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Default A Violation Exquisite

Originally posted as "Caged" on another site. I recommend reading this, if you are reading "Betrayed". It was my most popular story, with more than 30,000 views in just a few short months.


The night was cold and stormy and the underground shelter in which the girl was caged was isolated. There would be no one passing by any time soon and if they did they were unlikely to spot the carefully hidden entrance. The girl’s host had made sure of that when he started work on the dwelling months ago. He did not rush it and he spared no expense either. With his wealth he could afford to be extravagant and as a result the large concrete room was fitted out with an impressive array of equipment. Besides the furniture included for his comfort, there was a St Andrews cross and a stretch table and a rotating wheel that he could tie his victim to. From the ceiling there hung a proper industrial strength winch and in the floor there was a deep hole in which an entire person could be stowed away securely. Then of course there was the cage. The size of a large dog kennel, its thick wide spaced bars were strong enough to contain a wolf, let alone a slender young woman. Leaning against the wall watching her, the man reflected on all this with dark satisfaction. She was his at last and there was nothing she could say or do to change that. His rules were simple: once you agreed to become his captive, the only way out was on foot. That was one of the reasons he had chosen such a remote location for the dungeon. The mountains were a harsh place for a lone naked woman and she would be naked for sure, because he had burned all her clothes the day he brought her there.
Right before he locked her inside the cage.

The poor little thing did not know it yet, because she had passed out along the way from exhaustion and whatever it was she had consumed… She would find out soon enough though, and the thought made him smile. Tired as he was, he would not rest without seeing the look on her face when she woke up. Idly he wondered if she would scream. It would not make any difference of course, except that he liked hearing women scream.

He was a sadist, after all.


Natasha had never felt so groggy. Her consciousness was tenuous at best when she first began to emerge from her alcohol-induced stupor and for a long time she was content to lie perfectly still, while attempting to gather her thoughts. The process was slow because she was worn out from all the partying she did the night before. It had started as all rave parties did: with raucous laughter and way too much vodka, that always got people’s tongues wagging. The subject had quickly turned to sex and it was then that she told a group of almost perfect strangers about her secret fantasy: of being tied up and dominated and maybe hurt as well. Whereupon one of the girls came up to her and said:
“There is someone here I think you should meet.”

Natasha's limbs twitched as she relived her first meeting with the mysterious stranger the girl introduced her to. The moment she laid eyes on him she had found him attractive – irresistibly so. He was tall and very muscular and his hair was cropped short like a soldier's. But it was his eyes that truly grabbed her attention. Pale blue and almost glowing in the darkness, they reminded her of the eyes of a wolf. He watched her just like a wolf, too. As though deciding whether to shake her hand or have her for dinner that night. Natasha found his aloof self-confidence intoxicating. It made it difficult to say more than two words to him, so in the end it was the girl that introduced them who did most of the talking. Natasha did not hear most of what was said, but she saw the mystery man gazing at her with ever increasing interest.

When at the end he came up to her and asked if she would like to take part in a game – a game that he would be hosting – she could not resist the raw sexual energy he exuded. She said yes and he took her hand and kissed it.

“I will be seeing you again soon,” he promised and then he turned and left her with her new found friends. Natasha wished he had warned her not to take anything they offered, because her night sure took a turn for the worse after that point. As a matter of fact, she did not remember who took her home at the end of the night – or even if she made it home.

It was at this point that Natasha finally decided to try and wake up properly. Trembling with effort, she moved one leg experimentally. She was lying on her side on the floor and her hips rolled easily so that she sprawled on her back. As her bare skin registered cold concrete, Natasha’s eyes flew open and she saw the bars of the cage for the first time. She opened her mouth and screamed.

“Mmm... such sweet music,” the man said, laughing. He did not move from where he stood, but enjoyed the show from a distance. Smugly superior. In control. A predator toying with his prey.

Natasha heard the deep male voice and recognised it instantly as the man from the party. It gave her cause to pause and turn her head toward him. He was dressed all in black, looking even more attractive than she remembered, and for a brief moment she stared at him in silence. But then awareness of her naked and vulnerable position took over and she started whimpering softly. Watching her cry, the man thought how beautiful she looked and how much like a beast. It fuelled his desire, so that he moved toward the cage.

Seeing the man approach caused Natasha’s fear to rise sharply. With a frightened scream she scrambled to her hands and knees and backed away from him. She was pressed against the bars of the cage as far away as she could get, when he came and squatted before her. It was not far enough. He let her scream for a few seconds longer before reaching casually inside and grabbing her by the hair. In a single brutal move, he pulled her toward him until her head struck the bars. Then he started speaking to her. Quietly. Calmly. The way he did when he first met her.

“Hello Natasha,” the man said, “I’m so glad to see you awake. I was beginning to get worried.”

His tone suggested nothing of a sort, but she did not dare contradict him. He kept hold of her hair, pressing her face firmly against the bars, and she moaned quietly as she felt the cold metal dig into her cheek. The sound seemed to please him, because he reached inside the cage and began to stroke her face with his free hand.

“My little girl,” the man went on. “Tell me, how are you feeling?”

Natasha’s heart skipped a beat. The way he was talking to her… it was demeaning in the extreme, yet she found it strangely arousing. Blushing wildly, she did her best to ignore him, until he pulled her head back, forcing her to look at him.

“I said: how are you feeling?” he repeated patiently.

“I… I'm hurting,” she mumbled. Her captor reached in with his free hand and resumed the gentle stroking of her face.

“And where are you hurting exactly?” he said, running his thumb over her lower lip.

“Mmm...” she began and he moved his thumb away to allow her to speak. “Everywhere.”

It was a truthful answer and it made the man laugh.

“How unfortunate,” he said, adding: “I guess I should’ve warned you not to take anything at that party… Still, as long as you remember agreeing to come here that’s all that matters. You do remember don’t you?”

Natasha felt sick all of a sudden. Averting her gaze, she swallowed hard and said: “I… You never said anything about a cage.”

Still keeping her gaze averted, Natasha felt the man's hot breath on her cheek as he replied, simply: “You never asked.”

His voice was silky smooth in her ear, but for all that it sent shivers down her spine. Robbed of speaking ability for the moment, she closed her eyes, allowing him to continue uninterrupted:

“Here’s how it is, Natasha. You’ve agreed to take part in a game… only it’s not really a game because you can’t back out until my say so. For all intensive purposes, you’re my prisoner now… but hey, it’s what you’ve always fantasized about, right?”

By the time he had finished speaking, Natasha was shivering violently all over.
“No, please…” she whimpered. In response, he took hold of her chin and tilted her face upward.

“Look at me,” he said, with such calm authority that she found herself obeying without question.

“Poor little girl,” the man said, staring her in the eye. “You’re about to get raped. You know that don’t you?”

Natasha gasped. As attracted as she was to the handsome stranger, she was upset at the way he just came out and said it. Like she had no choice in the matter.

“Please, don’t…” she pleaded in a shaky voice. She hated herself for begging, but she could not help it. Then she remembered something. A piece of information she ought to have and yet, did not.

“W... what is your name?” she asked, quietly. She stared into his eyes trying to see into his soul. His look was as cold as ice as he leaned in close and said:

“You may call me Gabriel.”
I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Sasha Girl
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During her first night in the cage, Natasha was sick. The combined effect of the alcohol and whatever else she had consumed at the party was profound and did not take long to set in. Within hours of arriving at her new abode Natasha's body started convulsing. Minutes later the vomiting started.

Gabriel was a light sleeper. At the first sound of retching he was awake, but he did not rush to the girl's aid at once. Instead, he lay in his comfortable bed cursing her. He had a good mind to let her suffer on her own, but ultimately decided against it. For one, he needed to make sure she was still alive come the morning. Secondly, he had to shut her up so he could get back to sleep. Irritably he threw aside the covers and sat up. The shelter was warm and he was naked. In the darkness he reached down and stroked his erect cock for a moment. Then reluctantly, he got up and strolled over to the cage.

Natasha could not see her host approaching and would not have cared if she did. The violent cramping of her abdomen had absorbed her completely, with her eyes closed tightly against the pain. She did not even react when Gabriel reached in and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Feeling sick, ha?” he murmured softly. He did not expect an answer. The feel of Natasha's hot clammy skin told him all he needed to know. Without another word he straightened and went over to the medicine cabinet. Under the light of the night lamp he selected a needle and syringe and filled it with the drug of choice: one that would stop the nausea and convulsions, and put her to sleep more or less instantly. He was not a doctor by profession, but in his line of work he had had sufficient training to allow him to administer medicines as needed. She may never thank him but to hell with it. It had to be done.

Natasha was convulsing so violently she could not think straight. Through a haze of pain she felt Gabriel's hand close around her right wrist and pull her arm straight and out of the cage. She let out a small moan as the needle pierced her skin in the crook above the elbow. He was very quick about it and she was in no state to resist. Seconds later her head rolled back and her body went still. The drug had done its work.

Still holding the girl's wrist, Gabriel nodded to himself. Her pulse was strong despite the sedative he gave her. She would be out for ten hours or so, but she would be fine. There was still the vomit to clean up, however. How inconvenient. Fetching the key from the bedside table, Gabriel unlocked the cage and dragged the lifeless body out. It did not take him long to mop up the mess and wipe the vomit from her mouth with a wet towel. He bent down to pull her back inside then he paused. As always when handling a helpless female, he had become aroused and now his cock was poking into his abdomen stiffly. He knew he needed to rest but he simply could not help himself. Swiftly he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her face down and spread her legs. Her ass was perfect and he kneaded her ass cheeks before spreading them apart. Her tight asshole was still open from when he had fucked it a short while ago and his cock slid in easily enough. He pumped her hard and without concern. In Gabriel's mind the little slut deserved to be fucked up the ass for waking him. Mmm… but it was nothing compared to what he yet planned to do to her. Thinking about it, he felt his balls constrict and a second later he was coming deep inside her ass. When he had blown a full load he withdrew with a happy groan. He slapped her cheek out of habit before lifting her up and tossing her across one shoulder like a ragged doll.

“Back into the cage where you belong,” he whispered with a smile. Minutes later his guest was locked up again and he was in his bed, fast asleep.


When Natasha next came to it was almost midday. On account of being in an underground shelter, she did not know it until Gabriel pointed it out to her.

“You slept half the day away,” he sounded annoyed and she felt a ridiculous urge to apologise. Apologise for what? He had tricked her into coming with him then locked her in a cage. Her ass was still tender where his cock had violated her for God knows how long. With a shaking hand she tried to feel between her legs to check if she was ok.

“Oh yeah,” he said, watching her. “I fucked your ass again last night while you were out.”

He smirked at her from across the room and she wanted to murder him with her eyes and wipe the smirk off his face. But she was in a cage and naked and her ass was his and nothing she did would change that fact. She shivered involuntarily and rolled slowly onto her side, pulling her knees to her chin. If only she had not told a bunch of complete strangers about her twisted fantasies.

“Well don’t look so offended,” he teased her. “Or next time I won’t give you anything to help with the pain…”

Next time. She did not want to think about the next time. Gabriel on the other hand could think of little else. Placing his mug of coffee down on the kitchen bench he walked over to the cage and poked her through the bars with a toe of his boot. She tried her best to ignore him, but when she felt his hand on her head she remembered the treatment he gave her the night before and she spoke up quickly.

“What do you want from me?” she asked.

“I want to hear you scream,” he said. Natasha trembled at the words, not knowing if he meant right now or later. A moment later, she felt his hand on her breast and she moaned.

“Please…” she begged. “Please don’t…”

He only squeezed harder, pinching her nipple between his fingers and making her cry out in pain. Still she did not try and fight him. She was feeling too weak to resist him. As though reading her mind, he stopped abruptly and said:
“You must drink something.”

Leaving her alone for a second, he soon returned with a large plastic bottle filled with orange liquid. He shoved it through the bars at her.

“Drink this,” he said. “All of it.”

Blindly, Natasha did as she was told. Had she any idea of the torture that awaited her, she would have refused. Though it was not torture in the true sense of the word, but more of an initiation into a twisted new world: one that she had only dreamed of until now.
When she was done, Gabriel took the bottle away.

“That should help keep you going,” he said and she knew he spoke the truth. Her dehydrated body was feeling better already, but it was a feeling that would not last long. For the fact was he had provided her with the necessary sustenance to keep her going for the next few hours and that was all. Stepping lightly around the cage, he reached for the chain hanging on the wall.

“Come here Natasha,” he called her while unlocking the door to her prison. On her hands and knees she shuffled toward him slowly. She did not know what he intended to do, but the chain in his hands gave her a clue.

“Please, Gabriel...” she said, referring to him by name. Looking up at his face she saw it made no difference.

“Hurry up,” he said and he slipped the collar around her neck.

For twenty-four hours Natasha had been wishing to leave the cage but not like this. Gabriel pulled her out by the chain like she was a dog and she was too scared to fight him. She was also aroused by the humiliation of it, but she refused to admit this to herself.

“Stay on your hands and knees,” he instructed and she saw no choice but to obey. The chain was thick and heavy and it weighed her neck down as she shuffled around trying to keep up. Her only relief was that she did not have far to go.

He stopped before the stretch table where he bent down and grabbed her around the waist. She squirmed in his arms and he cussed at her as he laid her on the wooden surface face down. He did not let her lift her head, but pushed her down at once and began to strap her arms above her head.

“Keep still or this will hurt more than it has to,” he said. He realised that was a bit of a misleading statement considering what he was about to do, but whatever. It was a figure of speech. She was trembling quite noticeably now and he smiled as he strapped her ankles to the other end. If only she knew how much he was enjoying this. With his victim in place he took hold of the wheel and started to turn it. Stretching her oh so slowly.

Natasha felt her arms being pulled above her head and she breathed in deeply trying to brace herself. With the heavy metal collar around her neck and the leather straps biting into her wrists and ankles, she was feeling more helpless than ever and it turned her on so much that a stream of moisture seeped out between her thighs. Then the pain hit her. Because he did not simply stretch her arms and legs taut, but kept stretching her beyond this point. Placing strain on her limbs and making her tremble even more than she already was. The turning wheel squeaked with the action, while Natasha panted and groaned and finally she started to beg.

“Please stop!” she yelled in desperation. “I can't take any more!”

Gabriel however was a skilled operator. He knew just how far he could go without causing someone serious injury or death, and in Natasha's case he knew they had not reached that point yet. He cranked the wheel some more, watching in growing satisfaction as her body quivered with the tension.

“Please I beg you…” she was panting now, struggling to get the words out. “Please… stop…”
Natasha did not know when exactly she started to scream. She knew only that she was in pain and she had to express it somehow. She could not lift her head when he stopped and locked the wheel in place, and she could not stop the screaming. She had never felt pain like it and she did not think she could take any more.

Then she felt the wooden object press against her ass hole.

“Noooo!” she managed, but Gabriel was not listening. With a firm hand he pushed the lubricated handle of the baseball bat inside her tight opening. Withdrew it. Pushed it back in. Withdrew it again. As his excitement climbed, his actions became quicker, fucking her harder and harder. Though he made sure not to rip her skin, she was soon screaming in earnest just the way he liked it. The sights and sounds made his cock so hard it threatened to burst out of his pants and he had to reach down and unleash it while pumping her ass at the same time.

Natasha felt as though her ass was splitting. If she had not been tied down she would have fought like hell to get away. As it was, her body was vibrating like a string, so tightly was it stretched out. Even with the brutal raping of her ass in progress, she could not move an inch. She could only tremble and scream and she did that admirably and to Gabriel's utmost satisfaction.

She went on screaming long after he had finished and only stopped when her voice gave way. Then she hung her head between her trembling arms and cried. She cried so hard, snot came out of her nose and saliva streamed from her mouth. Inside her mind she kept begging for mercy, but she could not form the words any more.

Gabriel decided she had had enough. With a swift movement he unlatched the turn wheel and released the tension from her limbs. He watched dispassionately as she flopped on the table, her shoulders shaking with her sobs. He would have liked to tease her some more, but he was too excited to speak. So he just undid her straps and lifted her off the surface. Carrying her to the bed, he threw her on her back and pulled her legs apart. His cock was big and hard as he rammed it inside her. He chose her pussy this time because he knew how wet she was and he felt it deserved some attention. He pumped her methodically and she did not resist. How could she? Her joints were totally buggered… his cock swelled inside her at the thought.

Natasha was struggling not to throw up. She guessed the only reason she had not already done so was because he had not let her eat. He knew what he was doing, the bastard. The sadist. She should have known this was what he was, but it would not have helped her one bit. Once he had her in the cage she was lost. She shuddered as he thrust into her, grinding against her hips. His cock was long and thick and hard and she felt it with her ass as well as her front, as it rubbed her walls from the inside. She tried to tell herself it did not hurt as much as the anal rape, but it did. In desperation, she started crying again – at which he leaned down low. His powerful abdominal muscles rubbed against her and he never broke stride as he took a breast in his mouth and started sucking on it. Hard. Harder. His teeth closed around her nipple, causing her to buck beneath him helplessly. In a hoarse whisper she begged him to stop, but he went on fucking her regardless. He did not finish for over an hour.

By then she was broken. She was glad when he carried her to the cage and locked her in. Suddenly it was a place of refuge and she curled up gratefully into a foetal position, wishing only to be left alone.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Natasha awoke feeling no better than when she fell asleep. The muscles in her arms and legs hurt and her joints felt dislocated. Her asshole and her pussy were tender and when she tried to move she winced despite herself. She desperately did not want to draw his attention if she could help it. But on looking around, she realised her efforts were in vain. Sitting comfortably in an antique black velvet chair, Gabriel was watching her. The moment their eyes met, he unfolded his long legs and stood up. She watched him walking toward her while her heart beat fast in her chest. He wore no shirt and his muscles flexed as he moved, reminding her of a tiger. When he came to the cage and started to unlock the door, she whimpered. Please do not hurt me any more. Please. But even as she thought this she felt herself grow moist.

He did not speak, but grabbed the chain attached to the collar around her neck and pulled. Half choking her, he dragged her bodily out of the cage. She saw him attaching the chain to a metal hook that he lowered from a ceiling. She did not understand what he aimed to do until she heard the whir of the winch and saw the hook moving upward.

“No…” it came out as a whisper on account of all the screaming she did the day before. “Please no…”

He did not hang her, though. He just winched her by her neck to her feet. She stood swaying on the balls of her feet with the metal collar pressed into her throat. The effort caused her legs to shake. Maybe she should let go. Just go limp and hang herself in front of him. But she knew he would stop her. As cruel as he was, he would not let her harm herself and there was no point in testing him.

Gabriel watched the young woman as she struggled to stay upright. She was clearly uncomfortable and her ass was red from the treatment it received before. Apart from this though, she was unmarked. It was a state he aimed to rectify. He turned around and selected a cane from the collection on the wall. The long slender object was not the harshest one he could use but it was a good start. Mentally he marked a spot on her ass and swung the cane hard.

Natasha's throat was too constricted to produce a proper scream, but she cried out all the same. A gurgling sound issued from her mouth as she swung her body away from the cane, inadvertently choking herself. He did not wait for her to be still again – he just struck her again, hitting the top of her thigh this time. At the third stroke Natasha tried to put her hands in the way. He stopped for as long as it took to tie her wrists together at the front. Then he went back to caning her. Multiple times her knees buckled and she choked, but each time he grabbed her around the waist and helped her regain balance. And each time he did this, she felt his enormous erection pressing against her. There was no doubt in her mind that he would fuck her again when he was finished. She was right.

Gabriel caned Natasha's ass and thighs until they were criss-crossed with angry welts. Some of the marks were bleeding which made him particularly happy. He decided to stop when she fainted for the second time, as it was getting tedious having to hold her up. Lowering the winch cable, he took the chain off the hook and let her fall to the floor. Caned as she was, he did not take pity on her but made her get up on all fours. He then led her to the spanking bench and bent her body over it at the waist. Her wrists were tied already and he simply secured her ankles in place. Then he knelt on the cushion behind her and stuck his giant cock in her pussy. She was wet as expected, but she would still be sore and it made it that much sweeter.

Natasha cried like a baby when he started fucking her: his hips rubbing painfully against her throbbing skin and his cock practically splitting her in half. She felt each thrust deep inside her stomach, feeling as though she was being spitted. The thought turned her on and horrified her at the same time: but whereas in a normal situation she might have felt guilt about it, today she was clearly the victim and it freed her mind in ways she never could have imagined. Tied to the base securely and with Gabriel’s cock positively pounding her from behind, Natasha squeezed her eyes shut and screamed. She had not thought she had much voice left, but he had extracted it from her with his brutal treatment. With his cane and his cock. Staring at the chain hanging from her neck, Natasha shook and screamed… and when he leaned forward and started pinching her nipples, she shook and screamed some more.

Gabriel could not believe how turned on he was. For months he had fantasised about this moment, but none of that compared with the real deal. The girl's pussy was divine, but what really got him going were the vocals. She made such wonderful drawn out screams and her crying was… well it was indescribable. She did not submit to him willingly but she submitted to him all the same and the crying was proof of it. Gabriel loved nothing more than dominating women and humiliation was a big part of it. He fucked her hard and long while thinking about it. Her red ass cheeks shook before him and her crying drifted pleasantly to his ears. Yes little girl. Take that… and that… and that… He squeezed her breasts and pretended he was milking her and with this thought in his head he released a mother load of sperm straight into her tight little pussy.

“Mmmm... I enjoyed that,” Gabriel said. He stayed inside her while his cock twitched and the last drops of sperm drizzled out. Even now he was partially erect, spearing her most effectively, so rather than stop he continued to tweak her nipples. Thinking up ways to torture them. This made him so excited that he grew hard again right inside her. As he started to move once more, she let out a desperate cry and he knew it was because she had thought they were through. He grinned to himself as he pulled her head up by her hair and whispered in her ear:

“I'm not through with you yet, little girl. Your ass is mine and I'm gonna fuck it for as long as I like. Which just happens to be a very long time.”

If she knew how much her screams turned him on, she would have kept her mouth shut.
Bent over with the blood rushing to her head, Natasha wanted to faint but could not. As a result she had to endure Gabriel’s hard cock fucking her and his large hands squeezing her breasts and nipples for the duration of the rape. Dimly she registered that this time he was lasting longer than the last, if that were possible. He must have gotten truly turned on caning her. In real discomfort now, she moaned helplessly as he thrust faster and harder, varying the tempo for a while. Then he returned to the steady rhythm, splitting her more slowly and deliberately. It caused her to scrape the floor with her fingernails, while crying out hoarsely:

“You bastard… bastard… bastard…”

She repeated it over and over in time to his thrusts. Judging by his reaction it only spurred him on.

When at long last he finished she was silent once more. Fucked so thoroughly that her pussy gaped open well after he withdrew. Her eyelids flickered as he untied her from the spanking bench. Other than that she gave no sign of life. He carried her back to the cage and locked her in securely, feeling well pleased with himself.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Having finished with Natasha late in the afternoon of day two, Gabriel decided to give her until the next day to recover. To his mind it was an extremely generous gesture, since he still had plenty of energy himself. He decided to work some of it off by going for a jog and a climb up the large boulder he knew of nearby. Picking up his climbing gear he glanced down at her briefly. Oh but she looked beautiful all messed up like she was! Her long black hair sticking to her face and the metal collar around her neck made the perfect frame for her pretty face. Her perky breasts still wore the marks of his hands, and her ass and thighs were a mass of angry red lines. She was lying on her side so as to keep them off the floor, giving him a clear view of her swollen ass and pussy. He wanted to torture her again so badly, particularly when she felt him watching her and looked up at him. The dark excitement in her big, blue eyes was absolute and he was the one who put it there. With great reluctance he turned and left her. The round-hole entrance to the shelter shut heavily behind him sealing her in until his return.

Alone in the dungeon inside her cage, Natasha shuddered with relief. When she saw him looking at her through the bars of the cage she was convinced he was about to pull her back out for another session straight away. The look on his face told her so, but then perplexingly he walked away and left her. She saw him pull down a ladder at the other end of the big room and climb out through an opening in the ceiling. The quick burst of sunlight made her want to weep, but she was too exhausted to even move. He had tortured her and raped her so badly, she did not really need to be caged. Or collared or chained. She swallowed painfully, feeling the steel move against her neck. Gabriel: angel of darkness. She knew it could not be his real name, but it suited him all the same. She shuddered weakly once more, letting her eyes close. For once he was not there watching her and despite the emotions coursing through her, she fell into a deep and relatively restful sleep.

Gabriel woke her up in the morning. As before, she felt disoriented and weak. She did not get sick during her second night with him, but the lack of food was taking its toll. If he kept going the way he had, she would die of starvation before long. While thinking this an idea began to form in her mind and he interrupted her thoughts when he turned to her and said:

“You are going to eat today.”

He said it matter-of-factly. You will do as I say. She smelt the food he was cooking and it made her stomach rumble, which she hated. Even in the face of humiliation and torture with no relief in sight, her body wanted to stay alive. Well she would not succumb to it. Free of the alcohol, her mind was sharp today and with it her will power had returned. He wanted her to eat but it was not up to him. She wanted to blackmail him into releasing her and for once she felt she had the upper hand.

As yet unaware of Natasha’s thought processes, Gabriel walked up to the cage. He took one look at her face and in a split second he read the situation and read it correctly. She could not have known that his job was to interrogate people, or how good he was at it. He had years of practice and he knew how to bend a person to his will. Bigger stronger people than she was. So she wanted to resist? He had ways of changing her mind.

With her stomach protesting loudly, Natasha watched Gabriel turn away and stroll back to the kitchen with the bowl of soup he had been carrying. For a moment she felt puzzled, because he did not even offer it to her. She had an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach and when he turned back toward her she saw her premonition was correct. He had some kind of a hose in his hand and she cringed against the floor of the cage like a wild beast, determined to resist him. As he moved to the door and began to unlock it, a familiar tremble beset her limbs, but she pushed her fear down and glared at him with all she had.

“You can’t keep me here forever, you sick bastard. I won’t eat…” she said through gritted teeth. She expected him to answer back – to yell or to slap her. But he merely picked up the chain and pulled her toward him.

Natasha grabbed at the bars with wild determination. In spite of the pain in her arms, she succeeded in resisting him for a while. He did not seem bothered by it in the slightest. He only chuckled as he braced his long legs against the sides of the cage and pulled at the chain with all his might. She watched his powerful arm muscles bulging out and then she felt her fingers slipping one by one. She groaned miserably as he pulled her out of the cage and straight into his arms.

“Silly girl,” he said, slapping her hard across the face with the back of his hand. Natasha, however, was feeling too rebellious to cry.

You cannot break me, she thought and she saw his eyes narrow in response. But any delusion she might have had as to winning the battle was dispelled over the next few minutes. He kicked her in the back of her knees, causing her to collapse before him. Dragging her by the chain, he took her to a corner of the room, where a special chair was located full of wide leather straps. Before she could so much as scratch him, he had manhandled her into it and strapped her arms down. He did not seem to care that she kicked out at him, but caught her ankles mid flight and brought them against the chair. He strapped her legs across the thighs and ankles, smiling at the way she squirmed. It hurt her to sit down, but she had brought it on herself. He slapped her once more across the face when he was finished. Then very slowly and deliberately, he pushed her head back against the headrest.

Natasha broke out in a sweat as she felt him tighten a strap across her forehead. She knew she had lost when he pried her mouth open and inserted a funnel between her teeth. She wanted to spit it out, but he pushed it down her throat and held it there while he threaded the tube down its centre. The rubber material grazed her throat, making her retch, but he just kept going. Soon, the whole of the tube was down her throat reaching into her stomach. She felt more helpless than when he had her strapped to the stretching table. He had not violated her mouth until now.

When he began to pour the food into her, she had nothing to do but watch. His cold blue eyes gazed at her contemplatively and she knew he was gauging her reaction. Naked and strapped down she could not bear the humiliation of being force fed, so she closed her eyes. The sound of his laughter in her ears haunted her even then.

The mind of a sadist is a creative one. Seeing Natasha tied up in his favourite chair, Gabriel decided to leave her there. There were a lot of things he could do to her in that position and once he was done force-feeding her he set about organising his tools. When finished, he turned back to her, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Bastard,” she spat, burping at him as he added a strap over her chest, immobilising her completely. He nodded graciously, as though she had paid him a compliment. Next thing she knew he was pushing a piece of leather between her teeth.

“You might want to bite down on this,” he said, staring her in the eye. She understood he was willing her to obey and that it was for her own good. She did as he suggested while trying desperately to look around. With her head strapped down she could not see the portable table that carried his instruments, but she heard the wheels as he rolled it toward her.

“This is going to hurt, but you shouldn’t worry. I’ve done it plenty of times before,” he told her, and still she did not know what he meant until she felt the cold steel against her breast. She bit down on the leather, already screaming inside her mind.

Gabriel made the initial incision swiftly enough to make a neat mark. He lifted the knife away when she jerked in her bonds, though she could not move much. She was still jerking when he leaned over her and began the second incision high on her breast. Her screams were somewhat muffled because of the leather between her teeth, but very audible all the same. The pitch was to die for – as it always was when a person was cut for the first time. One would think he was killing her by the way she reacted, but in truth he was merely cutting a pattern in her breast. It was called scarification and it involved slicing and peeling away the top layer of skin so as to leave a permanent scar in the desired shape. That way she would be marked forever and very clearly with his sign: the sign of an angel with a whip in his hand.

Natasha was in a state of shock. Of all the things he had done to her, this was the most extreme by far. For half an hour or more she screamed and cried while Gabriel made cut after cut, marking her with his knife. The pain made her nauseous, so that she sweated profusely while drifting in and out of consciousness. He could have paused to give her a break, but it was not in his nature to so act. Toward the end, as he wiped the blood off her, Natasha’s bladder gave way. He paused then to watch it and he ran his hand between her legs. Fingering her clit as she pissed. She knew he was savouring her pain, but she could not stop if she wanted to. Then, while biting down on the leather, she sank into oblivion at long last.


After branding Natasha with his sign, Gabriel was so aroused that he could not wait to fuck her. It did not even bother him that she was covered in piss and so without further ado, he unstrapped her from the chair and laid her down on the nearest flat surface. This just happened to be the wooden stretch table, which reminded him of her ass with the baseball bat sticking out of it. He groaned out loud as he pulled her toward him and inserted his cock into her soft warm pussy. He kept his eyes on her breasts, admiring his handiwork as he fucked her. Of course, it was not just a whim of his, nor was it the first time he had marked a woman in this way. His mark was well known within certain circles and would protect his property from that day on, ensuring her safe return if found. He watched her eyelids flutter as she started to regain consciousness and he sped up the tempo, hoping to make her scream.

Natasha came to with her whole body shaking under Gabriel's violent thrusts. The feel of his hard cock inside her did nothing to distract her from the sharp stinging pain on her breasts. She moaned at first, then when he pulled her head up to help her see what he had done, she screamed. In Natasha’s eyes the still bleeding marks were horrific to behold. Feeling she had been mutilated, she tried to strike out at him, but he trapped her wrists easily, pinned her arms down on either side. Throughout the dramatic scene, he never stopped pumping her and pumping her hard. Natasha’s legs twitched and trembled as his hips ground against her. Despite the thorough fucking she had received previously, she could feel her insides gripping him as he slid in and out of her with metronomic precision. To make matters worse, her ass cheeks were being squashed and rolled against the rough timber each time he plunged inside her, and the friction against her tortured skin reignited the pain along the welts he left there when he caned her.

The heightened awareness of all the injuries he had inflicted on her in their short time together was enough to make her lose her mind temporarily. Before Gabriel's merciless gaze, Natasha’s screams turned to sobs and then whimpers, as her body’s energy reserves failed her.

Gabriel savoured the young woman’s suffering with savage satisfaction, never once stopping or slowing down. As always, his erection was long lasting and made even longer by the wetness pouring out of his victim’s pussy. Half an hour after he started fucking her, he had his first orgasm, but still he wanted more. Sliding the now limp body off the stretching table, he laid her on the floor and knelt above her head. Taking stock of her state he did not bother giving her directions, but simply reached down and pulled her jaw open. He ran his finger along the inside of her mouth, making sure her throat was clear and her tongue would not get in the way. Then still holding her jaw open with one hand, he squatted down lower and inserted the tip of his penis into her mouth. Slowly he began to move, careful to time his thrusts so as to allow her to breathe. A little bit of choking was fine of course. A little bit of choking was fun.

When Gabriel first started face fucking her, Natasha gave a small sound of protest. It was only a small sound because his thick cock down her throat prevented her from doing more. In vain she tried to turn her head away. His hand held her by the chin, simultaneously keeping her mouth open. With her head pinned to the ground, she struggled to push him off her with her arms. He paused his movements long enough to issue her with a stern warning:

“If you don’t stop struggling and let me fuck your face I’m going to hurt you real bad.”

At once she let her arms fall to her side. In view of everything he had done to her so far, she sensed the seriousness of the threat with terrifying certainty. She could not imagine what he would come up with, but whatever it was she knew she could not take it. Silently she cried, allowing him to slide in and out of her mouth at will. He did so with more groaning, tilting her head further back. This enabled him to push in even deeper, all the way to the back of her throat. She choked as he held his cock there, blocking her air. Unable to move or to speak, she pleaded with him with her eyes. Please Gabriel. Please.

When he pulled back, she breathed in through her nose, not minding that he was still in her mouth. A second later he was plunging deep again, causing her back to arch off the floor. He’s choking me deliberately, she thought, while squeezing the tears out of her eyes. This time he stayed longer and she flopped around beneath him like a fish out of water, while waiting for the next precious breath. Yet even as she did so, she never tried to fight him. He had taught her that much at least.

It took Gabriel another half an hour to reach orgasm inside Natasha’s mouth. To satisfy his sadistic desires and help push him over the edge he had to choke her repeatedly, but it was worth it in the end. The sperm shooting out of him came thick and fast, causing him to moan out loud, something he rarely did. Looking down, he saw her fighting to swallow and because he knew it was near impossible to achieve with an open mouth, he pulled all the way out. He held the base of his cock while the rest of the sperm dribbled over her pretty face and hair and the collar on her neck.

“Swallow it,” he instructed when he heard her gurgling and she did so quickly and without complaint. For once Gabriel was impressed.

“Good girl,” he said, scooping up a small dribble that had escaped and pushing it back into her mouth. The fact was, sperm was a good source of protein and she had shown a remarkable unwillingness to eat. No one could accuse him of not looking after her, he thought and he laughed.

Gagging on the sperm sliding down her throat, Natasha saw nothing to laugh about. Her jaw ached, as did her throat and the roof of her mouth where his cock had rubbed her. With her head thus included in the action, there was not a single part of her that did not feel violated. Certain parts of her throbbed worse than others, but overall she was guaranteed to have an uncomfortable night. She stayed lying on her back when he got off her and did not move when he left. Presently she heard the click of a camera. She turned her head toward the sound and as she opened her eyes, the flash blinded her.

“Beautiful,” Gabriel said pulling the Polaroid out. “Just beautiful.”

He did not lock her back in the cage straight away, but spent some time cleaning her up. Using a bucket of steaming, scented water, he wiped her body right there on the floor. When he turned her on her side and started to wipe between her legs, she mewed like a cat soft and long.

“I know, baby,” he said, running his fingers over the marks on her ass. “I know.”

It blew her mind how tender he was and how thoroughly he took care of her. As he cleaned and dressed the wounds on her chest, she sighed with gratitude and did not think to look at his face. Had she done so, she would have seen the hard glint in his eye and the predatory expression: for even as he extended the necessary care to his “guest”, Gabriel was dreaming up still more ways of torturing her as soon as she was better. His appetite in this regard was insatiable, as his previous victims could testify.

Curling up on the floor of the cage a short while later, Natasha had no premonition of what was yet to come.

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CAGED - DAYS 4 & 5

Natasha slept fitfully on her third night in the cage. The aches and pains in her body were too persistent to ignore and the particular locations of her injuries meant she could not find a position in which to alleviate the discomfort. Her chest was the worst, throbbing painfully under the bandages. But when she tried to lie on her back, her ass and upper thighs suffered in turn. The area the subject of the caning was still very tender and would take at least another week to heal. The overall effect – mentally, as well as physically – was devastating. At a tender age of twenty-five, Natasha had never experienced anything like it. It was little wonder she was having nightmares.

Lying in bed listening to her, Gabriel pondered his next course of action. He was not particularly concerned about the young woman’s lack of comfort, but he knew from previous experience the kinds of complications that could arise and what they could lead to. Some women were tougher than others, it went without saying, but generally speaking they were weak. Much weaker than the men he had tortured and that had lasted for weeks before breaking down. Had this been just any girl he likely would not have cared so much, but this was Natasha. The daughter of an Army general and the most coveted girl at every base they went to. Gabriel had grand plans for her future. Notwithstanding all the things he put her through, he also planned to keep her healthy and in fighting spirits. Finally he made up his mind, springing lightly from his bed. Time to give her a helping hand.

Half way through another nightmare, Natasha awoke to find Gabriel leaning over her. In the darkness his blue eyes glowed like a wolf’s and she cried out in fright, throwing an arm up before her. He caught her wrist with lightning speed and brought it back down. While she still slept he had strapped a wide belt around her waist, with leather cuffs on either side for the arms. Her right arm was already secured and now he placed her left arm in position and buckled the strap over it, too. She squirmed futilely, noting that her ankles were similarly tied. The realisation made her moan in fear, but on this particular occasion it was not justified.

“Shhh… shhh… be a good girl now and relax. Just relax,” he crooned to her soothingly while stroking her hair, and slowly but surely she grew quiet under his hand. She saw him turn away briefly and in the next moment he was strapping a piece of rubber over her bicep.

“No! Please… what are you doing?” she pleaded, her eyes wide with fear. Instead of replying he tapped her skin lightly, looking for the vein. Having found it, he inserted the needle and taped it in place. He unstrapped the rubber letting the blood flow resume, before connecting the tubing and hooking her up to a drip.

“You’ll feel a lot better soon,” he told her as he wheeled her back into the cage. He was using a mechanic’s gurney and it fitted perfectly into the space. Natasha watched him through drooping eyelids as he hung the drip on the outside of the bars and locked her in once more. Whatever it was that he gave her was fast acting, because she could feel her body relaxing already.

“Mmm…” she tried to thank him, but the powerful mix of anaesthetic and morphine was in full effect and before she knew it, her world went black.


When Natasha next came to, the lights in the dungeon were on, which usually meant it was daytime. She felt better, if not exactly awake, and she gazed around her curiously wondering where Gabriel was. Although he had hurt her and made her cry, he was the only other person that she could hope to see at the moment. She was pretty sure he was also the only one who knew where she was and he held a key to her fate. If he left her she could easily die, alone where no one could find her. She shivered delicately, feeling the panic set in. Then through the bars she saw a shadow fall on the floor and she realised he had been there all along. Watching her with his blue wolf eyes.

“Hello Natasha,” he said in his usual calm voice as he strolled over to her cage. “How are you feeling today?”

She waited until he was squatting beside her, on the other side of the bars, to answer.

“Better, thank you,” she said, looking him in the eye. He seemed pleased at the response.
With a corner of his mouth lifting into a smile, he reached into the cage and placed a hand on her forehead – the hand that had slapped her and cut her and caused her pain. Now it simply felt big and warm and very much male. Noticing the pattern of her thoughts, Natasha closed her eyes in exasperation. What the hell was wrong with her? The drugs must be messing with her head.

Reading the expression on her face, Gabriel smiled more broadly. She was weakening, it seemed. That would make everything so much easier.

“You've been out for two days,” he told her, watching as she recoiled in shock. She was still strapped down, however, and soon she slumped back weakly.

“I don't believe you,” she said, frowning. Then: “What did you give me?”

Gabriel reached for her arm. He had left a needle in her vein, in case it was needed again, and he pulled it out as he replied.

“I gave you what you needed,” it was all the information he would provide. He had neither the time nor the inclination to discuss the matter further. As he turned to her with a look of anticipation on his face, he saw her pupils narrow in fear.

Squirming inside her straps Natasha watched helplessly as the door to the cage swung open. Gabriel pulled the gurney out in one quick movement and took hold of her chain before undoing the straps. Then he stood back and waited for her to get up.

“No,” he said when she tried to sit up. “On your hands and knees.”

Shakily she complied. To her relief she did not feel dizzy and when he walked away tugging at the chain, she followed. She was wondering what he had in store for her when suddenly she saw him stop and place something on the floor. When he stepped to the side she saw it was a bowl of food. Not milk or soup, but chunks of meat and vegetable and pasta that smelt as delicious as it looked. The only problem was, there was no spoon or fork and puzzled, she looked up at him for guidance.

“Eat,” he ordered, in a tone that brooked no refusal. She reached for the bowl but he kicked her hand away.

“No hands,” he told her. When she failed to act immediately, he bent down and grabbed her by the back of her neck. Shoving her face into the bowl he repeated his earlier command.

“Eat,” he said calmly. “Or I will feed it to you through a tube.”

Natasha needed no further prompting. Feeling humiliated beyond words, she lowered her head and began to eat. It was not a very large serving and despite her handicap it did not take her long to finish. He made her lick the bowl out – then he marched her to the tiled area that served as the bathroom. He never let her get up, but hosed her off on all fours, making her feel like his pet. Her hair was lank and sticky and he shampooed it for her, pulling her head back to keep the soap out of her eyes. All his movements were measured and graceful and despite herself she found herself enjoying the attention. She even let him spread her legs and lather her private parts. He shaved her with a men’s razor until there was no hair left. When he was done he made her kneel before him so he could check her chest. She winced when he touched her scars, but he gave her a warning look that quickly shut her up. Having finished examining her, he nodded satisfied and led her back across the room.

“Time for some more fun,” he announced. But as he pulled her to her feet preparatory to tying her to a large vertical wheel, Natasha had a sudden and irresistible urge to fight him. Without warning, she stuck out her arms and shoved against him with all her might. Taken by surprise, he nearly dropped her. While he was grabbing at her arms, she kicked him as hard as she could between his legs.

Gabriel’s reaction was not what she predicted. She knew she had hurt him, because he bent over gritting his teeth, but he did not fall down and he did not give her a chance to escape. Instead he yanked at the chain, pulling her toward him. As she leaned against his broad shoulders trying to regain her balance, he straightened unexpectedly, taking her with him. She squealed as he lifted her off the ground, with one arm wrapped around her legs. A second later he had slammed her against the wheel with brute force. The air rushed out of her lungs, leaving her struggling for breath. He pushed against her with his great bulk while pulling her arms above her head. A second later, she felt the thick leather straps close around her wrists and she knew she was trapped. Again.

To say that Gabriel was angry would have been a vast understatement. Natasha’s latest attempt at defiance outraged him. After all the care he had shown her, it was hard to believe she was dumb enough to try kicking him in the balls. Not that she missed. She just did not connect with enough force to incapacitate him. In Gabriel’s opinion she could not have failed more dismally. She had not hurt him, but she sure as hell had made him mad. And there would be a price to pay.

“You stupid, stupid girl,” he clucked, spreading her legs and tightening the straps around her ankles tighter than was necessary. “That’s no way to treat your host.”

Straightening up, he glared at her until she dropped her gaze. It did not take long, since she was naked and helpless and she did not feel like fighting him any more.

“I’m sorry,” Natasha said, hanging her head. Her long black hair spilled forward, still wet from the shower, and he grasped it and pulled, making her face him.

“You’re not sorry yet,” he said, while his jaw worked angrily. “But you will be, I promise.”

A minute later, while organising his tools, he saw her watching him and in a burst of irritation he tied a blindfold over her eyes. Not wanting to listen to her pathetic pleading, he followed up with a gag, shoving it in her mouth violently. She made sounds of protest as he tightened the straps across her head and he used it as an excuse to slap her. Once. Twice. Three times. Then while she moaned pitifully, he spun the wheel she was on. He let it spin until the momentum ran out, listening to her frightened moaning through the gag. The wheel stopped with her right way up and he spun it slowly around, so that she was upside down. Her hair trailed on the floor, her head hanging loosely, but he had eyes for one thing and one thing alone: her clean-shaven, tight little pussy. He examined his tools briefly, already knowing what he would use.

Natasha thought she knew what pain was. She was about to learn otherwise. The metal rod felt cool at first as he inserted it inside her, making her squirm. The size of a regular cock, but significantly longer, it reached her cervix quickly, pushing against it. She felt him lock it in place somehow and a second later she felt the water filling her up inside. The rod vibrated with the jerking of her hips as she fought the strange sensation and the accompanying urge to pee. Being upside down and gagged, she was starting to feel a pressure building in her head and she moaned rather desperately trying to communicate her distress. Her muffled pleas fell on deaf ears. The water filled her inexorably, spilling out and running along her body. Seconds after this happened her bladder gave way. She heard him chuckling in satisfaction as her piss ran down her torso and over her face. Then when all of her skin was wet she heard the click of a switch and the real torture began.

Gabriel knew about electric torture the way he knew about every other form of torture available to man. The tool he was using today was his special adaptation and one that had been thoroughly tested before. In his experience, most of the women passed out within minutes if the higher voltage was used. In order to prolong Natasha’s suffering, he adjusted it to a lower setting, before rocking back on his heels to enjoy the show.

With the current arcing over her wet skin, Natasha’s body started convulsing – enough to make the wheel she was tied to rock from side to side. Biting down on the gag, she could not scream as her muscles constricted time and again. Her fists clenched and her toes curled, but that was nothing compared to what her pussy was experiencing. The large metal rod that was the source of the current vibrated against her walls, stimulating her the way she had never been stimulated before. The sensation was like a series of orgasms that quickly spiralled out of control. In absolute shock Natasha shook silently, praying for the torture to stop. It did not. She did not know it, but Gabriel was waiting for her to pass out. She lasted a full ten minutes before her body finally succumbed.

Withdrawing the rod from Natasha's pussy, Gabriel smiled to himself. His rage had cooled somewhat but it would not steer him from his plan. He splashed some more water on her face to help wake her up. Then he picked up the other implements with which to proceed.
Natasha coughed when the water splashed up her nose. She was still coughing when she felt the two-pronged dildo being placed over her holes. With her insides thoroughly over stimulated, she experienced every touch much more intensely than she normally would. Knowing this, Gabriel made sure to go slow, making every moment count. Squirming desperately, Natasha moaned and moaned as he shoved the hard objects inside her and locked them in place. When he was done, he stood and watched her for some time, smiling at the way her hips jerked against the board. Then he turned his attention to her breasts. Being perky and full, they stuck out invitingly and he pinched the nipples with ridiculous ease between the heavy-duty clamps. Feeling the metal bite down, Natasha moaned loud into the gag. Between her legs and inside her ass the twin dildos moved continually, as she struggled in vain against her straps.

That’s more like it, Gabriel thought, watching her. Still she was not screaming and he absolutely demanded it. Leaning down, he undid the straps holding the gag in place and pulled it out of her mouth. He gave her no warning at all before ripping the clamps off her nipples and threading the first needle through.

Natasha screamed brokenly as the large piece of metal pierced her nipple. He followed the piercing with a thicker piece of metal, leaving it wedged inside. As he grasped the second breast and prepared to pierce her, she started to sob.

“Please… have mercy…” it was gratifying to hear her beg and he took his time threading the needle through the second nipple, enjoying every moment.

With both her nipples pierced and the holes stretched with metal bars, Natasha shook uncontrollably on the great wheel. When he finally untied her and lowered her to the floor, she went to curl up at his feet, whimpering miserably all the while. She still had the blindfold on and so she did not see him pick up another object as he pulled her toward him by the chain.

“Lie across my knees,” he ordered, helping her into position. Trembling with shock, Natasha obeyed. Her nipples throbbed painfully distracting her for a moment, but when he spread her ass cheeks apart she knew what was coming.

“No, ple…” she never got to finish because he shoved the anal plug inside her so fast. It was a big one, too, but he felt she could take it. Did he not fuck her with a baseball bat a few days ago? Reaching for the chastity belt, he pulled it between her legs and locked it in place. Only then did he let her go.

“Listen to me very carefully,” he said while removing the blindfold from her eyes. “You’ve been a very bad girl. A very disrespectful guest and for that you must be punished.”

He noted with satisfaction that she kept her gaze lowered, too afraid to look him in the eye. Her legs trembled as she knelt before him with the thick plug filling her ass. She was in the perfect state for what he was about to do.

“Now it’s up to you how you take your punishment,” he continued smoothly. “You may scream and fight or you can go down quietly. Once inside you can drive yourself mad or you can use your time to think. Either way you will not come out until I decide you’re ready. Do you understand?”

She nodded without understanding, for she did not know what he meant. He made it clear soon enough. Dragging her by the chain, he strolled over to the trap door in the floor. It seemed too small to admit an entire adult, but appearances could be deceiving. He pulled on the latch and a black hole opened up beneath them.

“In you get,” he said and she shook her head no. When he went to pick her up, she prostrated herself on the floor and grabbed hold of his feet.

“Please! Gabriel! Please don’t do this!” she sobbed, her whole body shaking. “I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I’m so sorry! I’ll never be bad again I promise!”

Gabriel had to admit she sounded sincere, but then so would anyone else in her position.

“Come now,” he said, bending down and dragging her to the hole. “The sooner you get in the sooner we can get it all over with.”

She made as if to fight him then, but he pulled her up by the hair, practically lifting her off the ground.

“Do you really wanna fight me again?” he asked her. She could not answer she was crying so hard, but she did not resist when he pushed her backward and lowered her into the hole. As he closed the trapdoor her sobs echoed out at him then were shut off. He felt no pity.

She had to learn her lesson, that was all.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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For the rest of that day and night Gabriel left Natasha down the hole. It meant he had to deny himself the pleasure of raping her, but being strong willed he did not mind. As aroused as he was, he did not try to masturbate and so ease his tension: far better to let it build and release it at the appropriate time. Inside one of her three holes – preferably more than once. He hoped she would appreciate the attention after her time inside, but if not he could always lower her back down. Patience was a virtue and Gabriel had it in spades, only she did not realise it yet. He slept a lot, not worrying about Natasha or any noises that she made. Predictably she had gone quiet after a few hours, allowing him to rest undisturbed.

Inside the cramped and cold hole, with her body boxed in on all sides, Natasha was in a terrible state. From a very young age she had suffered a fear of darkness, often sleeping with the light on. She also hated small spaces even avoiding lifts where she could. When Gabriel lowered her into the narrow opening and shut the lid above her head, she was plunged into a living nightmare so terrifying she wet herself in fear. Having already emptied her bladder while up on the wheel, there was not much left to come out but she felt the warm trickle well enough as she sobbed with her head against the wall. Her mental anguish was such that the pain in her body did not register for some time. Slipping into a panic, her system flooded her with adrenaline, giving her strength she did not know she had. It was of no use. The concrete cubicle she was in was too narrow to allow her to move more than a few inches and the trap door itself was incredibly solid. Natasha’s nails scraped ineffectually against the harsh surfaces until her fingers bled and still she did not stop. Feeling she had to get out or die she gave it her all screaming at the top of her lungs for the longest time. Her bare skin rubbed against the walls as she thrashed against them willing them to give way. The idea was ridiculous of course and in the back of her mind she knew this, but it only fed the panic inside. She screamed and fought for the sake of it, until her body could take no more. Passing out, she collapsed weakly in the only position allowed which was more or less upright with her knees slightly bent against the wall.

She did not know how long she was out. She knew only that when she came to she was still trapped in the darkness. It made no difference whether her eyes were open or shut, but she kept them wide open all the same, straining to see in pitch blackness. Unbeknown to Natasha, the air for her unique prison was being supplied via a vent in the wall, meaning there was no source of light. She would not be able to see a thing until he opened the latch and he was not likely to do that any time soon. Thinking about this she felt her body begin to shake all over again. The adrenaline had worn off by now and she could feel the steel bars in her nipples and the large plug inside her ass. With considerable effort she dragged her arms down, scraping her elbows against the walls. She ran her hands over the chastity belt in an effort to remove it, but it was made to measure and locked on her body securely. Sobbing quietly, she tried her nipples next, but found she could not touch them, let alone withdraw the metal with which he had pierced them. On giving up, she felt herself sinking into despair the likes of which she had never known. He had delivered her straight to hell and there was nothing she could do about it. Gabriel. She wanted to scream his name, but her voice was spent her throat raw. The heavy metal collar moved against her neck, reminding her of the chain. It was hanging between her breasts and miserably she grabbed hold, entwining it around her wrists. She felt comforted by it somehow, though she did not quite know why.

Hours later she was actually exhausted enough to drift into a tortured sleep. It did not last very long and when she awoke she felt her terror grow. What if he never let her out? He had had his fun torturing and raping her every which way. Maybe he no longer had use for her or maybe she had made him mad enough to finish her off in this cruel way. The method certainly suited his psyche, adding support to her theory and slowly but surely as the minutes ticked by Natasha became convinced she was buried alive. Never mind that he had told her she was being punished and that he would eventually let her out. He was probably only saying that to make her co-operate, she thought, feeling her chest constrict painfully. The darkness pushed against her making it hard to breathe. She imagined she was suffocating and she blacked out for the hundredth time. Then against her expectations she regained consciousness, only to face the same bleak prognosis. With her sanity crumbling to pieces, she found the chain once more and held onto it for dear life. He would come and pull her out by the chain, yes he would yes he would. All she had to do was survive until then, however long it might be. That was all he expected of her and it was the simplest thing he had asked of her yet. Just to stay locked in the dark for as long as he wished. In other words submit to his will. He had the power to make her do what he wanted and it was her choice whether she fought him or not…

As she thought this she felt the fight die inside her and all of a sudden she could breathe once more. She lowered her head wearily and brought the chain to her lips. Gabriel. Angel of darkness. I will never disobey you again.


Gabriel knew he had won the moment he next laid his eyes on his victim. The girl was absolutely still in the tiny space, with her head bowed low and her arms hanging loosely by her side. Good. It was about time she came to her senses. Reaching in he felt for the chain around her neck and gave it a tug. It seemed to be stuck somehow, so he leaned in for a closer look. He quickly found the cause and his eyes widened in genuine surprise. She had wrapped the heavy chain around her wrists, something that no other plaything of his had done. This was a novel scenario indeed and it made him pause for a moment in thought. While he did so Natasha’s eyelids fluttered and a sigh escaped her lips.

“Gabriel…” she whispered, so quietly he almost did not hear her. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

All at once Gabriel felt a tightening in his groin. He could not have wished for a more humble apology and he knew full well what it meant. Ah, such sweet surrender, he thought, grabbing hold of her under the arms. He pulled her out easily with his great strength and examined her carefully under the light. Besides the scars he had given her, she had fresh grazes on her elbows and knees, and her fingernails were broken and bloody, testifying to what went on in the dark. He did not feel sorry for her, but merely shook his head as he set about cleaning her up. She would be exhausted he knew, but he could not let her rest without assuaging his sexual needs. Especially when she had done so well and turned him on even more.

After almost twenty-four hours in solitary confinement of the most extreme kind, Natasha could hardly believe it was over. Keeping her eyes closed against the light, she lay limp in Gabriel’s arms as he carried her to the bathroom and laid her gently on the floor. She felt him removing the chastity belt and pulling the anal plug from her ass. When he inserted a tube to flush her bowels out she did not feel pain and she did not moan or cry out. As he hosed her off and shampooed her hair, she thought how fastidious he was at keeping her clean. It was a strange juxtaposition to the other things he liked to do that messed her up. Recalling the last thing he did to her before locking her down the hole, Natasha shivered where she lay. Once she started she could not stop, not even when he wrapped her in a towel and pulled her against his warm chest.

“Here, drink this,” he instructed, pressing the neck of a bottle against her lips. She struggled to swallow but did as he said then she coughed as the liquid hit her throat. The alcohol he gave her was strong and he made her drink a fair bit. Soon the fire spread from her belly, warming her stiff aching limbs. He laughed when she hiccuped and she dared to look at him at last.

“Are you still angry with me?” she asked in a small voice. He shook his head and smiled, but as he carried her across the room she saw his look change.

Gabriel looked forward to the next session so much, he was hard before they even began. Luckily while waiting for Natasha’s punishment to end he had prepared everything he would need and it did not take him long to strap her in. He put the climbing harness on first, clipping it onto her naked body with practiced ease. He attached her to the hook from the winch before adding the thick leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles. These he tied to the ropes hanging from four metal rings in the ceiling. He activated the winch lifting her body off the floor. Once she was at the desired height he pulled on the ropes, stretching her arms and legs taut. She could use a good stretch after her bout in the hole, he thought. He watched in satisfaction as her limbs trembled under the strain. Then with his cock nudging at the edge of his pants, he fetched the final piece of leather and strolled over to her head.
Strung up with her legs so wide apart that she felt she was doing the splits, Natasha let her head hang back and moaned. She knew better by now than to beg for mercy, but when he cupped her head in his hands that was exactly what she did.

“Please…” she said her voice breaking. “Please don’t hurt me any more…”

To a sadist like Gabriel the words were fuel to the fire.

“Shh… little girl… shhh…” he crooned while pulling her jaw open and popping the rubber gag inside. Against her muffled protests he tightened the strap before producing the leather hood. He slipped it over her face, smiling at the terrified look in her eyes. The tight fitting mask had only a couple of holes for the nose and when he had zipped it up at the back he pressed his fingers against them experimentally. Immediately Natasha moaned and arched her back in mid air. Perfect, he thought reaching down and unbuckling his belt.

Despite her recent experience, or perhaps because of it, Natasha began to panic the moment the hood was pulled over her head. The tight fitting black leather reproduced the claustrophobic sensation by blocking out her vision, but that was nothing compared to the horror she experienced when her only source of air was blocked off. No please no. Once again she realised she had underestimated her tormentor with regard to what he was capable of. She had thought by submitting to him she would get him to show her mercy, but apparently it was not so. She thrashed weakly in her bonds, pleading with her mind for him to stop. When at last he let her breathe again, she did so greedily, her chest rising and falling rapidly. She had not yet recovered fully when she felt the tip of his cock nudge against her opening. With her legs spread apart painfully, her pussy was open to him and she moaned loudly in expectation of what was to come. He timed his entry to perfection, cutting off the sound at the same time as he speared her deep.

Inside her mind Natasha screamed. She was spitted on his hard cock and she could not draw a breath. Her limbs twitched and so did her hips, making her move against him. Against her will she was giving him pleasure, while he gave her nothing but pain. Forgetting her earlier promise she once again cursed his name. Bastard. Bastard. His hips began to move a second after he allowed her to breathe.

Gabriel could not remember when he had last seen such a sexy sight. Natasha’s naked body was a vision stretched out in the air before him, with the black straps of the harness and the black hood on her head. The image was made complete by the scar above her breast and the shiny metal protruding from her nipples. His cock felt ready to burst as he fucked her with a steady rhythm, feeling her insides clenching around him. It was the fear and the pain that made her clench like that, as every sadist knew. He ground his hips against hers, pulling her close. Suspended from the ceiling as she was, she was easy to manoeuvre and he took full advantage, sliding her on and off his cock. He paused only to lean forward from time to time, in order to block her air or alternately to flick her nipples with his fingers. The piercings were still fresh and the sight of a few drops of blood made him swell even more, so that he resumed pumping her with more and more vigour each time. Before too long he was coming in her pussy, but he was far from finished he knew. Right, he thought: time to check out her little ass that he had plugged previously with such care.

Stretched out in mid air with Gabriel’s strong arms swinging her to and fro, Natasha screamed into the gag with every breath that she had. Every time he pulled her onto his giant cock she felt her insides clenching around it, her whole body shuddering in response. The insides of her thighs felt strained already due to the way he had stretched her and when he pulled her against him her hips felt as though they were being dislocated. When he started flicking her nipples on top of it all, she began to cry under the hood. She stopped only when he blocked her air holes, at which times she would scream in her head. Whatever effect the alcohol might have had in dulling her senses, Gabriel had counteracted it most efficiently by the adrenaline flow he induced. She felt him coming inside her and she was helpless to stop him as with every other time before that. As with every other time, she could only tremble helplessly while he withdrew his still hard cock and plunged it inside her ass. Mercy was not a word in his vocabulary but she screamed for mercy inside her mind feeling the full length of him slide inside and out of her tight little asshole. Inside and out as he swung her body through the air. Being so well stretched, her ass was soon contracting the same way her pussy had done and she cried into the gag as she experienced her first anal orgasm.

Gabriel. Please. Have mercy. But she did not mean it and somewhere in the back of her mind she knew this as well as he did.

A full hour after he started fucking her, Gabriel experienced his second massive orgasm inside Natasha’s ass. The pleasure was so intense he had to hold still for a moment with his eyes closed and his head thrown back. His cock throbbed and throbbed and in response he could feel her colon grip the entire length of him repeatedly. He knew she would be in shock at the experience and it greatly intensified his satisfaction. Finally though, he felt satiated enough to withdraw and he did so gently, watching the sperm trickle out between her cheeks. She was silent now, resting in her harness with her hooded head hanging back. He left her suspended while he took himself to the bathroom and turned on the tap. He had a large water tank concealed in the bushes next to the shelter and he could afford a long hot shower when he felt like it. He sure felt like one now, he thought, smiling contentedly. When he was finished, he dried off and put the kettle on. Then at last he went back and lowered Natasha to the floor. He took off her leather cuffs and harness and reluctantly the hood and the gag. He would have liked to have left those on, but he knew it simply was not safe to do so. Noticing her dry lips he decided she needed a drink. She seemed barely conscious, lying limply in his arms as he brought the bottle to her mouth.

“Drink,” he told her, tipping the bottle over her face. He kept it tipped while she drank, watching the water spill down her front. When she was finished he set her down and ran one hand between her legs. She was hot and wet and he savoured the feel of her until the whistle of the kettle brought him back. Ok, he thought stretching. Time to put this baby back. Except this time he would take some extra precautions in light of her previous performance. He turned to the suitcase at the base of his bed and extracted the heavy iron shackles and key.

Natasha watched through hooded eyes as Gabriel locked the shackles around her wrists and ankles. The length of chain connecting each pair was welded on, she saw. Why did he have to do that? Did he not trust her after everything? As though reading her mind he turned to her and said:

“Just in case, right my sweet?”

Then without further ado he picked her up and carried her to the cage. Compared to the hole in the floor it was a wonderful space, she thought and then she gave a strangled sob. How low had she sunk to start thinking of her cage that way? She curled up on the floor under Gabriel’s watchful gaze. A couple of seconds later she was asleep.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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On her seventh day in the cage Natasha awoke alone. In the early hours of the morning Gabriel had left her to go hunting, both because he liked it and because they needed the meat. Figuring he might be a while, he had placed a bowl of water in her cage and it was this that gave her the first clue when she opened her eyes and looked around. She did so carefully, feeling fragile beyond words. The heavy shackles on her wrists and ankles discouraged her from moving at all, but at length she pushed herself onto her elbows and from there into a semi-sitting position with her head bowed under the bars. The cage was not tall enough to allow her to sit up properly, but after a week inside it she no longer cared. She had far better things to worry about, such as how to survive the torture her captor put her through each and every day. No matter how much she wanted to she could no longer deny the truth. She was his prisoner just like he said and her chances of leaving soon were distant to nil. While ever she was there she was his plaything. A helpless victim on which to live out his sadistic fantasies. A toy. She sighed heavily and hung her head. The angry scars on her breasts leapt out at her and she gazed at them for a while fighting back tears. She had avoided looking at them before, but now she did so quite deliberately trying to come to terms with it all. After a few minutes she distinguished the shape of an angel with a whip in his hand.

“You bastard,” she said realising what he had done. She tried touching her skin, but as she raised her hand her heavy iron shackle caught on the piercing in her nipple causing her a sharp burst of pain. Ouch, she thought and then she realised she did not flinch. She dismissed it as weariness, but the truth was she was getting used to the pain.


Gabriel returned around midday. Opening the door to the shelter, he let in a burst of sunlight as well as fresh air alerting his captive as to the fact. He saw her lift her head and look at him and he smiled. She made such a pretty sight to come home to. Her eyes were huge in her pale face, with her black tresses cascading across her shoulders all the way to the floor. The effect was pleasing to him and more so because she was not wearing make up. With difficulty he tore his gaze away and went about his next set of chores. The two hares and the partridge landed with a soft thud on the tiles where he tossed them. Seconds later his large hunting knife sliced into the hare’s skin, splitting it open from its groin to its neck.

Natasha watched Gabriel handle the long blade with surgical precision and she felt the hair stand up on her arms. He was enjoying skinning the hare, of that she had no doubt. Did he also know how intimidated it made her? How it made her shake inside her cage to imagine him doing it to her? She tried closing her eyes, but the sound of ripping skin intruded in her conscious so that she continued to envisage the action regardless. Fists clenched miserably Natasha trembled where she lay. She was acutely aware of the shackles on her wrists and ankles and how much more vulnerable it made her. If only she had not been so weak when she fought him, she might have had a chance.

Lost in thought with her eyes shut, Natasha did not see Gabriel watching her from across the room. As always he was reading her body language much like an open book and as always what he saw made him smile. He had been right to chain her arms and legs, he thought. It was adding to her terror and terror was what he was all about.

Some time later Natasha heard a footfall outside the cage and looked up to find Gabriel standing next to it. Startled she flung herself backward, rattling her chains.

“Hello Natasha,” Gabriel said. Squatting down he gazed at her naked body before fixing her with one of his wolfish stares. “Miss me?”

Natasha's lower lip trembled. She wanted to hide from him so bad but she had nowhere to turn. The bars of the cage were the only thing standing between them, placing her on permanent display. Until he felt like pulling her out, that is. Suddenly she could take it no more.

“Just get it over and done with,” she said and she burst into tears. Gabriel watched her in silence for a while, letting her cry. He was not perturbed by the emotional display and saw no need to stop it. Let her get it out of her system… he had plenty of time.

Through her tears Natasha was aware of Gabriel watching and waiting and it made things that much worse. Eventually, however, her tears dried up as tears inevitably did. Collapsing on the floor, she saw Gabriel’s feet move and a second later the door to her prison opened. He pulled her out by the chain between her ankles and she felt like one of the hares. She trembled before him in absolute terror, not realising how aroused it made him.

“Look at me Natasha,” Gabriel said, simultaneously helping her comply. She felt him tilt her chin up and she did as he asked, looking him in the eyes. His stare was calm and steady and she felt herself sinking into its depths.

“I know you’re scared and confused,” he told her and a slight smile curled his lips. “And that's ok. I like it when you tremble and beg and cry. But Natasha, I want you to know… I’m not trying to break you or hurt you real bad. I very much want to look after you and I want to teach you some things. All you have to do is keep your wits about you and I know you can do that because you’re strong. Your fighting spirit is what attracted me to you in the first place, Natasha. If you were to lose that… well, I’d be very disappointed let’s just say that. In both of us.”

Natasha lay very still. She did not understand everything he said and she was not sure she could believe him either. The things he had done to her so far… no one could withstand that indefinitely. No one.

“You’re crazy,” she said, quietly and with great conviction. “You’re a sick, crazy sadist and I hate what you’re doing to me.”

She fully expected him to slap her and she flinched when he brought his hand to her face. But he only laughed as he stroked her. Indulgently like she was his pet.

“That’s the spirit,” he said and he leaned down and kissed her on the lips.


A hundred times during that day and for several days thereafter, Natasha relived the kiss Gabriel gave her, wondering about her reaction. She could have bitten him or spat in his face, or at the very least she could have turned away. His hand on her chin could not have stopped her if she had been so inclined. But she did not. She just lay there and let him press his lips against hers and when he moved away a second or two later, she found herself savouring the sensation that lingered for some time. She had thought it quite pleasant if truth be told, and it was this aspect of things that disturbed her. For crying out loud he was her captor, not a lover or a friend! He was the man who had lured her to his lair and who delighted in torturing her day after day. There was nothing sweet or affectionate about him and she would do well to remember that.

But as many times as she told herself this, the memory came back to Natasha of that brief first kiss. For it was not every day that a young woman got to meet her true sexual match. The kind of man that her body chooses quite independently from her heart and mind.
Gabriel meanwhile had no such thoughts and since he was the one in charge, the day progressed as usual. According to his special plan.

“Open up,” he said, holding the contraption in front of Natasha’s face. Kneeling before him in shackles and chains, she saw no recourse but to obey. The metal slid inside her mouth, its sides pressing against her cheeks. He strapped it tight over her head before pressing on the levers at the side. The two metal pieces separated, pushing her jaw apart in a series of quiet clicks.

“Aaaa…” Natasha moaned as her mouth was forced open to a point where her jaw began to hurt. Her tongue flicked over the metal wedged between her teeth, in a vain effort to ease the discomfort that she knew would soon turn to pain. Of course this was what he wanted, she thought gazing up at him helplessly. The excitement and the arousal were evident on his face and she shuddered as he leaned toward her and lifted her onto the bench.

“Since this is the seventh day and the end of your first week here, I’m going to treat you to something special,” he said.

Placing her in a kneeling position he unlocked the shackles from her ankles and guided them into place before locking two new pieces of metal over each one. Natasha was puzzled by this, until she discovered that she could no longer move. The new shackles were drilled into the wooden surface, locking her into position with her knees slightly apart. She felt her heart start to race, particularly when a moment later he began to lower her onto her back.

“This will only hurt a little,” he said, pushing her all the way down. Soon she was lying flat on her back with her legs bent beneath her and her thigh muscles protesting at the stretch. She moaned, but he paid her no attention, instead bringing her arms above her head. He closed another set of shackles over her wrists. Having thus immobilised her completely, he paused to run a hand over her torso, which was stretched taut like a drum before him. Her pierced nipples were sticking up invitingly and he tweaked them idly for a moment, making her cry out in pain.

“Mmm… I’m going to enjoy this,” he said, eyeing her up and down. “And so are you, my dear.”

Gazing up at him open mouthed on account of the stainless steel gag, Natasha had absolutely no idea what he meant. She did not have to wait long to find out.

Gabriel disappeared for a moment. He returned holding a large candle that had been burning for some time. He lifted it above her torso and said:

“One candle for one week.”

Then with customary lack of introduction he tilted the candle and dribbled the hot wax over her breasts. He was using the low heat candle and holding it some distance away so as to allow the liquid to cool on its way down. To the uninitiated, however, the viscous fluid would seem scalding hot and he readied himself for a dramatic reaction.

Natasha had never been scalded before. As the molten wax splashed over her soft skin, she screamed through her metal gag and struggled desperately to escape what she perceived as a terrible burning. She achieved only the tiniest of movements, for the shackles held her in place most securely, allowing for no leeway in any direction at all. As the wax continued to cover an ever-increasing area of skin, her panic grew correspondingly and she broke out in a sweat. Stop please stop, she thought as the burning trail crept across her body, cooling far too slowly for her liking. By the time her breasts and abdomen were covered, Natasha was ready to faint, her eyes rolling in her head.

“Honestly, honey, this is nothing…” Gabriel said, adjusting his grip on the candle. A second later the first driblets of wax hit Natasha’s sensitive folds. Predictably she howled and then howled some more when the warm rivulets started lapping at her soft core. With her legs folded and spread apart, she presented the perfect target and no amount of straining and twitching and screaming could help her alter the fact. The sensation might have been lessened had she any pubic hair, but he had shaved her clean a few days ago and now the wax was sliding down unrestrained. The effect was pleasing to the eye but the price she paid was high.

“Aaaa… aaaa… aaaa…” Natasha’s howls were getting longer and higher pitched and still the wax kept coming, coating her pussy extra thick. Only when her entire mound was covered and glowing a lovely deep red did Gabriel shift his attention to her thighs and knees. He made sure to cover every square inch, before finally setting the candle down at one end of the wooden bench.

By the time the wax had hardened Natasha’s screams had subsided, though the tremor remained in her limbs. With her head lolling weakly to one side, she watched as Gabriel pulled out his Polaroid camera and started taking pictures for his file. The thought made her sick and she closed her eyes when he came to her face – an action that he immediately corrected, as was his way.

“Look at me Natasha,” he said and she obeyed. She felt a trickle of drool spill out of her mouth and saw him focus the camera on it. When he was done he ran his hand over her again. She felt his touch through the coating of wax and she prayed he would scrape it off before long. Just then he turned to her and said:

“What do you say we take the wax off now?”

In her uncomfortable position Natasha could not lift her head, but she managed the most minuscule of nods. He smiled delightedly and reached behind him. She could not see what he was holding until he brought it up before her face.

It was his large hunting knife.

“Aaaa! Aaaa!” she screamed in a panic. Gabriel just smiled at her as he flicked the blade left to right before lowering it to her pubic mound.

“As I said, the hot wax was nothing,” he told her, watching her eyes widen with fear. Then slowly he pressed down at the substance coating her skin. The finely sharpened edge sliced through the wax like it was butter and he saw her flinch as the metal touched her skin.

“Don’t move, little one. Or I’ll end up slicing you open like a wild hare,” he said, remembering her fascination with the skinning process earlier that day.

The innovative and exquisitely terrifying method of wax removal was one of Gabriel’s favourite quirks. He had always enjoyed wax play, but found it too tame for his liking of course. By adding a sharp knife to the equation and slicing the hardened coating straight off the person’s skin, he had transformed it into mental and possibly physical torture, depending on the circumstances. In Natasha’s case he had no intention of cutting her, but she did not know that. Eyes glowing with excitement he drew a nice straight line across her torso.

Natasha started whimpering the instant the tip of the knife touched her clit. He had coated her entire front thoroughly and now he was cutting it off much like a second skin. A single false move on her part and she would be hurt. Thinking this she did her best to keep absolutely still, but when he came to her chest she made the mistake of breathing in sharply. In that instant the razor sharp blade sliced into her skin – not deeply but enough that she could feel the blood trickle out. It was the final straw for Natasha’s already anxious mind and with a short guttural scream she threw back her head and passed out.

Gabriel brought her back to life by splashing water over her. He was quite deliberate about it splashing all of her lightly scalded skin over and over. Stretched out before him shivering uncontrollably, Natasha coughed through the metal gag. The ice-cold water was giving her goose bumps but at least her ordeal was over. To her surprise her skin no longer felt scalded, though her joints ached a lot more than before. Certain that she could not take another second in the uncomfortable position, she kept expecting him to release her. Her eyes following him as he moved around. Gabriel however was unconcerned. Having hurt her just the right amount he was satisfied with her state. She had screamed beautifully for him. Now it was time for a little reward.

Natasha’s clit was throbbing hotly from the effect of the wax and when Gabriel ran the ice cube over it she sighed with utter relief. He followed up with another cube and when it too was melted he produced a third. He watched as Natasha’s eyes closed and her head fell back. As so often the movement inspired the sadist in him and he paused what he was doing in order to fetch some gear. When he lifted her head with one hand she looked up at him with those big blue eyes of hers, making his already hard cock even harder. Her mouth gaped open, her jaw stretched wide by the gag and he opened up the pincers in his other hand.

“Stick your tongue our for me,” he said. He clucked impatiently when she failed to comply.

“It’s a perfectly simple order Natasha,” he chided. “Stick your tongue out for me now.”
He could see her reluctance as she obeyed and he made sure to move quickly once she did.

“Aaaa!” she screamed as the heavy clamp closed on her tongue, the serrated metal edges digging in cruelly. She tried pulling her tongue back in, but Gabriel tugged on the little chain pulling it straight back out.

“That's my good girl,” he crooned, smiling at her tearing eyes.

He held her head a little ways up while he connected the chain to her nipples. The metal spikes protruding there made it easy to do this, allowing him to thread the chain beneath them, before clipping it onto itself. There. Now if she moved her head back her tongue would poke out even more and her nipples would be pulled by the piercings. Satisfied with the arrangement, he let go of Natasha’s head watching as the predicted effect occurred almost immediately.

“Aaaa… aaaa…” tears poured out of Natasha’s eyes as she fought to keep her head up. In the position she was in this was particularly hard, meaning she was not very successful. As a result her tongue was pulled right out of her mouth and her nipples stretched toward it. The fine chain vibrated between them, causing her breasts to move. It was almost too much for Gabriel, but with a supreme effort of will he restrained himself for the moment. He still had one thing he needed to do before he could let loose and fuck her brains out.

Natasha’s tongue was being pierced through, or at least that was how it felt. She tried to alleviate the pressure by sticking it further out, but it was as far out as it would go and still the chain was tugging on it. The pain it caused in her recently pierced nipples was almost as bad. Then there was the humiliation aspect, a specialty of his it seemed. Preoccupied as she was with her fresh predicament she did not see him place an object between her legs.

“As promised, here is the special treat,” he said, smiling at her knowingly. She felt something smooth and cool press against her clit and a second later the object sprung to life, vibrating against her most private part.

“Aaaa… Aaaa…” she moaned with her tongue sticking out. The vibrations were very fast and her clit had just been iced. As the blood rushed back it caused the little appendage to swell, while the vibrator massaged it oh so right.

Within seconds of being plugged into the vibrator, Natasha was coming against her will.

With her entire body trembling uncontrollably, she arched her back throwing her head back at the same time. As she did so, the chain from her mouth pulled her nipples out as well as her tongue, but she was helpless to stop. As wave after wave of pleasure assailed her she moaned long and loud.

“That’s it… enjoy it…” Gabriel told her watching from a few feet away. In his hands the camcorder whirred recording every moment for his subsequent perusal. He did not stop when she came because he knew it was not over. To Natasha naturally it would come as a surprise and that was the best part.

Natasha’s second orgasm came hot on the heels of the first and this time she was so shocked that she went dead quiet for a moment. Her body shook with such force that it matched the vibrations of the object between her legs. She lasted only a few seconds longer before the third orgasm hit her and then a fourth and a fifth. By then she was moaning again and crying and cursing his name. Her legs trembled, bent as they were, her hips gyrating through the air. She did not want to move like that, but her body was no longer her own. The vibrations caused her clit to spasm over and over again, so that soon her waves of pleasure turned to waves of pain. It was called overstimulation and it was a commonly used tool by sadists around the world. Natasha did not know it but she was lasting longer than most. Ten, eleven, twelve times more her body exploded and still the vibrations continued, driving her steadily over the edge. At the last with an unearthly howl she felt her bladder give way. The piss squirted out of her and her body seized up. With the vibrator still going she fainted dead away, escaping her torture at last.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

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CAGED - DAYS 8, 9 & 10

Gabriel nursed Natasha’s mostly superficial injuries for the next three days. He started on the day of the wax play, right after he fucked her madly pulsating cunt. First he applied the cream and then the clean white gauze. Next came the bandages, which he wrapped in a somewhat unique way. Still there were no rules against bandaging a person like a mummy… Were there? He enjoyed the finished product, deciding to tape her mouth shut too. Prior to doing so however, he popped a sleeping pill in her mouth and made her drink it down. She was so exhausted she fell asleep in his arms on the way to the cage. He kept her in that state for most of the time, waiting for her body to recover. He fed her through a tube once per day and put her on a drip as required. The remainder of the time he relaxed. He worked from his laptop and went for long runs through the forest. The waiting did not bother him. In a lot of ways the waiting was his favourite part.


Natasha lost track of time completely while recovering in her cage. The pills he gave her made her groggy even during the brief periods when she was awake. She therefore did not struggle when he changed the bandages, wrapping her from neck to toe with her arms pinned by her sides. She understood he was taking care of her, as strange as it seemed. She did not even mind that he taped her mouth shut. That is until the third day when the drugs started to wear off.

Ever the observant one, Gabriel knew the moment Natasha surfaced from her stupor and began to have trouble with her doll-like state. He had been expecting a reaction and he put down the book he was reading, transferring his attention to the cage. The time had come to have some more fun, but there was no rush. There never was where he was concerned.

Natasha was sweating. She did not know whether from anxiety or the bandages or a combination of both. She just knew that she was hot and uncomfortable and that she needed to get them off. Underneath the dressing her skin felt itchy and she wanted to call for help. She could not because her mouth was taped shut. For all intensive purposes she was a mummy and the sense of helplessness this produced caused her to sweat even more. But that was not all. Soon after starting to struggle inside her makeshift cocoon, Natasha became aware of a slippery wetness between her thighs. Rubbing her legs together she quickly confirmed just how turned on she was and it sent her mind into a spin.

“Mmmm… Mmmm…” she mumbled while squirming on the floor of the cage. Where the hell was he? Why did he leave her like this? Silly question, she thought, remembering whom she was dealing with. She squirmed and cried for a while longer before growing still once more. It was then that she heard the scrape of a chair against the floor, followed by his footsteps. She felt her heart flutter and she tried to relax. She failed.

“Hello Natasha,” Gabriel said, opening the door to her cage. “I hope you're feeling better today.”

He reached in and pulled her out by the feet. She wished for him to unwrap her right away, but he simply picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her there on her stomach, which made her want to move and so relieve some of her itching. She stopped soon however, feeling his eyes on her from behind.

“You squirm just like a worm,” he told her and then he unbuckled his belt. At the sound of leather sliding through his palm she tried to get a look over her shoulder, but before she could do so the beating began.

Gabriel aimed for her buttocks, not caring if he occasionally missed. Wrapped up in bandages, she was quite well protected and as long as he spared her kidneys she was safe. He could indulge himself for a while and he could use quite a bit of force.

“Mmmm! Mmmm!” Natasha cried as the thick leather belt descended on her buttocks time and again. In desperation she rocked from side to side, trying to roll away. She had almost succeeded when she felt him place a knee in the small of her back. The belting continued unabated and she began to squirm a lot more. Her buttocks and thighs had only recently begun to recover from the caning he gave her in her first week. Though the bandages protected her to a degree, the power with which he belted her meant she could feel the sting. He belted her hard and more or less in the same spot. After a few minutes she felt the bandages tear and then the belt struck her bare flesh.

“Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!” she was crying now, the tears pouring down her face. Then just when she thought she could not take any more, he stopped. He leaned down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back.

“Miss me?” he asked, tugging at the hole in her bandages. Through her sobs Natasha heard the fabric rip and then he was climbing on top of her, his cock nudging at her crack.
There was nothing she could do but suffer in silence as he stuck his cock inside her and began to rape her. He started with her pussy then her ass, switching frequently while getting steadily faster. As he pumped her he squeezed her ass cheeks, which were already sore from the beating. If she could have screamed she would have, but he had left the tape over her mouth. With the rest of her body wrapped up tight and his weight pinning her down, she was as helpless as a life-sized doll. Little did she know this was precisely what he was thinking as he fucked her.

The fucking of her two holes went on for a very long time. After three days without sex, Gabriel simply could not get enough. He took his time achieving orgasm, prolonging his pleasure at the end. She trembled so deliciously when he came deep in her ass. Still long, thick and hard, he plunged into her pussy. His hips thrust against her urgently, his cock sliding in and out. In and out by its entire length, spitting her to her cervix. Her bound legs flopped beneath him like the tail of a fish. A mermaid, he thought. I am raping a fucking mermaid. He threw his head back and laughed.

When he had filled her second hole with his sperm, he grabbed the special dildo by his bed. He pushed it inside her pussy as far as it would go. The inner chamber was inflatable and he pumped it so as to make it swell inside her. He knew by her moans when she was ready. Then he started to fuck her with it, pressing slightly downward where the G-spot was. He did not care about giving her pleasure for pleasure’s sake. He just wanted to fuck with her head, and what better way to do that than to force an orgasm out of her against her will?
Natasha’s head was hurting, the blood pounding in her temples. Gabriel’s brutal treatment had done that and now he was continuing to rape her with an implement of some sort. With his weight no longer pinning her down, she shook and squirmed continually while the unusual object pushed against her walls. He was sliding it in and out slowly, allowing her to spit herself on it as she moved. Realising it, Natasha tried to still the movement of her hips, but there was a strange pressure building inside her. No! She thought, realising what it was. Please God… what is happening to me? Desperately, she fought to quell the fire that had built up inside her, but it was too late. He slid the object in and out of her several times more and before she knew, she was coming. Her bound body trembled then stretched taut, her legs jerking through the air.

“Mmmm... mmmm... mmmm....” she moaned. She was coming so hard. He let her orgasm until she was done. Then he ripped the tape off her mouth and stuck his cock inside.


Natasha had never felt so humiliated in her whole life. Whatever horrors Gabriel had inflicted on her thus far, the forced orgasms eclipsed it. Being raped was one thing – being made to enjoy it entirely another. She felt her own body had betrayed her and the worst part was she knew it would happen again. He would make sure of that, and there was nothing she could do to stop him. She may as well try and hold back the tide, she thought miserably, watching him move about. Following the fuck fest, he had taken off her bandages and strapped her to the torture chair, and it was from there that she saw him warming up their breakfast. Observing the flickering flames of the gas stove, she felt her skin tingling and she looked down. The skin on her breasts, abdomen and thighs was perfectly smooth and healthy. Clearly, the scalding she had received when he poured wax on her had been less severe than she thought. The only scars she had thus far were the marks above her breast and he had been careful not to touch those. The knowledge soothed her, at the same time as it made her mad. She should have scars God dammit! She had suffered so much pain. His footstep beside her brought her back to attention. How did he get there without her noticing? He was like a damn beast.

“Do you always sneak up on people, or is it just with me?” she asked him with ill-disguised irritation. He grinned at her boyishly with his strong white teeth.

“It’s not my fault you are oblivious to your surroundings,” he said. Pulling up a chair, he took up position beside her and brought a spoonful of food to her mouth.

“Say A…” he instructed and without hesitation she obeyed. She had had quite enough of being fed through a tube, besides which she was ravenous. It was probably all the sex she had been having. No sooner did she think this than she corrected herself. Not sex. Rape. The fact that he made her come was irrelevant. Or was it? She felt a renewed surge of irritation, mixed with dread.

“Gabriel…” she began, pausing to take another spoonful he fed to her. She did not like porridge as a rule, but she had to admit she liked his. Stop it, she told herself with a shake of the head.

“What’s the matter?” he asked and she looked at him then. He must have seen the desperation in her gaze, because he stopped feeding her long enough to allow her to speak.

“Out with it,” he ordered, already knowing what she would say. She was not the first woman whose pride he had shattered after stripping her of innocence and dignity both. The guilt and shame were usually palpable and she was no different in this regard. He watched calmly as she fought with herself then at last she took a deep breath.

“I need to ask a favour,” she said, gazing at him with her big blue eyes. Pleading with him with her look as well as with words. “If you could grant me this favour I would do anything that you ask.”

Hm, he thought. Interesting. Though not nearly tempting enough.

“I do not recall asking you to do anything,” he told her, his tone firm. “The very idea offends me, as you should well know.”

He watched her eyes fill with tears and he wanted to smile, but he kept his expression stern. Let us see what else she comes up with, he thought. Knowing her as he did, he did not expect her to give up easily and she did not disappoint him.

“Please, Gabriel…” she swallowed the mouthful he fed her before continuing quickly. “There must be something you want that requires my co-operation. Something that you couldn’t force me to do, no matter what.”

“Such as?” he posed the question casually, not willing to help her out. He had plenty of ideas of course, but it was always so much sweeter when the girl came up with them herself.

Natasha squirmed in her chair. She let him feed her several more mouthfuls before gathering the courage to announce:

“If you grant me this favour I will sleep with any man that you say.”

Ah. There it was: the ultimate sacrifice of the lamb. Truth be told, he usually shared his women around as part of their initiation into the fold. Except in Natasha’s case the idea irked him for some reason and he had to restrain himself from slapping her face.

“What makes you think that's what I want?” he asked, choosing his words carefully. “For all intensive purposes you are dead to the world… sharing you with others might jeopardise that.”

She closed her eyes and gulped, licking her lips. They were signs of nervousness, he knew. Good. She ought to be nervous while playing with fire, the silly girl. He waited a while for her to come up with something else. When she did not, he set the bowl down and stood up. Placing his hands over her bound wrists he leaned right into her face.

“You will do everything I want,” he said, staring her in the eye. “Not because you want to but because I say so. In fact, you will especially do things you don’t want to… including having an orgasm whenever it suits me. Do I make myself clear?”

She stared at him for the longest time in absolute silence and he saw her pupils expand. The desire erupted inside him like a volcano and against his better judgment he tilted his head and kissed her for the second time in the week.

He would whip her extra hard later that day, feeling furious with himself. Natasha had no way of knowing it, but Gabriel never kissed the women he raped.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Natasha’s eleventh day in the cage started badly. First of all, her back was sore after the whipping she received the day before. She was bleeding in several places where the whiplash had broken the skin and when she awoke she found her shoulder blades sticking to the floor. This caused her to cry out softly the moment she tried to move, and though she did not think the sound was too loud it brought her captor straight to her side.

“Stop that,” Gabriel said, glaring at her through the bars. She did not know what he meant, which made him even angrier it seemed. The next thing she knew, he was unlocking the cage and pulling her across the floor. Ignoring her shrieks of protest, he took her straight to the dreaded hole and lowered her roughly down. Sensing his rage she went down quietly, but she could not resist looking up at him as he went to close the trap door. To her horror he scowled at her and wordlessly unzipped his pants. A second later he was pissing on her.

“Please, Gabriel!” she shouted while the warm liquid cascaded over her face and shoulders and breasts. She had to bow her head to avoid getting piss in her eyes and when she next looked up he was slamming the trap door down.

It truly was a terrible start and it only got worse from there.


Gabriel left Natasha in the hole for the better part of the day. He knew it was neither fair nor smart, for she had injuries that needed looking after, but he had to do it for sanity’s sake. She was driving him wild, what with her soft sensuous moaning and the looks she gave him with those big innocent eyes. Just who did she think she was dealing with? Some ordinary male that she could seduce at will? The idea was preposterous, absolutely preposterous and above all insulting, he thought. Of the countless women that had tried to seduce him, not one had even come close and there was a good reason for that. They were all fakes and he could tell… he could read them from a mile away. If Natasha thought she could succeed where others had failed, she had another thing coming. She might think she had him, but he would show her. Oh he would show her, all right.

By the time the afternoon rolled around Gabriel had a whole new plan.

Natasha blinked painfully when he opened the trap door again. With her hair sticking wetly to her face she looked infinitely vulnerable as she gazed up at him from her prison, but he pretended not to notice. Pulling her up under her arms, he stared at her challenging her to speak. To complain. Anything to give him an excuse to punish her, but for a change she kept her mouth shut. Never mind. He still had his new plan and nothing she said or did would change that. First though he had to clean her up.

“Lie down on your front and don’t move,” he ordered, lowering her to the floor of the shower. As he washed and disinfected her wounds, he noted that she barely flinched. She was obeying his order to perfection, the clever little bitch. Yes well… Let us see how she handles the curve ball he was about to throw her. Gripping her shoulders, he lifted her up and into a kneeling position. While soaping her breasts, deliberately running his hands over her pierced nipples, he said:

“I have some good news for you Natasha… I’ve decided to accept your offer.”

She looked confused, so he clarified it for her.

“You said you would sleep with whomever I say, if I granted you the favour you asked for,” he said as he hosed her off. “Well, I’ve had a chance to think about it and I think it’s a fair deal. So you’ll get your wish after all, now isn’t that nice?”

He looked at her askance while waiting for a reply. As predicted, she was shocked by the news.

“W…when?” she stuttered, seeking his gaze.

“Soon,” he told her, keen on prolonging the suspense. Then without another word he stood up and left, unable to look her in the eye.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Since Gabriel’s unique shelter / dungeon was miles from civilisation, it was not easy to arrange a visit from friends in order to see his plan to fruition. In fact, a regular person might never have managed it, but luckily for Gabriel he was not a regular person and neither were his special male friends. Within hours of sending the first email, the screen of Gabriel’s laptop started to flash with incoming message alerts. The replies came swift and fast and they went something like this:

Wolf12 to Wolf1: good to hear from you. Confirm availability 4 days from now. ETA 0600hrs at co-ordinates provided. You need us to bring anything?

It did not take him long to key in the answer:

Just yourselves.

And with a press of the enter key the deal was sealed.


For four days after being told about the upcoming event featuring her as the star attraction, Natasha sweated in her cage, barely able to take her eyes off the entrance. She never doubted Gabriel’s word, particularly when she saw how sparingly he treated her. Oh he pulled her out and fucked her each day, but he did not electrocute or cut her or burn her. The whips and canes rested on the wall like some unusual party decorations, while the skin on her back healed to its healthy self. The only exception was the scar above her breast, but even this had settled and no longer burned. He helped the process by plying her with medicine and ointments and herbs. He wanted her to eat more too, but she just could not keep the food down. He did not force-feed her this time. He understood the source of her anxiety all too well.

She was thinking of asking him to call the whole thing off when on the fourth day he announced:

“I thought you might like to know… The boys will be here tomorrow.”

He was standing over her cage as he said it and she was glad for the small distance between them. Working desperately to still the tremor in her limbs, she was unable to speak for a while. At last as he was turning to walk away, she called after him anxiously:

“There… there’s more than one of them?”

Oh yes, he thought. Now you think to ask.

“Aha,” he said without turning around. “Is there a problem?”
Please say yes, he thought, hearing her sharp intake of breath. But though she trembled in her chains, Natasha refused to yield even now.

“No,” she said and when he chanced a look around he saw her hang her head, not unlike a bird whose wings had been cut.



At precisely 0600hrs the next day, Gabriel’s team started arriving. Confident in their punctuality he had left the door open and the stream of cool morning air brought goose bumps to Natasha’s bare skin. She did not try to rub them off. She did not try to move at all, but sat as though paralysed, watching the men pile in.

He had called them boys, but there was nothing boyish about them.

To a man they were tall and broad-shouldered, with their hair cropped short like Gabriel’s: aggressively so. They wore all black clothes and their faces were painted to match. Despite their uniform appearance she could not see an insignia of any kind. Their eyes were the only things shining in their faces, until they saw Gabriel and flashed him a smile. There were six of them in total and they were all heavily armed.

“Welcome,” Gabriel said, clapping each of them on the back. “Wolfgang… Dirk… Georg… Torsten… Henric… Bjorn… So glad you could come. Please, make yourselves at home.”

The men came into the room with long strides. Unbuckling the straps of their backpacks, they set them down softly, before doing the same with their guns. Their movements were measured and graceful, their footsteps soft. They were power carefully controlled and they sent shivers down Natasha’s spine.

“So, Gabriel…” she heard one of them say. “Are you going to introduce us or what?”

She hunkered down in her cage. Presently she could see Gabriel coming toward her, with the key to her cage in his hand.

“You’re on, my sweet,” he told her so only she could hear. As he tugged on her chain Natasha quailed, but it was too late to back out now.

The men devoured her with their eyes as Gabriel marched her over. Allowed to walk upright for the first time in almost three weeks, Natasha moved awkwardly, even though her shackles were gone. Self-evidently the restraints would only get in the way and as she thought this she shivered.

“Aww… look, she’s cold,” the man nearest to her said. She lowered her gaze, but he took hold of her hand and pulled her toward him.

“Natasha this is Wolfgang,” Gabriel said as the man’s arm encircled her waist. “He’s second in command and my right hand. I trust you’ll be nice to him, like you promised… I trust you’ll be nice to all of my friends.”

The men encircled her completely, touching her breasts and her buttocks, stroking her hair.

“She’s beautiful, Gabriel,” Wolfgang said and she felt her heart skip a beat.

“Who are you guys?” she asked, trying to stall for time. The men laughed and in a single, swift movement, lifted her off the ground. As they lay her across the table, Wolfgang tilted her head toward him and said:

“We’re the Wolf Squad, honey, and we’re here to eat you alive.”


Natasha had promised herself she would not scream. Within half an hour of meeting the Wolf Squad she had broken that promise most thoroughly, and they were only getting started. The men were all very well endowed, their erections frightening to behold. Wasting no time on niceties, they spread her legs open and spitted her through. They fucked her hard while they held her down. They took turns doing this without a pause in-between. It was this last thing that made her scream.

“Please! I can't take it! Please oh God…” she begged, willing them to stop. The men only held her tighter and spread her legs wider. The pounding of her pussy continued. Natasha’s screams grew more desperate.

“Gabriel! I beg you! Call them off! Pleeeease!” she almost fainted with relief when she saw him appear beside her. The next moment she felt a sharp slap against her cheek.

“Do not embarrass me in front of my men!” Gabriel said. She tried answering him and he slapped her again for good measure. Then with the men still fucking her tight hot pussy, he reached down and pressed his hand over her mouth.

“Now you listen to me, Natasha,” his voice snaked its way into her feverish thoughts, squeezing them into submission. “You asked for this and now you have to suffer it like the slut that you are. They’re big boys and they’re gonna hurt you some, but no more than I have done. Besides, if you ask me you’re lucky... this here tonight is only part of the gang.”

Speared on a huge throbbing cock with multiple hands holding her down, Natasha started to sob. She had thought Gabriel cared about her. That somewhere in the depths of his sadistic person he actually gave a damn. How foolish she had been. She did not want to scream any more, she was so distraught, but the men extracted more screams from her right away.

“Aaaa! Noooo!” she howled as Dirk leaned down and took her pierced nipple in his mouth, biting on it hard.

“Hey, that looks like fun!” Georg said and he clamped down on the other one.

As Natasha bucked and writhed, the rest of the men pushed her down.

“Wow, she’s a feisty one!” Wolfgang said. He twisted her wrist to immobilise her shoulder and on the other side of her Torsten did the same.

Natasha felt as though her arms were being ripped off. Meanwhile her pussy was being pounded, her hips sliding back and forth across the table. She was a piece of meat thrown to the wolves, she thought and she started to howl.

“Aooow! Aooow! Aooow!” long, loud howls that pierced the ear. It was only a matter of time before they decided to shut her up.

“Eat this,” Bjorn said, pushing his cock into her mouth. Being large, he filled it completely, stretching her jaw in the process. Her screams became muffled, though her body still jerked.

“Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!” she wanted desperately to spit him out, but she had no chance in hell. They fucked her like this for an hour or more. Then they paused and threw her panting on the floor. They never let go of her arms and legs. With the six of them there, they had plenty of spare hands. Before she could start to beg and plead, the first of the cocks was in her ass.

“Aaaaa! Aaaaa!” she screamed pitifully at an even higher pitch. The large cock slid in and out of her ass smoothly and they laughed.

“You’ve done a good job with her back hole, Gabriel!” they congratulated him while she bucked beneath them. She felt one of them sit down on her and pull her by the hair.

“Aaaaa! Aaaaa! Aaaa!” she shrieked as her head was brought up. She felt another cock enter her mouth and push its way down her throat. She gagged but there was nothing she could do. The Wolf Squad had her and they would not let her go until they were done.


The rape of Natasha – and it was rape Gabriel knew, for her consent was not freely given – went on for many hours. This was nothing unusual for the men. Like him, they were extremely highly sexed and inclined to sadism too. True to their word they did not simply fuck her, but hurt her as well, practically eating her alive. Gabriel never cared in the past, but today he found the whole thing repulsive, the minutes dragging painfully by. Not by a flicker of a muscle did he show this as he stood to one side in silence watching them. He had asked them over and given the green light and it just would not do to intervene now. Having said that, there were numerous times when he wished with all his heart he could do just that. Like three hours into it, when they made her kneel and bent her arms so far back that her shoulders almost popped clean out. He watched them tie her with their belts in this unnatural position and he saw how her skin broke out in a sweat as she fought to stay conscious. They lifted her up and held her by her bound arms and her legs, while raping her in mid air. The only practical purpose he could see behind the move was that it placed her body at a more convenient height. They fucked her absolutely senseless in this way and when her screams grew faint they restarted them by biting her skin, hard enough to draw blood.

Gabriel had witnessed many gruesome tortures in his unusual life, but by late afternoon he had had enough. Against his nature, which delighted in cruelty for cruelty’s sake, he turned his back on Wolfgang and the gang, pulling himself up the ladder two at a time. Leaping out of the shelter like a wounded bear, he took off at a run through the forest, with the single aim of going as far away as he could get. He smashed the shrubbery that stood in his way, looking for something to punch, rip and tear. The sound of the men’s voices followed him, the screams of their victim clearly distinguishable in the still mountain air. Please. Stop. The words in his mind echoed her own and he felt a growl start up deep in his throat. He was the leader of the Wolf Squad, bound by a code far stronger than words. Were it not so, he would have gone back and murdered them all with his own bare hands.

It was evening when Gabriel returned. By then, mercifully the rape was at an end.

“Hey, man, where’ve you been?” Wolfgang asked innocently, looking up from his meal. He knew how sharp their senses were and he faked a grin as he replied.

“Where’d you think?” he said, carefully keeping his gaze averted. “I’ve been cooped up in here for weeks and if I didn’t get out each day I’d go insane.”

They all laughed.

“Imagine how she feels,” Dirk said and Gabriel chuckled with them, while deep in his chest a spear slowly pierced his madly beating heart.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Gabriel waited until his men had departed early the next morning to take his first good look at Natasha. As instructed they had placed her back in her cage when they were done and it was there that he found her, lying curled up on the ground. She looked so broken and so still and small that it did not seem likely she still breathed at all. Cursing under his breath fearing the worst, he unlocked the door and crawled in beside her. Ever so gently, he grasped her right wrist and pressed his fingers over it, looking for a pulse. Moments later he sighed in relief and it was then that he was able to take it all in. The bruises. The bite marks. The blood. Her pale skin was the perfect canvas for the vicious signs and it seemed to Gabriel not one square inch of it remained blank in the aftermath of the brutal attack. As for her insides… he could tell that without checking, based on what he knew. She would be neither the first nor the last woman that the Wolf Squad had fucked up and that at his command. At. His. Command.

As he extracted Natasha from her cage, Gabriel felt quite certain that whatever pain she felt, it could not compare to the gut wrenching feeling in his own chest.


Natasha was not aware of Gabriel’s arms cradling her or his broad chest pressing against her. After enduring what she did and then spending the night in the cage, she was in a state of shock, no longer conscious of her surrounds. Her head lolled weakly, thrown back over his arm, her legs swinging loosely with each step. As he went to lay her on his bed, her free arm trailed underneath her and he had to take extra care not to trap it there. Natasha herself could not have moved it. Natasha herself was no longer there.

“Natasha…” he said her name, knowing it was in vain. The word sorry floated up in his mind but he pushed it down angrily as fast as it came. The world was a harsh place and the only true measure of a man was through his actions, not his words. He of all people knew that. Leaving Natasha where she was for the moment, he turned on his heel and strolled over to the medicine cabinet, already mapping out her treatment in his head.

An hour or so later he sat down at his laptop and began composing the message that would change her fate.



For the next ten days Gabriel took care of Natasha, providing her with drugs and fluids and as much food as she could keep down. Aware of her fragile state, he pumped her full of painkillers, only letting her surface for brief periods each day. She had to keep still, he told her as he injected her in the vein. She only stared at him mutely and it tore at his heart. He never meant to break her, but he had. He would give anything to see her mad.


When she first regained consciousness and found herself in Gabriel’s bed, Natasha thought she was dreaming. Pretty soon the sharp pain in her body told her otherwise and she moaned. At once he came and stuck a needle in her arm. Keep still, he told her, not telling her why. She did not ask, because she knew. She wondered if she would ever be whole again. Then with the drug taking effect she slept. She had no dreams and she was glad. After what she had been through, she never wanted to dream again.

One day she awoke to find him touching her between her legs. Her immediate reaction was to protest, but with the drug still in her system she was drowsy. In the end she decided to say nothing. What did it matter any more? She was his whore.

Days merged into nights and nights into days. Inside the underground shelter it was all the same. The drug-induced haze was her only refuge and silence, her favourite game. She was content to float along, never feeling anything. Then one day he stopped drugging her and her soul exploded in pain.



The scream began in Natasha’s head and wound its way out of her mouth with the rolling consistency of a giant ocean wave. A tsunami. Unlike a wave, however, the sound she produced did not crash against an imaginary shore, but went on to build to a crescendo loud enough to pierce the eardrums of any creature standing near. Before her lungs ran out of air, the scream mutated to a howl, expressing her sorrow more eloquently than words ever could. Carried away by its haunting beauty, she kept supplying it with air while her chest constricted with pain. It was not from the lack of oxygen.

Waking up in the middle of the night to hear Natasha scream, Gabriel felt his first stirring of joy in what seemed like a very long time. The feeling was a welcome break from the doom and gloom that had besieged him for the previous ten days. She had been silent throughout that time, but now she was screaming in obvious emotional anguish. Gabriel knew everything there was to know about pain. Most of all he knew that where there was pain, there was life and where there was life, there was hope. He let her scream for several minutes longer then silently like a wolf he rose from his place on the floor.

“Hello Natasha,” he said, materialising beside her apparently from thin air. Startled, she leapt away from him along the bed and he felt a familiar urge to give chase. He suppressed it for the moment, feeling immensely proud of himself.

“How are you feeling?” he said and he smiled. In the darkness he did not see her expression change.

A split second later, Natasha launched herself from the bed, her hands clawing at his face.


Hello Natasha. How are you feeling? It was what he had said to her on the day he first locked her in the cage. A lifetime ago, but she remembered it as clear as day. He fucked her up the ass and he wanted to know how it made her feel. Bastard. She could not answer him back then. Back then she was weak, her body free of scars. Back then she did not know the true meaning of rage.

Gabriel did not expect the attack. This and the sheer ferociousness that she employed, allowed Natasha to score a hit. Her nails scratched a groove in his forehead, narrowly missing the eyes. Her weight unbalanced him slightly, making him take a step back. Then his lifetime of training kicked in and he fought back. With that the tables were turned.
The difference in their fighting styles was immediately obvious and would have been so obvious to even the most casual observer. While Natasha screamed and flailed about madly, Gabriel was silent like the night. His movements were fast yet precise, with his weight perfectly balanced over his feet. Ignoring the blood dripping in his eye, he blocked her next move with one arm, while with the other he struck out. It looked very easy and not particularly violent, but a moment later Natasha’s screams of rage became a whine. Gabriel adjusted his grip, bending her hand back and to the side. Her arm was twisted with it and the next thing she knew she was on her knees before him.

“Aahhh…” she panted, trying to hold back the pain spreading from her wrist and her arm.

Gabriel leaned over her, the better to manipulate her into position.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” he asked. She saw that his free hand was resting behind his back and she seethed.

“B…b…bastard!” she stammered through gritted teeth. To her indignation and surprise, he threw back his head and laughed.

“Good to have you back, Natasha,” he said. He pulled her to the cage and manoeuvred her inside. As he was locking her in, she turned to him and spat:

“Evil fucker… I wish I could’ve clawed out your eyes. Then you could never look at me again.”

He became serious then, but he did not rise to the bait. He just looked at her with his pale wolf eyes and said:

“Be that as it may, I’m awfully glad I didn’t break you.”

The cage floor that night felt extra hard after the soft comfort of his bed.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

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Natasha realised something was different when on the morning of her thirty-first day Gabriel did not remove her from the cage. He did not put a steel collar on her neck and he did not place her in shackles. As the day wore on and nothing changed, she began to ask herself what it meant. Was he done torturing her and if so, why? Looking down at her body, she saw it was covered in numerous fading marks. The bites and bruises left on her by his men were still not completely healed. Was this what had suddenly turned him off? A sadist like him? It was beyond comprehension, but it was the only thing she could think of. She was still wracking her brains, when late mid morning he turned around and told her it was time.

“Time for what?” she asked, unable to suppress a shudder of apprehension – and noticing it, he smiled.

“Don’t be afraid,” he told her. “I won’t hurt you this time.”

She did not believe him and she said so.

“It’s up to you whether you believe me or not,” Gabriel said with a shrug. She saw the angry mark on his forehead and it gave her another cause for doubt.

“Is this about what happened last night?” she said as he swung open the cage door. He paused and she added quickly:

“If so, I’m not sorry. You deserved that for what you did. For setting those animals on me.”

He blew her away when he looked at her and said:
"I couldn't agree more."

Then while she sat there with her mouth hanging open, he extended a hand toward her. Gentleman-like.

“Now please,” he said, his tone mild but serious. “Take my hand and come out of the cage.”

For some reason the show of chivalry made her even more nervous. Feeling defenceless before his steady gaze, she obeyed, but she kept one eye on the door.

“They’re not coming back, are they?” she asked him with a tremble in her voice.

“No,” he said, walking her across to the shower. “In fact, you have my word they’ll never hurt you again.”

That was when she knew he would kill her that day. With tears in her eyes she turned to him and started to beg for her life.

“Please don’t kill me,” she choked for a moment before stammering:
“I… I’ll be good I promise… please just let me live.”

Gabriel of course had no intention of hurting her, but as he listened to the sweet sexy pleas, he decided to play along. It would add some excitement to an otherwise dull and difficult day. A day he had been dreading for some time.

“Be a good little girl and I’ll make it quick,” he said, laying her down on the tiles. She trembled like a leaf as he bound her arms behind her back and hog-tied them to her ankles. She was too stunned to fight, reminding him of a doe in headlights.

“Please… Gabriel…” she was sobbing now. “I did everything you said… I only screamed because it hurt so much… I didn’t think there’d be so many of them when I agreed…”

He cut her off mid-stream. He had to hurry or he would lose his resolve and he simply could not afford to do that. Grabbing a fistful of her long glorious hair, he pulled her head back and off the floor.

“That’s what you get when you make a deal with the devil, my sweet,” he said. Then he stuck the needle in the side of her neck and watched as her beautiful eyes closed.



Natasha came to with a start. Shouting and thrashing about. Only, her shouts were more like whispers and her movements similarly so. Restricted by the drugs he gave her. She realised this eventually and she waited patiently for the effects to fade. The room swam in and out of focus around her, dazzling her with its brightness. Unused to such an abundance of light, she closed her eyes wearily, blocking it out.

“Natasha?” a male voice said softly in her ear. “Natasha, darling, can you hear me?”

In the back of her mind, a memory surfaced from a time before the cage.

“Father?” she said and she squinted up at him from the hospital bed.

“My little girl!” Natasha’s father exclaimed, leaning forward and folding her into an embrace. She felt his shoulders shaking and she knew he was crying, which was astounding because her Dad never cried. He was an Army man through and through and as tough as they come.

Though perhaps not as tough as Gabriel and his men, she thought, and a lump rose in her throat.

He did not kill me after all, she thought and she too started to cry.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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It had been six months since her release from the cage and still Natasha could not break free of the chains. Each morning when she woke, she felt lost. Disoriented and scared and alone. Just as she had been when he first locked her in. She did not understand it at first. Her body was healing, why could not she? In desperation, she even sought the help of a shrink. When he prescribed drugs, she quit.

She did not want to forget. Not yet.


“Natasha, darling, are you awake?” the knock on the door roused her and she rolled quickly, but not quickly enough. Entering the room, her father caught her lying on the floor with half her body still under the bed.

“Oh no…” he said, stopping dead. “Honey, please tell me you didn’t sleep on the floor again?”

She pulled herself to her feet.

“Sorry, Daddy,” she said and she hung her head. Through the thin fabric or her pyjama top, the scars on her chest grinned at her. You are my prisoner now, the angel said, the whip cracking in his hand. Blood rushed to her face and her nipples hardened around the metal bars. Gabriel. Angel of darkness. Where are you now?


Later, during breakfast, her father said to her:

“Natasha, darling, this has got to stop.”

She did not reply. She knew what he meant.

“I’m going overseas this week,” he continued. “To oversee an operation in Afghanistan. I have taken as much time off as I dared. I can’t afford to take any more.”

“That’s ok Dad, I understand,” she said, adding: “Don’t worry, I’ll be ok.”

His fist slammed against the table with force, making her jump.

“No you won’t Goddamit!” he ran his hand through his hair. “Natasha, I can’t leave you here and there’s no one else I trust. I’m sorry to do this to you honey, but you’re coming with me. Whether you like it or not.”

Her eyes widened in surprise.

“But…” she began, but he waved her to silence.

“No buts. I’m your father and you will do as I say. Do I make myself clear?”

Natasha felt like someone had punched her in the chest. Nodding silently, she struggled to contain the frisson of excitement that ran through her at the words. Do I make myself clear? It was what Gabriel had said to her when asserting his authority over her… That was when she finally began to understand.

She was not in the cage. The cage was in her head.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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The sound of guns was never far away at Natasha’s new abode. As a General, her father was afforded decent quarters, but they were still modest by western world standards. She did not mind. Since her time with Gabriel, she found that she preferred small rooms with little natural light. Furthermore, when the night fell and the lights went out, she did not feel afraid of the dark. He had cured her of that particular phobia when he trapped her down the hole.


In the middle of the night, she awoke to find a man on top of her with a hand over her mouth.

“Mmm!” she cried, squirming under his weight. His legs pinned her arms by her side. She could not see his face, but something told her it was one of the soldiers. Who else would have access to her room?

In pitch-blackness her top was ripped off.

“Turn on the torch,” her attacker said to an accomplice that she had not realised was there. “I wanna see her breasts.”

While the beam of light danced over her skin, she went suddenly still. So they wanted to rape her. She could take that. She made a mental note to try and rip their masks off at some stage. But as she thought this, she heard them gasp.

“Fuck man, is that what I think it is?” she heard them say. She thought they were grossed out, but she was wrong.

“The mark… she has the mark!” the hand over her mouth started to shake. A second later the man sitting on top of her leapt off and she was free.

“Forget we were here, all right?” they said as they fled. She sat alone in the darkness holding one hand over her chest. Under her fingers the scar danced. And keep running, the angel said.


A week after arriving in Afghanistan the fighting forced them to move.

“Someone’s leaking information to the local guerrilla fighters,” her father said. “Our base is no longer safe.”

“You mean we have a spy in our midst?” Natasha asked, confused. “Isn’t there any way to find out who it is?”

Her father the General shook his head ruefully.

“There are always men willing to sell out,” he told her, the anger tingeing his voice. “Chances are there’s more than one betrayer here… it’d take a wolf to sniff them all out.”

She fell silent abruptly. A wolf… Or better still a wolf pack, she thought. We are the Wolf Squad, baby… the men had said.


Hours later they were on the road, the jeeps bouncing over the rough ground. Natasha sat between two soldiers, feeling quite at ease. Since the incident on her first night at the base, no one had given her trouble of any kind. She was just thinking about that when from up ahead there came a desperate shout:


Followed by an almighty bang.

The jeep she was in shuddered to a stop, the soldiers jumping out. A cloud of smoke enveloped them as they rushed to their friends’ aid. Screams of pain rendered the air, the smell of burning rubber drifting over to where she sat.

“Natasha!” she heard her father shout. “Stay in the car!”

She nodded, though he could not see her, his back already turned. The army men were running all around. At the front of the convoy the broken jeep burned. When she heard shots being fired, she knew they were under attack.

Ignoring her father’s shouted order, Natasha stood and jumped out of the car. Her feet made a puff of dust as they hit the ground. She could see no enemies around and she ducked with the intention of avoiding the bullets whizzing through the air. Focusing on the fighting before her, she neither saw nor heard the figures sneaking up on her from behind. That is, until she felt their hands on her – but by then it was too late. She felt a sharp pain as a blunt object struck the back of her head and that was that.

In the middle of a war zone, Natasha was bound and taken away. For the second time in her life she was headed straight for the cage.



Natasha’s new prison was a lot like the first: small and dark and underground. The foreign soldiers who took her had a hideout in the caves of the nearby hills. Deep in the bowels of Earth they had built their base, complete with furniture and beds and a small prison cell. Really a corner of the cave blocked with steel bars, it had a rough earth floor and curved rock walls. Many a person had enjoyed this view over time, for the fighters often kept hostages in support of their cause. Not all those captured were eventually released. Some simply lacked the worth. The desert was a harsh place and the sands around the hideout held many a grave not marked as such. There was nothing cruel or unusual about this. It was just their way, their life.

Coming to after being knocked unconscious, the first thing Natasha saw was the natural dome directly above her. Turning her head to one side, she saw the bars and behind them with his back to her, a man in uniform. Her guard. She let out a small whine.

“Hey!” the guard yelled out. “Sleeping beauty’s awake!”

From the other end of the cave, men’s voices echoed back. Soon several of them were gathered outside her cell.

“Welcome to Afghanistan,” their leader said. Then he unlocked the door and stepped inside.


Natasha watched the man lean toward her, a cruel smile on his face. She knew from bitter experience what it meant.

“Don’t touch me!” she shrieked, scuttling backward along the dusty ground. As she did so, she kicked out and the dust flew into his face blinding him for a moment. He rubbed his eyes while yelling something in his language. Sharp guttural sounds. Presently, two more men entered her cell and stood over her. Pointing their guns at her they cocked their safety switches and said:

“If you fight you’re dead.”

She knew they meant business and she froze. The first man coughed and spat the dust from his mouth. Then he reached for her again.

“Please…” she said, changing her tune. “I haven’t done anything…”

He pulled her to her feet and threw her against the wall. He bound her arms behind her back, tight enough to make her cry out. When he was done he turned her around and marched her out.

“You haven’t done anything, but your father has,” the man said. He sat her down with her back against a wall and signalled for one of his men to approach. She watched them set the camera before her and press record.

“Now, tell the world who you are and how much you want to be rescued,” the man said and Natasha started to shake.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Natasha did not sleep much during her first night as a hostage of the Afghani soldiers. It was not the physical discomfort that bothered her. Neither the hard ground nor her arms tied behind her back. Rather she could not relax in the presence of the men. They kept coming and going, but at any one time there were at least a dozen of them in the cave. Their darting eyes and thin frames reminded her of a pack of scavengers. Hyenas. She felt their eyes on her, ogling her through the bars. Watching. Waiting. Like they knew something she did not. On the morning of the second day, she found out what it was.

“Gerrup!” the man’s boot kicked her in the side and she groaned.

“I can’t… my arms…” she told him and he reached down and grasped her behind the elbow. After helping her to her feet, he took up position behind her.

“Hurry up!” he said, prodding her in the back with his gun. She walked on, not knowing where she was supposed to go. Then she saw the other men waiting for her outside the cell.

“This way,” their leader said and he smiled a lopsided smile. She did not try to argue. Foolishly perhaps, she thought their demands had been met and that she was being released. It did not take her long to realise she was wrong.

The men took her through a tunnel, not toward the entrance but deeper into the caves. After several minutes of walking, the tunnel widened and they entered another cave. Fixed along its wall a fair way off the ground were two metal rings spaced several feet apart. The moment Natasha saw them she guessed what was in store for her and she tried to turn back.

“No! Please!” she protested, her voice echoing in the hollow space. The men only grunted as they took hold of her elbows and spun her around. With her arms bound she could not fight them, so she tried falling down instead. They half-dragged, half-carried her, all the while cursing out loud. Shoving her face first against the wall, they untied her wrists and lifted her arms to the rings. They re-tied her there, leaving her standing on tiptoes. She was breathing heavily by now, her anxiety threatening to consume her.

“Please…” she tried pleading with them again. “My father will give you anything you want…”

The men snorted and whispered briefly among themselves. She craned her neck to try and glance behind her and she saw one of them approach with a long cane in his hand. Oh no. Please no.

“Please… it’s only been a day,” she begged, trying to reason with him. The man walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair.

“You no understand,” he growled in his heavy accent. “You foreigners are so stupid. So arrogant. We send a message to your father and you know what he say? The U.S. Army doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. So you see, we have to hurt you. Then we make a new video and we see. We see what the Army say then.”

Natasha’s eyes closed. She had not thought of that. She had not even considered the possibility that her father would not be allowed to negotiate. But if what the man told her was true, then all hope was lost. Because the Army’s answer would never change. No matter how much they hurt or tortured her, or how many videos they made. As she felt her shirt rip exposing her back, she considered sharing this knowledge with the men. Once more, though, her desire to live outweighed all else. Hang on Natasha, it said. Just hang on.
The cane descended on her back.

“Aaaa!” she cried, her back arching, her breasts pressing against the rock. Before she could recover from the sting, he struck her again. Then again and again. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! He was out to hurt her and Natasha’s body reacted accordingly. Muscles twitching, arms and legs reaching, hips swinging left to right, trying to evade the blows. Strung up by her arms, she had little room to move and even less chance of an escape. With her breasts pressed against the rock, she soon rubbed her nipples raw. She did not notice and she did not care. The pain in her back was unbearable. She knew when her skin split open and she screamed as the blood poured from the welts.

“Please! You’re killing me!” she begged between screams. They did not listen. They just caned her. Long enough to make her pass out from the pain.



On the third day of being held hostage, Natasha’s captors took a video of her in her cell. It would be more dramatic that way. They made sure to run the camera over her back. Showcasing her injuries for their enemies to see. This is what happens when you do not pay up. Curling up on the floor, she held a hand over her naked breasts. She could not hide the scar, though, and so the video would show it bright and clear.


Later that day Natasha awoke from a brief slumber to find two of the soldiers staring at her through the bars. Unable to move on account of the pain, she gazed back at them from the floor. They could not possibly want to cane her some more. The new video had not even made it out yet. As it turned out, she was right about that. Unfortunately, the men in question had other, more carnal plans.

As a white woman without a scarf on her head, Natasha was a novelty to the local men. With her top half exposed following the caning, she made the men’s cocks grow hard in their pants. So it was that when she awoke two of them were there, waiting for her. She saw them rubbing their crotches with their swollen balls. All they needed by means of an excuse was one look from her – and this they now had. Never mind that she was their hostage, being held for ransom. As long as they did not maim her or kill her, she was still tradable. That was if the army paid up at all, which did not seem likely right then.

Natasha watched the men enter her cell, understanding nothing of their true intent. She could not have resisted if she tried and so she let them pick her up and drag her outside. Wanting her alone with them, the two men took her to a nearby tunnel and here they found a rock the size of a small table. They laid her across it face down.

“What… what are you doing?” she stuttered as they started to pull her pants down. The men did not reply and soon she was shivering, her body stripped naked in the cool cave.

“No, no, no…” Natasha cried. She made as if to roll her body off the rock.

“Quiet, whore,” one of them said, pushing her down. She started fighting him, when all of a sudden she felt something sharp press against her neck. She did not need to see it to know it was a knife… and a pretty big one, at that. The realisation made her stop struggling in an instant, even as her heart began to race.

“Tha’s right,” the man holding the knife said. “You just lie there nice and still…”

With one of the men effectively keeping her still, the other one moved to her hips.
Spreading her legs, he knelt behind her and without preamble of any kind inserted his cock inside her.

“Aaah… no…” she breathed quietly, the tears streaming down her face.

“Shhh…” the man with the knife said and she obeyed. It was hard to keep quiet while being raped, particularly when the thrusts got faster and harder.

“Mmm… Mmmm… Mmm…” against the threat of her throat being cut, Natasha kept her mouth shut, as the first of the men slammed into her from behind. Her hips were ground repeatedly against the stone, while at the other end her already sore nipples were rubbed raw.

“She feels good…” the man raping her said, speeding up the tempo. Natasha felt him kneading her ass cheeks and wondered if he would decide to rape her ass too. He did.

“Aaa!” she yelled out as his cock pushed inside her back passage. Instantly she felt the knife dig into her throat.

“Silence!” the man wielding the knife ordered gruffly. She trembled, but she obeyed. The other man’s cock started sliding in and out. In and out and in and out, stretching her ass hole with each stroke.

“Mmm… Mmmm… Mmmm!” with the knife digging painfully into her throat, Natasha went back to moaning with her mouth closed. Naked and defenceless, she had no choice but to let them do what they liked. She must have turned them on a whole lot, however, because they did not take a long time to finish.

As they were leading her back through the tunnel, the two rapists would have been shocked to learn what their victim thought of their performance.

Compared to Gabriel and the Wolf Squad, they were a joke.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

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The Wolf Squad came for her on the fourth day.

How she knew she would never tell, but the fact was that she had a premonition that day. A feeling that surely someone would come and rescue her from the hellhole that she was trapped in. As premonitions go it was a good one. Almost spot on. The only thing she never guessed was who her rescuers would be.


It started ominously enough, with her captors informing her that their latest ploy had failed. In other words, no ransom had been paid and they were going to have to hurt her some more, in order to try and drive the point home. If that did not work they promised to put her out of her misery before long. Gee thanks, she thought, fighting a sudden and irrational urge to laugh. An hour or so later, it happened.

“Gerrup,” the man commanded her and she rose to her feet. He tied her wrists at the front this time, before taking her outside. The cave was full of men, as though for a show. She knew who it was they had come to see and she glared at them as they led her past.

They were about to head down the now familiar tunnel, when suddenly there was a loud noise. An explosion. It sounded close and hearing it, the men started running en masse. She saw them head for the exit and then inexplicably she saw them turn back. She saw all this while being dragged by the elbow back to her cell. By the time they reached it, half of the men present were already dead.

From the relative safety of her prison, Natasha watched the Wolf Squad burst into the cave. There were over a dozen of them and they moved in swiftly and with deadly force. They fired at the enemy at will and they never stopped firing until everyone was down.

Everyone, that is, except the lone prisoner at the back of the cave.

Stupefied and mortally afraid, Natasha watched several of the black-clad men head toward her. Guns held at the ready, they checked every dying twitching body along the way. Rat-tat-tat. Finishing off anyone that still breathed. Then they were before her at the other side of the bars.

“Which one of them has the key?” the leader asked. Natasha recognised him with a jolt. Until now she had not guessed the identity of the mysterious attackers. She had thought them her father’s men in disguise.

“Th… that one,” she pointed and he pounced. A few seconds later, the door to her prison swung open.

“Mademoiselle,” the leader said, gesturing for her to exit. Natasha stood as though rooted to the spot. They may as well have asked her to march in front of a firing squad.

“You’re Wolfgang,” she said, her voice shaky. The man standing before her grinned wolfishly.

“You remember me,” he said. Then, turning to the men beside him: “Dirk, Georg, did you hear that? It looks like we made quite an impression.”

Natasha’s knees buckled. As she fell to the ground in a faint, Wolfgang leapt forward and caught her.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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The noise of the helicopter blades was deafening, bringing her back to consciousness with a start. The first thing she saw on opening her eyes was the bright blue sky. The second were her rescuers. The dozen or so members of the Wolf Squad sat lined up either side of her, grinning at each other across the empty space. She of course was in the middle: on a stretcher on the floor, right beside the open door. She did not realise this until the helicopter tilted and she saw the view open up below her. Hundreds of feet below. With the hills of Afghanistan gliding by beneath them, Natasha closed her eyes and screamed. No one heard her over the noise of the blades, but those that happened to be watching her alerted the others right away.

“She’s come around,” Dirk said into his microphone. “Any word from Gabriel?”

“Not yet,” Wolfgang replied. “I say we take her to the safe house and wait.”

“Roger that,” Georg confirmed from the pilot’s seat.

They all stared at her in silence for a while, their weapons resting against their legs. At length, Dirk pressed his microphone button again and said:

“It’s kind of strange though isn’t it? That her own father couldn't save her, I mean.”

The rest of the team shook their heads.

“Bah,” Bjorn replied. “Amateurs. What do you expect?”

As they chuckled at this, nobody chose to speak what was really on all of their minds and that was: what on Earth was Gabriel thinking, setting a marked woman free in the first place?


The safe house that the Wolf Squad took her to was no architectural masterpiece, but in terms of security it was state of the art. Not only were there cameras everywhere – the building itself was designed as a shelter and that meant it was virtually bombproof. Naturally the communications system was faultless and when she next awoke Natasha experienced it first hand.

“Hi there,” a voice said, above her head. Looking around the Spartan room, she saw no one and soon deduced the person was speaking to her through some kind of microphone, nestled discreetly inside the bed head.

“Who’s there?” she said, trying to sit up. Discovering her arms and legs were strapped down, she felt her heart skip a beat. “And why am I tied up?”

“One question at a time,” the voice said laughing. “This is Wolfgang speaking. You know, one of the guys who rescued you?”

She rolled her eyes despite herself and he said:

“Hey! I saw that…”

Looking around, she finally spotted the tiny camera monitoring her every move from a corner near the ceiling. She squirmed under the covers, becoming aware of her nakedness for the first time. They had obviously stripped her at some point. Did that mean what she thought it meant? Wolfgang supplied the answer before she could ask him.

“We had to take care of your wounds, honey,” he said smugly. “And we strapped you down to help keep you still. A necessary precaution, you understand.”

“Err… I guess so,” she said, feeling perfectly ridiculous. Why was she thanking a person who six months ago had participated in her gang rape? Come to think of it, how was it that they came to rescue her? As the wheels began to turn in her head, she paled.

“Who sent you to get me?” she asked, hoping Wolfgang was still listening. “Who do you work for?”

The reply she got was instant and brief.

“If I told you that we’d have to kill you,” Wolfgang said and hung up.



Strapped to a bed inside the safe house, Natasha felt about a hundred times more vulnerable than when she was in a cage with no one but Gabriel watching over her. Two things made her feel this way: the cameras monitoring her every move, and the men themselves. She was yet to confirm how many members of the Wolf Squad were in the house with her, but she had a nasty suspicion it was at least a dozen or more. She based this suspicion on the snippets of conversation she overheard outside her bedroom door and of which there were quite a few throughout the night. Judging by the amount of traffic, they were guarding her physically around the clock and this alone made her nervous as all hell. Then on the evening of the second day she overheard a phone conversation that explained it all, while simultaneously making everything that much worse.

The opening words were:

“Gabriel! At last!”

Which gave Natasha a mild heart attack, confirming her worst fears. She listened to the rest with perked up ears.

“Yessir, we have her… Injuries? She has a few I guess. She’s been caned and raped.”

There came a brief pause, during which Natasha supposed Gabriel was speaking. Then:

“You want us to do what? But that’s three weeks away! With all due respect Sir, don’t we have better things to do than babysit… Yes? Aha… Ok, I understand…”

Another pause then a final snippet:

“Just one thing before you go, Sir. With regard to having sex with her… are we to assume the usual rules apply? Because I don’t think it’d be fair to lock us in a house with such a fine piece of ass and ask us to keep away… Oh sure, we can do that. You have my word. Thank you Sir and good luck.”

For several hours after the conversation ended, Natasha trembled miserably in her bonds. Her distress was such that when Wolfgang came to check on her before turning in, he immediately decided to give her something to help her relax.

“You better not get sick on us,” he told her once she was finally asleep. “Or you’ll miss out on all the fun… Not to mention how unhappy you’d make our leader. He’s taken a liking to you it seems…”

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Natasha’s back took just over a week to heal. At the end of this period there were almost no marks to be seen: a fact that the men informed her of gleefully over breakfast. For it had become their routine to strap her to the bed during the night and let her wonder the house during the day. With so many of them around and all the cameras and alarms, they were perfectly safe doing that. Especially since they did not give her any clothes. The only downside of that was how turned on it made them, but hey. What was sex without foreplay? Six of them had had her before and they said she was worth the wait.

Looking at the men’s faces that morning, Natasha could sense the difference in them. For the past week they had treated her with utmost respect, never touching her unless her treatment required it. She had therefore begun to feel a lot less nervous around them, if not completely relaxed. Now however they were staring at her intently and she lowered her gaze to the large dining table wishing she could crawl under it and escape.

“Natasha, honey?” Wolfgang’s voice brought her back, causing her to lift her gaze and look at him. He was undeniably handsome, she thought. They all were. It was just that after what they did to her… She shook her head, realising she had just missed what he said.

“Excuse me, could you say that again?” she asked him. Several of them sniggered at this, but she ignored them. What was the matter with them today?

Wolfgang reached across the table so as to place his hand over hers.

“You’re all better, honey,” he said, looking her in the eye. “And you know what that means.”

Natasha shook her head.

“No…” she said slowly. “Actually, I don’t.”

More grins… more happy sniggers.

“She’s playing hard to get, Wolfgang!” Dirk cried. Raising his glass of juice, he sculled it then slammed it down on the table. “I vote we tie her up and rape her! All those in favour say aye!”

The chorus of ayes nearly made Natasha bolt. Then she heard Wolfgang say:

“Settle down, everyone! We’re not to hurt her… Gabriel’s orders.”

A hush fell over the room. Presently Dirk piped up again:

“Are you pulling our leg Wolfie? We can’t hurt her even a little?”

“Yeah, Wolfgang!” Bjorn added. “Do please tell how we’re supposed to have fun with her if we’re not allowed to hurt her?”

Against a rising sense of disgruntlement Wolfgang raised a restraining hand.

“I’ve given it a bit of thought,” he said, scanning their faces one by one. “And I think the answer’s simple… We’ll just have to go more slowly, that’s all.”

Still holding Natasha’s hand, he squeezed it gently. Smiling at her in what she knew was meant to be encouragement.

“Please, Wolfgang…” she pleaded. He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

“Don’t worry, honey,” he told her. “We won’t hurt you… much…”

Standing up, he pulled her chair back, signalling her to stand.

“Will you walk or do you want us to carry you?” he asked with a smile.



With her heart in her throat Natasha let Wolfgang lead her to the bedroom, the rest of the gang following close behind. Only he did not take her to her bedroom, but the one the men used. This one was much larger and when she entered she saw that it had a large spa in the centre. A most unusual feature, she thought. Following the direction of her gaze Wolfgang laughed and said:

“We’re a little bit spoilt, I know. But we need to be in our line of work.”

She wanted to ask what their line of work was, but she thought better of it. She had a fair idea anyway, from the little she had seen. Recalling their actions inside the enemy cave Natasha shivered. These men were no ordinary killers – so much was for sure. But they were killers all the same. If they lost control with her…

“Come,” Wolfgang said, snapping her back to attention while pulling her along. “Let’s start off with a nice bath. That’s relaxing isn’t it?”

Nodding mutely, Natasha followed. The spa was big enough for six people and they drew straws to determine who would go in first. The lucky winners took their clothes off, displaying rippled abdomens and beautifully toned limbs. Despite how intimidated she was, she could not help admiring them – but what she did not realise was, they could read her excitement on her face.

“Please, step this way,” Wolfgang said politely, helping her into the spa. The water was warm on her bare skin and she allowed herself a small smile.

The men watched her closely, their lust barely contained. She was unaware of how sexy she looked, with her slender waist and full perky breasts. Her long legs and firm buttocks and her gorgeous black hair. Surrounded by the men on all sides, every single angle of Natasha’s body got a good viewing and every single angle scored a rise. By the time she was seated in the warm water, there was not a single man without an erection present. To their credit they kept hold of themselves even then.

“Turn on the jets,” Wolfgang said, stepping into the spa next to her. He waited until the water was frothing to give the signal for others to join him. The five lucky winners of the straw draw did so slowly. Careful not to startle the woman they aimed to have sex with, to fuck. She was staring at them a little apprehensively, but her muscles were beginning to relax and when they touched her she did not try and pull away.

Natasha could feel the jets of air massaging her under water. The men’s hands seemed so gentle in comparison that she hardly noticed them at first. Gradually though she became aware of large hands around her ankles and wrists and on her waist. From a sitting position, they pulled her toward them through the water, helping to keep her afloat. As they stretched her out flat, they ran their hands over her body, her legs and buttocks. Her breasts. It was very pleasant and she sighed, letting her eyes close. She felt them tip her hips down, pushing them slightly under the surface. They positioned her perfectly, so that a stream of water caressed her clean-shaven mound. When she moaned, they spread her legs slowly and started to finger her oh so lightly, right across her swollen clit.

“Oooh…” Natasha sighed, feeling the tension build. The men’s hands travelled over her, squeezing a little more boldly now. Soon someone thought to pinch her nipple, causing a burst of pain. To her surprise it morphed to pleasure instantly and she tensed with excitement, releasing fresh liquid from between her thighs.

“She’s ready,” Torsten said, sliding his finger out. She knew they were about to fuck her, but she could not stop them. She did not want to stop them anymore. Her body was on fire in the warm frothy water and their long hard cocks offered her relief.

Torsten being closest was the first to have her and he eased himself between her legs without delay.

“Hot damn,” he said as his cock slid inside her inch by inch. Natasha helped him impale her by jerking her hips up and down. By the time he was all the way in, she was on the verge of an orgasm and everyone watching was enthralled.

“Fuck me,” Natasha begged, for the first time in her life. “Please fuck me.”

The men watching held onto their cocks, rubbing them slowly up and down. Torsten did as instructed and started to move. The muscles in his buttocks worked with his hips as he drove into her again and again. In keeping with the promise not to hurt her, he was holding back slightly, prompting Dirk to yell out:

“Fuck her Torsten! Fuck her hard!”

No one objected, least of all Natasha, when Torsten did so, spearing her so brutally that her hips were lifted clean out of the water with every thrust.

“Aaa! Aaa! Aaa!” she moaned and in a moment of inspiration Wolfgang, who happened to be standing next to her head, placed the tip of his penis against her lips.

What Natasha did then had three of the men ejaculate on the spot, the sperm shooting out of them several feet high.

Natasha’s hands were wrapped around Wolfgang’s beautiful hips as she did her best to swallow his entire nine-inch cock right there in the spa. As any man knows, the sensation is intense when there is warm water lapping at one’s balls. The pleasure bestowed on Wolfgang was thus instantly felt by his friends, all of who had been in a similar position before. Luckily no erections were lost, because the show went on, providing more than enough fuel to keep the fire stoked in their core.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Natasha moaned with Wolfgang’s cock in her mouth. She was sucking on it so happily and so greedily and so deep that he had to tell her to slow down. He did so quietly and with great control.

“Please, Natasha. You’ll make me come,” his smooth brow wrinkled slightly as he fought with her, pulling firmly on her hair. He was strong and he might have won, except that right at that moment Torsten made her come.

“Mmmm!! Mmm!! Mmmm!! Mmmm!! Mmmm!!” Natasha’s hips ground against Torsten’s as her insides tightened around him, squeezing him dry. Carried away in the moment, she unwittingly pulled Wolfgang’s hips toward her, jamming his cock deeper down her throat.

“Aw fuck!” Wolfgang cried and he started to face fuck her fast. A few seconds later he was coming and he could not even pull out of her mouth.

Natasha did not mind. As Torsten could tell them had they asked him, she was coming for the second time around his cock, squeezing it empty of every last drop. Wolfgang’s sperm in the back of her throat merely completed the picture in her mind, extending her pleasure to an insane new high.

By now the men watching were about ready to burst.

“Move over Torsten, I’m next!”

Natasha did not even bother to check who was taking up position between her legs. Letting Wolfgang’s cock slide out of her mouth, she swallowed the sperm he had shot down her throat. Then she lifted her head and kissed his smooth flat stomach above the pubic mound.

“You’re so beautiful…” she said and she saw his cock grow hard again.


After that first night and for the next ten days, all twelve men fucked Natasha and it could fairly be said that they all lost control in a way.

And then on the eleventh day Gabriel returned.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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The cameras at the safe house recorded everything, in every room, every nook and cranny. Twenty-four hours per day the cameras whirred and clicked and moved, transferring every single event into a movie. The movie was stored on a chip and the chip was connected to a hard drive. A hundred chips for a hundred cameras all connected wirelessly. If the air could absorb what passed through it during those ten days, the air would have sizzled. The Wolf Squad could have made millions from it, but the Wolf Squad did not need the money. They already had it in spades and they used it to stay hidden. Not from any particular entity but from the world at large. The system that kept track of everyone else had no record of their names, blood types and birth dates. They had no social security numbers and no fixed addresses. Nothing was registered in their names. The Wolf Squad men were ghosts in a true sense of the word, an impressive achievement in the digital age. The movies were made for their eyes and their eyes only, and their wireless system was secure – impenetrable to hackers and governments alike. In terms of her reputation therefore, Natasha had nothing to fear.

Which did not mean she should not feel afraid.

Indeed, a safe house hidden away from the rest of the world was the least safe of all places to be on that particular day. Both for Natasha and for the men, only none of them knew it yet.


Gabriel was in a foul mood. The mission he had just completed was as difficult as it was dangerous and he was lucky to escape unscathed. On a dozen occasions he had almost lost his head when the informers he had placed his faith in turned out to be double agents. Normally he had a good feel for these things, but lately he had been slipping up and it was costing him. He was taking twice as long to sniff out the rotten apples and eliminate all those involved. For the sake of his impeccable reputation and because he was stubborn by nature, he had stayed behind on this occasion in order to finish the task he started. Now he felt sorry to have done so.

How do you walk up to the woman you love and tell her that her father was a traitor and that you just killed him as part of your job?

All this Gabriel thought as he walked up to the safe house and scanned his way in. He was already struggling to get a hold of himself and then they showed him the films.


Gabriel was known for his ability to stay cool under pressure, but even he was surprised at how calmly he reacted when his brain first started to absorb the images of Natasha and the men. She is a team player that one, he heard Dirk say, but even this failed to set him off. It was as though his body and he had detached completely, and while he knew he could not stay that way forever, he appreciated the feeling nonetheless. Or lack thereof. Inside Gabriel a fuse was burning and it was heading straight for his heart. It in turn was no longer beating, but ticking quietly like a bomb. Ta-da. Ta-da. Ta-da. An-y. Mo-ment. Now. He sat very quiet and very still, watching and waiting for the bomb to go off, while around him his men continued to laugh and to jest, oblivious of the danger in their midst. Minutes ticked by in this way.

And then it happened.

There were no less than seven members of the Wolf Squad in the room with Gabriel and not one of them had a clue anything was wrong until very deliberately he turned to them and said:

“You know, not so long ago in the history of mankind, the crime of seduction was considered worse than rape and was punishable by death.”

“Excuse me?” Dirk said mid-chuckle. They waited for him to repeat himself, which he was not inclined to do.

“You heard me,” Gabriel said. The bomb was mushrooming inside him now, the wave of energy from its core incinerating everything in its path.

There was no mistaking that tone. Alerted at last, the men drew back discreetly, their eyes fixed on his face.

“Hey, man,” it was Bjorn this time. “You can’t tell us you’re upset. I mean, you gave the ok.”

Gabriel blinked. Turning his head in slow motion, he opened his eyes in time to pierce Bjorn with an ice-cold stare.

“I said you could fuck her, yes,” he stated, pausing for effect. “I didn’t say you could seduce her as well.”

It was at this point that Wolfgang decided to intervene. As Gabriel’s second in command and his oldest friend, he felt a sense of obligation that the others did not share.

“Listen, Gabriel…” he began, searching for the right words. “Let’s not get carried away here. I’m happy to take responsibility for what happened, if you like. But at the end of the day I don’t think it really matters what some woman feels for us. What matters is…”

Gabriel cut him off mid-sentence.

“It matters to me,” he said, the growl clearly audible in his throat.

Those four words were the final warning they would get, because a second later the mushrooming cloud in Gabriel’s mind exploded outward with a bang. Blinding him to everything and everyone else except the sudden and violent need to give vent to his rage.

“Watch out!” Wolfgang cried, but Gabriel was already moving and the men closest to him never stood a chance. Only their finely honed reflexes saved Dirk and Bjorn from otherwise mortal blows, not that it mattered in the slightest because they were still incapacitated, their faces bleeding as they hit the floor.

“Holy fuck!” Torsten yelled watching them and Gabriel used his moment of distraction to strike at him next.

With three of them down and four of them left standing, Wolfgang tried a new tact.

“Gabriel! The Code! Think of the Code!” he yelled, putting up his hands. The remainder of the men rallied behind him, forming a tight fighting unit just in case.

“Fuck the Code,” Gabriel spat and hurled himself at them with every bit of energy he possessed.

Now the fight was really on. The men, with Wolfgang in the lead, split up to let him through. When he pulled up and spun around, they blocked and parried his kicks and punches with well-placed strikes of their own. Soon Gabriel’s brow was bleeding and his ribs were sore, and still he did not give up but stood his ground. As though relishing each blow.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he told them while spitting blood from his mouth. “Make it hurt… make it hurt real good.”

Realising they were fighting a losing battle in that Gabriel would never yield, the men intensified their efforts. Speeding up their movements they began to dance around and as their leader tried to follow them, they struck at him from every which side. Dance like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. The motto of every great fighter and it served them well now. Despite his rage and his own great skill, Gabriel had to concede defeat when his legs were kicked out from under him both at the same time. Slamming to the ground and onto his back, he went to throw himself back up when a well placed kick to his shoulder stopped the movement, simultaneously with spinning him around. With absolute precision and focus, the men moved in all four at once and knocked him unconscious between them. Whereupon they stopped and exchanged looks that said: holy shit! And: what now?


Natasha was in the kitchen helping Georg and Asvald prepare a meal when the microphone above their heads crackled to life.

“All hands to the control room! Stat!”

Natasha thought she had never seen anyone move so fast. One minute the two men were with her and the next they were not. Left holding a hot frying pan, she set it to one side, leaving the gas burner on.

“Hey! Wait for me!” she cried, trying to see where they had gone.

She did not know where the control room was because they never showed her, of course. It was the only room in the house that was off limits to her and until today she had not given it a moment’s thought.

“Whoa! Hold it right there!” one of them stopped her at the top of the stairs. “You can’t go in there, I’m afraid.”

Natasha peered around him to where a door could be seen at the end of the hallway, swinging open and shut with the passage of men. During one of these swings Natasha saw a bloodied body on the ground and men kneeling around it tying its arms and legs up.

“What the hell is happening?” she said, assuming her most authoritative tone. Then when it drew no response: “Please, can’t you tell me who’s in there? It’s not like I can tell anyone…”

The man blocking her path looked down at her pityingly.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” he said and he left it at that.


Natasha had been waiting for many nerve-wrecking minutes, when finally the door to the control room opened and the men started piling out. First amongst them were Dirk and Bjork, with a helper each to support them. They looked like they had had a run in with a train, the blood dripping from them as they went. Natasha’s hand flew to her mouth.

“My God!” she breathed. She was about to ask who did that to them when she saw Wolfgang step out. Directly behind him were Georg and Asvald, dragging a bound man between them. Due to him being unconscious, his head was hanging low hiding his features, but Natasha had no trouble recognising the man who had kept her caged for a month.

“Gabriel…” she whispered almost to herself. She did not think anyone had heard her, but then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Yes, Gabriel,” it was Wolfgang and he was breathing heavily. Looking up at him, Natasha started.

“What happened to you?” she asked, taking in his black eye and bleeding nose. He waved her to silence.

“Never mind that,” he said. Sliding his hand behind her back, he gave her a gentle shove. “Come along with me.”

They followed behind the rest of the men who were heading to the basement. Somehow it seemed the most appropriate place to put Gabriel right then.


“Ok, Natasha, here’s the deal,” Wolfgang said when they were all gathered in the underground chamber. “Our great leader here who is yet to come around, has fallen in love with you.”

Natasha’s eyes popped.

“I’m s…” she coughed to clear her throat. “I’m sorry?”

The rest of the men, she now saw, were all looking at her kind of strange.

“You heard me right,” Wolfgang said. With a trembling hand he reached into his pocket and withdrew a handkerchief with which to wipe the blood from his nose. When he was finished he looked at her again, his usually bright green eyes dark.

“The question is, what are we going to do about it?” he asked her. As though she would have a clue.

“Why are you asking me that?” she replied, emphasising the me part. Some of the men nodded at this, but no one interrupted Wolfgang as he explained.

“Because something like this has never happened in the history of the Wolf Squad,” he paused then added ruefully: “And because I care about him, Natasha. If you can help him then all may not be lost. But if not…”

He trailed off and she frowned. She was thoroughly confused now.

“Could someone please explain to me what is expected of me? Because I'm not smart enough to work it out on my own,” she said. Wolfgang’s eyebrows shot up at this and Natasha did not blame him. She was somewhat taken aback by her sudden boldness herself. But then what did they expect? These were hardly ordinary circumstances.

“Right you are Natasha,” Wolfgang sighed, obviously deciding to comply with her request. “I’ll make it real simple for you…”

And he started to tell her about the origin of the Wolf Squad and the importance of the Code. Natasha did not follow everything that was said, except for the main points. Namely that Gabriel had broken the Code when he attacked them and that he did it because of her. Since she was the cause of trouble she could help them solve it… but if and only if she could tell them she loved Gabriel the same as he loved her.

The moment this proposition was out and before she had heard the alternative, Natasha jumped to her feet and blurted out:

“Love him? How can I possibly love him? He’s a monster!”

And right at that moment Gabriel’s wolf eyes opened.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"
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Natasha you are an idiot, she thought it for the hundredth time. A few short hours ago, she was in the warm kitchen with two amazingly sexy men preparing a meal. Now however, she was bound naked in a cold basement and she had her own stupidity to thank for it.

She should have asked them what would happen if she did not help him. Yes. That would have been the right thing to do. The sensitive and polite and above all, the smart thing to do. Why did she not do that? She shook her head. The answer was obvious. She was an idiot. She closed her eyes and she slept.

Some time later she awoke scared and confused. She had dreamt she was back in the cage, with Gabriel watching her as always. I never want to break you, he told her and then he reached in and sliced her skin open from her groin to her throat with his knife. It was a morbid dream, she thought as she lay on the floor panting. But in the darkness her bound legs rubbed together and between her thighs a small amount of moisture seeped out.

Toward morning she could sleep no more. Turning onto her side she manoeuvred herself into a sitting position and called out quietly:

“Gabriel? Can you hear me?”

He was there in the room with her, of course. She could not see him because it was so dark, but he was there when they closed the door on them and she had not heard them take him out. She wondered how he was coping with the cold concrete floor. From what she saw he was pretty beat up, yet throughout the night he had not made a sound.

After waiting for a few minutes she tried again:

“Gabriel? Are you awake?”

At last she heard him move and a second later he replied.

“What do you want?” he said, sounding hoarse and irritated all at once. It put her off and she did not reply for some minutes, until the silence became too much to bear.

“I…” she started testing her voice. Then taking a deep breath, she said it: “I’m sorry.”

To her shock and horror he growled.

“Don’t ever say sorry to me again,” he told her. He did not speak to her again for the rest of that day.


When evening fell and after the men had fed them their meal, Natasha decided to try again. Anything to break the dread of being locked up in the basement in the dark. Gabriel naturally appeared not to care.

“Is it true that you’re in love with me?” she asked him, trying in vain to see his face. The blackness of the room was very much opaque, effectively hiding him from sight.

“Is it true you think I’m a monster?” he countered, with a definite edge to his voice. He did not sound sad or sorry but she imagined it all the same. She bit back a harsh reply and replaced it with a simple:


On hearing it he laughed and she heard him spit blood from his mouth.

“You’re lying,” he told her, so that she felt his eyes boring into her despite the dark. Then while she was still reeling from this, he added: “But that’s ok. I appreciate the lie just the same.”

This time the note of sadness did not have to be imagined and she bowed her head and cried.


While Gabriel and Natasha waited in their makeshift prison, a few floors above them the Wolf Squad argued and shouted and argued some more, trying to decide their fate. The biggest sticking point in the negotiations was Wolfgang. As Gabriel’s closest friend he simply could not accept the ruling, even though it was clearly prescribed.

Those who break the Code must die.



On the morning of their third day in the basement, Wolfgang came to rescue them.
Natasha reflected instantly on the quirk of fate that had brought Wolfgang to her rescue twice in a row. Now there was a man she could love, she thought, not realising that he was there more for Gabriel than for her.

But if Natasha was blind to this fact, Gabriel was not. What was more he had some definite ideas about it or rather, he had protests. Very strenuous protests in fact.

“I’m not going,” he announced stubbornly, for the fifth time in as many minutes. Wolfgang ignored him while untying the knots.

“Wolfgang,” Gabriel said and Wolfgang looked at him. Though his features were carefully set, Natasha could see the strain. She guessed he had not slept for the past few nights.

“If we suddenly disappear from the most secure house in the country, who do you think they’ll blame?” Gabriel asked pointedly. He rubbed his wrists absentmindedly as he continued: “I’m not gonna let you sacrifice your life for my own. I have enough weighing on my conscience as it is.”

At first, Wolfgang was angry.

“So you’re just gonna give up and let them kill you, is that it?” he looked stern, though his voice shook. “I thought you were stronger than that, my friend.”

Gabriel shrugged his broad shoulders.

“I guess you were wrong,” he said, refusing to enter into an argument. “Now please, if you don't mind…”

He gestured toward the door and Natasha saw Wolfgang’s eyes mist over.

“If you don’t let me help you escape I will take my own life, I swear,” he looked like he could do it too, Natasha thought.

“Blackmail, eh? This really is beneath you, Wolfie,” Gabriel said, using the nickname instead of the name, thus letting his affection show. “You should know by now that it won’t work…”

Sitting on the floor at the feet of his friend, Gabriel looked as immovable as a rock. But then…

“Oh yeah?” Wolfgang said, his elegant eyebrows arching. “How about this then?”

And he dropped to one knee before Gabriel and kissed him square on the lips.


By the time the kiss was broken, Natasha’s jaw was hanging open.

“B… b… but… but he’s…” she just could not finish the thought, so Gabriel finished it for her.

“He’s bisexual,” he said. There was not a trace of ridicule in his tone, nor even a hint of surprise. Noticing this Wolfgang’s eyes widened.

“How long have you known?” he asked softly. He was still on one knee and Gabriel reached over and placed one hand on his shoulder as he replied.

“Oh, a while,” he said and he pulled Wolfgang toward him and kissed him back.

Oh shit, Natasha thought, feeling the heat creep into her face. I think I am going to be sick. She did not look away however, and after the shock wore off she found herself gazing at the two men in a trance. Putting aside her awkward position and embarrassment thereof, she had to admit she had never seen a more beautiful and erotic and masculine sight in all of her life.

And that was saying something where she was concerned.

I'm a wicked, vile, horrible and perfect man. - the Savage, during one of his more modest moments.

"I'm a sex addict - it's my cross to bear." - from "The Blades of Glory"

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