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Default Her Night On The Town (conclusion The Party)

The girls had been taken back to the house and drugged again. Martha wanted them well rested before the nights party.

As they woke, they found themselves back downstairs, naked, and strapped to identical metal tables. Their feet were spread widely apart in medical stirrups. Once again they had red, ball gags in their mouths.

The adorable but diabolical, Martha entered the room. She wore knee high, black, latex boots and a white, doctor's smock, (nothing underneath).

"Well, well, I hope you ladies got your sleep. It's time to get you ready for the party. If you glance down, you will find that your cunts are shaved bare. You will be more sensitive that way. Speaking of sensitive, you will love what I have in store for you next."

They glanced at each other in horror, making muffled, cries behind their gags.

She rolled a small, stainless steel, table between the two housewives. One the table lay latex gloves, alcohol swabs, a brown glass, vial, and a syringe with a long, terrifying needle. She snapped the gloves on and filled the syringe from the vial, tapping the needle with a sadistic smile.

She stepped between Laura's thighs first. Slowly she began rubbing up and down on the petals of her sex, her thumb searching for the clitoris. Upon finding it, she moved her thumb over its surface and slipped her finger into the moist opening underneath. She began fucking Laura with her finger, while stimulating the clit.

Laura closed her eyes, trying to shut off the unwanted arousal of her sex. It was useless, Martha was well, practiced in the art of female masturbation. Soon her little, hips began to rise and fuck back the probing finger.

That's good, I can see it well now."

With her other hand , she reached into her pocked and pulled out a tiny, rubber-band. She deftly, snapped it around the erect clitoris, causing a definite, reaction from Laura. She removed her fingers, licking them, and picked up the alcohol swab and syringe.

"I would suggest you don't move," Martha said.

Laura froze in fear. The cool swab swiped her clitoris then; "Aghhhh!"

"There, there, all done," Martha said wiping her clit with another swab. The alcohol burned this time.

She carefully removed the rubber-band at stared down at Laura's clit. It remained swollen with blood, then seemed to pulse and throb, like a tiny heart-beat.

She went to Laura's head, looking into her frightened eyes and petted her dark hair.

"It will remain swollen like that for days and sensitive as Hell. You will be willing to fuck anything and everything. I know you will be cumming against your will. That's the best part."

She rubbed her gloved hands together. "Now, Tina."


After finishing with Tina, she told them to just relax for a while, the men would be in to let them loose.

New red dresses had been placed on a hanger above the door. (Once again, no undergarments)

"The bathroom is over there. It has fresh makeup and perfume. If you get dressed and look nice, we will take you home tomorrow."

That perked the girls up some.

"I will come in later. If I am not satisfied with your looks, it's back to the barn."

Tina stood behind the large, double doors, two strong, black bodyguards holding each of her arms. She could hear the sound of a festive party through the doors. Her heart was beating in fearful anticipation.

As the doors opened, she was met by Martha. Martha wearing an elegant, but seductive, black dress with a white, pearl necklace. Martha embraced her in a loving, hug, at the same time, lifting the back of her dress up, and inserting another drugged, suppository up her ass.

"You Bitc..."

Martha cut her off, whispering in her ear, "Remember, you want to go home tomorrow and not back to the barn."

Tina was taken inside and seated next to Tony at a grand, semi-circular table, packed high with appetizing food and drink. Next, Laura was led in and seated next to Martha. Laura shared that same pissed but fearful look on her face.

They ate, trying to enjoy their meal amidst the lustful stares of the guests. There must have been at least 30 guests, men and women, black and white, all elegant and richly dressed.

'Who were these people,' Tina wondered to herself.

The stares and drugs were beginning to get to her. She found herself rubbing her naked thighs together.

After the meal, Martha rose and clapped her hands. At this signal, four muscular, bodyguards stood behind Laura and Tina. Two pushed down on Tina's shoulders, effectively, pinning her to the seat, while the other two took Laura's arms and pulled her from the chair.

"Now for the entertainment,' Martha declared, 'Laura first."

Laura was taken, kicking and screaming, to a short, leather, padded bench. She was thrown there, on her back. Her wrists were attached, behind her head, to a ring on the floor, . Then her feet were pulled down. The other end of the bench had two iron bars that slid out from the seat, about two feet from each side. Her ankles were secured to the ends of the bars. She was left, thrashing in her bonds, head hanging off one end of the bench, knees slightly bent, and legs spread wide apart. The more she struggled, the more the short, red dress rode up her thighs.

Tina could do nothing to help her friend. Firm black hands held her immobile in the chair. Watching the erotic scene was making her drugged, body very uncomfortable. Tony's hand began to creep from her knee, up her inner thigh, not helping her situation.

Many of the guests began to disrobe, others were kissing and fondling their partners.

A tall, blond woman crept between Laura's spread, thighs, beginning to lick her bare snatch. As the strange tongue touched her highly sensitive, clitoris, she arched her back cried out;


That opened her mouth just enough for a black cock to slip inside her lips. He held her head back, forcing his member down her throat. Her throat could be seen expanding as he pressed it home.

The blond cupped her ass cheeks and lapped away at her juicy cunt.

Tony's fingers found the lips of Tina's sex, wet. She unconsciously spread her thighs, for his probing fingers to delve into her moist opening. The black hand on her shoulder, swept into her dress, caressing a creamy breast.

Back on the bench, the blond was not only lapping at Laura, but thrusting her fingers deep into her cunt. The fingers were curled upward, brushing against her g-spot. The black cock slipped from of her mouth. Drool and pre-cum washed down her face. She drew a quick intake of breath, before he pushed it back in.

Another man, knelt by her side. He released a breast from her dress, attaching his mouth to a taut nipple. The cock in her throat expanded shooting a thick coat of cum down the passage. She choked and coughed, spewing cum out her nose and mouth, all over his cock.

"Clean it, you whore," he said pushing it back into her mouth.

When he went away satisfied, another cock took his place.

'The fingers, oh my God, the fingers,' she thought, 'Must not cum, must not....no...no...'

"Aghhhh!" She came hard. Her juices splattered the woman's face and arm.

The woman wiped her arm off on Laura's red dress, and a blond man took her place. He slapped his cock over her sex a few times, then rammed in home. Her sex gripped him like a tight glove. There was nothing she could do now. She succumbed to the euphoria of the gang rape.

Tina's blond hair was pulled back and the black mans thick lips pressed against hers. His tongue strummed along her tongue.

Tony left the table to the dismay of Tina's damp, empty, cunt. He undressed and lay down on the center rug . He held his stiff cock at attention and nodded towards the guards. Her dress was ripped off. They picked her up and carried her over to Tony. More guests helped, and they held her body, spread-eagle, above Tony's hard cock. As she struggled, as they lowered her down to his waiting shaft. Her cheeks were spread open and the tip of his cock rested at her oval opening.

"No! No!" She squeezed her ass shut.

It was no use, her hole was still greasy from the slick, suppository, and the head slipped right in. She was dropped, and the full weight of her body sent the cock deep into her intestines. Hands held her arms out and pinned to the floor. Her back rested on Tony's thick chest. He began fucking her ass, thrusting her cunt in the air, till she slammed back down the full length of his cock.

They laughed and cheered him on.

"Fuck that bitch, Tony."
"Drill her ass."
"You like that, don't you, Slut, a big, thick cock up your ass?"

A moist, hairy pussy was pressed to her lips. She choked on its pungent aroma. Her nipples were pinched and pulled.

"Lick me, Bitch. Stick out that slut tongue!"

To ease the pressure on her tender nipples, she stuck out her tongue and lathered the woman's nasty cunt. Someone leaned down and ran a tongue over her own enlarged clit.

'Oh no, not that...not there,' she screamed to herself.

The wet, tongue washed over her feverish clitoris, followed by a mouth fastening on to the swollen bud.

Tina squealed, her ass withering on the impaling cock. She was submersed in the surge of a shattering, orgasm.

She knew that she was lost. She would be used like a cheap whore, forced to take unwanted pleasure from it.

The tongue never left her clit, only moved, in someway to the side, allowing a long, cock to drive into her sex. The two cocks rubbed along each other from within. The one in her cunt came quickly, leaving a sticky trail down her crack. Once there, the cum was scooped up by Tony's cock and pushed into her ass.

Tony came after that. His cum dripped from her ass, down onto the next mans cock that took his exact place.

The pussy on her face, took its turn. Womanly, cum spurted down her throat and nose.

Martha directed the events, Doug along beside her with his video camera.

"Pick Laura up and bring her here," she ordered.

Unlatched and stripped, she was brought before Martha.

"Place her on the Bitch," she said.

While the cock was still pile-driving into Tina's tender ass the others moved, and Laura was dumped over her friend, face to pussy. A fresh load of cum from Laura's pussy poured into Tina's mouth.

"Eat it, Bitches." Martha said.

Nearby hands helped to mash their faces into the others cream filled, cunts. They could not control it. As soon as their wet, tongues touched puffy, clits the orgasmic, tremors made them lick.

From Laura's position at Tina's cunt, she had a close up view of the black, shaft that drove up into Tina's ass. Her tight asshole followed the cock as it withdrew. It stayed open when he pulled out, only to fart out cum as he pushed back in. Laura's face was sticky with cum. She could feel the hard tips of Tina's nipples on her belly.

Martha whispered something to Tony. He exited a side door.

Tony returned after a few moments, the Great Dane by his side.

Laura felt a rag swipe her hindquarters. She thought it was nice of someone to wipe her off.

In her aroused state, she did not notice the different tongue on her sex and ass. That same tongue was also lapping the cum from Tina's mouth.

Tina saw it. She knew what it was, but could say nothing with that long, tongue down her throat.

The Dane was ready. Someone held its doggie cock, pushing it into Tina's mouth. She gagged. She was unable to get up with Laura's weight holding her down and the large, cock thrusting her ass. Her hands were still pinned at her sides.

Martha got down on her hands and knees. She grabbed Tina's short, blond hair by the roots.

"Suck it, you cunt. Take it down that little throat."

Tina gasped. Copious amounts of the dog's pre-cum poured down her throat. She had to swallow the vile, fluid in order to breathe.

Martha continued to taunt her.

"Good girl, keep sucking, keep sucking"


Laura never heard the order, it was muffled by the orgy around her. The orgy she was a star in.

She just thought another cock was being pushed into her ass.

That was until...until she felt the fur and paws on her back.

"No! God...No!"

Her screams were drowned out, when her face was pushed into Tina's twat.

The screams sent vibrations through Tina's sensitive clitoris. It threw her in to a squirting, orgasm that made her pinch the cock in her ass and flood Laura's face with cum.

Tina was looking straight up into Laura's ass and cunt. She watched the mounting, saw the hideous cock at it drove into Laura's ass with tremendous speed. She saw all that, and came anyway.

As the cock pounded away at Laura's ass, The cock in Tina's ass was pulled out. The black man yanked Laura's hair, and thrust his cum and shit covered cock in her mouth, letting loose a gusher of cum. At that exact moment, the dogs cock released its own burning, sperm into her bowels. The dog's knot was unceremoniously torn from her rectum, and what did not leak from her ass and drip into Tina's mouth, was jacked-off on her face.

Doug smiled, knowing he had captured it all on video.

As everyone else got up, the girls were still tangled together on the floor, covered in cum, licking pussies in lesbian love.


It was early in the morning, when the girls were dumped on a mattress downstairs.

Sometime later, Martha and Tony came down. She gave them each a shot. They were barely conscious, looking at her with drugged eyes.

Martha bent down and spoke slowly to them, letting them hear all her words;

"We have your keys. You will each be taken home before your husbands get off work. We purchased new clothes with your credit cards, so your husbands will believe your shopping trip, story, but you will remember none of this. It is an effect of the shot.

You will both be given a suppository, dressed in a provocative, nightgown, and placed on your bed. Now here's the good part...

Tina, you will be cleaned up, so the only thing odd to your husband will be your very, very, loose pussy. Other than the much bigger surprise he receives 9 months from now.

Laura, you will be fucked again by the nice, black men behind me. They will fuck you in every hole. A sexy pair of panties will be slipped over your used cunt. I'm sure it will be nicely matted in cum by the time you get home.

Your husbands should be home, just about the time your horny cunts wake up."

"We have thoroughly enjoyed your stay with us and I hope you enjoyed your night on the town."
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Great story! Really enjoyed it!!
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