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Default Actress By Day

(I used to write a lot back in my day, it was raw but creative and so is this hopefully a little more polished now that i try a little harder, I should post some of my older stuff, but this is from a few months ago~!!)

Actress By Day, a heroine in training story, part 1 - the Little Pink Dress

All I could think was, “This needs fishnets!”, as I stood in front of the full length mirror. Having just slipped up the strapless pink dress I was still getting used to the feel of it on me. The look was certainly there. I turned, looking back up to the small camera in the corner of the dressing room, knowing they were satisfied. I waited for the word that I was on for training later, figuring that I wouldn’t get my fishnets.

Mr. Bates soon came over the intercom overhead as I stood in the cold and constricting changing room barely able to contain a woman trying to undress and redress. “The look is there Agent Legs…” he stated as I rolled my eyes at hearing it again. I have no idea who makes up the field-names around here but he obviously has some growing up to do. The fact that we are called ‘dolls’ doesn’t help to make us feel anymore secure in what we do especially in these humiliating moments of being watched in changing rooms. “we will be uploading you into physical endurance training tonight, so get some rest. Big Night.”

I gave him the two finger salute as I unzipped the dress behind me. The one finger would have been just as appropriate but as I would be going into training tonight, there was no need to give him any reason to turn the dial up on me. I pulled it down shimmying it over my hips knowing full well that next time eyes would still be on me behind that lens in the corner and that I wouldn’t be able to keep my bra and panties on. Guess I really wasn’t getting those fishnets either.

This place had changed me, maybe because the danger is so real and hard and frightening. Outside of here I am such a kind person, respectful but something switches over in the Heroine in Training School. It calls itself a society but it’s a glorified school. That’s how us ‘dolls’ describe it. One hell of a school. Perverted in more ways than one but I suppose with all the pretty ‘dolls’ running around and brainy and insecure men in charge, there wouldn’t be much hope for equal treatment. I love my acting gig and my friends and family but I’m more and more finding myself stopping time so that I can escape. So I can play dress-up and heroine. Maybe I didn’t get to be that little girl that dreams of being a princess or, in my case: saving the princess.

I spend my afternoon and evening back in the real world. Real Life. It’s not as exciting being a young pretty actress as being part of a team of sexy spy heroines. The danger is just too appealing when life is handed to you so I steal a file, the file on my pink dress. Sitting in the café I take some time to give it a read: Specifications, Materials and most importantly Historical Data. I wrinkled my nose at the title, wondering if someone had actually worn the little pink cocktail dress. Gross.

I was able to breathe easily when I realized the actual dress hadn’t been worn, only earlier designs of it. “Still working the bugs out eh guys?” I remark before a long sip of steaming latte and a flip of a page in the report. It was difficult being ‘Agent Legs – naïve guinea pig’ sometimes but knowing someone has actually tried it out before me was a minor comfort even if the last test was 10 years ago. ‘Why are they dusting off some old project that probably didn’t work and why me?!,’ I wondered.

‘Agent Swan is still recovering from the intense sexual experience…’ I swallow hard as my eyes continue to read, skimming now as my heart beats and that initial and long-lasting feeling that there is something different about the school seems to be spelled out in this report. I look around the café for sleepers spying on me but find no one suspicious. Crossing my bare legs and drawing the long designer coat back over them as I shift in my seat; I learn more about this poor woman that was basically beta testing my little pink dress in front of a pack of over-stimulated and aroused males.

I flip back, looking at the specifications, scanning brainy talk until I recognize the words ‘sexual’ and ‘pheromone’ in the same sentence, so close that they could be in lust with each other. I swallow hard as I tease the beaded end of my coat’s waist tie. Lost for a few minutes I continue to stare out into the street from the large windows, clouds finally dropping down a light shower calming the busy streets.

Suddenly unsure of what I signed up for I closed the folder, taking another sip as I thought about that damn cute pink dress drenched in god-knows-what undetectable mind-controlling chemical. For the first time since I joined I feel pretty damn angry as I think about the next time I’ll go back…if I’ll go back. ‘How can I stay away?’ I wonder.

There isn’t much time to mull it over as a shadow stands over me. I swallow another sip as I turn, pulling the hair from my eyes, I stare up at the man standing far too close for comfort. There is something not right about him but I can figure it out as my mind slowly begins to shut down. He’s grinning as he reaches passed me for the files. “Hello Legs.” was all he said.


I wake up not remembering anything that happened after I tried on that dress at the school. Shaking out my hair as the thin white bed sheet falls from my nude body. I’m feeling sexy today as I linger there in my bed, content with letting my body been seen. Sometimes being an actress has its perks, one example being the attention. Thrilling. Lively.

I slip from bed in only little panties as I step across my room to the closet. “Shit!” I greet the morning with elegance as I stand there nude and remember something when my cell beeps. I dive back across the bed wrestling with the sheets to get my blackberry, pulling it free. I sigh, looking to the window as I am reminded of the premiere. Busy life of an actress. I turn back to the closet, losing my energy that I had awaken with. I love attention, what actress wouldn’t but something feels wrong about this premiere. It’s just not in me today to get excited about it. I act, putting on that happy face as I smile briefly before myself in the mirror. Staring down, smiling, I feel a little better at the hard work and dieting results.

That pink dress calls to me. I see it in my closet screaming out to me like a beacon of sultriness as I pull it free it makes everything else in the lose it’s color as if it draws the life out of every other piece of clothing. I pull it to myself in the mirror as it mere touch of it makes me grin like a happy little slut.

I gasp at the though. “Slut?!” My mind going somewhere strange this morning. I let it pass as I turn back to the dress. ‘Damn!’ I tell myself as my inner guy comes out, pushing my bust up as I hold the silky dress against my bare blushing skin. ‘I have to get this thing on’ I tell myself as I neatly lay it out across the unkept bed, scratching lightly my bare hip as I look around for the perfect shoes. Kneeling into the closet, I rummage through until I find the perfect pumps. “Mmmmmm.”

I’m out the door about an hour later as the limo is waiting for me. The driver’s eyes are all over me and it feels fucking amazing. I slip past, letting my eyes catch his as they stare along my torso, then sharp turning to my heaving bust, then turnpiking down to my legs. He wants me. Removing his hat, he doesn’t take the time to catch my eyes but stares me into the inviting seat of the limo. I feel so slutty right now.

We’re off soon and I feel incredible: on my second glass of champagne as the bubbles are only making me feel all lose and giddy. The limo stops sooner than it should and suddenly I’m wearing the bubbles across my boobs. I wipe it from my cheek and lean across the leather looking to the window. We’re moving again just as fast and I’m thrown against the seat. “Hey” is all I can manage as I sit, fixing myself and pulling the tiny pink dress back down a bit. “Ass.” I mutter as the driver stays silent, no doubt thinking about getting between my thighs. I smile.

Before I know it an usher is guiding me into the small theater. I’m still hot from all the flash bulbs and the people taking pictures with me on the red carpet.

‘I swear one of those men grabbed my ass.” I tell the not so cute and thin usher helping me to my seat. I flop down somewhat excited that he hadn’t seen the need to take my glass of champagne from me as I sit in the back of the tiniest theater I’ve even been to. I try to count the rows before I lose count again and again, deciding it’s less than 50 seats here surrounding me as the lights dim. Everything is happening all too fast as some more of the seats closer to me are filled. I try to smile as I stare to my left passed the champagne glass and a large man fills the seat grinning all too familiarly at me.

“Hi.” I say with a grin. I’m drunk, and if I can tell then I know he can tell. He returns the words to me as I can watch him stare at my bare legs, stuffing himself into the seat next to me. It gets instantly warmer as more and more people fill the seats. It’s too quiet I notice and not dark enough as another man sits directly to my right. His thick muscled black arm is at eye length as he sits. It’s got a tattoo that I cannot make out. I look up passed the arm and shoulder to see his shaved and scarred head. He smiles back at me.

I look forward again as the lights go even darker and the film begins. Before I can take anything in and just as I cross my legs again there is a breath at my back, stirring my hair as I sit there. I swear I hear a grunt from behind me accompany the breeze. I take another sip of champagne. The last sip as I stare at the glass pasted with my lip marks. Holding it up I stare at it. I think it may have been drugged and I know I am not myself. My slut self. I barely notice the thought as the man in front turns in his seat. His shirt is just like the guy next to me. Sleeveless and dirty. I think to joke about it but it never comes to my lips. He smiles. He smells.

“You an actress ain’t ‘cha?” he gins and I notice the skull tat on his exposed chest. I reach up to wipe my brow, the warmth of burly men making me unsettled as I shift in my seat again, holding my glass over my lap. Blinking slowly up at the man not caring about the film as I notice him wetting his lips as he looks down passed the skirt of my dress. I follow his gaze to see my legs aren’t exactly closed. I call myself a slut again, teasing these large men gets me hot but I forget I’m not exactly a trained heroine yet, ready to deal with the implications of teasing such large and powerful and ‘take what we want’ kind of men.

Closing my thighs brings a frown to Skull’s face. “Awww…don’t be shy, we’re big fans.” his look is very unfamiliar but I can tell I don’t like it as he lifts an eyebrow to the large black man on my right. I’m not fast enough, my head is swimming, by the time I make it to the black man’s face he’s already staring down at my legs, not paying much attention as I feel his paw on my knee and sliding up a bit.

“unhhhh” I moan, slow to react as I move my hand to his arm and it’s thick and strong. ‘No fucking way I’m prying this bear off’ I conclude.

“No panties today, huh?” a voice to the left remarks, by the time I get my head around, my eyes are still lagging behind, but the man next to Skull is turned around craning his neck to gawk. He’s thin and disgusting looking and I’m almost sure if it comes down to getting any one to turn around and watch the damn movie, it’ll be him. Him I can handle.

I hear him say something else but I don’t hear what as my gaze goes passed the men at to the screen. A familiar yet unfamiliar face is on the screen. I can’t place it but it’s a man and I swear I’d seen him before. My vision is blocked by the skinny man as he leans in to get my attention. “You listenin’ blondie?’ he barks reaching out for my face, his hand caught just before he grabbed me as I react a second too late. It’s Skull stopping him and staring him down. I lean in to bark back

“Fuck off or I’ll kick your ass beanpole!” I smirk, cocking my head, eyes closed as I slip back into a dull drunken haze moment. Hearing the men around us ‘ooouuhh’ at him widens my sly smile. They seem to know I can kick his ass too. I fall back into my chair as hands grip my bare shoulders more to my left on grabbing other thigh. I hear him say something and I know I should be scared but I cant comprehend much.

“Easy now!” Skull says to me, his friend still steaming and glaring at me. I smile as Skull mentions that they just want to be friends and he asks me if I can be friendly. I nod. A hand behind me caressing the back of my hair petting me like a pet puppy, I can hear someone sniff at my neck through my hair. I find speaking difficult and my throat is dry. Something is wrong, I stop liking this movie the moment I see the man on screen again. He’s acting very badly. I remember seeing him somewhere. Maybe we had a latte together, I cannot remember. it doesn’t take long before a hand slides passed my shoulder and through my hair, slowly over my collarbone and across the top of my breasts. I look up from the thick tanned hand as I see Skull and Beanpole staring, glaring at me. Beanpole slowly smiles and says he wants to fuck the shit out of me.

“In my dreams.” I reply seeing his grin. “No wait…your dreams” I correct myself, admitting “Sorry, I’m pretty drunk.”

It’s not long before the hand in down my dress, grabbing. More men rise up behind Skull and Beanpole, blocking out the screen. The strong arm is followed by another with a shitty dragon tattoo across the hairy forearm. I want to say something about it but the insanely rough squeeze on my tit is taking the words right out of me. I feel one arm tighten under my throat as in instinctively grab for it beginning to squirm a bit. Forced to watch Skull, kneeling now on his seat, staring at my legs, reach down and tease my dress up my thighs as the 2 strong men at my sides turn in a bit sliding those massive paws along my inner thighs, pulling me open against my feeble struggles.

They can sense my discomfort, poised to scream as a thick hand palms my face yanking my head back hard. I scream finally, letting out a muffled cry into the hand, smelling of metal and smoke. Holy Fuck it hurts. The last thing I hear in Beanpole confirming his desires to take my body in the most brutal ways. A chorus of cheers goes up as if symbolizing ‘feeding time’ at the zoo. I’m the main course and dessert.

I pull at the thick arm, realizing it’s useless, trying to bite at the hand over my face. I’m soon pulled up and back over the seat as it bites into me. They swarm, hands from all angles working my dress up my hips and pawing my bare sex. I try to kick but they hold me steady. The zipper at my back goes from the force of hands yanking at the top of the dress. I hear the pop as it opens, my breasts pulled free and instantly taken into hands. I jump as a tongue finds it’s way along my side. The grunting men turn my dress into a waist belt. One of them comments to keep it on me so I stay drugged. My eyes opening to stare out passed the hand remembering the man in the café, the file and the betrayal. I fight more but my pussy just gets even wetter. My fights were so strong in my mind but I can feel it resulting in my hips thrusting eagerly towards the sets of fingers fucking my ass and pussy.

I’ve never felt such painful pleasure. Men all piling in to get at me, groping where they can as Skull tried to lead an organized crew of horny madmen. The hand lifting from my face as it grabbed my chin pulling my head down.

“Open up slut.” was the command given as a fat cock was soon pressing to my nose and slipping passed to glide into my parted lips. I gag at first as the thick cock slid inch over lips passed my mouth and into my tight throat. I suck for all I’m worth as I hear Beanpole at my side saying something degrading. I try to concentrate but he begins biting my nipple, pulling at it between sharp teeth. It really hurts and I really beg him but it comes out as chocking slurps and he doesn’t relent. Pulling my wrist to an awkward position he teethes on my breast, drawing blood. He loves my gagging he says as I soon feel my hand wrapped around his thin prick. I slowly pump it in my palm.

I barely notice the cock plunged so far down my throat that my face is on Dragon’s open zipper. The sharp bite of the zipper is nothing compared to the thick stretching of my sore and wet esophagus. I spasm and he pulls back after a moment. I choke up some slimy spit vomit as they laugh. Determined to show them I grin, face glazed in my choke slime. “More!” is all I manage before the fat dick is shoved hard back into my sore gullet. The face fucking comes harder now, triggering my first orgasm as the fingers as pulled from my twat and I leak slime from my thrashing hips.

The boys take little care in flipping me, bending me over the seat as Skull takes his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks with his thumbs, examining the glossy cum from my orgasm. He slides his cock head back and forth on my slit and ass teasing me as another man pulls me up by the hair, my mouth open and waiting before he can free himself. I grip the heat for support as it presses against my dress and abdomen painfully. Skull lifts my ankles as I kneel in the seat, threatening me with his girth.

Before the fun could begin the lights flashed on illuminating the darkened theater. I can see the prison garb and the freed errections all around me as I am just as confused as the convicts. Many of them agitated I hear the phrases ‘just getting started’ and ‘didn’t get to fuck her yet’ as a few hands linger on my body. “Convicts??!” I choke out, my hair and throat held by the obese Latino standing before me. From behind I hear Skull speak up over the dull grumbling.

“What gives man?!” he yelled up at the ceiling, “you said we had one whole hour with her!”

“We merely needed to test the design to completion and the results were satisfactory. You will be going back into the pens gentlemen!” the voice responded.

“We aint going nowhere.” another man cheered from my right as the others responded in support.

“Your task is done and if you ever want to return to the real world with your powers and equipment you will release the woman and exit out the rear and from doors. You service will be reflected when you-“

“Fuck you man! We are raping this bitch. Right here! Right now!” another barked forcing me to pull away in response as more held me down and continued to argue.

Skull spoke again, the defacto leader of this motley crew. “Realistically, it’ll take your cops enough time to get us all offa her that most of us will have had our fun, ain’t that right blondie?” Skull stated with a sharp smack to my ass. I nod in approval, unable to think clearly as I was surrounded my lust-driven psychos. “So fuckin’ come on down nerd-boy if you are man enough to take us all on., but your little fuck doll here will be screwed six ways to Sunday by then and maybe a little broken.”

“NYAAAHHH!” I gasp as one of them took my arm a little too far in the wrong direction. I can only imaging that Skull was able to get that effect with a nod to his goon.

With that the light shut off and convicts went into an uproar, most fumbling for me blindly as I tried to slip away. The only lights being from the exit doors and sentry droids burst in. The convicts scattered as the androids began blasting through flesh and I just tried to keep my head down. My vision still hazy I managed to get to the floor after biting one of the thick paws that had grabbed me.

Gasping as I got to the end of the aisle somehow I could see the light from the entrance as a body slammed dead to the ground before me. I screamed briefly before covering my mouth.

“There you are!” Skull’s voice came as he called to Blake to help hold me down. I try not to laugh at the coincidence. A hand around my ankle pulled me back into the mix, I kicked into air as Beanpole leaped over the seat and landed above me soon wrestling my arms down above my head. 'Must be Blake' I thought. Gross.

He leaned in spitting across my face forcing me to wince. “Remember me WHORE!” he demanded, kneeling on my wrists to free his hands and his cock again. He reached for my chest, laying his flaccid prick against my face as Skull pulled himself between my thighs. I screamed into the musky crotch pressed to my cheek as the 2 men laughed at my situation, staying low as their friends fought for their lives.


I walked with Amy through the store as we shopped. Having already spent far too much today she practically pulled me into Cynthia’s to check out some new thing she had seen in an ad. I sat there totally bored, flipping through my cell phone waiting for my friend in the changing room. I saw a cute guy staring at me as he walked through the store with his pretty but short girlfriend. I sat up a bit smiling as I checked my phone. Letting my legs part a little, pretending not to care and smiling knowing that he was totally checking me out. “That’s it big boy you see something you like? Want to fuck the tall pretty hot blonde actress don’t’cha?’ I teased myself in my thoughts. Quickly straightening up as Amy came back out I stared at her.

“Isn’t it so totally fucking perfect?’ she asked as she spun poking her ass out in the tight pink cocktail dress. It’s on sale too” she continued. I couldn’t help but be totally in love with the dress for no other reason than I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. I almost could swear that I had one but I know I didn’t. I wanted it bad! “So…whadda think?” she questioned.

“It’s perfect!”
superheroines & celebrities, that's my thing, lets chat about it

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