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Default Urges to keep upskirting Mom

I''m a new user here. My name is Ivan , I'm 18 and i would really like to have some advice here on whether how i'm feeling over this whole issue is really normal for a guy my age?

It all started when my mom bought herself a mid-thigh length sleep tee and wore it often at home. One evening she was wearing that sleep tee and sat on the couch reading the papers. I happened to sit on the floor watching the tv . The position of where i sat was directly where her legs are but i didnt think anything of it as she was seated on my right side while the tv was straight in front.
Initially, she sat with her legs crossed. Then her uncrossing of her legs sorta got my attention so i turned to take a glance. The moment i saw what i saw when her legs parted gave me an instant erection and a blood rush in me. Right there, at close range i saw right into my mom's sleep tee and her light pink panties at close range.
As the papers covered her vision, she didnt know that i was peeping right into her sleep tee and kept her legs opened for almost 5 mins then she crossed her legs again. From that moment onwards, all i was thinking was to pretend to sit there until she finishes the papers so i can see her panties again and again as she cross and uncross her legs. True enough she did that for half an hour as i enjoyed the view of her nice pink cotton panties. She's a little on the fleshy side and not too slim but nice hips and butt but i still got my heart beating fast due to that incident. After that she finished her reading and stood up and bend over to tidy up the coffee table , as she bend over , once more i had the urge to peep at her pink panties covering her butt and went to lower myself under her sleep tee.
But this time, i was caught red-handed as she turn back and saw me peep. "what are u looking at?" she asked . "nothing" i denied. "curious to see mommy's butt?" she asked. Then i just said no and went to bed embarrassed.

From that night onwards i couldnt stop the urge to either look up her skirt or think of masturbating with her worn panties. Kept having this urge and it got worse when she found a new job that requires her to wear formal skirt and blouse with pantyhose. I notice that mom had the habit of putting on the pantyhose in the hall only after she wore her clothes.Reason being , she usually dresses up in her work clothes after the shower directly in the bathroom and only puts on the pantyhose when she comes out. I realised one day, while watching tv again.. that she likes to sit on the couch to put on her hose and i could see a little bit of upskirt while she does that. So i waited patiently for the next morning for her to sit on the couch.

My mum came out of the shower the next morning wearing her office skirt and blouse , then she sat on the couch. I was already seated at the same position on the floor facing her close range on the couch, well prepared to peep and with my heart beating fast.So my mom sat on the couch & started to hike her skirt up slightly higher to put on her pantyhose. I was sitting on the floor facing where she sat, & as i turned when she was hiking her skirt and putting on the hose, i could see right into her skirt at that point of time as there was a gap when she hiked her skirt. She then asked me " are u curious? curious to see women wear pantyhose?" I replied " yea, haven't seen how pantyhose is put on" Then she said " yea this is how it's worn, it's really nothing special"
At that point of time, i was in fact enjoying the view of that triangular gap with a slight view of her purple panties due to her hiking up her skirt earlier.My heart beat even faster with a hard-on raging below but she didnt seemed to mind or not know about it.

She then allowed me to watch her stood up pull up the pantyhose until her waist and finish wearing it. As her skirt was being hiked up gradually so she could pull up the hose, her fullback purple cotton panties were also exposed to me in full-view but she didn't seemed to mind. She even ask if i felt embarrassed watching her wear it . I was really feeling confused at that time but yet feeling excited as my own mom is actually flashing herself at me and she doesn't mind.

Now my question is : Is it because she sees me still as a young curious boy so she doesn't mind? Or does she actually know that it really turns me on? Im a teen guy and is it normal i feel so much rush and excitement inside me when watching her do that? I'm confused and kinda guilty at the same time so hope for some advice on why she could possibly not mind at all? i'm now also having constant urges to try and look up her skirt/dress. Should i tell Mom how i feel?
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I'm new here too, but I think she definitely knows (at least to a certain extent) that it turns you on. Maybe she's a freak and likes/needs the attention and having someone fawn over her, even though it's her own son?
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