears. Lamar then took her feet, while the nurse placed cuffs on her ankles and lower thighs, just above her knees. Her legs were spread about 5 feet apart and hooked to the end of the 'U". It was not too tight. She retained the ability to shift up and down, by bending her knees. Kelly could feel some type of wide nylon strap underneath her upper back, right below her shoulder blades. The nurse began weaving straps through the metal eyes on the knee restraints.

Squeezing her knees towards each other, Kelly was able to somewhat hide her open sex. That was until Lamar began pulling on each knee strap. Her muscles quivered. She tried to fight the tension of the straps. One by one, her knees were drawn towards the metal frame, opening her up like a frog, till her thighs were painfully stretched wide; Her knees straight in line with each latched ankle.

"Raise her up, just a little, then get Victor," there doctor ordered.

The nurse flipped a switch, raising the chains and lifting Kelly's body. About a foot off the pad, it stopped. Lamar went to get Victor. The doctor removed his lab coat revealing his erect shaft to both of the girls. He glanced down to Casey;

"No, you can't have it,' he told her with a smile, 'This is for your friend's ass."

"Fuck you," Casey shot back.

The nurse handed the doctor a tube of KY and looked at Casey; "You just keep quite, Little Girl, or I'll let Lamar fuck your sweet ass." Casey bit her lip. She knew they would do it with out hesitation. In the background, Kelly was shaking her head and mumbling screams.

The doctor looked at Kelly while he coated his shaft and stroked its shiny length.

"I'm going to fuck your tiny ass. What do you think about that, Virgin? I'm going to slide right underneath you, pull your soft cheeks apart, and ram my hard cock up your hot, tight hole. Thrash all you want; Victor will love it.'

Casey looked on in horror. The doctor slipped to the pad below Kelly, parted her creamy cheeks, and edged his hard rod between them. The whole frame rocked as Kelly tried to avoid the stiff invader.

Kelly felt her sphincter begin to stretch, the elastic muscle slowly giving way to the greasy tip. Once the helmet squeezed in, the remaining rod followed it home, impaling her virgin bowels. Kelly quivered in pain, as the cock burned the tender tissues of her anus, filling her with a cramped fullness.

Lamar returned, another black man by his side. The new man was handsome, darker than Lamar, about two inches taller, but just as built. He was naked except for a blue beach towel wrapped around his waist.

The nurse's face brightened. "Victor!," she said, running towards him and taking his hand. "You must come meet the new one. It's the blond with the doctor's cock in her ass." She drug him over, between Kelly's spread thighs. "She's a virgin, Victor. Isn't she just adorable?"

"A virgin, you say," Victor questioned. He felt his own cock beneath the towel, while watching the doctor's cock move slowly in and out of the girl's rocking buttocks.

"Let me get something,' the nurse said, sounding like an excited schoolgirl, 'Show her your cock. Show her your cock."

Victor dropped his towel. His cock was a full inch and a half longer than Lamar's, and thicker as well. He moved to Kelly's head and pulled it towards him by the hair. He slapped the black flesh on her nose. She winced at both its weight and the musty smell of its flesh.

"Is that right? Are you a virgin? Looks like your ass isn't. Do you like that hard cock in your ass?"

"She will," came the nurse's voice.

Kelly jerked, something touched her sex. She took a quick glance down. The nurse was rubbing her thick clit; placing something over it, and taping it to Kelly's mound with surgical tape. A wire ran from the device to the control in the nurse's hand. With a flick of a switch and the turn of a nob, small vibrations began to tingle her nub. She left the control dangling off the frame and trailed her fingers up Kelly's belly, stopping for a short delay at her breasts, before coming up to grasp Victor's cock. Her fingers stroked it above Kelly's eyes.

"Victor here is very potent. He has sired many a beautiful child. His cock is so large, it deposits his load right at the spot, almost shoots it right into your tubes. You ever had two cocks?' she laughed, 'I guess not. You will though, and you'll cum and cum again, taking Victor's sperm into your womb as you do."

Kelly stared in fear at the clear drop of fluid clinging to the end of the dark black shaft. The drop began to increase in size as the nurse jerked the rod. Picking up weight, it hung there for a second before falling down in a wet splash to her nose. Due to the gag she was having to breathe through her nose, so her next breath sucked the drop in. It stung like salt, leaving its unmistakable aroma behind. She closed her eyes from the burn. When she opened them Victor was gone. Kelly panicked, seeing him move between her spread thighs and kneel down.

The doctor had stopped moving. It was taking all of his concentration not to spill his seed into Kelly's overwhelmingly tight asshole.

The small vibrator strapped to Kelly's clitoris was having an effect. Its stimulating hum was causing her labia to swell, fluid making the lips slick. Pulling against her straps and undulating her hips, Kelly tried to throw the damned device off of her clit. This made her buttocks clinch, and her little oval muscle slip up the doctor's warm cock. The nurse grabbed her young breasts, squeezing them. The tissue in them was rock hard; The nipples engorged and elongated.

Victor had to seize the girl's hip and steady her in order to line his cock with her hole. As slick as she was, the virgin was tight. Victor grasped is shaft and forced it through the opening. It painfully stopped, bending as it reached her hymen. He eased back again, preparing snatch the ultimate treasure.

"Just relax, Little Girl. You pussy wants his cock. Your womb needs his seed," the nurse cooed, caressing Kelly's fevered flesh.

Kelly was struck with a awful tearing pain. She bit down hard on the black rubber ball. Every muscle in her body contorted in agony. It was if a baseball bat was being driven inside her by a hammer. Her flat belly bulged in the shape of Victor's cock. The doctor below her moaned. He could also feel the large shaft move in, above is own.

"You ready, Doc,' Victor asked, 'You let me move a few times than you can start. This bitch is tight. Let's show her what 'DP' is all about." He slapped her hard on the belly. "What a way to loose your virginity; Huh, Cunt?"

Pain radiated throughout Kelly's body. The nurse laughed at her useless tears, continuing to squeeze her pert breasts. Still, there was the constant tingling hum of the vibrator, reminding her of the unwanted pleasure lurking just beneath the agony. Her cunt and asshole stretched over the invading shafts. The jutting veins of the black cock touched places the young virgin had never known before; Sensitive places that became stimulated when provoked.

Lamar had knelt beside Casey. He was rubbing his rough fingers over her small bud.

"Get your filthy hands off me, You Animal," she bitched, trying to wriggle away.

"Don't you wish you had two cocks like your friend?" he asked. "The two cocks will rub up against each other inside her body. She will feel so full; Even more so then your feeling now with my seed soaking into your every pore"

"Shut up, You Bastard. Leave me alone," Casey spat back.

"Oh no, Honey, I will continue to tease you. You just watch your friend. You will cum like her, moaning for more black cock. You will beg to be bred again. You're already soaking wet."

"No! I am not!" she responded.

He held is wet fingers to her nose. She could not deny the aroma of her own arousal. Biting her lip, she closed her eyes and inhaled the intoxicating scent. Lamar pinched her tender nipples, forcing her to open her eyes and scream. Then the teasing fingers melted back to her hot opening.

"I suggest you keep those eyes open and that mouth shut," Lamar added in a menacing tone.

Casey looked back to the frame, her friends body rocked back and forth as it was ravished by the three human demons of lust. She bit her lip again, working to evade the intense feeling between her thighs.

Kelly was involved with her own inner struggle. The lingering twitch on her clit became harder and harder to ignore. The two long shafts pumped in and out of her holes. Her body now accommodated the pistons, as they drove in and out; In and out. The sound of flesh slapping flesh filled her ears. The nurse's voice was there, behind the flesh, cruel yet provocative, adding to the humiliation. Somehow, this new sensation was adding to the others. Her worst fear was that she would submit; She could only hold her mind back for so long. Then the nurse took to pinching Kelly's nose shut. With the ball gag, Kelly had no other way to breathe. Her body became rigid, and she convulsed in panic. A look of horror covered her face each time the fingers moved back to her nose.

"You want me to remove the gag?" the nurse questioned her. Kelly furiously nodded her head in response.

"You must promise me something," the nurse added. Kelly nodded back with pleading eyes.

'Anything,' Kelly thought, 'Anything to easily breathe again.'

"You must kiss me, Darling...and don't stop." Kelly nodded again. The nurse held Kelly's nose again, just to make sure. "Now, you promise?" Eager to breathe, Kelly nodded back.

The ball was removed and Kelly took a large intake of breath. The breath was curt short; This time by the black haired nurse's open mouth. Her tongue pressed into Kelly's, choking her off in mid-breath.

Something happened, and all of the torturous sensations took hold at once: The doctor's cock, slipping and sliding deep in her ass, The nurse's tongue, toying with that of her own, The thick black cock, stretching at her cunt, pounding her cervix, knocking on her fertile door, and last but not least, The ever-instant vibrating of the device latched to her aching clitoris.

"Ah...Ah," Kelly moaned into the nurse's mouth. She was experiencing her first strong orgasm.

The tight pinch of Kelly's anus was to much for the doctor. He began to to flood the young girl's bowels with his cum.

Victor groaned. As tight as the virgin was, the spasms of her cunt had a lock on his black shaft. Then the passage became slicker.

"Look at the little slut now,' he observed, 'She's creaming on my cock."

The doctor slipped his cock from Kelly's ass and rolled away, smiling as he watched the show.

Victor took her cheeks in his strong hand and pulled them apart, as he pounded her flesh. The fresh cum drooled from her open hole.

The peak of Kelly's orgasm never ended; It just went from one high to another. She was eagerly and lustfully matching the nurse kiss for kiss. The nurse's dark green eyes hypnotized her. She would never forget that stare.

"Ugh..Ah...Uh...Uh..." She moaned, raising her thighs and trying to force more of the cock inside her small body.

Casey stared in awe. Her own sex moved to the beat of Lamar's hand. Her moans drowned out those of her friend's.

"That's it, Girl. Fuck me back. Take my cock...Take it," Victor groaned.

With no warning, Victor howled out; "Aghh! Yess!"

Kelly was caught in another orgasm;


Suddenly she became aware of the warm feeling; The same warm filling that had flooded her bowels.


"No! No!" she pleaded, but at the same time her pussy was still contracting around the pulsing black shaft.

"No...Don't...Ugh, Ugh...cum...inside...Aghh," Her cries morphed into a muffled moan, and she returned to kissing the exotic nurse.

Victor held her crotch tight to his cock, emptying load after potent load into her flexing cunt.

Lamar rose, leaving Casey empty and wanting more.

"I'll see to you later," he said.

The nurse moved away from Kelly, allowing the young girl to watch Victor remove his sloppy shaft. It fell away with a 'Plop'. The vibrator was still humming away on her swollen clit. Now Lamar was there, forcing his prick inside before more precious cum was lost.

"No, No...I can't...Ugh!" she groaned as the new cock drove into her womb.

"Yes you can,' the nurse cooed, 'There is room for much more cum. We will see that you're filled up."
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