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She did what I was hoping. Her hands gripped mine as I pulled the skirt slowly up her legs. I concentrated on the feeling of her pantyhose sliding along the outside of my hand. Desperately she tried to prevent me from continuing, pushing at my hands, wishing for them to lower the skirt. She yelled and complained, demanding me to stop. My grin increased. As my hands reach near her ass, the skirt bunching up around her hips, I released another laugh. Then, one of her hands let go of mine and became a blurred movement.

She struck me below the chin. At first, I just grinned, thinking she had failed again at defending herself. Suddenly, something didn’t feel right. I coughed, wondering what happened to the oxygen in the elevator. I was certain even with the power off the elevators weren’t fully sealed and would still allow passive exchange of the air through the vents on the walls near the ceiling. Then the tightness and pain enveloped my throat. I staggered backwards, bent over and confused – repeatedly coughing. Numerous questions flooded my mind. Why were the lights so dim? Why wasn’t the elevator moving? Most of all, who the hell was this woman and why was she taking her clothes off? I coughed again and worked to clear my throat, concentrating on drawing more air in. Slowly my mind began to clear. The pressure on my throat also began to lessen, though the odd feeling there continued.

I blinked my eyes in the dim light and collected my bearings. I was in an elevator that wasn’t moving. A half-dressed woman stood in front of me with a startled look on her face. Then, things became clearer - I had been molesting this sexy woman and got distracted when she hit me in the throat. Not a bad punch, but it was time to continue before the elevator’s power came back on. Before I could react – the woman did.
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I stood transfixed for at least 30 seconds as he stumbled back, seemingly startled at my lucky blow. Even I was amazed. It worked. Then it hit me…the purse! I tried to duck around him only to hear the tearing of fabric and turned my head slightly to see my beautiful skirt being ripped as his hand grabbed the hem, pulling it apart. The tear exposed my legs and ass while I attempted to dive for the purse to retrieve it for anything that could be a weapon.
My leg kicked out to try and catch him in the face, but he wasn’t having it. I felt myself being dragged back from the purse. I tried grasping at it, but I was losing ground. He pulled me into the shelter of his body, holding me tight as my back pressed against his chest. I could feel the growing bulge pushing against my ass. I strained, but it was no use and I was exhausting myself. My struggling and defiance seemed to be more of an inconvenience to him by now, rather than a challenge. Inconvenient or not, I had no illusions about what he wanted. I couldn’t fight him, I resorted to begging. I hated it…hated him, but I’d do anything to avoid being raped.

“No…please…please don’t hurt me!” I barely recognized my own voice. I was panting, sweaty and scared. I couldn’t just stand her and let him do whatever he wanted to me. Images of being found, raped and murdered pushed at the edges of my mind. Pushing at the arms locked around me in vain, a
feeling of helplessness assailed me.

I felt his face rub against mine and then he sniffed me. My eyes widened. What the hell? I felt his lips touch my neck and a groan issue from him. He opened his mouth and his tongue snaked out to taste the smooth column of my neck. In attempting to pull away, I gave him access without realizing it. His mouth was hot on my skin and the pinch of his teeth as he nipped the flesh stirred me to renew my pleas.

“Please…I...swear...I won’t tell anyone! I swear…! Please…!” I could feel one of his hands groping my exposed breast and the other pulling at my ruined skirt. The material gave way with little effort now and pulled away like tissue paper in his hand with one strong tug.

“Nooooo…!” I cried while trying to twist out of his grip. I could feel his warmth pulsating at my backside, his hand now smoothing over my thighs. The feel of his rough hand sliding against the silky pantyhose sent a shock wave of panic through me. My cries had no effect on him…yet I continued to whine and struggle.
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