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Default Bi-Sexual Predator

New lesbian rape story i've been working on. Clare is assaulted by a ghost of her past and remembers how it all began long ago. starts with lesbian rape to gang rape to some reverse rape. enjoy!


The wall slams against her back roughly, Clare’s head banging hard against the plaster wall leaving an indentation. The other woman’s hand twist through her short hair, gripping it tightly and jerking it back, forcing her mouth open, the woman’s tongue pushing between Clare’s parted lips, invading her orifices.
Clare gags against the woman’s mouth, feeling it push back into her throat. She squints her eyes fighting back the instinct to bite down on it, knowing it will only result in more pain. This is Ophelia after all. An insane woman who even through their college days delighted in causing pain to others. Her scalp burns as she feels hairs pulling from her head.
She breathes in a harsh gasp, feeling the woman push her hand under her blouse, gripping it one handed and tearing it open, the buttons flying everywhere. Soon her hand is on Clare’s firm breasts, roughly fondling them beneath the bra.
“Been awhile,” she whispers, against Clare’s lips. “Hasn’t it?”
“Fuck you,” Clare rasp.
The woman digs nails into Clare’s skin making tears well in her eyes as they scrape across her body. “Now, now...” says Ophelia, licking her lobe and sucking on it lightly. “We’ll get to that shortly. But I like some foreplay first.”
“You’re... insane...” Clare says through watery eyes. She struggles, shaking her shoulders and the woman laughs.
“You look sexy trying to resist me like that,” she says. “It turns me on!”
Clare shudders, feeling the woman’s tongue lapping against her ear. Oh god, she thinks. Her heart is thundering and her chest heaving as the woman continues to fondle her. “Should we go lower?” says the woman, trailing her hand slowly down Clare’s stomach into her skirt.
She pushes weakly with her hands, tears running down her cheeks. “No... please...”
The door bangs against the wall with a slam, making both jump. With Ophelia pulling away Clare is able to see who is at the door, his eyes wide and hurt, hair a ruffled mess and thin frame barely filling the doorway. “Raki...” she whispers.
And she hears the woman beside her chuckle. Clare glances at her, the woman’s hair pulled back in a long braid, eyes wide and shining, tongue darting out and licking her upper lip. “Tasty...” she whispers. And these words make Clare snap for their meaning is all too clear. Ophelia intends to do the same to Raki she did to her. Clare won’t let that happen!
She slams Ophelia back against the floor, anger flaring inside her, twisting her blood and burning her eyes a golden hue. “Get out!” she screams. “And don’t come back!”
The woman on the floor chuckles, rising slowly, cocking her head to a side and smiling. “You’re sexy when you get mad.”
“Get out!” Clare screams.
“Alright,” says the woman as she sidles over to where Raki is standing. He is glaring at her and her hand passes gingerly over his crotch making him jump back, stumbling against the door. “Yesss...” she says, “I think you will be fun.”
And with that she disappears down the hallway. Clare stares for a time, feeling the woman’s aura fade and slides back against the wall, her heart still thundering in her chest. If Ophelia had forced the matter she doesn’t know what would have happened. She lets her head roll forward, hearing the thumping of Raki rushing to her. Raki...

He only saw the woman on top of Clare, the wall pressed against her back, but her blouse split open, the strange woman fondling Clare’s breasts. It had shocked him.... Clare with another woman. And how the woman had been using her... It can’t be. Can it?
She isn’t the old flame Clare had once? Could she be? But how Clare reacted didn’t bode well.
And how the woman reacted to him... it was like she was sizing up a prime piece of steak on a plate. It made him uncomfortable, even more so with how she grabbed him “there.” He pushes it to the back of his mind trying to coax Clare to talk about it.
He tries to ask her about it, to get a clear word of phrase out from her but all he gets are hiccuped sobs and Clare suddenly pulling him forward, her head pressed against his chest and stifled moans and sobs coming from parted lips. He quickly feels his chest becoming wet and moist with her tears.
With nothing else to do, he strokes her hair whispering soft words of comfort to her. Leaning his head against hers he only wishes that he himself could believe those words.

Clare lays in bed her eyes vacant and staring at nothing. He runs his hand over her shoulder, stroking her slowly. He hates this, how she’s shut down again. Like back then....
He grits his teeth, grinding them on one another and is surprised by a gentle touch on his hand. A warm hand stroking his own.
“I’m sorry...” she says. “Sorry I’m so weak.”
He feels something within him break and leans forward, kissing her lightly on the forehead. “You’re not weak Clare. You’re the strongest woman I know.”
He strokes her head a bit, looking on her vacant eyes and sighs. He wishes there was something he could do but until he knows more there will be little enough of that. “Goodnight Clare,” he says, moving to the other side of the bed and shutting the lights.

Clare remains where she is, staring, eyes vacant and looking past what is there to another time, another place. A place she’d rather forget.
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She is pushed roughly against the metal locker, the woman’s lips against her own, the woman’s tongue probing and pushing back against Clare’s throat making her wince. The flavor is off, or maybe it’s just the idea of it.
She has seen Irene and Teresa kissing, their lips in passionate embrace when they thought they were alone or that Clare wasn’t looking. So it isn’t the idea of a woman with another woman she tries to tell herself.
But as the other woman’s hands trail over her buttocks, nails digging into her ass cheeks and spreading them, Clare yelps. She tries to pull away from the embrace of the woman, pushing against her chest and swallowing, trying to catch her breath. The woman still insist on having her hands on her hips, moving them about. “St-stop,” says Clare.
“Oh no...” says the woman with the long braid, leaning forward and suckling on her lower lip. “I know you like it.” The woman’s hand wanders up to her left breast, stroking it and rubbing it. “I know you’re horny and you want to fuck!”
“No...” says Clare. “Please.... Ahhh!!”
She cries out as she feels the woman twist her nipple, pinching it. Her nipple is being squeezed between the woman’s forefinger and thumb and Clare tries to push back. “No... don’t...”
“You know you want it,” says the woman, gripping her hair hard and running her tongue up and over Clare’s neck and trailing her ear. That is her last nerve. Clare pushes roughly against the woman, slamming her hands into the woman’s chest and shoving her backwards so she stumbles. “Stop!” Clare yells.
“Is something the matter here girls?” says a condescending voice from behind them. Both turn to look at the bespectacled man with a black rimmed hat fitting closely to his head, a dark smile twisting his lips. “Is there a problem we need to address girls?” he says, tilting his hat.
Both girls stares, hearts beating rapidly. The man before them is Rubel Aliford. One of the head directors of the university. But that smile he has, it always puts Clare on edge. Like he is undressing her with his eyes.
“Clare?” he says. Clare runs her hands over arms, shivering.
“No...” she says. “Nothing is wrong.”
The man chuckles. “Very well then, let’s keep it that way.” With a curt nod he walks off down the hall, his shoes echoing down the corridor. Clare watches, her heart beating a steady rhythm in her chest. She doesn’t even notice until the woman is right on her and she is getting slammed back into the locker.
“Later. In the dorms. At six. Don’t be late.”
And with that the woman storms off, her braid swinging violently from side to side. Clare leans back, sucking in mouthfuls of air. Her heart is beating wildly and she feels her chest where the woman pinched her nipple. It feels somewhat painful.
Clare swallows. The woman, Ophelia, has been harassing her and other girls on campus for several weeks now. She’d take it up with the staff, but they worry her more. No. She clenches her hand into a fist, biting back her tears. No. She’ll confront Ophelia herself and have this stop. This is too much to allow to go on....

A few hours later, Clare stands at the door to the apartment 2B. She is hesitant, sucking in deep breaths. Ophelia has been harassing her for some time now and she wants it to stop, but... is this playing into her hands?
She raises her hand in a small fist but is hesitant to knock. Lowering her fist she tries the door, finding it odd that it’s already open. Lifting a brow, she pushes the door open, seeing Ophelia, laying across the bed tossing darts at the wall. Each dart hits with a thud and she turns, smiling, aiming a dart at Clare’s face.
Without a word or warning she tosses it at Clare’s face. Clare catches the dart deftly, the point before her left eye. Tossing the item aside she stares at the woman across from her who turns, sitting on her bed, a playful grin on her face. “Ophelia...” she says darkly.
“Clare!” she says, springing out of the bed and moving towards Clare quickly, grabbing her and spinning her around suddenly. “What brings you to my neck of the woods?”
Clare notes even before she is dropped, near unceremoniously on the bed, that Ophelia has kicked the door shut with her heel, the door booming closed. Ophelia smiles, her hand on the lock, snapping it shut. She turns, lifting the bolt in place. “I’ve been expecting you,” she says, lowering her hand slowly, trailing it across the door. “It’s so nice of you to drop by. I half expected Rubel to be at the door with you.”
She turns, her eyes shining, but something dark twisting inside them. “But here you are. All alone.” She walks slowly towards Clare, her hips swaying from side to side. “It just makes me giddy inside, to see that my bitch comes down on her lonesome.”
“I’m not here for that,” says Clare, rising from the bed.
Ophelia simply pushes her back down. “Shut up Clare.”
“Ophelia, you try anything and I swear... I’ll report you to the dean.”
Ophelia leans close, her hand trailing Clare’s neck. “To that old fart? Mm.... I doubt it.” She leans forward, her lips brushing against Clare’s. Clare can’t deny some desire hidden in her, a wanting for some... experimentation since seeing Teresa and Irene kissing, passionately. She’d seen two older women kissing, their affection there, and wondered if she could feel that towards another woman herself. Love. Passion. She hasn’t felt it towards any man yet but there are women she’s somewhat interested in. However; Ophelia isn’t one of them.
And as Ophelia leans her back onto the bed Clare tries to push herself back up. “No,” she says. “Let go. I...”
The slap across her face is sudden. She turns, her hand cupping the swelling cheek. “Wha-what was that for?!” she says.
Ophelia leans in, kissing Clare lightly on the upper lip, lingering there almost playfully. “For being a disobedient slut Clare.”
“What?!” says Clare suddenly trying to push off the bed. “I’m not... gkkkk....!”
She feels Ophelia’s hand wrapped around her throat, squeezing tightly, the woman cocking her head, smiling. “Oh Clare,” she says, a light sing song to her voice. “What do you think you’re here for? Don’t you recognize the game yet?”
The fingers squeeze tighter and Clare gasp, trying to claw at Ophelia’s arm. “I’m going to make you my slut Clare. My little bitch. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”
Ophelia’s mouth is suddenly on her own, pressing against it, forcing her tongue between Clare’s slightly parted lips, exploring her intimately. Clare stares wide eyed, feeling the invasion of her privacy. Part of her feeling violated but another... feeling strangely aroused.
As Ophelia draws away, she smiles. She slaps Clare roughly once more, her hair flinging into her eyes from the blow. “Well,” says Ophelia, cupping Clare’s cheek. “We should begin your training now. Shall we?”
Her hands trail down Clare’s body, running over her breasts. Clare simply stares, her eyes wide, breathing coming out lightly. Her heart thunders as she feels that woman’s hands play across her chest. “These are nice,” says Ophelia. “Not as big as mine, but they’ll do.”
“Wh-wha-...” is all Clare can say before Ophelia grips the lapels of her blouse and suddenly jerks it open, buttons flying into the air as they are torn from the material. Clare screams from surprise as much as anything else.
“Well, what do we have here,” says Ophelia, her hands trailing over Clare’s stomach and over her chest. “It’s like unwrapping a present!”
“Get off!” says Clare, her eyes going golden as she flings the woman off, slamming her into the back wall. She springs from the bed, running towards the door only to find her face slamming against it with a thud, arm pulled back, hair gripped tightly, burning at the scalp, her face pressed tightly against the door.
“Oh what a bad girl you are,” says Ophelia, running her tongue teasingly over Clare’s upper earlobe. “But that’s all right. We can fix that.”
She turns Clare around roughly, and throws her on the bed, gripping her blouse as she does so, yanking it away from Clare’s shoulders so she stumbles onto the bed with only her bra cover her upper torso.
Clare turns, her hand automatically covering her chest. “Give it back Ophelia,” she hisses.
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“No,” says the other woman, tossing the garment aside. “In fact,” she says, walking briskly towards Clare. “You won’t need any clothes today!”
With barely a word she pushes Clare’s hand aside, gripping the center of her bra and wrenches it off Clare’s chest, putting her foot on Clare’s stomach and kicking her back on the bed. Clare bounces on the bed, her breasts flopping out from their confines.
Ophelia waste no time, straddling the girl, who tries to push at her frantically. “No...! stop it!”
“These are nice,” says Ophelia, her delicate hands cupping Clare’s breasts, squeezing, nails digging into the tender flesh.
“Aaaahhhh!” Clare yells, the pain on her chest a new sensation.
“Good enough to bite!”
With barely more a word, Ophelia leans forward, her mouth opening wide, teeth biting down on Clare’s left breast. Clare cries out, her neck arching back, eyes looking towards the ceiling. She feels as Ophelia pulls at her breast before letting it flop back on her chest, now coated in sticky saliva. “Mm...” she says, running her tongue over her lower lip. “You are quite tasty!”
“Noo....” Clare gasp. “Why... why are you doing this?”
Ophelia stares glumly, arms pressed against Clare’s chest. “You are a little slow here, aren’t you?”
Clare simply stares, shivering. Ophelia taps her lightly on the nose. “You, you’re going to be my personal fuck slut starting today. Isn’t that wonderful?”
“No,” Clare whispers. “No!”
She struggles against Ophelia, trying to beat at her, her legs kicking out, flaying wildly on the floor. The punch is sudden and Clare cries out from pain as the blow lands on her right eye. She barely has time to react to it before it’s followed by another blow, and then another. And another. Ophelia punches her five times before gripping her throat and lifting her onto her feet. Her eyes already puffy, Clare stares with a half open mouth.
“I can beat the shit out of you,” Ophelia growls. “Or...”
Her hand reaches down Clare’s skirt, going under her panties and finding her intimate organ. Clare’s legs squeeze shut on automatic as she feels the woman’s fingers probing at her sensitive slit. “Or we can do this the nice way and maybe you’ll enjoy it. What’s it gonna’ be?”
“Fuck you,” Clare chokes out, struggling for air.
“Well yes,” says Ophelia nodding. “That would be the idea. Glad you’re finally getting it!”
She tosses Clare back onto the bed, turning her quickly, her hand pulling the skirt up, hand reaching for the panties. Clare tries to fight her off, to keep her garment on, but with one hand pressing into her back, Clare finds herself in an awkward position to keep her panties on and Ophelia is unconcerned with simply tearing them off. Which she does, promptly.
The thin garment snaps off, exposing Clare’s most intimate regions to the elements. Or more frighteningly, to Ophelia.
She hears Ophelia sniffing and tries to struggle back up, frightened that the woman can hold her down with one arm. “Mm....” says the woman. “Smells heavenly. Like newly made virgin. Are you a virgin Clare?”
“No!” Clare screams. “Stop this.”
Her hands flay at the bed, trying to find purchase. Something to give her leverage against the woman’s unusual strength. But none are to be had. Ophelia simply chuckles behind her.
“That’s too bad. I was hoping to deflower you. I’d love to have that dildo coated in your blood and then make you suck on it afterwards, drinking in your own spunk.”
“You’re sick!” Clare yells.
“As a hatter!” says Ophelia without hesitation. Oh my god, thinks Clare, what is she going to do to me?
Ophelia runs her fingers down Clare’s slit, making her yelp, the sliding motion stimulating her body. “Aw,” says Ophelia, “don’t tell me you’re already getting off on it?”
Clare feels something sharp jab into her organ and she yelps, her back arching. “Now that’s better,” says Ophelia, twisting her fingers in Clare’s organ, her nails scraping against the walls. “It’s more fun when they fight.” The nails come scraping back in, jabbing at Clare’s tender walls, making her yelp again. “Isn’t it Clare?”
The tears are pressing against her eyes, and she grits her teeth trying to ignore the pain she feels in her sex. “You know Clare...” says Ophelia, sliding her fingers in and out of her body, in and out with sharp jab, but she can already feel her body moistening, trying to lubricate itself against the pain she feels. “I’ve been looking for a new slut since I broke in the last one. What was her name...? The phantom or something?”
“You’re lying,” Clare growls, unwilling to believe Miria, the phantom on track and field and high preppy elite woman could have been taken in by such a monster like this. She hears a chuckling sound as Ophelia giggles behind her. “Oh it’s true! She fought... quite a bit more then a mouse like you... and screamed. Oh, how fun it was to break her in and make her cry. Just like I’ll do to you my sweet.”
The fingers are jabbing more sharply into Clare’s sex and Clare cries out with each thrust. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Stop it! They hurt! Ow!”
“Ah, poor little thing,” says Ophelia mockingly, jamming her fingers in faster and faster. “Am I hurting you? Hahahaha! Good!”
Clare buries her face in the sheets, feeling her hips burning, the wet slapping sounds coming from Ophelia’s fingers against her organ. She grips the sheets, clawing at them sharply. It last for several minutes, Ophelia taunting her along the way, but never stopping, only seeming to jab her harder.
When Ophelia jerks Clare’s head off the sheets the sheet below is damp with her tears and drool. “Look what you did to my sheets you dirty little slut. Could almost say that’s a stain, couldn’t you?”
“S-stop it,” Clare gasp, no longer feeling those sharp nails driving into her sex. “Stop hurting me!”
“Look at this Clare...” says the woman, spreading her fingers in front of Clare, wet and sticky. “You’re all wet down there. Your lips maybe saying no, but your cunt is saying yes.”
“Let go!” Clare wails.
“Why don’t you taste it,” says Ophelia, completely ignoring Clare’s protest and jamming her fingers into Clare’s mouth, making her taste the salts of her own sex. Clare gags around the fingers pushing into her mouth, brushing against her inner cheeks and pulling at her lower lip. “How does it taste Clare,” she says. “All those lies you’ve been giving me? If I was wrong then why are my fingers so wet?”
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Clare sobs, her breaths coming out in heaving gasp. But Ophelia ignores her, pulling her fingers from Clare’s mouth and wiping them over her chest. “My. My. What a dirty slut. What are we to do with you?”
“How about this?” Clare jerks back, trying to kick out, but finding it useless, her scalp burning. She hears a drawer opened, Ophelia cursing. This is my chance, she thinks, as Ophelia is fumbling in the drawer. She rams her elbow down into Ophelia’s ribs, hearing the girl cry out releasing her.
She runs, heading to the door and her face crashes against it with a boom. Her scalp burns as her face is pressed hard against the door, Ophelia’s body pressed tight against her own. “Naughty, naughty,” whispers Ophelia nearly against her ear, the warm moisture from her lips passing against Clare’s ear. “You’re going to pay for that.”
“Fuck... you...” whispers Clare.
Ophelia grins behind her. “What a poor choice of words Clare, but we’ll get to that.” Clare’s right arm is suddenly jerked back, twisted behind her back. “Ow!” she shrieks.
“Sooner then you think,” says Ophelia, twisting Clare’s other arm, a clasp closing over the first followed by the second, locking her hands in cuffs. Ophelia pulls her back by the cuffs, holding Clare before her, observing the woman. “What a nice sight you are,” she says, hands trailing over Clare’s breasts.
Clare is shoved backwards, stumbling over the bed. “Yeah. Why not?” says Ophelia, sauntering back to her drawers and bending down, opening the lower ones. “I think it’s about time I broke you in proper. Rubel would be disappointed otherwise.”
“Rubel?” says Clare in shock. “What’s he have to do with this?”
“Oh,” says the woman, standing up with her toys. “Quite a bit more then you can imagine.” Clare stares, wide eyed, seeing the large black cylindral object and bolts, slamming her shoulder against the door with a bang. And again.
As she leans in for her third hit she is turned around, a fist slamming into her stomach, doubling her over, drool and spittle coming from parted lips. “You’re being quite the little trouble maker,” says Ophelia. “I guess we can skip the lube. No reason to make your lesson any kinder.”
Clare curls up in a ball, shivering. Her stomach is cramping from the blow and she is gasping, hearing Ophelia undress behind her. The woman’s pants falling to the floor heavily followed by other garments.
Clare feels her hair jerked back suddenly forcing her on shaky legs as the woman taps her cheek lightly with a large rod. “Look,” she says, “have a looksy will you?”
Clare opens her eyes slowly, not able to see the object being waved in front of her easily through her tear filled eyes. “You know what this is?” says Ophelia, sliding the object over Clare’s cheek and around over her lips, pushing the end against her front teeth. “This,” she says with a cheerful squeal, “Is a dick!”
Clare’s eyes widen, now seeing the object for what it truly is. A massive dildo with studs. Fully at least several inches thick. “And it moves,” says Ophelia, pressing a button, and Clare stares wide eyed, the machine twisting back and forth in Ophelia’s grip like a venomous snake.
“Oh god...” she whispers.
“Oh, god has nothing to do with this,” she says, running the machine down over Clare’s stomach, making Clare try to push away. “Don’t you worry sweetie,” says Ophelia menacingly. “This is just a little toy. It just needs to find a little home in you. Somewhere warm and cozy where it can snuggle up and push its little head in.”
“You’re sick!” Clare hisses through clenched teeth.
“So they say,” says the woman, her eyes large and happy, teeth wide and white in a twisted grin. The woman begins to bend down while holding Clare’s scalp making the position very painful.
“What are you...” she begins when she feels the thing being jammed up in her sensitive organ. “Aaaaahhhhh!!!” she shrieks, her lungs expelling what oxygen they have as the large piece of machinery is shoved up her intimate region.
“Oh, don’t be such a baby, Clare!” says Ophelia. “I shut it off already. It shouldn’t hurt...” she twist, pushing the head in further. “That much!”
Clare jerks back, the tears streaming down her eyes. “Aaahhhh!” she cries out, the pain of having the large plastic phallus being shoved inside her nearly virgin bowels being more then she can handle. “Take it out!” she screams. “Take it out!”
Ophelia smiles, running her hands up Clare’s body, teasing her breasts while Clare whimpers softly and turns her face, making Clare look at her in the eyes. “No,” she says simply.
“Please!” she begs. “Take it out.”
The woman smiles, her grin spreading, white teeth seeming almost sharp. “No. What’s the fun in that? Sides... if you want me to do something for you...” She shoves Clare back, making her flop back on the bed. Clare tries to sit up finding Ophelia suddenly on top of her, her legs straddling Clare’s face. “You’re going to have to do something for me, you little whore.”
“No!” Clare shrieks. “Get it out! Get off!”
“Get it out, get off,” Ophelia chides in a condescending tone. “Can’t really make up your mind, can you?”
The woman leans back, a switch clicking into place and Clare shrieks, her hips bucking as the large phallus begins to squirm in her pussy, pushing against her tight walls and slamming end over end against her inner walls. “Aaaaahhhh!” she howls, her eyes rolling back in her head.
“Now...” says Ophelia, positioning her legs more comfortably around Clare’s face so Clare is wrapped almost in a hug by Ophelia’s shapely legs. “You’re going to slurp me down there and make me cum. Because if you don’t...”
And the switch clicks again, going up another notch as the vibrations grow more violent against Clare’s womb. “I’m going to put this at its max and push the thing all the way in so far you won’t be able to get it out without cutting your cunt open!”
Clare stares wide eyed, the tears streaming down her cheeks, barely able to see or concentrate on Ophelia’s face. The woman smiles, sliding her hips down towards Clare’s open mouth, making Clare want to gag instantly at the musky odor that pervades her nostrils, the taste of hair and juices filling her mouth. But she is unable to as Ophelia grips the hair on her scalp and pushes Clare harder against her hips, grinding them against her face. “Alright cunt,” Ophelia hisses. “Get to work!”
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“Now!” hisses Ophelia, pushing the dildo up another notch, making Clare shriek against her pussy lips. “That’s better,” says Ophelia with a low purr, pushing Clare’s face against her hips, rolling it around side to side. The tears stream down Clare’s eyes, but realizing the sadist won’t let her go unless she complies, she unwillingly begins to pleasure the madwoman, sticking her tongue testingly, getting muffled with her cries as the dildo squirms in her pussy. She cries out every so often when the machine hits something sensitive, feeling her body wishing to climax but trying against hope to fight against it. She won’t give this woman the pleasure of forcing her to orgasm. She won’t! It would just be too humiliating. The shame...
“Aaaaahhhhummppfff!” she cries, feeling the dildo being pushed up another notch. Her hips buck, slamming up and down against the bed trying to loosen the deathly contraption. It budges not at all, buzzing and smacking against her insides more forcibly now. She cries against Ophelia’s muff, her eyes tearing up, choking against Ophelia’s pussy lips.
“Geez, you’re a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?” says the woman, laughing in a shrill voice. “Get to work now, before mamma’ puts it up to level six. And you don’t want that. Cuz believe me, I have no problem asphyxiating you beneath my legs. I remember the last girl that passed out under me. It was kinda funny, feeling her breathing get erratic, tongue slobbering all over my clit before she went under. Then that nice little twitching at the end. It’s just too fun.” She clucks her tongue as if making a tsk type of sound.
Clare for her own part just stares wide eyed, wondering if this woman could really do such a thing, but perhaps it was best not to test her. She pushes her tongue in deep, lapping at Ophelia’s inner warmth, humiliation and shame mixing in her insides. Then there is the jolt of the dildo in her cervix, her mouth choked off by Ophelia’s hips, hairs sticking up her nose and Clare remembers this is more about survival then sex. With her hips thrashing about she tries desperately to lick Ophelia’s insides, the sickly wetness streaming down her chin and over her neck, leaving her a sticky mess. She works regardless, just wishing for this to be over.
Ophelia on the other hand is enjoying herself, looking down at her little toy, the stimulation now hitting her as a quiver runs through her body. “My...” she says. “You’re finally starting to get into this are you Clare?”
The woman below her just gives her a glare and Ophelia smiles. She feels Clare’s tongue work its way in her and she grips the back of Clare’s head savagely, pushing her hard against her hips and grinding them against Clare’s face. She can feel the woman struggle beneath her, choking. It’s so nice. She can feel herself at the beginnings of an orgasm. But not yet.
The girl beneath her is fighting but she can already feel her slackening, letting go. Pity. She’d have liked to orgasm before the girl started to pass out. Oh well.
“That’s enough for now,” she says, getting up from Clare who turns her head, coughing and sputtering, her lower mouth and neck covered in liquid pooling at her chest, gathering nicely at her cleavage. Well maybe she was feeling it more then she thought.
“Not bad for a start kid,” she says. “You nearly made me cum.”
“Fuck you!” growls Clare, her eyes narrowing.
“Well that’s kinda’ the idea, isn’t it?” she says with a grin.
Clare turns away, gritting her teeth. This madwoman. She nearly chokes her and....
“Aaaahhhhhh!!!” she screams as Ophelia pushes the dildo up the final dials. It’s hitting her now, shaking madly between her legs and she can’t get it out. Clare screams feeling the machine working its way violently between her legs, buzzing like a drill against concrete. Except it’s her flesh and her flesh is a lot more pliable. “Make it stop!” she screams. “Make it stop!”
“Why Clare?” says Ophelia, whispering against her ear. “It’s just starting to get interesting.” The woman nibbles at her ear and Clare shrieks. Clare grits her teeth, the first orgasm having hit her already but getting masked now by over stimulation that is becoming painful.
“Pllleeeeaaaassse!” she howls. “Make it stop!”
There is a click and Clare’s hips suddenly slump against the bed with a whump, her breathing ragged, heart pounding inside her chest madly, the sweat dripping down her body, hair sticking against her brow and eyes. It’s over, she thinks. It’s ov...
She arches her back, feeling the dildo being pushed up against her once more before being twisted, struggling to be pulled out. “My...” says Ophelia cheerily. “It’s in there tight, isn’t it?” The woman presses a hand down against her belly, pressing it against the dildo. “But we’ll get it out. Even if we have to tear that little pussy of yours open!”
“No!” says Clare, suddenly scared. “Don’t! Please don’t!” She is shaking her head back and forth, suddenly very frightened of this woman who has her hand against her with the other holding the back end of the dildo.
“And after all your complaining about wanting it out. Now you want it in? Well....” she pauses a moment as if thinking, the grin twisting her lips maliciously. “Too bad! Out it goes!”
“No. N....AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Her back arches as she feels Ophelia’s nails pinch her insides, ends of fingers dipping into her to grip the dildo and then to feel it being pulled. Slowly at first, painfully, twisting inside her body before it’s wrenched out with a squelching pop letting Clare’s hips slump down. She sobs, her hips aching badly from the damage they have taken.
“Look at that,” says Ophelia, staring at the device. “There’s even a little bit of blood on it.” She sticks out her tongue, running it over the length of the device, catching the red flecks on it. “Not as much as when I stick it up a guy’s ass, but hey... it’s a little bit, isn’t it? Adds a nice flavor.”
Clare stares without saying a word, just giving Ophelia a dark glare. “Hey,” says the woman, her eyes growing large. “Why don’t you have a taste?”
She grips Clare’s scalp, pulling her up. With her mouth parting the dildo is jammed between her lips, twisted about as it is pushed into her mouth. “Suck it clean you little whore,” says Ophelia. “Taste your own cum and vomit on it.”
The tears stream down Clare’s cheeks, feeling the abject humiliation and shame of tasting her own fluids and urine mixed in with her blood against the leathery device. It is all too much for her. She wants to curl into a ball and die. What would Teresa say if she could see her adopted daughter this way?
Ophelia pulls out the dildo, looking it over. “Well, it’s kinda’ clean. Not bad, for an amateur.”
“Fuck you,” hisses Clare, still defiant in her anger.
“Yeah,” says Ophelia, tossing the toy aside and letting it roll across the floor. “It really is about time to do that since you did such a shitty job with your mouth.” Clare stares, trying to squirm against the sheets in a vain effort to hide herself. Ophelia leans in, pressing a finger against Clare’s lips.
“And while I’m at it, I’ll fuck you too! Won’t that be marvelous?”
Clare shivers, the tears coming in quickly. “Please...” she whimpers. “Stop this!”
“Why?” says Ophelia with a grin, “when we’re having so much fun!”
Clare screams, kicking with her legs, the frustration burning at her body. The woman lightly slaps her legs. “Haha! You’ll pull a muscle like that.”
Clare simply cries, the woman turning around and digging through her drawers. Clare can hear her digging, hear the objects being moved aside and tossed around, then there is a squeal of glee from the woman. “Here we go!” she says, pulling out a belt with a very large strap on at its end, another that is a far bit smaller going backwards.
Clare’s eyes widen, her mouth opening in a small “O.” She shakes her head left and right. “No....” she whispers. “God no...”
Ophelia leans down, pinching Clare’s cheek. “God has no place here, little girl.” She kisses Clare forcibly on the mouth, invading it, making Clare gag as she tries to fight against it. The woman leans back, a serene look on her face. She leans her head back, rubbing her chin. “I seem to be forgetting something...” she whispers.
“Let me go,” Clare squeaks, no longer believing the woman will listen to her or that anyone will possibly come to her aid. It is too much to hope for at this time and she’s already been violated... repeatedly.
The woman snaps her fingers, a great grin spreading across her lips. “Ah-ha! That’s what I’m forgetting!”
She goes to the end of the room, opening the mini refrigerator she has. “Now where do I have that....” she mutters to herself, her shapely rear the only thing in Clare’s sight. Clare’s heart is thudding, her breathing ragged. She can’t think what the woman can be considering to remove from the refrigerator that she’d possibly use in conjunction with sex.
“Here it is,” comes the woman’s calm voice. Clare looks at the bottle of red liquid, shaking her head, the tears streaming. “No! Don’t!” she begs.
The woman uncaps the bottle, the red liquid being poured gingerly over the larger phallus, coating the rubber in its sticky residue. “Now don’t be like that,” says the woman. “After all, you didn’t perform and this is your punishment for doing so badly.”
She places the bottle on the counter and slowly slides the strap on into her body, her eyes rolling back into her head as the end dips between her cunt lips, a light groan coming from her parted lips. She looks down, a grin spreading over her lips. “Don’t worry,” she says. “I’ll be getting to you right quick.”
She adjust the straps on the belt, tightening it around her hips and buckling it in place, the large phallus lifting up, looking bloodied with the hot sauce smeared over its body, like a blade covered in its victim’s blood. Clare can only look on, whimpering, waiting for that executioner’s axe, her hands flexing in their confines trying to think of some way she can be released from her predicament.
But Ophelia is done too soon, too fast, sliding over Clare and smiling. She spreads Clare’s legs wide, Clare letting out a light scream from her body being spread so roughly. Ophelia smiles, running a finger over Clare’s pussy lips, making her shudder. “So cute,” she says. “Maybe some time I’ll give you some pleasure with my own lips.”
“Fuck you,” Clare growls in defiance. Seeing the grin on the woman’s lips she knows the words are a mistake.
“No.... I didn’t mean...”
She feels the head pushing at her lips, the burning sauce already affecting her skin and she screams, trying to kick out, but Ophelia holds her firm, pushing the head in and then following with the rest of the body. Clare shrieks, her scream turning into a sob as more of the monstrosity is pushed into her. When it is about half way in, the large toy cramping inside her small confines the woman leans in, smiling.
She runs a hand through Clare’s hair. Over her cheek. “That isn’t so bad,” she says. “Yet...”
“P-...” Clare begins when the woman slams the rest of the shaft in at full force, pounding it against Clare’s cervix. Clare screams, her back arching as she tries to push away from the woman. The sauce is burning her tender insides and she writhes in agony against the sheets.
“It would be fun just to watch you squirm here, fucking yourself,”says the woman. “But I won’t get off that way. So let’s get started!”
Clare whimpers, her lips parting when Ophelia pulls out and slams back in making Clare scream. The woman begins to slam into Clare’s hips, pounding against them like a bronco while she grips Clare’s tender breasts and begins to maul them with her mouth. Clare screams and howls, her voice going hoarse from the exertion, the strap on giving no quarter and softening not a bit, simply hitting against her again and again.
Clare hasn’t been with anyone before, not like this, and the agony she feels now is near unbearable. She is crying, her neck’s veins bulging as she tries desperately to pull away from her assailant, having little luck. The brutality simply continues, Ophelia jerking her up by her tender flesh and pounding away at her lower exterior. Her mouth bites and gnaws at the soft meat while her nails rake marks down Clare’s back, the monster beneath continuing its relentless assault.
Kisses and bites, nails and scrapes and a constant pounding that rips through her cervix. All of it is a blur of agony for Clare as time moves on. She hears Ophelia howl once, her own back arching as she slams the strap on deep into Clare’s womb before continuing her assault. Clare loses track of time, the pain the only constant.
As Ophelia holds her with her back turned, the strap on drilling deeply into her pussy while Ophelia hold Clare by the back of her head, a knock comes in on the door. “Oh fuck,” says Ophelia, still holding Clare. “Who the hell could that be?”
Clare only breathes raggedly, sweat beading heavily on her hot skin, heart thundering in her chest. She doesn’t even cry out, the air in her lungs spent from the screaming. Ophelia leans forward as there is another knock. “You stay right here, love,” she says, running her tongue over Clare’s face. “I’ll be right back.”
She removes herself from Clare’s pussy, the end feeling like on fire, her body slumping against the sheets. She doesn’t even bother looking as Ophelia opens the door.
“Excuse me,” says a voice Clare recognizes, but is too tired to remember. “But the other tenants have been ... how do we say... complaining about the noise here.”
“Oh yeah...” says Ophelia letting the figure in, who walks over to Clare, looking her over. “Just breaking in the new girl.”
Clare stares, watching Rubel, mouthing silently for him to help her. He pushes his glasses up and smiles. “I see. Well then, have her come to my office tomorrow. I’d like to use her as well if she’s so... fresh.”
What?! She thinks, eyes widening and heart beating rapidly. Rubel is in on this? How can he be? He....
“Sure thing boss,” says Ophelia. Rubel nods and the door shuts on him with a bang. “Cocksucker,” Ophelia snarls under her breath. She turns and walks over to Clare, sashaying towards her. The dildo has lost all its slimy look now, due to all the sauce being either on the bed or between Clare’s legs. She rubs her legs together trying to ease some of the burning.
“Now,” says Ophelia... “where were we?”
Clare shudders, the tears streaming down her cheeks.

In her bed with Raki now snoring blissfully to her side, his chin rubbing into the back of her neck, Clare squeezes the sheets tight against her body, her body shivering, remembering her first violation with Ophelia. If the woman is here now... then what else can that mean? And worse, what does she mean to do to her now that she knows she and Raki are here?
Clare shuts her eyes, her body shivering from something that has nothing to do with the cold.
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so starting some of the second part ot bisexual predator where clare was initially raped by another woman. though this will basically go into her gangbang, there will be some reverse rape here too, so i hope you enjoy the set up.


The alarm beeps loudly and Raki slams his hand down on it, the button clicking as he does so. It’s time for work. He rubs his eyes, running a hand through his short scruffy hair. Clare is still tossing in her sleep, her blonde hair splayed about the pillow, eyes flittering. He kisses her briefly on the shoulder and moves out of bed. After what happened with the day before he isn’t surprised at Clare’s unease. What he’d seen that woman doing to her...
But she’d told him not to worry, to put it behind him. He clenches his fist. That woman. He should call the cops, but if Clare denies everything....
His shoulders slump. Without her word there isn’t much he can do. Especially when he’s accusing a woman. Everything always seems harder if the woman is the assailant, he thinks.
He dresses quickly, trying to ignore thoughts about the woman, or how she’d grabbed ... No! He won’t let himself think like that. It won’t do.
He leaves Clare a note and heads downstairs. The car starts with a slight gurgle and Raki sighs. Maybe he should just leave it to Clare to handle the situation with the woman. Until she admits what happened they...
A hand cups his mouth, jerking him back against the seat, a serrated blade at his neck. “Hello boy!” says a twisted voice.
Raki stares wide eyed, looking at the dark menacing eyes of the woman with the pointed ears, a large smile spreading across her lips. One without warmth of compassion.
She runs her tongue over his ear, nipping at it lightly. “Hello little boy. How about you and I play a game? I’m sure Clare won’t mind. Will she?”
He stares at her eyes, how they glow with glee and he wonders if today was the last time he’d see Clare....


Clare wakens slowly, her body wet with a sweaty glean. She rubs her head, moaning quietly. The night before with Ophelia molesting her hadn’t left her mind in any state to be able to rest properly and she’d fallen asleep with dreams of her first rape.
First rape....
She lets her hand fall away slowly. Part of her wants to scream. After all this time, when she’s finally settled down with Raki and now “she” has to show up again. Why? Why can’t she leave her be? Clare puts her hands against her face, distraught, wondering what she can do. She....
The phone at the bedside shrieks loudly snapping Clare out of her daze. She stares at it, bewildered. Again the phone hollers loudly, demanding her attention. Clare sighs.
This early in the morning and already she has to deal with phone calls from telemarketers. She’s not in the mood and she’ll give them the one, two now.
She picks up the phone, already growling. “Hello? This better not be a telemarketing call because–!”
“Why Clare,” says a sing song voice that makes her heart skip a beat. “And here I thought we were friends!”
“You...” Clare hisses. “What do you want?!”
“No. Not this time,” says Ophelia, her voice going low. “This time I think it’s what “you” want.”
“What the hell are you talking about?! I don’t want anything from you! I just want to be left alone with Raki and...”
“But Clare, Raki is here with me right now.”
“What?!” Clare says, her eyes bulging, her heart skipping a beat. She feels it racing in her chest, pounding, trying to break free of her body.
“You heard me. He’s. Right. Here.”
“You’re lying,” says Clare, trying to deny her words.
“Really?” says Ophelia, her voice going dangerously low. “Then here.”
Clare hears the phone get pushed aside, there is yelling and then there is a loud crack. She hears a man’s voice and then there’s a loud huffing next to the phone. “Tell her your name boy,” she hisses.
“Raki,” Clare whispers.
“Clare!” the voice says, and her heart falls flat. It is Raki. “Don’t listen to what she says! I’ll...”
There is a crack and a groan.
“Raki!” Clare screams.
There is moaning on the other side of the phone. “Your boy is just as disobedient as you are Clare. I’m going to enjoy punishing him. You think he can take a dildo up the ass like you?”
She hears him cry out over the phone line, a prolonged type of noise. “Don’t you dare hurt him!” she yells. “If you so much as...”
“Clare, do you really think you’re calling the shots? No. I don’t think so. In fact, if you don’t do what I say I’ll cut your little boy into itty bitty pieces and send em’ to you one bit at a time. Isn’t that right boy?”
“Clare, don’t listen to her! She... gkkkkk.....”
“Raki!” she screams. “Raki!” She can hear him choking, struggling to breathe and she can’t do a thing about it. “Let him go!” she hollers over the line. But the choking sound continues, and Clare finds herself crying. “No! Please! Let him go!”
The choking sounds stop, a coughing type of noise replacing them. “You see Clare. I have the power here. Not you.”
“What do you want?” Clare growls.
“See. That’s the spirit. I knew you’d understand.”
“Stop playing games Ophelia!” Clare screams. “What do you want me to do?”
“How about you calm the fuck down before I hurt your boy?” She hears Raki yelp as what sounds like a boot hits him. “See? You want me to hurt him more?!”
“No!” Clare yells. “No! I’m... I’m calming down...” She is quiet, repeating the words slowly, so the sociopath can hear.
“That’s better. I don’t really want to hurt your boy here. He’s kind of cute actually. But you... well you... I want to hear you scream and beg!”
Clare’s grip on the phone is crushing and she can hear plastic crack. “Uh-uh, Clare. You break the phone you won’t be able to follow my instructions.”
Clare forces herself to calm down, to soften her grip on the phone. “What do you want?” Clare growls.
“Well first... there’s a little package downstairs for you to pick up. Go down and bring it up. I’ll see when you do.”
The phone goes dead on her end, a low hollow sound following where Ophelia was. “Ophelia? Ophelia!” Clare yells, but there is no answer. She stares at the end, like it were a ravenous snake. She stares at it and rest it on its cradle, softly. She needs to pick up the package, then she’ll be able to know what else this mad woman wants to do...
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and now some mild foreplay with some suggested reverse rape- enjoy!


She watches as Clare slowly hangs up the receiver, staring at it wide eyed. Ophelia smiles as she runs a tongue along Raki’s neck, enjoying how he squirms, just like his wife. She enjoys watching her looking at the phone, simply staring, eyes growing wide and sweat beading down her body while here Ophelia is, holding her little boy. He taste kind of salty from being inside the vehicle and Ophelia is feeling kind of warm herself. All this tension and the fun is about to begin. She is getting raunchy with the taste of his sweat and seeing Clare move about nervously, pacing, not wanting to go downstairs even though she must.
“You know...” she says, lightly nipping at Raki’s ear. “I’m going to have her raped. Fucked repeatedly until she’s bleeding. And then....” She purrs, looking into his eyes with a smile as she says this next part. “I’m going to have her fucked some more.”
“You bitch!” Raki screams, his eyes wide, voice betraying a fear inside. But is it for himself, or her? “Why are you doing this to us!?”
Ophelia grips his shoulders, shoving him against the wall. His head bangs against it sharply with a clang, a grunt escaping his lips. She smiles, her teeth gleaming in the dark. “To you... to her.... to you both. You fucking shits. You know... when Clare abandoned the whole gig I had to take her place. We had buyers, the payment set up, and she just disappeared. Thanks to you. Got lucky I found a replacement. Helped find her too. But I had to get my share of cocks and humiliation until then. But...” She slams Raki against the wall again, enjoying how the wall echoes with her shove, his teeth grit as he tries to resist letting out another scream. The drugs in her system make her twice as strong as him, like Clare. Course that will soon be rectified...
“Since you two ran away and now there is...” she chuckles, relishing the feel of controlling two fates instead of one. It has been a kind of fantasy of hers to make a woman rape her best friend, another girl most favorably. But this guy can do in a pinch. He’s not that big or strong. He could almost pass for being a girl. “Hmm....”
She runs her hands over his chest, feeling his pectorals beneath, the nipples hard. The heat in the van has made his button up shirt slick and wet, making his nipples clearly visible. “You horny?” she says, smiling. “Or scared!” The sudden twist to his nipple as her fingers find it makes him suddenly slam his head back, a groan escaping his lips.
“Fuck!” he yells. With his arms tied behind him there isn’t much he can do. Really she should have stripped him by now, but there’s not much time now if she wants to enjoy the other show too. And Clare’s humiliation has been on her mind for years now. All that waiting and preparing....
No. She’ll enjoy the boy later. After all, she’s waited too long for Clare’s pain to put it aside for some mild amusement. Anyways, she’ll be keeping them both for awhile, so what’s the rush?
She tosses him across the room so he stumbles by the main security chair with the cameras set up. The videos on the wall glow an eerie green with no sound coming through unless she switches the speakers on. Clare never knew when they had the surveillance devices installed. Poor her. She really should have paid more attention to the superintendents who came to check everything. She never knew when they’d installed something in the bathroom or bedroom or kitchen... or everywhere really. Ophelia had watched them both for the past couple of months, and despite acting like prudes, both were fairly active if the surveillance cameras were accurate at all.
She goes back to twisting the man’s nipple, watching as his veins pulse against his neck and a scream rips away from his lips. When his mouth opens, that sound escaping, she forces her lips against his, her tongue quickly invading him. He is shocked at first, his eyes wide, him trying to push her away as he mumbles. But she simply explores him, tasting him and drinking her fill of his salt and warmth. Then his teeth clamp down, drawing blood from her lip. She pulls away, enjoying that sharp sting, the iron filling her mouth, her own blood...
She smiles and leans towards him, cupping his face. “You’re going to be so much fun little boy.” She runs her tongue over his face from chin to forehead, running it over slowly, enjoying how he twist in her grip. She really is going to enjoy this.
She glances at the screen and sees Clare has already made it down. “Awww.... and here I wanted to enjoy you a bit more. Well...” She spits in his eye, watching him squirm and thrash trying to clear away the slime. Always is interesting how the men seem to struggle more then the women when they are going to be raped. Quite interesting.
“Business before pleasure hon,” she says, lightly tapping his cheek. “I’ll get back to you soon.”
She puts the headset on and smiles. Pressing the button she has the phone in the box Clare has just picked up on the ring coming from inside and Ophelia waits, a predator’s smile splitting her face in two.

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small update. hope you all enjoy!

She nearly drops the box when she hears the phone ringing, the box suddenly shaking as whatever is the phone inside begins to buzz. She curses inwardly, knowing it’s Ophelia, but having no way out of the situation she puts the box down tears open the sealed compartment. She wants to do this as quick as possible because she just ran down still in her nightgown and there is nothing beneath it. She didn’t even put on a jacket. Her fear and agitation have made her nipples hard and erect and the night gown does little to cover her modesty. In fact the nightgown is fairly transparent. Why the hell didn’t she wear a bra?
As she opens the lid, she stares, her heart beating roughly in her chest. Inside is a red dress, one that matches what she had a long time ago when she’d been a sex slave. A life before she’d run off with Raki to escape her nightmarish hell.
The phone rings again, startling her. An elderly woman passing by looks at her with a dark glare, her back hunched over, spectacles nearly falling down her nose. Clare tries to ignore Ms. Wayne’s disapproving look and grabs the phone next to the dress. Ms. Wayne has been a widow and solitary catholic for several years now and has never fully approved of her and Raki, of course they being as active as they are may have something to do with it....
The phone rings again and Clare switches it on quickly. “Hey Clare,” says Ophelia on the other end and she can hear Raki yelling on the other side.
“Ophelia! What are you doing to him!?” She yells.
“Uh uh,” says Ophelia, chiding Clare. “People are watching,” she says in a sing song type of voice. Clare stares wide eyed and looks towards Ms. Wayne who has stopped momentarily from her walk up the stairs to look at her. She turns away quickly and whispers.
“Alright. What do you want?”
“Go to the nearest bathroom and change into your lovely dress. You can bring the nightgown. You’ll need something to put on when you come back home, after all.”
“Let Raki go!” she hisses.
“Clare...” Ophelia says, a lilt in her voice still. “You don’t seem to understand the rules here. I’m in charge here and if I don’t like what you’re doing...”
She hears Raki scream from something Ophelia does. She feels her heart beating fast, eyes widening as she hears her friend and lover yell. “Your little boy toy gets punished. Understand?”
Clare sighs, lowering her head in defeat. “Yes,” she says in a dejected tone. “Good. Go to the nearest bathroom stall and change. Then come out the back into the parking lot. There will be some friends there to meet you. We’ll do the rest when you’re out back.”
The phone goes dead and Clare stares, hearing the dead air of the tone on the other end. She stares at the phone with a quivering hand and finally puts it back down, nestling it gently in the folds of the red dress. Slowly, she closes the lid and makes her way to the nearest woman’s room. Seeing no one inside she looks towards the mirror. Her skin is pale and the spaghetti strap nightgown of thin teal is very transparent showing her fully erect nipples. She stares at the dress in the half open box with venom. She’d rather at least wear the night gown to the parking lot. Though revealing, it is at least hers. The red dress while hiding more of her body is a symbol of her slavery and degradation. A life she’d left behind. And one which it looks like she will reenter now.
With a small tear running down her eye she takes the end of one strap and begins to draw it down her shoulder...

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well the rape starts, though probably not the way you expected! enjoy!


Ophelia smiles, rubbing her clit, her fingers slipping beneath her shorts and underwear so she can stimulate herself. “Oh, you still look so good Clare,” she whispers, almost forgetting Raki in the corner where she’d thrown him a few minutes ago. Her fingers rub roughly, one dipping between her parted lips. She lets out a moan and gasp, “ I just want to staple your little tits together and fuck your tight ass!” The camera is neatly positioned on the bathroom wall facing the mirror and Ophelia can see as Clare slips her nightdress off revealing her supple, well rounded breasts. They are still perky and tight, and Ophelia rubs her own well rounded orbs all ready feeling warm at the idea of renewing her acquaintance with Clare’s body.
“You’re sick,” Raki says, leaning up against the back wall. Ophelia turns to look at him. He bares a brave countenance but the purpling against his eye is not looking so good and throws off that rage look. “Getting off on other women,” he growls. “What kind of sicko’ are you? What? Couldn’t get a lay from a regular guy, so you had to go off raping women?”
Both his eyes are narrowed, teeth grinding against one another audibly. Ophelia’s fingers drum against the computer board, she biting her lower lip. She really wants to hit him but if she hits him too much he’ll really be worthless. And he has something of a point. She feels like a nerd, getting off on a computer screen. But then....
She smiles, looking over Raki’s body. Why should she get off to a computer anyways when he has some fresh meat right here? She pinches her nipple, a light gasp escaping her lips. Yes, why should she?
She looks him over again and frowns. She can’t really undress him right now with the time Clare is going to permit her... however...
She turns and quickly yanks off the back to the seat and grabs Raki by his shirt collar, bending him back against the seat and forcing his neck up against the seat, between the two bars. “What the hell are you doing?!” he yells, trying to kick at her in his awkward position, but he can do little with his legs bent beneath him and arms tied against his back.
She jams the seat head back onto the bars, effectively catching Raki’s head between the backrest and seat cushion. He can move, but he can’t free himself, not easily at least, and she’s not going to give him the time to do so. She has other plans....
She leans down towards him, smiling. “Why.... like you said, I can’t get off on watching a girl on screen. I need more stimulus.” She runs her tongue over his chin, licking his lower lip and biting it lightly.
“Fuck you!” Raki screams, struggling against the bars on the cushion. Thrashing really. It’s cute. Ophelia taps his cheek and smiles.
“Well, that’s kinda’ the idea. You keep comfortable why I go change.”
She turns away, going to the small metal cabinet she has against the back of the van, opening drawers and pulling out an assortment of gags. Butterflies, open mouth, ball gag. “No. No,” she whispers. “Not that one.” Her eyes light up as she sees it then. “Ah, here we go!”
She picks up the gag, dangling it in front of her. It’s a double ended dildo. The short end goes into the victim’s mouth while the longer one goes into her own body. Perfect for a double fucking. At least until the boy learns how to pleasure her with his mou....
There is a loud thump and she turns sharply, watching as the boy thrashes like a beached fish pushing against the upper seat head. “Well I’ll give him points for persistence,” she says. She walks over, gripping a handful of hair and jerks him back into his kneeling position then slams the backrest back down. “What did you think you were doing, boy?” she chides. “And after I was prettying myself up for you!”
She growls at him, watching as the sweat pours down his face. The ends of her lips twist into a grin. “I got a little present for you,” she says in a sing song voice, showing his the gag. His eyes go wide as he stares at it.
“What the fuck are you going to do with that. If you try anything with Clare, I’ll...”
She pinches his nose shut with two fingers, bringing the smaller end of the gag into his open mouth, pushing it in, forcing it really. She enjoys how he already gags and chokes on it. “You talk too much. Let’s use that mouth for something else, shall we?”
When she’s sure the gag is in as deep as it’ll go, the black dildo end making his cheeks bulge, she pulls the straps around his head, tying them down tightly. He struggles, moaning and growling behind the gag, spit and drool mixed with a piteous noise coming from behind the gag. As the buckles lock, she pulls back, looking at him. His eyes are wide now, the gag locked uncomfortably and fitted inside his jaws. The large dildo coming out his mouth towards her seems almost comical. But the fear, the fear in his eyes for what she’ll do to him. That is anything but...
She taps him on the cheek lightly and smiles. “I’ll be back shortly little boy.”
She pulls away and begins to unbutton her shorts, slowly sliding them off her long slender legs. While Clare’s own figure is nice, hers is nothing to shirk at. Her legs are long and smooth and as she takes the ends of her panties and pulls down she knows many a man would like to enter her tender folds. Staring at Raki, she smirks. Of course many a man would like to pierce her with their manhood and not be choke fucked. But there have to be rules to how someone enters her after all. She runs her fingers between her slit, stimulating it. “Mmm...” she moans. “It’s time.”
She can hear him thrashing but this time it’s his head alone, trying to remove that gag. She sidles over to him, running her hand over her rest. “You know why that gag has two dildos instead of one, boy?” she says, tracing a nail down his cheek. He stares wide eyed, his cheeks puffing up and chest heaving. “It’s because you’re going to fuck me, just like you said you would. Now... open wide!”
She grips the long end of the dildo, turning him right side up and spreads her legs wide. She can hear him screaming against the gag, resisting. She smiles, this always makes it more fun. She remembers the first time she did this to Clare. Happy times.
Her body already trembling, first trickles of ooze slipping out of her tender lips, she slips them down, sliding them easily over the much used contraption. While she’s done this several times with women, this will be the first time she does it with a man. But she’s nothing if not versatile.
As she slips all the way down, straddling the contraption, she feels the slight prickle from the hairs on his face and smiles. It tickles. The sensation is different, but she’s certain she’ll get used to it. “Now Raki,” she says, looking at his startled eyes between her legs, his nose almost buried in her muff. “I’m gonna’ start slow since you’re new. But you better get used to the idea I’m a raging bronco and you’re my horse. So get used to it!”
She runs a hand through his hair, feeling his trembling and begins to slide up then comes back down. Slowly at first, with each thrust down, grinding herself against the contraption. She can hear him choke as he does that. As the hilts on both ends dig into their crevices. And he has the lighter end, she thinks. How’s he gonna’ handle it when it’s reversed?
But instead of thinking on that she continues her slow process of grinding, enjoying how the sounds he makes are different from a woman’s, but how the thrashing and overall screams are still so similar. And this is a vaunted man? How joyful.
She slides up and down, the head digging into her warm slit and groans, beginning to speed up as she holds his head with one hand and rubs her breast with the other. “Oh! Oh!” she groans. “Fuck yes!”
Her grinding becomes more heated, slamming into him with harder thrust, the choking sounds he makes more pronounced, the pool of his own spit soaking into her thighs. She doesn’t care. It’s so joyful to have someone under her power again. Under her control!
She slams in against him, beating against the dildo, pushing it with force. She hits it like a hammer, her hips bucking against him and groans, her body beginning to shudder. Soon she’ll be reaching an orgasm. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she hisses through clenched teeth. “I...”
The phone rings suddenly, she almost toppling over. Well fuck, the bitch is done already. Party pooper.
With the contraption clenched between her hips she leans over and grabs the phone. “Yes?”
“I’m done,” says Clare’s silky voice on the other end.
Ophelia grins maliciously. “Good.”

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