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Default The Breakaway

The Breakaway

Zack and J.J. were best friends. It had been that way since they met each other during detention in the 8th grade. They were like brothers from different mothers. Neither was a good student. And neither really cared that they weren’t. They came from shitty homes, with very little parent involvement or supervision. In fact, the parents thought that things were best when they weren’t around. So when they both dropped out of school just as their senior years were beginning, there was no one there to try and get them back on the right track.

Both managed to get minimum wage jobs…. Zack flipping burgers and J.J. in a convenient store. They were a couple of kids just surviving however they could, and trying to have as much fun as possible along the way.

Their lives took a dramatic turn when an older guy that Zack knew took him under his wing and got him turned onto raping women. When you’re Zack’s age, and not the best looking kid around, the promise to be able to fuck gorgeous women is pretty damn tempting. Of course being the great friend that he is, he soon brought J.J. along for the ride.

They were part of a group that gang raped women over a wide area. They even went on rape road trips! It was easy stuff. Usually all of the hard work and detail stuff was done for them by the leader of the group. In most cases, they just showed up and “went wild” on women!

They had some incredible times! One of the best was when they suggested that the gang rape a teacher from their high school. She was a young teacher that constantly gave them both a hard time. Even though she was young and pretty good looking, they thought she was the ultimate bitch. All of the hard work was done for them. The gang even secured a bag over her head so that she’d never know who attacked her. Then they summoned Zack and J.J. They reveled in ripping the clothes off her kicking the crap out of her. To this day Zack says that shooting a load in her ass was the crowning achievement of his life!!

In addition to being a little rougher than the rest of the group, one other difference stood out. While most of the group was older, and wanted pussy as young as possible, our two boys zeroed in on the more mature ones. The MILFs you might say. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that their own mothers treated them like shit, or if they just got off on taking another man’s woman, whatever was at the root of it, was powerful. They usually went after ones in their 20’s or 30’s and worked them over good.

There even one time with the gang that they did a home invasion of a teen they had targeted. Her mother was well into her 40’s, but that didn’t stop the boys from immediately grabbing her, carrying her into her bedroom and brutally fucking her in every hole. These boys definitely had demons inside!

There were a couple things that started to bother them about the group. For one thing, the victims were usually chosen for them. They like the idea of deciding who they were going to rape. But their biggest problem was that the group had really slowed down. Being the two youngest, and therefore the horniest, they wanted to have this kind of fun as often as possible. The gang was very meticulous and methodical, which is great when it comes to avoiding being caught, but they would sometimes go a couple months in between rapes. So, Zack and J.J. decided to break away from the group and do their own thing. On their own time!

They always had a lot of time to kill. Both worked a lot of night shifts, so they usually killed time by playing video games or watching TV. Now that the decision had been made to branch out on their own, they had another way to kill time…. hunt!

It was a Thursday, late morning, when they decided to drive over to the nice part of town and see what they could find. It had been a couple months since they last participated with the gang. Neither had a girlfriend, so jerking off to online porn seemed to be the best outlet for perpetual horniness. They wanted to change that.

They pulled into a Target store parking lot. After driving around the lot a few times, and not really seeing much, they decided to go inside. It was a big store.. one of those supercenters… so they split up with the plan to text if either found anything interesting. J.J headed towards the clothing section and Zack made his way towards electronics and toys, which were in the back of the store.

Zack meandered through the aisles and then hit aisle 12 of toys. There she was! A striking blonde stood there looking through the shelves. She had a little girl that was maybe three sitting in the carriage, and was obviously looking for a toy for her. She was fucking gorgeous! Obviously not from the part of town they lived in. She was about 5’6” with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore small khaki shorts that showed off her tanned and tones legs and flip flops. She wore a black tank top that sported some very impressive cleavage. Everything about her was perfect. She was probably around 30 years old… had great make-up on even those she was dressed very casual.. even her toenails and fingernails looked perfect. And her left hand showed off a big ass ring. It was like she had been sent from heaven!! Zack immediately sent a text to J.J…. “Aisle 12.. toys.. fast!”

Zack moved to another aisle, as to not be too obvious. He kept a look out for J.J. and grabbed him just as her was about to turn down aisle 12. “OK” Zack said to him, “loop around the next aisle then come back here and tell me what you think.” J.J. did as he was instructed.

“Holy fuck!” he exclaimed after making the loop. “What a fucking cunt! Let’s do it, Man!”

The two teens then tracked her as she went through the store. They were smart enough to keep a distance, as not to attract too much attention. At one point Zack said.. “Look at her ass in those little shorts, Dude. Since I found her I get to fuck her in the ass first. What a sweet little ass!”

“I think she looks like a model. A real money bitch I bet” J.J. remarked. “Right out of a fucking magazine. I can’t wait to see what she looks like naked. You can have her ass first, I want to see that beautiful face sucking my dick while I maul her big tits.”

As she made her way to the check out, the boys left the store, went to their car and attentively watched the exit. After about five minutes, she made her way out of the store and ironically pushed the carriage right down the row of cars where the teens were parked. She was talking to her daughter as she passed by the car, not noticing the four eyes that were taking in every square inch of her. Two other teenage boys passed her in the parking lot and immediately turned their heads to get a look at her backside as she passed them. Big smiles were on their face as they passed by Zack and J.J.’s car. “Wow, can you believe that?” Zack heard one of them say.

Their target opened the back of a black BMW SUV and threw in some packages. After putting her daughter into a car seat, she slid into the driver’ seat in and was off. There was an old beat up Chevy not far behind.

They followed her for about a mile, when she pulled into a nice looking subdivision, made a couple turns and pulled into the driveway of a big beautiful house. She parked in the semi-circle driveway. The boys made a couple passes and on the final one, saw her carry the packages, with her little girl in tow, and go into the front door.

“What the fuck do you want to do?” J.J. asked.

“I’m going to park around the corner and then we’re going to go fuck her” Zack laughed. “Are you ready for this?”

“Am I ever!” J.J. responded.

Unlike the rapes with the gang, there was no elaborate plan on how to proceed. These two “horny as hell” teens were just going to try and walk into this woman’s house and rape the shit out of her in the middle of the day. They hoped that no one else was in the house. They didn’t see any other cars.

Without hesitation, they walked up the front walkway to the house and right up to the front door. There was a little side window that Zack peeked through, but couldn’t see anyone. So, he turned the knob and sure enough, the front door opened. They walked inside into the living room and just stood there. They couldn’t see or hear anyone. They suddenly Rachel, as they would find her name to be, came out of the kitchen and saw them.

“Who are you?” she exclaimed with a shocked look on her face.

“We just stopped by to say hi” J.J. told her.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand. What are you doing in my house?”

All of a sudden her little daughter appeared behind her and asked.. “Who are those men, mommy?”

“You need to leave now!” Rachel demanded.

At that point, Zack and J.J. made a break for her. Rachel grabbed her daughter and tried running back into the kitchen, but the two teens were pretty fast on their feet and had her before she could get to the phone.

“Oh my God, please what are you doing?” she screamed. “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!”

The teens converged on her at the same time. J.J. tried to pull her daughter out of her arms, but Rachel clutched her and fell to the floor. “Get your hands off my daughter!” she hollered. “Look bitch, we’re not going to hurt your daughter, but if you don’t do what you’re told, you can’t even imagine what we’re capable of doing to her” Zack told her.

J.J. then grabbed the daughter and took her and put her in a playroom and closed the door. “Don’t worry” he said. “Play with your toys. We’re friends of your mommy and we’re here to play with her.” He said with a grin.

When J.J. got back to the kitchen, Rachel was cowering in the corner by the sink, with her hands covering her face. The boys each grabbed an arm and began to pull her. “Come on beautiful, we don’t have a lot of time. It’s time for some fun.” Zack told her.

They knew this couldn’t be some long drawn out process, knowing that someone could show up at any time. This needed to be quick and to the point.

They literally dragged her into the living room and then across the floor towards the bedroom. As they dragged her on her stomach, she unsuccessfully tried to latch her feet onto something… anything… that might keep them from getting her into the other room.

“We need to get her into the bedroom,” Zack instructed “I don’t want someone to look in that window and see what’s happening.

They got her into the room and slammed the door behind them. Zack wielded his knife and gave her the standard line…. “Do what we say or I’ll fuck up your face so that no man will ever give you a second look again. Plus, you’ll never see your daughter again. We could get a lot of money for that cute little thing.”

Rachel sat on the edge of the bed quivering with fear as the boys surveyed their “catch”. “We are going to have one fucking great time with you, bitch.” J.J. told her. “You are fucking incredible! “Show me those tits of yours.”

“Fuck off you little weasels!” Rachel whimpered.

“Little weasel?” Zack exclaimed. “You called me a little weasel? Well get prepared to fucked by a couple of little weasels then.” He then grabbed her by the ponytail with one hand, took the front of her tank top with the other and pulled as hard as he could, ripping the fabric right across the front. The force pulled her off the bed and down onto her knees. At this point, Zack jumps her from behind and is able to unsnap the top of her shorts and pulls them down to her feet. That is followed by the light blue panties that she has on under them. In a split second, J.J. had the tank top off and the matching light blue bra. Now they had her totally naked as she lay in the fetal position on the floor at the side of the bed, trying to cover herself in front of these two young teens.

Again they grabbed her arms, but this time they were pulling her up. This gave them their first full view of a totally naked Rachel. She was fucking incredible! Her bra said that her tits were 36C, but they looked bigger. And much to their surprise they were real. They had guessed while following her around the store that they were probably fake. They had a great slope to them as they hung off her totally tanned body. She had dark pink nipples and big silver dollar sized aerola! “I love when tits have nips like that!” J.J. exclaimed.

The boys then stripped themselves of the shorts and t-shirts they were wearing. Then they put the plan into action. J.J. sat down on the bedroom floor and instructed Rachel to get down on her hands and knees and suck his cock. The knife Zack had to her throat made sure this happened. Scrawny, ugly little J.J. then watched as this incredibly beautiful woman, who just minutes ago they were following around Target, knelt down, leaned over and took his rigid cock into her gorgeous mouth. “Now you suck it nice and slow, Bitch! All the way up and all the way down” he told her. As she did that, he reached under her and started squeezing the shit out of her tits. Rachel started to scream in pain, but J.J. told her, “not a fucking sound, you hear?” And with that, slapped her across the face.

Zack had been watching this while sitting on the side of the bed and now all he could focus on was what was right in front of him. Rachel was on all fours sucking on J.J.’s cock and now that incredible ass that he, and those other teens from the parking lot had been admiring, was right in front of him. In full nakedness!! It was without flaw…. totally tanned with not a pimple or blemish on it. Her position also gave him a great view of her pussy. It too was totally smooth and just waiting to be fucked. But, he wanted that ass first. He felt that raping a woman’s ass was even more degrading than raping her pussy. He reached over and pulled her ass cheeks apart with both hands. In the well lit room, he got an excellent view of her puckered, little hole. He got on his knees behind her and pushed the tip of his rock hard dick into Rachel’s asshole. It took a little work, but he soon got a good portion inside her incredibly tight ass. “OH Man! I bet no one’s been up here before he said. Her ass it tighter than that little blonde teen from the mall we fucked a couple months ago.”

Rachel’s body rippled with pain at Zack’s cock tearing into her asshole. J.J. took his phone, set it on video and held it at arm’s length as it took in the two of them at either end of this beautiful blonde. Zack began smacking her ass as hard as he could, leaving red welts on her tanned skin. J.J. put down the phone, grabbed Rachel by the side of the head and started pumping her face back and forth over his cock. He was then thrusting his hips which made the motion even more violent. Rachel’s face looked like a ball being bounced on the pavement, it was shaking back and forth so fast. Finally, he held her head firm and kept pumping his hips, while he unloaded into her mouth. Rachel was coughing, gagging and had cum spewing out of her mouth. Within seconds, Zack was cumming in her ass, violently fucking her and totally losing sight of his teenage dick inside this beauty's toned and tanned ass! He pushed so hard that she collapsed onto top of J.J. and was sandwiched between the two of them until Zack pushed out his final drop.

After that, the two then picked up her rather limp body, placed it on the bed and tied her spread eagle to the four posts. The boys then took out both of their phones and stated taking pictures of her. They took close ups of her face… her tits… pussy… J.J. even took some pictures of her pretty pedicured feet. Zack stood up on the bed and got a great shot from above looking down at her tied to the posts.

J.J. then got up and sat on her belly, facing her. “Look at how fucking gorgeous your face is” he said. “And look at these tits!” Are these some of the best looking tits we’ve seen?” he asked Zack. He then started to pinch and pull at her nipples, which immediately became hard. “Look Dude, she likes having her nipples pulled” he laughed.

While J.J. began sucking on her beautiful tits, Zack was running his hand between her thighs and exploring her pussy.

“We don’t have a lot of time. We probably need to start wrapping this up” Zack told J.J.

“OK” J.J. responded. “Let me fuck her pussy first.”

The so called “weasel” then repositioned himself, slid his cock into her beautiful slit, and began to pump away. He grabbed her face with one hand, cupping her chin in his grasp. “You look at me Bitch” he commanded. “I want you to see the weasel that’s about to cum inside you. Don’t take those pretty blue eyes off me for one second, or we’ll take that daughter of yours with us when we leave.”

Tears were streaming down Rachel’s cheeks as she looked J.J. right in the eyes as he thrust in and out of her. Zack at her side sucking on her big aerola and taking them into his mouth, then biting on her nipples.

“Here it comes Bitch. Weasel cum inside you forever!! Ahhhhhhh” he screamed as he shot his seed into Rachel’s now raw pussy.

Zack then gave her a repeat performance as J.J. smacked her face and spit on it. A little blood trickled out her nose as he kept smacking her and smacking her. “Weasel, huh?” he kept repeating. He even had enough left to jerk himself off and deposit one more load all over her face. This did it for Zack. After seeing J.J. spew all over her face, he deposited a monster load inside her.

They left he tied to the bed and J.J. couldn’t resist giving a couple swift punches to the gut. The last one knocking the wind out of her and leaving her gasping for air.

On their way out, Zack noticed one flip flop sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Obviously it had come off as they dragged Rachel across the floor.

“Hey look.. a souvenir” Zack exclaimed. He then took it, put it under his arm and they walked out.

“Ready for lunch?” J.J. asked as they made their way back to the car.

”Yeah, I worked up quite an appetite” Zack responded. “Let’s go get a burger.”

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good story
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good story thanks
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Glad you liked the story guys. Compliments and feedback are what keep us writing. We all certainly wish there were more that took the time.
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Yeah great story, what are the rest of the partol up to
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HC.... The rest of the "Patrol" are alive and well. I guess after 15 chapters it just seemed like it was time for something different. I actually have half of an RP chapter written, but just lost interest in midstream. Maybe I'll get back to it at some point.

I see that the font on the first eight chapters of Rape Patrol is fucked up. That must have happened when the site had some issues awhile back. It would take a lot of work to post them again and space all the paragraphs properly, so I'll probably just let it stay that way at this point. As it sits, it has almost 30,000 views, so most that are interested have probably read it.

Glad you enjoyed this one. There's a follow-up coming soon......
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Nice story and easy to visualize.
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very nice story
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very nice.
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Good work Dax.
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Good work Fax thanks
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