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Default Thinking About the Future Pt.2

Celeste Martinez was an attractive 31-year-old mother of two. She was a relatively small woman, standing only five foot three inches tall and weighing one hundred twelve pounds. Her long, straight, raven black hair framed a face that, while not beautiful, was pretty. Her eyes were black and she had the full, pouting lips of the Latino. She had a good figure and nice legs. She was casually dressed in a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Her husband, Jorge, worked for the Jackson City Fire Department. The two of them were looking forward to the birth of their third child in a little under seven months.

Celeste pulled the car into the garage and took the bag of groceries from the trunk. Unlocking the connecting door between the garage and the house, she passed through the laundry room and into the kitchen of the small ranch style house. She had just enough time to start dinner before the kids got home from school.

Suddenly, hands were grabbing Celeste, pinning her arms and covering her mouth. A form moved in front of her and the glinting blade of a knife flashed in front of her eyes.

"Quiet, bitch!" said the ski-masked man in front of her. "Try to scream, try to fight, and I'll fucking kill you! You and the little spick bastard growing inside you! You want that, bitch? You want your fucking kid dead?"

Celeste's eyes bulged in terror at the though of harm coming to her baby. She shook her head "no" as well as she could with the hand covering her mouth.

"Okay, then. You do WHAT we tell you, WHEN we tell you, and we'll let you live. You give us any fucking trouble and you and the rug rat both die. Understand?"

She squeezed her eyes shut and nodded her head "yes". She wasn't important. Her child was. She would do whatever she had to if it would protect her baby.

"Okay. Lets go." The hand was removed from her mouth and the two holding her arms lead her to the bedroom. When they got there, she saw her red silk teddy, dark tan crotch less pantyhose and red high heels laid out on the bed.

"Put them on." The one with the knife told her. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Celeste slowly unfastened the snap on her jeans. Two of the intruders were clicking away with cameras, making a photo record of her stripping naked and then dressing in the skimpy, sexy outfit. The fourth intruder turned and left the room while she was changing.

"Now," said the one with the knife, "your two kids are going to be home soon, so we can't party here. That means leaving. When we get outside, don't get any bright ideas. That will only get you killed." Having said that, he took out a heavy, thick bandanna and used it to blindfold Celeste. The three then removed their ski masks.

"Please," she whimpered through her tears, "please don't hurt me. Please leave me alone." Two of them took her by the arms and lead her down the hall, through the kitchen and laundry room and into the garage. The leader, as Celeste had started thinking of him, looked in each direction through the window in the garage door, then grabbed the handle and raised the door.

Sitting right outside the garage was a grey van with its sliding side door open and the fourth intruder at the wheel. The two holding Celeste's arms lead her to the van while the third closed the garage door. Celeste was hurriedly bundled into the van, sitting on the rear seat between two of the intruders while the last one climbed into the front seat. The van then pulled out of the driveway in a manner that would not attract any attention.

Celeste felt the one sitting on her right put his arm around her shoulders. His other hand came up and grabbed her breast.

"NO" she screamed as she pushed the hand away. "DON'T!"

Immediately he grabbed her face, squeezing it roughly. "Bitch! Don't you listen? What did we tell you about doing what you're told? What did we tell you about fighting? You WANT to die, bitch?"

Celeste was terrified. Terrified for her baby. She couldn't let anything happen to her baby. She would have to let these animals do what they wanted. Low sobs wracked her body as she realized that she had no other choice.

Celeste's hands curled into fists as she felt the hand begin to massage her breast through the silky material of her teddy. The one on the left was now rubbing her nylon-encased thigh. She trembled in revulsion as she felt him reach under the loose fitting crotch and begin working a finger into her vagina.

"Nnnnnnuuuu." She moaned as the finger penetrated her. They kept working on her like that for quite some time, then she felt the hand at her breast leave. The one on her right shifted position and she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper.

"Okay, bitch. Get down on the floor, on your knees."

"Please, oh please don't make me do that. P-please." Celeste whimpered.

"Goddamn it, I said NOW!"

Slowly, trembling, Celeste slid off of the seat and kneeled on the cold, metal floor of the van. She felt the hand take her by the hair and pull her forward. She recoiled when the head of the swollen dick touched her lips, but the hand in her hair held her fast.

"Open up, bitch. Open your fucking mouth wide." The unseen rapist told her.

Her eyes burning with tears, her soul filled with frustration and revulsion, Celeste did as she was told. Immediately the hand in her hair jerked her forward, pulling her onto the thick, hard dick and jamming it back into her throat. Celeste began to gag and choke, but the rapist held her firmly with her face pulled tightly against his stomach. Slowly, he began moving his hips, fucking Celeste's mouth even as she fought down the urge to puke.

As her mouth continued to be used as if it were a vagina, she felt the one that had been to her left slip off the seat and onto the floor. Moving behind her, he grabbed her by the hips and raised her so she was no longer resting on the backs of her calves. She felt him forcing her knees farther apart. Then, with the loose crotch of her teddy pushed aside, she felt the head of his cock press against her rectum.

"MMMMRRRRRRRR" Celeste screamed around the swollen cock that filled her mouth as the second cock began forcing it's way into her dry asshole. She had never felt such pain in her life and she screamed repeatedly as the second rapist fucked his way deeper into her bowels. Over and over he drove into her, moving deeper with each brutal thrust. Finally buried completely inside her, the animal behind her began fucking her tortured bowels while the one in front fucked her mouth.

Celeste couldn't believe that this was happening. She was being raped in the mouth and the ass in a van moving through the centre of town in broad daylight! Couldn't anybody see what was happening? Couldn't anybody see that something was wrong?

Mercifully, her asshole began getting wet. She didn't know if it was shit, blood or if she was actually lubricating herself, and she didn't care. The cock pounding repeatedly into her ass still hurt her, but it wasn't the blinding pain that she had felt when he first drove into her.

The one in the passenger side front seat was snapping pictures of this brutal rape, alternating between the digital camera and the Polaroid. These would make some great shots, showing the bitch in that sexy teddy and high heels getting pronged from both ends at once. The guys that haunted the rape sights on the internet would go nuts over these. It wouldn't take long till they were on sights all over the fucking world! And wait till her husband got the Polaroid's!

The rapist who was filling Celeste's mouth was becoming more frenzied, driving into her faster and faster. She heard him start to moan deep in his throat. The cock in her mouth began throbbing as he muttered "Oh, Christ! Oh, Jesus Christ! Ohhhhhhhh!"

"RRRRRGGGGGGG!!!" Celeste gagged as the first wave of cum was shot into her throat. He held her tight, his cock buried as deeply into her as he could get it while he continued to spray cum into her throat. "Swallow it, bitch!" she heard him yell. "Swallow it!" Fighting down the revulsion and nausea, she forced herself to swallow the mouthful of cum he had deposited in her. Finally, she felt him tremble once more, and then his body relaxed. He kept his dick in her mouth until it softened, then finally allowed her to pull her mouth off of it.

Although the oral rape was over, the one behind her was still driving brutally into her. Celeste was on her knees, her head and chest laying on the lap of the rapist who had just finished with her mouth.

"Nnnnuuu .... nnnnuuu ... nnnnuuu ... oh God ... oh God ... p-please st-stop ... nnnnuuu .... nnnnuuu ... I can't .. I can't .. t-take it! Ooohhhh! It h-hurts! Oh, God it h-hurts!" Celeste pleaded in vain. The rapist held her by her trim waist, impaling her with long, hard strokes, relishing her squeals and screams.

"Nnneeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!!" Celeste screamed and arched her back as he drove viciously into her and held himself there while he flooded her bowels with cum. She could feel the warmth spreading through her as she felt the throbbing of him deep inside her. Once more he started moving in and out of her, but slower, less forceful, until finally she felt him softening. Satiated, he withdrew from her battered ass and allowed Celeste to collapse, sobbing, to the floor.

Celeste lay on her side on the metal floor, her hands grasping her stomach while her tears soaked the blindfold that she still wore. She curled into a protective ball and wondered if she would be able to survive any more such treatment. Then the van began to bounce and jar, as if they were on a very rough road. The jouncing ride lasted perhaps ten minutes, and then the van came to a stop and the engine was shut off. She heard the doors of the van open and her abductors get out.

"Okay, bitch. Out of the van."

Slowly, hesitatingly, Celeste felt her way to the door and climbed out. She managed to stand up, although slightly bent at the waist from the pain she still felt. She trembled as she wondered what would happen next. Without warning, the blindfold was pulled from her eyes, and the sunlight blinded her until her eyes adjusted. When they did, she saw that all four of them were again wearing their ski masks.

She looked around. The area looked like a rest area for a highway, or a picnic area in a park, only run down, uncared for as if it were abandoned. There was an old, battered picnic table beneath a tree and off to the side, a crumbling stone barbeque pit. She knew instinctively that no one would happen along to rescue her and destroy the "fun" these scum where going to have with her. Not out here. God, she felt so helpless!

"Please, please don't hurt me anymore." the tears trickled down her cheeks as she begged for mercy from people who knew no mercy. "Please don't hurt me."

"Goddamn!" one of them muttered, "You do look sexy out here in that skimpy little outfit. I think I'll just fuck you now. Come on over here and lay down in the grass."

Celeste shook her head from side to side. "No. Oh please, no!"

"Tell me, bitch, what do you think would happen if I just hauled off and kicked you in the stomach?"

The horror was evident in Celeste's eyes. Fighting back the tears and wrapping her arms around herself, she slowly walked over to where he was standing and lowered herself to the grass. She squeezed her eyes shut as he pulled his swollen dick from his pants and knelt between her spread legs. Celeste whimpered as he lowered himself on top of her and began forcing his dick inside her.

He forced his way deeper into her with each thrust, finally burying his entire length inside her. Celeste kept her eyes tightly shut and softly hit the ground with her clenched fists while the filth on top of her continued fucking her, using her like some cheap two dollar whore he had picked up on the streets. His hands roamed over her body, squeezing her breasts and thighs, licking and nibbling at her face and neck.

"Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh." she groaned as he drove in to her time after time, his pace increasing with his excitement. Grabbing her by the hair, he twisted her head around so he could clamp his mouth to hers. She felt his tongue pressing against her lips, and, knowing there was no choice, opened her mouth for him.

He was becoming frenzied now, pounding into her viciously, tearing whines of pain from her with each inward thrust. Celeste had never been treated so violently in her life. The pain that tore through her was horrendous. Faster and harder he drove into her. She heard him groaning in her ear. Celeste was panting with the exertion of the rape as she felt him approaching orgasm.

"Uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... nnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh." she moaned in frustration as she felt his sperm coating her insides, spreading through her like a foul plague. Her body trembled in fear and revulsion as he continued shooting his cum into her. Finally, finished with her, he pulled out of her battered vagina and stood up. Celeste lay crying in the grass, only vaguely aware that the cameras were still clicking away.

Celeste could only whisper "Please, no more." in a barely audible voice as another rapist knelt between her legs and pulled out his cock. Rather than laying on top of her, he lifted her legs, supporting them by placing his elbows under her knees. Kneeling between her legs, he guided his cock to her well lubricated opening.

"Uuuoooohhhhhhhh." Celeste moaned as she felt him sink his dick completely into her with one smooth motion. She laid in the grass, unmoving, while this latest degradation was inflicted on her. He had her legs held high and she could see her feet bouncing in the air in time with his stroking. She winced as he drove ever more deeply into her.

Celeste saw one of the others approaching her, taking out his cock as he came. What was he doing? She was already being raped. And then he stood over her, one foot on either side of her. Celeste slowly shook her head "no" and whimpered as he knelt down over her face and sat on her chest.

"Open up, sweetheart." Celeste shut her eyes and slowly, reluctantly parted her lips. He moaned in pleasure as he entered her and began fucking her mouth, moving her lips up and down the length of his meat. The cameras kept clicking while the simultaneous oral and vaginal rape continued.

Celeste knew that if it wasn't for her baby, she would have rather died than subject herself to this kind of torture and humiliation. What kind of scum were these? How could any human being do this to another?

Celeste's body began to twitch and squirm involuntarily as the pain of the rapes increased. How much longer would they keep this up? How much longer could she take it? Both of them were moving faster now, the one fucking her mouth nearly tearing the hair from the sides of her head in his frenzy. She began screaming around the cock in her mouth as the brutality of the rape increased.

"RRRRRRGGGGG" she gagged as her throat was filled with sickening, hot cum. Her body involuntarily snapped taut in reaction, and that was enough to push the other rapist over the edge. She felt him explode, flooding her vagina even as more cum was being pumped into her throat. Still they used her, sliding in and out of her and enjoying the warm moistness of her. Using her as a toy, as a piece of meat good only for their own pleasure. Slowly, gradually, they slowed their pace. Finally, with sighs of satisfaction, they dismounted and left her to collapse, exhausted, in the grass.


Steve Richards was sitting at his desk, reviewing the statements that had been taken by various officers over the last nine days. They were the results of interviews with various people who were familiar with Stacy Collins. Friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances. Somewhere there was a connection to the crime. He just had to find it.

The phone on Steve's desk rang and he lifted the receiver. The flashing light on the base of the phone indicated an internal call. "Richards."

"Sarge, this is the switchboard. I've got a guy on line three who wants to, quote, "Talk to the cop who's handling the Collin's rape.", unquote."

Steve felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "He used her name?"

"Sure did, Sarge."

Mrs. Collins name, as is common with rape victims, had not been released to the press. So who ........ "Put him through, Terry." There was a click and a buzz as the lines were transferred.

"Sergeant Richards speaking. Who is calling, please?" There was a chuckle on the other end of the line.

"Never mind that, pal. And forget tracing the call. I won't be on the line that long. Just listen. Do you know where Kane Park was?"

"I do. It was closed down maybe eight years ago."

"Well, maybe you should take a drive out there. Take what's left of the old south trail to the old picnic area. You'll find something interesting. Real interesting."

"Exactly what will I find that's so interesting?"

"Let's put it this way. The Collins bitch could just be left tied to the bed for her hubby to find. No sweat. This time we didn't have that option."

Steve's eyes went ice cold as he said "Are you trying to tell me...."

"I'm telling you" the voice interrupted "that there's a freshly fucked bitch tied down to a picnic table. You don't go out there, it'll probably be weeks before anybody stumbles over her. It'll be too late by then, but hey, do what you want to do, dude. And by the way, the Polaroid's we'll mail to her hubby."

There was a click and the line went dead. Son of a bitch! The fucking gall of the.... Steve punched an outside line and dialled a number from memory.

"Rape Crisis Centre, Denise Rhodes speaking."

"Denise, Steve. I'm going to need your professional expertise again. So will another victim. I'll be over in ten minutes to pick you up."

"Damn! Okay, I'll be ready."


Denise Rhodes sat in the passenger seat of the unmarked police car that Steve guided along the south trail of Kane Park. She was hoping that the call had only been a stupid prank, but somehow she knew it wasn't.

"I can't believe that they actually called you. Talk about brass!" she said.

"They think they're sharp." Steve replied. "Too smart to get caught. That's a point in our favour. Assholes like that get overconfident and make mistakes or overlook something. Then they take the fall."

"Oh God, no." Denise whispered as they rounded a corner. Up ahead, in a run down picnic area, she could see a figure in a skimpy red teddy tied Spread-eagled to a battered picnic table.


Steve and Denise waited outside the examination room in the Emergency Room of Hillside Hospital. The victim, In shock and as yet unidentified, was being cared for by the doctor on duty.

"Did you notice the way she was dressed?" Steve asked softly.

"How could I help it? I also noticed that there were no bruises or anything. No sign of a struggle. That means another kind of force was used."

"Exactly." Steve sighed. "Intimidation. How much do you want to bet she's pregnant?"

"No takers. God, what kind of animals is they?"

"Vicious animals. But why pregnant women?" Steve wondered out loud.

Denise sighed. "Probably because women are very defensive about their children. They'll do almost anything to protect them. We know from Mrs. Collins that they threaten the baby in order to get the women to do what they want. Now remember, Steve, rape is not a sexual act. It's an act of violence. Rapists want to humiliate and degrade their victims. If a woman feels that emotion after being taken against her will, can you imagine how she would feel after basically co-operating with her rapists? Regardless of her reasons, that has to be a miserable memory to live with."

"I see your point. And then they send pictures of her to her husband. Pictures that may not even look like rape. More humiliation. God, I want these bastards!"

The cell phone in Steve's pocket buzzed. Flipping it open he said "Richards" and listened for two minutes. "Okay, have a patrol unit pick him up and bring him to the hospital. We're in the Emergency Room area."

Breaking the connection, he turned to Denise. "Jackson City fireman named Jorge Martinez called in a missing person. Got home and found his kids alone. Bag of groceries on the counter and his wife's clothes scattered around the bedroom floor. He also reported that she's pregnant."

"Fuck!" Denise spit out the word that she very seldom used, but which seemed to fit at the present time.


"Okay, people, listen up." Steve looked out over the group. The room was filled with eighteen police officers, fourteen in uniform and four in plain clothes. "We've got two rape victims, same M.O., and no doubt the same perps. Those of you who worked on the Collins case know that we were looking for someone with personal knowledge of the victim. We've got the same situation here, only now we have to find someone with personal knowledge of both victims."

Steve let that sink in for a moment before going on.

"I've talked to both husbands and can find no connection between the two families. That doesn't mean that there isn't a connection. Collins could have a friend or acquaintance that knows one of the rapists, and Martinez could have a friend who knows the same person. There would be a connection that neither of them would know about."

"Then what we have to do" one of the officers volunteered "is to interview all of the Collins family acquaintances, all of the Martinez family acquaintances, and look for a common denominator." The rest of the officers groaned at the thought. It was a huge undertaking.

"Exactly" Steve replied.

"What about hair dressers? Grocery stores? Any connection there?"

"I asked both husbands about that. The women used different beauty parlours and shopped at different stores." Steve said.

"Dumb question." one officer said. "How about the doctors?"

"Thought of that. Different family doctors, different paediatricians. But that was a good thought. Keep it up."

Steve looked around the room. "Okay, if there isn't anything else, hit the streets and turn something up before these assholes hit again."

(Pt.3 Concludes)
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