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Arrow That's what she gets.

***Warning! Graphic!***

The following is a mostly true story about a girl, "Lori," I went to high school with in WV. Because I wasn't there, I may have to fill in a detail here and there, but I heard several first hand accounts from individuals who were. As it is my story, I shall word it the best way I see fit which may be offensive to some. Please note that my intent is not to offend.

Lori was the gorgeous, sweet younger sister of a girl I once took to the prom. A couple years later I had the pleasure of making out with Lori during a high school party. It was evening after a break up with her boyfriend of 2+ years. However, she cut her wrists the next day and I refused to have anything to do with her from that point on. I have always viewed suicide attempts as an intolerable sign of weakness. I remember going to a closed casket suicide funeral as a little kid, and from that point on I have had no sympathy for anyone who takes that route.

Even as early as Jr. High Lori was getting into pills and weed on a regular basis. She regularly made her presence on the party scene. Where there was weed, beer or cigarettes, Lori was sure to follow. Of course, nobody minded the company of another hot babe. She used to joke in High School about how she was going to find herself a "sugar daddy" so she could keep on partying forever.

After High School, she found herself a sugar daddy and married him. He was a good 20 years older than she was, but seemed to love her very much. However, as her habits became more and more expensive and she was sober less and less, he asked her to check into rehab. But Lori made it quite clear there would be no rehab. The family attempted an intervention, but Lori's will was too strong and the intervention failed. She WANTED to be on drugs, plain and simple.

Ultimately the marriage ended in a divorce. Lori began hanging out with the crackheads, scuzzballs and lowlifes of the county. Eventually, even she began smoking crack. Up until this point, she at least had enough class about herself to stay away from crack. But beggars can't be choosers.

Some time over the next couple years she ran up about $15,000 worth of debt with a bunch of thug ass, drug dealing niggers from North Carolina. We were all really good friends with most of the black people who lived in our area, but these NC niggers were some genuine piece of shit lowlife motherfuckers. You know, the kind that even black cops are happy to find dead

For some reason, Lori had began hanging out with these sub-humans. I guess it was all fun and games for her, borrowing drugs or money, promising to pay back later. But for a girl with just a High School diploma in an economically deprived area, $15,000 may as well be a million. She could not possibly hope to pay this money back, and she couldn't go on like this forever. Eventually her luck ran out.

One day, the niggers got together and decided that something must be done about this broke white bitch who never pays or puts out. Being a bunch of intelligent scumbags, they came up with an idea nobody ever thought of before - a gang rape! Original, I know, but what do you expect? Probably took them all of 4 seconds, at least for those who could speak without swallowing their tongues.

Someone pulled out a cell phone, called Lori and asked if she wanted to come smoke crack or whatever. Of course she did. Why wouldn't she come hang at the crack den with a bunch of drug dealers who she collectively owed over ten thousand dollars? By this point Lori's family had caught wind of her debt and offered to help her relocate and go into hiding. But for some reason, Lori was under the impression that nothing bad ever happens to women.

She caught a ride, walked up to the house and into the living room to hang out with her "buddies" once more. An old radio with a big wad of aluminum foil on the antenna played music which faded to static depending on how people moved about the room. Some people were laughing in the back yard. A train could be heard approaching in the distance. Lori's spidey senses did not tingle on this day. She did not notice the gorillas positioning themselves around her in the room. They were all a bit nervous, unsure who should act first, how to get this thing started. They licked and bit their lips as she took one long hit of crack.

As she held her breath, the leader of the NC pack came up behind Lori and wrapped his arms around her belly. Before she sensed any real danger, another two had yanked her pants down. The leader pressed, pressed and finally shoved his huge black dick into her tiny, white, cheerleader ass. She began to scream continuously. He took a few steps backward with his nasty dick still balls deep in her ass and fell back onto a bed, the weight of her body still on top of him. Another wrestled her pants the rest of the way off and shoved inside her from the front which made her scream twice as loud and twice as hard. Her head was extended back, mouth wide open and she was screaming as loud as she possibly could when a third came up, shoved her jaw down and began fucking her screaming throat which made her gag and heave. None of them wore condoms. They all wanted to feel this bitch raw. They were going to get their money's worth.

News spread quickly that they were fucking a white bitch at the crack den. Unfortunately, the news was only being spread among those who may also be interested in fucking her. There were more lined up into the living room before the first three had finished. People drove for miles to come fuck her. Lori's screaming, puking and gagging was interrupted only by brief bouts of unconsciousness, followed by a disoriented Lori coming to her senses only to scream and cry harder than ever. Some fucked the pussy, some fucked the ass. Some came deep, others whipped it out and sprayed her ass, tits, pubes and face. Some sprayed it up her back and into her hair. She stayed two and three holes full until everybody had at least one turn, which took a couple hours. And then for the next several hours she had at least one hole filled by whoever was ready for more.

Not a single condom was used, and the whole event lasted 8-10 hours before the crowd began to disperse. Afterward, they all just left her there, bleeding, crying, covered in cum and dried blood. A friend of the family eventually heard that she was there and needed help. But when he came to take her to the hospital he was so disgusted by the shape he found her in he didn't want to touch her. He went back out to the car and grabbed a blanket to wrap her up in so he wouldn't have to touch her. He put trash bags down so she wouldn't ruin the seats of his car.

Lori was hysterical all throughout the examination in the emergency room. She had numerous deep anal and vaginal lacerations, her tonsils and the back of her throat were severely bruised and traumatized. Her vocal cords were strained, almost destroyed from all the screaming. She contracted HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. She spent several months locked up in a mental institution. She couldn't walk for days.

All of the above are terrible things I would not wish on my worst enemy. But Lori was stupid for hanging out with a bunch of drug dealing niggers; That's what she gets.

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mostly true story?
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drugs, gang rape, revenge, true

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