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Old 08-05-2014, 07:26 PM   #1
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Default Forced incest adult women

I am very curious is it uncommon even on an an kind of extreme erotic fantasy forum like Rapeboard that the fantasies involving forced incest are about adults. I cant get turned on by the idea of sex with anybody being under the age an adult. I myself are only turned on by the idea of an women being in her mid twentys and her father or an women in her late thirtys early forthys being the victim of a younger sons lust. The women are allways wearing pantyhose, and the stories involve struggeling, clothes ripped apart or open, tears and degrading sexuall acts

I have two favorite fantasy scenarios involving

Scenario one is:
Goodlooking women, upper middleclass type in her in early forthys and a son around 18-22.
After comeing home from work early she is greeted by her surprised adult young son. As she walks in on him sitting at the kitchen table doing cocaine or amphetamine . Enraged with fury and disapointment . She starts shouting and yelling at him. That he is a junkie and that he is a disapointment to both her and his father.

Her husband is away for a couple of days and its only the two of theme . They have had had a lot of arguments lately and her son is mad at her. The drugsubstance triggers him to do the unthinkable.

His mother was a beautiful woman, no doubt about it. He could feel himself stiffening He knows that the ultimate humiliation would be to fuck her and he knows that she wouldnt report. It would be to much of a scandal and it would be the unthinkable for a woman like his mother to live with the social stigma of something so despicable.

When his mother asks him to explain himself: He tells his mother after listening to her angry outbursts and moral outbursts. That growing upp hearing from friends on acountless times how hot his mother is, was quite uncomfortable. But suddenly i he can understand what they meant as his eyes was running up and down his mother from top to bottom. Looking at her nicelyshaped legs and the pantyhose covering theme. She is schocked. Analysing what she just heard comeing out of her sons mouth. Suddenly her son is standing infront of her cornering her. And she can see his widend pupils and the evin grin on his lips. Laughing and telling her that tonight.. .. ... ..
Slapped around . Tearsrunning down her eyes as she is forced to slowly unbutton her blouse.
Forced to unbutton her sons trousers .
Maybe while being forced to sex being filmed so later one day when she doesnt expect it she is forced to come and have sex with her son once more etc

Scenario two.
Adult woman who has not been subject to abuse and incest in the past. Being a independent woman her father in anger and rage takes what he feels entitled to
Adult women in her late twntys gets an unexpected visit from her dad or she is visiting her dad. The woman treats her father disrespectful and accusing him of everything that is bad. Although she has all the attributes of what is considered successful.

The woman gets angry and screams at her father. The daughter is a woman with strong personality. Altough she is provocative, behaves badly, she is attractive and sexy in a sophisticated way. Against her father she always behaves badmannerd its a way for her to retaliate for her father's absence during her childhood, it is a conscious choice to be constantly provocative and cold towards him. .

Unintentionally the father lets his eyes sweep over his daughter body. He cant resist starring letting his eyes wander along his daugthers weelshaped and welldressed body. Hair and face, down over her blouse. Along the skirt and pantyhosecoated legs.
The sight of his daughter and the attitutude and recentment for everything how he has been treated while trying to make up for divorcing her mother and beeing acussed of being a bad father even do it was her mothers fault not leeting him being present.
Whit anger and well hidden lustful feelings pulsing through his body. He snappes and he tells her that she is fucking spoiled little cunt and after evertythig he have had to put up with. Grabbes her. , pressing her up against a wall , His left hand pulling her head back by the hair. Smelling her neck. With a voice of recentment and filled with unfitting word he tells her what he thinks of her, and what he intends to do with her.
Slapping her. Feelings of shock, trying to struggel away from him .
Anger and tears and the realization of feeling her fathers hand throug the thin elastic of her pantyhose..... ... ..

How do other board members react to the these fantasies. Please comment
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I also Love these stories. I love the adult (18-35) being either a sister, aunt or daughter. Not really into raping the mom stories unless you can get a second female involved. They are hard to find though. Most involve young girls. I have a fantasy about two of my HOT aunts and getting both at the same time. But that is just me..... LOL
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Old 08-08-2014, 07:31 AM   #3
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Very hot fantasies and I have to say the Daddy/Daughter one is a particular favourite of mine, that the father has surpressed his desires for so long until he can't help but feel it's his right to have her, it's his reward for helping her grow into the strong independant young woman she's become, all these years he's watched boyfriends come and go and knowing they were fucking, maybe he even heard them in his room and he was laid in bed stroking his hard dick to it.

The other one I like too, but I prefer it more if the son were to gang rape his mother with his friends, perhaps a scenario would be she's out for the night whilst he has a party and when she returns in the early hours of the morning she finds her son with four or five friends, as they got more drunk they'd discussed how hot she was and how they'd like to fuck her, the son had always had those thoughts of his mother and now he has help to carry out his dream, ideally the friends attack her first by grabbing her, stripping her and pinning her down whilst she struggles calling her son for help, as she is restrained he walks in and she begs him to help her but instead he gets his friends to spread her legs and rapes her first.
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I like your fantasy Molly of a son and his friends raping his mother. What about this type of a scenario though. A son who has the hots for his mother and post pictures of her on a site similar to this but that allows you to post pictures of people without there consent. He loves hearing other guys talk about how they'd rape his mother and the nasty things they'd do to her while he beats his meat. Until one day he realizes one of those guys responding to his post lives near by him. And there threatening to send all of the things hes been posting about her directly to her his dad and the rest of the family. Unless he conspires with them to set her up to be raped. By doing certain things such as getting everyone else out of the house taking the phone with him when he leaves. Leaving a key for them underneath the doormat telling them when shes most likely to be naked showering etc. So that person along with his friends can gang rape her.
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In my fantasy, my Mom is coming to visit me, she's going to be staying with me for a week. I've had thoughts of her and have fooled around with her many times but the fact that she is coming to stay with e 4 hours away from the small cajun town she lives in, with my stepdad, I also have a good stash of green as other party favors she's fond of tina, even at 66, when she gets "out of town" as she calls it, she parties, hard!!! I know that when my mom gets here, I'm going to start by getting her high, she's going to blow clouds and she will become a totally different women, not the chubby, short, frumpy looking mom, but when she gets high, no other way to put it but she becomes the slut I think she truly is. She'll change her clothes into more revealing "trashy' looking clothes, Mom can take off the bra, wear tighter jeans, shorter shorts, at 5'0", 190lbs, brunette, big boobs, 41"hips, so you can imagine how she looks is revealing-too small-stripper clothing. Black men love her big ass, I live in a black neighborhood!
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forced incest, pantyhose, rape fantasy

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