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Default She Cried All Night

Howdy, y'all. This is my first story. Leave any feedback you have.

Natalie was a beautiful girl. Eighteen years old with shoulder length blonde hair, DD breasts, wide hips, and the fullest ass you've ever seen. But the thing that really caught the eye was her face. She had this smile, the kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach. And the only thing Jake wanted in this world was to wipe that smile off of her face.

Jake was the same age as her, and he hated her. They'd gone out for a while before Natalie told him she thought they should 'see other people,' which Jake interpreted as her saying she already was. Jake wanted to get back at her, but he was a mild mannered guy, who'd never hurt anyone in his life. It wasn't until he saw her flirting with his best friend at a party that he knew what he had to do.

He didn't do anything at the party, there were too many people around. Jake messaged her on Facebook.

"Hey, I know the last thing you want in the world is to hear from me, but I just feel like we need to talk. We went out for so long, and we broke up in like a five minute conversation, and there's just a lot of stuff i want to tell you." Jake messaged. He was honestly astonished when she responded.

"Yeah, sure, I guess. Want me to come over to your house tonight?"

Holy shit.

Jake messaged her back and told her tonight was great. His knees were shaking at the prospect of what he was about to do. But he felt an excitement he had never felt before. He hadn't moved out for college yet, but his parents were going to be out that weekend. It was now or never.

Natalie came over that night wearing a flannel shirt she'd cut the sleeves off of and some denim shorts. "Come in, come in." Jake said, trying his hardest to conceal his massive erection just from the sight of her. He sat her down in the living room and he took a seat opposite from her. He feigned conversation for a while, talking about banalities like the weather, what colleges they were headed to in a few weeks, which friends they'd miss, which friends they wouldn't. Finally Jake said, "I want to fuck you."

Natalie was shocked, "You want to what?" She said, as she got up to leave. But Jake got up with her and pushed her back down onto his couch.

"I'm sorry, I misspoke," he said, "I don't 'want' to fuck you, I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you bloody, and I'm going to fuck you until you wish you'd never left me."

"Like hell you are," Natalie said as she tried to slap Jake, but Jake caught her hand and returned with a slap of his own that knocked her down on the couch again. He grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her up the stairs to his bedroom. He felt the softness of her hair and it made him remember the nights he had spent playing with her hair. It only made him want to do this more.

He kicked in the door of his bedroom and dragged her to the center of his room. He locked the door behind him and left Natalie in the middle of the room. "Please don't hurt me." She said, her toughness disappearing completely, being replaced by the genuine terror of a girl who was genuinely scared that the man in front of her was genuinely about to rape her.

"I'm going to hurt you, Natalie. But I won't cut you, or punch you, or kill you. I'm not a monster. I'm just going to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before." Natalie got up and in one last desperate effort tried to push past Jake and get out. But when her body collided with Jake's he didn't fall back, he brought her in closer and embraced her. "I hope you're ready, you fucking cunt." He said.

He turned her around so her back was against his stomach, and he leaned his head over her shoulder and looked down as his hand slipped it's way inside her shorts. He derived so much pleasure from watching her writhe and squirm as he massaged her over her panties. Then he put his hand down her panties and began to finger her. As his finger entered her vagina, he heard her moan "Please... Please don't do this." Jake just laughed. He found her clit, and grasped it between his thumb and index finger and twisted it. She screamed in pain, and began to fall to her knees, but Jake held her up and guided her over to his bed.

He threw her down onto his bed on her back and straddled her. He leaned down and kissed her, then tore her shirt open. Goddamn her tits were huge. She tried to cover herself, but Jake took her bra off, grabbed her arms and pinned them back as he leaned down and sucked on her tits. He again felt her body move with his as she tried to escape. But his grip was unrelenting and she couldn't get out of it. He kissed her all the way down her body, from her neck down to her waist, when he let go of her arms and before she had the chance to stop him, pulled her shorts off and ripped off her panties. Her arms now free, she tried to push him off, but she just backed herself up against the headboard of the bed as he ate her pussy. "Fucking stop it, you asshole, you fucking animal, let me go!" Right when she said that, he bit her clit, still sore from the twisting earlier and she screamed.

He leaned up, and undid his belt and took out his dick before pulling her back against his hips, his shaft resting right on top of her vagina. "Please... please don't do this to me..." She said, trying to hold back the tears that were coming down her face. Again, Jake just laughed, and thrust his cock into her vagina. "GOD NO!" She cried out, "STOP IT, STOP IT YOU BASTARD." But Jake just leaned forward and thrust harder. He felt her writhe, buck beneath him, tears now flowing freely from her eyes, screaming as hard as she could. But he didn't stop, he just kept fucking her. Eventually, her screams were reduced to soft whimpers. Jake backed up for one last thrust, and hit her cervix as he came.

He stood up from his bed, looked at the crying girl curled up in a ball before him and tossed her 50 dollars. "It's for a taxi and the pill. Now get the fuck out."
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I liked it. Very much. So are you a guy or a girl if you dont mind me asking?
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Seeing her lying there crying made him wild again. He went I er to her, grabbed her by her hair and startet slapping her crying face over and over again. „Does it hurt? You little whore! I’m not gonna let you go so easily!“ He threw her on his bed again. She was shaking and crying like a little girl. He spread her legs and forced his cock into her pussys again. His right hand choked her soft throat and his left hand kept her fuckmouth shut. She’s crying more then ever, screaming. He fucks her so brutally and rough. Looking deep into her crying eyes and fucking her rude made him even wilder. „That’s what ur delicious pussy is made for u little whore!“ he screamed in her ear. He pulled is cock out and turned her over. Her big ass was in front of him. „Now I’m gonna destroy your little aushole you fucking bitch!“ he screamed. He grabbed her hips and forced is cock into her little asshole. She cry’s out in pain. He choked her from behind so she couldn’t scream no more. He fucked her ass for about 20 min without brake.....to be continued
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