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Sasha Girl
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So it came to pass that Gabriel and Natasha escaped the safe house after all, except they did not escape alone.

“I still say this was a dumb idea,” Gabriel whispered furiously, as they passed by the cameras that Wolfgang had disabled earlier. They were outside the house by now so it was really a moot point.

“It’ll only be dumb if we get caught,” Wolfgang said grinning at him. His mood had improved dramatically during the last half hour and Natasha did not have to wonder why. Funny how much of a difference a kiss can make, she thought.

And then her breath caught in her throat.

Gabriel had kissed her. He had kissed her while she was his prisoner and not once, but twice. It was soon after the second kiss that his behaviour changed. Could it be? No…

“Er… honey?” Wolfgang whispered in her ear. His breath hot, his lips brushing her skin. “You’re not going to stand there all day are you? Because we really don’t have all day to do this.”

Thus prodded into action, Natasha moved along. But as they walked the thought kept recurring that maybe the men were telling the truth when they said Gabriel was in love. If only there was a way to test their claim, she thought, not even pausing to wonder why she cared.


Once they were a fair distance away from the house, Gabriel turned to them. His face was black and blue with bruises and one of his eyes half closed, but he spoke with his usual calm authority, demanding their attention as was his way.

“Right, that’s the easy part over,” he informed them. “Now comes the tricky stuff. Because the Wolf Squad is not allowed to ever give up the chase… which means we must not only run far and fast, we must throw them off the scent.”

“I don’t like our chances,” Wolfgang said in total honesty. “Come to think of it, we may as well go back now…”

There was an undeniable note of pride in the statement. Like he still thought of himself as part of the gang. Shaking his head, Gabriel corrected him gently but firmly:

“If that’s how you truly feel, be my guest… meanwhile, if you don’t mind, I’d like to propose a plan.”

Minutes later as they jogged through the forest, Natasha thought to herself that there was a reason Gabriel was the leader of the Squad. A damn good reason, she thought, feeling they might have a chance after all.



Day two on the run did not begin at dawn. It began several hours before it and it began at a jump.

Natasha knew where the bomb was buried and when the explosion was due to take place, but she still leapt several feet in the air when it happened. It made the men laugh.

“First time in a forest with the big bad wolf, ha?” Wolfgang asked, squeezing her buttocks to distract her. She felt his warm hands through the oversized clothes she wore and that he had given her. It felt strange not to feel him against her bare skin and she said so.

“Do you mind?” Gabriel growled, reminding them of who was in charge.

They moved off with Natasha shaking her head. If someone had told her six months ago that she would be running from a secret and deadly squad of men with a handsome sadist and his bisexual lover, she would have told them they were insane. She still had trouble believing it herself and she was very much there in the moment with them. She tripped, almost falling flat on her face, but Gabriel caught her just in time, picking her up by the scruff of her neck.

“When running through a forest in the dark, make sure to pick up your feet,” he instructed and she blushed, feeling clumsy compared to them.

On and on they ran, Natasha making an effort to keep up. At length however, Gabriel turned to her and said:

“We don’t have time for this. Here, climb onto my back.”

Seriously? She thought, but they gave her no chance to hesitate. With Gabriel standing at the ready, Wolfgang came up behind her and lifted her up. Dumbfounded she wrapped her arms around his neck and they took off again, the forest rushing past. How on Earth can they be so fast? She wondered and she felt herself grow excited right in the middle of the chase. Between her legs Gabriel’s back was warm, his strong arms hooked under her knees. She had never been so close to him before without feeling pain and she closed her eyes as she buried her face against his neck, breathing in his masculine scent.


The explosions went on periodically throughout the day, at the times and locations that Gabriel and Wolfgang set them to during the night. At every stop that they made Natasha kept straining to hear the voices of their pursuers, but the men told her not to waste her time.

“The Wolf Squad hunts silently,” Gabriel told her. “Like the wolves we sniff out our prey first before flushing it out…”

“Ha!” she smiled at him. “That reminds me of something my father said.”

At which point Gabriel looked away, something that he never did. In the excitement of the day she did not get to dwell on it and she forgot about it quickly as they ran. Later much later, her mind would pluck it out of the back of her brain and serve it up to her on a platter, and she would kick herself for being so slow to pick up on the obvious clue. But that would come later much later and on a different day altogether. After they had finished playing fugitive to the wolves… both real and imaginary ones.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Sasha Girl
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By the second night on the run it became clear to Natasha that the men knew the forest around the safe house like the back of their hand. It also became clear to her that they had much more stamina than she did. Not only in terms of physical fitness, which she had already experienced, but also in terms of rest. Natasha needed between eight and nine hours of sleep per night. Gabriel and Wolfgang could make do with two. Needless to say, they spent quite a bit of time watching over her. Not unlike two very large and very dangerous guard dogs.

Despite her weariness the whole thing was starting to turn her on.

When in the middle of their second night out she awoke to find Wolfgang leaning over the top of her, she reached up wordlessly and pulled him close. He indulged her desire for a kiss without protest. His lips soft and warm on hers. Then he started to kiss her back. His tongue pushed her mouth open gliding over her teeth. She felt him exploring her expertly and within seconds her heart began to race. She moaned and he pulled away. Wordlessly he signalled her to silence, touching a finger to his lips. At first, Natasha thought he was worried about Gabriel seeing them make out, but then Wolfgang’s eyes darted sideways and as she followed the direction of his gaze she saw it.

The wolf was standing a mere six feet away, between two large cedar trees. Watching them with its bright yellow eyes. Natasha gasped and the wolf’s long ears pointed toward her inquisitively. He is huge, she thought, noticing its impressive size. The wolf’s coat was incredibly thick and dark, blending perfectly with its surrounds. In spite of this she could clearly see its long legs and powerful chest from where she lay on the ground. With the wolf hovering over them, she started to moan quietly and at once Wolfgang placed a hand over her mouth. He shook his head at her. Do not move. Do not make a sound. But it was too late.

The wolf’s nose twitched. Its head tilted to one side then the other, as though listening for something. Suddenly its ears flicked sideways and back, becoming flattened against its head. A second later its front lip started to lift. Slowly as though pulled by a string, it curled ever upward, exposing a row of glistening sharp teeth. It kept on curling until its entire gums were revealed, from the top of the canines to their tips. Nose wrinkled along its length, the wolf took a step forward, dropping into a crouch as it went. Natasha felt Wolfgang’s body tense, while she herself began to shake. The wolf saw her fear and it growled. Soft at first then gradually deeper and longer and louder, until the air around them reverberated with the sound. The threat. The large predator was so close now that Natasha could see saliva dripping from its lips. Please God, she thought. Do not let him eat me. Her heart was beating so hard it threatened to burst out of her chest. Every nerve cell in her body was alert to the danger and every nerve cell was screaming. I am about to die, she thought. But then she heard a footfall behind her and she knew he had snuck up on them, as always. Even the wolf was surprised, she saw, because it froze mid step, its gaze shifting from its prey. Trembling in fear, Natasha turned her head toward the new arrival and beside her Wolfgang did the same.

Gabriel had never looked more at ease. Standing perfectly still and with his shoulders square, he faced the wolf without a trace of fear. The moment the wolf’s gaze lifted Gabriel locked onto it and so they stayed for long minutes, neither of them blinking and neither of them backing away. The growl continued to rumble in the wolf’s chest and its lip continued to curl, but it had stopped creeping forward while it assessed the new arrival. Gabriel let it stay like that for a while and then he took a single step – over Natasha and Wolfgang, placing himself between them and the wolf.

“Go. Away,” he said, his voice deep and clear. The wolf was crouching even lower now and growling louder too. But it did not take a single step toward Gabriel and after a minute or two Natasha saw him move forward again.

“Go. Away,” Gabriel repeated firmly, never taking his eyes off the wolf’s. Staring it down. They were practically touching now and if it had wanted to the wolf could have bitten Gabriel’s leg in a trice. It did not, though. It just crouched low and growled as though to say: who are you to make me leave? I am the king of this forest and you are in my domain.

And then Gabriel growled.

It sounded different to the growl of the wolf, but no less menacing all the same. Pretty soon it was louder too and at that point the wolf tucked its tail between its legs and ran: its large paws soft on the forest floor so that it ran silently in spite of its size.

Turning to his companions Gabriel frowned.

“I can’t leave you two alone for five minutes,” he said and watching him, Natasha swallowed hard. He looked so strong and tall and proud standing there in place of the wolf and for a moment in her mind the two images wavered and merged into one.

“Gabriel…” she breathed, staring at him in amazement. Her excitement must have been evident, because he leaned down and with Wolfgang’s help lifted her bodily to her feet. They stood together in the forest in the dark, all of them breathing hard.

“You’re welcome,” Gabriel said and he pulled her against him and tilted her head back. Then he was kissing her long and passionately, with his teeth first grazing then biting her lower lip. She moaned helplessly and she felt his cock grow hard. As she ground against it, she felt Wolfgang press against her from behind. His hands caressed her waist under her shirt, before sliding slowly up.

“Mmmm!” she moaned, sandwiched between the two men. Their bodies moved in sync with each other, setting her on fire and making her move with them. Before long her whole body was trembling with desire, with need. She felt Gabriel’s tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it briefly, until he pulled her head further back and started biting her lips again. It was painful and she tried to turn her head away but he held her tight, his lips soothing her between bites. Soon she was moaning in earnest, the wetness streaming between her legs. She felt a hand on her inner thigh, but she did not know whose. Wolfgang’s lips were on her neck now, kissing and sucking lightly. The pleasure of it made her swoon.

Gabriel broke the kiss long enough to murmur:

“Did you bring the rope Wolfgang?”

And Natasha’s heart began to race even faster than it had been when she thought they were about to die.


They were so slow about it. It was torture in itself. But there was no way to hurry them up and so she had to stand there and let them undress her. Slowly. Caressing and kissing her along the way, with many a pause to admire the view. Their self-control was astounding, though it was nothing new. The only new variable in the equation was Natasha’s own desire and it was climbing right through the roof. Flaming higher and higher with every touch and every kiss they gave her. And they gave her plenty between them just while getting started that much was for sure. By the time they pulled out the ropes, she was trembling all over and it was definitely not from the cold.


Gabriel watched Natasha trembling before him and he felt her lust as his own. It should have galled him that she was lusting after Wolfgang as well as himself, but it did not. Reflecting on it while they undressed her, he realised why and he smiled. Of course he was not jealous of Wolfgang now that he knew the truth. He could relax, safe in the knowledge that Wolfgang loved him as more than a friend and therefore he would never steal Natasha from him. What was more, Gabriel loved him too, in his own way. Not as much as Natasha perhaps, but enough to make love to him, he thought. God knows he had fantasised about it often enough over the years. He had fought against it for the sake of the team, but now this concern was lifted, leaving him free to do as he wished. And he wished very much to fuck Wolfgang and to have Wolfgang fuck him. Luckily for Natasha they were so highly sexed, otherwise she might miss out, he thought and he grinned. From the other side of Natasha’s naked body Wolfgang grinned back at him. They were like two wolves grinning at each other preparing to have some fun… with each other and their prey. As Wolfgang passed the rope to him, Gabriel started to play it out.

Natasha felt them push her back gently against the nearest tree. Working in tandem, they spread her legs around its base and held her in place as they tied her to it. Her naked skin pressed against the rough bark. They started with her wrists, looping the rope around them several times before pulling on it. The tree was large, its bole thick, so that her arms were splayed out while being wrapped around it. She felt the rope tighten around her wrists, as the men pulled her arms as far back as they would go. Then they passed the rope all the way around, so that it looped across her torso several times. They did it all swiftly enough, tying the knots with practiced ease. But it still seemed slow to her and she moaned.

“Tut-tut,” Gabriel said, running his hand over her left nipple and giving it a squeeze. “What have you done to my little girl, Wolfgang? Instead of being afraid, she can’t wait…”

“Sorry,” Wolfgang said, joining him on the other side and squeezing her right nipple too. “It was an accident, honestly. Maybe if you hadn’t asked us not to hurt her…”

Gabriel chuckled darkly.

“Either way, I have to fix it now,” he said and he slapped Natasha on the face. Hard.

“Ow!” she screamed which pleased him.

“Well that’s a start, at least,” he said, pulling out another length of rope. “Except I can’t let you make too much noise, so…”

And with Wolfgang’s help Gabriel pinned Natasha’s head against the tree and pushed the rope between her teeth.

“Aaa… aaa…” she moaned as they wound it all the way around and through her mouth the second time, then the third and fourth. When they were done, her mouth was stretched open full of rope and her head was strapped to the tree. Any sounds she made from thereon in would be muffled and that was good, because they could not afford to be found out.

With her head immobilised Natasha could not look down, but she felt them tying up her ankles next. They made sure to spread her legs firmly around the tree, leaving her pussy exposed. By now she was no longer standing on her own two feet, but it did not matter because the ropes they were adding supported her weight. Natasha trembled as her torso was covered and the ropes bit into her skin. The only parts not so bound were her breasts, which they left exposed on purpose. As they finished tying her up, they each sucked on a nipple and she felt a new stream of wetness against her thigh.

“As a gesture of friendship and good will, I’ll let you go first,” she heard Gabriel say. Then Wolfgang was before her, his hips pressing against her. His cock was as hard as a rock.

“Mmm… she’s very wet,” he said, looking her in the eye. Lost in their green depths, Natasha was melting when she heard Gabriel say:

“I know. That’s another reason I want you to go first… I prefer to fuck her so it hurts.”

Oh fuck, she thought. Why did I let them tie me up? But then as Wolfgang’s hard cock pushed inside her, filling her so completely she felt she might burst, she forgot all about it. Surrendering to the moment, she started to moan through the gag in time to the thrusts of Wolfgang’s hips and hearing it he sped up the tempo, while biting her neck at the same time.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Natasha moaned, feeling very much like a beast on a spit. The image flicked a switch inside her mind, causing her insides to constrict. A heartbeat later she was coming hard, while biting at the rope in her mouth.

“Mmm!! Mmmm!! Mmmm!!” she screamed and Wolfgang excited by the sights and sounds bit her in the crook of the shoulder hard enough to draw blood.

Gabriel watched Wolfgang fucking Natasha, his own excitement climbing sharply. Unable to keep his cock in his pants, he had taken them off a while ago and now stood naked in the moonlight, holding it against his stomach. Where it throbbed almost painfully, reaching up to his navel all thick and hard. When Wolfgang’s teeth drew blood low on Natasha’s neck, Gabriel almost lost control. A few seconds later he had an idea that he just could not suppress. He took a step forward, his eyes fixed on Wolfgang’s flexing buttocks.

Natasha was in the middle of her second orgasm when she felt Wolfgang pause. His smooth body was slick with sweat as it pressed against her and at first she thought he meant to rub himself on her. But then she saw Gabriel’s face looming behind Wolfgang’s and she knew what was going on without being told. When Wolfgang next began to move it was with a different rhythm and his cock against all probability grew even harder inside her. She closed her eyes in rapture and only opened them when she felt him bite her neck the second time.

“Mmmm!!” she protested, but Wolfgang could not hear her. With his cock buried inside her and Gabriel’s cock inside his own ass, Wolfgang was in a world of his own and desperately trying not to moan. He therefore bit Natasha’s neck until it bled once more, and he did not even notice it at the time.

Gabriel on the other hand could see the blood clearly and it made his cock swell inside his lover’s ass. And there he was worried she would not feel pain. How silly of him, he thought and he started to pump Wolfgang for all he was worth.


In the early hours of next morning, while Gabriel and Wolfgang were sleeping off their sexual excesses, the Wolf Squad caught up with them at last.

“Well, well, well… what have we here?” Natasha heard Dirk say. She tried to turn and look at him, but she had trouble moving, wedged as she was between her two lovers. For that was what she thought of them now and to hell with what happened in the past. As she thought this she felt Gabriel move and a split second later Wolfgang snapped awake as well. They both started to rise to their feet, but a series of noisy clicks stopped them in their tracks.

“Please, don’t get up on our account,” Dirk told them and now she could see the rest of the gang as they strolled into view. Dressed in customary black, they were all armed as though for war and right at that moment they all had their large semi-automatics pointed at Natasha and the two men.

Realising they were surrounded, Gabriel and Wolfgang groaned. It made the Wolf Squad laugh.

“You sure give a whole new meaning to the word spooning,” Torsten commented wryly. His gaze flitted from one man to the other as though guessing they were lovers as well. “I hope he was worth your defecting, Wolfgang.”

“What are you going to do with us?” Natasha asked. She winced as Gabriel pinched her, obviously trying to silence her.

“I’m so glad you asked that,” Dirk said, while Wolfgang and Gabriel sighed loudly. Get on with it then, they seemed to be saying. Natasha suddenly wished she had kept her mouth shut.

“We are going to do what the Code says to do in situations like this,” Dirk said. Turning his head to one side he spat and concluded: “Kill the defectors and anyone else associated with them.”

As Natasha gasped then started to cry, Georg had the decency to say:

“Sorry, Natasha. It’s not us… it’s just the rules.”

And Natasha felt Gabriel’s hand squeeze her leg so hard it made her scream.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Gabriel and Wolfgang convinced the Wolf Squad to carry out their execution at the safe house. Think about it, they said. If you do it out here someone could hear and come snooping. The chances were remote after all the explosions, but it was a risk the Wolf Squad could not afford to take. Not if they wanted to remain invisible in the eyes of the world and they very much wanted that.

“Come on then. Hurry up,” Dirk said and they waited until the trio put on their clothes before marching them back to the house.

And now they were in the basement again. All three of them bound tighter than was necessary. The gang were quite angry at the inconvenience caused them. There would be no mistakes the second time around.

“I told you they’d find us,” Wolfgang said when they were alone again. Gabriel threw him a look that said: please. Otherwise he said nothing.

Time had never passed more slowly and yet it did not seem to Natasha like they had enough time left. This cannot be happening, she thought. She realised she was in denial but she did not care. She had never thought she would end her life in front of a firing squad and she was not about to accept such a verdict now. Not until they pulled a bag over her head and maybe not even then…


In contrast to his outward appearance, Gabriel’s mind was working feverishly. Not focusing on what had happened to cause them to get caught, since that was neither relevant nor helpful for present purposes. No. He was trying to come up with a solution, a way out for all of them. As always when facing death square in the face, Gabriel remained calm and collected. It was what had enabled him to avoid a hundred deaths so far and if he was lucky, it would help him one more time today. The one thing he did not know was: how would Natasha react when all hell breaks loose around her? Ultimately he decided not to warn her. He could not possibly prepare her for what was about to transpire and that being the case it was best to leave her ignorant, for now.


“Up you get,” Dirk said and Natasha knew straight away it was time. She felt her knees tremble as the men pulled her to her feet and wheeled her toward the door. She did not beg, however. She did not want to give them the satisfaction.

Walking behind Natasha, Gabriel saw her lift her chin and he smiled. That a girl, he thought proudly. He wriggled the ropes around his wrists. They were still fairly tight, even after Wolfgang did his best to loosen them. He would just have to hope he could get his hands out when the time came.

The room the Wolf Squad chose for the execution was the large common room in the centre of the house. It had high ceilings with exposed timber beams and a fireplace at one end: quite a lovely ambience during regular times. Today, however, it was a chamber of horrors in Natasha’s eyes. They had taken away the furniture and spread black plastic on the floor. The men were lined up in a neat row along one side and when Natasha, Gabriel and Wolfgang arrived, they were led before them.

“Kneel,” they told them, and since their arms were tied behind their backs they helped them comply. As her knees hit the floor, the reality of the situation finally began to sink in for Natasha and she began to tremble in earnest. Beside her she heard Gabriel say:

“I don’t need a blindfold.”

There was a loud metallic noise. A sliding followed by a click. Then another and another. They were guns with silencers being made ready, she saw. With her heart in her throat, she averted her gaze.

“How about you Natasha?” Georg asked. “Would you like to be blindfolded or not?”

She could not find the voice to answer, so he reached down and put the blindfold on regardless. She would soon have cause to feel grateful for it.

“Hey, Dirk,” it was Wolfgang speaking this time. “I have a final wish.”

There ensued a quick hushed conference.

“All right,” Dirk said. “But make it quick. This is hard enough as it is.”

Natasha did not see Wolfgang nod, but she heard the collective groan that went up when he said:

“I want to kiss Gabriel one more time.”

In an instant the men went from being silent like the death to chatting amongst each other excitedly, almost jovially.

“I said… I said they had the hots for each other…” – “You said? Get outta here! I’m the one who saw it first… I’ve known it for years…”

“Silence!” Dirk cried, obviously realising they were getting side-tracked. He gestured for Georg and Torsten to come forward.

“Go ahead and help them,” he instructed, watching as Wolfgang was dragged the short distance and set down before Gabriel. Everyone leaned forward expectantly.

“Here goes nothing,” Gabriel whispered, giving Wolfgang a wink. Right before he leaned forward and head butted him. He did not use a lot of force, but Wolfgang made up for it by faking a faint. As his lover sprawled lifelessly on the floor, Gabriel pretended to explode.

“Get him out of my sight you morons! Can’t you see he’s just stalling for time?” he yelled, so that several of the men burst out laughing.

Once more there was an outpouring of chatter and this time even Dirk joined in. Suddenly there was a hoarse shout:

“They’re loose!”

Being blindfolded, Natasha did not get to see Wolfgang and Gabriel slip their ropes and launch themselves at Georg and Torsten, who were standing closest to them. Before the others could come to their aid, the two men were relieved of their weapons and turned into hostages.

“Arms up bitches!” Wolfgang yelled. Using the two men as shields, they commenced their retreat. Gabriel however could not leave without Natasha. Passing by her he stooped and slipped her blindfold off.

“Hello Natasha,” he spoke perfectly calmly, transferring his confidence to her. “Do you think you could stand up for me?”

Nodding dumbly, Natasha started to do so and slipped. She had forgotten about the slippery plastic she was kneeling on. Seeing her take a tumble, Gabriel reacted instinctively. Reaching for her with his free hand – which just happened to be the one holding the gun.
It was their undoing. For by removing the gun from Georg’s temple, Gabriel had left himself exposed and the squad took instant advantage.

Bang! The shot went off in the enclosed space, deafening them. With Gabriel’s arm around her, Natasha saw the men rush forward and overpower Wolfgang in one swell swoop. They were not attacking Gabriel though, and she wondered about this. Then she realised that Gabriel no longer had his arm around Georg’s neck. Instead, Georg seemed to be supporting him. She raised her eyes to Gabriel’s face and saw that he had gone very pale.
Deathly pale, in fact.

“Gabriel?” she stammered. She wanted to reach up and touch him, but her arms were still bound behind her back.

Still holding her against him Gabriel looked down at her, a sad smile on his face.

“My little girl…” he said, his wolf eyes glowing like she had never seen them glow before. “I wanted to tell you when you were ready… but now there’s no time left…”

He stumbled and she heard several of the men curse. Georg grimaced as he adjusted his hold, taking on more of Gabriel’s weight.

“I love you, Natasha,” Gabriel said and she saw his eyes fill with tears.

“Oh, Gabriel…” she suppressed a sob, desperate to get the words out. “I… I love you, too.”

He smiled like a child on Christmas morning and he said:

“Don’t feel sad for me, little girl. Lucky is a man who can die as happy as I feel right now.”

Then he collapsed against her with all his great weight, taking Georg with him. The gathered men jumped to their assistance and as they helped her up Natasha saw Gabriel lying on his back, a pool of blood spreading underneath him around his waist.

“Gabriel!” she cried, the tears streaming down her face. “Please, don’t leave me!”

He reached up and cupped her face with a trembling hand.

“Shh… little girl… remember, I’m a monster…” he said. Then almost as an afterthought: “By the way I killed your Dad.”

And for the hundredth time since she had met him, Natasha cursed Gabriel’s name.


In the aftermath of the botched execution a hush fell over the room. No one moved from where they stood and no one thought to finish what they started. They just stood and looked at Gabriel. Their leader come defector come dead man… and all for the sake of a woman. It was a tale as old as time but it did not make it any more believable to them. The Wolf Squad did not take women for themselves. That was the whole point. It was even written in the Code and Gabriel had known it well. All at once it was clear to the men why their leader had chosen to let Natasha go after marking her with his sign. He did not want her to belong to them. Silently they bowed their heads.

Natasha half expected them to murder her on the spot. She felt she deserved it, for all the trouble she had caused. She actually looked forward to the bullet, this time around. Life was not worth living without Gabriel and the cage.

In the stillness a phone rang.


The phone rang for a long time without ringing out.

“Ignore it,” Dirk said, his voice soft. Presently though someone went to take a look. He returned panting urgently:

“That’s the red phone!”

In a flash the men became mobilised, running for the room next door. Natasha heard them pick up.

“Dirk speaking.”

Silence, as he listened to the person at the other end. Followed by:

“Thank you Mr President. We appreciate it very much.”

Another silence and then another reply:

“Who was responsible for the breakthrough? That would be Gabriel, Sir. He stayed behind on his own as it looks less suspicious that way…”

He stopped suddenly, clearly having been cut off. When he spoke again his voice shook.

“I’m sorry, Mr President… he can’t come to the phone. There’s been an accident you see…”

Another quick pause and then:

“Well, no, we haven’t sent for help. What? Oh… um… because it only just happened, Sir. I beg your pardon? Yes… Yes, of course. We will bring him over right away. Thank you, Mr President, and good night.”

There was a click, signalling the end of the conversation. A moment later the men re-entered the room and headed straight toward Natasha and Gabriel. And while Georg was untying her wrists, Dirk was checking Gabriel’s pulse.

“He still lives!” he exclaimed and a cheer went up. At Natasha’s puzzled glance Georg turned to her and said:

“Mr President is very impressed with Gabriel’s latest mission. He said to get him to his private hospital right away. There will be a surgeon waiting by the time we arrive.”

As they were stemming the flow from Gabriel’s wound and placing him onto a stretcher, Wolfgang asked:

“Um… guys… what about the Code?”

“Fuck the Code,” Dirk said, and that was that.

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Natasha remembered the helicopter from the day she arrived at the safe house. But she never thought it actually belonged to the Wolf Squad or that it would be parked in its own underground shelter a short distance away. She wondered why they could not have used it when they were trying to escape, so she asked Wolfgang.

“Because we only have three pilots,” Wolfgang said. “And Gabriel and I are not amongst them.”

They walked on in silence and soon they came to a large clearing.

“Where is this shelter?” Natasha asked and right then the earth opened up before them.
The look on her face made the men smile in spite of the seriousness of the situation.

“Come on,” Wolfgang said, leading her down the steps. “You’re part of your own James Bond movie now.”

Five minutes later they were in the air, heading straight for the hospital.


The hospital where the Wolf Squad took Gabriel was unlike any hospital Natasha had ever seen. The reason being, it was empty of almost all staff. The men landed the helicopter on the hospital roof and carried Gabriel’s stretcher down, without having to answer a single question from anyone. Natasha thought it very wonderful if a little strange.

Inside the hospital, the surgeon asked what blood type Gabriel was. But he did not record the answer anywhere, Natasha saw. He just yelled for his assistant to bring him the required blood for the transfusion and he started wheeling Gabriel into the operating room. Naturally, the Squad followed.

“Err… you can’t all go in there,” the surgeon said on gathering their intent. The Wolf Squad eyed him without moving.

“Room seems big enough to me,” Wolfgang said gazing over his shoulder. It was easy for him to do so, considering he was at least a foot taller than the surgeon. Wearily the surgeon sighed.

So they all piled in and watched as the surgeon set about his work. An hour later he was done, having extracted the bullet and sewn the wound shut.

“Is he… is he?” Natasha asked in a strained voice.

“He’ll be fine,” the surgeon said and everyone smiled with relief. As they were lifting Gabriel onto a stretcher in preparation to taking him home, the surgeon bristled.

“You can’t just airlift him out of here, I don’t care who you are! The man needs fluids and rest and… and…” he broke off upon realising that the men were all looking at him. Intently like he was their prey. Before he could excuse himself, Wolfgang had him by the elbow.

“I’m surprised the President didn’t tell you, doctor… you’re coming with us.”

Natasha shook her head in disbelief. With Gabriel out of immediate danger she had a lot to think about. But as they lifted into the air once more, weariness overcame her and she slept. With her head resting on Wolfgang’s shoulder she looked very sweet and innocent, which in some ways she was considering the company she kept.

“Lovely girl,” the surgeon said into his microphone. “Who is she?”

There was a brief silence as the men exchanged knowing glances. Finally Wolfgang pressed the communication button on his headphones and said:

“If I told you that, we’d have to kill you, doc. Suffice to say: she's one of us.”
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Many thanks AmeliaB, for the compliments. Here is part two, as promised. It is long enough to be a separate thread, but I didn't want to violate any rules.




The safe house was quiet when Gabriel awoke, but he knew perfectly well he was not alone. Even though the room he was in was empty, someone would be watching. Someone always was at any of the Wolf Squad safe houses. He stared at the ceiling for a while and presently he heard a voice say:

"Hey there Gabriel, you're awake!"

Moments later the entire squad burst into the room.

Gabriel was flummoxed. The last thing he remembered, he was trying to escape his men as they were about to execute him for breaking the Code. Now he was here and his lower back hurt like hell and...

"Where's Natasha?" he growled. He made as if to get up and belatedly he felt the straps on his wrists and ankles. Unbelievable, he thought. He needed answers and he needed them now. Lucky for him his men were in a talkative mood.

"Don't worry, she's ok," Wolfgang said, coming up to him first. "She is sleeping in the next room, in fact. Which is probably what we all should be doing, except we were too pumped..."

It took Gabriel a few seconds to register the fact that Wolfgang was ok. Considering he had been earmarked for execution alongside himself, this was nothing short of a miracle.

"Wolfie, please don't torture me," Gabriel said. "Something's obviously happened to change things and I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to explain."

But before Wolfgang could speak, Dirk stepped forward.

"It's simple," he said, looking Gabriel straight in the eye. "While you were trying to escape and you dropped your guard, one of us managed to get a shot at you... we still don't know who, as several of us shot at once. When we saw you were shot we backed off and let you have your moment with Natasha... and after you fell down we thought you were dead. Then while we were standing around in a bit of a shock the phone rang. It was the President."

"The President called?" Gabriel said, his eyes widening in surprise. "He never calls on Thursdays!"

"I know," Dirk replied. He continued smoothly: "Anyway the President sounded very concerned when we told him about the accident. He said you were absolutely irreplaceable and that you saved the country and what not... and then he said we had to do everything we could do save you. So here you are."

"Here I am," Gabriel repeated. But he still was not finished asking questions.

"What happened to enforcing the Code at all cost?" he said, worried about Wolfgang now.

The men looked at him with shiny eyes.

"We've been talking about that all night," Wolfgang said, "and we've decided the Code needs to be re-written somewhat."

"Oh?" Gabriel said, arching an eyebrow. "And who do you suppose should be entrusted with this monumentally important task?"

They were grinning openly now.

"Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say you're the best leader we ever had," Dirk said, "and therefore we feel there's no better person to give the Code a tweak than you, Sir."

Gabriel groaned out loud. The new Code would have to be approved by the powers that be and that was no simple task for anyone to accomplish, including him. While he was thinking of excuses to offer and so free himself of the responsibility, he heard one of them speak up again.

"There's one more thing, Sir," Torsten said from the foot of the bed. "The others forgot to mention it, but there is also the issue of Natasha. If she is to stay with us permanently, the rules must be changed. So it's only fair that you are put in charge of the process, seeming as so you are the one she belongs to..."

"Oh she does, does she?" Gabriel said, smiling at him. "And here I thought she was a team player that you all liked to partake in..."

The men shuffled their feet uncomfortably and for a while nobody spoke. Then Wolfgang leaned forward with a syringe in his hand.

"We can work out the details later," he said. "Right now you should get some rest."

And with that he stuck a needle in Gabriel's arm and forced him to comply with the command virtually instantaneously.



Gabriel knew on his first day back at the safe house that things just could not be worked out as simply and easily, as his men seemed to think. On the morning of the second day he found out he was correct.

He was still strapped down having an enforced rest when Natasha walked into the room. She was alone and she looked sexier than ever, if one discounted the fact she wore clothes. The men were obviously trying to keep their hands off her and covering her sexy body was one way of helping them achieve that. Feeling happy with this state of affairs, Gabriel was about to say hello when Natasha beat him to it.

"Hi Gabriel," she said walking up to the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Better now that you're here," he replied honestly. The moment he said it though, he saw her expression change. He sensed trouble and she confirmed it when she next spoke.

"Listen, Gabriel... about what happened yesterday. I want to thank you for risking your life for me," she paused and he waited for the rest of the speech, which came presently.

"When I thought you were dying I..." she trailed off and he saw the tears in her eyes. She shook her head and wiped them away and then she dropped the bombshell. "What I'm trying to say is: I'm leaving."

"What?" Gabriel exclaimed, lifting his head off the pillow. Then straight after that: "And who may I ask gave you permission to do this?"

Now it was Natasha's turn to look surprised. On seeing it Gabriel relaxed. So. She only thought she was leaving. She was in for a bit of a rude shock.

"I don't need anyone's permission," Natasha said, staring at him haughtily. "I am a free woman and I..."

"No, you're not. Actually," he said, interrupting her.

Gabriel knew they were being watched and that soon enough someone was going to join their conversation, either via the comms system or in person. He therefore relaxed and waited for Natasha to start asking questions – which she did after a moment of shocked pause.

"What do you mean?" she asked, frowning. "One day you tell me you love me and the next you say I'm your prisoner? You're pulling my leg, right?"

"Mmm... I wish I was," Gabriel said. He fixed her with a pale stare. "Although you're right about one thing. You're not a prisoner as such. But you still can't leave, my dear, and if you'd asked any of the men they would've told you as much."

Natasha glared at the camera high on the wall, before turning her gaze back on Gabriel.

"You're still not making any sense," she told him, with her hands on her hips. So he explained things to her as best as he could. Knowing she would flip her lid.

"You can't leave because you are dead," he said and watched as she did just that.

"What!? What the hell are you saying?" she screamed. "I'm very much alive and well… as you can see! I'm standing right in front of you aren't I?"

It did not help that he was strapped down. She looked like she might come and attack him any moment now.

"Calm down, Natasha," he ordered, his voice cutting through her rising panic, sword like.
Natasha fell silent, but her eyes watched him and there were arrows shooting out of them. Gabriel started talking.

"I know this has come as a shock to you, but I have to ask you: did you seriously think you could return to a normal life after spending so much time with the Wolf Squad? That we would let you go back into the world - most of which doesn't know we exist - and risk you telling others about us?"

The turn around was interesting to watch, in Gabriel's opinion. Natasha's eyes were still open, but her look was distant as she pondered the wisdom of his words.

"Go back... I can't go back... but I wouldn't tell anyone!" she exclaimed tearfully. "Please, Gabriel! Don't do this! Don't take my freedom away!"

Gabriel sighed. It was not in him to feel much pity, as he considered it an overrated and wasteful emotion. He did feel sympathy however, for he understood the sheer magnitude of the news Natasha was trying to cope with.

"Natasha, dear..." he told her as gently as he could. "It's already done... and there's nothing any of us can do to change it."

She really went off then. Flying up to the bed, she slapped him hard across the face. Then she started beating on his chest.

"Bastard! Bastard! That's why you killed my father, so you could lock me away and no one would come looking..." she started to sob.

Right at that moment the door to the room opened and Bjork and Dirk appeared. They rushed to the bed, pulling Natasha off Gabriel.

"Come on Natasha, that's enough," Dirk said. "Honestly, I thought you loved Gabriel and here you are beating on him..."

The attempt at humour failed.

"I don't love him!" Natasha screamed through her tears. "Not any more! I hate what he's done to me... what he's still doing... I'll never be free again..."

The men holding her looked at each other in surprise.

"Umm... Let's go find Wolfgang," Dirk said. "Maybe he can help you see things differently."

As they guided the distraught Natasha out, Gabriel closed his eyes wearily. It was as he thought then. She was having second thoughts. He hoped for both their sakes that would soon change.


Wolfgang was relaxing in the hot spa and he looked up in surprise at Dirk and Bjork as they brought Natasha to him. Holding her like she might try and escape.

"What's wrong?" he asked and they told him. So he got out and dried off and after wrapping a towel around his waist, he sat down on one of the beds. He patted the space beside him, inviting Natasha to sit next to him. The moment she did so, he waved the other men off.

"Ok, we're alone," he said. "Now will you tell me what's really bothering you?"

She gazed at him dumbfounded.

"It's like they said. I want to go home," she stated and her lower lip began to tremble. Wolfgang reached up and took hold of her chin. Running his thumb across that trembling lip for a moment. Then slowly, while gazing into her eyes, he leaned in and kissed her.
She tried to tear her lips away, but he held onto her chin and kept kissing her until he felt her relax. At which point he broke off the kiss and stared deep into her eyes and said:

"There's no greater freedom than being dead."

As she sat there still processing the words, he began to undress her. Then he scooped her up and carried her naked to the spa and there he started to stroke her all over, continuing what he started on the bed. Soon she was thoroughly excited and when some of the other men came into the room Wolfgang gestured them over.

"I don't think Gabriel will mind," he whispered in their ear. "But just in case until we sort out the rules... make sure to turn off the cameras for this room."

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The Rules: There are no rules.

This was all Gabriel had managed to come up with thus far. Although in fairness he had been thinking about it for only a day. Perhaps if he tried harder... He went over the facts again. Fact one: he was in love with Natasha. Two: He also loved Wolfgang. Three: Wolfgang was in love with him. And last but not least: the Wolf Squad did not believe in monogamy. Naturally this included him, for he never saw himself as being restricted to just one woman. It was one of the main reasons he loved being part of an elite squad of men that nobody in the world had control over. Yes. Well. The problem that he faced now was that he could not conceive of sharing Natasha with anyone, except maybe Wolfgang. But even that was starting to bother him now that he was out of action for a while. This then was fact four: for the first time in his life Gabriel was jealous. And that sure as hell complicated things.

Absorbed in thought Gabriel did not hear his surgeon enter the room until he heard him say:

"How is my patient today?"

"Fine. Just fine," Gabriel mumbled. In truth, he was hurting like hell but his pain tolerance was such that he put up with it without complaint.

On examining Gabriel's wound and then his vital signs, the doctor soon worked out the truth for himself.

"Ahm. Ok... judging by what your body's telling me, you should be on pain killers right now," he said. Without waiting for Gabriel to reply, he turned around and fetched an ampule of the required drug from the bedside table. As he was upending it on the needle to draw it into the syringe, he heard a low growl from the bed.

"If you stick that needle into me I swear to God I will make you regret it later," Gabriel said. His voice was quite calm and steady and it only made the threat seem more menacing. The doctor put down the ampule with a trembling hand.

"My dear man, there's no need for such threats," he said. "It's my job to take care of you, which normally extends to minimising pain. But if you prefer otherwise that's totally up to you."

He turned to leave.

"One moment, doctor," Gabriel called after him. "Can you tell me how long this will take?"

"How long until you're well again, you mean?" the doctor said. "Well, you were lucky... the bullet missed all of your major organs. Provided you give your body what it needs, I'd say you should be back on your feet in approximately two weeks."

"Two weeks!" Gabriel exclaimed in dismay.

"I did say you were lucky," the doctor smiled, obviously missing the point. And with that he left him.

"Fuck this shit," Gabriel growled gritting his teeth. He raised his eyes to the camera fixed to the wall above him. "Guys! Whoever is watching… I want one of you in here! Now!"

It took Henrik and Bjorn two minutes to do as he asked. By the time they were in the room with him, Gabriel had a plan. One that would ensure Natasha stayed right where he wanted, every second of every day… until he was ready to come and claim her. As was his right.
A few minutes later as his men were leaving to do his bidding, he called them back and said:

"One last thing and this is extremely important: make sure she doesn't know the order came from me."

After all, he thought as he watched the door close, it would not do to go to all that trouble only to have Natasha hate him at the end.


Natasha was restless. Not physically, because the men had fucked her senseless for most of the night, but mentally and emotionally she just could not shut down. Her head was a whirlwind of thought all centred around one theme: escape. Escape from Gabriel and the Wolf Squad and their safe house. Which was not a safe house at all, but a prison she thought. It was a nice prison to be sure and her jailers were hot - damn hot, in fact. But it was still a prison and as such it grated on her, making it impossible to enjoy her time there as before. Besides, she was beginning to think it was simply not healthy to have so much sex. And just as she was thinking this and pacing around the common room, the doctor walked in.

He was wearing a paisley bow tie over a pale pink shirt and his thinning grey hair was combed to one side in an apparent effort at hiding his bald patch. As he nodded at her from across the room, Natasha thought he looked perfectly ridiculous. She would have been happiest not to speak to him and with that in mind she was heading for the door, when he stopped her by saying:

"You don't have to leave to avoid talking to me."

Eyeing her over the glass of lemonade he was holding. Swamped by guilt, she turned to him and stammered:

"I'm sorry. I'm just not feeling very well."

Which was the wrong thing to say to a doctor but she realised it a tad too late.

"Please, tell me more," the doctor said, eyeing her up and down. Natasha had on just an oversized men's T-shirt and at once she felt strangely vulnerable. Pulling the material as low as it would go over her shapely ass, she sat down on the lounge and folded her long legs beneath her.

"Oh, it's nothing, really," she said, avoiding his eye.

"Young lady," the doctor said, assuming a tone of infinite wisdom peculiar to members of his profession, "I'm a doctor. You can't lie to me about how you're feeling. Not while looking like that."

At once Natasha was irritated. Was he trying to tell her she did not look good?

"The boys think I look just fine," she said, regretting it instantly. But it was too late.

Predictably the doctor laughed.

"I'm sure the men of this house think that... and I can't blame them for you are a very attractive lady," he said, switching on the old world charm. Suitably mollified she smiled at him.

"But?" she said, knowing he would tell her his opinion, whether she wanted to hear it or not.

The doctor took a step toward her. Setting his lemonade on the table before them, he sat down in the chair opposite her and looked her in the eye.

"From a doctor's perspective you look awful, my dear," he told her, not mincing words. "You are thin and dehydrated and you clearly haven't slept for days. And I also couldn't help but notice the bruises..."

He trailed off, uncertain where to draw the line. Without thinking Natasha said:

"Well, what do you expect when you're the only woman in a house with a dozen men?"

And then to both her and the doctor's surprise, she hung her head and burst into tears.
Oh dear, the doctor thought and he jumped up and went to her. He was just sitting down and wrapping an arm around her shoulder, when a sound of footsteps reached his ears. A moment later, two of the squad men walked into the room. They were dressed in full combat gear and as they headed toward him the doctor felt a sudden spike of fear.

"Is something the matter?" he asked, but the men did not answer. With their expressions set and their muscles bulging under their black shirts, they walked right up to the girl and took her by the elbows – one on each side.

"Come on," one of them said, "you're coming with us."

The other one nodded at the small man with a paisley tie gaping up at them mutely.

"Doctor," it was both a hello and goodbye.

And without another word they were gone. Leaving the kind doctor to finish his lemonade on his own.


"Where... where are you taking me?" Natasha hiccupped, the tears still sliding down her face. "Bjorn? Henrik? Why can't you talk to me?"

Bjorn and Henrik ignored her. She soon worked out they were taking her to the basement and at this point she started to shake.

"Have I done something wrong? Was I not supposed to talk to the doctor, is that it? If so, I'm sorry... but nobody told me," she was starting to ramble and to help shut her up they spoke to her at last.

"You haven't done anything wrong," Bjorn said, "but we really don't have time to explain."

Thus silenced, Natasha waited until they were in the basement, hoping she would get some answers then. She was to be disappointed. Particularly as the first person she saw was Wolfgang, whom she counted as her closest friend.

"Wolfgang! Oh, thank God! Please tell me what's happening..." she blabbered. But Wolfgang's face, like that of his friends, was set in a serious expression and when he spoke so was his tone.

"Hi Natasha," Wolfgang said, "I'm afraid I can't tell you anything. We are going on a mission and the information is classified."

And with Bjorn and Henrik holding her, Wolfgang leaned forward and tied a blindfold over her eyes.

"Hey! What the... I don't understand..." Natasha mumbled.

"You're not supposed to understand," Wolfgang said. He gave the signal and the men pulled her arms back and started tying her up. It made her head spin.

"Seriously, this is ridiculous..." she protested. Then as she thought of it: "Gabriel! I want to speak to Gabriel! Does he know about this?"

The men exchanged glances. Their instructions were very clear. Which was why Bjorn and Henrik were shocked to see Wolfgang lean close to Natasha and hear him whisper in her ear:

"He's the one who gave the order, honey."

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The helicopter as usual drowned out all sounds with its powerful rotating blades, but to Natasha it made no difference because she was drugged to her eyeballs, as well as blindfolded and bound. They had opted to do both in order not to take any chances with their precious cargo during the lengthy journey. And she was precious in the men's eyes, for they had all grown fond of her in their time together. So fond that they were downright miserable at having to cart her off to Amazon Island: the all-female boot camp for the Wolf Squad women, a place where all their girls went to get trained. Though in this case the process was quite the reverse to what might ordinarily be expected... for the fact was that so-called nice girls gave the Wolf Squad the creeps. As such, their efforts had been concentrated for some years now on producing the perfect antidote to what they thought of as a social disease: a way of stripping women of their inhibitions along with their clothes. Amazon Island was the proposed solution and thus far it had worked a treat. Every single graduate it produced had ended up on Santa's naughty list.

The only downside was that it took time, quite a lot of time in some cases. This was no doubt what Dirk was thinking when he pressed his comms button and said:

"I know we're going off on a mission and all... and that she'll probably be out by the time we get back. But I still think she doesn't need it. She's a natural team player... I mean to take all of us on the way she did... that's about as naughty as it gets."

The others nodded their heads thoughtfully. Replaying the many nights of fucking in their heads. Presently, however, Bjorn pressed his button and replied:

"On the other hand, we've never seen her with another girl... so we don't know how she would go... and besides did you see her today when we went to get her? She wasn't naked like normal... she was wearing a shirt!"

Regular persons might have been horrified at the suggestion that wearing clothing was wrong, but the Wolf Squad were deadly serious. In their books clothing was optional at best of times. In certain situations it was practically a crime.

"You're right," Henrik said nodding at him, "I saw it too. I guess she felt she had to cover up while the good doctor was around..."

To which Bjorn said:

"I rest my case."

Wolfgang notably chose not to speak. The men assumed his mind was on other things, like the mission ahead, so they left him alone and that was just as well because he was much more miserable than them.


On their arrival at the island, the men were greeted by the head girl. Her name was Anastasia and she was Russian, or had been before they had faked her death and brought her to the island. She liked it there so much, she asked if she could stay and that suited the men just fine. It was not like they could let her back into the world anyway.

Tall and elegant with long blonde hair and a full bosom, Anastasia was the embodiment of the quintessential woman. At least as far as most men were concerned. The Wolf Squad knew her intimately, it goes without saying – inside and out. As they stepped out of the helicopter and onto the beach, they greeted her accordingly, with French kisses and full body hugs.

"Mwa, boys... boys... it's so good to see you!" Anastasia said between kisses, her eyes laughing and her full breasts bouncing joyfully in the glow of the setting Sun. She was naked, of course, and they each stroked her briefly as part of their greeting.

When they were finished saying hello, Wolfgang turned to her and said:

"We can't stay long. We only came to drop off a package, really."

"Is that so?" Anastasia said smiling. "Well don't keep me in suspense. Bring her out so I can see!"

And they brought out Natasha who was still out due to the drugs.

"Wow, she's beautiful!" Anastasia said. "If a little worse for wear. Have you had her long?"

"About a month," Wolfgang replied and they all looked wistful, making Anastasia laugh.

"Well, that explains it," she said and she gestured for them to move along. It was almost dinnertime and the girls would be waiting she told them.

As they walked to the main building the men decided that perhaps they could stay a few hours after all.


Natasha awoke to the sounds of revelry, which confused her because her last memory was of being in the basement with Wolfgang and Henrik and Bjorn. Being blindfolded and bound, she could not work out what was going on for herself and so she felt compelled to yell:

"Help! Anybody! Help me!"

This brought someone to her almost instantly and when her blindfold was removed she saw why.

She was lying bound naked on a table in a room full of people. Some of whom she knew, others she did not. She wanted to die of embarrassment.

"Dirk!" she called to the nearest squad member she could see. "Get me out of here! Please!"

But Dirk did no such thing. He did not even look in her direction, but kept talking to the girl he was with – a stunning brunette with breasts so perfect it made Natasha cringe. As she watched, the girl threw her arms around Dirk's neck and they kissed. One of his hands cupping one of her perfect breasts and the other, her ass cheek.

Frustrated, Natasha averted her gaze and looked up at last at the person who had taken her blindfold off: a tall, elegant woman with long blonde hair and very large breasts.

"Where am I?" Natasha asked her, with tears in her eyes. "And why are all these people here?"

The woman smiled at her serenely.

"You're at a party, sweetie. A welcoming party in your honour," she said, leaning down and kissing her on the mouth. Her lips were soft, much softer than a man's and her skin was silky smooth. Natasha had never kissed a woman before and she was completely overwhelmed. She stared stunned at the woman as she pulled away and said:

"Welcome to Amazon Island. My name's Anastasia and I will be your mentor... and hopefully, your friend as well."


On her first night at the island, Natasha tried to escape. Having watched the men leave, she perceived herself being abandoned and she had no intention of staying in the strange place. And it was truly strange in Natasha's eyes, for a number of reasons. For one, the giant dome-shaped building comprised only one sleeping chamber with numerous mattresses joined together on the floor. Two, it seemed to be inhabited by women alone. And three: they were all naked. True, the temperature was tropical and the air warm. But it still felt odd to Natasha, off-putting in the extreme. So she thought as they untied her arms and legs and laid her next to them to sleep. And when darkness fell she got up and stepped carefully around their sleeping bodies toward the exit and then she was free.

Or so she thought.

Natasha ran for a full hour along the island tracks, before realising that they all led to the same place: back to the building where she came from. Exhausted, she headed for the beach and as she was sweaty she decided to take a quick swim. This was where Anastasia found her when she walked onto the beach a few minutes later.

"Are you trying to swim away?" Anastasia called out. Rolling her R, she sounded very much Russian, which irritated Natasha for some reason. She did not reply.

The next thing she knew, Anastasia was in the water with her – her big, beautiful breasts floating on top of the water, practically begging for someone to touch them. Not me, Natasha thought and she blushed. For I am a woman and I don’t touch other women...

"Would you like to touch my breasts?" Anastasia asked while swimming closer. The planktons reflected the moonlight in the water around her, making her skin positively sparkle, and despite her best intentions Natasha caught herself staring.

"Err... No. No, thanks," she swam off, but Anastasia followed. Being taller than Natasha she kept up easily, swimming alongside her with long strokes.

"I think you do," Anastasia said in such a happy girlish voice that Natasha could not help herself. She giggled. Then, catching herself, she insisted:

"No, really, I don't."

But even as she said it, Natasha was letting Anastasia swim up to her and a second later their breasts were touching under water. Their nipples rubbing against each other, which Natasha soon realised was a deliberate move on the other woman's part. Still she did not pull away. That was because Anastasia's arms were around her waist by now, holding her close. She was surprisingly strong and her hands travelled all over Natasha, including her buttocks and thighs. Desperately Natasha tried to keep her composure. Though Anastasia's smooth soft skin was heavenly to touch, Natasha could not bring herself to do it much. It went against her grain and thinking this, she turned her head away to give herself some space.

"I know you're uncomfortable," Anastasia whispered, watching her, "but there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's perfectly natural to swim naked with a friend... to hug and to touch... and to kiss."

As she said this Anastasia reached up and placed a hand against Natasha's cheek. In an infinitely tender move, she brought their heads together and started to kiss her. It was a long lingering kiss and it took Natasha's breath away.

"Please..." she said when Anastasia finally released her. "I can't do this..."

Anastasia just smiled at her in the moonlight and started to kiss her again.



Natasha's real initiation to the island life started on her second day.
The women tackled her at dawn, while she was sleeping soundly, worn out from her journey and the drugs, and the running around she did while trying to escape. They gave her no chance to wake up and defend herself, which Natasha considered cowardly. She told them so while they were tightening the ropes around her ankles.

"We're women, sweetie," Anastasia told her. "We use brains, not brawn."

And they pulled out their toys. The strangest, scariest looking toys Natasha had ever seen. Dildos big enough to match the largest cocks she had ever had. Double dildos. Strap-ons. Vibrating balls. Anal plugs. You name it – the women had it.

"You can't do that to me!" Natasha yelled, squirming desperately. "Women don't rape other women!"

The women held up their weapons of choice.

"Oh, but it's not rape," Anastasia said sweetly, "it's training. And we're going to do it every day from now on. So you might as well relax and enjoy it."

Natasha screamed and the women laughed. They were still laughing as they started to insert various objects into her pussy and ass. They were not gentle about it and the more Natasha tried to resist, the rougher they became. Incredibly, one of them tried to kiss her while all this was going on. So Natasha did what felt right at the time: she bit her.

That was when things really took a turn for the worse.

"Bring me the whip, Katia," Anastasia said icily, "we've got to teach this girl some manners."

They did not bother to gag her. They just flipped her onto her front and two of them held her down while Anastasia whipped her. As the whip hit her buttocks, Natasha screamed. The women had left a plug in her ass and each time her buttocks squeezed together under the whiplash, she could feel it.

"Take it out! Please! Take it out!" she cried, but it only made them whip her harder.

"That's what you get for being mean and biting us!" Anastasia said.

The whipping went on long enough to make Natasha start to beg. Her ass cheeks were burning, her voice raw. She did not want to fight them any more.

They stopped whipping her then, but they were far from finished. Like all women, the Amazon Island beauties were all about relationships and allegiances and such. To them, it was not enough to punish Natasha physically. She had to suffer emotionally, too, and earn her right to be a part of their family. Anastasia explained it all very clearly:

"We have rules around here Natasha. And the first rule is you must act as part of a team. You just broke that rule, so now you will suffer the punishment. For the next week you will be our pet and you will let us do whatever we like to you. Whenever we like. If you don't, we will tie you up and whip you till you will bleed. And we will leave you tied up until the next day, when you will get another chance to behave. And then if you still don't behave we will up the punishment. We will twist your nipples and push needles under your toenails and do a hundred other things that will make you scream much worse than you screamed today. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Natasha felt her skin crawling. Dumbly she nodded and the women untied her.

"Dinner will be at 7pm. I suggest you get yourself cleaned up before then. You're a mess," Anastasia told her.

Then they all turned their backs on her and ignored her for the rest of the day. And as angry as she was, Natasha felt excluded and she did not wish for privacy any more.



Natasha awoke on the third day to find an attractive brunette standing above her. She recognised her as the brunette with the perfect breasts from her first night on the island.

"Hi Natasha," the woman said, "my name's Lana and today you'll be my pet alone."

She sounded very happy about it and not wanting to disappoint her, Natasha refrained from telling her to go get fucked. Although she wanted to say it very much. Ignoring the look Natasha gave her, Lana took her by the hand and lead her outside, to where the showers were located under the palm trees.

"The first thing I want you to do is bathe me," Lana said and she handed her a sponge. "I want you to soap me all over… especially between my legs. I love it when someone does that."

Natasha grimaced. I am not your little slave, she thought. But she did as she was told. Lana's body was petite and perfect like a doll's and when Natasha started sponging between her legs she spread them open, panting with pleasure.

"Mmm... don't stop..." Lana moaned. It was easy to please her and Natasha was almost starting to enjoy herself when suddenly Lana stopped. Switching off the shower, she took Natasha by the hand again and led her to the main room, both of them dripping wet.

"Make love to me," Lana said, pulling Natasha on top of her. This time Natasha did not resist when the other woman kissed her, but she started to object when Lana pushed her head between her open legs.

"No! I can't... Please don't make me go down on you," she said, trying not to disagree too openly. Lana however was adamant:

"I'm so hot Natasha, can't you see? I need you to make me come. You know what will happen if you don't do it."

Natasha bent her head to Lana's mound. With a trembling hand she spread open the shiny pink labia. Lana's lips were small like the rest of her and her clit was already swollen, she saw.

"But... what do I do?" she asked wonderingly. Lana lifted her head from the mattress and smiled at her coyly.

"You're a woman," Lana said, "figure it out."

Fuck you Gabriel, Natasha thought as she bent her head and started to lick Lana's pussy with its bittersweet juices. You are going to pay for this.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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For the next week Natasha serviced the women of Amazon Island, satisfying their every whim and desire. This included letting them play with her, which they alone enjoyed. Because try as she might Natasha could not get into having sex with women, like she did with men. After the first week when the women were starting to get friendly with her, she finally felt brave enough to admit it. They were all relaxing in the Sun under the palm trees and it was the perfect time to come out. Or back in, as the case happened to be with Natasha. To her relief, the women did not take it as a personal affront.

"Well there's nothing wrong with being just a little bit bi instead of a lot," Katia said, slapping her playfully on the ass. "As long as you're happy with who you are that's all that matters. Right, Anastasia?"

"That's right," Anastasia said, rolling the R again. After a moment's pause she added thoughtfully: "but it sure is handy to be ok with women, considering the Wolf Squad and their tastes."

Natasha stopped massaging oil into Lana's back.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked, though she could guess the answer well enough on her own.

Anastasia stretched. Unfolding her shapely long legs, she stood up from the sun chair she had been lying on. As she walked over to Natasha and started to stroke her hair, she said:

"Let's just say they like theatre plays."

And she left it at that.



There were more than thirty women on Amazon Island. After two weeks with them Natasha felt a part of the team, but she also felt like she was going insane. The amount of oestrogen floating around was messing with her body, as well as her brain. Making her irritable and restless like never before. Of course, it did not help that she was so well fed and rested. Her skin tanned from the Sun and her black hair shining, she was like a filly ready for a show: all dressed up and no place to go. Well… not exactly dressed. Natasha had not worn a shred of clothing during her stay on the island and by now nudity felt natural to her. Just as it felt natural to have the women touch her and to touch herself in their presence. But of course this was only making things worse. She wanted sex. Wanted it so bad she felt ready to explode and the women were more than willing to help her – only they could not. Oh they could make her come, but only after much hard work and it never left her satisfied.

The simple fact was, Natasha needed cock. Or as Anastasia put it while talking to Wolfgang over the phone:

"She's gagging for it, darling. Just gagging for it."

And so, fourteen days after dropping off Natasha on the island, the Wolf Squad came back for her.

Complete with their leader this time.


Sitting in the helicopter watching the island come into view below them, Gabriel felt happier than he had been in a long time. After enduring months of anguish trying to forget about Natasha and then another month of high drama, he had started to lose his patience. This was something that never happened where Gabriel was concerned. Period. For this reason, the past two weeks had been particularly difficult. Being bedridden, he had spent most of his time fantasising about Natasha and it had set his heart on fire. And his cock and balls too, it goes without saying. On thinking this, he felt his cock move in his pants and he placed his hand on it to restrain it. Down boy, he thought smiling. You will get your turn soon.

Around Gabriel the men joked and laughed. They had completed a tricky mission in a relatively short amount of time and they were on a high. All except Wolfgang, that is, who sat with his head bowed as though lost in thought.

"Hey, Wolfgang!" Dirk said into his microphone. "I don't know what you're thinking about but you should snap out of it, man! We're about to paaarteee... and you're bringing the mood down!"

"I hardly think that's possible, Dirk," Wolfgang replied smiling at him. But his smile did not touch his eyes and it disappeared completely by the time the helicopter touched down.

The party was on for most of the Wolf Squad. But for Wolfgang the shit was about to fly.


Natasha heard the helicopter arrive and immediately she leapt to her feet. As she ran toward the exit the women blocked her path.

"What's the rush girlie?" Anastasia said sweetly.

"It's the Wolf Squad! They're here!" Natasha breathed, not comprehending the question.

"I know," Anastasia said. Then: "Hold her please, while I go see them."

Perception is a funny thing – distant from reality a lot of the time, yet posing as such in people's eyes. When Anastasia gave the order for Natasha to be restrained, her intent was innocent enough. Namely, she was adhering to protocol and prolonging the suspense for her friend. To Natasha, however, it seemed far more sinister and in line with this impression she felt a surge of anger sweep over her. Enough to make her hands shake.

"You bitch!" Natasha spat. "You don't want to let me talk to them because you want to keep me here, is that it?"

Anastasia turned back slowly.

"Perhaps," she said, for no other reason than to upset Natasha and so punish her for the insult.

Natasha flipped. She had put up with being the women's toy for long enough. She did not belong with them and with the men so close, she was not going to let her chance at freedom slip by. Fixing Anastasia with her deadliest stare, she hissed:

"Well I have news for you, Barbie... I'd rather rot in hell..."

And with that the fight was on.


The men first knew something was wrong when Anastasia failed to greet them as usual. Perplexed but largely unconcerned they were making their way to the building, when suddenly Dirk who was in the lead, held up a hand.

"Wait! I think I hear something!"

They stopped and listened and presently they realised that what they were hearing were sounds of fighting. On Amazon Island this could only mean one thing.

"Cat fight!" the men yelled and they took off at a run.


Despite his recent injury Gabriel was among the first on the scene. Taking it all in, his eyes smouldered. Now there was a sexy sight if ever he saw one. The head girl and Natasha locked together on the floor with their naked bodies twisting and turning and their hands in each other's hair. Pulling at it hard enough to rip chunks of it out. Scratching at each other's faces. Oh they were angry all right. But they would not hurt each other seriously as far as he could see and so, when his men moved forward to separate them he called out:

"No! Let them fight!"

We will deal with them when they are done, he thought, while rocking back on his heels and crossing his arms on his chest. Around him, his men did the same and aware that they were being watched, the women redoubled their efforts. The men egging them on:

"Come on Natasha, you can take her!" - "I'm rooting for you Anastasia, baby!"

Natasha was panting so hard, she thought her lungs would burst. Anastasia was a lot stronger than her, as well as taller with a longer reach. As Natasha twisted trying to get on top of her, Anastasia surprised her by sticking a hand between her legs.

"Aaaa!" Natasha screamed as Anastasia's fingers closed around her clit, her nails pinching it till it almost bled. There was nothing for it but to let go of the Russian's long blonde mane and transfer her grip to her wrist, to try and wrench the claw away from her folds. She succeeded eventually but at a price. Because now Anastasia's long legs were wrapped around her midrib, squeezing the very breath out of her.

"Argh..." Natasha groaned, determined not to yield. Her eye fell on Anastasia's large breasts jiggling invitingly within reach. Take that, Natasha thought, grabbing hold of one large nipple and giving it a twist.

"Yaaaaow!" Anastasia yowled like a cat. Prying Natasha's hand away she went to give her a slap.

"Oh no you don't," Natasha puffed, blocking the move. But Anastasia's legs were still wrapped around her and before she could do more, the air was being squeezed out of her again.

"Ah... fuck..." Natasha whispered with her last breath. In the moment before passing out, she managed to reach down and stick a finger into Anastasia's pussy. This had the desired effect with Anastasia's legs opening as if by magic.

"Mmmm..." Anastasia moaned, her hand on Natasha's wrist. But she did not pull the hand out of her moist core, because she was enjoying it too much.

"Yeah... take that you cunt..." Natasha breathed and then she twisted closer to Anastasia and took one plump juicy breast in her mouth.

"Aaaa!" Anastasia screamed as Natasha's teeth closed around her nipple, without letting go.
The men watching them felt their cocks grow hard.

"Such language," Torsten opined.

"And violence..." Dirk added.

They glanced at their leader expectantly. How much longer before we can lay our hands on these two sexy asses? Gabriel saw the looks and he sighed. Personally he could watch the girls fight all day, but he was not the only one there.

"I suppose you're right," he said and he gave the nod. The gathered women watched in alarm, as the Wolf Squad pounced on the fighters, separating them none too gently while copping a feel of their breasts and their legs and buttocks. Natasha and Anastasia struggled against them so as to score one last try.

"Let me at her!" Anastasia howled. "I haven't finished with her yet!"

The men however were stronger and dragged them away from each other easily. At Gabriel's signal they brought the two women before him and forced them to their knees. Where they panted like rabid dogs, shooting looks of hate at each other.

"Make them face me," Gabriel said and the men did as instructed, pulling at the women's hair and tilting their heads back. With their arms pinned behind their backs and their throats exposed, Natasha and Anastasia gazed at Gabriel who stood towering above them, not unlike a God.

"Ok... who wants to go first?" he asked, gazing down at them with his pale eyes. Cold. Merciless. Calculating. It finally dawned on the girls that they were in trouble and they started talking all at once.

"She started it..." - "No, she did!" - "She tried to stop me from coming out to greet you..." - "I'm the head girl it's my right..."

"Enough!" Gabriel's shout lashed over them, cutting them off. Stooping down low he eyed them each in turn. In his usual calm voice he said:

"What I really want to know is: why were you fighting in the first place? You're supposed to be friends by now."

At which Natasha let out a snort.

"I could never be friends with her. Not after what she did to me..." she said, trailing off. When she failed to complete the sentence, Gabriel prompted her gently:

"And what is it that Anastasia did to you, little girl?"

The man holding Natasha's hair gave it a shake, pulling her head further back. Thus prompted into replying she swallowed hard and said:

"She whipped me. Hard. And she threatened to torture me if I didn't have sex with them."
There were tears in her eyes now and watching her Gabriel was silent. He was silent for so long that the men started to wonder whether something was wrong.

"Sir, is everything all right?" Dirk asked, respectful yet concerned.

Gabriel did not reply. Strolling around Natasha, his eyes travelled over her body checking for marks. Aside from the fresh scratches obtained during the catfight, he saw none. Good. That meant he would not have to punish Anastasia too harshly. But he would have to punish her all the same. Stepping around the women's kneeling bodies he leaned down before the Russian, fixing her with a pale cold stare.

"It seems no one explained to you the rules regarding Natasha," he said. "She's special, you see... more special than any of you."

As Anastasia opened her mouth to speak he placed one finger over her lips.

"Shhh... I won't hear any excuses. You should know by now that I don't negotiate when it comes to punishment. I'm a firm believer in discipline, you see," Gabriel said this in a tone that left no doubt as to the harshness of punishment to be exacted. Kneeling before him Anastasia started to shake.

"Please..." she begged and he placed a hand around her neck, silencing her as he squeezed it tight.

"No one hurts my little girl but me," Gabriel said, watching in satisfaction as Anastasia gasped for breath.


Anastasia had never been tortured before. She had spent the past five years on the island and she was soft. Apart from the scar that the Wolf Squad gave her on arrival, she was unmarked. Her skin was perfect, her nipples free of piercings and her pussy pink and smooth. Gabriel aimed to change all that. After all, he wanted to leave her something to remember him by. His only problems were the somewhat inadequate tools he had to work with and the lack of a proper tie down bench. But he could work around that.

"Lucky for you I brought the straps," he told Anastasia as they laid her on her back on the large dining table and spread her legs apart. "It means you won't have marks on your wrists and ankles, no matter how much you fight."

Anastasia's ample breasts quivered.

"Gabriel, Sir, I beg of you... I've been a model girl for years now. Surely one little mistake..."

Slap! The back of Gabriel's hand caught her across the face, making her eyes water.

"Is that what you think it was? A little mistake?" he leaned down so he could stare her in the eye. Letting her see his anger, his wrath. "I'm willing to bet this was not the first time you tied a girl up and whipped her to get your way."

He paused and Anastasia looked away confirming her guilt. So he slapped her again.

"Now you will see what it's like," he said and he pulled out the cane – really a tree branch one of the men found for him on the island. It was not perfect, but it was thick and flexible and it would do. Swinging it through the air experimentally, Gabriel looked over his shoulder.

"You might like to step back," he told the gathered men and women, all of who were watching with bated breath.

Mmm. There was nothing like corporal punishment to bring out the crowd.


Anastasia felt the first stroke of the branch as a harsh sting across the tops of her thighs. It hurt, but it was not unbearable and she held her breath intent on staying quiet throughout. The second stroke landed slightly below it, making it possible to stay silent, though she had to grit her teeth. Gabriel was caning her hard and she could feel each sting for long seconds after it landed, so that when the next strike came it increased her pain exponentially.

"Mmm!" Anastasia moaned, keeping her mouth closed. She was stretched out tight across the heavy table and she strained against her bonds as she fought to stay in control. Three strokes and no sound. She was feeling quite proud of herself and then the fourth stroke came.

"Mwaaa!" her mouth opened involuntarily and her back arched. In a move born out of years of practice Gabriel had struck her in exactly the same spot as the one before, the location marked clearly by the red welt it raised.

"Mmmm!" Anastasia moaned trying to deal with the pain. Then he struck her again… and again, and again – three times in quick succession, and each blow harder than the last. As the welts sprung up on her thighs, Anastasia opened her mouth and screamed.

"Ah! Such sweet music," Gabriel said and he swung the cane once more.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! He struck her mercilessly, measuring the distance and location so as to inflict the most damage in the quickest amount of time. Anastasia's thighs twitched with each strike and her back arched continually, but she could not move more than a few inches.

"Scream for me, Anastasia. Scream like you mean it," Gabriel said as he caned her. And Anastasia screamed for dear life, but it only made him cane her harder.

Before long she was not only screaming, but crying too. Her face contorted with pain she begged him for mercy, but it never came.

To Gabriel she looked wonderful, just the way a woman should look while being caned. Thoroughly aroused, he did not stop until he saw blood pour out of the welts on her thighs. Then he switched to her breasts.

"Aaaaa! Pwweeeaaseeee!! Noooo!" Anastasia screamed as the cane descended directly on her nipples, making her breasts bounce. He was using somewhat less force now, but she could not tell the difference. The pain was simply too extreme for her untrained brain.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! The cane landed with precision leaving beautiful scarlet lines across Anastasia's breasts. Watching them bounce and shake and jiggle, Gabriel had the hardest time keeping his cock in his pants. As usual a woman's suffering was turning him on no end and he thought of how hard he would fuck Natasha when he was finished.

Anastasia lasted twenty minutes under Gabriel's ministrations, before fainting dead away. As she did so, her stomach heaved and she threw up weakly on the table. Gabriel nodded at one of his men.

"Turn her head to one side and make sure her mouth is clear," he said, already reaching for the next set of instruments. The toolbox was sitting next to Natasha and he winked at her while picking it up.

"Enjoying the show, my dear? Don't worry, your turn will come."

The words made Natasha tremble where she knelt, but she could not tear her gaze away all the same.


Anastasia regained consciousness when a sharp pain pierced her nipple. Head lolling from side to side, she took a few seconds to register the full extent of it and as she started to scream again, she got her first look at what Gabriel was doing.

He was piercing her nipple.

In the absence of proper tools, he was using a large sewing needle and the pain as it pierced her was excruciating.

"Aaaa!! Please!! Stop!!" she screamed, while trying desperately to twist away.

Gabriel leaned on her chest with one elbow, pinning her down.

"Keep still," he said, his eyes on the sweet perky nipple from which blood was dripping liberally. "Or I'll rip your nipple to shreds."

Anastasia knew he spoke the truth, but she jerked helplessly regardless. Gabriel's elbow dug in deeper, helping her comply. Not that she was grateful.

"You asshole!" Anastasia screamed, the tears coursing down her face. "I curse you and all your family...! Aaaa!!"

Gabriel chuckled.

"I'm already cursed, sweet cheeks. And I have no family, so..." and he started to pierce her other nipple.

Moments later, both of Anastasia's nipples were pierced and bleeding and she was trembling like a leaf. Sobbing silently, she was thinking it was over, but then she heard him say:

"One last thing."

She saw him pull out another needle and lean with it between her legs.

"What... what are you doing?" she stammered and a second later she screamed. For Gabriel was piercing her labia, threading the needle through and sewing them shut as he went.

"This will help you stay out of trouble for a while," he said as several of the girls watching fell to the floor in a faint. Anastasia herself lasted only several threads of the needle more. That is, until he pierced her clit, at which point she fainted and pissed herself at the same time.

"Mmm... perfect," Gabriel said watching the golden flow mixing with blood. "Just fucking perfect."

No longer able to restrain himself, he turned around and grabbed Natasha, pulling her toward him.

"Get down on all fours," he told her while unbuckling his pants. Naked and trembling, she did as he asked. A moment later he was kneeling behind her, his hands on her hips.

"What are you waiting for?" he said to his men. "The show's over... let the party begin!"

Natasha moaned loud and long as Gabriel's cock entered her hot pussy, stretching her as it went. He did not stop until he was buried deep inside her and she moaned every inch of the way. Holding her spitted, he leaned forward and pulled her head back by the hair.

"Mmm... Methinks you enjoyed that little show. You're all wet," he said, noting how she trembled in reply. He wanted to hurt her somehow, so he pulled out his belt and looped it once around her throat. Then he started pumping her while choking her lightly, like a dog.

"Stick your tongue out for me," he ordered and she did so, her body shaking with his thrusts. He felt her coming a moment later and it shocked him and made him swell all at once.

"Wow, my little girl... You've missed me haven't you?" he said as he fucked her. And Natasha choking with his belt around her throat, managed to nod her head. She could hardly believe it herself, but she had never needed cock as much as she needed it then and Gabriel's huge appendage was a source of pleasure so intense it made her eyes roll in the back of her head.

After that he fucked her even harder and for once, no one tried to join in. The Wolf Squad knew when to leave their leader well enough alone and besides, they had other women to play with. Soon the room was filled with naked bodies fucking and rolling on the mattress floor.

It was the most delicious orgy and it lasted all of that day and into the night. Long enough for every cock in the house to be drained dry.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Early the next morning, the Wolf Squad was ready to roll. The men’s stamina allowed them to have a full night orgy with a total of three hours sleep, and still be able to get up and go. Natasha on the other hand was out for the count. She was still sleeping soundly when the men came to wake her and she took a long time to come around. When at last she opened her eyes, she found them all standing around her fully dressed and with the usual assortment of weaponry strapped to their hips and chests.

"What's the matter?" she mumbled sleepily. "Are we going into war?"

They grinned at her happily, like a very contented pack of wolves.

"Something like that," Wolfgang said. Bending down he helped her to her feet and straight away enveloped her into a hug. "Mmmm... I must say Natasha, you look amazing..."

In spite of the brutal fucking Gabriel gave her over the course of the night, Natasha felt a stirring of desire somewhere deep in her core. A moment later with Wolfgang's silky smooth lips kissing her expertly, she moaned and a string of wetness ran out between her legs and down one thigh.

She did not even have the wherewithal to ask him to stop. That task fell to Gabriel, who happened to stroll back to the group at exactly that moment.

"You there! Hands off the merchandise," Gabriel said, half-jokingly and half dead serious, so that both Wolfgang and Natasha looked up at him guiltily.

"We were just..." Wolfgang began, still with his hand on Natasha's ass. Kneading her ass cheek lightly, in a distracted kind of way. All the same, it was setting her on fire and it showed.

"I know what you were just," Gabriel growled, noticing every detail as usual, "and I advise you to step away."

Only when Wolfgang obliged him did Gabriel feel free to joke:

"She's like a bitch on heat right now, Wolfie. Best leave her to me for now. Agreed?"

And he walked up to Wolfgang and stroked his face briefly before kissing him full on the lips. This raised a few eyebrows amongst the men.

"Hey, wait a second..." Dirk could be heard saying. "I thought you said he was faking it before..."

Gabriel turned to face him. Running his pale blue gaze over all of the men gathered, he shrugged his shoulders and said:

"Sorry, I lied. The truth is Wolfgang and I are lovers, as well as friends. Anyone got a problem with that?"

At that moment Wolfgang knew Gabriel loved him and he felt sorry he had tried to come between him and Natasha. He hoped fervently and with all of his blossoming heart that nothing bad would come of his disobeying Gabriel's instructions and telling Natasha the truth about who gave the order to send her to Amazon Island.

After all, he reasoned, trying to assuage his guilt – there should never be secrets between lovers. For if there were secrets to be kept there could be no trust. And without trust, love itself could not flourish. As anyone who has had his or her trust betrayed knows.



On leaving Amazon Island, the Wolf Squad with Natasha in tow headed straight for yet another safe house – this one, in a remote location high in the Carpathian Mountains. The men did not tell her this, but Natasha recognised the scenery from a TV show. Wow, she thought as they hovered before one of the cliffs waiting for the giant concrete door to open. This place is even more beautiful in real life. Thus distracted, she once again forgot to raise the topic with Gabriel that had been weighing on her mind for some time. Namely, her incarceration on Amazon Island… at his order.

For it so happened that Natasha had not completely forgotten about who it was that gave the command to lock her away on an island full of sex-crazed women. It was just that it slipped her mind for a while, what with the cat fight and the orgy that followed… to say nothing of Anastasia's punishment. The memory of it still set Natasha’s heart racing. She was certain this was due to fear and she resented deeply Gabriel's assertion that the gruesome spectacle had made her wet. Like watching someone get caned and tortured could ever excite her sexually. The very idea was absurd, she thought, realising that there was another topic for discussion. Oh, if she could only get her head straight first. She rubbed her forehead wearily, not realising that Gabriel was watching her from the seat opposite. A position he had assumed precisely with that purpose in mind.


The Carpathian Mountains safe house was built inside a large cave, utilising many of its natural walls. As such, each of its rooms was perfectly sound proof, which Gabriel loved and which had instantly made this his favourite safe house of all. It only made sense to deck out his chambers here a little more elaborately. In Gabriel's case this included bringing in a spanking bench and a set of stocks and the piece-de-resistance: a very large and solid four-poster bed. He had designed it himself, making sure to include many tie-down rings, as well as a large slide out drawer with steel bars as its sides. When fully closed it resembled a cage and he had used it as such before. How he looked forward to showing it to Natasha. But first they would have to have the talk.

He did not particularly want to have the talk. But he could see she needed it and since he loved her he wished to indulge her… within limits of course. Beyond a certain point talking became obsolete and if there was one thing Gabriel hated it was wasting time. Life was too short for that – especially his life, with all its subterfuge and danger and risks.

Risks that she knew nothing about and never would.


Gabriel waited until after dinner to lead Natasha away. His purpose was ostensibly to show her around, but in reality he took her straight to his chambers, where he planned to have the talk. Noticing how tired she looked, the first thing he asked on closing the door was:

"Are you very tired, Natasha, or do you have some energy left?"

In hindsight he should have known she would misconstrue the question, but he was still annoyed when she gazed up at him with wide eyes and with one hand pressed over her heart declared:

"I can't take any more sex tonight. I'm all sore from last night."

As though it was up to her to decide when she was too sore for sex. Ha! I have not begun to hurt you yet, little girl. Thus thinking, he frowned at her for a moment, but then he let it slide. Dragging his mind kicking and screaming to the task at hand.

"I don't mean that," Gabriel said, taking a seat on the bed and gesturing for her to do likewise. "I mean I know you have something bothering you, so I thought I'd give you a chance to tell me about it. What do you say?"

"I say that's awfully nice of you," Natasha replied and she sat down beside him with one of her legs folded underneath her. She was completely unselfconscious, he noticed, despite her naked state.

"Out with it then," he said, working to keep control of himself. Let us hope she makes it quick, he thought and then he heard her say:

"Oh, there's so much to talk about, I don't know where to begin."

Feeling like his hopes for a quick chat followed by a fuck were fading, Gabriel decided to draw some boundaries.

"Let's just focus on the main thing that's bugging you, shall we?" he said, fixing her with his usual stare. As kind as he thought he looked, he made Natasha tremble with nervousness.

"Ok," she said, licking her lips while trying to keep her gaze on his. "I want to know why you had me sent to Amazon Island."

Gabriel could assume the ultimate poker face when he wanted to, and he did so now, while trying not to let his surprise show. Nonetheless, she guessed by the tension in his body and his stiff-necked posture that she was not supposed to know. Therefore, when he turned to her and said:

"Who told you that?"

Natasha shook her head.

"It's not important," she replied, adding: "What's important is you did it and I want to know why."

"Was it Wolfgang?" Gabriel guessed, practically reading her mind. Though it was not as spectacular a guess as it might seem, for Gabriel knew that Wolfgang was the only man Natasha would bother protecting.

When he saw her flinch slightly, he knew he was right. But she did not know he knew and so she just looked at him and repeated:

"Like I said. It's not important. Now please answer my question, Gabriel. You did say you wanted to give me a chance to talk."

That was before you told me what you wanted to talk about, Gabriel thought, wondering if he should cut her off right then and there. In the end he chose not to do so, because she was looking at him with those big blue eyes, with her black hair draped over her breasts, looking too irresistible for words. To hell with it, he thought. If she wanted answers she could have them. To a point anyway.

"I sent you there to keep you safe," Gabriel said, relaxing now. "As you know, the men were going on a mission and I could not let you stay at the house with no one else there but me and the doctor."

Natasha surprised him by laughing in his face.

"Do you really expect me to believe that?" her eyes flashed as she said it. Then she began to set out her own theory, one that was much closer to the truth:

"I think you sent me away because you were jealous. I don't think the men had a mission to go to at all... or if they did, I don't believe they would have left you with just the doctor... the Wolf Squad would never leave a person in the house unsupervised. You have too many secrets to hide."

You have too many secrets to hide. She had not meant it as an insult, but the words rang out as such in Gabriel's mind. All of a sudden he felt his patience slipping and he said:

"This conversation. Is over."

Without allowing her to say another word, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her toward him, kissing her like he had never kissed her before.


Natasha was so stunned by the kiss that at first she did not resist. But as seconds ticked by and the kissing became more and more arduous, she started to struggle. Pushing against his chest hard, she finally managed to break free of the embrace.

"You bastard!" she spat, giving vent to the rage that had been building inside her all this time. "You have no idea of the hell you put me through! And for what? Your own selfish purpose. You couldn't have me while you recovered so you wanted to make sure nobody else could either."

She tried striking him then. She actually tried striking him!

"Tut-tut. That's no way to behave," Gabriel said calmly, as he grabbed her hand mid-flight and twisted her fingers back. Natasha cried out in pain. She was still crying out when he reached out with his free hand and grabbed her other wrist. Pulling her arms behind her back, he pushed her face down on the bed. She tried twisting away but he leapt over the top of her, straddling her like a horse. Then he lowered himself down, trapping her with his weight. Her naked ass pressed against his balls firmly but not painfully. It gave him an idea that he just had to share with her.

"Mmm... You make the perfect horse," Gabriel said to Natasha as she squirmed beneath him. Trapped and helpless, the way he liked her to be. Thoroughly aroused now, he felt he had no choice but to tie her up and fuck her, and he told her so.

"You wouldn't dare!" she screamed. "Not after everything that's happened! If you try and do that, I'll... I'll..."

He chuckled, already binding her wrists with rope, of which there was an abundance lying around.

"You'll what?" he inquired pleasantly, watching as she buried her face in the blanket, in supposed desperation. Whereas really she was getting ready to scream and she wanted to dull the sound.

"You can scream all you like," Gabriel said, pulling her head back. "This room is totally soundproof, believe it or not."

Natasha believed it. What she did not believe was that he would want to fuck her again so soon after their big night. She tried telling him that and to her dismay he replied:

"I'm not just going to fuck you, my love. I'm going to hurt you, too."

Just the way you like it, he thought and he pulled her chin down and inserted the bit between her teeth.

"Aaaa! Aaaa!" Natasha cried, biting down on the metal as Gabriel tightened the straps securing it to her head. Getting off her for a moment, he returned soon with a plug and started to insert it into her ass. Though she was fairly well used to such things by now, Natasha still screamed in protest.

"Aaaa! Aaaa!" she did not know how attractive she looked to him in that moment. With a bit in her mouth and a horse’s tail hanging from her ass – for this was what the anal plug was.

"My oh my. I can't wait to see you standing up," Gabriel said, pumping the plug inside her and making her squirm. He did not need to put his hand between her legs to know her pussy was soaking wet.

"Just a little longer," he purred as he leaned over to the storage chest again and extracted a pair of shoes. Very special black shoes shaped like horse's hooves. With a plug in her ass Natasha's legs were no longer kicking out and he slipped the shoes on quickly. Then at last he lifted her bodily and set her on her feet beside him.

"Aaa..." she moaned through the bit. She did not understand what he was doing, so he led her to the mirror in the corner of the room.

"Aaa!" she screamed as though horrified. But Gabriel pulled her tail to one side and spanked her ass cheek, and watching her face in the mirror he saw her eyes close.

"You're enjoying this," he whispered in her ear. She shook her head in denial even as her nipples hardened around her piercings.

"Tut-tut. It's not nice to lie," Gabriel said stepping back and pushing her before him into a walk. As they went past the storage rack he grabbed a long black dressage whip and struck her with it without warning.

"Aaaa!" Natasha yelled, trotting away from him on her special feet.

"That's it. Trot for me, little horsie..." he said and he whipped her again. As he followed her with his whip raised, he felt his cock grow harder with each lap.

After almost half an hour of being chased mercilessly around the room, Natasha could not take it any longer. Passing by the bed, she threw herself on it, trembling with exhaustion. Her buttocks, with the tail sticking out, quivered. They were nice and red, though not red enough for Gabriel’s liking. He started to whip her some more.

"Aaa! Aaaa! Aaaa!" Natasha cried as the whip smacked her cheeks. But though she could have wriggled off the bed and started walking again, she did not and Gabriel took it as a sign. A sign that she wanted to be whipped some more.

There was no need for words. Indeed words might have ruined the whole thing.
Natasha did not think she could take more sex when the idea presented itself earlier in the night. Now however her pussy was positively bubbling, making a nice wet patch on his bed. Oh God, she thought. What is wrong with me?

Gabriel teased her by pulling her to the edge of the bed and inserting his cock inside her, oh so slowly. She squirmed, trying to impale herself deeper, but he would not let her. He kept inching in a millimetre at a time, which gave her plenty of time to think about what was happening. By the time he was fully inside her, Natasha was coming. Bucking before him like a bronco. Biting on the bit between her teeth. He groaned and started fucking her, hard like he was raping her. Spearing her deep each time. Deliberately hurting her and yet she did not want him to stop. It made no sense and as he pumped her harder and faster she began to cry. He leaned close to her ear and said the only words that she needed to hear:

"Thin is the line between pleasure and pain."

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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