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flipflop is infamous around these partsflipflop is infamous around these parts
Default The Sweet Taste of Revenge

Here is a story I am working on that I'm hoping you'll enjoy. Its far from finished so I'll update it as I finish each subsequent chapter.
This is a totally fictional account of the rape of my wife. Hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to share your comments with me. Here's a recent picture of my wife, to go along with it.
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flipflop is infamous around these partsflipflop is infamous around these parts
Default Chapter 1

Liz was the public relations representative at a small technical college in Western Wisconsin. She was just past her 50th birthday but still managed to catch the eye of many men she worked with. She, of course, was oblivious to it and had no clue that she was still considered ‘hot property’, in spite if her age. Not just by her husband but by any number of other men as well.

Liz is about five foot three with big blue eyes and short blonde hair which she always keeps fashionably styled. She is also the mother of three daughters (ages 24, 22 and 19). For a woman married over 25 years, with three adult children , she surprisingly managed to look considerably younger than one might expect.

And while one would consider the fact that Liz still looked so appealing at age 50, to be a good thing. It would soon prove to be her undoing. And one particular weekend would end up changing her and and her husband's lives, forever.

Her husband, Dave, was out of town for his annual fishing trip and their youngest daughter Jenna, (who was home from college for the summer) was away for the weekend with one of her girlfriends and her family, at Wisconsin Dells.

With an empty house waiting for her, she expected a quiet night at home, and not really one she was looking forward to. So Liz was in no rush to leave the office and decided to work late.

As she strolled casually towards her car, across the dark, almost deserted, parking lot, she was distracted by a thousand different things and was oblivious to the van that was parked just 20 feet from her car.

Inside the van were four men who were lying in wait for her. And unknown to Liz, she was about to walk right into their grasp.

As she passed the van and stepped to the drivers door of her Edge, the side cargo door of the van quietly opened and two of the men sprinted through the darkness, towards her.

Before she had the door open, one of the men was on her and quickly had her in a choke hold. As the pressure of the primary assailants forearm, pressed against her carotid artery, Liz struggled in his grasp. But she was no match for him and after less than 15 seconds, she was unconscious.

As she slumped in his arms, he picked her up like a rag doll and carried her to the van. Then tossing her inside, the two men jumped in and closed the cargo door as the van sped out of the parking lot.
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flipflop is infamous around these partsflipflop is infamous around these parts
Default Chapter 2

At the wheel of the van was Michael Carpenter. Carpenter was a twice convicted robber who (five years earlier) had completed a 17 year prison sentence for the armed robbery of a K-mart pharmacy, across the river in Minneapolis.

Abducting people off the street was not part of his criminal profile, even though a great deal of money could be obtained through ransom. But money was not the motive behind this crime. What drove him to progress to a more serious felony like kidnapping was a desire for revenge!

It was a revenge fueled by 17 years in a maximum security prison. 17 years of misdirected blame towards the person whom Carpenter erroneously felt was responsible for him being there in the first place. That person was Liz's husband, Dave.

Twenty two years earlier, Dave was a police officer in Minneapolis. On the night that Carpenter and three associates committed an armed robbery at the K-mart pharmacy, Dave was on duty.

While responding to assist at the robbery scene, Dave observed the getaway vehicle fleeing in the opposite direction.

Turning to give chase, Dave caught up with the vehicle and pulled it over at gunpoint. Carpenter then fled the scene on foot, leading Dave on a lengthy foot chase, but Dave stayed with him and eventually apprehended him.

The end result? A commendation for Dave and a 17 year prison sentence for Carpenter.

He promised he'd get even with the cop who arrested him and he stewed over it for the entire time he was in prison. And while he was serious about wanting revenge, he never actually thought he'd get the chance. That was...until five weeks ago.

It had been 10 years since Dave had retired from law enforcement, to pursue other career interests. So by the time Carpenter was released, Dave was 'in the wind'.

After spending the time since his release, trying to find him, without success, Carpenter had for all practical purposes, given up on his vendetta. Then, five weeks ago, by pure coincidence, Dave fell right into his lap!

On that fateful day, Dave had come to the college to meet Liz for lunch. Carpenter, on the other hand (at the insistence if his parole officer) had enrolled in to classes at the same college.

While Dave was standing at the lobby information desk, waiting for Liz and talking with the receptionist (who was a family friend) Carpenter walked by on his way to his class.

As he passed Dave, he instantly detected a hint of familiarity. Balot of time had passed since the last time he saw Dave in that courtroom.

And while Dave looked different in a t-shirt and shorts, than he did in a police uniform, he still had that "cop look" about him. And while Dave had added some grey hair since the last time Carpenter had seen him, he hadn't really changed all that much.

Carpenter on the other hand, had changed a great deal. He had bulked up, for one thing. Hours upon hours in the prison weight room tended to do that.

In addition to his increased body mass, Carpenter sported a full beard now and had added a fair amount of his own grey hair, since that day, all those years ago. So while Carpenter looked nothing like he did on that day when Dave arrested him, Dave hadn't changed all that much. But still, Carpenter needed to be sure.

Plopping himself down in one of the lobby chairs, he made himself comfortable and watched Dave as he spoke with the receptionist.

Several minutes later, Dave was joined by a nice looking, middle-aged, blonde woman. As they stood and talked with the receptionist for a few more minutes, Carpenter watched Dave leave with the blonde.

Quickly standing up, Carpenter walked to the desk and spoke with the receptionist. "Sorry to bother you, but do you know that man who just left with the blonde woman? He looks just like an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in over 20 years. His name isn't John Michaels, is it?"

Smiling, the receptionist said, "I'm afraid not. His name is Dave Miller." Smiling at her he said, "oops, guess I was wrong. Thanks anyway."

As Carpenter walked away from the desk, he smiled and said to himself, "nice to see you again...Officer Miller!"

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flipflop is infamous around these partsflipflop is infamous around these parts
Default Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Now, as the van headed north, out of town, The three men in the back, we're busy duct taping Liz's wrists, ankles and mouth.

Then, knowing she'd be waking up shortly, they set to work blindfolding her so she wouldn't know where she was or the route they had taken to bring her there.

Yelling, to the back of the van, Carpenter said "I'm taking the back road to the cabin. Have you got her blindfolded yet?"

From the rear of the van, one of the accomplices shot back, "she's all set". As he turned off the highway, he yelled back "Good. Because she should be waking up any second now. And remember! Nobody lays a hand on her until we get to the cabin. And", he continued, "I get first crack at her when we get where we're going".

No sooner had Carpenter turned off the main highway, and Liz woke up. Instantly she became hysterical and started thrashing on the floor of the van. She couldn't see, she couldn't scream an she could barely move.

She had no idea where she was, how she had gotten there, how long she had been there or how long she had been unconscious.

In reality it had been only 4-6 minutes that she was out, but for all Liz knew, it could have been hours.

As she continued to squirm and thrash on the floor of the van, the vehicle rolled north and quickly disappeared from the main traffic flow.

Accelerating to 60 mph, Carpenter estimated they'd be at their final destination in just over 10 minutes. The cabin was, at the end of a private road, on a 300 acre parcel that Carpenter had inherited from his parents, who had passed away three years ago.

The cabin was nothing special and didn't have a lake, but it was private and isolated, and far away from other people. It was the perfect place to go if you didn't want anybody to find you.

As he neared the turnoff that would take them to the cabin, he thought about how very different the revenge he had planned for 'Officer Miller' was going to be from what he had originally envisioned.

He had always imagined shooting him and leaving him to die, in his own blood, next to his squad car. But his early retirement had quashed that idea.

Then, five weeks ago, the unexpected encounter with him and his pleasantly attractive wife (at the college) gave Carpenter a much better idea, and effectively saved Dave's life.

Now, rather than kill him, Carpenter had decided that his wife would take the punishment that he had originally reserved for Dave.

Dave would live to see another day, but after tonight, 'Officer Miller's' wife would never be the same again and that would be the best revenge he could ever hope to take out, on him.

And while what he had planned for Liz was going to be far from enjoyable for her, Carpenter and his former prison buddies planned on enjoying every, second of their time with her.
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flipflop is infamous around these partsflipflop is infamous around these parts
Default Chapter 4

Chapter 4

As Carpenter pulled the van onto the gravel road, leading to the cabin, he yelled back to his rear passengers and said "okay. We're here. Somebody jump out and chain the driveway gate behind me."

As he pulled the van forward,he waited while one of the rear passengers opened the cargo door and exited the van. Then as Carpenter watched him in the side view mirror, as he chained the gate, he waited for him to get back into the van and headed the rest of the way down the gravel road. As he pulled up to the cabin, he said "okay. Let's get her inside.

While his three compatriots hoisted Liz up in the air and carried her flailing, squirming body into the cabin, Carpenter grabbed a black athletic bag from the front seat. As he carried it towards the cabin, he suddenly thought back to the day, over 20 tears ago, when he had exited a car with a similar black athletic bag, as he fled from Officer Miller.

That bag held stolen narcotics and thousands of dollars in cash. This bag while it held no money, would be just as valuable to Carpenter, before the night was over.

Walking inside the cabin, he shut the door behind him and locked. It. As he walked into the main living area, he saw the other three men holding up a struggling, squirming Liz
"Let's take her into the bedroom", he said.

Once in the bedroom, they tossed her down onto the bed. Then, as she lay on her back, doing her now familiar squirm and thrash, Carpenter removed a fairly large Buck knife from the holster of his belt.

He smiled as he looked at it because, technically, carrying a knife was a violation of his parole. But considering that what he was planning to do to Liz would put him back in prison for the rest of his life, if he ever got caught, the possession of the knife seemed like a laughable concern. However, Carpenter knew, that the chances of him getting caught, we're next to none.

Moving towards the bed, he rolled her onto her stomach and solicited some assistance from one of his comrades.

"Hold her arms while I cut the duct tape", he said. A few seconds later one of the other ex-cons was kneeling next to her and holding her arms.

Then, pointing to the black athletic bag, he motioned towards one of the other men and said. " bring me that pair of handcuffs in the bag".

As he took the handcuffs from him, Carpenter smiled at the irony of the situation. The last time he had seen Officer Miller, it was Carpenter who was wearing handcuffs. " How appropriate" he thought that he should now be putting them on the wife of the man who had sent him back to prison.

As he sliced through the duct tape on her wrists, he directed his friend to extend her arms up over her head.

Then, quickly rolling her onto her back, they positioned her hands so they were extending up, on either side, of one of the brass spindles on the headboard. Then, applying the handcuffs, Carpenter methodically clicked then closed and, much like her husband had done years earlier, used the tip of a pen to double lock them.

Her arms were now in a much more comfortable position for Liz, as it was less restrictive for her shoulders. However, her moment if calmness was short lived as she quickly resumed her thrashing and muffled screaming.

As Carpenter watched her squirming on the bed, he gave her a thorough head-to-toe assessment. Since that day, five weeks earlier, when he had seen Dave and determined that this woman was his wife, he had been stalking her every move, to enable him to get to this point.

However, in that time, he had never been this close to her. He had already seen that she had a cute face (especially for a woman who was just past 50). But from this vantage point, he could see that she had a much better body than he thought.

She was wearing a form-fitting black, pullover shirt that hugged her upper body very nicely. She had a blazer on over it, but even with that he could see that she had a nice little set of tits. He estimated about 34B, or so.

He'd already seen how nicely her dress slacks hugged her ass, and decided that, "this bitch has a pretty nice package, especially for a woman of her age".

As he smiled at her, his warped brain rationalized that it was actually her and her husband's fault that she was in this predicament.

"First" he reasoned, "if this bitch's fuckin' husband hadn't arrested me, and sent me back to prison, I wouldn't need to get revenge.

"Second", he rationalized, "If he hadn't married such a nice attractive woman, I would have shot him instead. But now" he thought, as he looked intensely at Liz, "because she's a nice lookin' woman, with a decent body, she's going to have to get raped."

"If you had only married somebody else", he thought. "We wouldn't have to do this to you. So I guess, if you really think about it, this is your fault, bitch!".

Stepping back from the bed, he picked up the athletic bag from the floor and reached inside. Then, removing two sets of leg shackles, he walked back to the bed and recruited his friend to help him again.

Then, handing him one set of shackles, he said "when I cut the tape on her legd, attach this to her ankle.then, attach the other end to the foot of the bed frame".

As Carpenter cut the rape, each man quickly grabbed an ankle and, within seconds, she was secured to the bed, spread eagle.

Now, with Liz completely helpless and with no chance of escape, Carpenter stood up and left her lying there blindfolded and gagged.

Then, heading towards the bedroom door he walked out into the hallway and motioned the other three men to accompany him. Then closing Liz inside the bedroom, he said "C'mon guys! Let's have a beer."
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Default Chapter 5

Carpenter pulled four cold beers from the refrigerator and distributed one to each of the the other three men.

Then taking one for himself, he dropped down on to the couch, and called them to join him. As the other men found their respective chairs, Carpenter suddenly stood up and began feverishly checking all of his pockets. Then, with a look of shock he said "oh shit! I forgot my rubbers. Did any if you guys bring any?" Looking at each other frantically, they then looked at Carpenter with a look of disappointment and said "fuck no."

Then Carpenter, who was looking at them very seriously, suddenly broke into a laugh and said "just kidding! Geez you guys are gullible. Don't worry. No condoms will be required. We're gonna fuck this bitch 'au naturale'" he said, suddenly taking on a bogus French accent.

Then, he suddenly got serious again. "Okay. I know you guys all understand the plan and how things are gonna go, tonight. But now before we get 'down and dirty' with this bitch, I need to lay out a few rules. These, rules are not negotiable!"

"First, no names! Once we walk into that bedroom, you cannot use any of our first or last names until after its all over. Are you guys clear on this?". They all nodded in agreement. "Good", said Carpenter.

"Second. No pictures or videos of any kind. We can't risk having our faces shown in conjunction with this in anyway" Again, they all nodded in agreement..

"Third, nobody can say anything to her that would cause her to know that we know her husband was a cop. We want her and him to think this is a random attack on his lovely wife. If he thinks it has anything to do with the fact that he was a cop, they might be able to develop a suspect list."

Looking into the eyes of each of the other three. Carpenter asked, "do you guys have any questions?". Nobody did. "Good", said Carpenter. "Then let's have another beer.

As they finished their second beers, Carpenter looked at the clock on the mantle and stood up.

"Well, time to start this little party", he said with a grin. Then, he looked at the pair who had grabbed Liz from the parking lot and said, "where's her cell phone?"

Quickly, one of them extracted it from his pocket and handed it to Carpenter. Looking at it in his hand, he frowned. "Shit! Its an I-phone. Do any of you know how to work one?" quickly one of the three stepped forward and took it from his hand.

Carpenter had been out of prison long enough to get himself quite comfortable with cell phone technology. But his personal cell was not an i-phone and many of the features and functions were different from what he was used to.

"What do you need?" he asked Carpenter. Reaching into the athletic bag, that had been with him constantly, he pulled out a hands free headset, with an extended boom mike. Handing it to him, Carpenter said "synch this so it works with her phone".

Taking the device from Carpenter, he asked him "is it charged"? Carpenter looked at him and said, "No. It's totally dead. The challenge is for you to synch a device that has a dead battery." pausing while the other two laughed, Carpenter said, "of course it's charged. I'm not that much of an idiot!"

Smiling at his own stupid question, he powered up the device and waited while the i-phone searched for it. Once it was paired with the phone, he tested it and confirmed that it was working.

Then, he checked the phones battery level and confirmed it was fully charged. "Anything else?" he asked Carpenter. "Yeah. Check her contacts and find her husband's cell phone number".

Clicking on her contacts, he scrolled down until he found 'Dave'. Then, confirming with Carpenter that that was the name he was looking for, he asked "is that it?". Carpenter replied "yeah. Thanks", and took the phone back. Then, without another word, he grabbed the athletic bag and headed towards the bedroom, with his three ex-con friends in tow.

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Default Chapter 6

Opening the bedroom door, they walked in to find Liz thrashing on the bed, screaming into the duct tape gag and expending energy in a completely futile attempt to break free from the handcuffs and shackles.

Walking over to the bed, Carpenter sat down and removed her blindfold. Now that she could finally see, she stopped squirming long enough to look around the room.

First she tilted her head back and shifted her eyes to look up at the brass headboard, where her wrists were secured. Seeing the handcuffs she suddenly realized why she was unable to get her arms free.

Then, lifting her head and looking towards the foot of the bed, she saw the shackles attached to her ankles and realized that continued struggling to get free would be pointless.

Then looking around the room, she could see she was in the bedroom of what appeared to be a rather outdated cabin. The room had two windows, but the shades had been pulled down and the curtains were closed.

There appeared to be no clock in the room so Liz had no idea what time it was, nor how long she had been there.

Then, she heard the voices of the four men, she suddenly realized that she wasn't alone. Shifting her eyes around the room, she first saw Carpenter standing over her. He was watching her intently, but said norhing.

Then she saw the other three men, standing around at different locations throughout the room.

The men all appeared to be huge, well over six feet tall, and she had never seen any of them before.

Suddenly, she was terrified and started to scream. Carpenter let Liz scream for a few minutes, just so she'd wear herself out. The duct tape across her mouth blocked most of if it. Then, after letting her waste her breath, screaming into a mouth full of duct tape, he suddenly sat down next to her, and waved his knife in her face to get her attention.

As Liz stared at the knife, her eyes wide with fear, Carpenter told her, "if you want to stay alive bitch, you'll stop screaming long enough to listen to me". Carpenter had no intention of killing her, the knife had a different purpose. But Liz had no way of knowing that. So she stopped screaming,

"That's better. Now I want you to listen carefully. I'm going to pull that duct rape off your mouth and you are not going to scream. You're just going to listen. Do you understand?" Liz nodded her head. "Good", said Carpenter.

Slowly, he reached out with his finger and gently lifted a corner of the duct tape from her cheek.

Then, carefully pulling it towards him, he slowly removed it from her mouth. "Does that feel better?" Liz replied with a gentle nod of her head.

Suddenly, Liz blurted out "what do you...", but before she could. complete to sentence Carpenter pressed his large index figure over her lips and said, "No talking. Just listening, right now. You'll be able to talk and make all the noise you want in few minutes. But now, it's my turn. And," he continued "I have a big knife." His message was clear do Liz did what she was told.

Lying there, quietly now (no longer thrashing) she stared into Carpenter's cold eyes while he spoke.

"Now from this point forward, if you want to continue to stay alive, you are going to have listen to my instructions very carefully and do absolutely everything I tell you. Do you understand?" Liz replied with a nod of her head. "Good", said Carpenter.

"That means that you are going to do exactly what I tell you to do and say exactly what I tell you to say. Do you understand?" Again, Liz nodded her head. "So far so good", said Carpenter.

"If you do everything I tell you and you follow all these rules, we'll let you go when we're done. But if you don't... well remember...I have this big knife".

Then holding the knife up above her face, he slowly slid the blade against her cheek. Not hard enough to cut her, but hard enough to make her feel the edge of the blade. The look of complete terror that Carpenter saw in Liz's eyes convinced him that his intended message had been received 'loud and clear'.

Folding the knife and putting it back in his belt holster, he then reached down next to the bed and removed the hands free headset from inside. Then while Liz silently watched him, he turned towards her and gently positioned on her head. Then after carefully placing the earpiece around her ear, he adjusted the boom mike so it was properly positioned by her mouth and powered up the device.

Then as Liz watched him with a look that evoked not just fear, but confusion as well, Carpenter picked up her i-phone and laid it on the bed, next to her. Then, he smiled at her and asked, "would you like to talk to your husband?"

Liz thought he was joking, so she didn't answer. But then, he asked her again. Staring st him, with that same confused look, she couldn't believe he was serious. "Y-y-yes!" she stammered. "Okay. Lets call him." said Carpenter.

Picking the phone up off the bed, he went to her contacts and pulled up Dave's name. Then turning the screen so she could see it, he asked her "is this your husband?".

She hesitated to answer at first, but she needed Dave so badly right now. She was so terrified and she just had to hear his voice. "Yes", answered Liz.

Before initiating the call, he looked at Liz and pointed st the headset. "When I dial the number, your going to hear everything through that earpiece you're wearing and you'll be able to talk to him through the microphone so he'll hear everything your saying without any problem. And," he continued, "while you're on the phone with him, if I have anything I want you to tell him, you will follow my directions and do exactly as I say. Got it?" Liz nodded her head. "Good!" said Carpenter. "Now, let's talk to your husband".

Carpenter then hit the call button on Liz's phone and within a few seconds, she heard it ringing through the earpiece of the headset. It rang four times before switching to voicemail. Liz was crestfallen! She wanted to cry.

As soon as she heard the tone, she started speaking in a controlled, but clearly panicked sounding voice. "Dave, it's me! Please call me back right away. I have to talk to you. It's an emergency!"

Then, as Carpenter used the handset to disconnect the call, Liz looked at him with eyes that were slowly filling with tears, and "whimpered, please let me go!"

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Default Chapter 7

While Liz was leaving her urgent voice mail, Dave was driving to the restaurant where he was meeting his friends for dinner and drinks. They were already up at the cabin, and they were all meeting for their customary Friday night dinner at Prop's Bar and Grill.

Because of the remote location of the lake where Dave's friends cabin was located, there were many areas along the way, where there was limited cell phone coverage. And Dave happened to be driving through one of those areas, just at the time Liz was calling.

As he pulled into the lot at Prop's, he saw his friends pickup already parked. Taking the spot next to it, Dave locked his SUV and hurried inside to join his friends for that beer that he was so thirsty for.

As soon as he pulled into the lot, his Blackberry suddenly picked up the signal from the restaurants complimentary wi-fi and emitted an audible voice mail alert tone.

Continuing inside the restaurant, Dave found his friends, greeted them all at the table that they had selected and then paused to check his phone. Opening his visual voice mail, he saw that the call had come from Liz.

It was unusual for her to call him during his fishing trip, so it was safe to assume that whatever she had called about was important.

Momentarily excusing himself from his friends, he hit the play button, put the phone to his ear and listened to the message.

Hearing the underlying sense of urgency in Liz's voice, and then hearing her say it was an emergency, he immediately excused himself and went back out to his car to call her.

Hurrying across the lot, he hit the button on his key fob and unlocked the door. Once behind the wheel, he dialed Liz's number and anxiously waited for her to answer.
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Default Chapter 8

Seventy-five miles southwest of Dave's location, Liz's cellphone suddenly rang. As the sound of the ring tone pierced the tense silence of the remote cabin, Liz gasped. Hoping upon hope that it was Dave.

Looking at the phones call screen, Carpenter saw Dave's name appear. He hit the touch screen to connect the call and watched Liz as she realized the call was live.

The second she heard Dave's voice, she burst into tears and started sobbing, hysterically, into the phone.

"Oh my God! Oh my God, Dave! I need you so badly. I'm in sooo much trouble!! I'm so scared!"

The more she talked the more hysterical she got. And the more hysterical she got, the harder it was for Dave to comprehend what she was telling him.

Trying to remain calm, as his wife screamed hysterically into the phone, he listened carefully, waiting to get a clue that would tell him what was happening. Finally, Liz paused and took a deep breath, before she screamed, "Dave! I've been kidnapped!"

As he heard the words from Liz's mouth, his blood suddenly ran cold. Almost instantly, he felt himself breaking into a sweat.

Then, composing himself before he spoke, he tried to sound unrattled as he prepared to ask her questions.

"Can he hear you talking to me?"

"Yes! Th-th-they're right here in the room with me" responded Liz, with a trembling voice.

"They?" thought Dave. "You said they! How many are there, Liz?" pausing to glance around the room, Liz responding "f-f-four! There are four of them". "Four???" thought Dave. "That doesn't sound good", he thought.

"Do they gave any weapons?" Liz's voice trembled slightly as she responded. "He has a b-b-big knife. He keeps waving it in my face.".

"Have they hurt you? Have they touched you?" Dave asked. "If they lay a hand on you, I'll kill everyone of them!"

Liz listened to Dave's swelling anger, and smiled inwardly as he swore to protect her. Of course, for all his chest thumping, neither he nor Liz knew where she was. So at this point, all his bravado was just talk, and was of no value. However, he knew it would help keep Liz's spirits up.

"Can you see out the window?" he asked. "No. The shades are pulled and the curtains are closed."

"Well can you sneak over there and peek out through the curtains?"

"No! Dave, you don't understand. I'm handcuffed to the bed. I can't move!" Suddenly hearing that she was on a bed, in a room with four men, significantly increased Dave's level of concern.

"You're sure they haven't touched you?" Dave asked again. "Yes! I'm positive. He promised he wouldn't hurt me if I did everything he told me to".

Listening in to her conversation, Carpenter smiled. "That's not quite right" he thought to himself. " I said I wouldn't kill her if she did what I told her. I never said I wouldn't hurt her."

Somewhat relieved by that comment, Dave wiped his brow and took a deep breath. "Then you keep doing that. Just keep yourself alive by doing what they tell you. You're doing great so far, kiddo!" Dave told her, as he tried to keep her encouraged. "I love you" he told her. "I love you too," came Liz's reply. "Please help me Dave! PLEASE!" she pleaded.

"I'm trying, honey!" said Dave." I'm really trying!". Then he considered his options. There weren't many. He didn't know, where she was and Liz was in no position to help him narrow it down. She didn't know how long she had been there or how long the drive was to get there. All she could tell him was that she was abducted from the college.

Based on how much time had passed, she could be anywhere within a 100 mile radius, possibly even across the state line in Minnesota.

And being that he had been out of law enforcement for over 10 years, he didn't have the police contacts, or the influence that he once did.

"Can you describe them to me, sweetheart?", Dave asked. Liz started given a description, when suddenly her voice stopped. A second later there was an unfamiliar male voice on the line.

"Okay. We've let you ask enough questions now it's our turn to talk. "Who is this?" Dave demanded to know. "Shut up asshole," came Carpenter 's reply. "Your going to listen for awhile. Unless you want the cops to find your pretty wife, rotting in a dumpster." Dave stopped talking. "That's better", said Carpenter.

"Your wife has followed the rules and that's why she's still alive. If you want to keep her that way, you'll do the same thing. Now listen, asshole! Here is how this is going to go."

"I'm going to put your wife back on the phone and she's going to talk to you. While she's on the phone with you, you are not to disconnect this call for any reason. We will keep the line open and so will you. If your wife calls your name, at any point during this call and you don't respond, we will assume you have disconnected the call, or stepped away from the phone."

If you disconnect the call or step away from the phone so you are unable to respond to, questions, we will kill her. Do you understand?" Dave, responded with a controlled, "yes".

This tactic might work in his favor he thought. "I could mute the call, then activate a second call with the the police and they could try to isolate the signal location from Liz's phone while I'm still connected."

Then almost as if Carpenter was inside his head, he said "oh. And by the way. To make sure you stay on the line and that we continually have your undivided attention, I want you to turn on your radio."

"What?" asked Dave. " I said turn on your car radio." Slowly Dave turned it on and music started playing over the speakers. Carpenter said, "Okay. Now tune it to 107.3 and leave it there and turn up the volume." Dave did as he was instructed.

As he got the radio to the right station, he rolled his eyes. It was some grunge station that played non-mainstream rap and other types of music that most stations would get in trouble with the FCC, for playing on the air.

"Good. Now while you're on the line, I will have your wife's handset set to speaker and she'll be on a headset. As long as this phone connection is live, I'll hear music or commercials from this station streaming across the speaker. If at any time I don't hear this radio station over her phone, I'll know you muted the call. If that happens", Carpenter continued, "this bitch will end up in the morgue! Is that understood?"

Dave hesitated before he answered. "Geez! Who the hell us this guy?" he wondered. He'd considered every possible contingency. If the kidnapping victim had been anybody other than Liz. Dave would have actually been slightly impressed. But now. All he wanted was to have Liz home safe, and this guys face, dead center, in the sights of his Glock.

"Hey asshole!" Carpenter said. "Are you listening? I asked if you understand. Calmly, Dave responded, "yes. I understand". His outward calm was masking the panic that was starting to build under the surface. Dave was not in control of this situation and not being in control meant he had no way to direct the outcome. And the more his brain rehashed what Liz had told him, the more concerned he became that it would not be a positive turn of events.

Good", said Carpenter. "Now here's the next part. And it's just as important. So listen carefully. As of this moment", Carpenter said. " There are only six people on the planet who know about the fact the your wife has been kidnapped. Those people are you, me, your pretty wife and my three friends. If you tell anybody else about this, or call the cops, we'll slit this bitch's throat! Do you understand, fuck head?" Dave responded, "yes".

As Dave listened, he kept waiting for last piece of information...a ransom demand. "That has be coming next" he thought. He and Liz didn't have a ton of money but he could get some from his 401K if it meant saving her life.

"So how much do you want?" asked Dave. "How much is the ransom?" Carpenter responded, I don't want any ransom. This isn't about money, asshole", he said. "No ransom?" thought Dave. "Then what do you want?" he asked. "You'll find that out in a few minutes", came Carpenter's answer.

"Now I'm going to put your wife back on the phone. Remember! No matter what she tells you, do not disconnect this call or turn off that radio! If you do...your wife dies!"

There was a delay of several seconds before Liz was reconnected through the headset. Once she was back on the line, Dave was glad to hear her voice again, even though she was crying and she kept telling him how scared she was. He tried to reassure her that he would keep her safe. Projecting confidence that he would find her, and save her.

His confident demeanor seemed to keep Liz calm and help her to believe that he was actually working on a plan. But he felt guilty for trying to give her false hope. Because in reality he felt as helpless as she did. He had no plan and absolutely no reason to be confident.
And as much as it pained him to acknowledge it, the thing that was keeping him from trying to come up with a rescue plan for Liz was...Liz!

As long as he was on the phone with her, he couldn't make any other calls or try to bring in any kind of help from outside sources. But he couldn't possibly tell her that. And even if he could, he couldn't do anything about it because he couldn't hang up the phone.

He couldn't even drive anywhere, because of the spotty cell phone coverage. If he did, and the call dropped, Liz was as good as dead. He realized now that he had his back against a brick wall with no place to go. He rubbed his temples. He was getting a throbbing headache. Between the God awful music on his radio that was offending his ears, and the dire predicament that Liz was in, he didn't see how things could get much worse.

Then, suddenly...they did!

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Excellent. I like where this is going.
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Default Chapter 9

Liz had been back on the phone with Dave for roughly ten minutes. He had done a good job of keeping her calm and reassuring her that she'd be okay, when suddenly, she started to scream!

"No! No!" she shrieked. "Stay away from me!" Her screams into the headset mike were almost deafening to Dave.

"No! No Plleae don't kill me!" Suddenly, almost as panic-stricken as Liz, Dave yelled into the phone "Liz! Liz! What's happening?"

Screaming into the headset Liz cried "He's coming towards me with his knife! No! No! PLEASE!" STOP!"

"Oh my God!" thought Dave. "It was all a sick game! We did everything they told us to do, promising he wouldn't kill her if we did, then he makes me listen to my wife getting murdered anyway?" Dave was nearly ready to vomit when suddenly, he heard Liz's voice again.

"Stop it! No! Stop it!" Suddenly he yelled into the phone "Liz! Liz! What's going on?" Suddenly Dave heard Carpenter's voice over the phone, "c'mon lady. You heard your husband. Tell him what I'm doing!"

"Oh my God, he's c-c-cutting open my shirt. No. Stop it!" then Dave heard Carpenter's voice. "Oh those are nice baby".

"No stop it! Oh my God! Dave! He's ripping off my bra!"

"Oh baby", said Carpenter's voice. "Those taste good. Tell him what I'm doing, bitch!"

Liz was crying again as she stammered the description of what Carpenter was doing to her. "Oh m-m-my God, Dave! He's licking my b-b-breasts. Oh God! Please stop that!"

Dave couldn't believe what ws happening. This was supposed to be his one weekend of fun and enjoyment with the guys. A chance to unwind and relax, and suddenly here he was, sitting alone in his car, forced to listen to his wife being sexually assaulted.

He tried to focus on the hideous music on the radio. Anything to drown out Liz's voice. Then he heard her screaming again, "Ouch! Ouch!" shrieked Liz. Oh God stop it. Your hurting me!"

"Tell him bitch!" Carpenter's voice said in the background." Tell him!"

Crying louder, Liz yelled "Oh Dave, it hurts! He's biting my nipples. Oh God! He's hurting me"

Between Liz's cries, Dave could hear Carpenter's voice. "Oh yeah baby. Your tits taste so good! I wanna chew your fuckin' nipples right off!"

"Ow! Owwwwww!" screamed Liz. Suddenly, as Carpenter bit too hard he broke the skin. As several drops of blood appeared at the base of her nipple, Liz shrieked even louder, "oh my God! I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding!"

It was an inconsequential amount of blood, but Liz had a very low pain threshold and the sight of blood coming from her nipple scared her beyond reason.

"Relax bitch! Its barely three drops" said Carpenter. "Your wife sure screams a lot", he said. Loud enough for Dave to hear.

Having to listen to what was happening o Liz, helpless to do anything to stop it, was bad enough. But forcing Liz to describe what was happening to her, in detail, was worse. Dave couldn't believe what a sick, demented, bastard he was.

And as bad as this all was, Dave's 'cop brain' told him that 'it was going to be much worse before it was over.

Having stopped biting her nipples now, the pain that Carpenter was inflicting upon Liz suddenly subsided. Her painful screams had stopped, for the time being, and had been replaced by quiet whimpering.

As he used his tongue to clean the blood from her breast, Carpenter lifted his head from her chest and asked somebody to bring him a beer. Hearing Carpenter ask for a beer was the first indication Dave had that there was alcohol present. That realization increased his level of concern, for all the obvious reasons.

While Carpenter took a momentary break to gulp down the beer and wash Liz's blood from his mouth, Liz suddenly quieted down.

"What's happening, Liz?" Dave whispered. "He d-d-drinking a beer" she whispered back to her husband.

Then before Dave could ask Liz any more questions, Carpenter was suddenly back along side the bed.

"Did you miss me, baby?" Carpenter asked mockingly. Dave heard Carpenter talking to her again and his rage resumed it's slow boil

"Damn! He didn't leave her alone long enough for me to ask her hardly anything. But I guess that was the point " Dave thought. "Keep her off balance. Don't give her (or me) a chance to think".

Standing over the bed, looking down at her, Carpenter asked her if she was hungry. " it's way past dinner time and I know you haven't had anything to eat" Dave heard him say.

Liz stopped whimpering long enough to say "no!". The tone in her voice was less than polite.

"What the hell?" wondered Dave. "He wants to give her something to eat??". As his brain worked to connect the dots, he suddenly heard Liz screaming again.

"No!"shrieked Liz. "No! Please don't make me do that!" then he heard Carpenter's voice, in the background, "open your mouth bitch! I'm gonna feed this to you!"

Instantly Dave knew what was happening and he closed his eyes and grimaced as he visualized what Carpenter was about to make Liz do!

"Tell him what's happening, bitch!" demanded Carpenter. Tell him...now!"

"Oh my God, Dave. He's trying to make me take his p-p-penis in my mouth! Oh God please help me!".

Liz did not like sucking cock, even under the best of circumstances. She had refused to do it for him during all their years of marriage, no matter how much he had tried to persuade her. She even refused to call it a cock. She only used the word penis. Even under these circumstances Liz was too dignified to deviate from that standard.

The fact that she was still sticking to her puritanical views on sex, made Dave realize that she still had the will to fight.

"Open your mouth you fuckin' bitch!" yelled Carpenter! "No!" screamed Liz.

"Atta girl, Liz! Keep resisting" thought Dave. Then, suddenly he had an idea. Whispering into his phone, he said "Liz. Can you hear me?" Liz stopped screaming, long enough to whisper back, “Y-y-yes!”
“Okay”, whispered Dave. “Listen carefully. When he puts it in your mouth, bite it! Bite it hard and latch on with your teeth as hard as you can and don’t let go!” Liz listened carefully and cringed at the thought of what Dave was suggesting. She didn't want to take it in her mouth. But she knew he was right!” “Okay”, she whispered back. I-I-I’ll do it!”

“Good girl” said Dave.

Suddenly one of Carpenters co-horts walked over to the bed and whispered in Carpenter’s ear. Both Liz and Dave had forgotten that Carpenter had Liz’s handset on speaker. So even though Carpenter couldn’t make out the whispering conversation over the sounds of Liz’s resistance, his three friends heard every word.

As his friend walked away from the bed, Carpenter turned towards him and said “Thanks man! I owe ya’”. Then, grabbing a handful of Liz’s hair he looked into her eyes and said “Now listen up, you fuckin bitch! If you have any ideas about biting my cock, you better get those out of your head, right now! If I feel so much as one tooth on my dick”, he paused.

Then, holding his knife up in front of her face he continued “I’ll cut your fuckin’ tits off and then slit your God damn throat! Do you understand?” Liz nodded silently. “That’s good!”

Then standing up, long enough to remove his pants and briefs, Carpenter climbed on top of Liz and straddled her chest. As his hairy, sweaty ass pressed her tits flat against her body, he positioned his cock near her mouth and said “open you mouth, baby! It’s time for Dinner!”

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Default Chapter 10

As Carpenter’s cock slid inside Liz’s mouth, Dave could suddenly hear her gagging over the phone. As it slid into her throat, her gagging grew more violent and saliva began to collect in her mouth, and run down her airway, causing it to sound like she was choking to death.

Unable to talk to Liz now, Dave could only try to block out the sounds she was making, as she was forced to do things that he had wanted from her, but never made her do. He knew that what she was being subjected to now was causing her a degree of humiliation that she couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams.

As Liz started to make gurgling noises, and snot bubbles started to form in her nose, Dave tried to block out the sounds he was hearing. He tried plugging his ears and turned the radio up louder. Even the horrendous sounding music that was being played by the radio station was better than listen to Liz’s torment.

While the steps he had taken did help, somewhat, with blocking out the sounds of Liz’s choking, they couldn't remove the mental picture that had formed in his brain. Then, suddenly, he heard Carpenter’s voice over the phone talking to him.

Leaning close to Liz’s face, he positioned his mouth close to the boom mike and said “Hey asshole! Are you there?” Dave answered reluctantly, “yes”! “Good” came Carpenters reply. “Your wife is too busy to give you a play-by-play right now, so I thought I’d do it for her. So, listen carefully”

“Right now, my cock is all the way down her throat and my balls are slapping against her chin and her lips are wrapped around my shaft! Drool is runnin’ down the bitch’s chin and her blue eyes are so wide that I think they might just pop out of her head.”

Dave couldn’t bear to listen to what Carpenter was saying. “Why are you doing this he asked?” Carpenter responded with a vague answer that told Dave nothing. “I have my reasons” he said.

Suddenly, Carpenter turned his attention back to Liz and Dave could hear him say, “That’s really good, bitch! Now I want you to use your tongue. Wrap it around my dick and lick it! I want to feel your tongue lovin’ my cock!”

With no other option, Liz did what Carpenter told her to do. As her tongue wrapped around his cock, Dave suddenly heard slurping sounds being transmitted through the boom mike. “Oh my God”, thought Dave. His heart was aching for Liz’s humiliation and he wanted more than anything to be able to crash through the cabin door, kill Carpenter and his buddies, and then sweep her up in his arms. But thinking that way, just made it worse for him.

Suddenly, Dave heard the sounds of Carpenter’s voice again. But he wasn’t talking to him, he was talking to Liz. “Oh yeah, baby! That’s right! Use that tongue. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! You’re a good little cock sucker”.

Suddenly, Carpenter began to moan and Dave cringed as he knew what was next. “Here I go, bitch! Here I go! I’m cummin’ in your sweet mouth.”

Suddenly, Dave couldn’t listen any more. He put the phone down on the seat and turned up the radio. The, he opened the driver’s door and leaned out to vomit!

While he was puking in the parking lot, the sound of his wife gulping down Carpenter’s semen, came through his phone loud and clear.

And while his vomiting episode prevented him from hearing those sounds, he was able to clearly hear Carpenters voice, coming through his phone as he yelled “That’s it bitch! That’s good! Swallow it all! Swallow every, fuckin’ drop!”
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Default Chapter 11

After Carpenter withdrew his cock from inside Liz’s mouth, he forced her to hold her mouth open while he allowed the remaining drops of sperm to drip inside. As Liz lay there with her mouth open, like a baby bird waiting for its mother to stuff a worm down its throat, Carpenter continued to give detailed account of everything that was happening, for Dave’s benefit.

After Liz finish swallowing his sperm, she turned her head away from Carpenter and began crying hysterically, gasping out deep, gut-wrenching sobs. She couldn’t bear to think what she had been forced to do. Especially since she had never allowed Dave to do what she had just been forced to do. She doubted she could ever look him in the eye again.

Dave could hear Liz sobbing and wanted to tell, her it was okay, He knew what she was thinking and he wanted to tell her how brave she was and how he wasn’t upset with her for doing what she was forced to do. But he knew she needed to be able to cry for few minutes so he decided to just sit silently for a few minutes.

Finally, he heard Liz’s voice in his cell phone! She was crying as she talked to him. “Oh my God Dave, I’m so ashamed! I s-s-so sorry! He forced me to do that. You know that don’t you?” Then she unleashed another round of hysterical crying.

Dave waited for it to subside, before he tried talking. Finally, as the crying diminished he spoke gently into his phone. “You were so brave Liz. You were so brave! I know you didn’t want to do that, but I know he forced you to.”

“I love you!” he said. “I’ll get those bastards” he said, his voice slightly raised. Carpenter laughed to himself as he heard Dave’s display of bravado over the speaker of Liz’s phone. He thought about responding to it, but he let it pass.

He decided to let Dave and his wife talk, uninterrupted for a few minutes. He felt like another beer and he need to give his dick a chance to recharge before he fucked Liz and turned her over to his friends, who were eagerly awaiting their turns.

While the four ex-cons drank their next round of beers, Carpenter sat in the chair near the bed and listened to the music from Dave’s car radio, playing through the speaker of Liz’s phone. He didn’t really like most of the music that they played on this station. But, he had found that they had a tendency to play weird crap that nobody else played, for fear of getting booted off the air by the Feds.

They also took music requests, which Carpenter liked. And since they were a small station, with a very small listening audience, they usually played the requests right away. Shortly, Carpenter would be calling in his own personal requests.

Finishing his fourth beer, Carpenter stood up and stretched. “Okay. I’m tired of listening to these two ‘lovebirds’ babble” he said. “Besides” he thought, “my dick is starting to get hard again”. Then, he signaled to one of his former cell mates and waved him over to where he was standing. Then, he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and handed it to him. “I want you to call this radio station and make a song request for me.”

Then he handed him a post it note with the station’s request line number and the titles of the two songs he was requesting that they play. He took the note from Carpenter and looked at him as though he thought he’d lost his mind. Then, he looked at the song titles and smiled.

“Ask him if he can play them back-to-back and tell him I’d like the first one played in about 10 minutes” Carpenter added. Nodding his head, he took Carpenter’s phone and stepped outside the bedroom to make the call.
He came back into the room a few minutes later and handed back Carpenter’s cell phone. “is he going to play them?” Carpenter asked. “Yeah. He said that the station might get in trouble with the FCC but he said that this was his last week at the station anyway so he didn’t give a shit”. Carpenter smiled and asked “did he say he’d do the dedication I asked for too?”

“Yeah. He said no problem”. Smiling, Carpenter said “okay. Then let’s get down to business!”

As he walked back to the bed, Liz quickly stopped talking to Dave. “I love you” she said to her husband, as Carpenter stepped up alongside her. Then, wasting little time setting to work on Liz’s dress slacks.

He opened her belt and then unzipped the front opening. Quickly pulling the front of her pants, wide open, he smiled as he caught his first glimpse of her white, bikini panties. Then sticking the blade of his knife, inside the bottom of the zipper of her pants, he slashed downward and then ripped down her pants leg from inside the garment.

In a matter of seconds, her pants were ripped completely off her and she was laying on the bed wearing only her panties and high heels.

All the while he was working on her pants, Liz was biting her lower lip, trying not to give in to the fear she had over what she knew was soon to come.

Then, kneeling down between her shackled legs, Carpenter smiled at her, held his knife up and said, “tell him what I did, bitch”. Liz slowly and quietly said into the boom mike, “Oh Dave, he just cut off my p-p-pants!” Then, the realization of what was coming next suddenly hit her and she started to cry. “Oh God! On my God, Dave. He’s…he’s…he’s going to rape me! Please don’t let him rape me!”

Dave suddenly screamed into the phone with the only threat he had at his disposal, and it was an idle one at that. “I’ll kill you! I swear, I’ll hunt you down and kill you if you touch her!” Dave screamed through the speaker of Liz’s I-phone.

Carpenter smiled and ignored Dave’s comment. Then quickly moving his fingers inside the waistband of Liz’s panties, he pulled and tugged until they tore free from her hips. “Oh my God!” screamed Liz, “Please don’t do this! Oh God, Dave. Oh God, I’m naked. He’s stripped me naked. Please help me, Dave! Please help me!!!”

Dave was beside himself now. He could do absolutely nothing for Liz and she was within seconds of being raped. Having to listen to it would be horrible for him, but he knew that it would be even worse for Liz, knowing that he was helplessly listening to it.

Finally Dave screamed into the phone. “Please, let me disconnect the phone! I can’t stop you from raping her, but at list don’t subject us to this. Please! Let me disconnect the phone or at least put mine on mute”.

Smiling at Dave’s growing panic, Carpenter realized he had Dave right where he wanted him. “This will be much better than killing him” he thought. “No fuckin’ way asshole” yelled Carpenter. Disconnect that phone, or mute it and this bitch dies. And it won’t be fast and painless death either”.

Suddenly, Carpenter pushed Liz’s thighs apart and inserted is index finger into the tight, dry, slit of her hair covered pussy. As he he pushed it deep inside her with one thrust, Liz screamed “Oh my God, he has his finger inside me! STOP! STOP!” shrieked Liz.

As he forced his finger deeper, and then a second finger, Liz groaned and squealed in discomfort as he forced his two thick digits into her dry twat. As she groaned into the boom mike, she cried out “stop. Oh please stop. That hurts. It hurts!”

Tell your husband what I’m doing, bitch!” Carpenter said. “No! I don’t want to!” she said. Then using his other hand to grab hold of her hair, he twisted it in his fist and said “TELL HIM!” Reluctantly Liz complied.

“He...he…he’s got his fingers inside me. Oh God, Dave he’s using his fingers. Oh god. It hurts!” Dave felt like he was in a daze. He couldn’t stand listening to what was happening to Liz, but he couldn’t block it out either.

As Carpenter continued to force his fingers into Liz, her painful groans continued to transmit to Dave’s cell phone. “Stop”, Liz pleaded. “Oh God, please stop!

Ignoring her cries and continuing to work his fingers inside her, he noticed that in spite of her resistance to what he was doing, they soon began to slide in and out of her, with less resistance and Carpenter smiled as he realized that Liz was getting wet from the stimulation of his fingers.

As she continued to verbally resist, screaming for him to stop and pleading in the headset with Dave to help her, Carpenter began to move his fingers faster and then added a third finger into Liz’s increasingly damp cunt.

As his fingers stretched her opening and her moistness increased, Carpenter could hear the sounds his fingers made as they slid in and out of Liz’s, suddenly sopping wet fuck hole.
Quickly picking up her cell phone with his other hand, he held it down between her thighs so Dave could clearly hear the sounds of Carpenters fingers, squishing in and out of Liz’s cunt.

“Hear that, asshole?” he asked. “Thats the sound of your slutty wife getting all wet. This bitch likes it. Bet you wish you were here to play too, don’t you?”

“You like it don’t you, baby?” taunted Carpenter. “No” Liz squealed. “No I hate it! Stop. Oh God, please stop!” But somehow, her protests seemed less adamant than they had earlier. At least that’s how it seemed to Carpenter.

Then, as he withdrew his fingers from her slippery cunt, he moved quickly into position between her thighs and prepared to enter her. As he placed his cock against her opening, entering part way in, Liz shrieked, “NOOOO! Oh God, No! Please don’t rape me!”

As Dave listened to Liz’s protest, his attention was suddenly re-directed to the radio. The tedious sounds that passed for music, that he had been ignoring all night, suddenly had his interest. The voice of the DJ came on between songs and said, “I’ve been asked to play these next two songs as a special dedication to Liz and Dave. And I gotta tell you”, the DJ continued, "with songs like this as a dedication, Liz and Dave must be one kinky couple! So here ya’ go, Liz and Dave!”

Suddenly as the musical intro started and came blasting across the radio, Carpenter plowed forward and planted his cock into Liz.

Then as Liz started to scream, (“Oh my God! Oh my God, he’s raping me! Oh God, Dave he’s raping me!”) the voice of the late Kurt Cobain came over the airwaves, on almost perfect cue, singing his controversial song, ‘Rape Me’!

As Carpenter pounded away inside Liz, her moans and screams of protest came blasting through Dave;s cell phone, accompanied by the lyrics from Nirvana, blaring from Dave’s car radio.

As Liz screamed, ”No! No! Oh God, please stop!” Kurt Cobain’s voice echoed the lyrics, “Rape me, rape me, my friend, rape me, rape me again”. Dave felt like he was going insane, as his senses we barraged with Liz’s screams and the offensive music coming from the radio, His urge vomit again, was suddenly replaced by an even greater urge to smash his cell phone pound his car radio with a sledge hammer.
He was clearly coming unglued, which would have made Carpenter smile if he could see what this torment was doing to Dave.
Suddenly, as the final chorus of the song, with its repetitive lines, played over the airwaves, “Rape me! Rape me! Rape me! Rape me! Rape me! Rape me! Rape me! Rape me!” Dave tried not to listen.
Then, suddenly, he heard Liz groan in one final, agonizing protest as she screamed “Oh my God! Oh my God, no! He’s cumming inside me! Stop. Oh God, please stop!!”

In the background, Carpenter could be heard grunting and gasping, as he ejaculated deep inside Liz. When he was finish, he laid on top of her for a minute or two, before withdrawing from inside her.

As she lay under him, whimpering and pleading for him to get off of her, Carpenter spoke to the boom mike and said “your wife is a great fuck, man! Too bad you’re not here to enjoy her as much as I did.” But Dave heard none of it.
While Carpenter was having his orgasm, Dave had been unable to fight off the urge any longer, as a second wave of intense nausea came over him. Giving in to it, he step from his car and vomited, violently and repeatedly.

While Dave was vomiting in the trees, Carpenter climbed off of Liz, stood up from the bed, turned towards his friends and said, “Okay. Who’s next?”

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Default Chapter 12

As Liz lay on the bed, sobbing and trying to recover from what had just happened to her, Dave was recovering from his own bout of borderline hysteria. While his emotional response to the situation had manifested itself as nausea, as opposed to Liz’s screaming, it was no less intense for him, and caused just as much psychological pain.

Returning to the car, he continued to emotionally beat himself up for not being able to come up with a plan for how to save his wife from being raped. Carpenter would have been pleased to know the extent to which this was messing with Dave’s emotions.

Getting back into the driver’s seat, Dave picked up his phone and whispered to Liz. He told her how sorry he was that he couldn’t save her and in response, Liz whispered back how humiliated she was by what she had been forced to do, and begged him not to hate her.

Dave reassured her that he would never blame her for what happened that night. Then, while the conversation paused momentarily (while they each gathered their respective thoughts) the man who had been responsible for choking Liz into unconsciousness in the parking lot, suddenly climbed onto the bed. As he positioned himself between her legs, the brief phone silence between Dave and Liz was suddenly broken by the sound of Liz screaming, once again! “No! Oh no, please! No! NOOOOOOOO!”,shrieked Liz!

The second ex-con had been a former robbery accomplice of Carpenter’s. His name was Brad Anderson. He was a large man, bigger than Carpenter, and most people were scared of him just because of his size. He was 6’7” and weighed nearly 300 pounds and he was strong as an ox.
His nickname was ‘Bad’, and he had earned it on the night of the Kmart robbery, 22 years earlier.

While Dave was chasing Carpenter on foot, Anderson was driving the getaway car away from the location from which Carpenter had fled. After leading three squads on a lengthy vehicle chase, it took all three officers and a K-9 to subdue Anderson. During the scuffle, two of the officers ended up with broken noses, courtesy of Anderson’s fists. After that, his nickname stuck and from that day forward, the only person who ever call him by his given name, was his mother.

As Anderson positioned himself between her legs, she flailed to the extent she could (which wasn’t much due to the shackles and handcuffs). Unable to resist physically, she had been compensating for it by screaming.

As his massive fingers dug into her thighs, he pushed them wider, in oder for Liz to more easily accommodate his greater girth. Then, with the head of his cock poised against her slit, he slammed his hips forward and slid his dick deep into Liz in one, violent thrust!

In spite of Liz’s unwillingness to accept him inside her, her cunt was allowed relatively easy access to him, after having already been violated by Carpenter. As he pushed inside her, as far as he could go, Liz screamed and pleaded for him to stop.

Anderson was well endowed and his massive cock was far more than Liz could handle, especially since she was not sexually aroused. As he pushed harder, forcing his cock as deep as it would go, Liz screamed “Oh my God! Stop! Stop! Oh please stop! You’re hurting me! Oh God! Oh God. It hurts!

Anderson had been eager to fuck Liz, since he first grabbed her in the parking lot and it was not his style to do anything that didn’t involve brute force. True to that personality trait, he immediately began pounding Liz with hard, vicious trusts, causing his cock to slam into her cervix with each, penetrating stroke, sending sharp, percing bolts of pain through her pelvis and she began to emit loud, agonizing moans!

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Liz groaned. “Stop! Stop! You’re too b-b-big! Please! P-p-please stop hurting me!” she wailed.

Suddenly, after a brief pause from at the conclusion of the Nirvana song, the radio came back to life and filled Daves car with the sound of the second song that Carpenter had requested. Almost in perfect synch with what was happening in the cabin, the words from Willie D. filled the inside of Daves’ SUV.

“I stick my dick in, and I watch you. One second later I got you Doin’ like this, doin’ like that. My dick's big, it's fuckin’ up yo cat. Fuck me! Fuck me!” The offensive rap song droned on for another verse, all the while, Liz could be heard groaning and grunting in agony as Willie D’s voice kept repeating the chorus “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Suddenly, as Liz screamed, in one loud, final, agonizing shriek, just before she passed out, the station suddenly went to static. It appeared that he FCC had been monitoring the airwaves and had pulled the pin on Willie D.

Then, in almost perfect synchronization, Anderson could he heard through the phone “Oh you you sweet bitch! I wish you were awake to feel my cum shooting inside you! Then, he groaned and collapsed on top of her.

Suddenly, Carpenter’s voice could be heard over the cellphone, over the heavy breathing of Anderson…”too bad your bitch wife passed out, asshole. If she hadn’t, she would have been telling you how big his cock is and how deep it was inside her. Don’t think she’s ever had one that big before”.

Continuing, Carpenter said, “You should see how much cum is running out of this bitch. I bet you wish some of it was yours, don’t you?”

Dave’s face was ashen as he heard Carpenter’s description. As he fought back tears of his own, he let his anger take over. It was the only thing keeping him upright. Then in a controlled voice, Dave said, “You’re dead! I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth. And when I find you”, Dave continued (with a deadly, calm, unwavering voice) “you…are…dead!”
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