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Default Nap Time Visitors .. (a continuation of The Breakaway)

This story is a continuation of the characters from of The Breakaway….

Nap Time Visitors

About a week had gone by since Zack and J.J. had raped Rachel, the incredibly attractive mom they spotted in Target. They had plenty of opportunity to relive the day. Most centered around the fact that she was probably one of the hottest women that had been around in their relatively short lives. They liked to talk about how their friends spend their time trying to get into the pants of skanky girls and fat chicks, while the two of just fucked this incredible MILF in just about every way possible. And they even had pictures to prove it. Of course at least they were smart enough not to show the pictures to anyone. Zack’s favorite was the one where he had gotten up on the bed and shot the picture looking down at Rachel while they had her tied to the bedposts. She was actually looking up at him and you could see the whole story… how beautiful her face was… how gorgeous her tits were…. how smooth her pussy was. He thought about making it the wallpaper on his computer, but realized that would be a pretty dumb thing to do.

They had started talking about the need to get back out there and into action again. “It’s been a week, Dude” J.J. told Zack. “I need to get me some pussy. That last one was fucking awesome.”

“I’m with you, Man” Zack countered. “Let’s think about getting out on Tuesday. We both have Tuesday off, right?”

That afternoon while J.J. was at work, a woman came strolling in with a small baby. It turned out she was the sister of his manager. She had come to show him the baby, but apparently was also dropping off some kind of paperwork. But J.J.’s attention wasn’t on either the baby or the paperwork, it was on the size of her tits. They were fucking enormous! They were some of the biggest tits he had seen in his young life. From a distance he checked her out. She wasn’t anything close to the Target mom, but not many women are. She looked halfway decent. He was just mesmerized by her boobs.

Later that afternoon J.J. had to go into his manager’s office to get something. The office was empty at the time. He glanced down at his manager’s desk and noticed the paperwork that his sister had dropped off earlier. It looked like some type of application or something. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but saw that it had her name and address on the first page. Her name was Jill and she lived in the next town over. It even said that she was 28 years old and had been married for three years. J.J. grabbed a piece of scrap paper, wrote is all down and slid it in his pocket.

Later that night he was over at Zack’s house and was telling him about her.
“You can’t believe how big her tits were” he said.

“Is she a “fatty?” Zack asked.

“No Man, she wasn’t really all that fat. She wasn’t skinny, but she was certainly “doable” J.J. countered.

“Your fucking dog is “doable” for you, you horny motherfucker!” Zack laughed.

“You mean horny someone else’s motherfucker” J.J. responded.

Zack stared at him with a puzzled look on his face.

“That means I fuck other people’s mothers, not mine you dumb fuck” J.J. barked.

“OK” Zack said. “Then let’s check out “mommy big tits”.

It was 1:00 on Tuesday afternoon. Jill had just put the baby down for a nap and was looking forward to putting her feet up and relaxing for a couple hours. This being her first child, everything centered around the baby. She wanted to find time to get back to the gym and lose the baby weight she had gained, but kept putting it off. All of her friends told her that she looked great. She admitted that she didn’t gain as much weight as she thought. In fact, she had already lost 15 pounds. What her friends really kidded her about was how big her boobs had gotten. They were never small, but the really got big once she got pregnant. She told her friends that she really wanted to get her old boobs back. These things killed her back!

It seemed like she just sat down on the couch when the doorbell rang. She got up and walked over to the side window and peeked through the blinds. There were two teenage boys standing at her door. At first she wasn’t going to answer it. But, then the bell rang again. Fearing that it would wake the baby, she hesitantly opened the door.

“Can I help you” she asked.

“Umm yeah, we’re here to drop off some things to you” Zack told her.

“Drop off some things? What are you talking about? What things?” she asked.

“Is this 712 Auburn Drive?” he asked.

“Yes, but I’m not expecting anything to get dropped off” Jill told him.

Zack then looked back over each shoulder, turning from side to side. Not seeing anyone around he then started to force his way through the door. J.J. was right with him.

“Stop! What are you doing?” Jill hollered.

In a second, Zack had Jill down on the floor. J.J. slamming the door shut behind them and closing the rest of the blinds in the room. He then locked the door, making sure to engage the deadbolt. Jill began to scream, but Zack had his knife to her throat in no time.

“You shut your fucking mouth, Bitch. One more peep out of you and that baby that you have in here is going to get hurt real bad” Zack forcefully told her.

“Oh no.. Oh no. What are you doing here. What are you going to do to me? Oh my God! Oh my God! Please, don’t hurt me. Take anything you want. Here, take my jewelry. I can give you money. Please, please, please don’t do anything to me.” Jill pleaded.

J.J. chimed in…. “Look, we’re going to do to you what we want to. You can either make it easy, or make it hard. Now my dick is already fucking hard. We don’t need things to get harder.”

“No, no please don’t touch me. I have a little baby. My husband’s going to be home any minute. He has a gun and he’ll kill you” Jill rambled.

“Wow… I’m scared now” J.J. claimed. “Are you scared?” he asked Zack.

Zack countered “I’m scared I won’t get to fuck this bitch if we don’t’ get moving.”

Zack then grabbed Jill by the hair and started to pull her across the room. Jill kicked and fought every step of the way. J.J. tried controlling her legs as she kicked wildly. He’d pick her up carry her a few steps and then her legs would break free and he’d drop her. Eventually they got her into a side room that looked like a game room. The blinds were closed in the room and it gave them good cover.

“You’re a feisty cunt, aren’t you” Zack told her.

“Come on, let’s strip her” said J.J.

This was always was one of their favorite parts, finally get to see their victim naked and finding out what they looked like under all those clothes. When you’re their age and have actually only seen a handful of women naked, not counting the ones on a computer screen, that part is really fun.

Since Jill was just hanging around the house and not expecting anyone, she had just thrown on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Comfort was the name of the game on a day like that. It was an oversized t-shirt that came from some place in Florida they must have gone to on vacation. Even though it was oversized, the front bulged from what was underneath. The sweatpants hung low on her waist and were tied with a drawstring in the front.

The boys made Jill stand up. Again, the knife does wonders when trying to convince someone to do something. Zack moved towards Jill and started grabbing at her t-shirt. Jill kept pushing his arms away. “No please don’t” she begged.

“OK, how about this” J.J. interrupted. “Me and my friend just need to “get off”. We ain’t seen too many naked women before, except on our computer. How about you take off all your clothes for us and we’ll jerk off while you do it. Then after we see you naked and we cum, we’ll leave and everything will be OK.”

“So if I take my clothes off you won’t do anything else to me?” Jill asked.

“That’s right” J.J. told her.

“And I won’t have to touch you and you won’t touch me? You’ll just look at me without my clothes on?” she kept inquiring.

“That’s right” said Zack. “We’ll just jerk off to you standing naked in front of us. I bet you’re awesome without your clothes on!”

“And then you’ll go away?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am” Zack confirmed.

“But you can't just take ‘em off in a hurry. You need to do it slow. You know, so we can get our dicks good and hard” J.J. added.

Jill stood and stared at them trying to figure out what to do. She couldn’t even imagine taking off her clothes in front of these two scrawny teens while they masturbated, but she had to think of the safety of her little baby. She then slipped off her shoes and stood barefoot.

“Promise?” she asked.

“Promise” Zack told her. “Now slowly take down your pants”

While Jill started untying the drawstring the teens unzipped their jeans, pulled their cocks out and started stroking themselves.

Jill undid the drawstring and then hesitated. J.J. kept nodding his head up and down. “That’s the idea” he said. “Slowly take it all off and we’ll be out of here in a few minutes.”

Slowly she pulled the sweatpants down, then lifted each leg, taking them completely off and dropping them on the floor beside her. She now stood in just her t-shirt and a pair of white panties with purple polka dots.

“See, that wasn’t hard was it” Zack asked. “Now turn around nice and slow so we can see that butt of yours.”

She did as she was told and slowly rotated so her back was to the boys.

Jill’s legs had a little color to them. She didn’t have bad legs, but compared to what the boys had experienced a week ago, they certainly needed some toning.

“Now stay turned around like that and slide off your panties” J.J. instructed her as the two of them continued stroking their now rigid cocks.

Again, Jill hesitated, wondering if there was any way out of this. But then she took both hands, grabbed the waistband of her panties and slid them down to her feet, bending over to remove them and unknowingly giving the boys a nice little show as her white ass was revealed. Zack looked at J.J. and gave him a wink.

Her ass wasn’t fat, but it definitely had a little meat to it. She wasn’t real tan, but the pure whiteness of her ass cheeks made her legs look a little darker. You could see that she at least spent some time in a bathing suit, as the outline of the bottoms was clearly visible. Her butt didn’t have much contour and was a little on the flat side. Her ass almost seemed to be a continuation of the backs of her legs.

“Now shake your ass for us” J.J. commanded.

Jill looked back at them over her shoulder, her eyes welled with tears. “No, please” She begged.

“You want us to cum, right?” J.J. asked. “Now shake your fucking ass!”

Jill did as she was told and slowly started to shake her butt.

“Faster bitch, faster” Zack instructed.

Jill picked up the pace and shook faster, the looseness of her butt making it jiggle slightly.

“Ha..Ha..Ha!”…. the teens broke out in laughter. “Shake that ass mommy” Zack chided her. “Now turn back around and let’s get a look at that pussy of yours.

Jill slowly turned back towards the boys. Tears were running down her cheeks. The boys eyes “bugged out” when they got their first look at her full, dark bush.

“Holy fuck!” exclaimed Zack. “Look at that bush. You’re a hairy mother! I can’t even see your pussy through that thing. Is it alive?” he asked with a laugh.

Jill’s face turned beet red as she stood with no pants or panties in front of the two leering teens, her ass and pubic hair were in full view for them.
“Oh my God” she thought to herself. “These two look younger than the high school boy that mows our yard. I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

“Spread that mess so that I can see your pussy” J.J. ordered.

When she hesitated he reminded her of their deal. Jill then took both hands and spread her pussy lips giving the teens their first view of it’s soft pink color. As she did, she turned her head sideways as to not have to look at them.

“Now let’s finally get a look at those monsters. I can’t wait for this! Take your shirt off” J.J. barked.

“Now once I show you my breasts that’s it, right? You’ll leave?” she asked, her voice quivering.

“We won’t even ask to touch them” Zack assured her. “Maybe you’ll just have to shake them a little bit in front of us.

Jill knew that there was no stopping them at this point. She just wanted to let these kids see her naked and have them leave. She hoped that at their age they might cum before she even got her bra off, panic and run. “I mean they’re just kids” she thought. Boy was she wrong!

Jill clenched the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, her mousy brown hair falling back to her shoulders. She was now left standing in just her bra, her massive breasts seemingly overflowing inside it. Her belly was a little soft and had a slight roll at the waist. She was very aware of it, but having had a baby just months’ earlier, knew that she’d get it back in shape soon. The color of her stomach matched her legs. The straps of her bra weren’t thick enough too hide the tan lines created by her bathing suit top. The boys liked tits with tan lines!

The teens stroking became quicker as Zack said… “You’re packing some meat inside that thing! Now lose the bra.”

Jill reluctantly reached behind her and fumbled with the clasp as she tried to unfasten her bra. It didn’t help matters that her hands were shaking, or that the bra had four hooks that needed to be undone. But she was convinced that after seeing her naked the boys would leave. Finally the clasp released and Jill pulled the straps forward over her shoulders and let her bra fall to the ground in front of her. What the teens saw is something they will never forget.

“OH FUCK!” J.J. yelled. “Look at this size of those tits!”

Zack just started laughing… “Wow.. Wow!” he shouted.

Jill’s huge tits hung there in front of her. At first she tried to cover them, but stopped when she saw J.J. shaking his head. They were huge and white, with the biggest, darkest aerola that the boys had ever seen… huge brown circles that covered the ends of her massive boobs.

The sight of Jill standing in front of him now visibly crying and totally naked.. her dark hairy bush.. her huge boobs hanging there.. took J.J. over the top. A stream of cum shot from his dick, depositing itself on the floor at Jill’s feet. In fact, some of his cum covered the toes on her right foot. It had been a week for him, and he later said that he had been keeping it in reserve for the next time. Well, the next time was here.

“OK, now leave” Jill said. “You’ve seen what you wanted.”

“Wait, my friend needs to cum. That’s the deal” J.J. said. “We both have to cum before we go.”

“I need a little something more, I’m not too far away” Zack responded, still stroking away. “Let me titty fuck you. That will do it.”

“No.. No..No” Jill cried, her head shaking back and forth violently. “You promised. You promised.”

“It will take two minutes and then we’ll be gone. Don’t you want to get this over with?” Zack asked her. “Now just come over and bend down in front of me.”

“God, no! Please” Jill pleaded with him. She almost vomited at the thought of these young teens touching her. She had dated her husband since high school, and besides her doctor he was the only person that had ever seen her completely naked. She never even undressed or showered in front of other women at the gym. Now these two kids that showed up on her doorstep are feasting their eyes on her completely naked body. It was almost too much for her to handle. And now he wanted to rub his penis on her breasts? She started gasping for air.

“Right now!” he barked as he brandished his knife.

Jill walked towards Zack, her legs visibly shaking and bent over at the waist in front of him, her massive globes dangling under her. The pull of gravity made them stretch out in the shape of water balloons bobbing from her chest. Zack pulled up against her, his jeans and underwear now down around his ankles. Jill had to turn her head to the side so that he could get close enough. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“Two more minutes and this will be over” she thought to herself. “Two more minutes.”

Zack then slid his cock between her soft, white, fleshy boobs. He instructed her to push them together, then started sliding in and out between them. Jill took another deep breath and pushed her breasts together against his young cock. J.J. got out his phone and started taking a video as his friend slowly pumped between her tits, Jill’s body swaying back and forth with the movement. He came around to the other side to get a shot with her face in it. Her eyes now red and cheeks stained with tears. Zack continued and began thrusting faster and faster and finally hollered.. “Thar she blows!” as he spewed cum all down between Jill’s tits and all over her stomach. Some of it dripped down onto the floor underneath her.

“OK we’re almost done” J.J. spurted.

“What do you mean, almost?” Jill asked in a panic. “You promised.”

“We don’t keep fucking promises, Bitch” J.J. told her. “You’re standing fucking helpless and naked in front of two horny teenagers. Do you really think we’re going to walk out of here without giving you a good fucking?”

Jill tried to make a run for it, but Zack had her before she had taken two steps. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to the floor, getting her in a headlock and pressing her face against the floor. She was being held on her knees with her ass sticking straight out.

“Get your fucking pants off, Dude” Zack hollered. “I’ve got her pinned.

J.J. ripped of his blue jeans and darted around behind Jill, his dick rock hard again. He smacked her on the ass a couple times leaving big red marks on her pure white ass cheeks. He then forced his cock, which was definitely smaller than Zack’s, between her cheeks. Jill started screaming as she felt the tip of his cock being forced inside her tight, virgin asshole. She drew the line there with her husband. Her rectum had never felt a man’s dick before. Zack punched the side of her head and told her to shut up. Little J.J. thrust back and forth, working his cock further up her ass with every push. He finally unleashed another impressive load right in the new mother’s ass. If he had known he was the first ever to fuck it, it would have made it extra special. He pulled out and Zack let Jill loose. She just slumped on her side and curled up on the floor crying, her hands covering her face. As she lay there, cum seeped from her butt and pooled on the floor next to her.

As she lay there J.J. looked down at her, laughed and said.. “That sure beats jerking off to those flabby tits of yours.”

J.J. then came around and pulled Jill up into a sitting position. Her breasts were so large, they almost touched her legs in that position. “Now suck the rest of the cum out of my dick” he commanded her.

“No.. No” Jill protested. “I don’t even do that to my husband.”

“What the fuck? You don’t suck your husband’s cock? And he’s still married to you” J.J. laughed. “Well you’re going to suck mine. And as a special treat, you’ll get to taste the inside of you own ass. If you don’t, there’s gonna be a lot of shit going down around here.” He took his knife and used the tip of it to trace circles around the big areola of Jill’s left breast. Her nipple hardening at the touch of the cold steel.

He forced Jill to take his semi soft cock into her mouth.

“Now you suck it really good, mommy. You get it nice and hard again. You’ve got a great mouth for sucking cock. You need to use it.”

Jill began sucking on the young teen’s dick, J.J.’s hands on the side of her head guiding it back and forth. Zack sat on the floor next to her, alternating between groping her dangling breasts and running his fingers through her web of pubic hair, in search of the moistness of her pussy.

She gagged repeatedly, and dry heaved as J.J.’s cock grew inside her mouth. “Now you’ve got it” he told her. “Suck harder now! Harder! Harder! Harder” he shouted as he began thrusting his pelvis into her face. She was pinned against the wall her head now smashing against it with every thrust. J.J. was rock hard and knew he was close to shooting a wad in the young mother’s mouth. He violently threw all of his weight behind every push, making Jill think that her head was going to go right through the sheetrock of the game room wall, his small dick completely disappearing in Jill’s mouth. He was face fucking her so hard, that it looked like even his balls were making their way inside her. Finally, he thrust inside her mouth and kept it there, his ass almost vibrating at great speed as a river of cum shot down Jill’s throat. She gagged, coughed and doubled over, cum running down the front of her chin.

Zack finished stripping off his clothes and then gave J.J. a nod. “Grab her throat, I’m going to fuck her pussy” he instructed his buddy.

J.J. wedged himself behind Jill, wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her back against him as he sat on the floor against the wall. She gagged as the pressure initially made her choke. There was not a lot of fight left in her as she lay, mostly flat on her back, her head gripped by J.J. against his stomach. As Zack was prying her legs apart, J.J. couldn’t resist groping her enormous tits with his other hand. They were so big, they just seemed to fall to her side as she was on her back. J.J. continued to see how hard he could squeeze them, when all of a sudden a trickle of milk came from her nipple.

“Holy fuck Dude, look I’m milking her” J.J. screamed. “These fuckers are full of milk! Do you have any cereal?” he laughed!

He continued squeezing and more and more milk dribbled out. Then all of a sudden a squirt came out. “Ha Ha.. looked at this" he laughed.

By this time, Zack had penetrated Jill’s soft pink pussy. Just having had a baby, her pussy was still fairly loose. Zack needed a little additional stimulation. “Put her tit in my mouth” he told J.J. His friend lifted her right tit and held in steady as Zack lowered his mouth and drew the nipple in. Jill was lying motionless, still in J.J.’s choke hold. Zack rammed her with his big cock as she lay there, her midsection bouncing up and down with the force. He sucked hard on her nipple, drawing milk into his mouth. At one point he even looked at J.J. and spit some into his buddy’s face, then immediately went back for more.

“Fuck you, asshole” J.J. hollered as he wiped the liquid from his face.

Zack finally unloaded into her pussy, leaving her lying limp on the floor, her hairy bush matted together with the remnants of his jizz.

“I have an idea” J.J. said.

He went over to Jill and started slapping her face… “Get up… Get up… Get up” he said as he smacked her face about. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Jill slowly relented to the young teens command and positioned herself on all fours. “Take a vid of me milking the cow” he said to Zack. So Zack pulled out his phone and took a video of J.J. down on his knees milking Jill’s tits. Sure enough he squeezed them so hard that milk squirted from each. “Now say “moo”” he instructed Jill. When she resisted, reached his arm around and violently shoved his middle finger up her asshole. “Say “moo” cunt” He screamed in her ear.

Softly the sound came from her mouth. He forced her to do it louder and louder. Zack got down close and got a great video of his buddy squeezing milk from this new mom’s massive, hanging tits, as you can clearly hear her “mooing” like a cow. Priceless!

As if that weren’t enough, J.J. then sits on her back as she’s still on all fours and tells her to give him a ride around the room.

“Yee haw…. Ride ‘em cowboy” he yells as she starts to slowly move along.

“Hey “numb nuts” Zack yells. “Cowboy’s ride horses, not cows.”

“Whatever! It’s fun anyway” J.J. responded as he smacked Jill's ass and told her to go faster.

As usual, both friends had to experience everything. So, once J.J.’s ride was over, it put Jill in a perfect position to have Zack give it to her in the ass. His big cock ripped though the walls of her rectum, leaving her rocking back and forth in a ball on the floor…. a mixture of blood and cum oozing from her.

For the grand finale, J.J. took her by the neck and violently threw her on her back. He got on top of her and fucked the shit out of her. It was only the second time in his life that he had fucked a hairy pussy, his small ass slamming away at the motionless woman. Of course he sucked her milky tits and shoved his face between them, almost making it disappear. When he finally exploded inside her, he had his two hands wrapped around her throat, making her cough and gag. She may have thought it was the end. It looked like he was fucking a rag doll by the time he was finished with her.

But the boys only take it so far. They left her there her in a heap on the game room floor. She had dried cum all over her… in her hair… her face… her pussy and her ass. Her tits had red marks all over them, and were stained with streaks of dried breast milk. It was a far cry from letting the two of them see her naked and being done with it. The woman who had only been seen naked by her husband and doctor, was now filled with the cum of two low life teenagers.

“Oh my God” she thought as she lay there. “They have pictures and video of me too. What will happen if our friends and neighbors see them on the internet. What if my husband’s friends and my girlfriend’s husbands masturbate to pictures of my naked body that are out there for anyone to see? And what about all the teenage boys in the neighborhood? What if they see that little bastard milking my tits and making me make noises like a cow?” She lay there and wept.

As the teens walked towards the door they heard a baby crying upstairs.

“I guess nap time is over” Zack said. “She better get back to work.”

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great story. thanks
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I'm really enjoying the continuing exploits of Zack & J.J.! Rock on boys! Keep terrorizing the neighbourhood.
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Great story. Please continue with their next victim.
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Good series. I hope you continue it.
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very nice inded.
I'd like to read mre about zack & jj.
Maybe they should re-visit on of the 2 ladies?
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Nice story Dax.
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Nice, please continue good work cheers
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