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Default Parent Night-Teacher Nightmare 3 - SweetLust -ISO Roleplay

Months had gone by since Stephanie, my pet, and now my partner, had raped her best friend and fellow teacher, Cindy. I still remember that day with fondness. Everything had gone so perfectly, exactly as I planned. We even had the pleasure of visiting Cindy in the hospital to tell her how sorry we were that both she and “Stephanie” had been violated, while "I" was "knocked out and restrained." What was supposed to be a convivial night between old and new friends, turned into a horrible nightmare….well at least for Cindy.

For me, it was the pinnacle of my career as a rapist, I had not only raped Cindy unmercifully, I had turned her best friend into a fellow rapist, tapping that deep, dark desire within Stephanie to inflict pain and sexual violence. It was a night I loved to relive in my quiet times.

There actually had not been too many “quiet times” after that night. I decided to discard my vocation as lawn care provider and devote all my time to my avocation – rapist at large. Not only did I leave my wife and kids and empty my bank account, I also had my new pet and partner in crime, Stephanie, empty her bank account and sell her house for a tidy profit. Now we had enough money to travel the country, even the world, and find new victims – that would could use. Not leaving a trail or alerting the police and press. These new rapes would be considered "Isolated, one off" incidents.

After that night of raping and abusing Cindy and then paying our "condolences" at the hospital, Stephanie and I had seen that young nurse at the hospital. We both gave each other a knowing look as we knew what we would do next. We kept that nurse for a week at Stephanie's house, using Stephanie's basement dungeon to do everything our imagination came up with. We thoroughly enjoyed that little “candy striper.” By the time we were done, she indeed looked like a naked “candy striper” with no need for a candy striper uniform , her flesh alternating between stark white and deep red. After a week of “play,” rape and torture, the poor little things was totally broken and we almost lost her.

It had been a truly fun week for my new Pet, my new partner, and I. The sharing of our joint pleasure solidified, Stephanie’s commitment to her darkest desires and her complete obedience to me.

When Stephanie pleased me, I would let her pick out the next victim and let her decide what things we would do to her. When Stephanie did not please me, I had to remind her again, who was Master, who was in charge and then I would restrain her and make her watch while I used the victim of my choosing. It was doubly exciting for me to be watched while I raped and see Stephanie squirm in her bonds, wanting to to share in the giving the abuse.

Stephanie and I had indeed left town, after the nurse incident, since the newspaper headlines screamed “Serial rapist or rapists at large.” In short, things got too hot for us to continue. So Stephanie and I took our little “act” on the road, using our funds to buy and outfit a mobile camper, exactly to our specifications. We were so excited to begin,as we now had such a wide breadth of victims and locales to choose from. We could enjoy victims at the beach, on the slopes, in sleepy little suburbs and small towns, where no one ever worried about crime. It would be so easy with those unlocked doors and unwitting “nice” people, always willing to lend a hand to a poor stranded couple. We could hit and run, or if we really enjoyed a particular victim, take her with us on the road to use and abuse her until we tired of her.

As we pulled into the parking lot of a suburban mall, near a large grocery store, I told Stephanie that she could choose the next victim. Stephanie had been the perfect pet for the past two weeks and she deserved this reward. As we made our way through the aisles of the grocery store, filling out cart with needed supplies, we also “shopped” for something even more “filling,’ something we would both find enjoyable and truly delicious, something that would fill our darker needs.

I spoke quietly to Stephanie, "So my Pet, you have been a very good girl this week and I want to reward you. You get to choose our next victim, so keep your eye out for our next prize as we cruise these aisles. Not only will I let you make the choice, I will let you decide our play. Does that make you happy?"

The joy on Stephanie’s face was evident. She smiled at me with complete adoration. “Master,” she whispered, “You do me great honor. How can I ever repay you?” To which I responded, “Aww my little Pet, you know I will find a way for you do that. I always do. Now make Master happy and pick out a truly juicy prize for us to use. “

Stephanie hugged my arm and smiled up at me. “Yes Master, I promise.” And with that her eyes started to sweep the aisles apprising each potential victim.
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This was such an exciting moment for me. Master was going to let me choose the next victim. I was truly like a ‘kid in a candy store’. I didn’t know where to start. ‘Everything’ looked so delicious. I chuckled to myself, thinking how hungry I sounded. Well, to be fair our ‘play’ was like sustenance to me now. I never saw myself as a sub, a pet or anything I felt was so demeaning. I considered myself a Domme. Of course I’d been shown the error of my thinking and luxuriated in the relationship at this point. I loved being a pet. For me, at least, being a pet meant I was cared for and wanted. I was no longer searching for that ‘something’ I was missing in my life. Even when I was married, it was all a ritual for me. Up until that fateful meeting with Master, I’d done as everyone expected. I’d married well. Joined all the right clubs, socialized with all the right people, had a ‘profession’, though I really didn’t care for it. I didn’t hate the little darlings I taught, it just wasn’t me, but like every lemming before me, I ‘jumped over the cliff’ to my inner death every day.

Now, I was free. I could be the woman I was meant to be. Certainly, I didn’t think that way at first, but Master convinced me after much persuasion, sometimes good…sometimes not so good. Now, I loved Master. He is my life. I would do anything he requires without question. I would die for him.
I smiled casually as I walked with Master down each aisle. There were short women, tall women, blondes, brunettes and the like. There were a variety of races to tempt any fetish. I loved my women a little plump. Their soft breasts, cushiony asses and the sound it all made when being struck by a belt hand or being fucked, nearly brought me off each time. Master liked them tall, slender and athletic. He was a leg and ass man. Since our time together, I’d finally put on more weight. I was healthy looking now. My short hair had grown out and I no longer rinsed it blonde. I let it grow back to its wavy, heavy tresses dipping to my back. Master loved to grasp a handful and pull as he fucked me anally, or gave me a brutal throat-fuck. It was a rich chestnut brown to match my eyes. I had a seductive shapeliness now, rather than the thin stick figure my ex-husband liked. My legs were toned, shapely and drew male attention quite easily. Master didn’t seem to mind, though he did punish me a few times for giving a little too much attention to some males that got a bit too close. Silly Master, as if I wanted anyone else but him. I would never leave him. I would die if he left me.

“Master, perhaps we should split up. Judging by the looks some of the women are giving us, they may not rise to the bait if they think we are together. Alone, I could—perhaps—convince our victim that I am not suspicious. May I do this Master?” I looked up at him to see a look of approval. My heart did a flip.

“Yes Pet, I think that is a very good idea. But I’ll be nearby. I expect you to play nice and remember what I’ve taught you. ” His voice was warm and gentle, but I could detect the underlying steel in his tone. It was a reminder that he is the Master and I am his Pet. I owe my new existence to him and wanted his approval in every way.

“I remember Master.” I smiled, lowered my eyes and nodded. Moving away from him, I instantly felt the emptiness, but I rallied and went forth to stalk ‘prey’. That was exactly how I felt, too. I felt like a predator in search of innocent and unsuspecting prey to snatch and devour. Master could tell since that first time for me with Cindy that I needed—craved—the feeling of dominating someone. John and I had played at it. Though I enjoyed a measure of satisfaction from humiliating my ex and dominating him, there was always something missing. Now, a whole world of pleasure and pain had been opened to me. I moved through one aisle after another, choosing then discarding potential victims. Most did nothing for me. A statuesque redhead moved past me and gave me a charming view of her well rounded ass. Master would do so much to her. He loved ass. Just as she passed me, two small children raced to join her. Yipping and yapping for this and that, the woman, their mother no doubt calmed them down. I frowned. I shied away from mothers. That was one level of depravity I had no wish to visit. I moved on to another aisle. The next aisle yielded little; two older women and a store clerk. Moving on, I finally saw what I wanted. It was mouth watering, delectable, and alone.

I studied boxes of cereals and such as I made my way down the aisle. I squeezed past a young woman loading her cart with several boxes of cereal. She was a young Asian woman, in her early twenties from the looks of things. I did a quick assessment of her from head to foot. She had her hair pulled up into a messy ponytail, wore a man’s thin plaid cotton shirt over a bright red tank top, tan cargo shorts and red flip flops. I could see the outline of a surprisingly full breast as her shirt fell open as she reached for another box. Licking my lips, my eyes travelled lower. Her waist was tiny, but her hips flared to a pleasing curve. Not much ass, but her legs were really nice, very toned and would look wonderful tied and straining to get free while a thick cock burrowed into her tight little hole. I had to snap myself out of my fantasy if I wanted this to become reality. I eased closer, mumbling in a frustrated tone, as I picked up one box after another.

“Can these prices get any higher? It’s just cereal for goodness’ sake!” I spoke in an annoyed tone.

“Oh tell me about it and it’s not like I can get away with buying one or two boxes of cereal. I have to get two of everything!” she had a perky Midwestern accent.

“You have quite a few boxes there. Let me guess…you have kids?” I asked with a bright smile.

“Kids? Oh, no…no. It’s all for my boyfriend. I guess you could call Luke a big kid. The guy loves cereal. He and a couple of buddies are going camping this weekend and he just has to have his cereal. Geez…who eats Corporal Crunch, or Fruity Bits on a camping trip? I mean it’s all about hunting and catching stuff in the wild, right?” she shrugged her shoulders affording me another glimpse of her tits.

“Oh…right! Of course. Men….such babies! My husband is the same way sometimes. We are new in town and---oh gosh where are my manners? I’m ‘Selena’, my husband Max is around here somewhere. Probably in the car sulking since I refuse to buy his favorite snack.” I laughed good-naturedly.
“I get it. I really do.” She chuckled. “I’m Kelly Yamanda. Luke is happy enough to have me do all the shopping while he eats all the food.” She said as we walked up the aisle.

“Ah…well not this weekend right?”

“True. So…you and your husband are new to Bailey Springs?” she asked.
“Yes…just arrived the other day. We are looking to settle down, but right now we have our mobile home. My husband and I decided we wanted to leave the rat race of big city life and move out west. We got tired of the 9-to-5 demands and decided to move to a quiet town, someplace we could perhaps start a family.” I could cry on demand. A wistful look came over my face.

“Aww…that’s sweet. I’d like to get married. Luke and I have been together for three years. Some days he’s all I can think about, and other days…I dunno…I’d like to try some different things. I’ve been in Bailey all my life.” She gave me a shy smile. Hmmm…did I detect the glimpse of a freaky chick? Who knows? She could have meant a different job, a different man or different shoes for all I cared. But she told me a lot without meaning to, that I could use. We continued to chatter on until I decided it was time to set my trap.

“So what is Bailey like?” I asked hoping I sounded genuinely interested as we made our way to the checkout counters.

“It’s quiet. You’re in luck. The schools are okay. If you are looking for work, Uniontown is a better deal. It’s a commute, but you get used to it. If you just want scenery, then Bailey Springs is the place. We don’t get a lot of people moving in though. Well…retirees maybe. But you don’t look old enough to be retired.” She glanced at me.

“Well…I’m 33 and my husband is in his late 40’s.” I smiled again.
“Like ‘em older, huh?” she grinned.

“I like them interesting. It was quite a rocky road for me and my husband the first time we…uh…got together. He grew on me and I’ve learned so much from him. I love him deeply.” I stared at her as we locked eyes.

“Hey...nothing wrong with that.” She nodded, lowering her eyes in an almost submissive way.

“Say…can you recommend any good restaurants around here? We’ve been busy trying to settle down; I really don’t feel like cooking.” I asked as she took the ‘bait’.

“Hmm…there’s not much here, a few fast food joints. Well, there is one place—Dixie’s Grille. It’s not fancy, but you get your money’s worth. It’s just past where I live. If it’s not out of your way, I could show you.” She offered.
“That’d be wonderful.” I agreed.

“Okay, just follow me. I’m the blue Focus over there.” She pointed as we made our way outside. Master was sitting in the camper waiting. His trust in me was overwhelming. The thought that he had confidence in me to find a choice victim made me smile. Kelly returned it, thinking it was due to her kindness. I helped Kelly load her bags into her car then introduced her to Master. Like most women, she was awestruck. Master had that air about him. His green eyes were mesmerizing. That smile was so disarming. Kelly would never forget. Master would make sure of it. I felt my pussy moisten with each step as I brought him my ‘offering’. He was gracious at Kelly’s offer and thanked her. She blushed and nervously giggled when he complimented her. He smiled, saying surely we must have met the prettiest resident in all of Bailey Springs. Like all the other cunts, she ate it up. I had big plans for her.
As we rode behind Kelly, we sat high up enough for me ‘thank’ my Master properly. He stroked my hair, running his fingers through it as I lovingly suckled his cock. My head bobbed up and down while my fingers wrapped around the shaft to stroke him.

“Ahhh…Pet, you did very well. I think that one shows a lot of promise. Breaking her will give you something to sharpen your claws on. She’s perky, I like that. I can’t think that I’ve ever raped an Asian girl. Mmmm….very exotic, that one.” He groaned softly as I sucked and stroked. His cock was so beautiful…yet terrifying. He was right, young Kelly was going to get introduced to some things she’d never forget. I hummed with happiness as I felt Master’s body flex and his movements, slight as they were, becoming jerky. I doubled my efforts now willing him to cum. I needed to taste him. I needed him to mark me. I wondered how Kelly would react at seeing cum smeared on my face and tits. At that moment Master pumped quick and fast as his cock spurted three healthy streams. Once in my mouth…mmm…god…he was so delicious. The next two landed on my chin and neck dribbling to my breasts.

“Oh Master, this is going to be so worth it!” I licked my lips, and used my fingers to gather the cum dripping down toward my chest. I moaned as I licked the remnants of my little treat. He passed me a napkin to finish cleaning myself.

“Yes it will love…yes it will. You and I both will get to play to our hearts content.” He chuckled as we followed behind Kelly. My pussy throbbed at the thought that soon she would be ours.
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We followed Kelly’s blue Focus and my mind was spinning, thinking on the things we would do to her pert little body. It made me hard, musing on the sounds Kelly would make as we used and abused her. . Perhaps those little squeaking sounds some Japanese women make in online rape videos and hentai. It was going to be fun finding out.

I also noted that Kelly would be a fighter as well. The perky ones always were. I laughed at the thought, because, when crossed, young perky women always want to stand up to you and be in your face, challenging you.

It made me smile to think of perky little Kelly stepping up in my face, and challenging me. It offered such contrast to a later time, when their face was a mask of pain, begging for forgiveness at her impertinence and pleading for release.

Stephanie could tell I was excited. She did a good job of addressing it, helping to keep my desires in check the proper time. I am an impatient man. I want, what I want, when I want it, and, when I want it?…I take it.

I stroked Stephanie’s hair and complimented her on her excellent choice. Her casual “interview” with Kelly answered some key questions, such as her boyfriend going away for the weekend. This was going to make our task so much simpler. We could use Kelly’s house and make our violations so much more personal, memories that are there each and every day, triggered by so many objects in the house – her bed, the kitchen counter, a table she is tied too, that electrical cord or spatula we whipped her with. Mmmmm.

I wondered how many women whom I had “met” along the way, in my travels, who are still “flashing back” to our time together, reliving those sensations, and probably feeling a wetness between their legs, before quickly suppressing the memory and that feeling.

Finally Kelly, pulled her Blue Focus into the parking lot of Dixie’s Grille, I signaled for Kelly not to pull away and jumped down from the RV to approach her driver side door.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Kelly I wanted to thank you for all your kindness. So many people can be so standoffish in a new town. So much distrust! Where does it come from? But you have been just wonderful to Stephanie and myself. I really wish there was a way we could repay your kindness. Won’t you let us buy you dinner? I heard that your husband is going away for a ‘boy’s weekend.’ You don’t want to eat alone, do you? At least let us do this small thing and you can tell us more about your town. We are looking for a quiet place to settle down, where people trust people and offer kindness like you have.” I smiled my most winning smile, my eyes locked on Kelly’s.

It was almost like she didn’t hear me, as she stared into my eyes. There was that pause, that empty airm for a few seconds before she finally said, “Th..that is very kind of you but I have some groceries in the car that will spoil if I don’t get them in the refrigerator.”

I had already anticipated that she might say this and countered with “Well, we have a refrigerator in our RV to keep things cold. Won’t you please join us. I know Stephanie would be so very pleased if you did.”

Kelly thought for a moment and said “OK. What the heck. I only have a few things. And it might be fun to hear about your travels and adventures. To be honest, as I told Stephanie, Bailey Springs is not exactly a bastion of excitement. Maybe you two can liven things up ” she laughed and I just smiled inwardly. (“Oh yes, we will”)

“Wonderful!, Why don’t you gather those few things and I will tell Stephanie the good news.” I opened the door for Kelly (such a gentleman) and offered to carry her items but she waved me off.

I walked back to the RV and called to Stephanie .“Pet, make ready. I have invited Kelly to dinner. Little does she know she will be our dessert. Hand me the GHB. I will put it in her drink at dinner. You did well my Pet, Such a delectable choice. I can’t wait for the fun to begin.” And with that I grabbed the hair on the back of Stephanie’s head, in a hard, hurting grip and pulled her tight against me. You are such a good girl! I then forced my mouth hard onto hers, kissing her and biting her lip, tasting that coppery taste.” Tonight, we are going to feast and I will let you have the first taste.”

“Hey you two! Save that for dessert.” a laughing Kelly said from behind us. “Oh Stephanie, your lip is bleeding.”

Stephanie did a silly smile and moved her head side to side. “ Yes, well Dopey me, bit my lip when Mas.,, er John here teased me that you weren’t coming. He was just kissing me to apologize. I am so very glad you accepted our invitation and decided that you will indeed,,,,,be coming to dinner.”

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“Oh…it’s nothing really. In fact, you guys are doing me a favor. I don’t have to cook tonight. Just sit back and enjoy the evening.” Kelly grinned looking from me to Master. She was such a petite thing and so fresh looking. I liked that about her—unspoiled and fresh. I salivated inwardly as she chattered on. I smiled and made all the appropriate noises as Kelly talked. Master took the bags from Kelly. She gave me a surprised look as I shrugged and grinned sheepishly. He disappeared into the RV as we stood outside. I noted people pulling up and entering the restaurant, but none paid us any attention, though the casual observer, we looked like a normal set of friends out for the evening.

“Your husband is such a nice guy…and well…he has the most amazing eyes…green.” She smiled at me. Silly little bitch. He is mine. I caught myself.

“Yes, he’s amazing alright.” I sighed in an overly romantic tone. I giggled inside—I’m such a good ‘actress’. Little Kelly would soon find out how amazing Master is and if she survived it, we would have another convert. My mind momentarily drifted back to Cindy. A warm feeling flooded my lower regions. As Master returned, we entered the restaurant.

We were soon seated and looking over menus. I looked around the restaurant with vague interest as Kelly droned on about the town, things to do, sights to see and places to go. She was right, there really wasn’t much here, but for now, we had what we wanted. Master made all the right noises…complimenting her on her knowledge of the area, and her cheerful, sweet attitude. Eventually a waitress showed up and took our order. Master was charming and urbane, even flirting a little with the waitress (I made a mental note to look her up when we were done with Kelly). Master absolutely floored Kelly by offering to pay for everything as our show of appreciation.

She was astounded at how kind he was, I wasn’t because his ‘kindness’ had been shown to me many times. Of course he could also be cruel, but then…so could I. I smiled at the mundane talk going on at our table. This was all just a prelude to our real purpose tonight. I think he could tell I was getting antsy. I was ready to begin playing. As my mother always chided…”don’t play with your food.” Kelly was indeed my ‘feast’ tonight and over the next few days if possible.

We ate and talked, Kelly was fast becoming quite open with us, sharing personal information, most people would have been hesitant to relate to total strangers. I suppose the alcohol Master kept subtlely ordering was the main culprit, but to be honest, she sounded lonely. It seems dear Kelly was not exactly the most outgoing person. Her life centered around her boyfriend, his friends (who were all on this camping trip) and her job at the local library. As the she was off from work until the beginning of next week, no one was expecting her. Her boyfriend was away, so that was no bar to our activities; even if was home, Master would handle him easily enough and we’d have two ‘toys’. Kelly also, kindly revealed that her parents and sister lived several states over, so it wasn’t likely they would come calling. She was perfect.

“You guys are really cool, you know?” Kelly sat cross-legged in an overstuffed chair in her living room as we occupied the sofa facing her. We had followed her back to her home at her insistence since she really liked us. She wanted us to stop in for a drink to welcome us to the area since we gave her a free meal. She was sweet, and that was going to make breaking her that much more deliciously fun. Master sat one leg casually draped over the other with his arm around me. “I mean it! You guys look so sweet together…and…and…like all in love. I wish Rick and I had that. I mean it’s not like he doesn’t love me, you know? But he’s kind of dense when it comes to little things, you know?” Kelly was obviously not much of a drinker.

Her voice had become almost sing-songy and she was definitely buzzed. I smiled, as we sat biding our time. Master leaned forward pouring another drink for her (in addition to the three she’d had at dinner) and easily slipping the drug into it. Kelly was too busy going on about her love life, or lack of one.

“Oh…we understand, love. I’m a man and I have to admit, men can be kind of ‘dense’ when it comes to the finer points of romance. Really all that ‘staging’ though is intended to lead in one direction. Let’s face it—men are a lot more primal, don’t you think?” he gave her a look that seemed to make her a bit nervous. I had the feeling that old ‘Rick’ didn’t have the hypnotic quality of my Master.

“Er…um…primal?” she tilted her head to the side like a curious puppy.
“Yes, primal. You know—a man who takes what he wants. To put it simply, he fucks hard, long and without regret. He fucks any woman he desires, with no thought save to bury his hot, thick cock in her and fill her with his seed. His baser needs control him, not the mores of Society. He gives in to his urges, they shape what he is or is not. I’m willing to wager, given the proper stimuli, your man will show what’s really beneath his skin and it’s not flowers and candy. I’m also willing to be you really want to be taken and used by a real man.” Master let the words sink in as we watched Kelly nervously down her drink. She couldn’t take her eyes off Master.

“Huh? What?” Kelly blinked as if she were in a fog. Of course we knew what was really causing it. A few more minutes and she’d be nearly catatonic, long enough to put our plan into motion.

“Does Rick give in to his urges?” I asked in a seductive tone. I slid to the edge of the sofa, my eyes never leaving hers. “Does he take what he wants, Kelly…or does he beg like a little doggie hoping you’ll drop him a crumb or two at your pleasure?” I dropped to my knees and edge toward her.

“What? I mean…no! He…I mean Rick is sweet…” she began hesitantly, but I could see the drug beginning to act. Master leaned forward, his elbows on his splayed knees. He took a sip of his drink. Sweat broke out on her brow. “He loves me in his own way. S-sure…we….have…have our differences…but he works hard…has…has…never cheated on me and takes me…me out. Wow…excuse me, I feel a little out of sorts.” She wiped her forehead, finally tearing her eyes from Master’s intense stare.

“Oh….being ‘sweet’ is nice…but what do you do when you want a real fuck? When you want a man to force you wide open as you beg him to stop? Does Rick do that?” I asked closing the gap between us as I crawled to kneel in front of her. She dragged her eyes to rest on mine. I gave her a feral smile then turned to look at Master. He was so magnificent. He could tell I was ‘starving’ as he gave a short nod for me to proceed. I gave him a huge grin then turned back to Kelly. “Come on Kelly…you can tell us.” I braced my hands on either side of her where she sat.

“I…I…um…I…don’t…don’t feel so well….” Kelly began to stammer nervously. I could smell her rising fear. I blocked her in as she placed her feet on the floor to get up. She looked about wildly, her breathing increasing and caught Master’s look. “M-maybe…we…can…meet up another time…I don’t think—“ she started to weave a bit.

“Shh…no thinking Kelly. Master will do that for us and trust me…you will be glad he does.” I whispered moving until I had my arms wrapped around her neck. She feebly attempted to pull away as the drug did its work. “Now…answer my question Kelly…does Rick fuck you like a man? Does your cunt beg for him to take you like an animal? No? Don’t worry baby…after tonight you’ll be begging for cock.” With that I kissed her as she opened her mouth to protest. My lips pressed against hers..my tongue invaded the warm cavern of her mouth as my hand dragged her forward. I pressed my body between her legs and allowed on hand to trail down to her breast. I teased and pinched it through her top.

“Mmfff…! Mmmfff…!” she murmured weak protests…her breathing became shallow. I squeezed her tit hard as she emitted a little cry into my demanding kiss. Eventually I felt her sigh. I love how girls give in so easily. I could feel my pussy starting to soak. My fingers touching, rubbing and pinching her breasts. They were a nice handful. Master would be pleased. Then I felt her sag against me. Poor thing had succumbed to the drug. I pushed her over. She lay limply over the side of the armchair.

“Pet…well done, and only with one kiss. Mmm…did you enjoy that?” Master rose up and came to stand behind me, observing our prey.

“Oh yes…very much, thank you Master. Ohhh…her mouth is so sweet. Your cock will enjoy the softness and warmth. I can’t wait to see her eating my hot little pussy. Shall we secure her, here?” I was as happy as a puppy earning a special treat from her owner. There was no doubt he owned me. My fingers slipped inside the leg of her shorts and stroked her cunt lips. I was pleased to feel smooth soft skin. Though Master cared little whether a woman was shaven or not…I liked any cunt I fucked to be clean shaven—just one of my little idiosyncrasies.

“No, Pet, I think not. First, who knows who might come looking for her. Noisy neighbors abound in little cloisters like these. Second, we need to keep her off guard. She knows the layout of her own home. I don’t want her finding any makeshift weapons or alerting anyone. We will take her to our lair and drive to one of the campground areas we spied on the way into town. Now…get her cellphone and look for names of people she might text. Check her messages to see who texts her most. I will wipe down our fingerprints which shouldn’t be too hard since we didn’t touch anything except the wine and glasses.

I picked up her cellphone from the table she left it on and watched it come to life. I found a text from her boyfriend.

Rick Garrett: Hey dollbaby. Made it safe. Guys say hey and thx 4 the CRL. Back on SUN NITE. Doc and Craig already fighting like to two bitches in heels. LMFAO. K babe be good. LUV U. XOXOXO!
I sent a reply.

KellyKitten: Hi Sweetie! Glad to hear. Have tons of fun. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. Luv u 2! XOXOXO!
I sent a text to her mother (it wasn’t hard to figure out that Akiko Yamanda was her mother telling her I was going to spend some time with a girlfriend while Rick was out of town. Mrs. Yamanda was happy her daughter was getting out. Well…she was…in a manner of speaking. I cleaned the cellphone and pocketed it. Master hoisted an unconscious Kelly up into a fireman’s hold. Exiting the house first, I made sure no one saw us. The houses on either side of Kelly were both dark and no cars were in front of them. Once we locked up, and secured Kelly in the camper, Master pulled off into the night and toward a campground area that he’s spotted in a secluded spot.

Kelly lay on her back, strapped to a pull out bed. I had stripped her clothing off and cut off anything I couldn’t move. Now she was naked, her wrists and ankles secured and gagged. I’d taken the precaution of placing a blindfold on her. Master asked the reason. Mostly for dramatics. I liked the shock value. When I’d dommed my husband, he said the most frightening and thrilling thing was to be restrained and blindfolded. Having that sense of sight cut off…he didn’t know what to expect. It could have been me with a strap-on or ten guys ready to gangfuck his ass, or a pretty girl to suck his cock. Well…Kelly was probably going to be on the ‘frightened’ side for most of this little ‘trip’.
Master pulled into the campground’s rental office and paid the necessary fees. Apparently he told the manager we were recently married and wanted to get away…for some ‘us’ time…the manager, no doubt a ‘romantic’, suggested we pull into one of the more secluded spots. Lucky ‘us’.

“Mmmm…..mmm! Mrrr? Mrrr…?” pretty Kelly was starting to wake up, and not enjoying her situation.

“Ahhh…Pet, I think our guest is awake. Why don’t you go check on her, while I get thing ready.

“With pleasure.” I smiled and practically leaped out of the passenger’s seat to go to her.

“Mrrr…! Mrrr….! Mrrrr….!” Her whining was louder. The drug was wearing off. I sat beside her and stroked her cheek. At first she rolled her head from side to side to sense where I was standing.

“Hi Sweetie…ohhh..you’re awake now. Well, don’t worry Kelly, you’re in good hands…or you soon will be darlin’.” I leaned in and kissed her cheek. Her head rolled vigorously as she attempted to avoid my touch. I grasped her chin roughly. “I suggest you settle down, little kitty. Things are going to get rough, I promise you.” I held her chin firmly as she tried to struggle. I smiled slyly.

“Keep her quiet Pet…we are almost at our destination!” Master called from the front.

“I will Master…she needs a little incentive.” I let my hand rest on her tight stomach, then slid it down to her snatch. Her eyes widened in fear when she felt me sliding my finger back and forth over the lips of her cunt. I teased her edges..then slid it between the lips. Kelly shook her head and tried to squirm but was held tight. I laughed.

“Mrrr…! Mrrrr…!” she screamed into the gag.

“Get used to it Kitten.” With that I shoved my finger into her dry pussy. She clenched her eyes shut and whimpered. I pulled my finger out then used to slam into her. “Ohhhh…Sweetie…so tight. Are you sure you and Rick ever fucked? Well…don’t worry….that will change. A word to the wise—learn to take it. It’s only going to get worse.” I laughed again and leaned over to kiss her forehead as she began to sob into her gag.

Yes….things were certainly going to get worse.
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Dinner had been boring, except for that cute little waitress. She was so perky and so attentive. I thought many times how both my pet and I could be “attentive” to her. I needed to focus on Kelly, our victim at hand. No need to be greedy. There was always time and I could see my pet was really salivating over her choice. It was going to be so delicious to see what she did, once we had Kelly alone.

As the conversation progressed I noted how well my pet had chosen. We could really take our time with Kelly and enjoy everything we loved doing, as well as trying a few new things that I had conceived. We plied Kelly with drink, our words and for good measure, a few drops of GHB. I tested Kelly’s awareness with an intense stare, almost spelling out what we planned to do to see what effect it would have.

I could see that my pet was anxious so I nodded for her to begin. I was so proud of her. Kelly made a weak attempt to leave but pet was on her and she finally collapsed. I stood behind my beautiful pet and stroked her hair. “Well done.” I could see that see was so happy, so proud, and so eager as she stooped and fingered open our little present. However, I needed to temper her eagerness as precautions needed to be taken. I had been raping women for years and never left a trace. I wasn’t about to start now. Eagerness often led to mistakes. I reminded pet and she readily agreed. The only thing better than enjoying our mutual feast would be the fact that we would get away cleanly and live to do what we now both loved, again and again.

I must admit she brought me new insight on how to heighten our pleasure. I never quite understood blindfolds. I always wanted to look in the eyes of my victim and see the fear and pain. However I had to concede that raising the stress level of our prize had its own reward. I finally reached a secluded part of the campground, parked behind a stand of trees and walked to the back of the RV.

“Mmmmmmm Pet, I see you have been prepping our prize… So her cunt is tight hmmm? We will need to attend to that. Go get your strap on, the one with the huge cock. I think you should have first penetration and it will be so delicious to rip off her blindfold and see her response when she finds a woman raping her.” Pet went off to retrieve it.

“Soooo Kelly…..alone at last” I chuckled menacingly, I could see her struggle at the sound of my voice, jerking at her bonds and making unintelligible sounds. “We are going to have so much fun with you and it will last for days and days. No one will hear your screams save my pet and I. No one is coming to save you. No one has any idea of where you are. You belong to us for as long as we like, but don’t worry, we will tire of you….eventually. And if you really are a “good girl,” we might even let you go…not quite unscathed but certainly well used.

I saw my belt returning with a big smile on her face. She was now topless and only wearing black panties. I pulled her close and gave her a deep French kiss as I twisted her nipple. She loved to have her nipples played with. I wonder what we would find with Kelly. What things she liked and what things she hated. Finding out and doing both to her was the best part of this experience. What I liked best was seeing the conflict on the victims face – loving the feel of what we were doing to her, but hating the fact that we were the ones doing it.

I saw the huge dildo that my pet had affixed to her strap on belt. As I pulled back from out our kiss. I laughed and said, “ Do you think she is ready for all that?”

“Well Master, there is only one way to find out,” she responded , also laughing.

Then I addressed Kelly. “So Kelly, I am so glad you could join us. We have lots of plans for you,” as I traced my finger across he naked body. “Some might hurt a little, well OK, maybe a lot, but you will get used to it after a while. And if you don’t , no matter, we will have our fun regardless. To be honest, sometimes it’s more fun when you actually don’t like it. “

Now that I reached Kelly’s face and mouth with my finger, I worked my way back down her body but this time raking my fingernails across he most sensitive parts, all the time talking to her, building up her stress and tension. Her body actually jumped a few times as I progressed. “Mmm excellent I see your nerve endings are attenuated. That is very good Kelly as it will heighten both your pleasure and of course pain. I want you to know that life can be filled with either pain or pleasure and sometimes it is only our choices that make it one or the other. Sometimes pain can turn into pleasure. It all depends on your mindset. For example, some women like this (pinching her nipple tightly) while others seem to hate it. Awww I see you are not a fan. Too bad.”

I then nodded to my pet who spread Kelly’s legs even further apart and probed her cunt lips with the tip of her large rubber cock, sliding slowly up and down, stimulating Kelly to wetness. My pet was impatient to thrust in hard and deep but I was teaching her patience. After a few minutes she looked up at me with anticipation. I smiled and nodded and she thrust deep into Kelly with one deep push. Kelly screamed as best she could through her gag. I saw the smile spread across my pet’s face at that scream and then she slowly pulled back and thrust in again but this time more slowly.

I walked behind my pet to give her a kiss on the back of her neck. I reached around to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. This elicited a huge sigh of pleasure, As I continued to kiss her from behind, I pulled out my cock and pressed it against her ass. The silk of her panties felt so good but I wanted skin on skin so I reached down and ripped the flimsy material in half, letting the two halves fall to each side of her hips. Now I could slide my cock between the cheeks of her ass as I returned yet again to kiss her shoulder and fondle her breasts. The retreat and forward motion of her ass as she fucked Kelly felt so good. As soon as I was hard, I planned to take Kelly’s gag out and gag her another way.

I had always worked alone, but I found this new partnership to be exquisite and so much more pleasurable. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I was falling in love with my pet. She was becoming so much like me that she was hard to resist.

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Kelly’s body undulated seductively whether she intended that effect or not. I was fairly certain she did not want to be raped. I was fairly certain she did not want to be hurt. I was banking on the fact that she would be foolish enough to struggle. My Master would see to it that Kelly’s life was going to change. I was fairly certain it would be for the worse, but then; they always came around to our way of thinking. Who knows…she might prove to be an ‘ally’ or a ‘tool’. We shall see.

When Master told me to get the strap-on, my heart beat double-time. I loved this part. Fucking a man in the ass was good, but there was always something missing. However, fucking a woman in her ass was sheer joy. Oh…the soft, warm flesh and the tightness were overwhelming. I felt drugged with that first thrust. I could understand the need to ‘steady’ one’s self when penetrating such a succulent hole. If the woman was an anal virgin, all the better. Either way, though, I enjoyed the screams….most of the time it was pain, but sometimes it was in pleasure.

I returned with ‘Lilith’ (yes...*giggle*…I named it), the largest of my collection of dildoes. Master was talking gently to Kelly. She was, of course, whimpering as tears poured from beneath her blindfold. Scared little poppet. Too bad. I listened attentively, a small feeling of jealousy briefly flared up into me. I loved my Master. I would die for him and kill for him. To hear the voice I loved so much, whispering such sweet things to that little bitch nearly got to me, but I quickly took a deep breath and focused on how good he was to me. I thought about how much we’d done together and how many women we’d fucked and used and destroyed. I thought about the few men he’d allowed me to use, against their will. True, most were too high to fight us off—still a fuck is a fuck in my book. With those thoughts, I calmed myself. Everything he’d done since my ‘conversion’ was for us…not just him. I smiled.

When Master kissed me, my heart soared, my temporary anger forgotten. I saw the look of appreciation in his eyes as he took in my attire—just a pair of black lacey bikinis and black leather knee-length boots. Kissing me, he pulled me tight. I was in heaven.

“Do you think she is ready for all that?” he asked, eyeing ‘Lilith’. He didn’t really care if Kelly was ready or not.
“Well, Master, there is only one way to find out!” I laughed heartily knowing what Kelly was now about to endure. Master had used ‘Lilith’ on me when I got a little too mouthy with him.

He continued to tease Kelly, talking to her, touching her and taunting her. By now she was trembling so hard the little bed was shaking. She yelped behind her gag when he roughly pinched her nipple. Whether it hurt or not, I noticed the fleshy tip thickening in response. Ahhh….Kelly’s tits were sensitive. Good, I thought. I loved sucking nipples…and I also loved clamping them.

As I readied myself, Master pulled on the restraints loosening them enough to turn Kelly over onto her stomach, and then pulled her to the edge. The restraints allowed for shifting the person and then locked into place again. Her smooth legs hung over the edge, exposing her heart shaped ass. He nodded as I spread her legs and began to tease her pussy with my ‘cock’. I let the stiff thing rub and prod her smooth lips. I continued to tease her as a miniscule wetness began to seep giving the dildo a nice shine. Whether she liked it or not—wanted it or not—her cunt was beginning to betray her.
“Good Kelly…very good Sweetie. You’ll want to wet that ‘cock’. You see…the ass is a funny thing. It’s nice and tight, but a little low on the lubrication. Your pussy however…it’s going to get wet when it’s stimulated. I suggest you concentrate on getting wet. Your ass will thank you.” I laughed, as I lightly thrust in and out of her cunt—just enough to get the dildo wet.
“Ohhh…Master…it’s beautiful!” I sighed. For now, the only sound in the room was Kelly’s pitiful sniffling and muffled choking sounds. Looking at him for approval, I felt myself grow warm when he nodded.

I massaged and fondled Kelly’s butt cheeks as she began to cry harder. I’m fairly certain she was pleading and saying ‘no’, but no matter. I pulled the flesh apart to marvel at her crinkled entry. Was it ‘virgin’? It didn’t look used and worn. Perhaps that was her problem, not enough anal fucking. That was going to change.

“Now…Pet, show your Master how much you enjoy our new ‘toy’.” He said. I smiled, positioned myself behind Kelly and with no more delay; I thrust into the tight channel as hard as I could. I didn’t give a flying fuck about her pain or discomfort. I lived for the ‘scream’ and boy…did she ever!
“Mmmmrrrrrhhhh…!” Kelly squealed like the proverbial ‘stuck pig’ and I thought I was going to faint.

“SHIIIIIIIT!” I cried out in ecstasy as Kelly’s muscle rebelled. It was tight as hell. I was determined and forged ahead. I thrust short and powerfully into her, my hips swinging back then slamming forward. The girl was amazing. How she managed to scream and breathe was totally beyond me, I worked ‘Lilith’ until it was fully embedded in the little bitch’s ass. I was actually proud of her because this monster was huge. Even I didn’t like being on the receiving end…that much. I smiled and closed my eyes savoring the frantic shaking of her body, the tightness of her ass as her muscles fought to expel my ‘cock’ and her muffled, terror filled screams.

I felt Master behind me then, kissing me, teasing my breasts and pressing his own ‘monster’ against my ass. I sighed in absolute pleasure. Could this get any better? YES!

He began to fuck me as I fucked her. He loved my ass with his unrelenting thick shaft, while I raped her like the toy she was for us. Our rhythm was so sensual. I knew I was going to orgasm even without him fondling my clit. It felt magnificent. I arched my back to receive him deeper and shoved into her to make her feel my pleasure. For her, it translated into a memory she would never forget. Yes, I was ever so glad that we would use this slut. I looked forward to my Master’s plans.

I’m so glad he ‘found’ me for I was desperately ‘lost’ even though I had no clue. Now…I know my purpose and it was about to get nasty.

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I thrust slowly into my Pet’s ass, almost lovingly, I thrust deep inside her and as I did, felt her ass and hips thrust forward as well. Kelly’s muffled screams only added to our pleasure. Each time my Pet thrust in deep, and Kelly made that delicious “MMMMMFFFFF!” sound, my pleasure multiplied exponentially. “Yesssss…” I said as I started to pump my Pet faster, harder and she did the same to Kelly.

Kelly’s muffled sceams increased in repetition and intensity, which only made our tempo increase as well. I fucked my Pet harder and faster as I heard the “MMMMMFFFFF” “MMMMMFFFFF” “MMMMMFFFFF” “MMMMMFFFFF” growing louder. Finally, after 10 short minutes, with one final thrust I felt my hot lava-like cum stream out of my cock and fill my Pet’s ass. As it did, she thrust violently into Kelly’s ass. Kelly screamed and passed out.My Pet then shuddered, stiffened as she came and then just collapsed on top of Kelly. I lay on top of my Pet, my cock still buried deep in her ass.

We lay there for a while, as I listened to the soft breathing of both women but it was time to liven things up. I needed to remind my Pet that while she could dominate another woman, she was still mine. And besides I knew she was growing to enjoy the pain I imparted. I slapped her ass.

”It’s time, my Pet, for your lesson.”

She lifted off Kelly, slowly pulling out the strap on. It popped out and sprung upward. Blood ran down the inside of Kelly’s thighs. The dildo was shiny with it.

I noticed my Pet’s eyes were downcast. She thought she had failed. I smiled at her and reached out to lift her chin. She looked at me quizzically.

“Aww, my Pet, do not fret. You were magnificent!” A huge smile spread across her face, a smile of gratitude and pride. I loved the gratitude but not the pride. ‘Pride goeth before the fall’ I thought and then she asked her question…

“Master? May I ask a question? If I was…. ‘magnificent’ then why?….why the lesson?”

I shook my head in amusement and smiled at her. “You don’t understand do you? These ‘lessons’ were never meant as punishment. They are my demonstration of love for you. I love you, so I discipline you. I give you pain so you can appreciate the pleasure.

Then laughing…”And admit it, you like both in equal measure. Am I right?”

Her eyes were downcast but I still saw the smile forming and then that soft, “Well …yes”

“I want to wake up little Kelly here so she can witness the lesson. I want her to see how tough you are, and how bad things could be for her. I want her to witness your pain, and I want you to smile at her and ask for more. Her horror? will be our joy. “

“Hold out your arms, my pet.” She obeyed and I tied here wrists tightly, looping the nylon rope around, over and under in a nice tight knot. I then fed the free end of the rope through the pulley I had installed in the roof of the RV. I pulled the rope and watched her arms rise with each tug, Finally, her arms were fully extended above her head and she hung there, her toes barely touching the floor. “Ahhhhh” was the only sound she made as I made the final pull, wrapping the free end of the rope around the clamp I had mounted on the wall.

I walked over Kelly, and I untied one ankle and flipped her over to face upward. I slapped her face until she was awake. As she awakened, her eyes grew wide and she tried her best to squirm away from me.

“Awww Kelly, What? Is your admiration for me gone so quickly? So fleeting? You need to learn about commitment, my dear. My Pet has. She is fully committed to me. Look at her hanging there. Isn’t she magnificent? Such a beauty. She has no fear, Kelly. She has only an unmatched loyalty. A love that is truly unconditional.”

I stood. “Here let me show you.”

As I stood, I removed my thick, wide leather belt from my jeans that now lay puddled on the floor. I walked over to my Pet.

“Are you ready my love? “ She smiled and nodded as she spun slowly to the left and to the right. I pulled my arm back and swung the belt into her naked torso. SWACK!

She closed her eyes and smiled. I pulled my arm overhead. This time the belt landed squarely on her right breast. SWACK! She stiffened a little and smiled again. “More, ….Harder!” were her only words. Her body twisted and her back was now facing me. I swung again side arm, catching the cheek of her ass with a loud SWACK! And again back handed , reversing course, SWACK and again and again SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! She swung around again to face me once again, panting heavily, the red welts apparent. Even I was panting some with the effort I had employed to deliver those stings of pleasure.

I looked over to Kelly on the bed. Her face was a mask of horror, her eyes crinkled as if she were the one receiving pain. I smiled.

“Kelly do not be afraid. Your turn is coming. My Pet gives as well as she receives. But observe well, Look at her body. See those marks? I do this soley because I love her and because she loves the pain. I have taught her to enjoy both the giving and receiving of both pain and pleasure. They are much the same you know, such a very fine line that separates the two.” I paused for effect. “Sometimes, however, the pain can be more intense in the mind then in the body. Here, let me show you. I spun my Pet to face Kelly. I held her still facing the bed.

I then approached Kelly, as she lay on the bed. I saw her legs spread wide, her slit so very inviting. I began to stroke my cock at the sight and it did not take long to get hard again. I knelt on the bed and felt it dip slightly. I used my hand to massage Kelly’s pubic mound, sliding my finger slowly up and down between her cunt lips, gently massaging, stimulating, …teasing.

Despite herself, Kelly’s slit began to gleam with wetness, so I slide my finger inside her, moving in and out, then up to her hardening clit. Kelly turned her head to the side, angry and humiliated that her body was yet again betraying her. I replaced my finger with the tip of my cock, repeating that same motion and lightly probing her hole. Finally I lay down on top of her and thrust deep inside. I slid in so nicely. She was wet. I noted her face was as well, as the tears welled in her eyes to slowly slide down her cheeks. I smiled again and began to take long deep thrusts in and out of her cunt. This was so perfect.

I didn’t have to look behind me to know that other tears were also flowing. My Pet could be so hurt when she watched me fuck another woman and enjoy it. I knew she was jealous as she always wanted me, to be touching or fucking her as well.

I also knew she envied Kelly’s pleasure and soon that envy would turn to jealousy and then anger…Anger that another woman would dare try to take me away from her. As I fucked Kelly, I smiled yet again. I knew when it was Kelly’s turn to hang from the ceiling, my Pet would have no mercy. Kelly would suffer greatly for her ‘sin’. I would watch with delight. And once my Pet’s anger abated, we would share Kelly once more. And Kelly would be most compliant.
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I hung there watching my beloved Master fuck that stupid little whore! How could he? How could he do this to me? Was I not loyal enough? Did I not please him enough? Why was he giving her my ‘pleasure’? I could hear the silly little bitch sniveling and crying. Why? She wasn’t suffering. No, not near enough. I was the one suffering. Hanging up in full view of my Master’s body making full use of Kelly, I could hear his sounds of enjoyment. He loved to fuck…to rape and violate a woman’s body. He’d used me like that once. Those first days…so very special to me now…were being dishonored by that unworthy cunt he was fucking.

I could hear her moans. They were not of lust. They were of pain, humiliation and fear. I made those sounds once, too. But I came to love them. I came to love him. Now, she would do the same. That cow would come to love the violation and the reminders…those beautiful scars and bruises. I could feel it. She’d try to entice my Master. Look at her, crying like a little baby. She’s not a real woman, a worthy slave! No, she’s just an available piece of ass. Oh…why…fucking…why did I choose her? I should have chose one less frightened. If Kelly would just defy him! Yes! Master would not tolerate that, not even from me. Master…look at me! I would die for you…kill for you. Let me loose…let me show you! I’ll show him and her; especially her. I’ll show Kelly what real pain is and what true devotion is by my reckoning. If I turned on my best friend Cindy…it was no big thing to destroy this little cunt.

I listened to the grunts of my Master and Kelly’s cries as he plowed into her unwilling pussy. Every thrust and whimper echoed through my suspended body. I could hear Master’s breathing increasing along with the rhythm of his thrusts. He would orgasm soon. I prayed he wouldn’t do it in that unworthy hole. She didn’t deserve his cum. She should be begging for him to fuck her; instead she whined like a complete idiot. I hoped he would let me play. I wriggled impatiently, but not so much to draw his attention.

I closed my eyes and practiced my breathing to keep from focusing on them, yet keeping myself ready for his instruction. It also kept me from becoming more and more angry. After all, it wasn’t unusual for a man to toss one loyal woman aside to sample the pleasures of another. Perhaps I was jaded. He might desire something fresh, younger this time. I screwed my eyes shut tightly as I felt hot tears of anger, jealousy and fear sliding down my cheeks. I bit my lip to keep from howling in anguish.

The minutes seemed to turn into hours, then I heard his familiar groan. He was nearing release. My eyes snapped open to take in the sight. To my chagrin, Kelly too was not as adverse to his touch as she ‘pretended’. Her hips were grinding imperceptibly against his thrust. That pig was enjoying it! Her crocodile tears weren’t fooling me! Oh…she was going to pay. Finally I heard him give a deep groan, his body pressed into hers and that moment of truth. YES! YES! Finish with that bitch! Master pushed away from Kelly, streams of his cum decorating her torso. I could hear him speak, but wasn’t listening. My attention was drawn to his hand smearing the creamy offering into her skin as she began to cry again. I could feel myself getting wet. My cunt tingled in anticipation when my Master turned smoldering eyes upon me. He still wanted me. The discomfort and pain in my arms and body were nothing compared to seeing the look in his eyes.

“Ahhhh…Pet…how are you doing?” he smirked. He waited for my answer, his hand still caressing a sobbing Kelly. I swayed as I tried to regain my composure. I gave him a haughty look.

“I am well, Master. Please let me down and I’ll show you ‘how I’m doing’. “ I purred, hoping he didn’t detect the uncertainty in my voice. I heard Kelly’s labored breathing behind her gag. He leaned forward and tenderly kissed Kelly’s sweat beaded forehead. I cringed on the inside.

“Good answer, Pet…though, I wasn’t sure who’s whining I was hearing, yours or little Kelly’s here.” He patted her hip as she moaned and tried to inch away from him. I blushed at his observation. He had not missed my pouting. He knew me well. He stood up and walked toward me, his eyes keenly watching me. I could hide nothing from him and he knew it. I felt his strong thick finger push past the fleshy lips of my pussy and slide into my dampening sheath.

“Mmmm….Master…”I breathed in relief as I felt the digit sliding in and out of me.
“Ohhh….Kelly…Kelly…Kelly, I think our little fuck session has made my Pet nice and horny.” He chuckled and looked back at the bitch still whimpering like a scared rabbit. “But, I think she needs a little more than we’ve given her.” He smiled, his still on her trembling form.

“Please…Master…..!” I wanted down, I wanted him to fuck me too! I could show him so much more than that little ‘one trick’ pony. I’ll bet her husband was bored stiff with her simply lying there getting fucked. I could show her how a real woman used her cunt. I squirmed and wiggled trying to encourage him to do more.

“HOLD STILL!” he suddenly growled. My movements immediately stopped. Even Kelly’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Master?” I looked down at him.

“You know….Pet….I expected better of you; especially in front of our ‘guest’.” He spoke in a chiding tone.

“Master….I….” I wasn’t sure what I’d done to displease him, but it was obvious his mood had changed. He removed his finger and moved with purpose to our ‘toy box’ and pulled out a large butt plug—one he knew I hated because it was difficult and uncomfortable, a set of weighted nipple clamps and finally one of his ‘vampire’ gloves. It was made of a soft supple leather, but studded on the fingertips with pointy metal studs that resembled needles. I swallowed hard. It dawned on me, my Master was quite aware of my silent tirade at his choosing to fuck Kelly at that moment. Yes, I’d wanted to play with her some more. I’d been the one to pick her out. We were a team! Yet, he left me hanging as a ‘lesson’ while she enjoyed his cock. Oh sure…she could pretend all she wanted, but I knew she loved his cock. Now, he was going to punish me for my pride.

“Yes?” he went back to Kelly and removed her gag.

“Nothing…Master.” I hung my head knowing it was best to take the punishment. Kelly chose that moment to start screaming.

“Please…oh…god…please…please...let me go…I swear…I…I won’t tell! Please…let me gooooooo!” she wailed at length until Master gripped her throat in his hand cutting off her air and her cries.

“One cry…one sound…just one…and I swear you pathetic little cunt, I will crush your windpipe with my bare hand!” he growled in her ear. His hand tightened to prove the truth of his words.

“Uuh…uhh…!” Kelly struggled to breathe her hands restrained and useless.

“Do” *squeeze* “You” *squeeze* “understand?” his hand continued to squeeze as she nodded in a panic. “Good…now be quiet like the good little slut you are and take a lesson from a slut who knows her place.” He smiled when Kelly nodded again.

“Master…please..” I wasn’t pleading for her, I was ashamed he’d caught me in a weak moment.

“SHUT UP!” he yelled at me. Turning back to Kelly he shoved the butt plug in her mouth. “SUCK!” he ordered as she tried to do as commanded. She choked and gagged trying to suck as he forced it in and out of her mouth. He pulled the wet plug from her mouth. “Good girl, I’m sure Pet will be quite appreciative that you wanted to make this a little easier for her. “He chuckled and returned to me. He moved behind me. I felt him spread my ass cheeks. Normally I would have looked forward to this—not today.

“Master…..it…it….ohhhhh…ohhhh…ssssss….ahhhh….!” I moaned and hissed as he slowly eased the butt plug in then pulled it out a little. He continued to ease it in then out…then back in a little more each time until he finally forced the last few inches in, opening my tender nether hole. I shrieked in pain and discomfort.

“Now…now..Pet. I expect better of you. Remember, Kelly should be learning from you.” He laughed and slapped my ass, jarring the uncomfortable thing in my ass. I didn’t mind administering a butt plug…the bigger the better, but I was a little short on taking it in my own ass. My body trembled in an effort to adjust. Even as I was trying to mentally deal with the butt plug, I felt his hands teasing my nipples, making the buds harden and lengthen.

He knew I loved nipple play. I moaned despite my pain--that is…until he attached the weighted nipple clamps. I swallowed the howl of pain that danced at the back of my throat. He stood back to admire his work.

“Ahhhh….” I tried to speak. He smirked, slid on the glove then picked up his belt again. I began to really shake then. I knew what that ‘vampire’ glove could do. Its pin-like studs would pierce my skin with each touch, or slap. It wasn’t deep enough to lacerate, but it could leave some pain. If lightly used to graze the skin, the tingling sensation was erotic. But the look in his eyes told me he was not going to hold back.

“Pet…remember, as much as I love your loyalty, your commitment, your fearlessness…your pride leaves a lot to be desired. I am the Master and you are the slave. Any ‘pride’ you possess is a product of my doing. If I want to fuck an army of cunts…you accept it with the grace and beauty I know you possess. You do not pout and carry on like some stupid little girl. Do we understand one another? Hmmm?” he ran his hand over the belt.

“Yes…Master.” I tried to keep my voice steady. I knew any show of weakness would earn me worse treatment.

“You say you understand, but just to make sure….a lesson. One you and Kelly will benefit from.” He took up a stance nearly behind me. He wanted Kelly to see everything. I hated that bitch. Had it not been for her, I would not be undergoing this. Oh…she was definitely going to pay when I got my hands on her. But I knew I must obey my Master. I must accept this discipline. But I was going to fuck Kelly up for all I was worth. She’ll be in the hospital longer than old Cindy if I have my way.
The swish of the leather belt through the air was nothing compared to that fiery sensation against my skin when it found its mark. It hurt so bad….I could barely breathe, but I knew my duty.

“THANK YOU, MASTER!” I screamed as the leather made contact with my hip first, then my ass, slapping against the butt plug. The force shook my body causing the weights to pull and hurt my tits. This was just the beginning. I knew the glove would be used soon. Poor Kelly was nearly catatonic with fear. She whimpered with every hit I received, more than a little worried that Master would slit her throat.
After twenty blows of the belt, I was covered in sweat, my breathing was labored and my body was on fire. The butt plug had been driven deeper, if that was possible as the belt landed against it. I knew I’d be covered in welts and bruises, but I cherished each one if only because it showed Master I was worthy.
“Now…Pet…who is in control here?” he asked smacking my bruised backside with his gloved hand. I winced at the pinpricks.

“Y-you do Master!” I managed to answer.

“Good Pet. Tell Kelly what you are willing to do for your Master?” he crooned, now rubbing his gloved hand up and down my ass and thighs. I could feel the skin prickling.

“Anything…ANYTHING!” I screamed. Kelly still lay there blubbering. Idiot.

“Why?” he asked in a silky voice.

“Because Master cares for me…wants what is best for me…and saved me from a worthless existence before he came into my life!” I meant every word.

“Good Pet. I knew ‘my’ Pet wasn’t some simple minded, weak willed cunt like you Kelly. Ahhh…but don’t worry little Kelly, we still have plans for you.” He gently massaged my mound with the gloved hand, moving his fingers to the hard bundled of nerves at the apex of my sex. The glove did its job. The ‘needles’ teased my needy clit and I moaned in a combination of pain and lust at the sensation as my pussy began to drip. Nobody knew me like my Master.

“Mmmm….Master…thank you.” I moaned again. I wanted to beg for more, but I knew he would give me a lot more pleasure later.

“Well…since you seemed to have remembered your place my Pet, I think it’s time we let you and Kelly get a little more acquainted. What do you say Kelly? Ready to play?” he laughed as he proceeded to remove the toys from my body, then lowered me to the floor. He released my hands, pulling me close as Kelly began pleading again.

“Thank you, Master.” I snuggled in his strong arms as he tilted my chin up and kissed me deeply. A shiver of real anticipation coursed through me. He put me away from him as I squared my shoulders.

“Now, to the business at hand. Master, I think Kelly would like to demonstrate how much she’s learned from watching me.” I grinned as I released her. I pulled the blindfold off to be confronted by frightened red eyes. Her body was trembling as I helped her down. She cringed away from me, prompting me to physically yank her forward.

“Please…please…I don’t want this! Please…let me go! I won’t tell anyone…I…I don’t even…know your real names….I swear….I won’t tell! Please…please…!” she began wailing again then grasped Master’s shirt. Before she could do more I wrenched her away and slapped her as hard as I could.


“YOU DON’T TOUCH HIM YOU FUCKING WHORE!” I screamed and dragged her to the pulley Master had just used to hoist me up. He chuckled pulling a screaming struggling Kelly to the restraints.

Bitch was going to pay and I was going to play.
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I smiled at my Pet's anger and jealousy. She had seen me rape almost 20 women by now. She had held them down or rode their faces as I fucked them, her hips grinding on their mouthes, while my hips ground against into their pussy or ass. We would even lean forward and kiss deeply, as we shared the mutual pleasure of our new found toy.

For some reason however, Kelly was a different experience for my Pet. Perhaps it was because she picked Kelly out for me as a gift. Perhaps she had seen a passing enjoyment on Kelly's face. Or did she think I enjoyed my gift too much? Could she possibly believe that Kelly was any different then the hundreds of whimpering, pleading bitches I had raped?

My Pet's jealousy and petulance could become a liability and lead to mistakes down the road. I was having none of that. I had to punish her. I had to hurt her in ways I knew she would be reminded of who was in charge, but also to show her my love through my discipline. My little demonstration was also a lesson to Kelly. I could see Kelly was approaching the precipice of her breaking point. A few more nudges and she would break and become most compliant.

I had learned along my travels that this "foreplay" of breaking a woman was quite arousing and Kelly was so close. She could see the hatred in my Pet's eyes and was quite unnerved. Kelly actually tried to cling to me to save her. I laughed aloud at this irony, as my Pet pulled her away and viciously slapped her. Oh yes! Kelly was about to break and my Pet was going to be the one to do it.

I handed my belt to my Pet as a sort of symbolic " changing of the guard." I was now bestowing a second honor on My Pet...not only choosing the victim but also allowing her to push Kelly off the precipice...allowing my Pet to break her, earning Kelly's complete loyalty and obedience ... just as I had so many months ago when Stephanie became my Pet and I her Master.

I smiled as my Pet squared herself in front of Kelly seizing a clump of Kelly's hair, her face inches apart, screaming at Kelly, spittle flying from her lips and mixing with the teas now streaming from Kelly's eyes...i chuckled as she dragged Kelly to hoist and quickly secured her.

Oh yes, Kelly was going to pay quite a price for my Pet's jealousy. I decided to sit back and enjoy the show. My Pet had quite a sadistic streak in her at times. I could already feel my cock hardening again. This was going to be quite enjoyable.

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I was so energized by my rape of Kelly, I was ready to inflict more punishment on her. She struggled like a helpless little fly against the strength of my will and my anger. Oh no, there was to be no mercy for her. I wanted her broken and tossed back to her life. I thought about some of the women Master had graciously allowed me to help break. They screamed, pleaded and cried. Kelly had done all that and I wanted more. Normally Master controlled every detail of our ‘hunting’ and capture. Now, he had entrusted me to take care of this one. I could feel his eyes on me. I wanted to make him proud. I would make him proud!

“Ohhhhh….god…nooooooo…!” Kelly moaned as I continued to feast on her dripping pussy. The humiliation she felt as she came was perfect. She wailed in shame as her body bucked against my onslaught. Her orgasm seemed to pulse through her as her pussy fluttered against my tongue and fingers. I latched onto that hard little clit and suckled like a baby on its mother’s teat.

“Mmmm….!” I moaned too, but in pleasure. Kelly trembled as rivulets of sweat coursed down her body. I pulled away and stood up to inspect her. “Awww….you’re working so hard, aren’t you?” I tutted with false sympathy. I ran a finger across her brow wicking away a droplet of sweat. My finger traced down her nose and lightly patted her lips with the moistened tip. I made a little pouty face as Kelly’s mouth began to tremble. Tears began to run down her face, though she made no noise other than her unsteady breathing.

My eyes travelled from her face to her heaving breasts and lit up at the sight of them. They were bruised, puffy and obviously painful. I smiled cruelly and yanked the clamps off.

“AHHHHHHH…god…ohhhh…god…!” she yowled at the sudden pain. Her nipples were nearly purple from being clamped. I reached up to fondle them, pinching them to make her ‘dance’ for us. Kelly squirmed about in discomfort.

“Ah ahhh…you wiggle way too much!” I chastised her and slapped them sharply. *SLAP SLAP* “Keep that up Kelly and you shall go to bed with no supper!” I teased. She didn’t find it funny as she whimpered and whined. I suppose it was quite understandable. I moved behind her and reached for another implement on the table. I picked up a mini flogger. The head was shaped like a little hand, ironically. That made me smile broadly as I held it up for my Master to see.

“Mmm…Pet…are you going to continue to play with her tits?” he grinned lazily, gently stroking his cock which was nice and hard. That was my signal to speed things up. He would want release quite soon.

“Well…Kelly seems to object. I think I shall play with her soft little pussy again. I think I can make her nice and wet for you again!” I giggled and fairly skipped back to her. I wanted to show Master I could handle his fucking Kelly. After all, I was the ‘chosen one’. He wanted me to be his loyal apprentice. He could have left me in that hell hole of a life we left behind, but he saw something worthy in me. I needed to show him I ‘jealousy’ has no hold on me. I am confident that these fuckpigs mean nothing to him. I would make her pussy beg for his cock.

“Well…carry on then, sweet Pet.” He nodded. I felt a warm glow with his approval. He was not disappointed in me.

I positioned myself in front of Kelly again. She helplessly looked down, a look of terror on her face as I chastely kissed her mound.

“This will be so much fun Kelly, my sweeting…well...maybe not for you!” I lightly patted her mound with the flogger. She tried to shift her bottom away to no avail. I gently rubbed the flat head against her cunt, dragging it across the silky flesh. She moaned in apprehension. I grinned in anticipation. I slapped one side, then the other of her cunt lips. I slapped them again I rapid succession. The slaps grew harder as I continued.

“Ohh…ohh…Ohh…PLEEEEASE…NO MORE! NO MORE!” she cried as I paddled her cunt. I happily slapped her until the lips were puffy and red to match her tits.

“Awwww….Kelly you’re going to make me think you don’t like this!” I chuckled. “Don’t you?” I innocently asked.

“Nooooooo….!” She whined.

“Kelly…I think you’re lying.” I ran my fingers down the slick crease of her quim. She was wet. I slid one finger inside her warm sheath, then another and pumped them. “Now, Kelly…tell me you’re not wet. See how my fingers slide right in, Master?” I pumped harder…in and out…in and out, as she moaned in shame.

“Please…I’m begging you…!” she whispered.

“Well…’begging’ that’s a good start, but what I want is for you to ‘give yourself’ to us Kelly. No holding back. I want you to beg my Master to fuck you. I want you to beg me to eat my pussy. You know…all the things a little fucktoy should do. If you do that, I might be able to talk my Master into letting you go. Of course…I make no promises!” I used the handle of the flogger to penetrate her this time as she whined. Her cunt made wet, sucking noises as I slid it in and out of her. “Since your pussy seems to be enjoying this a little too much, why don’t we try something else?” I left her again and went to the little table of ‘tools’.

“Ahhh…these will do nicely!” I picked up a roll of duct tape and six clothes pins. I’d purchased these from the local DIY store. Nobody ever suspects the person buying such mundane household items of being a serial rapist. To quote Martha Stewart…’that’s a good thing!’ I stood in front of her again and bent a little to accomplish my next task.

“Pl-please…I...I…j-just w-want to...to…g-go hooooome!” Kelly wailed again. I shook my head.

“Kel….come on now…” I cajoled… Admit it…you were just going to spend a boring weekend. So think of ‘conversation toppers’ you’ll have after this! Look…ordinary clothes pins right? Boring…ho hum…old laundry day? Think again babydoll!” I practically cackled. I held them up for her to see each one as I snapped the little springwired contraptions onto the fleshy outer lips. The screams she let out…the curses…the pleas…DAMN…I nearly came as my own cunt clenched. When I finished, six blue clothes pins adorned her cunt. I paddled them to the sounds of her weak whimpering.

"NOOO...! Pleeeeeaase...please....don't!" she screeched.

"Tell us what we want to hear, little fucktoy!" I yelled, slapping the rows of clothes pins pulling at her tormented flesh. She cried out, tears streaming down her beautifully distorted face. "SAY IT BITCH! SAY IT! COME ON!" I reached for her little bud, amazingly hard. I guess pain and pleasure are only separated by a heartbeat.

"Pl-pleeeease...!" she cried.

"What does the fucktoy say?" I giggled.

"Pl-please...m-may...I...IIIIEEEEE...!" she screamed when pinched her protruding clit.

"HA HA HA...! Sorry sugar...couldn't help doing that. Now...continue, please!" I stroked her taut little bud.

"M-may...I..I...eat..eat...pussy...I mean...y-your pussy!" she struggled to speak between the pulses of pain.

"Better...and...what else?" I gave her three sharp slaps on her ass.

"Pl-please...f-f-fuck...m-meeee!" she was trembling so hard, I thought she'd pull free of her restraints.

"Good...but I will not be fucking your dirty little hole. Now say it right--call him Master, or I swear I'll slice your cunt lips off, you pathetic little whore!" I growled at her and picked up a pair of scissors and showed them to her.

"NO..PLEASE...NO...I-I'll say it! Pl-please...please...M-Master...please...fuck me...please....please...!" she was in full panic now. I really wished we'd videotaped this, but Master had a strict rule about 'evidence'. I sighed, but cheered myself with the knowledge that Kelly was begging like a good little bitch. The thought of my Master bending her over to fuck her ass while she ate my pussy made me drool. I could also think of how enjoyable it would be to ride her face while he thrust into her without mercy. The sight of a pretty pussy leaking cum and blood made me breakout into a sweat--it's so good.

I held up the scissors and cut off strips of duct tape, securing each strip across each row of pins so that they lay flat against her thighs. It looked painful as both sets pulled the flesh taut. I’m pretty certain Kelly would agree…it was painful! So far she had endured much.

By now, I was sure my Master was ready to burst. He had so generously indulged me, I felt a bit guilty for enjoying myself so much. I looked back at him to note an unreadable look on his face. I patted Kelly’s hip shifting her body back and forth. I sighed as I turned to face him completely. Foreplay was over. It was time to get down to business. I moved to stand in front of him. The look on his face mesmerized me. A fleeting thought of my very first time with him nearly caused me to moan. I hated it, but now—I’d die a thousand deaths to have him take me like that again and again. I wanted him to make me beg. Mmm….that would come later, as we reminisced over sweet Kelly.

“Master…please accept my offering…I hope she pleases you.” I lowered my eyes and took a servile stance. He is the only male I would have ever considered subjugating myself to—he meant everything to me. I hope he knew that.

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