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Default WWII: The Naga Queen and how the East was won.

Much has been written in these pages since I joined about World War Two, and the contribution to victory made by the various Allied nations.

We all know about how Hitler was caught in a pincer movement between the British Empire in North Africa, and the Soviets at Stalingrad. The desperate island by island fighting that brought the USA victory against the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean, before developing nuclear weapons finally ended the job.

Not much is written about the sideshows and tiny wars of attrition that sucked up the enemies resources and kept them from turning things around on the main fronts.

The battle of "the heart of the line", the French Resistance campaign against the railways of central France that slowed the Wehrmachts supply lines to the western front.

The suppression of Afrikaan rebels in southern Africa that kept them from entering the war in Europe on Hitlers side as they fought to protect their homes instead.

Then there is the guerrilla war fought in Burma by the Empire. The British Empire were definitely the under performers in the main Asian theatre. However guerrilla tactics held the Japanese up in Burma, and stopped them taking over the huge resources in Indian and Britains Eastern empire beyond it.

Today I have been reading about Ursula Graham Bower who led a 150 strong force of insurgents from the Naga Valley district of Assam to fight Japanese occupiers in Burma. This Rodean educated debutante was a hero about as unlikely as they come. She had worked as an anthropologist in the district before the war, and returned shortly after war broke out. She was recruited by the British Army at a time when they were developing special forces tactics in Africa, just as Japan and the USA entered the war.

I'd be interested to read about other side shows that influenced the result in WWII, or how the war was played out in forgotten corners of the planet that we don't often hear about.
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