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Yay! I am excited!
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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I really wish you would continue with this story. It is amazing and by far one of the best ones I have read.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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probably will. just need to get inspired properly.
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awesum story.....
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Thank you.

Real good story.
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Originally Posted by darkstalker View Post
probably will. just need to get inspired properly.
Inspired yet?

This is a story that desperately needs to be continued.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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Great story... Plz keep updating.

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You can't abandon this one. It is amazing.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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so I finally got over my writer's block for this one and was in the mood for a little more asian. so hope you enjoy the new installment.

She breathes unevenly, having difficulty breathing around the ball gag in her mouth, her teeth pressed hard against the leather ball stretching her jaws to an uncomfortable degree. Saliva and drool are trailing down her neck and what little air she has is hot and warm, fetid underneath the leather hood they placed over her head. There are no eye sockets or even a mouth socket, so the leather presses again her lips uncomfortably. No, it only has a nose slit where she can take in some fresh air, if smog filled air stained by tobacco can be called fresh.
She tries to keep calm, to breathe evenly, for any time she begins to gag, chocking on the fumes, the collar on her neck is suddenly jerked forward, threats whispered to her which she has trouble perceiving or understanding. What she has no trouble understanding is when one of the men in lieu of these threats decides to plug her nose, not letting her breathe. Then her body begins to buck, trying to suck in air from the small opening she has and being restrained from doing so.
This is only compounded by her arms being tied behind her back, forced at such an angle she can almost feel her shoulders grinding. It is too much. At the third point time she passes out. When she wakes it’s to an acrid odor she is unaccustomed to and her eyes snap open, her mouth opening wide and taking huge mouthfuls of air. She breathes rapidly, her eyes blinking, looking at the smokey air in a stifling room dimly lit by overhead lights. She does not have long to acclimate herself before she is jerked off the table, gripped by her hair with her neck straining back.
There are several men in the room and she stares with large eyes, her breathing coming in quick sharp burst. An old man, with slicked back hair receding from his forehead and large double chin waddles up to her. He touches her cheek with some fat digits, greasy discolored fingers running down her cheek. A dark smile crosses his lips.
“You will do as I say, no?” he says quietly. She does not answer, instead keeping her eyes averted from the man. There is silence for a time and then something cracks across her face hard enough to make her fall to the floor. She has barely fallen before the leash at her neck is being jerked and she is chocking, scrabbling on the floor in her high heels.
“That is enough son,” says the man and the collar is loosened allowing Vivian to fall back to the floor, coughing. She hears him turn away, his shoes clicking on the concrete floor when the collar is jerked once more, one of the Russians whispering softly in her ear.
“You straighten up around father or you will be seriously punished. Understood?”
She does not answer, only a slight chocking noise coming from her parted lips. The collar is tightened once more, squeezing and the Russian grips her hair, jerking it back. “Understood?” he says again. She nods, the tears streaming down her eyes.
“Good,” says the man, releasing her and letting her slump back against the floor. “Now remember to do what father tells you or it will be much worse.”
“You can leave her collar on,” says the old man as he pours himself a glass of wine, taking a small sip from the glass. “And the leash as well.” He smiles, the shadows playing over his face. “She is a dog after all. Let her know her place.”
The other men in the shadows chuckle, soft whispers running through them, but with a raise of the old man’s hand everything is silenced. “You can go now, my sons,” he says.
The two men nod, but Vivian doesn’t worry about them, instead simply staring at the man who pulls a chair before her, dragging it across the floor and setting it before her. She watches him intently, hearing only briefly as the door behind her slams with a resounding clang.
The floor is cold against her breasts and legs but colder still is the feeling she gets from the man who looks over her with cold calculating eyes. He takes a sip from his glass, swishing the contents in his mouth slowly before swallowing. Staring briefly at his glass he says, “Fine wine is like fine women I would like to say. Better with age and experience. But...”
And he tilts the contents of the glass over her face, making her shake her head incidentally rubbing her hair in the floor. “We know that is not the case,” he says. He places a shoe against her cheek, grinding her face into the dirty floor. “Already you have been a disobedient woman and do not even dare stare me in the eye. Isn’t that so?”
“Ahhhh!” she yells. “I’ll be good! Just don’t hurt me!”
The boot to her stomach is sudden, and she coughs, spittle trailing down her lips as the wind is knocked out of her. Her hair is jerked up by the bangs and the man turns his head, considering her.
“No...” he says slowly. “No. You have been disobedient and even now you say what is opposite of what you said on your introduction.”
“Introduction? What introduction?” she says, her eyes squeezed shut as she strains against the man’s hold. The slap against her face sounds loudly in the near empty room and she moans in pain. Her cheeks, now squeezed together as the man holds her with his thick chubby hand, feel hurt and pained.
“You are a very stupid girl aren’t you?” he says. “The video I received from Ahmed says “you will give any service.” And you were quite... convincing in that regard.” He leans back on his seat, the chair creaking with his weight. “Am I to believe I was misled Ms. Hansen? Because I will make this session far worse for you if I have. As punishment for Ahmed misleading me.”
She leans her head down, biting back her tears. “So Ms. Hansen,” he says, “you will be obedient in whatever we say or are you still going to be resistant?”
She looks at the man, at the small beads of eyes he has and then towards the gathering of men, some thin, some large but all looking at her intently. All masked in shadow, smoke drifting from their cigars. She lets her head fall back and nods.
“I... I will be obedient.”

“Good,” he says, “now go to the center of the room and dance for me.”
“Yes,” says the Asian, her words meek but cut sharp. It is barely a whisper but she positions herself, standing on her wobbly legs. He runs a hand over her tan yellow legs and can feel as the woman shivers and moves rapidly out of his reach. “Oh, and Ms. Hansen?” he says.
She stops, a slight tremble running down her arms. “Keep your eyes on me throughout the duration of this game and ask me before you do anything.”
She nods in a curt way. He smiles and takes a cigar from pocket. He hasn’t told her all the rules yet, and she will be punished for that. But that is exactly why he has done it this way.
He smiles, clicking the lighter with the small flame flashing beneath his cigar. Soon the end is burning red and Valentin puts it to his lips, sucking on it slowly. She will do nicely, this one, for the day, he thinks, watching her.
He watches, that bronze skin so tantalizing and asking to be abused he thinks. Long lustrous hair a deep brown so rich it is almost black, wanting to be pulled and jerked with those slanted eyes perfect to spit into. He enjoys the sway of her hips, how her skirt nearly rides up her butt asking anyone nearby to give her a good fucking.
That is his sons’ doing, of course. She never would have dawned something so provocative judging by how quiet and serious she is. But that is a perk of working with Sans and Inc. Having people who would never have done certain things do them by force. All thanks to the power of lustful men with greed, power and some spare time to kill, and the right resources of course. He smiles once more, pulling the cigar from between his fat lips.
The Asian woman stands herself in the center of the room and begins to gyrate her hips, swinging them suggestibly from side to side. The dance is awkward, especially with her arms tied up behind her back as they are.
He notes Alexi lean forward, his thin wiry frame masked in shadow. He nods. He’d brought his three closest associates to enjoy this woman. So he’d let them enjoy her.
“Ms. Hansen,” he says, “Draw yourself closer to the seats. I think my associates would like a closer look at you.”
She glares at him from under a matt of hair but complies, moving herself towards the seat where Alexi leans forward. He watches everything, a contented feeling in his gut.
The three seats where his associates are lined up are on the Asian’s right and left while there is a large cushioned seat behind her. Seven large men pace about or look into the distance, their hulking figures keeping guard. He notes one or two glance at the woman every so often but not for very long. He smiles inwardly. These men are also part of the entertainment. Strict, hard men with discipline, but ones who enjoy a good tumble in the sack every once in awhile, even when someone else is watching. They are broken men, disturbed men, and perfect for this sort of game. After all, watching is half the fun.
And that is part of the game, to make the woman suffer more as her degradation is watched by a group rather then alone and one on one. It makes her shame and humiliation all the greater and she has a tougher time keeping her eyes on him which adds to the punishment he may inflict on her.
He puts a hand to his chin, watching as Alexi leans his hand down towards the woman.

Vivian shivers, feeling a man’s hand run down over her hip. Instinctively she turns away from him, moving away and shaking her hips, keeping a smile on her face and turning to look with a glare at the fat man who sits smoking his cigar.
How she ever got so degraded as to become a private dancer for criminals is beyond her. One day she is helping with her firm in prosecuting men like those sitting before her and the next she is here dancing for...
The thin man’s hand is suddenly running up her thighs and she gasp, moving back and just out of reach of him, almost stumbling but barely saving herself. She has to be on guard and not give the men extra reasons to punish her.
She can see the man stare, his lower lip protruding outwards and his shoulders hunching in anger. She is likely going to have to do sexual favors for them all but she won’t make it simple for them. She will make them all know she isn’t in compliance with this.
There is a snap of fingers and she turns to look at the fat man who sits in a chair off to the distance. “Vivian, please remove your blouse and skirt will you?”
“What?” she asks, her eyes growing wide.
“Are you questioning me?” he says in a dark tone.
“No....” she says trying to fake a smile. “Just... I can’t undress with my hands tied behind my back...” She wiggles her arms trying to show him her problem.
“Then you are defying orders?”
“No!” she says, sweat starting to drip down her forehead. He is looking for an excuse to punish her! God damn it all, she thinks. “I just can’t do anything with my hands...”
“Excuses! All you women are always filled with them.”
The man snaps his fingers and one of the figures who was walking past turns his attention to her. “Vlad. Help Ms. Hansen with her blouse.”
And the hulking figure lumbers towards her, a fat face much like his master’s but with a stupid look in his eyes, short cropped hair and a fat gut. But he is large and his fist are the size of large hams.
“No...” she says. “If you’ll just untie me, I can...”
“Do not question me Ms. Hansen. Vlad. Proceed. Ms. Hansen, keep dancing.”
She swallows a wad of saliva, her mouth going dry, watching from the corner of her eye as the hulking figure of a man approaches her. The figure is still for a moment, regarding her and she watches him for any movement.
He does not move right away but then there is something that passes between him and the old man and he lunges towards her, his large hands clamping down on her breasts. “Ow!” she screams, feeling the large digits dig into her still tender and sore flesh, squeezing. “Ow! You’re hurting me!”
But the man does not stop, instead squeezing and jerking on her mounds, his thumbs and forefingers pressing down into her flesh and squeezing it, pressing down on it and pulling it like a rolling pin on her breasts. It is highly painful and she stares at the old man, tears streaming down her eyes. “Make him stop!” she cries. “Make him stop!”
“You are quite the defiant one Ms. Hansen,” says Valentin, putting a finger under his chin. “You refuse to follow any orders I give you and now you make demands. What a foolish woman.”
“Pleeeaaassseee!” she says, the pain rushing through her breasts rapidly.
“Vlad,” he says. The man stops almost instantly.
“Thank you,” says Vivian. “Tha...”
“Be quiet woman!” he snaps, his temper seeming to flare suddenly. She is quiet, her eyes bulging. She feels Vlad’s fingers press against her breasts, rubbing less then gently.
“Now...” says Valentin, enjoying how unbalanced and fearful the woman is. “Open her blouse so my associates can see her more properly.”
The large man’s hands on her breasts suddenly grab at the fabric from both sides and split it open, jerking it wide in a sudden ripping motion, tearing open the blouse with buttons popping and scattering across the floor. The man then begins to fondle her breasts, less fabric in the way of his probing fingers. His calloused hands rub hard against her wounds. “Ah!” Vivian yells, swinging her head back and forth. “Ah! Please stop!”
Women are most pitiful Valentin thinks, watching as the woman struggles against his man’s grip. Most pitiful but highly beautiful. “Show her to the others and let them feel her skin.” He snaps his fingers and Vlad jerks the woman around, her body nearly stumbling, a shoe lost in the exchange.
Alexi of course, is the first to greet her with a padding from his thin warped fingers. If he could that man would fuck her repeatedly. Valentin smiles, leaning back, considering this.
For Vivian, the feel of the thin man’s hands over her breasts, long bony digits with nails that are too long and chipped, tracing over her skin makes her blood chill. But she can do nothing as more hands begin to probe her breasts. “These are good,” one man says.
“Yes, nice and large,” says another.
“Good for Vlad to pound against.”
“Ow!” she yelps as one man’s hand trails down her bra and grips her nipple between two sharp edged nails. She struggles against their binds, swinging her breasts left and right, but to little effect as the men continue to fondle her, murmuring amongst themselves.
Someone suddenly jerks her hair back, forcing her mouth open and pushes into her mouth, his tongue probing against hers. She stares wide eyed, this probing surprising and unwelcome. Out of instinct she bites down and the man jerks back with a yelp.
“Is something wrong Alexi?” says Valentin, noticing as Alexi has jumped back, his hand jerking towards his lip.
“The woman bit me,” he says. There is anger in his voice, a light growl issuing from his lips.
“So it is,” says Valentin, already bored with watching them fondle her. It’s time to up the game. “Vlad, you like her breasts, correct?”
The man nods. There is a crack and the woman suddenly moans as Alexi is close to her, his hand squeezing her throat, whispering a threat to her. “Are you done Alexi?” says Valentin in a monotone voice.
The man glares back at him but nods. He will need to be reigned in some, but Valentin can afford a few... setbacks to tonight’s game.
“Alright then,” he says. “Vlad, fuck her breasts until you spill your seed all over them. And don’t worry about removing her bra, that is good as is.”

Vlad jerks the woman away from the old men suddenly, bringing her back by the hair. He’d been arrested years ago for an assault and battery of a woman. He’d raped her and left her black and blue and barely moving. He’d landed in jail with a life sentence but had quickly been exonerated by Valentin. And Valentin then gave him more then the one woman he went out with. He gave him several. Almost weekly. Like this bronze colored little whore at his feet now. Her big bags of flesh swinging, wanting to be fucked.
He unbuckles his trousers quickly, jerking his pants down one handed while he holds the whore who stares at him with pleading eyes, begging, actually begging him to defy orders. He laughs. “One, it’s suicide to defy orders,” he says. “And two, why would I want to defy an order I want to do anyways?” and he leans down, running his tongue over the woman’s swan like neck, making a shiver run down her. He can taste the salt in her tears and smiles. She is scared now? This is only the beginning of what Valentin will have done to her.
When his pants are at his ankles he turns the woman around, jerking her by the breasts and pushes his penis in between the two mounds. She moans, crying, the tears streaming down her cheeks. He doesn’t care. Those sacks, they’re made for fucking. And though the black lingerie makes the process somewhat less comfortable, Vlad proceeds regardless. As he finds a more proper hold for the mounds he begins to press himself against them more forcibly, the soft meat rubbing at his phallus. He begins to rub himself more rapidly, the woman crying, her bra rubbing at the base of his cock, but he’s loving it.
“Oh yeah bitch,” he whispers. “Oh yeah, you fucking whore...”
He is squeezing both mounds tight, rubbing himself, smacking his testicles against her chest, making her lean back painfully as he breast fucks her. That bronze yellow skin, it makes him warm inside, heating, and he goes faster.

Valentin watches, enjoying the spectacle as the woman struggles, his man rubbing his cock between her two shapely orbs, his breathing becoming labored. It is an enjoyable sight, all the more so for the woman’s struggles.
He smiles, sucking from his cigar slowly as he watches the man’s exertions become stronger, his breathing becoming more labored. The woman is now screaming as Vlad jerks on her breasts in a most painful manner, slapping against her chest with each thrust. It will not be much longer now...

He feels his heat rise, like a fire and he thrust against her, smacking her chest with each blow. The girl is screaming now, tears running down her eyes. He can hear one of the old men behind him yelling “fuck her! Fuck her! Make the bitch cry!” But he doesn’t listen, his heart thundering inside him, his ball sack thick and heavy and getting heavier still with his load.
He jerks on her flesh meat, smacking against her more forcibly, his grunting becoming more strained and labored until with a few final thrust, he cums, spilling himself all over the woman. He lets out a bestial roar as he does so, his cum spraying over her neck and chest, splattering across her in a sickly mess of white fluid. He jerks against her a few more times, making her cry and then grips her hair, jerking her towards him, slapping his cock against her cheek.
“Suck it whore,” he growls. “Suck it!”
She opens her mouth in a quivering response, too afraid to say no but not wishing to comply either. He thrust it into her forcibly, pushing it back to the edge of her throat, making her gag. She is coughing against him and he pushes it further. Two quick thrust and he pulls it out, letting her heave with her breaths, saliva and drool spilling over her chest and making her an even more unsightly mess. He slaps his cock against her forehead, smiling.
“Look at you,” he sneers. “You’re just a dirty whore looking for your next fuck. You dirty slut.”
With this he tosses her back against the ground, her body twisting and curling, a soft hiccuping coming from her parted lips. “Whore,” he whispers, pulling his pants back up. That’s all any of them are. Whores....

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Very hot Dark glad you found some inspiration
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I loved it. She's been made into a real sex slave.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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Valentin takes a long puff from his cigar, letting the woman quiver a bit. She is curled in a ball, her knees tucked to her chest, trying to desperately cover her nearly bare breasts which are now covered in cum and fluids.
“Are we done already?” says Boris, leaning down so his glasses glint in the darkness. “Certainly this can not be the end to the night’s entertainment?”
Valentin takes a singular long drag from his cigar, blowing the smoke out into the air. “No,” he says, “I’m simply savoring the taste of our treat here. Nothing more. Vlad?”
The large hulking man turns, anger still filling his small beady eyes. “You can not truly be done with Ms. Hansen already, can you? Come now and have her show you how her body can bring yours to life again.”
The man steps forward, looking towards him, his mouth a thin line. “Sir?” he says.
“Use the woman’s hips to wake you up again my friend,” he says. “I am sure she is more then eager to comply. Isn’t that right Ms. Hansen?”
He sees the woman quiver, trying to squeeze into an even smaller ball. He smiles, a stream of smoke issuing from his nose. “Get to it then my friend. We still have a long night ahead of us.”

Vivian hears each word like a death stroke to her and her dignity. These men are without pity or remorse. All she stands for here is their entertainment as they strip her and degrade her further.
“Get up here now, you whore,” says the great giant, grabbing a handful of her hair and lifting her to her unsteady feet. He slams his fist into her gut, making her gasp, her eyes watering with tears. She can hear the men around her murmur and the giant simply jerks her head back, making her face him.
“That’s for not getting up when I told you to, bitch. Now bend over!”
He throws her head forward, but she complies, unwilling to have worse fates heaped upon her then they already are.
“Yeah, nice ass you have,” says the man, jerking her skirt up over her hips and then slapping her rear end roughly. Vivian tries to repress a sob, her arms sore already from the position they are force to bend in, her arms still held by the bands and tied hard behind her. The man taps his penis against her shapely rear, the head slapping wetly against her hips.
“Oh....” he moans. “Gonna’ fuck that Asian cunt of yours good bitch.”
“Yes, do fuck her pussy!” she hears one man in front of her say.
“Yes, I want to hear the whore moan for your cock Vlad!”
Vivian shuts her eyes, trying to block out the tears that threaten to overwhelm her, but still they lie on the edges of her vision, coming forward to make her tear up and cry. The great man grabs a handful of her hair, jerking her head up so his breath is against her ear.
“No reason to cry yet, you gook whore,” he says. “I haven’t even stuck my guy in you yet.”
He thrust her head forward and Vivian bites down on her lower lip, trying to withhold the tears that further threaten to spill out from her. She just wishes an end to this, an end to the humiliation and violation that attends her but the man behind her, “Vlad” has different notions.
She can feel the head of his cock against her tender folds and she moans softly feeling as the head presses against her. Slowly it works its way into her dry cunt, the pain making her wince, but at least it is not hard yet. But it will be... inside her. It...
The sudden thrust against her hips makes her grunt and the man yells with great gusto. “Yeah you bitch! Take it! Make me hot!”
And then he thrust again, slamming into her, his cock’s long from starting to grow hard in her body. She sniffles now, feeling humiliated and hurt at once. When will this torment end?

Vlad thrust into the woman without mercy, slapping against her quickly with forceful thrust. Her dry cunt feels heavenly against his long cock, squeezing it tight and pulling at it as it is. He smiles, slowing only slightly so he can better feel her body rub against him, lubricating his manhood. He jerks her hair, pulling her head back in a painful position, as he does so he slams his hips against her making her cry out with the pain from both ends. The hold on her hair keeping her from moving forward but his hips pushing her forward despite the resistance.
“You feel that you cunt?” he says, slamming his hips against her again. “You feel Vlad in your precious Asian pussy? Feel me slamming into your womb?” He accentuates each sentence with quick thrust to her body, keeping her hair held in position as he slams back into her. “I’m going to fuck your dry pussy so hard you’re screaming, and then I’ll drop my seed in you!”
His hand is at her throat, pressing against it and he sees her crying, tears running down the sides of her cheeks. Just the way he likes them. Fucking whores always think they’re so much better then the men they’re fucking, but this teaches her the place she belong in. Under a man’s hips taking it down her fucking hole!
He continues to thrust into her and leans down, running his long tongue over her cheek. He loves how she quivers at the feel of it, as if she can’t bare the mere presence of him. That makes him even hotter and he pumps against her hips wildly, rocking her hips back and forth, loving the sound of her moans and tears mixing with the wet slapping of his rigid cock against her crotch.

Valentin watches, stroking his double chin, running a finger over the stubble. He smiles, watching as the man savages the woman, her breasts jiggling deliciously, her hair a wild mess, her body shaking as much from her own trembling as from Vlad’s savagery.
He claps his hands together and smiles. “Alright men, I think that is enough for a warm up, no? You can bring out the paddles and enjoy her. Vlad? Continue thrusting.”
The man gives him a curt nod and holds the woman’s arms tightly while the woman stares at him wide eyed, shaking her head. Valentin opens his arms with a half smile as if saying what could he do?
“No! Nooooo! Noooo!” she screams as the three men rise from their seats picking up the paddles that were leaning against the seats. Each shriek she gives is louder then the last but the men proceed as if undisturbed, circling her like vultures. Valentin sits back, simply watching.

“No!” Vivian shrieks, tears running down her eyes. “Don’t do this! Pleeeaaassse!” But her cries seem to fall on deaf ears as the men pick up the paddles that were leaning against the sofa, some patting them against their hands and looking at her with malevolent eyes.
The one she’d bitten earlier leans the edge of the paddle against her throat, tilting her chin up. “Remember how I told you I’d make you suffer for what you did?”
“No...” she says, shaking her head. “Please don’t!”
“Well,” he says darkly, “now is when you’ll suffer the recompense!”
The paddle comes down on her right breast as the man behind her begins his thrust once more, forcing her into the blow, making the pain even sharper as her body moved forward to connect with it. She lets out an ear piercing shriek as the blow lands.
“And that’s only the beginning you stupid cunt!” says the man and raises his paddle again.
Vivian is already screaming before the paddle has come down.

Valentin watches, tapping his finger against his temple, simply enjoying the spectacle before him. Alexi as promised delivers blow after blow on the woman’s tender orbs, slapping them again and again with the paddle, they swinging back and forth as he does so. The other men laugh, commenting crudely about it and then lift their own paddles, slapping her in the fine rear she has or in the side or anywhere the paddles can reach.
He watches, enjoying as she screams. She still bears her bra and this interferes somewhat with the view.
“Alexi!” he says as the man turns to him with a frown.

Vivian jerks with each blow. The man behind her continues to thrust against her hips but he isn’t as rapid as before, a faulty blow having landed on one of his fingers. Still, it is she who is bearing the worst of the damage, her breasts already feeling swollen from the random blows landed upon them for the amusement of the others.
She feels one hit upwards against her stomach, the blow sounding loudly in the near empty room. She bucks, letting out a wail. She is only happy the old man has stopped the one before her from hitting her further.
“Her breasts are overly protected don’t you think?” says the man. “Why don’t you ... expose them so we can all watch as they become red and swollen? And be sure to tear off the garment Alexi. We don’t need it inadvertently protecting some other part of her body.”
The other men smile, nodding their heads. “Yes, fine idea that one,” says one with a balding head and glasses. “Yes, very agree the other, a much thinner man.”
The one before her runs his fingers over her breast, trailing a finger over a particularly nasty welt she received. “This looks particularly nasty,” says the man, digging his thumb into the injury making her squeeze her eyes shut. “Too bad it will only get worse!”
“Please...” she says.
He grips the bra with one hand, looking down at her. “Please make it worse, you say? Well, I am a gentleman. How can I say no?”
“Noooooo!” she screams as the fabric is suddenly jerked down and then pulled, the material pulling and ripping. But the man before her isn’t strong enough and a second grabs a section, pulling. Between the two they tear it open and begin to jerk it off her shoulders, ripping the straps as they do so.
“Please no!” she says, shaking her head back and forth, tears running down her eyes.
“Oh shut up!” says the man, tying the remains of her bra around her mouth, pulling it hard so it fits between her teeth and jerking back, pulling the chords tight so she can barely let out a muffled scream.
“That’s better,” says the man. “Your cries were becoming irritating.”
“You certainly know how to silence a woman Alexi!”
“Shut up Boris. Just watch.”
And Alexi raises his arm, the paddle clear in her sight, making her eyes bulge, her breasts now fully exposed to the assault, not even a thin garment before them to give even a modicum of protection. And the paddle hits with a loud crack, hitting her fragile breasts with a deafening blow, making her arch her head back in a scream. This is soon followed by another from the opposite end and then another.
The men continue, slamming the paddles against her breasts again and again, making them swell red and large, the pain screaming in her nerves, making her fully forget the man behind her who continues to violate her dry cunt, thrusting savagely as each blow rains down on her tender skin.

Valentin watches, a smile spreading across his lips, the bulge in his pants growing suitably larger. The men are doing good work on the woman, swatting her breasts back and forth like ping pong balls on a table. And they hit them just as hard as well.
It makes him hard to look at her, to see this fine woman having her breasts beat and bruised, purpled at the hands of men she would normally look down upon, perhaps even spit upon.
This in itself makes him smile. Her nipples are rock hard in fear, her screams still coming out loudly even behind the gag by which they are held. He enjoys it, enjoys watching as the woman suffers, bucking madly and helping in her own violation. And Taras himself seems to help. The quietest among the trio but by no means without his own resolve, Taras continues a rapid beating of the woman’s hips and waist, his paddle echoing just as loudly or even more then the that of the others. It brings joy to him that even as grown men from separate families they may still know how to properly enjoy a toy. And now... to move that toy into a more accessible position.

The pain seems to go on eternally and Vivian jerks with each blow, her breasts now feeling instead of two parts to her body now feeling like two balls of fire with pain searing up her chest as each paddle lands another vicious blow upon them followed by one at the opposite end. It doesn’t seem to end. When one hits it is immediately followed by the other on the opposite side, blending the pain into a continuous rope. That is until the old man snaps his fingers and they suddenly stop.
Vivian gasp into her gag, barely feeling the thrust of the brute behind her anymore. Even a short respite like this is life saving for her.
“Vlad,” she hears the man say, making the grunt behind her stop. “Why don’t you sit down and let the woman thrust against you. If should open her to a more proper position where you won’t risk a finger getting hit.”
“Right boss,” says the man, jerking Vivian down. “Hear that whore?” he says, whispering, leaning her down towards her ear. “He wants you to fuck me while those paddles make you red. So get to fucking!” He accentuates this by shaking her and she sobs, crying loudly into her gag. “Now!” the man yells.
Vivian slides herself down on the man, feeling as her sore legs take his member into their depths. “Oh yeah...” the man moans. “Continue doing that.”
She tries to stifle her tears, knowing that she assist in her own rape here, but having no choice but to comply. She can only think what worse may happen to her if she resist. So though it hurts she slides her body up and down on the man’s sickening cock, feeling the wet worm inside her loins, twitching and squirming hungrily inside of her, wishing only to spit into her depths.
Quivering she continues to massage the sickening thing, looking up into the dark ceiling and begging god to end it all. To simply end it.

Valentin watches, enjoying how the whore assist in her own rape. It is so pleasurable to see a woman betray herself in some false hope of alleviation from pain. Speaking of which...
He snaps his fingers and looks towards the men. “Alright men,” he says. “You may proceed.”
They all smile, chuckling and like a hoard of jackals they circle the woman, paddles slapping. The lick their lips, Taras pushing the glasses back up his long nose by which they promptly fall back again into their old position.
Valentin grins. “Let the games continue.”

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That was so hot.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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Awesome story, keep it going!
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don't worry. more to come.
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Originally Posted by darkstalker View Post
don't worry. more to come.
And I cannot wait! Hopefully, Vivian endures more anal rape.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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next part to the story now here. enjoy.


The first blow lands hard on her right breast. Vivian lets out a muffled scream and the men around her chuckle. The thin man who’d threatened her slowly pats her breast, letting the paddle slide over her flesh, the nipple hard from her fear. “I think,” says the man, licking his lips, “that I will like making you scream behind that.”
“As will I,” says the second man with the balding spot. The third is simply silent but raises his paddle all the same like the rest of them. Vivian stares wide eyed, begging with her eyes, shaking her head back and forth. But it seems to do no good.
The men come down all at once, the paddles cracking across her skin with seeming brutality, making her shriek as each lands a harsh blow on her tender flesh. Already sore and inflamed the blows cause an intense agony in her. Her already tender breast now scream with a fiery passion and it doesn’t seem to stop.
The man below her, “Vlad” has started fucking her in earnest. His nails digging into the sides of her thighs as he begins to thrust into her savagely, slamming into her with almost as much force as the paddles coming down on her skin.
She cries, tears running down her cheeks. The agony intense and worse as the vertical motion exposes different parts of her breasts to assault allowing the men full access to her orbs and brutalizing them fully and completely.

Valentin smiles. The abuse the woman sustains, it is quite amusing. He can feel his groin hardening. He’ll enjoy making the whore suffer.
After watching the men circle her for some minutes, coming down on her repeatedly, her breasts visually inflamed and red, Valentin snaps his fingers. The three stop, taking a look at Valentin and Vlad slows his fucking. He’s been through this before. So he continues fucking.
The Asian with tears streaming down her eyes, sweat gleaming on her body, looks towards him imploringly, beseeching him to call the men away. He smiles. How broken she really is.
“You understand now my dear,” he says, “that if you don’t do what we say and cooperate it will simply be worse for you, correct?”
She nods behind her gag, the fear evident in her features. “Very well then,” he says. “The men, like I are probably getting restless. So now, rather then scream, you shall pleasure them with your mouth. Please them properly or they will beat your body until every part of you is red rather then tan. Understand?”
She nods rapidly, so eager to simply have the pain stop. She is new. She is fully unaware this is only the start of what women who come under Ahmed experience before they enter the afterlife.

Vivian stares at the bulges of the cocks around her, feeling the wet thrust beneath her as Vlad continues to violate her. She hears the buckles unclasp, watches with growing terror as each unhooks his buckle and the zipper comes down, the sound seemingly loud to her in her heightened state of fear.
The penises like vile snakes show their heads from the dark caverns of the men’s pants, popping out viciously. She winces, fear radiating through her. Oh god. Oh god. She doesn’t want to do this! She...
The paddle jerks her chin upwards, the thin man sneering down at her. “You know what will happen if you don’t perform properly. So you’d better put a good show on!”
She closes her eyes and nods. The things may taste foul but at least it doesn’t hurt her body, she hopes...
Slowly, the gag made of her own bra is removed, her mouth gasping for air as she sucks in mouthfuls no longer breathed in through a wet, sticky cotton. This experience is short lived however, as the man grips her hair, jerking it back and slaps his cock against her forehead. “All right cunt, get to work!”
Slowly she opens her mouth waiting for the inevitable.

Alexi smiles. The stupid cunt. She really is such a stupid whore. Gripping her hair, he shoves his member in, ramming it to the hilt. She coughs, her throat automatically constricting around it, her cheeks bulging, saliva coating his member.
Alexi groans in passion, thrusting savagely into the Asian woman, feeling how she bobs up and down on Vlad while he pistons her mouth. “Fuck harder,” he growls, slapping his paddle down on the woman’s breasts.
She yelps, her mouth pulling and suckling at his cock. “That’s right,” he says, “harder!”
And again he brings the paddle down, making her shriek as his member impales her face. He loves how she is chocking and gagging around his dick, saliva and spittle coating his member and flinging itself from her mouth to run down her chin and spill onto her chest. The filthy whore, if she only knew how she looked like this.
But he doesn’t care. He simply continues his thrust. Slamming her face like a piston, her sounds of chocking following each push of his hips.
Then Boris slams his paddle against her breasts. She shrieks, eyes bulging and is jerked away from Alexi’s cock. “I think you’ve had enough of him, whore,” he says, spitting down on her. “Now get to work on mine.”
Boris is just as brutal Alexi, thrusting violently into her mouth, not even waiting for the Asian’s reply as he begins to forcefully fuck her face.
“Hey,” says Alexi, feeling a flush of anger filling his face. “I was using her!”
“Then paddle her,” says Boris.
Boris smiles darkly. “While I use her you use the paddle on her tits. You did say if she wasn’t satisfying you you’d paddle her, didn’t you?”
Alexi smiles. Boris can be a boor but he does know how to increase the enjoyment of a situation. “Hey Taras!” he yells. “Why don’t you join in and paddle her back while you wait your turn?”
The thin man smiles, stroking the paddle and brings it down on the woman’s spine with little hesitation, making her shriek. Yes, thinks Alexi, raising his paddle. He likes this idea. He likes this idea quite well. And brings the paddle down with a satisfying slap.

Valentin watches, stroking his chin, enjoying the spectacle as the three men paddle the defneceless woman. While Boris thrust away at her the other two paddle her chest and back and Vlad continues to piston her sensitive organ, the movements making her breast slap back and forth, up and down, exposing their fullness to the paddles. Hard are they brutalized, paddles coming down ruthlessly on sensitive flesh.
He smiles, taking a sip from his wine, watching as one man rips her head away from the penis of another, tears openly spilling from her as the paddles come down and she is switched to another. It brings joy to him to see that his men can be so brutally cruel and efficient all at once.
From one to the other she is switched, with the two paddling her mercilessly while she pleasures the one. The poor girl shall go through hell and back before she is done here.

Alexi pushes his cock against her inner cheek, feeling the one Taras has pushing into her throat, making the girl moan. But even feeling another man’s organ against his own, it does not lessen the degree of heat he feels. No, he is very hot right now.
Soon he will cum. “I must finish with this whore,” he says, gripping her and turning her about. The others nod, and he can see by the intensity in their eyes that they too are not far from cumming, spilling their seeds into the whore’s mouth.
Taras grips her head from the back, slamming her lips against him as Alexi holds her head and pistons her rapidly. The spit and drool from her mouth have drenched her breasts in a slimy fluid that drips down her stomach, her breasts raw and red now. It brings a sick glee to him to know that and it makes him thrust faster, each blow like a punch to her face.
Women, he thinks. They are nothing but abusive whores after the bills in a man’s wallet. This one is like any other and he will be nothing but glad to see her put in her place as the dirt she is.
His balls smacking against her chin, he slams his hips against her, small moans escaping her lips. He can feel himself cumming, the heat spilling out over him. He bucks against her face as hard as he can, slamming her nose against his stomach with each blow, his seed exploding forth, spilling into her mouth. He throws her head off, jerking at his shaft as she shuts her eyes, the seed spilling over mouth and chin, coating her eyes. A few quick jabs at his rapidly drying prick and he slaps it against her forehead, wiping the remains in her silken black hair.
“Not too bad bitch,” he says. “But you should pay attention to who your master is.”
She has no time to reply before Taras has turned her around, slamming his own balls against her chin, piston fucking her with his rod. Alexi just nods and backs away, pulling up his pants and buckling them up, going back to his seat and taking a rest before he will take the woman up again.
He nods to Valentin, who tilts his head in acknowledgment and watches as Taras and Boris finish off with the whore.

Vivian feels herself choking, the paddles coming down on her tender breasts as the second man who has just cum on her hair screams at her to keep stroking his member, to harden it. But all Vivian can feel or think is about the pain, how each blow comes down on her already inflamed breasts, hitting them with a loud crack each time, sending even greater signals of pain screaming to her sensory nerves. Not that it matters to the cretin who handles the paddle. He simply yells, “Faster! Harder!” and brings the paddle down anew.
His member is slick and wet, hanging limply in her hand, and even though she wishes to get him hard again so she can avoid worse pain, it simply hangs there, sticky and wet. The slime running down her after they’d had “Vlad” remove her bond. She’d tried to use her free hand to cover her tender breasts from further assault only to have the man slam the paddle straight down upon her hand with a crack, making her withdraw it with a scream.
So now, despite the pain her breasts feel, she keeps her hand away. At least he has cum already, her sight half obscured by his cum as the remaining man grip her hair harshly and slams her mouth brutally, each blow coming down on her like a linebacker in a charge. And still... he refuses to cum, to spray her so that her misery may end.
Then he is suddenly pistoning in her mouth, barely allowing her to breath, her hand dropping away from the other man to push against this one’s hips. It’s a mistake. “How dare you stop pleasuring me!” he screams, the paddle swung with brutal force across her back and then down with equal force across her chest. She screams, tears streaming down her eyes, but the one continues thrusting, hitting sharply against the back of her throat, making the swollen muscle feel greater pain until finally he shoves her down against his hips, the second continuing his beatings of her while the first cums into her mouth. He holds her, ignoring her beating, flailing fist as he spills the last of his seed down her throat, forcing her to swallow it. She swallows almost instinctually, simply trying to find an outlet for air and when she does, coming away from his hips, gasping, drool spitting on the floor, the paddle comes with a harsh slap across her face, swatting her to the floor.
“Bitch!” yells the man, gripping her hair tight and jerking her from the bangs. “I will show you to stop pleasuring me!” He raises the paddle to hit her swollen cheek again, Vivian raising her arms to protect herself.
“Vlad!” she hears what sounds like Valentin say. The move is sudden as it is quick and brutal. Before the man can bring the paddle down anew the man’s fist comes down on the ribs of the brute above her, his ribs suddenly cracking. He topples to the floor, curling in a ball.
“Boss?” says Vlad, and Vivian can see his hard dick already softening, becoming a flaccid thing against his hips. There is silence for a moment, but the giant turns away, walking off and gripping his pants. Vivian remains where she is shuddering, her cheek feeling swollen where it was cracked with the paddle. A shadow comes across her, a hand almost gentle in its touch stroking her cheek. “It would seem our show has taken a turn and will end prematurely Vivian. How unfortunate. I would have enjoyed you, but alas....”
He is silent for a moment, moving away from her and she hears a sudden groan as a shoe connects with flesh not her own. “Boris here chose to act outside regulation. And here I thought it would be Alexi or Taras who would go overboard. How little I seem to know my men.”
He snaps his fingers, the men circling like shadows, stopping suddenly. “Vlad. Demetri. Wash Ms. Hansen up and get her dressed suitably for my sons. Nicholai, call them up. We...”
There is a jingle like a musical instrument at his hips and Valentin turns, taking the phone out, a small black handheld. He flips it open quickly. “Hello? Who is this? Anton? I was about to call you!” he says, his voice turning sing song. Vivian clutches her shoulders, shivering. “What? I see. Alright. No. No. It is fine. My associates decided to finish early thanks to one of them... spoiling things. No. No. Take her. We’ll get her freshened up. Come by in half an hour.”
He shuts the phone with a click, looking down at her severely. “Demetri. Vlad. Take her and give her something to eat and simply wash her face and get her dressed. She won’t shower here, it seems she’ll have an appointment later today.”
Vivian shivers as both goons close in on her, gripping her under her arms and jerking her up. As they drag her away, sobbing, she can only wonder what type of appointment she still has scheduled?
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Thank you for the update! It is much appreciated. The story gets my juices flowing.
“The worst ones always live.” Sansa Stark

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Her feet drag across the hard floor, her body hanging limply between the two men. She sobs and shivers, feeling their hands squeezing her arms tightly, nails biting sharply into her skin. “Damned fuck!” yells one. “This cunt is purposely weighing herself like a brick!”
“Don’t let it get to you,” says the other one. “She isn’t that good a fuck.”
“Yeah...? Well you still got to fuck her!”
The man’s hand leans towards her, brushing against her breasts, making her wince visibly. The men glance at each other and drag her quietly to the bathroom where a hose is attached to the wall, the knobs turned as she is laid against the corner. She shrieks as the piercing cold water hits her, the hard water smashing against her tender sore flesh, biting into her skin and sinking deep with its stinging cold. She thrashes madly, kicking out and stomping her feet, trying to block the water with her arms with little success. The water still gets through, drenching her thickly.
Slowly the water is shut off, turning into a trickle down the hose. The two men leer at her as she shivers, rubbing her arms. “Tell you what?” says Vlad. “You fuck her now and we clean her off after.”
“No. Please...” she whispers barely with an audible voice. The large man with a short scruff of black hair comes over to her, gripping her hair and jerking it back harshly.
“Shut up and lean over that toilet bitch. Back turned.”
He throws her against the toilet, she stumbling atop it, nearly stumbling. The man kicks her feet out from under her, spreading her legs roughly prodding her sex, thrusting two fingers into her tender twat. She moans and the man slaps her ass with a loud crack. “Shut up bitch!” he says.
She shivers, shaking, but says nothing more, simply waiting as she hears the zipper get pulled down, the man grunting with a moan. Oh god, she thinks. How much more must I endure?
She doesn’t have long to wait before the man is rubbing his member along her tender slit, already beaten ruthlessly by his compatriot and starts to push in, the gargantuan head slowly making its way into her hole. She squeezes her eyes shut, wincing, teeth grit, trying not to make a sound. She feels her head jerked back, the man named “Vlad” glaring down at her.
“That’s my friend, Demetri, you’re feeling back there. Not quite as big as myself, but I’m sure you’ll find the accommodations worth your time.”
She does not answer, simply staring with wide eyes while she feels large meaty fingers on her waist suddenly grip her hard and push down in one thrust. “Ah!” she yelps.
“Don’t say a word, whore,” whispers Vlad. “This needs to be on the hush, hush.”
He releases his grip on her and she leans her head down, feeling as the large man behind her massages her hips, his penis wriggling in her vagina, finding its purchase. “Fuck!” says the man, rubbing his cock inside her, his ball sack touching against her pained lips. “This bitch is tight! Wonder how many times she’s been fucked?”
“Not many,” says Vlad, turning away and leaning against a wall. “Heard the boss say over the phone she’s new. A corporate type the big wigs got. Probably never sucked any cock in her miserable life before now.”
“Yeah...” says the man behind her, jerking her head back by a handful of hair. “A real stuck up bitch, eh? Well, we’ll work on that attitude of yours.”
Releasing his grip on her hair she feels his hands move back down to her waist, his member sliding out of her hips slowly, a pause as it’s half way in and then a thump as it’s thrust back in, making her jerk with a moan. “No sounds,” says the man.
She shivers, feeling him withdraw part way again and steels herself for his thrust. It comes with a smack and is repeated, a small grunt slipping from her lips with each thrust. She can see Vlad through her matt of hair as his friend thrust slowly against her, always seeming to hold his member inside her to feel her wet tightness before pulling out part way to thrust again.
Vlad simply stares with a half bored look, pulling a cigarette from his pocket and lighting the end. “Demetri” soon grows tired of his short game and begins to fuck her in earnest, his thrust hitting her vagina with more force, slapping against her walls with wet slopping sounds as he begins thrusting more rapidly. He grips her hair, holding her neck arched in an almost painful angle as he slams into her again and again, hips beating against her own. She bares it with grit teeth, trying to ignore the scalding in her scalp and the aggravation her hips feel at the assault. She contents herself with thoughts that it will soon all be over and that at least the man is ignoring her breasts, which are still very raw and tender, swinging back and forth with wet slaps against her chest. They hurt. Oh god do they hurt.
And then she yells, feeling one of the man’s meaty hands start to squeeze and massage her reddened right orb, pulling and pinching at the abused flesh. “Please!” she says, gripping his hand. “Don’t!”
He pulls her off the floor, turning her and slamming her against the wall, his dick slipping from her warm cave. Leaning his face close to hers, fat cheeks hanging down with large lips puckered out, he says, “Don’t ever say no to me slut. You understand?” His words are dark and harsh and Vivian nods quickly, just wishing it to be over.
“Good,” he says, his hand moving to her tender flesh, slowly massaging it. “Now say “Fuck me.”
“Please...” she begs, tears starting to stream down her eyes.
“Say it!” he yells.
Wincing she says “fuck me!” in a half yell.
“Again!” he says.
“Fuck me!” she cries back.
“Again! Keep saying it slut!”
“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she says through half sobs, her body shivering as the large man releases his grip on her breast and grips her legs, spreading them painfully while positioning his member at her sex and pushing in with one sharp blow. She yelps at the sudden penetration.
“Keep saying it,” he says in a quiet voice.
“F-fuck me,” she says, feeling his member sliding out and then in with another thrust.
“Fuck me.”
Another thrust.
“F-fuck me.”
And it’s followed by another thrust, each pleading cry followed by a thrust. Soon it becomes a savage assault of her pussy, her ball sack pounding against her hips as his large member slams against her cervix, her tight walls trying futilely to lubricate themselves to lessen the pain of the assault. It continues like this for several minutes, her legs bouncing around his girth, her arms at some point having found their way around his shoulders while she screamed for the man to fuck her. Her hips screamed with fire as she bounced recklessly upon them, her hair swinging back and forth further obscuring her vision and her tears streamed down and made it all stick to her face. Still she continued to scream the vile words he’d instructed until she felt him up his pace, his savagery becoming worse on her inflamed hips until he dropped her with a crack on the ground, his cum falling on her chin and over her heaving breasts.
She shakes her head slowly, simply wishing the nightmare to be at an end and barely resist when the man grips her hair and thrust his member into her mouth, taking a few quick burst and slowing himself down, feeling her tongue working its way on him. At least, she thinks, he isn’t beating her with a paddle.
Soon his penis withdraws from her lips, of which she coughs and sputters, having felt some of the man’s cum go down her sore throat. She wonders how much filth will go down her mouth before this is all over? Ten? Twenty? A hundred? Or will it never stop?
“Time to clean you off,” says the man, turning the valve on the water pressure and she turns only slowly before the stream of water hits her, her body bouncing as she tries kicking out. The sharp cold hits her badly but last only a few seconds before it’s shut off, she shivering again on the corner of the floor.
The man finishes buckling himself up and walks over to her, his shadow cover the light. She hides from him, bending her head down towards her knees. It is a mistake. The man grips her hair, pulling what amounts for a dining room and takes her to a table, ripping the chair away from it and throwing her against it. He pushes her chair back against the table, her stomach slamming against the edge and says, “Eat!”
She looks at him, her eyes wide and he turns to the box on the table. “Vlad found you some good food,” he says. “So eat.”
She looks at the box, a dirty grime covered thing half open. She lifts the lid slowly looking at the pizza of pepperoni, wondering how old it is. All the pieces inside are half eaten and she lifts the most complete piece, turning it so she can avoid the bite marks and bites feebly into the crust.
“Eat up whore. Gonna’ give you ten minutes. Then you gotta’ get changed and we go see your old bosses after.”
She shivers inwardly and puts down the pizza slowly, simply staring down at it. As the minutes tick away the man who’d fucked her comes up to her, gripping her hair in a fistful and growls, “What? Food not good enough? Eat or else!”
He throws her head back, almost slamming her into the half eaten food. “Now eat!” he says. “You have five minutes.”
She looks from him to the food and then takes a slice in shaking hands and takes a bite, her teeth seeming to chatter even as she begins to chew. The men wait as she eats the contents of the box, which takes much more then five minutes but they say nothing and drag her away outside the warehouse where they have a set of clothes left on top of a vehicle. A light blue blouse, black blazer, matching black skirt and cream colored panties with her high heels having been picked up anew.
She leans quivering fingers towards the panties, taking them tightly, almost hugging them. There is no bra. But at least she’ll be able to keep her dignity covered. She ignores the men’s crude comments as she leans down to slip one leg into the cotton material and then the other, lifting it to her hips. Just as she is doing so a vehicle with black tinted windows drives up, dust spilling into the air as it does so. She shudders, hearing the doors to both sides swinging open, the two Russians brothers stepping out.
They look from one to the other and then at her. “Seems we arrived at the right time,” says the one. “Our little doll is putting a show on for us.”
She shivers visibly, putting a hand to her breasts and hips, her hand clutching a the thin panties. “Just getting her dressed for you gents,” says Demetri. “Apparently one of the associates went overboard and left a nasty bruise on your doll.”
“Really?” says the Russian, no longer smiling. He walks up to Vivian, gripping her face tight, squeezing her cheeks, and turning it so he can look at the bruise on the side of her face. Grunting, he slaps her across the face.
“How could you let this happen, you stupid whore?!”
She buckles down, sobbing, holding her cheek where the Russian’s hand comes down with a crack. As she is sobbing she feels a kick to her side, making her scream. As she falls back the Russian leans down, gripping her hair he jerks her up on her feet. “Get dressed slut,” he says, his words coming out in a stream of spittle. “We can’t take you to the hotel if you’re half naked.”
She’s more then half naked she thinks, but doesn’t say a word as he releases her and she heads to put the clothes on. “Hey bitch,” he says, and she halts, turning slowly towards the man. “Get rid of the underwear. You don’t need it.”
The tears leak down her eyes and she sniffles. “Now,” the Russian growls. Nodding, she turns and peels away her underwear and steps out of it. She takes the blue blouse and dawns it, quickly trying to button it up, aware of the leering eyes on her back but able to do nothing about it. Gods, she thinks. Hopefully this day will be over soon.

Anton looks towards the woman, loving the look of her curves, the tear streaked face and how messy her hair is. For other men this would turn them away, but for him... He rubs his chin, grinning.
“What are you thinking brother?” says Semen.
“I want to fuck her,” he says, turning to his brother with a twisted grin. “Drive slow.”
The man simply chuckles and slaps him on the back. “It’s a long ride brother. I’m sure you’ll be able to have your way with her.”
“I better.” He turns to the two goons working for his father. “We’ll take it from here men.”
They nod but keep their eyes on the Asian and he smiles. He can’t blame them. He wants to slam his dick into the sweet tight pussy she has as well. And with the activities cut short based on what Semen told him, well, he doubted these men had entertained themselves properly.
Seeing the Asian adjust her blazer, he snaps his fingers and says, “Semen. Let’s get going. It’s a long ride after all.”
The Asian looks towards him as he opens the door and motions her to get inside. Looking frightened, she looks around as if seeking an escape and seeing none, bends her head low and moves into the seat. Anton, loving how the skirt lifts up over her ass, slaps her rear, making her yelp, and then pushes her in none too gently.
Looking towards the two guards who still watch, he waves to them. “Das’ Vi dania’! I’ll be having a party without you!”
He sees their sour looks and smiles, slamming the door shut on the two grunting faces. Turning to the Asian who has huddled to the corner edge of the vehicle he gives her a wicked grin. “So then, shall we start the party?”
Grabbing her hair violently, he hears her cry out, begging for him to let her go, that she’s had enough. He slaps her face hard, the sound resounding with a crack. “Ooohhh! Nice one brother!” says Semen, but Anton doesn’t pay heed; instead, pulling the Asian cunt close to his face.
“You get to sucking whore and stop your belly aching or else!”
He is quick to unzip his trousers, his hard erection shooting out and flopping over like a beached whale. “Now get to work,” he says, grinding her face against his crotch, her tears already lubricating the shaft.

Vivian sobs, feeling the hard warty thing rubbing against her face. She has never hated men so much and yet at once, never felt so helpless against them as she does now. She opens her mouth compliantly, licking the head of his crotch, suckling on it softly. The man is unbuttoning her blazer, flinging it open and ripping it off her shoulders. It pulls her away from his crotch, for which she is thankful, if only briefly. For as soon as she is pulled away the Russian is squeezing her throat, crushing her windpipe.
“That’s not how you suck cock you stupid whore!” He releases her only to backhand her hard. She sobs, tears flowing, her cheeks swollen from the blows she’s received. Barely even allowing her time to feel the sore spot on her cheek, the man grips her hair, jerking her scalp up by the roots. “Take my dick into your mouth, you chink whore!”
He grips his member, shoving it roughly into her throat. It pushes to the side of her cheek and she gags, but the man holds her head down against it, pulling the struggling woman off only momentarily, a trail of saliva connecting her mouth to his penis. “That’s how you suck cock, bitch. Now get back to it!”
And down she goes again, his girth pushing against her mouth. She can feel it hardening already. The body of his penis stiffening inside her mouth as she gags. But she has no choice in her actions unless she wishes to bite down and she’s too terrified of this large man’s response to even think of doing that.
She sucks blindly, trying to roll her tongue around his member, feeling his nails biting into her scalp as he basically pulls her down onto the floor and begins thrusting his hips against her face, slamming into it.

Anton enjoys it, the feel of this Asian cunt’s lips around his staff. If he could he’d personally buy the bitch off Ahmed and fuck her daily. Fuck her until she is bleeding and then keep fucking her, mixing his cum with her blood. But as is he’ll take advantage of what he can get.
He grips her hair one handed, pumping his hips into the woman’s mouth, enjoying how she moans and screams around it, her drool coating his cock and running down her chin into her blouse. Her breasts are heaving under it, tits pushing against the fabric, her hands trying to get his own to loosen its grip on her scalp. He smiles darkly, gripping the collar of her blouse. “Let’s not get your new shirt dirty, shall we?”
Without hesitation, he jerks her blouse open, pulling it down over her left shoulder, her left breast exposed to him. He kneads it savagely, pulling and squashing it in his hand. This bitch, he thinks, feeling her soft skin, feeling each welt and bruise on it from the lashes and beatings perhaps? This bitch is his for now. And he’s going to use her to the best of his faculties while he can.
Tearing her scalp away, he pulls her up into a half standing position. “Fuck me bitch. Straddle my cock and fuck me!”
He slaps her thigh with his free hand, loving how she shivers and whines. She struggles to move into position with his hand still holding her scalp, an obvious difficulty for her. He doesn’t care, instead slapping her ass for being slow, the flesh rippling nicely under his blow. So he hits her again.
The jostling and bumping of the car doesn’t make things any easier for her. Twice as she is taking his thick cock into her hands and positioning it into her soapy slit does it slip off and out of her grip, she stumbling against the back seat.
“Can you avoid the fucking potholes Semen?!” he yells, an irritation in his voice, though he does enjoy the jostling of the woman’s body, seeing her breast quiver.
“Hey!” says his brother. “You drive then and I’ll fuck! So stop bitching!”
Anton grunts, feeling as the woman’s tender folds finally slide over his member, squeezing it tight like a wet glove. He can feel her juices coating it, an extra filminess inside it, making it extra warm and slick. “So someone has been fucking you?” he says. “Old man gets around faster then we thought.”
The vehicle bounces over another pot hole making the woman wince as she comes down on his member hard. “Yes!” he yells, slapping her ass. “That’s right! Fuck me!” And he slaps her anew, her skin rippling with the blow. “Fuck me!”
She lifts herself up and comes down, gyrating her hips slowly, tears flowing down her face, her body shivering as she holds on to his shoulders with one hand while the other holds the wrist that still holds her hair. But it is slow and delicate, almost soft. And it’s making his hard on come down.
“Fuck this!” he says, slapping her breasts none too gently. “You suck at this and I have a raging hard on that’s dying on me! Time for you to feel it!”
He throws her onto the seat, eliciting a yelp from her, and spreads her legs wide, only taking a small bit of time to align himself with her slit before slamming himself into her tight love channel, her wet juices resounding with a wet pop as he does so. He holds himself to the hilt, loving how the woman winces with it and how tightly she holds him as a result of her agonies. “Yeah!” he says, “this is all you’re good for cunt! A love box for my fucking!”
He slides out part way and slams back into her, pushing her against the side door, and then again, and again, until his hips are slapping savagely at her own, pounding with wet slaps as her hips bounce beneath his, his balls hitting wetly against her vaginal lips. He bounces against her, gripping her hair, her legs pulled up almost against her shoulders, beating into her savagely, spit and dribble spraying from his lips. He knows he is hurting her as she shrieks, beating futilely at his chest, but he doesn’t care, couldn’t give a damn really.
All he cares about is what he feels beneath him. That warm wet vice that grips him and feels so much better as he withdraws and comes down again, pushing it down all the way to the edge of her body and then coming down again and again. Each blow coming with a savage force, her hips dripping wetly all over the car seat, legs feeling slimy and slippery. But he simply continues, hitting her again and again, feeling his own loins heat up, readying for their discharge.
He pushes his hands into her blouse, gripping her breasts, kneading the tender flesh, grinding and twisting slowly against her hips. “You feel that whore?” he says, “that’s my manhood getting ready to shoot a load into you. Say it! Say you want my cum inside you!”
“Please...!” she begs.
“Say it!” he says, squeezing her breasts tight, nails digging into them, raking gauges into them.
“Aaaahhhh!!!” she shrieks, her head flinging back, hitting the door handle as she tries to pull away from him.
“Say it!” he yells, jerking her from her tit meat. “Say it!”
His hips are drilling into her own, battering her worn out pussy with his blows and still she only screams. “Worthless whore,” he whispers, bending down low, pulling her breasts and squeezing so they are against her collar. “Worthless fucking cunt.”
He spits on her face and thrust in and out, simply allowing himself to feel his heat rise, readying for that inevitable shower that he will spill inside of her.

For Vivian this is one of the worst assaults she’s had up to date. The man thrust against her exposed labia, not concerning himself with her position, simply willing himself to fuck her, to thrust in and out again and again.
Her sore hips scream as if on fire and she, unable to bare it, screams with them, her back arching, trying to accommodate his girth as it slams to the edge of her womb, beating it to a pulp. She thrust her legs out, trying to kick him, to dislodge him, anything to lessen the discomfort she feels. But he only presses against her more deeply, his full weight upon her. Going in and out, singing further in her beaten insides, battering them into jelly. She claws, screams, shrieks, but somewhere along the line the brother has turned on the radio putting it to full blast. And the thumping of the car is probably thought of as no more then the vehicle vibrating to the music.
She feels the man’s hands at her throat suddenly, and she grips his arms, trying to pull him off, seeing his eyes bulge, veins large and red as his teeth are grit into a sharp grimace, his face looking completely wild. And he continues beating against her hips as her vision begins to lose focus, drool starting to dribble down her chin as he thrust against her. In and out, again and again, the pain in her lungs screaming almost as much as the pain against her hips. This is it, she thinks, I’m going to die here.
As her vision begins to blur the hands suddenly loosen, gripping her hips instead as the man lets out an animalistic cry and slams her hips, once, twice and then again. Each blow coming with a thick hot spray of fluid coating her walls.
She can barely think on that, on what this man has done to her as she rubs her throat, coughing, eyes wide as she looks at the dirty floor, spitting. The man grips her hair, running his tongue over her face and lips before throwing her back against the door.
“Yes,” he says. “You’re definitely a good fuck. Too bad we can’t keep you. We have a business to run.”
He pulls out of her with a splat and pushes her away, taking out a kerchief and cleaning his member off before sticking it back into his pants. He glances at her, a sour look on his face. “Clean yourself up,” he says darkly. “You look like an unclean shit that way.”
She sobs, holding her shirt closed, curling into a ball at the corner of the back seat, each bump jostling her and adding to her shivers. But for the rest of the ride the man next to her says nothing, does nothing. He is simply a viper waiting there, wanting to strike out at her and all she can wonder is when that next time will be?
They arrive at the hotel and she is made to dress back up, trying to arrange her clothes as best she can in their disheveled state. But she does as told, walking up to the receptionist desk, keeping her head down, her head leaning against Anton’s shivering. She hears some words pass between the two but doesn’t think on them. She is too tired and weary both physically and mentally.
She barely notices when they get in the elevator or step out into a room on the top floor. She is taken to the bed and thrown on, her slit still leaking fluids. “You can sleep for now,” says Anton. “You’ll have more clients in the evening.”
She curls into a ball, her eyes shutting, quivering, and shaking she sleeps the dreams of the restless.
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