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Default Melissa

This is a another story written for Treatlikemeat. Thanks for loaning me the Melissa. Just a fair warning; Includes snuff.

The guys had been driving for hours, searching for a perfect victim.

"There," one of them pointed to a far corner parking lot in a large retail center.

All of the vehicles on this side of the store were empty. There was a lone young woman struggling to load several packages into her trunk. She looked to be in her 20's with dirty blond hair and an enticing, though average figure. Just the kind of woman they were searching for. They cruised closer, admiring her nice shapely ass in tight black jeans. She was unaware of the white van that stopped behind her and the 6 evil men that it contained.

While the driver played lookout, the one in the passenger seat crept out, making his way toward the girl. She was caught unaware, dropping her bags into the trunk, as the long arms swept around her body. A firm hand covered her mouth, and she was drug quickly towards the waiting van. In one smooth motion, the side panel was opened and more hands grabbed her, pulling her inside. The doors slammed shut, leaving her trapped in the shadows, with 4 men, while the van sped off.

The group was well prepared, and stuffed a black ball gag into her lips. Cuffs, hanging from each wall of the van were ready for her wrists. Once in place, they were pulled tight, yanking her arms straight our from her sides. The band moved back now, watching the girl struggle to her knees, and pull at her cuffs, cursing behind the gag. The scene made their cocks hard.

Her name was Melissa. She a very well educated woman, and could not believe that she would have allowed something like this to happen. This had always been a safe area of town, and it was broad daylight. Surely someone had seen and called the cops. Her stop at the store had been to pick up some special items for dinner. It was their one year wedding anniversary, and she was going to make her husbands favorite dinner; complete with candles and wine. Instead, she was chained to the walls of a van, staring fearfully into the lusting eyes of five older men; six counting the driver, that grinned back at her from the rear-view mirror.

The van was an old work van with no rear windows. The only light was from a dim bulb above Melissa's head. The floor was bare metal, easily washed out. Three men sat on a metal bench to her left, while the fourth sat on a cushion covered bucket. They were all white, ranging in age from 28 to 36, except for the one on the bucket; He was black and bald. The group had originally met in prison, where they discovered their joint fondness, for rape, torture and murder. Upon their release, or escape, (as it was for 3 of them), the group rejoined with their common interest at heart: To travel the countryside in an orgy of rape and mayhem.

The black man touched the gag at her lips.

"I'll only take this off if you don't scream," he stated, "Just nod your head, 'yes'."

Melissa nodded, her eyes darting back and forth at the men in fear. He removed the ball gag and placed it at her knees. She stretched her sore jaw before speaking.

"Please Sir, I don't know what you want, but if you just take me back to my car, I can get you some cash. It would be no trouble, and I would speak of this to no one. I'm sure that you are all kind gentlemen and would wish me no ill will," she said, under the impression she was smart enough to talk her way out of this predicament.

She became worried when they laughed at her efforts.

"Oh, Honey,' the man said, standing up in a slight stoop to unbutton his pants, 'What I can do, is think about releasing you, if...that's if, you suck my black cock."

Melissa's eyes shot open in shock. Now her eloquent words did not flow so freely.

"I...I...I...surely you don't expect me to..."

"You do want to go back to your car, do you not?" he replied.

"I...I...Yes," she answered back.

"Good. It's settled then," the man said, fishing out his semi-hard shaft. It was around 8 inches and very thick. He stroked it under her chin, before aiming it towards her lips.

"Do you promi...Muph," she was cut off in mid-sentence by the cock's flesh entering her mouth.

"I said, I will think about it. That's if you do a good job," he said.

It was degrading, having to blow the black man in the presence of the others. She really didn't believe the man, but at this point, it was her only option. Maybe if she satisfied him, she would be let go. Trying to blink the thoughts from her mind, she concentrated on giving him the best blowjob ever.

Melissa wanted to gag at the taste of the hideous cock, but she had to pretend. He pulled the dark crown from her lips and made her lick the clear drops from its eye.

"If you will release my hands, Sir, where I can hold it?" she asked.

"No, no, Honey, I want all lips," he scolded, pushing the shaft back into her warm mouth. "Ah, that's it. Rock your head."

He stopped, after a while, tilting her head back.

"Look here," he said, "Gag time." Having said that, his ass thrust forward, forcing the black shaft past Melissa's tonsils, deep down her throat.

She gagged, immediately, shocked by her loss of breath. When the shaft withdrew, she was left coughing and trying to suck in fresh air. Her lips were connected to the black shaft my a thick strand of spit. He did not give her much time before thrusting it right back in. His grip tightened in her blond hair, and he forcefully began to fuck her face. Melissa's eyes watered and her nose ran, dripping down into her mouth and along the vicious black cock.

"Ah,ah,ah,ah," he groaned as his shaft expanded in her tight throat. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls.

Mellisa wanted to hurl, when she felt the first rush of sperm shoot down her throat. It was way too much for her to handle. Excess cum shot out from the corners of her mouth, and burned through her sinuses to drip from her flaring nostrils. She still had a large mouthful when the black shaft pulled away, and the ball gag was stuffed back in. Being no room for both the cum, and the black ball; Melissa was forced to swallow the remaining load. The black man smiled and wiped his shaft in her hair.

"Muph, Mmm, Mugh?" came from behind her gag. She was trying to ask him something with pleading eyes.

"Oh, I did think about it," he replied, then shook his head. "I think not."

Those words drained all hope from her body, and she dropped her head in tears. Unable to wipe the cum from her face, she was forced to suffer the stares from the men in the van. Once the road became bumpy, she knew for sure, that she was not going back anytime soon.

The van finally stopped and most of the men clambered out, leaving just two inside with her. Those two uncuffed her wrists and drug her from the van. She blinked her eyes in the afternoon sun. In front of her stood a large, red brick, abandoned mill of some sorts. Its exterior was spotted with broken windows and graffiti covered walls. Not even bothering to make her walk, they picked up her arms and legs and carried her struggling body inside. She was horrified to find herself carried to a bare concrete wall, her arms raised above her, spread out, and attached to a steel girder atop the wall. Removing the slack in the ropes, she was forced to stand on the toes of her booted feet.

A large man with close-cropped, black hair stepped to a side table. This man was apparently the older of the group. The table was covered by a dark tarp, but from the wheeled legs, it looked to be stainless steel. The man removed his shirt then walked to Melissa. She was drawn at first to his muscular arms, then to the large hunting knife at his waist. His body was turned towards her, as if he intended for her to eye the knife.

"Let's see what we have here," he said withdrawing the blade.

"Mphh, Mphh," she protested behind her gag.

Digging his fingers into the waistband of her black jeans, he pulled her away from the wall. She froze, her eyes following the sharp blade. The blade slid into the side of the jean's waistband. The flat side of the knife's blade was cold against her skin. Her heart throbbed in her chest, blocking out all other sound. That was until she heard the ripping sound. That slow, ripping slice of her jeans, rang like bells in her ears. The blade was sharp, and cut through the leg of her tight jeans like butter. Goosebumps formed on her exposed leg. The same thing was done to the other side of her jeans, while the man firmly held her in place by the waistband of both her jeans, and the panties underneath. The jeans fell in pieces to the floor, leaving her lower half in a pair of plain white panties, her socks and brown boots.

The man's hand came up, cupping her sex over the panties. He could feel the course curls of her mound. His eyes stared into hers, savoring her fear.

"Aw, can you still taste the cum behind that ball, Baby? I bet you want some in this pussy, don't you? Are you tight? We promise to stretch out all your holes."

His hand left her cunt and traveled up under her shirt, across her smooth belly. The fingers traced the lines of her bra. Then the knife came back. It went under her shirt with his other hand, till the blade emerged from the neck of her shirt. Like her jeans, the blade began a slow slice down the front of her shirt. The others were enjoying the show. Some had already removed their clothes and were stroking their cocks. Others were scrounging around, searching for elements of torture. The man with the knife, kept watching her eyes. Her fear made him hard. Helplessly, Melissa glanced down and saw the remnants of her blue shirt fall to the concrete floor.

The man moved back, slipping the knife back into the sheath at his waist. Melissa was shaking, her body sweating with fear. Another man joined them. He spoke to the knife man:

"I like the boots. Let's leave them on for now." He then bent down and began gathering some metal cables at her feet.

Melissa was still on her tiptoes, so it was very hard to kick him in any way. She could feel the cables being attached around the ankles of her boots. The knife man had moved right up to her face. She could smell his fetid breath and see the black orbs of his sadistic eyes.

"We're gonna spread your legs now," he said.

The cables were being pulled. She fought the tension, the muscles of her thighs, strained to keep her legs together. In the long run, it was useless, and she felt the material of her panties stretch tightly to her crotch, as her legs were drawn apart. Her arms and wrists began to hurt more. With her boots barely touching the concrete, they had to support most of her weight. When the cables finally stopped, Melissa's body was spread out in a wide 'X'. The almost virgin like, plain white panties and bra, stood out against her pale skin and the dark concrete wall.

Carefully she watched the knife at the man's waist. His hand came up, the palm clutching at her mound. He pushed the material into her crease. The fingers began to rub up and down it. She swore under her breath. The finger and the fear was making her wet. Looking into the man's dark eyes, she knew he was aware of her wetness. Unconsciously her hips began to move with the finger.

"That's right, Bitch.' he said, 'Your wearing those average little panties but your just a slut. You want us to fill your tight cunt with some cum, but not yet. You'll beg to be fucked."

The knife made its appearance, this time it slipped up under the center of her bra. With a flick of his wrist, the bra separated in the middle releasing her young breasts. A few more swipes of the blade, and it was on the floor with her other garments. Still young, her breasts were pert and firm. Her unwanted arousal had transformed her nipples to hard, erect, pencil erasers. The man cupped an orb and squeezed it hard.

"Agh, Muph," Melissa groaned from behind her gag.

"Yes,' he stated, 'We have much in store for these puppies."

He began sucking the taut tips, making them swell larger and larger. They became so swollen with blood that they throbbed. Satisfied, he pulled back and showed her two small wires. To her horror, he took a wire, wrapping it tightly around her swollen nipple. The first nipple began to turn a purple color as he worked on the second. He took the flat of his hand and slapped it five times across her pantie covered mound.

"There are a lot of wires lying around here, Cunt." he said, turning back to another man. This one was holding a small computer cable. The end had been split, revealing 8 inches of several smaller, loose wires. "They make a very good whip don't you think?"

Melissa stared at the man in disbelief as he swung the cable in an arc. The wire tentacles bit into her exposed tit flesh, leaving behind thin bloody streaks. She screamed as loud as she could through the ball gag while biting down on the hard rubber. Her breasts rose and fell, as she labored to breath, mostly through her nose. She tried to dodge the next blows by shifting her breasts away from the incoming wires. In her strapped condition, all she managed to do was sway them erotically from left to right. This accomplished one thing; Increasing the size of the surrounding boners.

The pain was too much, and Melissa felt her bladder release. Piss shot out, pouring from the material of her panties, splashing loudly on the concrete floor, before running in streams down her spread legs. The warm pee left her white panties soaked and transparent. Every curl of her dark bush could be seen, as well as the deep crease of her cunt.

The man, wielding the cable stepped up to her shivering body. He wrapped the cable over her left breast and pulled it tight, bunching it into a quickly swelling ball. Her face contorted with pain. Melissa could feel the man's hard cock pressing against her damp inner thighs.

"You found a way to show us your tight snatch, didn't you, Cunt?" he asked.

Cruelly he pushed way from her body, taking the vicious cable with him. Then a new pain took her, as the blood flowed back into her unwrapped breast. She groaned, slamming her head back against the wall.

The older man was back. He took the crotch of her wet panties in his hand, right above her mound. As he squeezed it, the warm piss ran through his fingers. With a firm grip he yanked it up. The material cut into the tight crease of her sex, biting into her cunt and pressing dangerously against her clit. Her head shook from side to side and her legs quivered. Reaching behind her, he gathered the panties from her ass. Using the two ends, he began to saw the material between her cunt lips. Melissa tried in vain to rise up higher, away from the painful wedgie. It scraped agonizingly against her tender bud. The material began to stretch more and more, till was just a thin strand, then with one final tug, it broke free. Melissa's body dropped down hard, her arms taking the full weight of her body. With her young body now naked and spread wide, there would be nothing to stop her evil kidnappers, but their own imagination.
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Default Melissa Pt. 2

With the wet panties removed, Melissa's cunt was open to the arrival of her first cock of the day. The older man stared into her eyes and pressed his flesh against her opening. She pushed her ass back against the cold concrete wall, shying away from the hard shaft. He pulled the ball gag from her lips and tossed it to the floor, where it landed in the puddle of piss. He made a mental note to use it again later.

"You ready to beg for a fuck?" he asked.

"Fuck you," she replied, spitting in his face.

"No. 'Fuck me', you should say."

"I will give you no such satisfaction," she spat back.

"We'll see," he said.

Reaching down, he began to unwind a wire from her nipple, leaving just its tip dangling free. He than held out his hand, and one of the others placed a small lighter in his palm.

"You look educated. You know what this is for?" he asked her, holding the lighter's flame to the end of the copper wire.

"Oh God. No. No!" she screamed.

The tip began to glow. Heat transferred to the remaining wire, snugly attached to her purple nipple.

Agh! Agh! St...Stop!" she screamed trying to tug her breast away from the blue flame.

When the flame finally shifted away from the wire, the heated copper continued to burn.

"Fuck me, is what I believe you wanted to say," he stated.

"No," she replied.

The lighter moved back to the copper wire.

"No! Noooo! Aghhh! Stop! Fuck me," she pleaded.

He moved the flame away. "What? What did you say?" he questioned.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

"The others can't hear you. Say what?"

"I said 'Fuck me...Please," she repeated, hanging her head in shame.

"Tell you what,' he said, 'Roll your hips towards me and take my cock."

On top of her humiliation, he going to force her to fuck him. Reluctantly, she eased her sex forward, engulfing his shaft in her piss damp cunt. Before it was fully inserted, he slammed his cock ahead, driving the full force into her tight hole. She grunted in response, her splayed thighs forced wider to except his body. There was no mattress to cushion the blows of his cock, only the hard concrete to slap against her naked ass. He held her chin and dug his fingers into her cheeks, making her look back at him.

"You look at me when you take my cock, Whore," he screamed.

"Give it to her, Man,' the others cheered, ' Slam that cunt!"

Her ass burned. The rough concrete wall tenderized her backside. The man's hairy crotch battered her clitoris, forcing it to inflame in unwanted arousal. She discovered to her own dismay, that her breath was coming in short gasps. The pile driving cock would not let up, heedlessly smacking into her cunt. The aroma of her bodies lubrication drifted up to her nostrils. The man could smell it too, as well as feel the cream coating his shaft.

"She's gong to cum, Boys. Aren't you, Slut?" he asked.

"N...N...no...Ah..ahh." Her words turned to moans as her legs quivered.

Melissa was in mid-orgasm when she felt the cock twitch, then begin to fill her cavity with warm cum.

"No! Don't..Aghhh!"

"You feel that, Bitch,' he said, 'That's a months worth of cum filling your womb. You better hope your on the pill."

With the last spurts of cum shooting into her sucking cunt, he slammed her head back against the wall. Stars dazzled in her eyes. He crushed his lips to hers and forced his vile tongue into her mouth.

"Was it as good for you, as it was to me?" he asked, once again holding the lighter to the exposed wire.

"Aghh," she screamed into his mouth.

He grinned and pulled his limp shaft from her cunt. The warm fluid dripped from her open hole and drizzled to the floor.

"Who's next?" he asked.
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Default Melissa Pt. 3 Concl.

The next man stepped forward. This one was younger, thin and muscular. His red ball cap was turned around backwards. He sported a long cock that curved upwards, like the horn of a rhino.

Leaning down, he detached Melissa's left boot from the cable.

'Oh, thank God,' she thought, 'He's going to let me down."

Her hopes were dashed as he painfully lifted her leg and attached it next to her wrist.

"No. No," she pleaded as he followed suit with the other, leaving her legs spread wide, ass thrust up. The fresh cum still dribbled from her cunt, running down her crack, and collecting along the ring of her brown hole, before dripping to the concrete. The man licked his long middle finger and inserted it into her back passage.

"Ugh, Don't...Please," she said.

He ignored her.

"I'm an ass man, myself. How about you, Girl? You like a good hard cock up the ass?" he asked, while sawing his finger in and out of her nether hole.

"No...No, Please don't...I...I never," she sobbed.

"Well, there's always a first time, Cunt," he replied.

Taking the long cock in his hand, he began rolling its crown in the sperm that coated her hole. Looking down, Melissa could clearly see the tip press at her tight opening. He caught her watching.

"That's right, Baby. It's going in. Watch how I force it to open up and suck me in."

The tighter she clenched her anus, the more it hurt. The cock was too hard, the man too insistent. She groaned aloud, as the head stretched her ring and slipped its way inside. Once his entrance was made, he wasted no time in forcing it onward.

"Aghh!" she screamed, as the curved monster dove deep into the depths of her bowels.

"Ohh, she's tight, Boys," he announced.

Melissa was panting for breath. It was like she was trying to shit a huge cucumber. There was no escape. Her upturned ass was speared with his sword. She waited in fear for the fuck, she knew was coming.

"Shall we ride, Assmeat?" he questioned, before pulling away and viciously ramming his cock ahead.

"No..No..Aghh!" she replied.

Her back began to bleed as it scraped against the concrete wall. The slapping of his crotch against her ass resounded, echoing off the walls with her screams. He stopped for one second, while his cock pulsated in her hole. Grabbing her tender nipples he pulled at the wrapped wires.

"Let's take these off for you," he said with a wicked laugh.

Her breasts stretched out, the nipples severally elongating before the wires tore free. Melissa screamed like a Banshee, as the blood returned to her purple tips. The man watched gleefully, as her sore orbs bounced freely with each thrust of his cock. He began to grunt, as as he fucked her ass harder and harder. His shaft was swelling inside her colon, waiting to erupt.

"Here it comes, Bitch," he yelled as the dam broke, and a rush of hot cum flowed into Melissa's bowels. "Yes, yes, yes!"

His shaft slipped out with a 'plop.' and Melissa watched as the bloody cum dripped from her abused ass.

The next man stood across from her ass fucker, giving him a high-five. This one had a cruel looking face, with a long scar that ran from his left eye, down his cheek, and past his lips. The lips held a sinister sneer of evil. Oddly enough, his eyes were a deep blue. His flexing, muscular body was covered in prison tattoos. Stooping down, he retrieved the discarded ball gag that had been resting in Melissa's pool of piss. He wiped it in the bloody mixture of cum running from her open ass. With a quick uppercut, he slammed his fist into Melissa's solar-plexus. In her gasp for breath, he stuffed the gag back into her lips, strapping it in place. His finger slowly dragged down the center of her heaving breasts, towards her still dripping cunt.

"You'll find that I enjoy a different kind of pleasure; More sadistic in nature," he exclaimed.

His fingers latched on to her clitoris, and he gave at an agonizing pinch. Her cramped muscles vibrated with pain. She bit into the ball gag, receiving a hideous taste of piss and cum. He walked away, strolling toward the tarp-covered table. If she had not been in this predicament, his naked ass would have been quite arousing. Instead, she watched in fearful apprehension, as he tossed the tarp aside.

He stared for a full minute, savoring the horrified look on the young woman's face. On the table, before her eyes, rested a mixture of terrifying hardware tools and surgical equipment; A smorgasbord of torture devices. She is somewhat relieved, when he returns with only a simple copper wire and the small lighter, not the scalpel or a pair of needle-nose pliers. She readied herself for the same, although painful, nipple torture. He holds the thin wire up to her eyes.

"No, no, Sweetheart, this is not for your young nipples. I know a much more painful area."

She begins to breakout in a cold sweat, as he kneels between her spread thighs. He manipulates the lips of her sex, opening her up and searching within her hole, until he finds the correct spot. Her eyes open wide in shock, as he pushes the copper wire deep into her urethra. Hanging there, she can only twitch and shake in pain. The tip of the wire extends out of her cunt a good 2 inches, the rest is snugly buried in her pee-hole. This tip is where he held the flame.

"Watch carefully, Cunt," he announced.

Her head bangs back against the concrete, as her screams bubble out from beneath the ball gag. They laugh, as her body dances on the chains. He stops, leaving her chest rising and falling as she labors to breath. He bends the end of the wire back a little and nods to the next man.

"Why don't you take her ass? Just watch the hanging wire." he said.

The black man was there, smiling at her with his white teeth, before ramming his shaft into her rear. The scary man reached between them and heated the wire. The black man moaned as her ass clamped down on his dark thrusting shaft.

"Oh, that feels good. Keep it up, Man,"

Every few seconds, in the midst of her brutal ass fucking, the wire would be heated again. Her agonizing torture went on until she passed out. The black man continued till he finished in her ass. When she awoke, the evil man was there to yank the copper wire from her inflamed piss-hole. A steady stream of rusty piss poured from her hole.

"Why don't you guys pull her down and finish with her? I have a plan for her finale," he said before whistling a tune and walking off.

"Yea, Man, I want to fuck that, Bitch,' someone chimed in. 'Drag her over here," He pointed to a large steel table under a loose hanging, industrial light.

Melissa fell to the floor when her arms and legs were set free. She was picked up and carried to a prone man on a steel table. He was stroking his stiff cock and smiling at her. She shook her head 'no', but her limbs were still numb, so her cunt was easily slid down his thick cock. Each thrust of the rod sent shivers of pain through her sore cunt. As his cock pounded away at her pussy, she was pulled down to his chest. Another monster shaft was stuffed in her back hole. The ball gag was removed, and while she worked her jaw open, a long, white cock was pushed in. Melissa was air tight now; Taking a cock in every hole.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the scar-faced man. He was rolling over a large, red, enema bag. The surface of the bag was covered in frost. She had no time to ponder the bags purpose because the cock in her mouth had just exploded. She found herself having to choke down a massive dose of hot cum. Not long after, she felt the other cocks release their load into her exhausted body. The man slipped from beneath her, and she was left, face first in a pool of cum. The surface of the steel table was slick. When she tried to rise, she slipped back down to the cold steel. She looked up at the men.

"Please, please, let me go," she pleaded weakly.

"Spread her out. Tie her face down," the man with the scar commanded.

She was to beat to offer much resistance. Her arms and legs were pulled up and out, then tied to the table's edges. The evil man stepped over and slapped her naked ass cheek, cupping it, and feeling it jiggle under his palm.

"I have something for you, Slut," he said.

Pulling her ass cheeks apart, he slipped a long nozzle into her rectum. The end of the nozzle had a bulb, which he pumped up. Its purpose was to assure that whatever contents he filled in her bowels would remain there.

"Oh God. W...What are you doing? D..don't," she sobbed.

He caressed her soft cheeks, and rolled the bag around so she could view his hand on the release clip.

"Please don't do this. Just let me go. I promise not to tell anyone. Just let me go."

His finger slowly thumbed the clip.

"No. Don't do that!" she screamed, jerking helplessly at her bonds.

An ice cold fluid filled her bowels.

"Ugh, W..what is that?" she asked.

He waited a few seconds before speaking.

The cold feeling in her bowels began to heat. The heat began to burn. The burn began to intensify. Then she was hit with a powerful gut-wrenching cramp.

"Ughh," she groaned in pain. Strapped wide, she was unable to ball up from the cramp. The pain was agonizing, deadly. She realized immediately that something was wrong. The pain was too intense. It was as if her body was being slowly dissolved from within.

"That would be bleach, Little Slut; Chlorine bleach with a dash of Muriatic acid. No, your not going home," the man replied with the evilest of grins. He rubbed his stiff cock.

Melissa could only groan, 'No', as her body was rocked with pain.

The scar-faced man pulled the empty hose from her ass and replaced it with a butt plug.

"Quickly,' he said. 'Untie her and roll her over. I want to be her last fuck."

Melissa was sick, her vision cloudy. The last thing she recognized was the blue eyes of the scar-faced Bastard. He was climbing between her thighs and forcing his stiff cock into her cum filled cunt.

"Ah," he groaned in pleasure as Melissa's body began to convulse around him.

"You boys should try this next time. She grips me like a glove."

His favorite part was watching her eyes roll back in her head; That's when he came.
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Thanks for warning us. I'll skip reading this one then.
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I enjoyed your story. Thanks for the hard work! I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.
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nicely done
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One of my ex' name was Melisa (with one s :P) and she was a brunette. Yet it totally reminds me of her, and I wish that it was her. Thanks for this one Kolt.
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Default More details?

Details, info and a pic or two of Melissa available. PM me.
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bondage, gang rape, snuff, torture

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