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rob stevenson
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Default Tortured and repeatedly gang raped

A story about a girl.

I was 22 when it happened. I was walking home from work after the usual night shift. It was about a mile and I always had to walk along a deserted road which on that day had an unmarked van parked on it. I remember being suspicious of the van at the time, but unfortunately not suspicious enough to turn back.

As I walked past the van I heard a noise from the bushes, but before I could react I had been grabbed from behind. The doors of the van flung open and I was hurled in.

The doors slammed shut and I was confronted by five men wearing ski masks. The van started to move at speed. Four of the men pinned me down stretching my arms above my head and spreading my legs. The fifth man straddled me and showed me the flick knife he was carrying. I was struck dumb with fear, and with an eary silence he cut open my sweater and blouse slicing them from bottom to top. He then sliced down the arms and tore them from me. He cut off my bra before moving onto my skirt and panties. The two men holding my legs took off my shoes and socks and my clothes were thrown from the back of the van.

Plastic cable was tied around my wrists and ankles and I was tied spread eagle to floor of the van. The men now all took their pants off and started masturbating. A different man straddled me, grabbed my wrists and dug his sharp fingernails into my skin. He scratched down my arms across my ribs and thighs. The pain was intense and how I started to scream - provoking the man who was straddling me to take out a gun and hold it to my head. He told me that if I scream I die. I stopped screaming. The man forced two fingers inside my pussy and started to thrust them in and out really hard. All I could focus on was being quiet. One of the other men knelt over my head and slapped his erect cock across my face, rubbing it all over me and laughing.

The van suddenly stopped. The back doors opened, I was untied from the floor of the van and dragged out into ankle deep mud. A leather collar was placed around my neck and skackles around my ankles attached with a short chain, not long enough for me to run in. A gun was again placed to my head and I was told to do as they say. I was led down a muddy forest path until we came to an isolated hut.

Inside, the hut was empty, but a hatch in the floor led down to a large dungeonous basement. I remember feeling the heat as I was lead down, as well as the smell of sweat and cum. The dungeon was not empty. There were another twenty men there - waiting. My arrival changed the atmosphere. It became more intense.

I was dragged to the centre of the room and my wrists were tied to chains. I was winched up - suspended from the ceiling by my wrists. A spreader bar was placed between my legs forcing them wide apart and my ankles were chained to the filthy dungeon floor. I was stretched further until I was on tiptoes - the stretching making it more difficult to breathe.

The men surrounded me. By now they were all completely naked - and hard. The intense heat and the pain from being stretched meant I was sweating profusely. From all directions the men groped my body, pinching my nipples, scratching me, forcing their fingers inside my pussy. They poured baby oil over me, sliding their hands all over my body and lubricating my pussy, making it easy for them to finger rape me. One of the men - the ringleader - shouted at them to stop and they did.

They backed off and he circled me holding a thin long leather belt. He stood to one side of me and cracked the belt across my chest. The pain was like an electric shock through my body. He whipped me again, this time across my ribs, and then my belly and thighs. Another man appeared with a whip. He stood the other side of me and started flogging my back and ass. I was flogged until the blood dripped from me, my back ribs, chest and belly covered in deep whelcs from the intense flogging. By now I was shaking with pain and fear. The ringleader poured my oil over me and rubbed his hands all over my body.

I was untied, I dropped to the floor but was immediately forced to sit up. I was dragged over to a metal pole that came from the floor. I was forced to sit with my back to it, my legs spread in front of me with a spreader bar, my hands tied behind my back around the pole. The men surrounded me, masturbating their now dripping wet cocks. One of them pissed on me, pissing all over me, it was disgusting and I tried to move my head away, but another man grabbed my head and forced my mouth open - the piss poured down my throat.

The ringleader placed a gun to my head and I was told that If I bit anyone, they would first kneecap me, and then shoot me in the head. He then forced his masive dripping wet cock down my throat grabbing my head and making me gag and choke on it. He was slow and deep at first, but then started to speed up. I could barely breathe and his cock tasted rancid. As I gagged and choked, saliva poured from my mouth and dripped over my body forming a pool between my legs. He took his cock out and spit in my mouth before slapping me across the face and continuing to force his cock down my throat. They all then took turns raping my throat, spitting and pissing on me until they started cumming in my mouth and over my face. Once one came the others followed suit and the all stood huddled around me taking turns to spray their massive thick stinking load over my face, making me hold the cum in my mouth until I couldn't hold any more and then either making me swallow it, or dribble it over myself.

I had already noticed that another gang of men had arrived. My ordeal was nowhere near over. I was forced to walk on all fours over to a metal framed bed with a filthy mattress on it. My body was dripping in cum, my face completely covered in cum and saliva, my hair matted with it. I was flipped over onto my back and my wrists were tied to the corners of the bed. I was bent in half, my ankles tied to the same bed posts as my wrists. The new gang of men now took over. They were more abusive. The first drenched me in piss, pissing in my pussy that was stretched open by the position I was in and over my body, pools of piss collecting in my belly button. They spat on me and slapped my face repeatedly, grabbing and insulting me, laughing at the state I was in. They put a plug in my ass, stretching my ass around it which was agony. One of the men approached and spat on my pussy, rubbing the saliva into it and finger fucking me. He climbed onto the bed squatting over me he forced his cock into my pussy pushing it as deep as it would go. He started pounding deep and hard pushing my legs down and spitting on my face and tits. He was tagged by another man who took over. All twenty men took turns raping me, pounding my pussy.

I was untied from that position and dragged over to a set of hooks in the floor. Forced onto all fours my wrists ankles and knees where shackled to the floor. The but plug was removed and one of the rapists forced his fingers inside my ass stretching it around them. He then started raping my ass. The pain was intense. He grabbed my thighs to get more purchase. He bent over my back reaching round and gripping my tits as he raped me. He stopped and another man took over. He spit in my ass before raping me. Now, another man forced his cock down my throat and I was being raped by two men at once. Another man slid himself underneath me and pulled me towards him. He rammed his cock into my pussy. The twenty men took turns raping my mouth, pussy and ass, but they all came in my ass, cum dribbling into my pussy and they would scoop their own cum up and rub it in my face or make me eat it.

After the last rapist came in my ass I collapsed. I was dragged over to a small cage in the corner of the room and locked in it. I fell unconscious.
When I came round the room was empty. A dog bowl with dog food was just outside the cage. I ate the dog food. I was in agony. My body had been through hell, and my mind was numb. From the darkness a hatch opened in the ceiling and five men came down the stairs. The came over and seeing I had eaten some of the dog food laughed. I was dragged out of the cage and taken over to a corner of the room where there was a metal shower. My wrists were tied over the top of the shower and the water was turned on. It was freezing cold at first but then warmed up. The men washed me, rubbing soap into my wounds and scrubbing the dried cum off me. They groped and fingered me, and two of them raped me, but I no longer cared. I was then dragged back to the cage and left.

After what seemed like an eternity the hatch opened once more and another gang of twenty men walked down the steps.

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I look forward to part 2!!!
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Thumbs up

Gotta give you some rep when I can, but its a great hard on story !!!

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brutal rape, flogging, gang rape, sex slave, torture bdsm sadistic

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