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Default To protect and to serve

“To protect and to serve”
by E.C.

I saw the blinking lights of the police car in my rear view mirror. Just the blinding blue against the black sky of the night.
'What is it now?' I thought annoyed.
Rolling my eyes I pulled over onto the breakdown lane. I shut down the engine and lowered my window, the police car coming to a stop just behind me. In the mirror I could see two figures getting out of the car. Their right hands on their weapon holsters they slowly approached. The one figure at the driver's side pulled a flashlight from it's belt, pointing the beam at my window. As the figure came closer I could make out a man, maybe 1,85 metres, athletic. The bright beam pointed directly at me, I couldn't see his face. Blinded by the light I held my hand infront of my eyes.
"Is there something wrong, officer?" I asked the shadow leaning down to my window, barely recognizable against the dark night.
"Do you know how fast you were going, miss?" a smooth voice answered.
I shook my head. "No, I'm sorry."
He cleared his throat. "Well, you were going 147 kilometres per hour while only 100 is allowed."
Did I really go that fast? Whew, I didn't even notice.
"I'm sorry, officer."
He chuckled. "I'm afraid an apology won't do it, Miss. May I see you driver's license and registration, please?"
I nodded. "Yes, of course, just a moment." I leaned over to the glove compartment for the registration and handed it to him. After that I took my driver's license out of my purse and gave it to him as well.
He pointed the beam of the flashlight at my papers, checking them. "So, you're Miss Victoria Wood?" he asked, pointing the light at my face once more.
I nodded again.
"Well, Miss Wood I'm afraid I'll have to report you for speeding."
Silently I cursed myself. Great! Just what I needed. He waved to the other guy, still standing at the opposite side of my car. When they met at the trunk of my car, he handed my papers to the other man, who went back to the police car and sat on the passenger seat.
I leaned out of the window. “Is something wrong?”
He shook his head. “Just standard proceture, checking your papers.”
I sat back in my seat. “Alright, fine.” I lit a cigarette. “Sod it!” I whispered to myself.

After a few minutes the guy in the car got out again and met with the other policeman. I didn’t understand what they were saying, but they seemed to be agitated. I watched them in my rear view mirror as they approached the driver’s window again.
The officer leaned down to my window again. “Alright Miss, your papers check out alright. But I have to charge you for speeding.”
I cursed myself again. ‘Well done, Vic’ I thought. I sighed. “How much is it?”
“A hundred and thirty-five Euros.”
I gasped. ‘Stupid cow!’ I told myself. ‘Good work!’ The month was almost over and I didn’t have that much money left to spend. I had to get out of this somehow! I decided to try using a woman’s weapons and gave the policeman my best vulnerable, sensitive girl, doe-eyes look.
“I’m sorry officer, I don’t have that much money on me. Is there a possibility to maybe make an exception tonight?” I chirped in my shy, girly-girl voice, giving him the sweetest smile I could bring up.
Smiling knowingly he shook his head. “Sorry Miss, can’t do that.”
Blast! He was one of the few men resistant to it. I shrugged lightly. “I don’t have that much money with me. Can’t I just pay the fine tomorrow?”
He shook his head again. “No, I’m sorry. If you can’t pay the fine right now we have to take you to the police post. You can call somebody from there to pick you up and bring you the money or pay the fine for you.”
“Is that really necessary?”
He nodded slowly. “’Fraid so. Would you step out of the car, please?”
“What happens to my car? I can’t just park it here, right?”
“We’ll contact a wrecking service to tow it away and park it at the police compound.”
I sighed openly, pretty annoyed. “And I guess I have to pay for that, too?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“And how much is THAT going to cost me?”
He shook his head. “I’m not sure. About eighty Euros if I remember correctly. Now would you step out of the car, please.”
I lifted my hands in a resigning gesture. “Alright, alright, just let me get my handbag.”
While I reached to the passenger’s seat, he opened the driver’s door and took a step back. I grabbed my handbag, shut down the engine, took the car keys out of the ignition and stepped out of the car. Frowning I locked the car, put the keys into my handbag and slung it over my shoulder.
Before I could turn around, he asked “Do you carry any weapons?”
What kind of question was that? I turned around and shook my head. “No, of course not!”
“Well, my partner’s gonna frisk you now, just to make sure. Please spread your arms.”
What? I was wearing a tight belly-free neckholder top and a short scotish-style red and black chequered skirt, barely covering my thighs. Where would I hide any weapons?
When the other policeman approached me, I took a step back. “Keep your hands off me! Don’t touch me!”
“Miss, stay calm, this is merely a security procedure! Please step away from the car.” The first policeman said.
I shot the two a disapproving glance but decided to avoid any more possible trouble. I took two steps away from my car and spread my arms.
His partner stepped behind me and grabbed my upper arms. His grip was tight, his hands strong.
“Hey, take your hands off me!” I yelled at him, struggling against his grip. “You have no right to touch me!”
“HEY!” he barked at me. “Stop it!” The pitch of his voice not allowing any restistance I froze.
The policeman behind me released his grip and started searching me. When his hands suddenly cupped my breasts, I shrieked. “Hey, you bloody pervert, stop pawing me!” I cried out, struggling against his touch. But his strong arms didn’t move. He let go of my breasts and moved his hands over my bum, grabbing it. I started stuggling again, but the first policeman moved closer, his eyes fixing mine, something in his gaze curdling my throat. “Stop it!” he hissed at me. His cold voice sent shivers through my spine. I immediately stopped moving and froze again.
“I’m going to file a complaint against you!” I whispered weakly.
They both laughed. “Yeah, right. And they’re gonna take your word over ours for sure.”
He was right! They were two police officers. Their word would stand against mine. Nobody would believe me.
I offered no more resistance as the other guy’s hands kneaded my bottom cheeks and slowly moved down my inner thighs to my knees. I started breathing heavily as his hands went upwards again. One hand wandered over my bum again while the other slid between my legs. I twitched and moaned in disgust.
“You bloody bastards!” I spat at them
He shrugged almost imperceptible and started grinning. “Take it easy!” His voice had a mocking note to it. “She clean, Max?” he asked the guy molesting me.
Grunting Max took his hands off my body. “Yeah Jimbo, she’s good to go.”
Jimbo nodded, satisfied it seemed. “Good, get her into the car!” he commanded.
Max pushed me forward, towards the police car. “Come on, bitch, let’s go!”
I could feel anger boiling up in me as they took me to the police car. ‘Now you’re big!’ I thought ‘but I’m going to get back at you!’
Jimbo opened the back door of the police car. With a last push Max shoved me to the open door. “Get in!” he gnarled at me.
I got in the police car. Jimbo took the passenger’s seat as Max slammed the door shut. Chuckling he got into the car as well. He started the engine and drove off the emergency lane.

The car drove into the underground car park of the police post. After it came to a halt, Jimbo and Max got out. Jimbo opened the back door and ordered me to get out. Before I could react, he reached inside the car, grabbed my upper arm and pulled me out.
Still having a grip on my arm, he yanked me to a lift at the end of the parking lot. Completely overwhelmed by the events I stumbled along.
When we arrived at the lift doors, Max took a key from his belt and unlocked the lift. Squeaking the lift doors opened and Jimbo pushed me inside the cabin with a grunt.
They both followed me into the cabin. Jimbo pressed a button marked “-1”, the lift doors closed and the cabin moved upwards.
After a few moments the lift came to a stop and its doors opened, squeaking again. I saw a small room, painted in a fading grey, nothing but a small wooden desk and two metal doors inside. One to the left, the other one behind the desk. A huge black man sat behind the desk. He looked up when the lift doors opened.
“Hey guys! What you got there?” he rumbled in a deep voice, looking at me.
Jimbo stepped into the room, pulling me in at my arm. He moved me around the desk to the metal door that had “Detention” written on it in black letters. Max walked up to the desk, leaned down and exchanged a few words with the black policeman which I didn’t understand. The black man nodded and pressed a button on his desk. I could hear a clicking noise as the door unlocked and opened up.
Behind it lay a corridor, also painted in grey, that held four metal doors on each side. There were no windows, only a huge neon lamp lighting the corridor.
It was all too much for me, it all happened too fast. I couldn’t even think, too shocked I was by what was happening.
“Which one’s free?” Jimbo asked.
The black officer got up and checked a chart at the wall. “Numbers One, Three, Four, Five, Six and Eight.” I heard him answer.
“We’ll take Number Eight.” Max grunted. Jimbo nodded approvingly and pushed me forward. “Come on, bitch, let’s go!”
He directed me to the end of the corridor to the last door on the right. It was a thick grey metal door with a handle on the outside. Max pulled the handle and opened the door. Without another word Jimbo pushed me into the small room behind the door. The room measured about 3x3 metres. It was painted grey as well, a small light bulb on the ceiling, covered by a metal grid. Inside were a small metal table on the right side and a chair, also made of metal. A metal pallet was attached to the plain concrete floor on the left side of the room.
Behind me the door was slammed shut. I could see there was no handle on the inside, only a small keyhole.
I let out an exhausted sigh. Still seething about that Max who pawed me I sat down on the chair. I shook my head at the whole situation. God, I wished I had a cigarette! But I forgot them in the car. I was hoping this would be over soon! How long could this take? I was planning on sueing that Max and his partner as soon as I got out of there! They were going to pay for their behaviour!
My anger left me completeley oblivious to the weirdness of this situation.

It seemed like hours before I heard noise in the corridor, voices approching.
The door opened and Jimbo, Max and the black man entered the cell. I sprang up from my chair. This was it! ‘Just let me make my bloody phone call!’ I thought. When Max drew the door shut, I felt that something was wrong. The shivers returned to my spine, flushing the anger out of my mind, leaving nothing but a cold foreboding. I felt my hackle rise.
“Listen,” I tried to stay calm. “I want to make a phone call.”
Jimbo nodded slowly, drawing the baton from his belt. “Thought so.”
I felt coldness expanding in my stomach.
“But … ?” The two other men drew their batons, too. “What are you doing?” I breathed at them, fear creeping up inside me. Something was terribly wrong!
They slowly got closer.
I stepped back.
I stepped back a few more steps until my back hit the wall.
Suddenly I felt trapped.
A repellent smile spread on Jimbo’s face as they approached.
“Hey, what are you doing?” I could feel my voice trembling. I felt so helpless. So small, pressed against the wall, three men infront of me. When they stood directly before me, Jimbo lay the end of his baton against my chin.
“You be nice or this is gonna hurt!” he grinned at me.
I could feel my lips trembling with fear. “Please …” I begged him, my voice just a whisper.
He let his baton wander down my throat. I swallowed in fear as he pressed the tip of the baton against it. “Just be nice!”
I could feel my breathing getting faster and heavier as anxiety washed over me.
Suddenly Max grabbed my upper arm and pulled me to him. I shrieked in shock. Before I could do anything, he had turned me around, pushing my back against his chest and swung his baton around me. He snatched the end of it with his other hand and pressed it against my throat. I cried out in panic as I felt my air supply being cut off.
My mind blurred by panic, I could barely see Jimbo hauling off. His baton came down hard on my belly. Stars seemed to explode infront of my eyes as the searing pain erupted in my stomach, sending wave after wave of agony through my body. I coughed from the rupturing pain. My body wanted to bend over to relieve my belly, but Max’ baton at my throat held me in place.
Tears of pain shot to my eyes, watering them up. My muscles cramped from the agonising pain radiating from my stomach.
Jimbo grabbed my cheeks and leaned in closer to my face, his nose almost touching mine. Fury sparkled in his eyes. “Want another one?” he hissed at me.
I couldn’t speak. I was still trying to catch my breath. Sobbing I shook my head, my chest heaving hard and fast as I tried to deal with the pain.
He nodded, satisfied it seemed. “Good! Now, no more vices!”
Slowly he lay the baton down of the table. Grinning his hands grabbed my waist and pressed my lower body against his. As I’m only about 1,60 metres in height his crotch touched my naked belly. I could feel his stiffy beneath the cloth of his pants. I squirmed in Max’ tight grip, disgusted and frightened by the situation at the same time. When Jimbo startet to rub his buldged crotch against my belly, I felt panic streaming through my body.
“What are you doing?” I yelled at them. “Let me go!”
His grin widened.
“Why would we?” he rumbled. “Who’s gonna make us?” A guttural laughter erupted from his throat. “You?”
They all laughed out loud at that. Jimbo shook his head.
“No. I think you’ll be a nice little slut and do whatever we tell you!”
Still a devilish grin on his face he nodded.
“Oh yes, you will be!”
He nodded at Max who released the baton from my throat and took a step back. I was breathing heavily as I gently rubbed my aching throat. Max went infront of me and stood with the others. Lecherous smiles on their faces they all looked at my expectingly.
“Take your shirt off!” Jimbo commanded.
I swallowed hard. Finally I realised where this was going. I could feel my body starting to tremble. Looking at the three men – every single one of them stronger than I was – I knew I didn’t stand any chance of fighting them off. My mind kept racing, trying to find a way to escape, a way to avoid what was going to happen if it couldn’t.
After only a few heartbeats the black man seemed to have lost his patience. He slammed his baton down on the metal table. The loud bang rocked me out of my thinking. I twitched.
“TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!” he yelled, waving his baton at me threateningly.
I couldn’t move. I felt stunned.

“That’s it!” Jimbo barked. “Enough! Get her!”
It happened too fast for me to react. Max and the black man jumped forward, each of them grabbing one of my arms. I cried out in fear and revulsion as they easily lifted me up.
“Get her here on the table!” I heard Jimbo bellow.
I tried kicking at them but they they immediately threw my upper body on the table, knocking the winds out of me. Max grabbed my wrists and pulled them over my head to the other end of the table. When I felt strong and rough hands close around my waist, a crotch slamming against my bum, panic washed over me.
“HELP! NO! HELP!” I cried out as loud as I could. “HEmmmmmmmmmmm … -“ A large black hand came down on my face, sealing my mouth shut.
“Got her?” Max asked, still holding my wrists. Easily beating my strength as I struggled to get my arms free, he laughed at my futile attempt. “Sure, no problem!” the black policeman answered chuckling. I kept trying to scream, my lungs already started to burn. I shook my head violently as I tried to fight off the hand on my mouth.
“Here, take this!” I heard Jimbo grunt at them. A few seconds later I felt the tip of the baton being pressed against my neck. “Stop it! Stop screaming or I’ll break your neck!” the black man rasped at me. He increased the pressure, painfully pushing the baton against my neck. But the fear of what they were going to do to me was so overpowering, I just couldn’t stop screaming, my high-pitched, muffled cries filling the small cell. I felt the black guy having trouble keeping his hand on my mouth. That small flicker of hope only increased my strength. My whole body got energised and I started struggling against all of them - Max holding my wrists, the black man’s hand keeping my mouth shut, Jimbo holding my waist.
“We got ourselves a fighter!” Max laughed, still holding my wrists in his tight grip. “Little bitch’s got some spirit in her!”
“Guess so.” The black cop panted, having more trouble restraining me every minute. Suddenly I felt searing pain roar through my body as the black man’s baton came down hard on my back. I cried out when the second blow hit, sending another wave of pain through me. A third hit came down on my back, then a fourth. Rivers of pain rushing through my body, I cried and cried until I ran out of breath. The pain was so overpowering, I didn’t even notice tears springing to my eyes, streaming down my cheeks. My muscles went numb when the black man hit my back again and again. My entire back was burning with agony as he continued hitting me. In a matter of moments all strength had left my body, leaving me helplessly bent over the table.
“Want some more you stupid, fucking bitch?” he hissed at me.
I weakly shook my head.
“Good!” He sounded a little exhausted, panting lightly. “I’m gonna remove my hand now. You scream again I’ll club you to death! Got me, you fucking slut?”
My back still sending tremors of pain through my body, I nodded lightly. I saw his face coming down to mine, his eyes fixing my widened and reddened eyes in an angry stare. His dark eyes didn’t leave room for any doubt he would fulfill his threat. I guess he saw the despair and pain in my eyes, because after a few moments he nodded satisfied.
His hand let go of my mouth.
“Please, let me go! Please!” I pleaded, sobbing from the pain. They all laughed at that.
Without another word the black man yanked my top up to my wrists, exposing my upper body. Before I could react Max released my wrists and pulled the top over them.
“No, please, don’t do this to me!” I sobbed weakly.
I moaned when they brutally pulled my arms behind my back. With a metallic “click” handcuffs closed around my wrists. Max stepped beside the table. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. My black top in his other hand he wiped the tears from my face.
“Easy little bitch.” He said smiling. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be!” His hand shot forward and forced my top into my mouth, gagging me. He leaned in, his mouth very close to my ears, his lips almost touching it. “But I wouldn’t mind if you did.” he whispered into my ear. “I like ‘em when they fight!”
Chuckling he stood up again. “She’s good to go man!”

I felt hands slapping my bum cheeks. Jimbo grunted in satisfaction. My skirt was pulled up to my waist. I twitched when Jimbo’s hands buried themselves in my bum cheeks and started kneading them brutally. I moaned in anticipation and fear. I wanted to cry again, I wanted to kick out at them, to struggle, but I was too afraid. Terror had taken control of my thoughts. I had no doubt they were going to kill me if I offered them any inconveniences. I felt fresh tears watering my eyes as the other two men’s hands started exploring my body.
“Let’s get it on!” Jimbo rumbled. My thong was pulled down hard, offering my privacy to Jimbo. I could hear the whistle of cloth and the metallic buzz of a zipper being opened.
A strong hand grabbed my head and turned it to my side. Max’ face was very close to me. My tear-filled eyes, widened in fear looked directly into his.
“I wanna see it!” he whispered at me. “I wanna look into your eyes when he fucks you!”
I felt a large dick land on my bum cheeks. Jimbo released them and grabbed my waist again, holding me tight in place. I could feel him rubbing his fast-stiffening dick between my cheeks.
Still holding my hair, Max pulled my head back a little, exposing my throat to him. He took his baton and laid the tip against it. “I know you fuckin’ bitches like to do so, but if you dare to close your eyes … “ an evil smile broadened on his face. “ … I will kill you!”
I could hear my blood thundering in my ears, my heart was racing with fear. He meant it! He wouldn’t hesitate to kill me! I managed to nod, apparently satisfying him for the moment. He removed the baton from my throat but left it lying on the table.

My entire body clenched when I felt Jimbo’s bell-end poke against my labia.
“Just relax.” he chuckled. “It’s only gonna hurt more when you stiffen.” He chuckled again. “But then again I won’t mind!”
Grunting he forced his tip inside me. I moaned in pain as he slowly invaded me more, pushing his dick deeper into me. I squirmed in his grip as his dick penetrated my inner privacy. Groaning in pleasure Jimbo pushed his prick in me to the root. After leaving it there for a few heartbeats he pulled it out again.
“Seems to fit perfectly.” He panted in excitement. “Now you get fucked good!”
He rammed his dick in my channel! Pain exploded in my lower body. I cried out behind the gag! Heavily panting and grunting he started violently pounding me against the table. My body was rocked back and forth as he let go of all self-control and raped me brutally. With every thrust the waves of pain increased. Tears streamed down my cheeks, I moaned in agony. His ballbag slapped against my labia from the force of his thrusts. His grip on my waist tightened every second as he got more and more agitated. Grunting in excitement he kept pushing into me.
“AAARGH!” he groaned. Max’ mad smile infront of my face, his eyes staring into mine, I had to fight the urge to close my eyes from the pain.
It felt like fire between my legs as Jimbo continously hammered his dick in my vagina. His pace quickened, his thrusts got even harder. I didn’t want to give him the pleasuse of seeing my pain, but I couldn’t fight it. He raped me so violently, moans of agony just broke out of me.
“You’re … so … fucking … tight!” he panted, pushing his dick inside me to its full length. “I’m … cumming … you … bitch!”
I felt his body cramp from his upcoming orgasm. In a deep and brutal thrust I felt his dick twitch inside me. Tremors ran through his body as he came. I felt his hot and disgusting fluid splash out and fill me up. Groaning he rammed his dick into me a few more times. Jimbo gasped, his upper body fell onto mine. His hands moved down, stroking my bum cheeks. He kneaded them, leaving his dick in me, slowly moving it inside my channel. His body pressing mine against the table, I just lay there, heavily sobbing. My body was trembling from the pain still radiating from my fanny.
He finally pulled his softening dick out of me and got up. He gave my bum cheeks a few slaps before he stepped back.
Max smiled at me. “My turn!” He jumped up from the table and stepped behind me. I could hear him unzipping his pants. His hands fell on my shoulders, grabbing them. His hard dick slid between my legs, rubbing against my labia. It was smaller and thinner than Jimbo’s, but broadening to its root.
“HERE I COME, BITCH!” he yelled and pushed his member into me. I moaned as he immediately started violently raping me. It took him only a few quick thrusts to come. Panting he cramped and rammed his dick in me. He pulled me up by the shoulders as I felt his staff jerk inside me as he got off and his cum shot into me. He let out an exhausted grunt and released my shoulders from his grip. With my hands cuffed behind my back I fell back down on the table. My head crushed on the metal, sending a wave of pain through my temple.
A little dizzy I didn’t really feel Max pulling out of me.
“C’m on Marcus, your turn!” Jimbo chuckled. “Fuck the bitch!”
A filthy laugh erupted from the black man’s throat. “You bet man!”
He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up. “Turn her around!” he thundered. They jerked me around and moved me over to the broad side of the table. I tried to struggle when Marcus lifted me up and sat me down on the table, but they didn’t even seem to notice. Jimbo moved behind me and pulled my back down on the table. I moaned when the handcuffs pinched into the small of my back.
Marcus pulled his pants down, releasing his huge, erected black member. He lifted up my legs and slung his arms around my thighs, pressing them together. He held them up - pressed together - with one of his muscular arms while his other hand started rubbing my vagina. I suddenly felt a thick bell-end being pushed against my labia, forcing itself inside me. I clenched in expectation of pain from this huge pole. Marcus slowly forced his dick further inside me. My body clenched even more from the degree of its girth. I moaned in pain when he pushed deeper into my too small channel. When his dick pushed against my cervix it still wasn’t in all the way. He pressed my thighs together even tighter with his huge hands and grunted in pleasure as my vagina closed around his dick even more.
“Now you’re gonna get it!” Marcus gasped.
He pulled out of me to the tip of his member and then slammed it back in. I cried out behind the gag, my back arching in agony. Laughing at my pain he began brutally shagging me, driving his huge pipe into me. With deep grunts he violently raped me, thrusting into me deep and hard. Pressing my thighs against his broad chest he slammed his hips against my bum, savagely fucking me.
My head hanging down the edge of the table, my body was being rocked back and forth on the table. I saw Jimbo looking down at me, smiling. He grabbed my head by the hair and pulled it down, stretching my throat. He pulled the gag out of my mouth and I gasped for air. The pain immediately found its way and I cried out in agony and anguish. Although my lungs were already burning I couldn’t stop. It was so horrible and painful! Removing the gag seemed to have jump-started the terror flooding my mind. I cried and cried.

Suddenly Jimbo pushed his dick into my mouth.
My cries were muffled immediately by his meat. I almost choked on his bell-end forced deep into my throat. As he forced his staff in to the root I almost panicked.
I couldn’t breathe!
“If you puke you’re dead! If you bite you’re dead!” he growled.
After only a few fast thrusts his body was shaken by tremors, his cock buldged between my lips flooding my throat with cum. Exhaling a deep grunt he slammed his dick into my mouth once again, unloading more of his thick goo.
Laughing breathlessly he waved at Max. “Buddy, that’s it!” He slapped my cheeks, almost affectionately. “You gotta try this!”
Nodding Max lit a cigarette. “Sure I will! Just waitin’ for Big Man here -“ he pointed at Marcus. “- to give it to this slut!” He exhaled a cloud of smoke. “Want one?” he asked his partner.

“AAARGH!” Marcus bellowed. I felt his strong fingers drill into the flesh of my thighs as he came. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it against my vagina, his hot cum bespattering my belly. Every drop seemed to burn itself into my skin.
He took a step back, panting heavily. “Fuck! I needed that!” he grunted in his deep voice. A satisfied smile broadening on his face he looked down at me. “Thanks, bitch! You’re a great fuck! Haven’t had one in a while.” He let himself fall into the metal chair still standing next to the table.
“Got one of those cigerattes for me?”
They all laughed at that. “Sure, buddy!” Max answered after a few heartbeats, still chuckling.
I lay on the table – my body nothing more than searing pain and humiliation. The sound of the three police officers smoking their cigarettes only reaching my through a cloud of agony I ankled my legs and turned to my side. Tears breaking loose and streaming down my face all I could think was ‘God, please help me and let this be over! PLEASE GOD, HELP ME! GET ME OUT OF HERE!’
A few minutes the only sound filling the cell was my sobbing. I heard Jimbo belch and crack his knuckles. Suddenly he stood next to me, a goaty smile all over his face. “Alright bitch, break’s over!” When he grabbed my hair growling “Get on your knees!” I knew God had other plans that night …


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Nice one stern .... i enjoyed it
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Should we expect another part?
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No, I'm sorry ... no next part to follow ... maybe sometime, but I like an open ending to leave everyone's fantasy continue it.

You guys and your anal fixation ...

But don't worry, another story's to come!
The Life and Death of Sam Crow
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Originally Posted by Sternenlied

You guys and your anal fixation ...
You can call it as you like (although its not a fixation).
What i know, is that i feel better when in there.

About the story: First part was in my top-three (if not the best).Second part was usual.
In-out, in-out, ejaculation.
Plus, i was expecting a very strong oral scene -as long as the author is called Sternenlied!

I write this really well-intentioned. Its still better than people who never post one story-like me.
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Very nice Stern! Enjoyed it. x Lou x
...no mercy in thy icy heart, for the lost prey you stalk and hunt, only the lust...
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