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Red face The Fuck-It List

(Whole story, all parts now added to the one post.)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Remember that real rape is never okay, and that this story (as well as everything else on this site) is fucked up and there probably shouldn't be forums dedicated to it, but there is and here we are. So it's up to you not to be a rapist or rape apologist or victim blamer, and support victims. Stories like this should be the extent of our perversion, and we can make up for it by not being totally awful people. The fraternity in the story is fictional as well as all characters. There's some mean language in referencing certain groups of people and I'm apologizing ahead for it.


There was commotion near the front of the library, about twelve or so feet away from the table. Ben, the college senior occupying the table who was making a sorry attempt to study for his marketing quiz, couldn’t help but turn to see what was causing it. He wasn’t much interested in the sea of jumbled words his text book seemed to be at the moment anyhow, so he was grateful for any sort of distraction.

When Ben could finally see the cause of the stir, he felt his mouth go dry. A student had been juggling an armload of at least fifteen books, and dropped the lot of them on the floor, quietly muttering an expletive shortly afterward. But this wasn’t just any student; the student just happened to be a plus sized black girl of about five feet and six inches, wearing a baggy grey sweater, a large scarf, black leggings and boots, and one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen. He had to do a double take.

Ben, who was tall, white and fit, had never seen himself being fiercely attracted to any girl who wasn’t the same (save for the tall part of course, he typically liked girls he could tower over.) He was one of the stars of his football team, on a sports scholarship and planning to earn a degree in business, in a fraternity, from an upper class family, and of course handsome. His kind pretty much preferred to stick to their own, and so most women like this one here, anxiously scrambling over the books strewn across the floor, didn’t catch his eye. But her, she did.

He made his way over pretty quickly, not bothering to ask if she needed help but instead, swooping up at least half of her books easily. He noticed that among them was a graphic novel about some comic book character; Ben found that interesting. The girl thanked him as she gathered some of the others, not yet having looked up. When she finally did, Ben wanted to gulp, but instead he smiled, inconspicuously studying her face. She had kinky curly hair in a bun, full, beautifully shaped and glossed lips, a cute button nose, and slanted brown eyes that wore thick, winged cat eye liner. She smiled back nervously, flashing perfect straight white teeth, and also appeared to be curious, like she didn’t expect a guy like him to be helping a girl like her.

“Figured I’d help you. You’ve got a lot of books here…” Ben said, putting them atop the counter nearby. The librarian seemed to be distracted by a tabloid now that she saw she didn’t have to help. The girl rushed over behind him, bringing the remaining books with her.

“Yeah. When they said there was no limit on what you can rent, I took them a little too seriously,” she said, revealing a medium pitched voice. She pushed the books through the returns slot one by one, turning to face him.

“I’m Ben, by the way,” he blurted out. She smiled at him again and he stopped breathing a second, shifting his weight uncomfortably. She could model for a Crest commercial.

“Thanks a ton, Ben. I really appreciated the help,” she replied while looking annoyedly at the pile of books, then cordially again at him. “I’m Azia, with a Z.”

“Well, ‘Azia with a Z,’” he began, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets. “You like parties?” Amid apprehension at the flack he’d get from his peers, Ben knew he had to see this girl again. His circle would be shocked, and his reputation could take a serious hit, but goddamn… the way she batted her eyelashes confusedly and pursed her lips could make his cock hard. She seemed a little flustered; she probably hadn’t expected their exchange to go any further based on the type of guy he appeared to be.

“Uh… yeah… yeah! I mean, I don’t know a whole lot of people on campus, I just transferred so… but um, sure. I like parties,” she told him. She lingered there, the last of the books returned.

Casually running his fingers through his dark brown hair, Ben explained further. “There’s one at the Alpha Tau Omega House tomorrow night, if you’re interested.” Azia was visibly hesitant upon learning this information.

“You’re in a fraternity?” she asked. No doubt she was worrying internally about the kind of crowd. He tried to reinforce her courage with a charming smile.

“Yep. And we just love art majors at our parties,” he informed her. She was genuinely surprised that he guessed it right.

“What gave it away?”

“The ridiculously large scarf,” he said. She unintentionally let out a dainty laugh at that, and Ben was attracted that much more.

“Okay,” she said, seeming convinced from then on. “I’ll be there.” They exchanged contact info and she headed out into the parking lot, off to wherever she was going. Ben could just see the swell of her ass in the leggings, not quite entirely covered by her sweater. He sat back at his table, thinking about her, and no studying got done.


“This one’s fucking disgusting man, you gotta see this shit!”

Ben, who was growing irritable at the noise generated by his housemates in the lounge room of their house, turned away from his Marketing book to see a sickly looking waif of a woman in a wheelchair on the laptop screen of Brian, his favorite of his frat brothers.

For the past few days they’d been going on about this thing called the Fuck-It List, which was something much like a bucket list, but instead of goals over the period of one’s lifetime, it was a list of female "undesirables" that groups of cruel college guys would lie to, seduce and eventually fuck during the course of a school year, for entertainment purposes. There was a forum for people who’d participated to upload photographs of their sexual conquests; one of the objectives on the list was to “Fuck a Bitch in a Wheelchair.”

Apparently, the picture was one of the women a guy at another school found his way into the pants of. This greatly amused the group of six men sitting there, including Ben. But no matter how much he wanted to peruse the pictures with his buds, he really had to ace this quiz coming up.

“Ben, get over here, dude!” one of them called, most likely Kyle, another stockier, heavier housemate who was on the football team with him and also the only black guy who’d managed to make it into the fraternity. Ben gave in, coming over to watch the screen. They scrolled through some more gnarly photos in the “Fuck a Bitch in a Wheelchair” sub-forum, before moving onto other objectives on the Fuck-It List, like “Fuck an Old Hag (45+ years)” and “Get a Blowjob from a Slut with Braces.” Ben found some of the quests to be poorly thought out.

“I have an idea,” mused Matt, one of the housemates who stood around the laptop with them. “Let’s get in on this. Let’s do the Fuck-It List.” Matt, also a football player, was a blond-haired blue-eyed fifth year senior with a penchant for the bizarre and possible leanings toward extreme cruelty; it wasn’t a surprise that he was the one to suggest they participate.

“What?! No, ew,” Caleb exclaimed. Caleb, of a chubbier build, was at the university because his parents, who were in the top 1%, wanted to put him in a great school, but not the best lest he embarrass them with his lack of academic prowess. Every Spring break he’d invite them on a yacht to some exotic resort with tanned and busty women. Many of the other housemates, including Ben, agreed with Caleb that the idea was pretty gross.

“Come on, it’ll be fucking hilarious. So far I haven’t seen any posts from guys in the Midwest. We could represent, leave our legacy as Alpha Tau Omegas,” Matt claimed, trying to convince his brothers. A few of them seemed interested in the idea, but no one was for sure. Ben himself really didn’t want to have sex with anyone undesirable, but Matt seemed to be swaying more than a few of them. Before he realized, they were all looking at him for his input, only Caleb remaining as a definite no. Ben shrugged, defeated.

“Why the fuck not?” he said. With that, it was decided; they would give the Fuck-It list a try, as a group. They would start scouting for candidates at the party tomorrow night, although the likelihood of older women in wheelchairs showing up there was slim.

“So then what else is on the list to fuck?” Caleb asked warily. “So we know what to look for, I mean…” Brian, in control of the laptop, began scrolling through the main page to see.

“Hmm…” he started. “Alright, aside from braces, wheelchairs and cougars, there’s… ‘Fuck a Bald Bitch,’ ‘Fuck an Ugly Bitch,’ ‘Fuck a Strung out Bitch,’ ‘Fuck a Midget,’ and “Fuck a Fat Bitch.”

Ben’s ears perked up at the last objective; while his roommates gave mixed reactions of disgust and amusement, he was remembering the fact that he invited Azia to the party. Although she was beautiful, no doubt they would zero in on her weight, making her the perfect target. Ben felt like he should rescind his invitation, but he knew she probably wouldn’t want to see him again if he did so and he couldn’t deal with that.

“Then it’s settled,” Matt said, clapping Ben on the back for being the deciding factor. “Tomorrow night, we begin the hunt.”


Music was blaring from the state of the art stereo system, the DJ spinning records effortlessly. If there was anything the Alpha Tau Omegas could do well, it was throw a party. There was also enough liquor to get everyone shitfaced, a great space, enough food to keep people from wanting to leave but not enough to soak up all the liquor, and loads of hot girls to choose from.

Ben was making his rounds, fist bumping whichever athletes he recognized, slapping the asses of a few girls to elicit drunken giggles, and taking a shot with his housemates here and there. He also found his eyes darting to the main entrance periodically, hoping to see a kinky-haired bun and an oversized scarf, but mildly relieved that she wasn’t there. It was already midnight and the party was in full swing, but he hadn’t seen her.

Not a few minutes later did he spot a figure coming inside. It was Azia, clad in a short, form-fitting glittery black dress that showed off her curves, accentuating her cleavage and hips. Her hair was down, the long and luxurious tight spirals all around her face like a mane, and her makeup was done perfectly, that winged linger again but this time with smoky eyeshadow. It was certainly a welcome change from the girls around who felt the need to be generous with spray tans and foundation. They locked eyes from across the room, and he spent lots of concentration resisting the hard-on ready to spring up as she moved through the crowd to him. She had a certain allure about her that he couldn’t shake.

“Sorry I’m late,” Azia said, genuinely feeling bad as she approached him. He got a slight whiff of some lightly scented body oil she was wearing, possibly sweet almond. The smell was driving him wild. “I couldn’t get out of work.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just glad you could make it,” Ben told her, trying not to crudely stare at her cleavage. She appeared to be happy to hear that. “You look… great.”

“Ah.. um…” she stuttered, swallowing, then biting her lip. “Thanks. A lot. So do you.” If she kept it up, the sincere modesty and slight nerves and overall looking hot as fuck, Ben wouldn’t be able to conceal his growing arousal.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked. She nodded, following him into the kitchen. They got a few stares from people; it wasn’t like fat people didn’t exist at these parties, but to see a bigger girl, let alone a black one, being led around by Ben was a site for some who knew of him. People were also probably noticing how gorgeous she was; Azia, although larger than the average plus size model (who is typically a size 10-16) could still be one any day she wanted.

“What’s your poison?” Ben inquired, using his hand to present the array of alcohol available. Twirling her fingers delectably in her hair, she perked up an eyebrow.

“You’re not going to card me?” she asked. This made Ben laugh, but he shook his head. “Well for the record, I’m 21. And tequila.”

Ben’s experienced fingers move deftly to mix her up a medium strength drink. Ben was trying not to stare at her full lips when they’d begun sipping the rim of the red Solo cup, when he saw Matt nodding and smiling at him from across the room. Matt then pulled over Kyle and pointed, and then and there, Ben was sure they were deciding on Azia to fill the “Fat Bitch” quota for the Fuck-It List. He could see Kyle’s eyes zeroing in on Azia’s glorious ass, and his nostrils flared up with indignation for a moment before he realized how silly his territorial instincts were.

Sure, he didn’t want to share Azia with anyone, but it wasn’t like they could be together, and he was humoring some ridiculous fantasy if he thought otherwise. They were from different crowds, and in his crowd, guys like him didn’t fuck girls like her for anything other than a joke, no matter how gorgeous or charming or sensually curvy they were. So that’s how it would be; they would use Azia for the Fuck-It List, and he could get his rocks off being able to fuck her, and then he’d move on.

By the time he’d gone over all of this in his head, Matt was coming up on them with Kyle in tow, and flagging down Brian, Caleb, and one other Alpha Tau Omega in on the gag. He pointed to Azia, who was too busy staring dreamily into Ben’s eyes to notice, and pointed to the basement door, giving them the signal that they’d found a girl.

Ben took that as sign to begin heavily flirting with Azia, priming her for the night’s events. At this point, everyone was too drunk to pay attention to them, and Azia was on her way to being tipsy, so Ben leaned in close, seductively whispering something in her ear. She flirted back some, the liquor helping to calm her nerves about getting hit on by a guy she found to be unbelievably hot. After flirting for a few more minutes and seeing his guys make their way to the basement, he decided it was time.

“Hey… you wanna get out of here? I know where we can be alone…” he offered. Azia bit her lip in that tantalizing way, tipsily smiling at him. He felt his cock twitch in anticipation.

“Hmmm…” she mused playfully, perching her shoulders in thought. “Alright. But I’m not fucking you. We can kiss, and grope, but I’m letting you know now, I don’t want to have sex.” Ben feigned playful disappointment.

“Okay, fair enough. Come on,” he said, leading her toward the basement. No one at the party seemed to notice.

“I’m sorry for not finishing the drink you made me,” Azia said, holding Ben’s hand as he guided her down the stairs. “I just know that if I go awhile without drinking, I’ll be a lightweight and I don’t want to get wasted…” Her voice trailed off as they came to the bottom of the staircase. Azia blinked as she saw five other guys standing around in the finished basement. There were billiard games and a sofa, but no one was using either.

“What do we have here…?” Matt asked, the first to approach them. He pretended to slick back his blond hair and looked her up and down. The way he waggled his eyebrows would have made Azia laugh if she wasn’t bemused.

“Ben… I thought you said we’d be alone,” Azia mentioned nervously, breaking eye contact with Matt to look at him as she tightened her grip on his hand.

“Don’t worry, they’re a great group of guys,” he reassured her, to no avail. She swallowed anxiously.

“Ben, here, took on the responsibility of securing us a little treat for the Fuck-It List tonight…” Matt started, his words confusing her further. “Or a big treat, I should say, and really high in calories.” Azia gasped, visibly offended by the jab at her weight while the others laughed.

It had been a long time since Azia felt bad about her large figure, and it was partly due in fact that she believed people her age would be over such shallow attitudes by now. The art student, who actually maintained a balanced diet and regular exercise, was in love with her body and the way she looked, but it still hurt when people made rude comments because they assumed body fat had an inverse relationship with health. So she stood there, speechless, looking from the group to Ben, they guy who seemed to like her, shocked and wondering if he would say something about it. He didn’t.
“Fuck you, asshole!” she spat toward Matt, and glared at Ben next. “And you too, fucking jerk.”
“Come on, bitch, like you didn’t pig out at McDonald’s for that body!” Matt continued. The others cracked up again, including Ben. Azia, on the verge of tears, sobered up, turned around, and was ready to storm out of the room but her pathway was quickly blocked by Ben.

“Don’t go, don’t be like that…” he cooed at her in a voice she would’ve melted for ten minutes before. He was smiling, but it wasn’t warm and welcoming and charismatic like it had been earlier. This time it was cruel, like he was laughing at her for believing that he could ever want someone like her. He was also inching uncomfortably close to her, forcing her stumble backward into Kyle, who roughly pushed her toward Caleb, and Caleb pushed her to Matt, who pushed her down onto the sofa; all the while, Azia began sobbing, tears beginning to spill over from her big, cute, watery brown eyes.

“Please, leave me alone!” she cried out, trying to situate herself upright on the sofa and rearranging her dress over her soft thighs so that it didn’t reveal anything. At this, Ben felt his cock grow hard. He never pegged himself for a sadist, but something about the adrenaline in his veins, the quick glimpse of her thighs, and the group effort to use this girl for a joke, began to increasingly turn him on. He could see it in the others as well, even Caleb, whose face on which there was no trace of disgust.

“I’m surprised anyone could push you around, heavy as you are, you fat slut,” Matt hissed. He grabbed her jaw roughly as one of the others began to pull off her shoes before she could kick. She gasped in pain, bracing her hands against Matt to push him away but with his gridiron physique, he was too strong. He used her jaw to push her head back so he could rip her dress down the front of her chest, leaving the red lacy bra over her breasts exposed. Her shrieks shook her form, making the large brown orbs jiggle inside the cups.

Ben, fiercely turned on by the beautiful and disheveled girl, finally decided to take more of a lead. He walked up and leaned in close to Azia, pinching her cheek and then the top of her breast hard, making her cry out again. “Aaaaw… did you wear that just for me?” he asked, knowing she probably did. And part of her had worn it for him, which embarrassed her further. Her cheeks ran hot with rage and tears.

“Fuck you…” she managed to sob out, trying to move away from him but running into the crotch of Brian standing before her, who grabbed her hair cruelly. Azia yelped in pain, trying to claw him, but there were too many of them, and someone had grabbed her hands. She tried to scream, only to have the side of her face meet the tough palm of Matt’s hand while he grinned at her sadistically. Azia saw stars for a moment, silenced by the pain and stunned by the sheer action.

“Scream all you want, bitch. The music is too loud for anyone to hear you and someone’s watching the door,” Matt informed her. She could feel her stomach dropping in horror. They were going to rape her and no one would come to her rescue… so she looked to Ben, pleading, looking for the man she met in the library and not the monster who orchestrated this nightmare.

“P-pleas-se…” she sputtered, searching Ben’s eyes for something, anything, any bit of humanity and sympathy. “D-don’t do this t-to me. Don’t let th-them do this… please, Ben.”

Azia’s eyeliner was beginning to run, and she looked like a sexy ball of pity to him. He was too turned on to back out and besides, this was the only way he’d ever be able to fuck her pretty little brains out without being the laughing stock, so there was no turning back.

“Shut the fuck up, you fat whore,” he responded, answering her with malice instead of the clemency she sought.

She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe this was happening, and sat there crying hopelessly until she felt Brian going in to snatch away her bra, no barrier between their eyes and her soft, large breasts, and her screams surged up with a vengeance. They were quickly stifled, however, as Matt’s large hand snaked around the fragile, mocha skin of her throat, threatening to collapse her windpipe.

“He said to shut the fuck up, or else!” he exclaimed, and his grip and the rage in his voice was enough to petrify Azia as she trembled at the thought of his wrath.

“I’ve got something keep the slut quiet,” Caleb growled, excitedly unbuckling his pants. Azia’s large brown eyes widened deliciously, and she looked between all of them frantically, as if she didn’t think it’d truly get this far. But now Caleb’s hard, white cock was exposed, and he was rubbing it, getting himself ready for her mouth. “And I know a fat cow like you wants something in your mouth.”

“Yeah, she is a cow, with big utters,” Kyle said, paying no mind to how hard he grabbed her tits while Azia turned away as if she could hide from her shameful predicament. Ben watched, pleased, taking in her flawless tits, the areolas perfectly round, and her cute little nipples hardening beneath Kyle’s grip. Azia gasped weakly, but Caleb shoved his cock into her mouth before she could scream out again. Violently gagging, Azia was powerless, her throat trying to dislodge the shaft Caleb forced into it.

“That’s right, bitch. Suck my fucking cock,” he said as he picked up rhythm, beginning to fuck her mouth; she squeaked quietly with each thrust. The guys who weren’t busy fucking her face or fondling her breasts, had their cocks out, rubbing them feverishly. Brian had the bright idea to use Azia’s hand, threatening her with a beating if she refused to pleasure him, and the sixth guy they’d got to help with the list, named Jake, used her other hand.

Matt began to grow impatient with rubbing one out, as did Kyle, with her breasts. Caleb switched off with Kyle, allowing him to proceed to a good throat fucking, but that still left the others there. Knowing the perfect solution to his dilemma, Matt spoke up.

“Let’s turn this tubby whore over. I’m going to fuck her fat cunt until she bleeds,” he said, his penis fully erect. He, like the others, would never admit it, but he was also sexually excited by not just the power high, but the woman herself.

Kyle and the others stepped away and Azia sat there, coughing, her tits out with glistening droplets of slob that had fallen onto them. Matt approached her, getting ready to yank her dress down to her hips as she sniffled and coughed once. Weak but not yet broken, she tried to beg again.

“Stop… please,” Azia coughed out. “Please, y-you don’t have to do this…”

A sardonic grin spread across Matt’s face.

“Yes we do; you’re on the Fuck-It List, fatty!” he said, laughing evilly. He tugged her dress all the way down, leaving it to crumple around her ankles while he grabbed her round belly roughly. “And this is why, because you’re a fat ass. And you should be happy that anyone would want to fuck a nasty pig like you.”

But even while he spoke, he began caressing Azia’s soft tummy, liking the feel of it in his hand. It would’ve unnerved him how much he was looking forward to fucking her if he wasn’t so preoccupied with degrading her as well. She squeezed her eyes shut and turned away, tears streaming down her cheeks. Matt knew the others were waiting, so he forced the girl up and over the arm of the sofa, so that he would be able to fuck her from the back while someone still occupied her mouth. Before they would start, though, it was immediately evident how well this position displayed Azia’s large, perfectly round ass, clad in a thin black thong. It was a divine sight to see, really.

“I’m going to fuck you, bitch, and then spew my load deep inside your cunt,” Matt leaned over to whisper in her ear. Horrified, Azia tried to scream again.


Ben stepped up to harshly shove her face into the arm of the sofa, muffling her screams as Matt delivered a series of hard slaps to her ass. Both of the shapely cheeks jiggled with each hit, and they were all deeply aroused at the sight. Although her skin was a medium brown shade, the red undertone from the slapping was still quite visible. Eventually, Matt squeezed her thighs then spread her ass open, exposing her asshole and pussy opening. He rubbed his fingers through the soft, curly tufts of hair on her second set of lips before he toyed with his finger around her rosebud, which puckered in response. Ben could hear her trying to squeal into the couch, and laughed as he pulled her face up
“No point in crying, Azia with a Z. You’re ours now,” he told her, kissing her cheek in a mock display of affection. Tears burned yet again the back of her eyes while she stared into the face of the man who led into all of this.

“You fucking bastard,” she hissed. You fuckin— …” Azia’s eyes widened suddenly and her mouth fell into the shape of an “O.”

“Ooooh no! Please don’t— please stop!” she shrieked out, Matt having entered her cunt abruptly, not even caring to prime her with his fingers. Azia hadn’t had much sex, and it’d been a long while since the last time, so her pussy was very tight around the girth of Matt’s cock, and painfully so. They all got a kick out of her cries for mercy, taunting her.

Cradling her face with his hand, Ben cursed at her.

“Fucking slut—I’ve been waiting to do this since yesterday,” he confessed to her, and held her head with a vice grip as he guided his cock into her mouth. It was just like he’d dreamt in bed the night before, just like he’d imagined in the shower that morning, her perfect, plump lips wrapped around his length, sucking him in and taking him whole. He thrust into her viciously, making her gag and slob over him, keeping eye contact the whole time.

Azia didn’t know how to physically react at this point. Matt was mercilessly stabbing into her dry cunt from the back, while Ben forced her to inhale a mouthful. All she could do was take all of it. It was minutes of emotional and physical duress before Matt eventually pulled out and switched with Brian, while Ben switched with Jake, and then after a while those two switched off with… well, she’d lost track of who was fucking what part of her now. And her knees began to grow sore.

Finally, they all pulled away from her, and Azia collapsed weakly into the sofa, worn out. She was so exhausted that she didn’t hear the exchange between the men.

“Well Ben, we figured since you found her, you should get the honor of leaving your load in her,” Caleb said.

“Thanks,” he told them, then his heart raced with eagerness. “I’m going to make her come for me,” he replied. He then moved to turn over Azia’s spent body, so that she was on her back, her breasts pooling on her chest. She groggily opened her eyes, terror returning to them as she realized this nightmare wasn’t over. A soft, raspy “please” escaped from between her lips, but it went ignored as Ben positioned himself between her warm thighs.

By this point, her pussy had lubricated itself in an attempt to protect her from the unsolicited use. Ben could smell it, and the sweet scent of her core, her very essence, threatened to drive him overboard. His erection stiffened further, ready to meet her opening. As Ben pushed in, he felt her warm, wet velvety slit envelope his cock tightly, and he braced himself; he knew fucking her would be heaven. But this time, he wasn’t going to fuck her like he’d fucked her face. No, he was going to make this experience even more memorable for the both of them, and do something he’d been waiting to do since he laid eyes on her. He would make love to her.

Azia gasped as he entered her, but this time not in pain; it was more of a surprised inhalation. Before, they were fucking her just to get off, but now it was clear Ben was fucking her to get her off, and Azia could tell the difference. For some reason, this wounded her emotionally the worst. It was one thing for them to pound away, like she was some useless fuck toy; to some degree she could handle that abuse. But it made her produce fresh tears, the thought of him tenderly screwing her as if he cared, as if he wanted her.

As she looked up at him desperately, Ben was pushing back her legs to achieve a new angle, letting himself go deeper to rub up against her G-spot. A frustrated moan found its way out of her mouth, and to stop herself she pleaded.

“Ohhh… oh God… Don’t, not like this, Ben, please!” she begged. It only earned her a dark smile and a hard thrust. He began to fuck her faster.

“You like being fucked like this, don’t you, Azia?” he told her. He moved his hands from her thighs, securing them with his weight as he leaned down to drill her. Ben planted kisses along her neck and nibbled her ear, his hand teasing her nipple and Azia grew hotter, hating him for fucking her so good and hating her body for betraying her. He cooed in her ear sweetly. “You like my cock, don’t you baby?”

“Fuck… oh my god…. Fuck….” she half gasped, half whispered as she felt her hips rise to meet his thrust. She tried to stop them. “Please, no…”

Ben continued to torture and tease her, feeling her pussy walls contract around him as if she was close.

“Wrap your legs around me, slut,” he ordered, and when Azia protested again, he grabbed her by the neck, threatening to choke her out. Having no choice, she wrapped her soft thighs around his hips, granting him further access. Her hips bucked in a physical reply to his sensuous movements.

To drive her over the top, he pushed his cock deep inside, fucking her hard and steady, and reached down to find her clit. Azia moaned wildly, not wanting to give him the satisfaction but unable to contain her pleasure any longer. The others looked on, amazed that Ben managed to make her enjoy it, even if begrudgingly so, and they anticipated her orgasm.

“Look at me,” Ben commanded her, nearing his own orgasm when he stopped fingering her a moment to bring her face to his. Azia’s own juices smeared across her chin before he continued fingering her. “Look at me when I make you come.”

It was only a few more seconds that Azia could take of this, him fucking her deep and kissing her neck and fingering her clit and staring her down, and so she climaxed with a loud moan, convulsing violently beneath him and her pussy quivering involuntarily around the shaft of his cock. This also drove Ben over the edge, and he grunted, thrusting faster as his orgasm came, until he had flooded her cunt with every drop of his warm, sticky white seed.

“Holy fuck. He actually got the slut to come for him!” Matt exclaimed, and the guys high fived each other and congratulated Ben while he floated down from the place of bliss. Being inside Azia was every bit of the glory he imagined and more, and so he took a moment with his face buried in her neck, inhaling her scent while he rode the high of the afterglow. A few moments later, he pulled out and stood up, completely drained dry and ready for a nap; he hadn’t had a good fuck like that in a while.

Azia, who’d been quiet since her own climax, had turned away and sobbed into her arm.

“You know you fucking liked it, bitch,” Caleb said, pulling her back to face them. Azia noticed then that Jake had pulled out his cellphone, and snapped a photo.

“NO!” she screamed, reaching desperately for the electronic device. She was pushed back by Kyle.

“What’s wrong, you don’t want to be a porn star?” Matt asked? “I’m sure there’s a market out there for fat sluts.”

Azia sunk into herself, her head drooping, her hands futilely trying to cover her naked body and shivering as she sniveled. More tears spilled over her cheeks, and her smudged makeup ran with one of the tears. She would practically die of embarrassment if anyone knew this had happened to her, specifically because of a sick joke based on her weight. No one could know.
“Nooo…” she groaned, defeated, broken. “Not that. Anything but that…”

“If you don’t tell anyone about all the fun we had, this won’t end up anywhere,” he lied. There was a small glimmer of hope in Azia’s wide brown eyes as she looked up at him.

“I w-won’t, I promise,” she affirmed. They had every intention of posting her on the Fuck-It List forum, but she didn’t need to know that. Plus, this leverage would keep them in the clear.

Ben was just done buckling his pants when he threw the dress and bra to Azia.

“Get dressed,” he commanded. The others began to filter out one by one so as to not look suspicious, and all that was left was he and she. Azia, whose head was hung in the shame that follows after being verbally abused and brutally gang raped, glumly put on her bra and searched for her thong, only to find it in Ben’s hand and a smug expression lining his face. “These are mine now. I’m sure you don’t mind, though. Hell, you wore ‘em for me anyway.”

She swallowed, suppressing the urge to curse him lest he call back his friends and suggest a round two, and she left the room solemnly.

Ben watched her hips sway on the way out.

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Interesting. I like the humour. Oh, and I want that nice girl raped.
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Allure, up to Part 3 this is one of the best I've read on this Board. And I very much look forward to many more.
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Utterly brilliant!
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I liked it. Got me good and hard.

And thanks for finishing the story too. A lot of writers start one and never finish it.
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