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Default Business Negotiations

a new story I'm setting up. Vivian, a new agent at a law form gets set up to be traded to another firm for a merger. But what she's traded for is beyond what she could have ever expected. Pic included of how I imagine she looks. feel free to add any comments of what you'd like see happen to her!



Ahmed taps his temple in frustration. Mr. Larson, the fat pudgy lout of a man who runs this worthless establishment is trying to convince him to merge his company with the man’s own. Ahmed did grant that perhaps Mr. Larson’s firm could be of use in keeping some of his “clients” out of jail with his length of workers in pertaining to legal issues. But...
There really seems to be nothing Mr. Larson can offer to draw his attention, and he already has associates with other firms like the Russians, that “can and do” offer him something of interest while keeping their shared clients out of jail. No. All that Mr. Larson offers are above the board and frustratingly legal luxuries. Ahmed slaps his hands on the table as Al’mar shakes his head, his fat lips shaking and beady eyes narrowed. Mr. Larson can’t offer much here. Sadly, it is a waste of time.
“Forgive me,” says Ahmed, “but I think we’ve spent enough time here Mr. Larson. While your firm is of decent repute I can’t see why my own should merge with it when there is little you can offer me.”
“Hold on,” says Mr. Larson, wiping the sweat from his brow. “What if we offer some tickets to the Carribean on an all expenses paid tour?”
“No Mr...” begins Ahmed.
A man next to Larson, thin with graying hair, buzzes the button on the table. “Bring the brochures in Vivian.”
“Look Mr. Larson. I..”
The door opens and a radiant woman strides in, rooting Ahmed’s tongue to the roof of his mouth. He can not help but gaze at her beauty. She has almond shaped eyes, a cute narrow face, long wavy black hair and most impressive of all, double D sized breasts. Her skin is of a light yellowish tint but near white like the Americans here. Her legs are long and shapely with nice wide hips. Good for a rough and brutal pounding. Ahmed pulls lightly at his goatee, considering.
“Here you are, Mr. Larson,” she says, handing the brochures to the fat man before turning and flashing her large rear as she turns away. It is nice and round Ahmed notes, probably with a good puckered anus good for the popping. The woman shuts the door roughly behind her, no doubt having noticed his unwanted attentions. He smiles, perhaps there is something he wants here after all. But will Mr. Larson give in?
Ahmed swallows slowly, licking his lips. “Who is that woman?” he asks.
Mr. Larson and the others smile. “That’s Vivian,” says the bespectacled associate next to him, gray hairs at his temples.
“And is she single?” asks Ahmed, sitting himself. He has never been with an Asian before, and fucking this one’s tight pussy would be well indeed. But it is always wise to make sure his “performers” never have any acquaintances they hold in contact with. Better safe rather then sorry.
“Yes, but I wouldn’t go there.”
“Vivian is all business,” says Mr. Larson. “She doesn’t have any boyfriends that we know of and keeps her mind on the task at hand. She’s cut herself almost completely from family ties or any distractions. She’s a great associate for us and the firm here.”
“Mm....” says Ahmed, tapping his chin. Very good, he thinks, she is already cut off so no cover stories really need be made when she disappears. The gears in his mind begin to turn as he considers what to do. “What do you think Al’mar?” he asks his assistant nonchalantly. “Will she be good enough?”
He knows the answer before even turning to the man. His assistant smiles a toothy grin. Ahmed can already see the dark thoughts running through his associate’s head. Most cruel thoughts he is sure. “Yes, most exceptionally.”
“I am sorry,” says Mr. Larson. “But I doubt she can meet for any personal service like that. She’s strictly business.”
“Could you do without her?” asks Ahmed.
“Yes, but...”
“Then it’s settled,” says Ahmed, already feeling his cock stiffen at the thought of plowing the Asian woman’s tight cunt. Oh how he’ll love slamming it into her tight body and hearing her scream. “I want your little Asian for myself. Give me the woman, and we will merge the companies together and add our assets to your own.”
“I doubt she’d be willing to do that...” says a flustered Mr. Larson, wiping his fat sausage hands together. Ahmed can tell he is interested but that this “Vivian” might be a problem for the pig himself.
“Mr. Larson,” says Ahmed in a grave tone. He needs to get across how serious this is. Should he risk it? For a piece of ass like that, it may be worth the price. “May we speak in private?”

Robert sighs, looking towards Ahmed. How can he express to the man that Vivian will never consent in meeting him for a private session for one on one sex or even to go out as an acquaintance? As much as he himself would like to have something with the woman, she is strictly business. But if he can maybe convince her for the good of the company...
Robert nods. “Neil. Wade. Some privacy for myself and Mr. Ahmed please?”
The men nod and quietly relinquish their seats, wiping their brows with handkerchiefs and loosening ties that feel too tight around their throats. The doors shut with what feels like a boom to Robert, leaving him in silence.
Ahmed turns to him, his goatee a sharpened black point, a scar running down his right eye leaving it looking pale. White streaks run through his hair but his mind is sharp as a knife and for the firm to progress Robert knows he needs the company to join with Sans and Associates.
“Alright, Mr. Ahmed. Maybe I can convince Vivian to try out a date of sorts with you, but I doubt it can...”
Ahmed shakes his head. “No. No, Mr. Larson. Who says we need her consent?”
“Excuse me,” says Robert, not fully sure what he is hearing. It sounds like these men think he can simply sell Vivian off as a bargaining chip. Like tickets to a cruise. Tempting as it is, he doubts Vivian will consent. And Ahmed can’t possibly be serious, can he?
“Mr. Larson,” says Ahmed, “though our firm has dealings with the legal practices, that is due also to our greater business venture. A certain type of film that many men pay many coins for. And we want your Vivian for that film. The next one we will be doing in fact. She is perfect. We have not had an Asian for our films and her race will bring a certain exotic charm to the franchise.”
Robert chuckles. So they want her for a porno film. Vivian will flat out refuse. “You’re pulling my leg. You can’t...”
Ahmed taps his associate on the shoulder. “Show him.”
As the man pulls out his laptop, and starts to boot the system Ahmed proceeds to speak. “You have been taking your relationship with Vivian incorrectly, Mr. Larson. She is not an associate. She is a set of holes to be used, flayed and degraded for the pleasure of men.”
“You can’t be serious,” says Robert, his heart pounding. This is more then a porno he is talking about, and it is highly illegal. His fists are clenching, palms becoming sweaty. He can feel his face paling and he has to wipe sweat from his brow as more starts to come down around his eyes.
Ahmed turns the computer, showing him a film with a blonde haired waitress serving the men. She does not seem to know she is being filmed and there are several scenes of shots beneath her skirt and into her blouse, focusing the image on her already ample bosom.
“She’s very beautiful,” says Robert. “But what does this have to do with Vivian? She’ll refuse to do this type of film. I couldn’t..”
The associate tosses him a paper. It is over two months old with stains from coffee and other debris on it. On the front page is the picture of a woman, but her face is distorted. The caption says “Unknown woman found in river. Police without leads.”
Robert looks closely and then back up at the video. He gasps. Though it is difficult to see, the woman is indeed the one in the video.
Robert’s face pales several shades more as he considers the meaning of this. It’s not simply a porno film then. “But...”
Ahmed clicks the image off and pops up another. One of the blonde now stripped of her clothes, arms tied over her head, a strip of cloth tied between her lips as she is whipped and lashed, her large breasts bouncing, a shriek echoing from behind the gag. Robert stares riveted, watching as her breasts bounce up and down, the sweat dripping off them.
Again, Ahmed switches the image to one where she is being pounded from behind by a large man with dark eyes. Tears stream down her eyes, her hair is dirty and matted, thick gobs of cum sliding down her face. Already he can see bruises across her face and chest.
The laptop closes and Ahmed stares at him. “So... Mr. Larson, do we have a deal?”
Robert leans back, his heart thundering. What Ahmed proposes is criminal. But without the funds from Ahmed the business won’t last very long. And Vivian “is” new. The firm can do without her. And without family or friends no one will even realize she’s gone. A few changes to the staff role and no one will even know she was even here. He taps his overly sized chin, thinking.
He sighs and nods. “Alright Ahmed. I’ll drop her off. But you’d better hold your end of the bargain.”

Ahmed smiles. He hadn’t been sure if the fat man would go for the deal, but these Americans, they always think with their wallets and not their hearts. Which works perfectly well for him. It’s how he wants them to think. It’s better for business that way.
He extends his hand towards Mr. Larson. “Then we have a deal Mr. Larson.” He takes Mr. Larson’s hand, squeezing tightly. “We will draw up the papers today and finalize them one week from now, when you bring your Asian whore to our establishment. Al’mar will provide the address, you bring her. We have a private room set up for her where we will meet.”
“Yes. Yes. Of course,” says a flustered Mr. Larson, his eyes going wide at the mention of the room. Ahmed smiles, grinning with his dirty teeth. The first noose is tied, now to wrap the others.
He leaves the pale man sweating on his chair and closes the door. As he exits he sees the woman and gives her the same dark grin, keeping his gaze on her large breasts. He extends his hand and the woman gives him a warm smile. Fake to be sure, but it’s all business.
“It is nice to meet you,” he says. “We shall be doing business soon. No?”
The Asian smiles. “Yes, our company will be greatly honored to have you on board. We will make Sans and Associates a firm to be reckoned with.”
“Yes, I imagine so,” Ahmed says, nodding and letting go of her soft hand. He notes that she subconsciously wipes it against the side of her jacket. It will be good to bruise that soft flesh with welts from his whip. “Until then.”


As the warm liquid settles in her stomach, Vivian looks over towards Robert, Mr. Larson, who is finalizing the deal with Mr. Ahmed. They are inside a large palatial room, very spacious and almost empty. There are no windows in the room and the room itself is lighted by torches along the walls giving off an orange type light. A very medieval setting. She’d have thought for such an important meeting Ahmed would have used one of the grand master rooms in the upper hall. But men are men and he obviously wants to seem imposing and in control here. The only convenience the room offers is the bar she sits at, where Al’mar, Ahmed’s assistant, keeps her glass well and truly full. Thank goodness for small luxuries. It even has florescent lighting so she can see better.
As Vivian swirls the wine in her glass she looks towards the large stone phallus, as that is all it can possibly be she thinks, at the center of the room. It stands, a protrusion inside the center of the room, measuring about three feet or a little more in height.
Why Ahmed would want such a thing here where he does business is beyond her. She runs her free hand through her silky hair grimacing. Men, she thinks. All pigs. Except for Mr. Larson of course. He has been like a father to her ever since she left college and made it into the firm.
She glances at him and he nods, filling out the final pieces of paperwork. Sweat beads on his brow and he wipes it constantly with his handkerchief. He is red and flustered but he’d insisted Vivian enjoy herself. Vivian pulls out her own kerchief and dabs at her chest opening the top buttons on her blouse so she can breathe. It is hot as hell down here she thinks. She’s already undone the suit jacket she wore, opening it down the front and draping it over the seat behind her. Her black bra can almost be seen beneath the blouse, but the lighting might conceal it a bit. Her breasts press tightly against the wet material, her panty hose stretching with each movement she make. The black skirt she wears keeps riding up her legs and she has to push it down quickly to avoid sickening glances from Al’mar. The men are really pigs.
She supposes Ahmed has been courteous enough, and after she’d seen that she was to be kept away from the final deal process she’d taken a second drink. It surprises her really and she wonders why it is that she was called to be here now. It seems Mr. Larson is handling all the proceedings on his own, though he is sweating profusely and keeps glancing her way. She wishes to help but Mr. Larson keeps waving her back. So here she sits, waiting and bored and growing irritable as she notices the men watching her, giving her sick grins.
Crossing her legs she looks over all the men in the room. Aside from Ahmed there are five other men. Al’mar, his associate that never seems to leave his side and watches as he mans the bar. The man gives her a toothy grin, one of his front teeth missing. Vivian shudders and takes another sip from her glass.
Of the five men, aside from Ahmed, only three are truly prominent. There is Anton, a large Russian man, thick as a boulder with an equally large man next to him named Semen. An ironic name she thinks, but she isn’t one to judge. The twins run a Russian firm like Mr. Larson, dealing with international dealings. This is actually the firm Twin’s Peaks will merge with for Sans And Associates. But they run through Ahmed for the dealings.
The last three are black men. Caleb, a portly bald man with his two guards, Mitchell and Jackson. He deals more with the inner American dealings and is a trader of goods. Why he is here Vivian isn’t exactly sure. But he is animated in his hushed conversation while his two guards keep watch of Vivian, keeping her a good distance from the conversation.
Vivian looks back towards Robert and wonders why he brought her. When she’d first been called by him she was told that she was indeed necessary for the final dealing with Ahmed to merge the firms. She’d been ecstatic. Her work was paying off and here she was chosen to accompany Mr. Larson on this important venture. But she’d promptly been pushed aside as the men gathered in private without her.
So here she sat, at the bar with a giant phallus of marble at the center of the room almost taunting her. There are some crude instruments on the wall as well, whips mostly and some knives. But nothing of serious note that a collector might not have on their wall. Just that penis really bothers her. And perhaps the rack at the edge of one of the walls. What is it with men and torture? She sighs.
At least the room is filled with cameras. On each corner and on the hinges there seems to be cameras, active ones. So she is certain nothing can happen to her. After all, what kind of madman would film an assault on camera?
The leering gazes of the men would make her second guess that opinion but Robert wouldn’t bring her into something that would endanger her well being. She knows that.
So she sighs, oblivious to how her black skirt rides up her legs as she crosses them, her ample bosom pressed against the sheer fabric of her blouse. Let them stare. They’ll never touch her. As she finishes downing the glass she notices Ahmed and Robert, Mr. Larson she corrects herself, motioning to her.
She puts the glass down and walks over to them. “I need you to sign here,” says Mr. Larson, handing her the pen. “Just as a witness to the merger with Mr. Ahmed here.”
She takes the pen and signs off without thought. Handing the pen back she asks, “so are we leaving now?”
She doesn’t wish to be brusque, but the interior of this building with the closed off walls and that thing... are really getting to her.
“Almost,” he says. “I need to head back to the firm and collect some things, get it set up on our side for the merger.”
“Alright...” she says.
“Mr. Ahmed here has agreed to have you remain here and get an explanation of the merger from his end while answering any questions he may have. This is very important Vivian. So I’m trusting you with this.”
She is a bit flustered but nods. “Thank you sir. I’ll do my best.” So she’ll be the liaison for the company? Why hadn’t they included her in the negotiations then? It doesn’t matter, she’ll make sure to make the firm proud.
“Ahmed will adjust accommodations for you here, as you’ll probably stay the night. But don’t worry, you’ll probably be back tomorrow night by the evening.”
“Yes sir,” she says.
Robert stops, gazing at her for a good long time as if worried about something but turns away and is led out by one of the men. She watches him leave, the heavy doors shutting, latch coming down in place. The men don’t even bother escorting him out, instead locking the latch behind him. She sighs, very uncivilized.
“Alright,” she says, her heels clicking on the marble floor, echoing in the quiet room save for the heavy breathing and whisperings of the men. “Robert must have told you about the merger so you can explain your duties to our company to me and I’ll address any concerns you have.”
“It’s quite alright,” says Ahmed, shaking his head. “We’re pretty clear on the negotiations.”
“Then why am I here?” asks Vivian, a bit confused.
“Are the cameras ready?” Ahmed barks. Al’mar nods from behind the counter. “Good. Good,” says Ahmed, wringing his hands together, “Then we can let the festivities begin.”
“What festivities?” asks Vivian. “I’m hear as a business consultant. Not anything more. If you don’t have anything for ....”
“Why my dear,” says Ahmed, spreading his arms wide. “You are the festivities! And we intend to share you all night long!”

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sorry this second part took a bit. needed some inspiration and planning ya' know? well hope you enjoy this part!


“Look,” says Vivian, becoming cross with the men as they leer at her. “I’m not some pretty fuck doll for you to fool around with.” She crosses her arms, folding them over her breasts.
“Oh, why you doing that doll?” says one of the black goons. “We wanna’ see your nice titties flop around!”
Vivian stomps towards him, her heels clicking on the floor. She looks at him for one steely moment and slaps him across the face, hard. The sound rings in the enclosed room and the man stares stunned.
“That is sexual harassment,” she says, pointing a finger at him. “One more comment like that and I can bring you up on charges.”
The other guard snickers. “Looks like the piece of ass is telling you what to do, Mitch.”
“Now you...” she says turning towards the other man, about to give him an earful as well when a fist slams into her stomach. The air is knocked out of her lungs as she topples to the floor, gripping her pained abdomen.
“Stupid cunt,” the man says, his boot coming up and hitting her hard across the ribs. She screams out, sliding across the floor.
“Stop it now! Stop!” says Ahmed, coming up before her and blocking the man’s advance towards her. “You can not break her right now! Not... before we’ve enjoyed her.” He looks back towards her, saying each word very quietly and licking his upper lip as he says so.
Vivian stares, wide eyed with the horror beating in her chest. These men intend to rape her!
She scrambles to her feet and runs to the bar, turning around and leaning back against it. She is breathing hard, her side paining her from the rough boot it just received. “You... you can’t do this!”
“Of course we can,” says Ahmed, turning around and picking up the contract they’d left on the table. “You even signed it.”
“What?” she says, not comprehending.
“Don’t understand,” says Ahmed, smiling. “Then let me read it to you.” He clears his throat and begins to read. “I, the here afore signed, Vivian Hanson, hereby agree to formerly pledge my body and all my assets to a one Mr. Ahmed Rukbar. I hereby disclose this document as legally binding. In exchange Sans and Associates joins with ....”
Vivian is staring wide eyed, her heart racing. She couldn’t have! “No!” she yells. “This is a mistake! I’m a legal consultant. I didn’t agree to marry you!”
“Oh yes, you did,” says Ahmed, turning the papers to her so she can see her signature. “And here is my favorite part. “As property of one Ahmed Rukbar, one Ahmed Rukbar has the ability to dispose of and use the named property of Vivian Hanson as he sees fit in any manner he sees fit.”

Ahmed walks up to her as she steps backward. He lays the contract on the bar table, keeping his eyes on Vivian and her heaving breasts. “Al’mar please take this and file it with the others.”
“Yes sir,” says Al’mar, taking the document and walking out from behind the counter. He gives Vivian one long glance. “I do hope you can last longer then some of the others. It’s so disappointing when the whores die too quickly.” He chuckles gravely before heading towards the main door, turning the key and unlocking the latch.
Vivian makes a break for it, attempting to push Al’mar out of the way. The other men simply stand by and watch as she runs past them. As she reaches for the door handle a strong hand grips her arm. She struggles against Al’mar’s grip as he holds her menacingly. “No, my little dear, you will not spoil the fun so soon! Not before I have a chance to taste you.”
He pulls her close, pulling her hair back in a hard fashion and runs his tongue up her cheek. “Yes, you will do quite nicely,” he says.
She slaps him out of instinct and he shoves her back against the floor. “You will learn your place woman, if you wish to last more then a day!”
The door opens and slams shut with a deafening boom. Vivian can hear the lock being turned and one of the black men comes up and puts the latch in place, effectively cutting off Vivian’s one chance of escape.
“Y-you can’t do this,” says Vivian, crawling backwards across the floor as Ahmed comes towards her. He smiles down at her and says, “No, my little Asian whore, I can do whatever I want with you. You are my property!”
He lunges for her, grabbing a handful of her hair and jerks her up on unsteady feet. “My property,” he says, using his free hand to grab her breast and squeeze tightly.
“Pleeeeaaasse...” she wails. “I don’t do this!”
He slaps her across the face and spits on her cheek. Gripping both cheeks with one hand he backs her against a wall. “You. Don’t. Do. This?” he growls. “You are my property! You do what I tell you!”
She starts to whimper, truly fearing for her safety now. She looks around, hoping to find an exit. All the men look at her with leering gazes, sick smiles plastered across their faces. Then she notices the red glow of the cameras. It’s all being filmed.
“Y-you... can’t do this,” she says. “It’s being filmed! Everyone will know.”
Ahmed is taken aback by her statement and releases her, looking at the camera. He smiles and for a moment Vivian thinks he may actually let her go. He slaps her across the face again and grabs another handful of her hair, lifting her from it. He dips his other arm beneath her blouse from the collar, roughly kneading the flesh of her breast.
“Of course,” he says, as the Asian moans and tries to fight against his grip. “How do you think we sell the videos to our clients?”
Videos, she thinks. Oh god. He intends to show her rape to other people?! His tongue runs across her lower neck and up her cheek. He spits in her eye and wipes his mouth, while maintaining a hold on her hair. “You taste like salted pork on the spit,” he growls. “And we will spit you, my dear whore. Spit you in every possible way.”
“Pleeeaaaasse...” she moans.
“See,” says the first guard she’d accused of harassment. “The bitch can’t wait to take a good fucking!”
She stares, shaking and wide eyed. “It seems you have your first customer,” says Ahmed in a quiet, almost gentle tone. She shakes her head no, dreading what the large black man might do to her.
“We shouldn’t keep him waiting,” says Ahmed, tossing her towards the large man. The man catches her in his arms, crushing her against his bulk.
“Fuck yeah,” says the man. “I’m gonna’ ream that tight pussy of yours till you fucking bleed!”
There is a scratching sound and the man turns towards his boss, a large black man with a portly belly. “If that’s okay with you boss?”
The large hulking man walks towards her, each step making his bulk shake, his fat lips protruding from a squashed face. “Please...” she begs. “Let me go.”
The man stops before her, gazing down at her. And he nods. “Of course Mitchell. But...” he strokes her cheek almost lovingly. “We all need to taste her first!”
And he lunges forward, digging his mouth into hers. Savoring the taste of her. Vivian gags against him, her scream muffled by his tongue deep in her mouth. He pushes her aside and laughs. “She will make a nice piece of fuck meat.”
“Yeah,” says the man, “Now open wide slut!” And he too shoves his tongue against her muffled cries, pressing his mouth roughly against hers while holding her struggling arms. His grip is like iron as is his mouth and she can barely fight against it. Her mouth pressed against his foul breath, locked against him, his tongue forcing its way down her throat. Vivian lets out a muffled scream, tears streaming down her cheeks. Why? Why are they doing this?
Her eyes widen and she bucks wildly as she feels the big man’s hand going down her crotch. He pulls away from her and smiles, a big toothy grin. “What,” he says. “Don’t want to share what you got under here?”
The big man runs his finger down the seem of her crotch covered by the nylon, almost teasing her. “Please...” she begs.
His grip suddenly tightens, all of his fingers digging into her crotch as he holds her and she arches her back, crying. “Aaaghh!” she cries, throwing her head back, struggling against his iron grip as those fingers bite into her skin, nails scraping against it even with the nylon and panties there.
“Yeah, you bitch,” he growls. “I like it when you dance for me like that.”
Mitch smiles darkly, loving the way the Asian’s dark eyes fill with fear, her body shaking, black hair flying about her face while those large tits of hers bounce back and fourth under her blouse. He’d free those soon, but for now he likes playing with her little twat which she thought was protected.
He digs his nails in, feeling the nylon scratch as it tears partly, her movements making the tears running up it worse. “Pleeeeaaassseee....” she begs. Her thrashing makes his cock harden under his pants and he rubs her crotch with more ferocity, nearly lifting her from the floor as pushes his fingers against her. Her high heeled shoes scrabble against the floor as they try desperately to find purchase.
“Aaahhhhuuuu...” She cries, feeling those fingers clawing roughly at her sensitive skin.
“Yeah, you bitch,” says the large man, “this is only a taste of what you’re gonna’ get, you cock teasing whore!” and he spits on her face. She cries, feeling the saliva trail down her cheek and drip down into her blouse.
He gives her one last fondle before taking his hand away. “This is shit,” he says. “Gotta’ feel the real goods!”
“No!” she begs. “Please!” she wails, though she knows it is futile. The look in the man’s eyes are dark and cold. It becomes verified with a certainty as he slaps her hard across the face.
“You’re just a cock fucking tease, and I’ll pay you for you’re teasing, you slut!”
Again he spits on her, the spit hitting her upper lip so she can taste the sickly flavor on her mouth. She turns away, feeling the man jerk out her blouse from her skirt, his hand roughly pulling at her skirt and pantyhose, slipping roughly under her panties. His skin is hard and calloused against hers. He feels her soft muff of fur and grips it roughly, pulling. “Aaahhhh!” she screams.
“You like that you little bitch?” he says, jerking at her muff with his hand. “Do you?” he says, pulling at it again.
“Nooo!” she screams. “Please stop!”
He stops, letting his hand rest on her fur, fingers trailing between the hairs against her skin. He smiles, letting his hand roam about her, feeling the sharp little points of fur jabbing at his fingers. He doesn’t mind, the look of fear in her eyes and the soft quivering of her skin brings a real pleasure to him. It’s all the more fun when they don’t know what will happen.
“Bitch,” he growls, spitting on her face again, loving how she jerks and the trail of spit slides down her chin. How he loves degrading these bitches and watching them suffer.
And then his hand goes down to her sensitive organ, her tight little pussy. Without warning he shoves two fat fingers into that tight space. No wetness or anything to allow for any preparation to the intrusion. Just his rough fingers shoving into her dry pussy, jerking up as far as they will go.
“Aaahhh!” she screams, feeling his fat elephantine fingers enter her dry organ, rough callouses rubbing against the sides of her dry vagina. They are hard and unmerciful as they jerk against her, his fat thumb squashing her clit while his fingers rape her insides. She bucks instinctively trying to remove the fingers, only feeling as the man jerks harder and presses deeper, going up to his knuckles with both digits.
Mitch laughs, loving the feel of her tight pussy squeezing his digits. The bitch has no idea what she’s in for.
“Mitchell really has a way with women,” Vivian hears Caleb say. She turns to him, hoping he’ll make Mitchell stop, but the fat man simply lifts his glass while sitting at the bar and smiles. He takes a swig, his double chin trembling with the gulp.
“You’re ignoring me bitch,” says Mitchell. “Guess I’m just not keeping your attention enough.”
She turns wide eyed. “No. No. Please!”
“You asked for it bitch.” His two digits withdraw and then she feels a third joining the first two, digging in deep as all three fingers are shoved into her pained pussy. She cries out loudly, the sound almost echoing in the room. The men around her laugh, and Mitch uses the jeering to push him on, his crotch getting hard in his pants, pressing tightly against it. He’ll have to release himself soon, but first he wants to make the bitch suffer a bit more.
He pummels her pussy, her body bucking accordingly as his fingers fuck her. In and out they go, soon becoming lubricated in a slick wet slime. He stops slamming her, instead pushing his fingers as far as they’ll go, lifting her off the ground with his fingers, her feet slapping wildly at the floor. He sees her quivering, her breasts pressing against the thin fabric of her blouse.
He spits on her brow and laughs. “Yeah, you bitch. You may say no, but you’re secretly loving it!” And he digs his fingers in roughly, leaving her feet dangling in the air as she cries. “I mean...” and he rips his fingers out from her pussy in a sudden motion, letting her feet smack against the floor. “Look how wet your pussy is!”
Vivian stares, her chest heaving with thick breaths from the violation. A small sheen of sweat covers her brow, the spit dribbling around the edge of her left eye. She cries, moaning. “Please... don’t...”
The action is so sudden she doesn’t know what to do when his three fingers push between her lips. She gags as he tries shoving his fingers to the back of her throat. “Come on bitch,” he says. “I know you whores love the taste of your own cum juice. Suck on em’. Suck!” he screams, his eyes pinching into black holes, spittle flying from his lips.
Vivian sobs and complies, tasting the sickly slime her body has created to save itself from some of the agonies it endured under the dark man’s assault.
Mitchell laughs a hearty roar. “Look at the bitch! She’s already a god damned cum slut!”
Tears stream down Vivian’s cheeks as she thinks of what she is doing and how the dark man before her is degrading her. Mitchell loves watching her shame, seeing her obey him. “Yeah, that’s right slut,” he says. “Suck em good!”
Her big eyes look pleadingly towards him. Her lips quivering. “That’s enough,” he growls, removing his fingers from her mouth and wiping them on her face and across her silk blouse. “Yeah, that’s a good start you cum slut, but we haven’t even started!”
“Please!” she begs.
The slap cracks against her face, a bright red welt appearing on her skin. “Shut up!” Mitchell screams. “Shut..”
“Hold on Mitch,” says the second black man. “No reason to hog her to yourself if you’re not tussling with the ho’ yet!”
Mitch stays his hand, staring at the other man darkly, then his lips twist into a wide grin. “You’re right man, come on up!”
Vivian’s eyes widen, her body shivering. How much is she going to have to endure beneath these men?

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Awesome story, love where this is going!
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sorry for the wait guys, had work that kinda' slowed this down a bit. so here's just a bit more to tide you over for now.


Jackson has been watching as the little Asian hoe gets hers. His hand inside his pants, rubs rapidly at the length of his shaft. Damn the bitch has a nice ass as she jiggles it and pleads for Mitch to let her go. Finally tired of just watching Jackson walks up to the pair, hearing as Mitch slaps the bitch across the face.
“Hold on Mitch,” he says. With a few words he convinces Mitch to let him share in the exploits of abusing a sore little Asian. For Vivian it feels like a nightmare as she watches the second black man take a position behind her.
“Hold the bitch’s arms, Jack,” says Mitchell. “I want my hands free to play with those god damned udders of hers!”
“No, please...” she begs. She knows it’s useless and the crack across her face again makes her sob.
“Shut up, you ho! All you need to know is how to give head and take it up your holes. Stupid bitch.”
Vivian sobs, feeling as her arms are jerked back and then given to the waiting pair from the other man as he holds her arms one handed again, freeing her assailant in front. She tries to kick out but Jackson jerks her hair back, looking at her with dark eyes, that simple grin seeming more terrifying then Mitchell’s anger.
“Don’t you go trying anything naughty bitch,” he says. “It’ll go worse for you if you do.”
And he trails his tongue up the length of her forehead leaving a slick slime along its length. She whimpers, shaking against the feel and screams, feeling a hard slap against the side of her right breast.
“Yeah, that’s right,” says Mitchell. “Scream for me bitch!” He slaps her on the left side, watching with glee as her large breasts swing to the side with the slap.
“Pleeeeeaaaassse!” she begs, “why are you doing this to me?”
The man is quiet for moment, his eyes becoming narrow slits. Her heart thunders violently in her chest, her breathing coming out in ragged breaths. “Please...”
The crack across her face makes her cry out, a harsh fire against her face. Two great hands are pulling at her breasts, squeezing tightly and suddenly lifting her from the floor, jerking at her tit flesh. “Aaaaiiiiieeeee!!!” she screams, feeling the nails digging into her tender meat.
“Yeah,” says Mitchell, loving the sound of the woman’s wails and the feel of that soft flesh under his rough fingers. The bra and blouse get in the way of the feel a bit, the wire digging into his palms through the blouse, but her thrashing gives him a good high as do her screams. He can do with a few nicks for that.
“Please,” she begs, her feet kicking futilely at the stone floor. “Stop!”
She feels more of her weight let go to her arms as the other large man holds her one handed and digs his nails under one of her breast, mauling her through the fabric. “You have some fucking huge tits, ho,” he says behind her. “But I want you to feel some of my skin against you.”
“Pleeeaaasse!” she begs.
Mitchell suddenly twist his hands making her scream loudly, a fire racing through her chest. She arches her head back and screams. It is a mistake as the one behind her takes advantage, gripping her throat, he twist his face up and spits inside her open mouth. She feels that sour taste go down her throat like bile. She shuts her mouth, scrunching up her face. “Guh...” she murmurs.
Her head is still being held back at an awkward angle by the man holding her neck back. The fire still burns across her breasts and she cries. Why? Why did Mr. Larson leave her here? What did she do wrong? Does he even know? These men are depraved monsters! Mr. Larson should... And she screams feeling a wave of pain across her breasts.
Jackson laughs, seeing her crying, the tears running down the sides of her face. “Haha! Stupid bitch, don’t like my spit, do ya? It’s 100% top of the line and you’re coughing it up like it were shit!”
He squeezes his hand on her throat, making her gag as she struggles for breath. “Yeah,” he says, loving the feel of her struggles beneath him, Mitch forgotten in her need for air. “Is there something you want? Something more then my spit,” he asks.
“Kkk....” she gasps.
“Yeah, what I thought,” he says, running his tongue up the side of her cheek. “Just like a fucking whore, always wanting more.”
“Kkkk...” she answers, feeling her body seeming to shut down as her lungs burn with their lack of oxygen, her eyes starting to roll into the back of her head.
“Well, I’ll give you a little present,” and he leans forward, opening his mouth wide, pressing his chubby fingers deep into her throat, making her tongue almost hang out as he pushes his mouth against hers, closing around it. He digs his tongue down to the back of her throat, loving her gagging until her body is suddenly ripped forward by Mitch who is twisting her breasts again.
“Can’t let you have all the attention bro,” he says with a big grin.
“Yeah... whatever,” says Jackson, releasing Vivian’s throat. She gasps, coughing violently as air suddenly rushes back into her lungs. She cries, lifting her head, watching as Mitchell twist her breasts back and forth.
Jackson rubs her back with his free hand, his hand wandering downwards towards her hips. He runs his tongue over the back of her ear, loving the shudder that runs down her spine as he does so. “Don’t worry,” he says, “we’re going to get more personal from now on.”
She cries, sobbing hysterically. “Noooo.... stooop!”
“Now why would we do that?” he says, letting his hand wander down her back towards her hips. He runs his hand over her round ass, loving the smooth feel of it, moving his large length over it in circles, almost cupping the full of it in his girth. “Yeah, bitch,” he says, digging nails into her flesh. “You got one tight ass!”
She is sobbing, feeling those nails cutting her flesh beneath the thin nylon fabric. “Why... why...” she cries.
Her breasts are released suddenly letting her drop and another crack lands soundly across her swelling cheeks. “I’m getting tired of your damned mouth bitch!” says Mitchell. He squeezes her cheeks together between his large hand, crushing them. “Only thing I want to hear from you is Fuck me harder please, and why don’t you fuck me more? Got it?” and he spits on her face for emphasis.
Vivian only answers with little hiccups escaping her breath. “Yeah, fucking whore,” whispers Jackson, loving her fear. He slaps her ass once, loving the ring of sound. “Bitch is tight! Gotta’ play with that fucking ass!”
“Please..!” she begs.
“Please what?!” says Mitchell, grabbing her face again. She stares into his anger filled eyes and gasp.
“Pu-please play with my ass!” she says through tear stained eyes.
“That’s more like it Bitch!” he answers back, releasing her but slapping her across the face all the same. “Know your place!”
She whimpers quietly when his fist slams into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her chest and making her cry openly now. Mitchell grips her hair tightly, jerking her up by the strands. “Only thing yur’ good for ho, is for sucking cocks and taking them in that fucking pussy of yours!”
He grabs her skirt with his free hand, trying to rip it away one handed. “No!” she shrieks, “stop!”
“Gods, you sure are a stupid bitch,” says Mitchell.
“Leave the whore alone for now,” says the one behind her. “Else she won’t be any good to suck cock if you break her face any more.”
That makes the dark man’s face split into a wide grin. “Yeah, you’re right bro. I’m gonna love making this bitch go blue in the face when I shove my monster down her tight little pipe.”
“Oh god...” she whispers, horrified at the thought of having his manhood in her mouth.
“That’s right bitch,” he says, caressing the side of her neck almost tenderly. “We’re all gonna’ throat fuck that tight swan like little gullet of yours until you can’t breathe and pass out, and then...” He leans towards her, cupping her face gingerly. “We’re gonna do it again!”
The men all break out in loud laughter and Vivian begins to sob, tears running down her cheeks.

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well a little bit more for you guys, with something slightly unexpected in this chapter. the real fun begins next section.

As the tears stream down her face she feels more then sees the large black man grab the front of her skirt and wrench it to the side. He doesn’t bother with the buttons, instead preferring to grip it with both hands and tear it open. The fabric resist at first but quickly gives way with a loud ripping noise. The one behind her grabs pieces of the shreds, jerking her back as his hand tears away at the fabric. Piece by piece they jerk her back and forth as her once fine skirt is shredded away from her body, the thin fabric tossed aside and drifting gently to the floor as more of it is pulled away from her to join the rest of the remains.
Mitchell looks down at the little Asian before him, rubbing his grubbing fingers between the slit he can feel just under her panties. “Nice,” he purrs. “You got a nice little twat, you know that cunt?”
She simply answers with hiccuped sobs, not wishing to be slapped anymore. She hates the feel of him, his fat fingers on her most sensitive organs, and she twist around, trying to squeeze her legs together to keep him away from them. It’s a mistake.
There is a sharp slap against her pussy that makes her yelp, jumping slightly. “Keep those damned legs spread bitch! Spread them!”
She complies, and with a quivering movement, slowly opens her legs showing the perverse man the object of his desire. “Yeah,” he growls, rubbing his fingers roughly over the center of her snatch. “Gonna’ be a nice party down there once we clear away all this garbage you got on ya. Speaking of which...”
He grips the nylon between her hips and savagely rips it away, the tearing sound seeming loud in the closed room. There isn’t a peep except for her moans as the other men seem to be more interested in watching her humiliation then speak about it. So intent are they, rapt in her image.
“Yeah, you’re right brother. Gotta’ free this nice ass of hers!”
Soon the one behind her too tears away at the nylon keeping her legs safe. Soon the warm stagnant air is against her skin and she breathes raggedly, feeling the shredded pieces hanging off her legs.
“You sure are a fine piece of ass,” says the beast before her. She can see him stick his hands into his pants, stroking his cock. “Fucking fine!”
She can hear the one behind her quickly unbuckling his pants, the metal jingling behind her. Forgetting the fruitlessness of her endeavor she struggles with renewed passion and miraculously frees herself, dropping to the floor.
“What are you doing Jack? You dropped the fucking bitch!” Mitchell leans down towards her and Vivian screams kicking at his hands, making him back off as one of the points of her stiletto catches him in the wrist.
“Ouch!” he says, snapping his hand back. “Fucking bitch caught me on the wrist!”
She scrambles away from the duo as the other one still concentrates on removing his pants trying to shake them off his boots. She gets up on shaky feet, making a break for it and is grabbed, turned away from the door in a quick jerk, spun around, both arms pinned by strong hands as she looks into cold hard, ice blue eyes.
“You struggle vainly woman,” the large Russian says, and slaps her hard across the face. It resounds loudly, knocking her to the floor.
Her hair is jerked back up, her head suddenly pressed against his crotch, cheek rubbing hard against the slacks, skin burning against the zipper. But she can feel it, his large member pressing against his pants against her face.
“This,” he says. “This is what you fucking women are for! To feel my great manhood in your small throats and even smaller pussies!”
He pushes her away, grabbing at her hand, pressing the palm against the outline of his cock. “This! This is what it means for to be a man! Feel it! Feel what shall penetrate your foolish American body and end your days!”
“Noooo....” she cries.
She feels her other arm jerked, pulling her to her feet. “Hey, back off Ruskie! The bitch is mine first. And she’s Asian, you dumb twat.”
The movement is so sudden Vivian barely sees it. One moment the Russian is feet away from them, the next he is pressed against the black man, a large knife pressed against the man’s throat.
“Where I am from, we gut men like you like pigs!”
“Easy bro...” says Mitchell, perspiration beading on his forehead. “I got the bitch first. So...”
“So what?” says the Russian, pressing the knife deeper, drawing a line of blood. “You lost your hold on her. I think it is fair to hand her off to someone else since you lost her.”
“Let the Russians have her for now,” she hears Ahmed say. He is walking towards them, arms folded behind his back, a grave expression on his face.
“Fuck this,” says Mitchell. “I got first dibs...”
“Enough Mitchell,” and she turns seeing Caleb, his fat gluttonous self holding a gun with a large barrel pointed directly at Mitchell. “Do not make me shoot you. The Russians give me more credits then you earn my friend. I would miss you, but if you start trouble I will shoot you.”
“Fuck this!” says Mitchell, throwing Vivian’s arm aside. “Fuck!” And he stomps back towards the other black man, gripping him from the lapels of his suit. “This is your fucking...”
“Enough!” There is a click as the safety is unlocked the barrel rolling into place. “I won’t warn you again Mitchell. Again and I’ll put a hole through you. Now you’ll wait your turn till the rest of us are done.”
“Fuck this shit!” he says, stomping towards the door. The shot rings through the air and Vivian screams. The blood splatters across the room in a short spray as the bullet enters the back of Mitchell’s skull and lodges itself into the wooden frame. The man falls to his knees with a thump and flops face first onto the floor.
“Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeee!!!” Vivian screams. The two Russians chuckle and look from one to the other, laughing. She is crying now, truly fearing for her safety. She has just been witness to a murder and these men don’t seem to care.
Ahmed looks from Caleb to the fallen guard and tsk. “A shame for your man Caleb. If he’d been more proper he would have enjoyed our play here.”
“Spilled milk,” says Caleb, pocketing the gun back into its holster. “I was thinking of letting him go anyways. Jackson! Put your pants back on and get rid of this mess.”
“Yes sir!” says the black man still standing. He is rushing, quickly pulling and jerking his pants up as hurries to obey orders.
“You certainly have a way with your men,” says Ahmed.
“One must, if we are to have proper business activities. Now... isn’t there a certain activity we were all enjoying until I had to bring my man to heel?”
“Ah yes, most truly,” says Ahmed, turning his eyes to Vivian. “Gentleman,” he says, motioning to the two Russians. “I think the fine lady is for your entertainment now that Mitchell is... indisposed.”
The two men smile, lifting Vivian by both arms. “Yes, we shall treat this woman proper,” says the cold eyed man.
Vivian is breathing rapidly, the tears running down her cheeks. “Please... don’t kill me.”
“No... little angel,” says the man, “there is much we must do to you first before we do that.” And both men begin to laugh.

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sorry this took so long guys. was occuppied and needed some motivation. so i hope you enjoy the first real part of vivian's long rape.

The tears run down her cheeks and Vivian chokes back a sob. How can this be, she thinks, not thinking as the men drag her down the wide room and into another room.
“We’re going to take her for a bit more private play,” she hears one of the large men say. Ahmed nods, lifting a drink to them. His eyes twinkle brightly, “Just don’t break her too much before I get my fun as well gentlemen.”
The larger of the two brothers laughs. “You know we like to play rough with our toys. But we’ll try to not break her too much.”
“Noooooo...” she sobs, pulling against the twin arms holding her, but they are strong, pulling her along with no effort on their own part. “Please,” she begs. “Don’t kill me! Don’t...”
The crack against her cheek is hard. Much rougher then when the large black man had hit her. She falls against the other man, rubbing her cheek.
“Do not make us hurt you so much,” says the Russian, a scar running down the side of his left cheek. He pulls her close and runs his tongue up her cheek and crushes both her cheeks in one large hand. “Ahmed will be angry if we break you already,” he says.
He laughs and pushes her back into the other man who grabs a handful of her hair. As she grapples with his hard fingers she hears a metal click in place and turn, the long squealing of a rusty door swinging open. She is shoved inside, thrown against the dirty floor. “That is as a bitch like you is supposed to be,” says the man above her. “A bitch on her knees with her cunt spread to us.”
The two men laugh once more, a rumbling chuckle that reverberates across the room. “Please...” she says, turning around slowly. “Don’t hurt me.”
“Get back on all fours bitch!” the large man yells.
She turns back slowly, her hands scraping against the dirty floor lit by the dim torches. This is not like the other room. It is dirty and unclean and small. And... are there chains hanging from the ceiling? Oh god, what is this place, she thinks.
She hears a loud bang and jumps slightly, hearing the door slam behind them. The men laugh again. “She is afraid brother.”
“She should be,” says the large Russian, his belt jangling as he unhooks it quickly. “The whore will learn her place soon.”
The tears run down Vivian’s eyes. “Please...” she begs. “This is wrong. You- you don’t want to do this!”
She feels someone jerk on her hair and she lifts her hands to push the hands away when the man yells. “Put your hands back down you filthy whore!”
When she hesitates his hand crashes down across her face, a trail of blood splashing against the floor. “Now whore!”
She puts her quivering hands down on the floor, head faced down. “Good,” says the man, “you’re learning your place. Now lift your round ass.”
“Please...” she begs.
“Now!” he yells.
She lifts her ass into the air, her body shaking, heart thundering.

Semen licks his lips and kicks his pants away. Her round golden hips call to him, all that is in the way is that black garment. He pushes his boot against her pussy, running his toes up against it. “You’re probably worried I’m going to take your cunt,” he says. The woman is sobbing, her chest heaving. “Don’t worry,” he says. “Spread your legs!”
He kicks her legs wider and she complies. “I don’t want your foreign pussy. I want something else.”
Vivian is sobbing now, her tears coming out in streams. If he doesn’t want her vagina then there is only one part he can want from behind her. She is shaking as she feels him press down against her, “Don’t move,” he growls.
He trails his hand slowly down her thigh, feeling her hips as he runs his rough hand over her buttocks in circles. It is more calloused and rough in feel then Mitchell’s. Larger, and his breath close to her ear smells strong of whiskey. She holds her breath waiting for what comes next.
Semen smiles, loving the fear he can feel in her, her body shaking strongly. He grips her panties roughly and jerks at them, hearing her squeal as the fabric pulls in between her pussy lips. “It hurts, doesn’t it whore?” he says. “Don’t worry, it’ll be over shortly.”
With a quick pull he yanks the fabric away, her panties tearing and splitting as they fall away from her hips. “Ahhh...” he sighs, looking at her puckered anus quivering slightly before him. He takes her panties, sucking in the scent from the garment. He tosses the torn fabric aside and jabs his index finger deep into her tight hole.
She lets out a shriek, her hole squeezing tight around his finger as he twist it inside her bowels. “Aaaiiiieeee!” she wails as his finger turns. Slowly she feels it pulling out only to slam back into her hole with a rough force. “Ahhh!” she yells. “Get it out! Get it out!”
“No,” the man growls, jerking her head back by the hair. “Nice...” he whispers as her sphincter squeezes more tightly on his finger. “I love the tight feeling of your hole on my finger. Wonder how tight it’s going to be on my manhood?”
“Please,” she wails. “Don’t! Not there!”
“Shut up whore,” he says. “You’ll take it where I say.”
His finger begins a quick rhythm in her anus, jabbing her like a sharp knife. She simply screams, tears running down her cheeks as the horrid member tears at her tight hole.
“Your face is so beautiful for the camera,” says the man before her. “It is perfect how the pain twist your face.”
She stares at the smiling man, his white teeth gleaming with saliva as he stares at her from behind the view screen of a camera pointed directly at her.
“Nooo!” she yells. “Stop!”
But semen doesn’t stop, loving her resistance, her body twisting as she tries to pull away from the member. But with each movement he is shoving it faster and harder, his finger slamming into her hole, getting wet with her fluids. He stops his finger assault on her after a few minutes, letting his finger dwell in her heavenly bowels as she breathes heavily, the tears still running freely.
He leans towards her, enjoying the fear she displays. He runs his tongue up the side of her neck and smiles as she moans pitifully. Slowly he removes his digit from her tight hole letting it slide out with a final pop.
“Now...” he says, shoving the finger into her mouth, letting her taste her own body fluids. It taste foul, his dirty finger mixed with her shit and other fluids. She gags on it, trying to spit it out unsuccessfully. He laughs, twisting his finger in her mouth, pushing it against the side of her cheek before pulling it out.
“I think your anus is lubed enough now.” He throws her back against the floor. “Keep your head up and stare at the camera. I want every moment recorded.”
She stares with shaking arms, looking into the black round screen of the camera set before her. “Please...” she says. “Don’t...”
“Such a foolish whore,” says Semen, slapping his large cock against her hole in a teasing manner, loving how she quivers with each touch. “I’ll use you as I wish.”
Vivian is shaking, staring at the camera, feeling each slap against her anus. She’d expected to be raped but she hadn’t thought that anyone would take her anus. “Please...” she whispers, knowing how futile it is.
Then she feels it, his hard cock head pressing against her hole and slowly forcing itself in.
“Aaaiieeeee!” she screams moving forward despite herself. The hand is in her hair, ripping her scalp back as the man growls, “Do Not Move.”
He pushes her forward again and begins pressing his member into her body once more. She grits her teeth as he pushes his penis inside. “Look at the camera whore!” says the other man before her. She jerks her head up, looking into the camera, her body shaking violently as inch by inch of the Russian’s manhood is pressed deep into her tight body.
Anton smiles viciously loving the look of the Asian whore’s face, the pain twisting it up. Her large full breast press against the white fabric of her blouse, the sweat running down her body. He loves the look of her, and once her brother is done it will be his turn. And unlike his brother he prefers soft pussies.

Semen gasp, loving the feel of the woman’s sphincter tightening around his large nine inch cock. He presses it deeper and deeper, pushing it as far as the Asian whore can take it, loving her wails and loving the wet feel of her blood around his manhood.
When he is as far as he can go he presses his body against her hips, rubbing slowly and begins to pull out, then slowly pushes back in. Then out and back in.
The pain is unbearable for her and she cries hard and loud. The man behind her is moaning in pleasure as he pushes his hard cock into her. It burns inside her body like a hundred daggers and she isn’t sure she can take it.
As he adjust to the feel of her hips Semen begins to go faster, thrusting more quickly and starts to hit her body with force. “Ahn! Ahn!” the girl shrieks. Her body falls to the floor and Semen jerks her head back by the scalp.
“No whore,” he says. “Look into the camera.”
She stares, the tears running down her eyes, while the man behind her takes hard thrust into her hips smacking her with brutal force. Not slowing, only going faster, making her hips burn with each thrust. Her pain is his pleasure.
Each blow comes down on her faster and faster, the wet slap, slap against her anus. The man before her laughs, holding the camera pointed at her.
Semen goes more quickly, now pushing her head against the ground as he slams into her with more force. Each thrust is meant to cause pain in her body and he makes sure each blow slams his dick in to the hilt, his balls slapping loudly against her hips. Quicker and quicker he goes until his heat is rising, his body groaning with the rising feelings of lust.
“Pu-please...” she begs, feeling the fire in her. Her hair is jerked one more time as she feels him going faster. She looks into the dead light of the camera, her moans echoed by the slaps on her hips that slam into her until there is a loud groan, the man’s penis sunk deep into her sphincter as his wet fire pours into her anus. She sobs, pressing her face against the dirty floor, feeling the slick slime entering her bowels.
Semen stays there for a moment, letting his penis shrivel in her, squirting his final juices before slowly pulling out with a slick pop. He pushes her, turning her around roughly. He lets his penis hang there, looking at it dirty and sticky with her goop. Then an idea crosses his mind. His lips twist into a sick grin and he stomps over to her.
She stares wide eyed at the hulking man as he walks over to her, his thick engorged penis dripping with her fluids. He leans down and closes his fingers over her nose shutting her nostrils tight. Struggling to breathe she feels as his monstrous cock shoved into her throat and he holds it there. “Suck it!” he yells, his fingers pinching her nostrils harder, making the bridge of her nose hurt. “Clean it off with that filthy Asian tongue of yours!”
She slaps her hands futilely against his hips as he takes a few quick thrust in her mouth. He keeps her there, pressed down into the hairs of his hips, gagging and choking on his balls before throwing her back on the floor. She coughs violently and he stares, loving the look of her breast heaving against her blouse.
“You’re very poor at this cunt,” he says, pressing his boot down on her soft pussy lips. “But we’ll make you better before you pass from here.”
Moving away from her he motions to his brother. “It’s your turn brother. Have your fun with her.”

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seems i had more inspiration today. more rape already.

Anton walks around the abused Asian, loving her used up look. Her hair is a complete mess, spread over her face, her soft pink lips letting out a soft breath as her large breast push against the thin fabric of her blouse. The fabric is wet and slick with perspiration, her sweat making it almost see through, her black bra clearly visible through it. And under it her buds push against the bra, the fear making them pointier under her blouse.
He watches her quivering anus, some small amounts of cum leaking out with a slight trail of blood. Anton turns to his brother who is already behind the camera apparatus. “You did good brother. A nice start for the bitch.”
“Well, are you going to take her or make me wait around for my second turn?”
The woman moans, turning her head to the right as the realization dawns on her that the man who’d just brutalized her will take a second turn with her before the night is over. Anton smiles, bending down, running a finger down her soft slit. Her body shivers in response.
“Unlike the other hole which hadn’t had any lubing those two dark skinned fools already got your snatch nice and wet didn’t they?”
All that comes from her is a quiet moan. He sees her try to tighten up, go into a ball and brings his open palm down, striking her pussy hard. She shrieks, jerking forward. “That’s right, you’re awake aren’t you?” he says with a sneer.
Vivian stares, her heart pounding, the sweat dripping down her chest and neck. “Please...” she begs. “You’ve already hurt me. Just leave me alone.”
“No,” he says, shoving her back against the floor. “My brother had you, I have not. Now be quiet and spread your legs!”
Vivian complies, seeing no other choice she spreads her legs as she hears the jangle of another belt being unhooked, this man dropping his slacks quickly. In another few moments the hulking shadow is bending down towards her, her legs lifted up towards her shoulders as the head of his manhood touches her pulsing vaginal lips.
“What a beautiful cunt you have, whore,” he says. She sobs, her chest heaving. Why do they keep calling her that? Why can’t they at least call her by her name?
As if in answer the man shoves his penis in brutally, not bothering to be gentle and she leans forward with a yelp. “That’s right,” says Anton, “squeeze around my cock like that.”
She grunts, her anus still sore from her previous beating. Unlike the other Russian who took a few slow strokes to test himself, this one waste no time with gentle caresses and instead begins pounding his penis in and out of her pussy, making Vivian shriek, her hands clawing at the floor, head thrashing back and forth. The man just laughs. “I love it when you whores fight beneath me. It makes the pleasure so much more enjoyable!”
He’s enjoying my pain, her mind yells, not comprehending how a man could possibly be so reprehensible. But without care or concern he slams down into her, in and out, her dry pussy aching from the assault of his large penis stretching its walls. Her legs and back hurt as he pushes her knees against her shoulders giving him deeper access to her pussy.
The size of him allows him to slam into her bowels without mercy, hitting nearly to the end of her cervix with each blow. Her shrieks make him crow and cackle with mad glee. He bounces off her with each blow, making her take his full weight with each thrust. She grunts and cries with each hit, feeling him slow only to press his face against hers, his thick tongue invading her mouth. Inside her mouth he plays with her tongue and withdraws, spitting in her eye.
“A stupid whore like you should know her place. How unfortunate for you the only way to do that is under a man’s hips!”
He laughs gleefully, pounding into her with a jackhammer force. Slap. Slap. Slap his hips go, the heat slow to rise in him.
Semen watches as his brother pounds the Asian, her hands beating against the floor, head twisting back and forth and that long piercing scream coming from lungs he didn’t think could hold such air. Each and every woman surprises him somehow with the sounds she can make.
After a good several minutes Anton begins to feel the heat in his body rise as his hips warm, his balls slapping against her cunt. This Asian whore, it will be good to use her these next couple of weeks.
He thrust into her faster, his need feeling great. “Feel it!” he yells. “Feel it!”
Quickly he thrust into her, shoving hard against her hips before jerking out violently and jerking her hair up, spraying her face. She hadn’t expected that, and coughs, snorting as some cum slips into her left nostril, trailing down her eye, the rest spills into her now dirty black hair. Rather then pinch her nose and make her clean his dick with her tongue since he’d feel his cum on it, he uses her rich hair to clean his penis.
The woman is sobbing, wiping away the cum with her hand when Anton slaps her face hard, making cum fly. “Don’t ever clean your face or clothes or touch yourself unless we say so!”
He shakes her head angrily as he says the words. “Do you understand you fucking whore?!”
“Ye-yes...” she says. “Please don’t hurt me anymore!”
“Oh, we haven’t hurt you enough!” he says, pulling her up by the hair. “Semen, get the paddle. This bitch needs a lesson in manners!”
“Ow! Ow!” she screams, feeling a burning fire on the hairs of her scalp. She can only imagine what this man wants to do to her now.
Semen laughs, knowing where the paddle will be used. “Right away brother,” and he turns to the bucket at the end of the room as he hears the chains hooking around the sobbing Asian’s wrist.
“Pu-please don’t!” he hears her whimpering. “Don’t!” She doesn’t know what is going to happen to her but she doesn’t want it to happen.
The chains jerk and the Asian is pulled into the air, her arms bound above her. Semen turns, watching as the Asian’s body struggles against its bindings, shaking them, her chest pushing forward, naked hips swaying with cum dripping down her legs. Her voice pleads for the men to let her go. He puts down the bucket a few feet away from the beautiful spectacle.
“Spread her legs and hook them to the ones on the floor!” he hears Anton growl. He complies obediently enjoying the look of abject horror in the girl’s face. They spread her legs roughly, she struggling, kicking at them, but not doing well with two large men holding her in place and clipping the braces down on her legs, pulling them tight and spreading her hips wide, her cunt exposed beautifully to them.
“Now,” says Anton, slapping the paddle with little nubs down on his open palm. “Where do you think this will go?”
“Please...” she begs, tears streaming down her cum soaked face. “No more...”
And the first smack comes down, slamming with a ringing noise on her sensitive cunt and she screams, a loud cry echoing in the tiny room.



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the next part while i'm still feeling inspired. we'll see how long before i do the part coming up!

She screams loudly, the pain rushing up her body like a steaming fire. Never had she believed anyone would abuse her womanhood in this manner, and the blow is as much a shock to her mind as it is to her body.
The large Russian grips her face, pulling it to face him. “That is only the warm up my little Asian whore. How many times do you believe I should whip you?” He says this while spinning the paddle in front of her.
“Please...” she begs. “Don’t do this!”
“One!” he yells, slamming the paddle with brutal force on her cunt. It rips away a brutal scream from her throat.
“Ooohhhh!” says the brother, filming the process. “That has to hurt!”
“Three,” he yells bringing down the paddle for another blow. She screams again, loudly. The other man simply laughs, watching her sobbing, her breast pushing against her blouse. “Four!” and again the paddle comes down.
Again and again it slams down on her soft pure flesh ripping away the most horrifying screams from the little Asian. After the seventh blow, as the man’s arm is about to arc down again the brother grips his arm.
“What are you doing Semen?! You know better then to interrupt my play!”
“Yes, brother,” says Semen gravely, “but we can also not break her body just yet. It is her first day and Ahmed will be most displeased if her cunt is too brutalized before the contract is finished.”
Anton turns towards the Asian, regarding her with colds eyes. She is sobbing loudly, her body taking in heaving breaths, cries coming out between hiccupped sobs. Mucous mixes with cum, running down her lips and chin. “What a mess,” says Anton, looking at her. “Worthless chink whore!”
He spits on her, the spittle landing on her hips. She does not respond, instead giving out small shudders. “Can we give her the rod at least?” he asks, looking at her, his eyes focused on her pussy.
Semen smiles. His brother loves taking women’s pussies, but more then that he loves abusing their pussies. The more he tears up their vaginas the more he likes it so he can pound them hard and hear their screams later.
“Go for it,” says Semen. “Just don’t tear through her womb. We want her good for a few days at least.”
Anton spits on the woman’s hips one more time. “That ruins a good show, but no matter. Give me the rod.” Anton holds out his hand and Semen nods, retrieving “the rod” from the small metal bucket. “The rod” as they called it was simply a plastic security nightstick. Some of the plastic was now peeling from so much use, and dried pieces of dirt, cum and blood and even some shit were falling away from it.
Vivian stares at the tool with wide eyes. “Wha- what are you going to do with that? Please! Don’t!”
Her pleas fall on deaf ears as Anton tells Semen to unclasp Vivians right leg. She tries to kick out immediately resulting in Anton bringing down the nightstick on her thigh with a hard smack. She screams, the pain in her leg already resulting in a purpling welt.
Anton walks around her, lifting her leg and spreading it out it’s length, quickly undoing the straps to her high heel and tossing the shoe away, hitting the wall with a crack. “You are lucky this is your first day,” says Anton, lifting her leg high, and pushing it against her shoulder. “On other days I use this..” and he pats the rod against her sore pussy causing her to wince in pain. “Rather then the paddle. It’s more satisfying and gets between the legs more easily but damages things more permanently. We’ll be using it later. For now...”
Vivian holds her breath, staring with wide eyes. “We’ll use it in this way.” And Anton shoves the night stick deep into her pussy, shoving it as far as it will go until the walls of her cunt bring it to a stop. Vivian lets out a loud scream, her pussy shuddering around the rod.
“On another day this will also push into you just that hard with each blow, but you will beg for it once you know what some of the other tools will be...”
“Other tools?” she asks, her heart thundering. But she has little time to think as the rod begins to thrust back and forth in her pussy at a rapid rate, hitting her cervix with a hard smack with each blow. She screams as it pummels her pussy, the rapid squish of her vagina sucking at the length of the rod.
“This is how I do things when we are starting, and with the slickest of them as well. Others have little adjustments or have been heated or cooled, needles or hooks... well... you will see when you get there.”
She can barely hear his words more focused on the searing pain in her vagina and the rapid thrusting of the rod within its depths. It goes on like this for several minutes, her fluids slapping at the floor as they spray out of her hips, the liquid wetting the sides of her leg and running down its length. After a time with a small puddle forming below her feet Anton removes the rod. He looks at it, the wet slop of her body running down its length.
“Open your mouth, cunt,” he says dangerously.
“Please...” she says. “I...”
“Open your God Damned Mouth!”
Crying she does as she is told, the rod stuffed into her mouth until she is practically gagging, her teeth coming down on the hard plastic by instinct. It does little good. Anton twist the rod within her jaws, pulling it out slightly and then pushing it back in, holding her head while doing so to keep her from jerking back.
“Yes,” he says, savoring the look of the woman’s tears, her cheeks bulging around the big stick, coughs coming from her throat. “Suck on it nicely, savor your taste!”
He pulls the night stick from her mouth resulting in a coughing fit from the woman. “Aren’t you going to thank me for letting you taste your fragrance,” he asks almost sweetly.
“Please...” Vivian begins when the man jerks her hair.
Sobbing she sucks in her breaths and gives a squeaky thank you. “Good,” says Anton, sliding the rod slowly back into her hips. “Now tell me,” he says, still holding her hairs sharply from the scalp. “Do you want me to continue to thrust “this” into you?” For emphasis he slams the rod back into her cervix. “Or... do you prefer my own fleshy rod in between your sweet legs?”
“Please...” she begs.
“PLEASE WHAT?!” Anton yells, keeping the rod pressed hard against her womb.
“Pu-pulease put your rod in me,” she says, resigning herself to defeat but preferring his flesh to the hard unyielding plastic.
“That’s good whore,” says Anton, pulling out the rod with a plop from her wet and aching hips. “You’re learning.”
He opens his mouth wide, running his tongue up from the bottom of her neck over to the side of her left ear. She shudders, sobbing quietly. “You are learning whore,” he says. “It is a good start.”
Slowly, he puts her legs down and puts the rod back in its bucket. Turning to his brother Anton nods quickly. “Remove the remaining shackle and take off that shoe she still has on. My dick is hard and I’m going to slam this little bitch one more time before we’re through.”
Semen nods and Vivian can hear the jangling of the chain on her restrained leg. She stares with wide eyes, her body shaking with fear. She doesn’t struggle fearing any more pain the men will bring upon her.
Anton simply smiles. She will be a good whore. Already his dick is hard and stiff, standing at attention. He smiles. Now it is time for the second fuck.

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well this next part i'm posting a bit earlier. surprised? was feeling inspired this time around. yays. more to cum.


Anton smiles, loving the look of the defeated Asian, her body limp against her bonds, the tears running down her cheeks. He strokes the sides of her pussy lips, loving the flinching her body goes into. Lifting one of her legs, he angles the head of his cock down and begins to push it into her now battered and abused pussy.
Vivian shrieks, the pain already severe from the rod jamming into the canals of her vagina and the paddle having bruised the other regions of her pussy lips. Anton simply laughs and jams the full girth of his penis in one stroke. Vivian howls, bucking against the large man holding her, inadvertently pumping her body on his hard rod.
Her body is slick and wet, Anton thinks, because of the rod but at once she is also tight and hard because of the pain that same rod inflicted. It is all as he would have wished it.
Lifting her other leg up with his free arm Anton begins to thrust into Vivian, softly at first because of needing to adjust for her weight and struggles, but very quickly he begins jabbing her like a knife. Inside her walls he stabs her repeatedly, thrusting with great force, laughing with glee with each jerk of his body.
Vivian shakes her head and cries, the fire in her loins feeling a thousand times worse because of the recent abuse it has just been given. And now as the big Russian pushes both her legs against her shoulders, nothing but his heavy arms sustaining her weight, he begins to piston fuck her pussy, slamming into her sore hole with brutal force. Again and again he slams into her sore body.
She shrieks, twisting violently, her efforts only managing to add to her humiliation and the man’s satisfaction. Quicker and quicker he thrust into her, jabbing her repeatedly and slamming into her womb, hitting her cervix now with each blow.
“This is how whores like you should be treated,” he hisses into her ear with his thrust. “Like the pieces of meat you are! Just flesh to be fucked by the strong or the willing!”
And with these words he pummels her pussy, slamming into it. Each blow sends a wave of pain up Vivian’s spine, her world a fire of agony. He pushes against her with mighty swings of his body, each thrust jamming in to the hilt, his balls slapping against her skin with a sharp slap that echoes in the small room.
“How is it my little Asian whore,” he says. “How do you like how you are being used? How you will be used now daily and nightly to pleasure any man we see fit!”
“Pleeeeaaaassse!” she wails. “Why are you doing this?!”
“Because we can,” says the man, dropping her legs before him and cupping her face. “Now wrap your legs around me whore! Do it!”
With tears in her eyes she complies, lifting her legs and wrapping them around his hips. Anton angles himself a bit under her, allowing her weight to fall on him, his hips thrusting wetly against hers.
“What an obedient whore,” he says, moving his hands up her blouse. “How very.. Obedient...”
He cups her breast beneath the blouse, his hands squeezing tightly on them, cupping them over the bra and he holds on to them as he pumps into her body, savagely beating against her. The world seems to slow to a crawl for Vivian as each thrust is met by a thud of her wet body against the monster’s own. Each blow bringing a searing agony through her loins that burst in fire until she feels his hot seed spilling into her and she screams with bitter agony realizing this time he hasn’t withdrawn from her before spitting his load. His hot gism spills into her loins filling her with his fiery seed.
“Yes! Yes,” he says through gasp. “Scream for me as I fuck your little cunt with my large manhood! Yes!”
He thrust into her violently, twisting her breast beneath her blouse, pumping into her until the last of his fluids spills against her womb. His penis sagging, he holds his hands under her blouse, rubbing his fingers against her breast meat.
Vivian sobs, real tears of shame and agony flowing down her cheeks. “That was good... for now.. Whore.”
Anton lets his hands slide down from under her blouse, sliding his legs from under hers and letting them slap against the wet floor. Gripping her chin he looks down on her and smiles. “We’ll have more fun later whore.”
With these words he slaps her hard across the face. She yelps in surprise and he holds her chin staring at her shaking form. Smiling, letting a soft chuckle escape his throat he backs away. “Yes, we’ll enjoy you in the weeks to come.”
As the Russian leaves his brother comes by, circling around Vivian. “P-please don’t...”
The man slaps her ass roughly making her yelp. “You are so beautiful,” he says, his hand trailing down her full buttocks. “I will so enjoy leaving marks against your soft skin.” He says this as his fingers begin to dig into her tender flesh, nails digging across the skin. She whimpers softly, tears running down her cheeks.
“I would take your ass again,” he says, giving her ass a second slap making her yip. “But...” His hand trails small circles around her rear. “I don’t think it’s the same taking you straight away that way again.”
His fingers trace around her anus, the small mouth quivering. “P-please...” she says.
Two fingers are suddenly jabbing deep into her rear, sinking in violently and she struggles, bucking and screams as the man lifts her from the anus.
“Aaauuuugggh!!” she screams, bucking against him. “Get them out! Get them out!”
He jerks at her hair roughly, pulling her head back. She grits her teeth, eyes squeezing shut. “Pulease... stop this?” she begs.
“Such fire,” he says. “I will enjoy beating it out of you.”
His tongue runs over her forehead and down her left cheek. “But for now... that will do.”
His fingers yank away from her anus letting her feet slap against the floor suddenly. With one more slap to her rear he chuckles and grabs his clothes from the floor, the door already shutting from his brother’s leave.
“By the end of the night tomorrow,” he says, giving her one last glance, “this night will have felt the most pleasurable compared to the rest that are to follow.”
He does not even bother to dress as he opens the door and shuts it behind him. “Who is taking the whore next?!” he calls out. Then the door slams shut blocking out any more noise.
Vivian whimpers, her head hanging down, the binds holding her arms taught above her head. How long, how long must she endure? And when, when will those at work notice she is missing and gone? Will they worry? Will they do anything?
She sniffs. With no friends and contacts it is unlikely anyone will notice her leave for a good while, and during that she will have to endure these assaults.
The door slowly opens, creaking, yawning as it sways open. She stares into the light at the shadows. The figure is bulky, stalked and short looking with a round overhung belly. It is Caleb.
He takes a whiff from his cigar, inhaling the acrid taste before expelling the smoke from his mouth and nostrils.
“Hello, my little girl,” he says almost sweetly in his baritone voice. “Did those two keep you entertained?” And he chuckles, a deep rumbling that jiggles his belly. Vivian shivers in fear waiting for whatever twisted fate this man has in store for her.

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well, seems i've been inspired this week. the next section to vivian's sexual torture. enjoy! and comments appreciated plus any ideas of what you'd want to do to her next!


Caleb walks down the stairs, his boots echoing in the confined room, a small flog in his hand, a cigar against his mouth in the other. He sucks in a breath, walking around the shivering woman, slapping the flog against his thigh. Looking at her he sighs and shakes his head.
“Really, those boys are too gentle with little chinks like you.” She is visibly shaking and as he slaps the flog against his hip she yelps.
He leans in close, blowing out a puff of thick acrid smoke into her face. “But they’ve already put the fear into you, haven’t they?”
She is trembling but doesn’t reply. He lifts her chin with the flog, looking over her sweaty skin at the slightly exposed cleavage beneath the wet blouse. “They’re really messy, these boys,” he says, angling the cigar to the corners of his mouth. “They even forgot to properly undress you.”
“Please...” she says. “Don’t...”
He grips both lapels of her blouse and pulls roughly, shearing it open in one quick pull, tearing apart the blouse and spilling buttons on the floor. The woman shrieks but one quick whip on her thigh and she gives a different cry. Already there is a red mark where he whipped her.
“That’s better,” he says, tracing the flog over her now exposed chest covered by the black bra. “You see,” he says, continuing to trace the flog across her ample bosom. “This isn’t a normal flog. No, none of that cheap cotton or plastic crap for me.”
And he whips it across her chest causing the Asian to scream piteously. “This is a real flog!” He brings it back down, coming down across her breasts twice more leaving red marks. She howls with each blow, now sobbing violently.
“You see,” he says bringing her eyes back towards his face. “Each chord on this flog is coiled leather with a hardened layer of plastic on top. It’s not nearly as soft as the cheap stuff in those god damned bdsm stores!”
She is sobbing, tears running down her cheeks, mouth open in a grimace of fear. “Don’t you think?” he says, bringing down the flog one more time.
“Ahhh!” she yelps, jerking on her bindings.
“Don’t you think?” he says, bringing her face back towards him with the edge of the flog pressed against her chin. She nods through blubbering tears.
“Good. We’re going to use this...”
But as he is about to bring the flog back down against her a voice calls from the stairs above. “Come come, Caleb,” says Ahmed, striding down the stairs, clapping his hands together. “I know the two Russians are brutes, but please share your pleasures of the fine Ms. Hanson with the rest of us! She has been away from us too long already.”
Ahmed circles her, appraising her like a piece of meat on a plate. She is hiccuping, breathing in small gasp. “Already she is so terrified,” he syas in mock worry. “Let us bring her upstairs where she can bask in the warmth of close friends. She won’t cry with all of us great men there... isn’t that right Vivian?” That last word he says in a sickly voice, twisting it in such a way Vivian would spit at him if not for the knot of fear now twisting in her belly.
“Come,” says Ahmed, getting behind Vivian and unlocking her clasp. “Let us share this treat of the orient upstairs.”
“Why not?” says Caleb, helping carry her weight as she falls against him. Though she sees his gun in the holster against the side of his hip her arms hang limply. The whippings and fucking has left her body sore and she has no will to fight right now. She barely resist as both men take her arms and carry her back upstairs. Upstairs to the jeers and hoots of the two Russians.
“We knew we forgot something!” says one of the men. “How did we forget to beat that beautiful chest brother?”
“I do not know brother,” says the other, “but we will surely get to that tomorrow.”
Vivian shakes visibly in her hold amongst the two older men at either side of her. “Really burns me up,” says Caleb next to her. “That this fine piece of meat goes to the Russkies first. But whatever, you’ll know what it’s like to have some thick black cock in your tight little hole before the night’s over.”
She is shivering and as both men drag her to the center of the room, she does not stop to think about the marble phallus or the fact that she is stopped before it, her legs being spread, her aching vagina being lowered onto its marble head.
Not until the cold marble touches her lips does she shriek. The other two men come, aiding in pushing her down against the marble, her lips swelling as they take in its girth, the head pressing against her stomach as she is forced down onto it. She shrieks trying to pull off of it, but the four men are too much for her withered strength. She has to assent to the cold feeling between her legs, bawling wildly as her legs ache in agony, her pussy stretched painfully to accommodate the large figure.
“This,” says Ahmed, “is called the stone of fertility. It was once believed to fertilize women. Well, we don’t care how fertile you are, but it’s a pleasure to watch you women fuck this thing as if it were going to spray into you.”
And Ahmed traces the outline of the phallus pressing against the sides of Vivian’s stomach, painfully stretching her. “A perfect fit,” he hisses against her ear, licking the side of her neck.
Vivian leans against the marble, held down by the two Russians and moans piteously. “She won’t be much good sucking like this,” says Caleb, looking her over, a sneer in his eyes.
“Ah,” says Ahmed, snapping his fingers to one of the Russians. “Please bring the ring from downstairs.”
The man nods and leaves at a quick trot. “You,” he says turning to the other, “Let’s tie our bitch here so Caleb can return to his fun.”
Bitch? Thinks Vivian. Is that all she is anymore. Not an hour ago she was a head associate and now she is a female dog used in heat.
The man holding her simply grins, singlehandedly jerking Vivian’s arms back. So rough is the feeling it almost gives her the sensation of her arms being pulled from their sockets. The pain sears through her joints and she struggles miserably against his hands as new binds are placed on her arms, tying them back. “Please... stop...” she says dejectedly, no longer wondering if anyone is hearing of listening. “Just... stop..”
There are steps to the right of her, words mumbled of thank you and her head is being jerked back as a metal ring is forced between her lips, between her teeth, forcing her jaws wide, ends tied roughly behind her head. The leather pulls tightly, puffing out her cheeks, her tongue sticking out through the hole. A burning at her scalp tears through her suddenly as Ahmed is jerking her head back and looks towards Caleb.
“Better for you?” he says with a tone of mirth. “She should be able to suck properly now.”
“Hmmm.....” says Caleb, nodding favorably towards her as the final straps and hooks are put in place on her arms. “A lot better,” says Caleb. “For the moment.”
Vivian test her arms lightly. Her hands can barely move, hand over hand above one another, the straps biting into her wrist. She can hear a chain jangle at the slight pull and realizes a chain has been lifted from the floor connecting the straps and it is taught. It pulls her body back exposing her breasts towards the man, a ring around her face. She can now not even properly beg for mercy. Her arms, hips and jaw now feel a great pain and she turns away, hearing the chords of the flog being drawn taught. She barely notices as the two Russians pull her legs wider, putting straps around her ankles. They work quickly, tightening the leather and jangling it quickly before giving Caleb the thumbs up. He nods and turns back to the Asian.
“I think I’m gonna’ whip that little brazier off you and then whip your naked titties, chink. How’s that sound?”
She shivers, warm piss trailing down the marble statue as she waits for the man to flog her. The others laugh, pointing at her shivering form, but all she has eyes for is the fat man behind black rimmed glasses, flog tight in his hand.
“If it gets too much for you just say “Please, Sir Caleb, your slave has had enough. And make sure to enunciate each word properly so I can hear you.” He grins, pulling the chords taught on the flog.
Vivian lets out a muffled slur but can not speak accurately for the life of her, the ring slurring all her words to nothing more then a gargle.
“Well then,” says Caleb. “Let’s begin.”
The first crack makes her shriek, her back arching painfully as the whip tears into her tender breast meat. “That’s just a warm up bitch,” says Caleb, whipping her across both breasts this time. She jerks on her binds once more, finding them exceptionally tight, restricting her movements.
“That’s good,” says Caleb. “I think we can have some fun here.”
Vivian hiccups against her binding, her body shaking terribly. She looks towards the fat greasy man, begging him with her eyes and moaning piteously. But all she can see behind his shades are dark coals and the other men around her are little more in their way for compassion.
The flog is just as merciless. The third blow rips across her breasts with horrendous force and each blow following it is just as extreme. Blow after blow rains down on her tender flesh, only barely blocked by her lingerie which slowly gets torn and ripped, exposing more of her tender flesh. After a good twenty blows her the tears run down her cheeks in streams and her bra lies in torn shreds across her breast. One cup lies almost split in half while the other tore away earlier from the stream of blows. It lies hanging by a thin strip to the remaining half of her second cup. This didn’t stop the fat negro from whipping her, on the contrary, it urged him on and he whipped her exposed flesh all the harder just to see her twist in misery.
Now he stares at her shivering form, twisting the flog in his hands. Smiling he wipes the sweat from his brow. Vivian herself is gasping, her breasts now a cauldron of pain matching her hips. The man simply stares with a wide grin plastered across his lips.
“Getting tired my friend,” says Ahmed. “Should someone else take over?”
Vivian finds a new source of energy at these words, struggling vainly at her bonds that hold her, shaking her head back and forth. The large across her face makes her stop. She howls and stares with blinking eyes at the large man, a raw cut burning across her left cheek. “Stop struggling bitch,” says Caleb, lifting her chin up with the end of the flog. “It’ll just be worse for you the more you do, sides, I need you to handle something else for me.”
Slowly he unbuckles his pants and undoes the zipper, pulling his garments down below his penis which flops out, large, purple and bloated, twitching before her eyes.
“Seeing as your little hole is occupied,” says Caleb, temporarily pulling out the cigar while holding his throbbing member. “I think I’ll use your other available hole. The one you liked to use to get at your former job.”
She stares with wide pleading eyes. Never has she taken in a cock from any man to pleasure him and the prospect horrifies her. But one look into this man’s face and she knows she has no choice. She hangs her head in resignation. Any movements will only bring more lashes down on her already swollen breasts.
“Yeah,” says the fat man, gripping the sides of her hair as he pushes his large cock inside her mouth. It doesn’t fit and begins pushing at the back of her throat. She starts to gag but the fat man doesn’t seem to care. “Take it all in Chink! Gonna’ ram this baby down your swan neck. Give you a real reason to groan!”
True to his words he presses it further in, making her gag, there he holds it until she is choking, hardly able to breathe and pulls back at the last instant, letting her sputter then pushes back in, ramming his member to the back of her soft throat. He holds it there again, waiting until she is fighting violently against his grip and beginning to lose before pulling away suddenly. Again and again he does this, to the amusement of the other men around her. Spit and drool spray down her chest, coating it in a light resin, her face flushing a deep crimson. After a few minutes of playing with her this way Caleb begins to pump into her savagely. Using her throat the same way the Russians used her pussy and anus. It is brutal and violent without any tenderness or affection. Fortunately for Vivian, it last only a few moments before Caleb is coming inside her throat, making her gasp as cum goes up the wrong pipe and spills out of her nostrils making it near impossible to breathe. But Caleb holds her against the end of his cock, the thick flesh lodged painfully in her throat. Her conscious begins to slip and she falls into blackness.
It isn’t until there is a sharp burning on her body that she comes to, wide awake and screaming as Caleb holds her exposed breast and pushes the burning end of his cigarette on the nub of her tit, digging it in deep. “AAAaaaaauuuuuggghhhh!!!” she screams behind the gag, her back arching painfully, as far as the binds will allow her, which is not far at all.
Caleb slaps her brutally across the face. “Don’t dare go to sleep on us before we say so, you Chink.”
Vivian sobs, her nipple aching painfully from the burn he’s given her.
“I think I’m ready for my second go at her,” says the first Russian who’d taken her anus.
“Well that’s fuckin’ great,” says the fat black man, taking another puff from his cigarette. Turning to Vivian he nods. “I guess it doesn’t matter. I lose my load for now.”
Vivian simply shivers, staring with wide eyes. How much longer is this going to go on, she thinks.

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The Asian looks over at Semen as he walks over nonchalantly, her eyes wide and pleading. He looks her over, tracing his fingers over one of the larger welts on her firm bosom. She winces visibly, trying to move away from his touch. He laughs, tracing the sharp end of his nail down her welt. She shivers violently, trying to hold still as his nail scrapes across her skin.
“Oh,” he says in mock sympathy. “Does it hurt?”
He lunges at her, grabbing her free breast and twisting it harshly. She lets out a muffled shriek, crying against her bonds.
“Aren’t you going to fuck the bitch brother,” says the second Russian from his seat at the bar booth.
Semen turns and smiles. “Why, I never said I’d not have any more fun with her before the fucking brother.” The little Asian is shuddering, tears streaming down her eyes. Her moan is pitiful and Semen feels his penis pushing through his trousers at the look of her. It gives him such a hard on, this.
He rubs her chin, gently caressing it. “Don’t worry,” he says, “this time since your hips are occupied I won’t fuck your ass.”
Vivian almost gasp in relief. Can it be true that he won’t fuck her ass, but she sees him pulling off his belt, looping it around his hands and fear runs through her spine once more.
“What,” says the big Russian, “I said I wouldn’t fuck your ass. I didn’t say I wouldn’t fuck you. Or...” And his mouth splits in a broad grin, an evil glint shining against his eyes. “Have my fun with you!”
He brings the belt down on her shoulder, hard. The lash cracks loudly in the spacious room and she screams with the lash. “Now...” says the Russian, “until I’m content with how you’re fucking that dick in your tight snatch, I’ll continue to whip you.” For emphasis he brings down the lash on her opposing shoulder making Vivian recoil in agony. “Sound fair?”
“Errgghhh...” Vivian mutters, unable to resist. “So then,” says Russian, pulling his belt taught, “Let’s begin.”
And the lash comes down across her shoulder once more. “Start fucking!”
The lash comes down once more and Vivian in an effort to lesson the agony begins thrusting her hips against the cold marble feeling the stone stretch her pussy and womb, the cold rock rubbing against the end of her cervix. “Faster!” yells the brutal man and Vivian thrust her hips with more force, feeling a distinct agony rushing up her legs.
“Faster! Faster!” says the man, lashing Vivian across the shoulders and across the neck, almost cutting off her air flow in one blow. Soon he lashing violently against her breasts, watching them bounce back and forth, ripping away the remaining garment with his beatings as he snaps the hook to the bra. The cloth falls away leaving her perfectly formed breasts both fully exposed to the assault, and assaulted they are. Whipped back and forth, forward and up as she is told to thrust her pussy with equally brutal force against the stone structure while at once grinding it. Both her ends now burn horribly but she doesn’t dare stop fearing how much worse the beatings can get.
“That’s right you stupid pussy,” says the Russian, “keep fucking like that while I get my sausage out for your liking.”
He wraps the belt one handed around her neck and pulls the ends taught making her gag momentarily. “And if you don’t blow me proper I’m gonna choke your little Asian neck with this belt. And after I’ll whip it until you can’t speak. Understand?”
He tightens the belt around her neck, squeezing it painfully. She shakes her head up and down rapidly in understanding, her neck burning in its struggles to get air into her lungs. “Good,” he says loosening the strap around her throat while with his free hand quickly unzipping his pants.
Freeing his large member he sticks it towards her mouth. “Lick the head,” he instruct, “and don’t stop until I tell you to do so.”
She shudders softly but leans towards his thick member. The head is a deep pink and very large, like raw meet. She wishes she didn’t have to do this, with Caleb ramming her throat as he did her neck already feels sore. But this man will not give her a choice so timidly she leans forward probing his penis with her tongue. “Good,” says the man, “now lick and be sure to probe the nice center.”
She can hear the other men laughing but she does as she is told, licking around the head then burrowing her tongue in the center of his penis. She can see it hardening, feel as the body gets stiffer. She continues, knowing what will come soon.
It is not as she expected. When the man feels he is hard enough he suddenly tightens his hold savagely on her throat, squeezing the belt and jerks her forward. With gag in place she has no choice but to take in his huge member, it being forced down her delicate throat now being constricted by the belt. She feels herself choking against his shaft, even without the belt his monster is too big for her to get proper air in. He pulls back, still holding the belt tight and pushes forward then in. She is choking and she can feel his dick going in and out of her. She feels herself falling into the black, her throat constricting as it is forced to take in the large member.
The little whore passes out around his dick but Semen continues to pump his penis in, loving the twitching of her mouth against his member. He lets the belt fall away, the woman’s body now limp against him as he slides his body in and out of her face. Her breathing is ragged as he is fucking her. Smiling he pushes some of the damp hair from her face and begins to pump more quickly into her throat.
From reflex her tongue is trying to push his shaft out of the way, but he pushes forward, lunging inside her in and out, thrusting faster and faster. His body is slapping against her face now, her breathing coming out in quick gasp.
As he is about to cum he pulls out of her quickly, pulling back one of her eyes lids and sprays his cum deep against her eye. The liquid burning her eye and the sudden freedom to breathe make her come to, screaming and shaking against him trying to dispel the cum stinging underneath her eyelid.
“Ha! Ha! Look at her buck brother!” he says, calling out to his younger brother seated at the bar. The man simply laughs.
Jerking the Asian up by the hair he spits on her face. “Fucking Asian whore, learn your place!”
He slaps her hard across the face, leaving a red mark and pulls her hair back up, not giving her time to recuperate before he thrust his thick member back into her mouth, sliding it in and out rapidly, rubbing it against her cheek and tongue. She is trembling, crying hysterically, but he doesn’t care. It only makes him hotter.
If she were his for the night he’d take her by the ass again right now. As it is he pulls away slapping his penis against her cheek. “Know the taste of this woman,” he snarls. “You’ll be servicing it again very soon. Mine and many others!”
He slaps her across the face again for good measure, laughing as he does so. With this he stuffs his prick back into his pants and turns away from her.

“Well,” says Ahmed, clapping loudly. “Should we give an ovation to our gracious Vivian for being such a good hostess?”
The other men nod and smile, clapping loudly and giving cat calls. Only Jackson who returned from cleaning Mitchell’s body, does not clap or cheer. His expression is dark and fearsome, arms folded across one another, glowering from two steaming pools in his face. He is not happy at all. One way or another he’ll get the bitch and make her suffer for getting Mitch killed.
Vivian does not notice. She simply shakes and shudders, tears streaming down her face. She has been degraded and humiliated, beaten and assaulted and all she can do is wait for more of it to come.


Just a little more to end Vivian's first night of humiliation.
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this part's a bit nasty. not for the squeemish.


Vivian’s arms are hoisted above her head, stretched painfully so her toes are barely touching the floor. The chains hold her secure, clinking a bit as she struggles vainly to position her feet with purchase. It does little good.
“You have done well,” says Ahmed, while Al’mar circles around her with his knife. “You will be a big hit amongst the inner circles I believe. And after your video you should have entrants wishing to ... entertain you night and day I am sure.”
“Please...” she says in a quivering tone, feeling as Al’mar jerks the last strips of her blouse from her arms. “Please stop this, I beg you!”
Al’mar is rough, cutting with his knife anything that does not give way easily. When the blouse is fully stripped away he begins stripping what is left of her panty hose.
Ahmed simply chuckles, watching the scene. “No, my dear Vivian. As my wife and property you have no choice but to comply. And I have already sold you for a little over a week to Semen and Plus. Believe me, it is not just a name.”
“Please...” she begs, tears running down her face. Her body feels sore, her breasts burning with the lashes and her cunt feels like it is on fire. She doesn’t feel herself able to do more. “Please,” she begs. “No more.”
Ahmed shakes his head. “You still are not understanding what it is to be my wife. But you will learn. You all learn.”
Al’mar comes back, a large hose being dragged behind him.
“Wh-what are you doing?” she asks.
“Why,” says Ahmed with a dark gleam. “Cleaning you off. Each day we have to shower you for new associates.”
The water turns on from the large fire hose, and in the large dank room the sound of the water roars as it slams into her body. The cold is sudden and sharp causing a knee jerk reaction from her. She screams loudly, the cold hitting her body with full force. Spinning on the chains she shrieks wildly and shakes back and forth, trying to dislodge herself from the chain.
The water soon dies down as she is left, hanging, water dribbling down her body, chest heaving up and down rapidly. She can see both men staring at her chest which rushes up and down with each breath, but she can not hide it and stifles her sobs.
“Now...” says Ahmed, walking towards her. “You will clean yourself up, put on the clothes we give you and help us with your video.”
After all this they still want her to make a video? To promote herself? For more rapes? With all the pain and humiliation she has gone through she feels a rage building within her, her eyebrows knitting together. She spits in Ahmed’s face. “FUCK YOU!” she growls.
Ahmed smiles and shakes his head. “What an unfortunate choice of words Vivian. Al’mar...” He says, clapping his hands. “Get the video.”
He does not even bother to clean the spit from his face she realizes. Her heart slows, her resistance quickly fading with her realization. He doesn’t care. A chill runs down her spine as this dawns on her.
Soon there is a grinding of gears and a piece of the wall is lifted up revealing a large screen. She stares wide eyed.
“I know it is a little impractical,” says Ahmed. “A movie screen in a shower room, but I find showing these videos where our “entertainers” feel most vulnerable is the best place to get the point across.”
He snaps his fingers and the video on screen begins. On screen a young woman in her early twenties appears. Curly blonde hair, pale white skin, thin body. She is naked, with her large full breast exposed to the screen. Her flesh is crisscrossed with nasty looking welts and red marks all over her body. Her legs are spread wide, her pussy exposed, hooks in the flesh of her labia, stretching it open. She is sobbing head hanging down.
“You have been a very disobedient girl Harley,” Vivian can hear Ahmed’s voice on the clear audio. “And now you’ll be punished.”
“Please...” the woman begs. “I’m sorry. I’ll be good! I swear!”
Ahmed snaps his fingers and the woman screams. “Please No! I swear! No!”
On screen comes the second Russian. He stares at the shaking girl who is screaming, begging him to be merciful. He twist the bat in his grip, tracing it down her waist, his lips twisting into a snarl of a grin.
“Please don’t!” says the girl.
The Russian pulls his arms back, bat lifted with them. “No!” the girl shrieks.
Wham! Crackt! The bat hits between her exposed pussy lips with brutal force, the scream ripping out of her lips making Vivian’s heart stop. The girl is sobbing, her brutalized cunt twitching. The Russian lifts the bat again and with another swing smashes his bat against her hips again. Again there is the grating sound of bone and flesh and again the woman’s ear piercing wail. Again and again the bat slams with brutal force against her pussy flesh making the woman scream. More and more the flesh becomes brutalized until blood is easily flowing from her battered cunt lips, the bat smeared with the substance.
He lifts the bloodied bat to the girl’s hysterical face, lifting her chin with it. “Tell me woman, tell me you want to fuck the end of this bat!”
She is sobbing, her face twisted in a contortion of pain.
“Tell me!” the man yells.
“Yes!” she shrieks back, blood splattering from her sudden movement.
“Yes what?!” the man yells back.
“Yes! Fuck my cunt with your bat!”
The man smiles, twirling the red bat in his hands. “Very good.”
Vivian shivers, feeling piss streaming down her legs. They wouldn’t she thinks. They couldn’t! But the video is before her and the Russian is angling the bat towards the girl’s pussy, its thick end towards her raw and red lips. Quickly it is shoved inside, the bat slammed to the end of her cervix with a crunch.
The girl jerks on her bonds, screaming. The man is laughing as he rams the bat in and out of her abused pussy, the blood now sloshing from her wound. The girl is spasming with each blow, her body twisting. Tears are running down her eyes and there is a contentious long cry issuing from her lips.
The video shuts off, the screen going black and the wall comes back down over the screen, blocking any evidence the screen is hiding behind it with its cruel secrets.
The sudden hand, roughly squeezing and crushing her left breast jerks Vivian back to the present. “Now Vivian,” says Ahmed, slowly twisting her breasts. “Are you going to help with your video presentation or do we need to be more brutal?”
He twist her breast suddenly, making Vivian cry out. “Well,” he asks.
“I-I’ll do it!” she says. “Just don’t hurt me!”
“Oh Vivian...” he says shaking his head, massaging her breasts roughly with his calloused hand. “You will be hurt, and you will ask to be hurt. I am just showing you how much worse it can be if you resist and become defiant.”
Vivian is staring, her body quivering. “Understand?” says Ahmed, pinching her nipple between two sharp nails. She arches her head back, teeth gritted and eyes squeezed shut.
“Yes!” she hisses. “Yes, I understand...”
“Good,” he says, releasing her nipple. He claps his hands together and the sickly attendant comes back into the room. “Vivian seems to understand her place in the order of things now. Help her down and set up the booth with the video. We’ll start filming in twenty minutes.”
Vivian stares, her body shaking. Her whole being is trembling. The men intend to hurt her, but she can be hurt far worse. So what choice does she have? She lets her head fall forward, a soft whimper coming from her lips. Al’mar has little trouble releasing her from her binds. After all, what is the point of resisting?
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The camera with its black lense glares back at her hauntingly and Vivian forces her lips to curl into what she hopes is an alluring smile, though she is certain it comes out as more of a grimace. The red light blinks, flashing its overly bright light signaling it is recording. Not as if several other cameras pointed at her aren’t.
Vivian smiles, brushing back her long black hair that has now been combed. “Hello,” she says sweetly to the camera. “My name is Vivian Hanson.” She leans towards the camera letting the silk purple robe she was instructed to wear drape down exposing her left shoulder and part of her breast. “You may not know me, but I am now part of the legal firm “Sans and Associates.”
Her hands clutch at the sheets beneath her in a claw like state, her eyes quivering. Ahmed is looking at her with a grim face. Swallowing and clearing her throat she begins to speak. “I am here to represent you...” she says now drawing her shaking hand down across her robe to fully reveal her firm breast, marked with lashes. Her firm bud stiff and at attention. “And for a small fee I will offer my services to you, for whatever you need.”
She flicks her hair around, letting it swing to the other side of her face. She shuts her eyes taking a deep breath. “I am here to offer ANY services you need.” She wraps her hand around her breast, squeezing. She feels so humiliated but to avoid what that girl went through... “Any service you need. Contact us at Sans and Associates. I’ll be waiting.”
There is a loud clapping and Ahmed is coming around, nodding quietly. “Yes! Bravo Vivian. Bravo.” Smiling he puts his hands behind him. “You did well. Soon we shall have many associates lining up for you. It shouldn’t take long to edit the tape and make you more... palpable for clients.”
Vivian shivers but doesn’t turn away when Ahmed lifts her chin, stroking under the line of her neck, letting his finger trace the edge. “Soon my dear, your little throat, your pussy and your anus will be stuffed full and raw and you won’t know a day without cum matting every part of your body.”
Tears run down her eyes, her teeth grinding. “You... you bastard! Why are you doing this?!”
The slap stings against the right side of her face and she slowly lifts her hand, feeling the red mark burning against her skin. “Why Vivian,” says Ahmed, “you are so slow to learn. You must know by now you are our whore. At least until we get tired of you. Until then, try and enjoy it, or not. The men seem to prefer when the women who fight, makes it better when the cum is running down their eyes.”
She glares bitterly, her nails digging gouges into the silk sheets. Her heart beats angrily but she grits her teeth, biting back her comments.
Ahmed snaps his fingers and the stalk bald man with scarring comes by. “Yes master?”
“Take Vivian over to Caleb. I promised he could enjoy her for the night before sending her off for the week to Semen and co.”
The man bows respectfully, bending his girth at the waist. “Yes sir. As you wish.”
He turns to Vivian and there is a moment where both appraise each other, she with a glower towards his indifference. Then his hand lashes out, wrapping around her silken hairs and jerking her, pulling her forward as she cries out clutching at her hair and pulls her stumbling from the cushioned bed she was sitting on.
As she struggles Ahmed speaks nonchalantly. “You will learn your place Vivian. And that place is below a man’s fat phallus. Know it well for it will most definitely come to know you. Good bye.”
With this he waves her off and Al’mar jerks her struggling form, nearly tearing her hairs. She screams at him to let her go, to not be so rough, but the man pays little heed, simply holding her painfully, curving her neck at odd angles while he opens doors and has her pass through halls. Though painful, it is only a handful of minutes before she is shoved into a room nearly toppling her over the bed.
“She is yours to do with as you please for the night, Mr. Caleb.”
The smoke in the air is thick and Vivian breathes heavily, her hair already a mess and her robe slipping from her shoulder.
“My...” says the portly man, smiling with his yellowed teeth. “They’ve left you a mess already.” He traces his hand across her cheek and she flinches visibly. The man chuckles and waves the Arab away.
“This’ll do friend. Thanks for the treat.”
“My pleasure,” says the man once more bowing and turning away, shutting the door behind him with an audible click.
Caleb strokes her face more, her breathing growing heavier and her heart thundering more against her chest. “My, your lips are so beautiful.” He presses his thumb down on her lower lip, pushing down below her gums. “Such beautiful full lips for sucking my cock,” he whispers. “You’re making me hard already.”
Grabbing her neck roughly he shoves her towards his manhood rubbing her face harshly against his trousers. “Feel it you little bitch. Feel how hard you’re making me.”
She whimpers, shaking, the hard material clawing at her face, the bulge in his pants pressing against her cheeks.
“Please...” she says. “I’ll do what you say. Just don’t...”
He pulls her aside, slapping her across the face and throws her back on the bed, quickly undoing his pants with a series of quick jerks as he struggles with his clothing. Vivian does not even reach up to touch her cheek. It is swollen now and simply hurts. Instead she watches as the man quickly undresses, his pants coming away and revealing his massive member that thrust into the air, its purple head quivering, precum already leaking from its tip.
He gets on top of her, grabbing both sides of her robe and rips it open, exposing her full wholesome breasts. “Yes, shouldn’t have those covered. Big nice titties on you, you fucking chink.”
He slaps her again and straddles her face, his legs around her neck, flabby butt settling on her chest. Gripping her chin with a harsh hand he leans down and smiles with those yellowed teeth. “Gonna’ have to fuck you rough so I can make up for having off’d Mitchell. You have to understand. It’s business after all.”
“Fuck you,” she growls, surprised to find the words escaping her lips.
“No,” says the man, thumb digging into her mouth and pulling at her lips. “Fuck you.”
With these words he presses his engorged member against her face. With the mouth gag removed she can now try to fight it, barely. Her hands claw feebly at his meaty rump, her feet flailing uselessly against the bed, but it does little good. His thick, pudgy fingers squeeze her nose tight and in an effort to get some air into her lungs she automatically opens her mouth. A mistake she finds too late as his hard thick member is shoved into it, pressed deep into her throat. The gagging is almost immediate.
“Yeah.. You little chink, gag on it,” he hisses, and presses it in deeper. She struggles but it isn’t doing much and the big man simply forces more and more in. She feels tears running down her cheeks. It’s so hard to take in, his large cock. But he doesn’t care, letting it settle snugly in her throat and then he begins to slide it out and push it back in. In and out it goes, softly at first but going more rapidly and more quickly in due time.
Soon despite her whimpers of protest he is pumping into her swan like throat, ramming it in with harsh blast, her mouth making gurgling noises as his penis lodges in her throat, sliding down her neck and out. Though it feels like forever in reality it is only a few minutes.
Caleb’s member warms and soon he grabs the tip of her nose, shutting her nostrils tight and is spurting his hot seed deep into her neck. “Swallow it you whore!” he yells. “Swallow it!”
Vivian swallows. With little choice feeling the sticky hot liquid slide down her throat in a sickly way. It is foul and noxious but she swallows.
Holding her nose tight until she is almost passing out Caleb smiles. He loves these Asian chinks the best. They really are great tight fucks, especially their mouths.
He releases her, letting her gasp violently, her chest heaving against his fat girth, wracked by coughs and spittle flying from her lips. Caleb smiles, jerking at her hair in the uncomfortable angle she is in. “Now you know your place little cunt.”
He begins to laugh. Vivian only feels the tears streaming down her cheeks and asks again, why?


this'll be the end of the vivian story for now. I hope you've enjoyed. I will return to her later on for her second day.
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well seems i got started with the second part earlier then expected. enjoy vivian's continued torment!


Vivian 2
Second Day

Vivian’s dreams are restless, wracked by what has transpired in the previous day. Her betrayal by a man she trusted and her continued assaults by the men once she’d arrived into Ahmed’s domain.
Her arms tied over her head, Vivian only struggles in her sleep, twisting back and forth along her bed sheets. Each assault is played in her mind with great intensity. She does not even realize that the man sleeping next to her is wide awake.
Caleb smiles tracing his fingers over the Asian’s large tits spilling out of her robe. He grips one of her nipples and pulls it, pinching it harshly. The Asian moans, a soft cry followed by a thick sobbing but she still does not waken.
Caleb grins, baring his teeth and leans towards her, cupping her left breast and squeezing it tight, making the orb stick out. He runs his fat tongue over it, loving the trace of the welts inflaming her skin and suckles on her breast trying to swallow it whole with a great slurping.
“Fucking cunt,” he says, leaning over her. “You just got them big udders to grip and suck. I should cut your fucking tit off before the Russians get you.”
He spits on her face, making her flinch. She moans quietly. “Yeah..., you keep moaning you little whore,” he says, licking his fingers. “While I get you a bit wetter down here.”
Running his fingers between her hips he begins pushing three fingers in simultaneously. Vivian moans feeling the thick digits trying to push into her tender folds. Caleb simply laughs.
“You little chink, you like that, don’t you?” He begins pushing them in and out, a slow rhythm to get her body working and then with great gusto he begins slamming his fingers into her cunt making her cry out, her eyes snapping open as his fingers pound into her pussy.
“You’re quite the little whore,” he hisses, jamming his fingers in to the knuckle and pulling up painfully on her lips, his thumb pressing down on her clit. “Told you I was going to give your pussy a rough pounding before those Russkie’s got you, so now time to make good on my promise!”
“Please...” she whispers. “Don’t...”
He pushes harder against her making her cry out and struggle against her binds. “I just love how you scream bitch,” he says, running his mouth over her neck. “I get off on fucking chinks like you and hearing you scream. It just makes me so fucking hard!”
Her jerks his hand out of her hips letting them fall hard on the bed and licks his fingers. “Damn, you got nice juices cunt. Can’t hold it in anymore!”
He quickly undoes the belt on his robe letting it hang open, his phallus striking up, its thick purple head large even in the dark. “Please...” she whispers, her body wracked with agony.
Caleb doesn’t pay attention, instead spreading her sore legs wide and positioning his penis at the entrance of her hole. With a quick firm jerk he slams his girth up till the hilt in her sensitive vagina making Vivian groan, struggling at her binds.
“Yeah, you chink. A little big for you aren’t I? Well it’s not going to get any better!”
He takes no time with his love making instead pistoning her pussy rapidly making her shriek as his member slams into her barely lubed pussy. Again and again he pumps against her in rapid succession, ramming her soft pussy and loving the look of her large breast slapping against her flesh as he goes faster.
Gripping her breasts tightly with both meaty hands he pistons her soft flesh, slapping his balls against her hips with each thrust with loud echoes, the bed bouncing with his exertions. The heat in his loins is quick to come and he slams his load to the edge of her cervix, spilling his foul seed against her womb, part of the cum leaking out from around the edges.
Vivian sobs quietly, feeling yet another violation against her body.
“Alright,” says Caleb quickly undoing her binds on the bed and then pulling her arms forward, redoing the binds. “Keep your arms against the bed sheets and push that chest out. I want to see those titties poking out at me. Yeah, like that,” he says as Vivian positions herself in the humiliating position, her full breast exposed to the man, her face turned away.
He grabs a hand full of her left breast, jerking and kneading it, then he slaps it. “Yeah, fucking udders!”
He grips her right tit between his forefinger and thumb and pinches it, savagely pulling at it. “Aaaahhhhh!!!” she screams. “Stop!”
The crack against her face is sudden but not fully unexpected. Vivian feels the trickle of blood coming down her chin from where her teeth sunk into her lip. “You still haven’t learned your place chink!”
Caleb gets up from the bed and begins to jerk the leather belt from his pants. “Please...” says Vivian. “Don’t hurt me anymore!”
The belt slaps against the bed sheets with a loud crack. “Shut the fuck up cunt and stick out those large melons.”
Shivering Vivian does as she is told maintaining all fours on bed as instructed. “Good,” hisses Caleb, licking his upper lip. He raises his belt and slaps it with a loud crack against her breasts. Vivian screams loudly as the leather connects with her sensitive flesh.
“Count you fucking bitch!” he yells bringing the belt down again.
“Aaaahhhh!!” she cries.
“Count!” And the belt slaps against her breasts. “Count!” Again the whip lashes her full mounds!
“F-four!” she shrieks as another lash comes across her breasts.
“From the beginning whore!” Again another lash, leaving her breasts swinging.
“Again!” the lash comes down viciously against her sore breasts.
“Aaahh! TWO!” The tears are streaming down her cheeks and she wants to crawl backwards but she resists, if only to lesson the amount of lashes.
“Again!” Another lash.
She is sobbing and each lash brings inexorable pain to her body. “Twenty!” she cries after what sounds like an eternity. Caleb throws the belt down on the bed and Vivian lifts a quivering hand to her pained breasts, flinching at the mere touch of them, so raw are they from the beating.
Caleb wipes his brow grinning with his yellowed teeth. “Now little cunt, turn around and let’s give that little rump another go around!”
Tears streaming down her cheeks Vivian turns without a word. She doesn’t expect any mercy and when Caleb tears at her hair, jerking her neck back sharply, she knows she will get none.
His cock presses deep into her body, slamming into her pained cervix. Pounding into her pussy he jerks on her hair making her cry out. “Yeah, you little fuck slut. Stay like that!”
Vivian feels hot tears roll down her cheeks as the large man continues to piston fuck her pussy. Each thrust brings a sharp pain not only to her womb but to her scalp and the back of her neck as the man forcibly rips at her hair with each thrust. His balls slap repeatedly at her sore body and for several minutes she grunts with a low mewling sound until the man throws her roughly on bed, turning her around and slams his dick back into her. Pumping savagely he grabs hold of her raw breasts making her scream and pumps all the more viciously because of her pain. Laughing he slows his pumping down so each thrust is slammed into her with brutal force making her bounce painfully on his body. Each blow bringing a spasm of pain.
Fortunately for her Caleb can not last with this technique and begins to pump her more forcibly with quicker thrust that dull the pain into a continuous throb. With his heat once more rising he rams his penis into her body in two quick thrust, his seed spilling into her womb. Her body jerks in an arch, her back twisting until Caleb is slipping out, the final spurts landing on her belly.
She slides back into the bed, her pussy twitching, spitting remnants of the cum flowing from it. Caleb smiles, his member jerking slightly. “Now,” he whispers, “what should I do with you?”
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and a little more to this story for you devious friends.

Caleb stares at the beautiful Asian, her breasts raw from the beatings he’s given her. He feels himself hard but is also feeling drowsy. “Fuck it,” he whispers, tossing the belt aside. “I’ll beat your ass tomorrow.”
“Th-thank you,” whispers Vivian, grateful for the reprieve, the tears streaming down her face. Caleb slumps onto the bed, his massive weight making the bed creek.
He grips her swollen breast in a meaty hand, squeezing it between chubby fingers. Vivian shrieks. “No.... stop!” she says.
Caleb laughs. “All you chink bitches are the same. First you say yes, and then you say no.” He moves his hand to her other breast, cruelly kneading the flesh. “Fucking bitches,” he whispers, against her swollen breast and leans in, mouth agape, nearly swallowing her reddened breast in his mouth. He suckles on it hungrily, wearing at it like a piece of steak and shaking at it, teeth digging into the flesh while his hand continues to knead her other breast.
Vivian cries, tears streaming down her cheeks. He nips at her nipple, then sinks his teeth into the pink flesh, biting almost as hard as he can, making Vivian arch her back, trying to pull away which only increases the pain. He pulls and lets the soft flesh snap back in place. “Nice little tits,” he growls. “Perfect for biting off!”
“Please don’t!” she says, her composure gone now.
“Don’t what,” says Caleb, sliding his beefy hand away from her breast to come down between her sensitive legs.
“Noo....” she moans, squeezing her legs tight. Caleb smiles, and jams his fat fingers between her legs, jerking his fingers into her cunt, which is sore and wet with his cum juices. He begins to thrusts his digits into her, not worrying about her pain and misery as she twist and turns, trying to avoid the agonies he inflicts on her.
He chuckles, yanking his fingers away, looking at the mixture of her juices with his cum and places the fingers into his mouth, licking them. Vivian stares wide eyed, repulsed by his actions. “What?” says Caleb, halting his actions. “Do you want some too?”
Vivian begins to turn her head when Caleb jams his dirty fingers into her mouth, his sickly fingers working their way into her, the taste of semen and fluid making her gag. She coughs, trying to spit the filth out but Caleb jams it further, digging his fingers into the back of her throat so his fingers are in her mouth up to the knuckles. “Choke on it whore! Choke!”
Vivian sobs, shuddering under his force. Caleb laughs and pulls his fingers away, now coated in her saliva. He wipes the spit and remaining fluids on her face and over her breasts, before his hand closes on her breast, kneading the flesh once more.
“I love making you scream chink, but you’re going to think this is lovemaking after those Russians get through with you.”
He tightens his hand on her breast making the tears flow from her eyes and he chuckles loudly. “Gonna’ miss fucking you chink,” he says, leaning close, running his tongue over her neck. He chuckles and dips his head against her shoulder, never letting go of her breast.
Vivian sobs, the tears streaming down her face. Why? Why do all these men want to make her suffer like this?

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Caleb wakens to the Asian next to him, his hand still cupping her firm breast. Her gives it a squeeze and smiles. Vivian moans, a damp sheen of sweat coating her forehead. “Little fucking whore,” he whispers, running his tongue over her neck taking in her salty taste. “Even as you are you’re making me fucking hard,” he hisses, rubbing his crotch against her legs. She moans and he can feel his hard phallus stiffen to attention, wanting another go at the chink bitch.
“Alright, cunt bitch,” he says, straddling her and running his tongue over the center of her chest between both her breasts. “I’m gonna fuck your damned pussy raw now. Good as a way as any to wake up I’d say.”
He opens her hips wide, sticking two fingers in her dry hole. She moans, her back arching, a soft whimper coming from parted lips, tears forming at the edges of her eyes. Caleb grins, lifting her legs higher, pushing them over her shoulders as he positions his cock next to her entrance. She moans, thrusting her head back and forth.
Caleb simply laughs and plunges his erect cock into her dry snatch, groaning as he feels her vaginal lips close up on his staff. Sliding out slightly, he brings it down with great force and then repeats, slapping against her hips, pushing her legs up so he can get maximum penetration. “Only way to start your day whore.”

Vivian had struggled to fall asleep again the night before, with the fat black man probing and prodding at her breast, his snores against her ears. It had taken her a good while to fall asleep and now she bucks as she feels an uncomfortable weight on her, her body twisted in such a position it is beginning to burn.
She moans, visions of her rape reoccurring in her sleep, her eyes fluttering, a loud huffing above her. Something pushes at her hips, burning at them. It isn’t until she feels something at her neck, her throat struggling to suck in air, that her eyes snap open.
Caleb laughs as he sees the bitch suddenly waken, her eyes wide awake as she can’t even hold a scream, his fat fingers pressing down on her neck and squeezing tight. “How is it bitch?” he says. “How is it when I control your very right to breathe?”
She stares wide eyed, twisting and contorting, trying to get some air into her throat and lungs as this madman continues to plunge his hard, thickened cock into her pussy. In and out he plunges, bouncing against her with savage thrust, his balls slapping as the hit her rear end, her dry cunt aching with agony. But it doesn’t compare to her lack of air. She struggles vainly, her eyes bulging, lips feeling as if they are going blue, when Caleb releases her, letting her breathe. She turns to the side, coughing in gasp, hacking and then crying as the man pounds her tender loins with his hips.
“Yeah,” he says, pushing her legs back against her head painfully. “That’s only a taste of what it’s gonna’ be like when you come over to my firm. You’ll wish we choked your gook cunt when I get you!”
She is sobbing hysterically now, her hips turning into a cauldron of fire as the man pounds his shaft in and out of her. He loves the feel of her, and lets go of one of her legs to grab at her breasts, pressed beneath. His thick hands push between her flesh so he can grab at her tender globes and pull and knead. “Love the feel of your udders bitch. Gonna love drilling holes in em’ later!”
“Please stop!” she yells. “Stop!”
“No!” he says, laughing, and continues to pound away, his thrust becoming quick jerks thrusting into her pussy until he presses his hands on her chest, pushing down as he arches his back and moans loudly, the cum spilling hot and thick into her abused cunt. She lets out a cry of disbelief, feeling yet again the violation as this man’s seed fills her womb.
With a few final jerks Caleb pulls away, letting her legs flop back onto the bed, Vivian sobbing. “Well,” he says, his hard dick starting to soften with spasmodic twitches. “Better get you downstairs! It’s the start of a beautiful day.” And his mouth splits into a wide grin, white teeth gleaming against blackened skin.
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Vivian stares at an empty space in the dark room, her body light with a sheen of sweat. Some of it hers and some of it having fallen from the bastard who fucked her. She squeezes her legs shut, rubbing them together, her vagina a pit of fire.
Caleb is quickly jerking at the ropes on her wrist, pulling the knots out. Though Vivian could perhaps use this to her advantage to escape, she doesnt. Her body is too tired and sore. Her cunt is sore and abused, the rest of her simply ravaged and tired.
She cries sadly as her hair is jerked up. Time to get up bitch, says Caleb. Youve had plenty of time to sleep already! He slaps her across the face once, feeling his erection coming up again as the Asian whore moans in pain.
Youve got a long day ahead of you, gook, so youd better get started!
He drags her down the hallways, through the rooms, just tying off his sash as the poor Asian struggles against his grasp, crying for him to not be so rough with her hair. Soon she is stumbling down the stairs, nearly tripping over herself as she comes down.
Caleb hurls her forward, making her fall the rest of the way down the marble stairs, her knees hitting hard against the solid floor, palms slapping painfully. She weeps quietly, her chest heaving.

Ahmed watches from the dining room table, leaning back against the counter in his own robe. Caleb is none too gentle with the woman but Ahmed doesnt really care. He paid for her services. What he does doesnt matter unless he breaks her too far.
And the look of her there, how her robe has fallen open, exposing her soft full breasts, still raw from the night before, globes hanging from her chest, nipples erect from fear. Her hair is plastered across her face, a light sheen of sweat before her. The look is priceless. Ahmed smiles and takes a sip from his still warm drink.
It is good of you to join us Vivian. Did you enjoy your nights festivities?

Vivian raises her head slowly, a bitter rage curling her fist. Ahmed smiles. She still has some fight in her. Good. It is unfortunate when these women are broken in too easily. Setting the cup aside he picks another full glass filled with a thick pink liquid. He places it on the table next to a set of folded garments. A blouse, suit jacket, matching skirt, hose and black bra and panties matching what Vivian had worn the night before. After all, she needed to look presentable, at least at the beginning.
Well, he says. I assume you must be hungry.
Vivian stares from Ahmed to the glass of pink liquid. Her stomach rumbles in protest, indeed wishing for some sustenance. With our special guest, he says, I give them protein drinks. Saves on time and energy and gives all the essential nutrition the body needs. Gets them to work quicker. But...
He throws open his robe, his penis popping out erect, dimpled off color blotches marring its skin. They still need to work for their food. Like all little whores.
He stretches out his open hand to Vivian and smiles. Come my little Asian whore, and drink from your masters warm muscle before you drink from his cup.
Vivian leans her head into her arms, sobbing. How can she have come down so low, to be degraded as this?
Ahmed sighs. Even after the video this one will still need to learn. But that is part of the fun after all. Caleb, if you will, bring Vivian here so she may perform her duties.
Caleb kicks her in the back, loving her moan and grips her hair, half dragging the screaming girl towards Ahmed. He presses Vivians face against Ahmeds balls, rubbing her cheek against them. You know what that is, you fucking gook! Thats your pay! Now get to work you bitch!
And he throws Vivian forward, none too gently against Ahmed, who folds his arms with a grunt as her head bounces sharply against his swelling balls. More careful next time, my friend, he says. More careful...
Now Vivian, he says, parting the hair from her face so he can look on her wide eyes. Be a dear and pleasure your master, he says, slapping his dick against her forehead.
Tears stream down her cheeks. Please.... she says. Dont do this! I havent done anything...
Ahmed quickly plugs her nose, making her open her mouth wide to catch a breath of air, and jams his cock down into her throat. She gags instantly as he grips her hair, pulling it back while pressing her forward against him. He penis isnt really that big or even that thick, about average for a man his age. But he is none too gentle or patient.
He presses her down all the way against his cock, her face plastered against his hips, nose filling with his pubic hairs. He holds her there, enjoying how she gags, slapping futilely at his hips. He winces as a sharp jab runs up his leg. Well maybe not so futile. Hes not as young as he once was. Still...
He holds her there for another few seconds then pulls away suddenly, letting Vivian gasp and suck in lung fulls of air, spit coming down as drool down her chin. Before she can breathe for long his cock is plunging into her open mouth once more, sinking deep into her throat. Again he holds her pressed against his hips for a few second then lets her pull away, gasping, only to ram his dirty cock back in between her soft lips. He repeats this several times, shortening how long she can breathe off his cock but lengthening the amount he holds her against him.
Though her slaps pain him more, those bulging eyes with her lips pressed lovingly around his muscle like a velvet glove keep him going. Soon he is pistoning her mouth, pumping quickly, pulling her head off his dick for only seconds before ramming his cock to the back of her throat with a sharp jabbing pain and pistons her once more.
Vivian can hardly breathe, Ahmed gives her no time to adjust to his length, which is average, but not so with his viciousness. The back of her throat stings badly and the walls of her cheeks burn as Ahmed slams his dick against them, pushing against the elastic flash to make them bulge out.
He ends up pushing her head back against a chair and fully humping her mouth, his hairs almost in line with her nose, keeping her from breathing at all, her skull being pounded against the hair walled chair while her throat goes raw. The chair creeks and thumps with Ahmeds pounding.
Vivian slaps at his hips, but feels her arms growing weaker, the lack of air starting to affect her. The men around her laugh, chuckling.
Didnt know the old man had it in him! she hears what sounds like Jackson say. She is not sure, and it does not seem to matter as her vision is starting to blur. Her arms fall to her sides, eyes closing as Ahmed continues to thrust away into her mouth. Then he cries out and pulls out of her, jerking her hair back, bringing her back from unconsciousness only to spray his load over her face and chin, sickly amounts sticking to her hair.
Well that was a real gusher! she hears Jackson say dimly. The clap of his hands sounds distant. Caleb says something as well but she can barely make it out as her mind begins to fade again. Then a sharp pain.
A slap across her face bringing her back. And another.
Ahmed doesnt like these weak whores passing out as he is having his fun and he slaps her hard to bring his point across. Wake up you filthy whore! It is not time to sleep. You have much work to do!
Ahn! Vivian groans. Her arms come back up weakly as the man slaps her repeatedly. When he is sure she is awake he grips her scalp, jerking her hair and leans her across the table. She moans piteously, trying to push his hands away from her.
If you even think of trying something like that again your punishment will be most severe Asian whore. Now drink your cup before it grows cold.
He releases her, tossing her back to the floor where she falls, her robe spilling open, revealing her full breasts. She lies there, breathing heavily when one of the Russians comes over with his phone and snaps a shot. Vivian turns away from the flash and hears the click of a second and third. She lifts her arms to her face to block it from being seen, fairly certain it is already too late.
Get up, says the Russian, gripping her by her already pained locks, and pushes her against the table. She stares at the drink before her and lifts it in a trembling hand.
Ahmed easily removes the drink from her, wiping his cum stained hand across the rim and pushing semen in with the pink fluids. Vivian stares wide eyed, her body shaking. Ahmed leans close to her, with a finger wiping away what cum there is in her hair and on her face, and dips it in with a soft plop into the drink. The white fluid sinks into the pink mixture, sliding inside.
Ahmed pushes the drink towards her and nods. Now... drink.
Vivian shakes her head. Fear and sweat beading on her body. N-no. I wont do this!
Men? he says.
Jackson is quick to respond, gripping her arms and pulling them tight behind her. Anton, still holding his phone, grips her nose, plugging her nostrils. Vivian struggles against the men, snorting but can do little as weak as she is from earlier exertions. Her mouth opens and shuts like a fish and Ahmed comes, drink in hand, lifting it towards her lips.
Now.... you will drink, and you will swallow or you will choke on it.
He begins pouring the contents of the drink into her mouth. At first Vivian resist, trying to spit it out, the pink froth spilling over her lips and over her chin onto her chest, but soon it is filling her mouth and she has little choice but to swallow or begin to choke. She swallows the noxious liquid quickly in gurgles, her throat gulping loudly. When she is done with the glass she feels Ahmeds fingers on her face, cleaning off the sides of her cheeks and her chin of the liquid and wiping it on her tongue, sticking it back into her mouth. Then again for that which dribbled down her neck and splattered onto her chest.
She is forced to swallow every last bit before the Russian lets her nose go and Jackson releases her arms. She gasps, falling towards the table, her robe slipping from her shoulders, her large breasts fully exposed to the gawking crowd of men.
She can hear as Antons phone clicks, taking pictures of her degraded position. But she can barely make herself care. She simply rest for a moment, gathering her energies.
She hears a loud clap next to her face and jumps from the loudness of it. The man is Semen, who stares at her with narrowed eyes.
Hurry it up, you filthy American cow, he says. We do not have all day!
He rips the robe away from her shoulders, leaving her bare of anything save her skin.
If you want to cover up, says Ahmed, youd better put on the clothes I had Almar gather for you.
Vivian turns quickly, gathering the folded clothes and pressing them to her chest. Intending to find a private place to change she moves to her left and is blocked by Jackson. He folds his large arms across his chest, sucking his lips in. Where do you think youre going you fucking gook! Just put on the damned clothes already!
Bu-but a room? Vivian asks desperately.
You can change here ho! Now get going! His hands clap loudly before her and Vivian hugs the bundle tighter to her chest, whimpering.
I would suggest you hurry, says Ahmed. Unless you want the men to dress you themselves.
This gets her moving. Quickly she is separating the clothes out and donning the black panties and bra. It is when she is putting these on that she realizes something is wrong. The panties bite at her crotch, digging in between her lips and the bra wont close fully behind her, the material squeezing unnaturally at her well endowed bosom. These are too small, she whines.
I know, says Ahmed. I wished to promote your figure more so I had Almar purposely gather you some clothing that was smaller.
But.. says Vivian when Jackson walks up behind her, gripping the ends of her bra and pulling her back, snapping the clasp in place, the wire biting painfully into her skin. Vivian cups her breasts, her mouth opening in a quiet O as feels her pained breast.
The man walks around her, slapping her breast by the side, making it jiggle. Yeah, you cunt. Finish with the dressing.
Vivian turns, finding the motion difficult, and dons the blouse, finding it a bit smaller then her other so she has to leave it partially open, the skirt tight around her hips as she places it on, barely shutting at the button, hem rising up almost to her pussy.
The only things that are not smaller then her actual size are the shoes and suit jacket, which fits her snugly. But the whole attire feels uncomfortable. A mockery of what she wore the night previous.
She can see Anton snapping photos of her cleavage and hips and places her hand slowly over her breasts in a vain attempt to cover herself.
Well, says Semen, clapping his hands together and getting up from the stairs. We should get going. We have a long day ahead of us, and our whore needs to get acquainted with her new clients at the firm.


also added an image i drew of what vivian looks like in my head. enjoy!
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I wish you would continue with this story. It is fucking great. I am interested to see how the Russians and their clients treat Vivian for the day.
The worst ones always live. Sansa Stark

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don't worry. i have an idea for this. just need to get in a mood for vivian.
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