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Default friends drunk wife.(short story)

it was 4 am,we was all completly drunk.sitting in ricks living room.
all us were was rudely and qwite diliberately out staying our welcome.
and all for exsacly the same reasson.for the first time in the 5 years id
known the couple.ricks partner dawn was completly smashed.

rick was trying for the 4th time to wake her,as she slumped on the arm of sofa.but all he got
was a angry growl demanding he leave her alone.i could see rick really didnt wana leave her
there.and he was far to embarresed to admit that to us.but he had work in the morning.
he had no choice.and we all new that.so at last.he gave in..

"fuck it im sorry lads,i gotta crash".we both just grunted as if we was doing the same.and off he stumbled up
the stairs.i waited a few minutes before i opend my eyes..i looked at ben.
he was slouched awake staring at her..ben nodded towards dawn slumped on the sofa.
and smiled.she was an innercent girl.36 years old.not skinny.but a nice hour glass
firgure,soft long blonde hair,nicely tanned.and lovely round tits bulgeing in her white vest top.

her high heels twisted arwkwardly on the carpet.her thin floral black and blue
skirt hanging between her thick slightly parted thighs..i smiled back at ben,pressing
finger to my lips as i slowly crept off the sofa.."shhh"..
ben hissed qwietly with laughter as he followed me..crawling towards her.
we both knelt down in front of her.

i gently placed my hand on dawns tanned knee.and paused..she didnt move.so i slowly
pushed her leg to one side.her pretty skirt stretched across her knees as her legs fell
wide open..ben ducked his head down and qwietly hummed under his breath.."mmmm,
look at those fucking lil knickers".her silky white panties pulled up tight,

sucked into her open slit.her clean shaven cunt lips were peeking out from each side
of the shiny gusset.i gingerly placed my hand on her inner thigh and gently stroked the
faint ripple of celulite with my palm.still no movement..so i started to slip my hand
further up..much to the enjoyment of ben who had to bite the back of hes hand
to silence his excitement..my fingertips kissed softly on her flimsy gusset.

"go on son.....finger the the little bitch"..ben whisperd..
i started slowly pushing my fingers into her slit through her knickers.
stirring her hot fanny lips open.pushing my finger on her hard knobberly clit.through the silk.
ben egged me on.."go oooooon do it pleeease,,,do iiiit"..

i hooked my finger inside her panties and pulled them to one side.exsposing dawns pink
shaven gash..i shuffeld up in between her spread legs.and lowerd my mouth onto her.
i ran my wet tounge up and down her slot.before plunging qwickly in and out of her
tight dry hole..ben was loving it hearing the sqwelching noise as i scooped the spit

from my mouth with my tounge,and licked it into her hole.his voice shakeing as he whisperd.
"arrh fuck yeah,go on eat that pussy,,fucking slag,get in her..dawn moaned qwietly
,starting to stir.i qwickly grabbed behind her knees,and pushed her legs up to her chest.
as she started to wake..still drunk,confused .."huh,,,wah,,,wayou doin.."..she suddenly relised
what was happening and tried to push her legs down.but i had her pinned..

"ben qwick....hold her"..ben reacted immediately,jumping up next to
dawn on the sofa.dawn looked at ben her eyes wide with terror..as she started to plead
"what?...dont..no wait a minute".but ben slapped his hand over her mouth.pinning her to
the sofa with his forearm across her throat.."GO ON SON,,GO FOR IT...FUCK HER".

i couldnt wait any longer as i pushed my shorts and trousers down.and pushed my stiff
cock into her steamy gash..dawn wailed into bens hand in pain as i qwickly down inside her.
ben growled qwietly into dawns ear as i started to plunge spitefully in and out.
"shut your fucking mouth you bitch..youve had this coming dawn.fucking rape her,
fuck her like a whore".

i gave ben what he wanted to see..the sofa creaked and cracked.
and my balls slapped hard agaist dawns ass.holding her folded in half as i pounded the shit out
of her..ben was struggerling to get her tits out form behind her knees pinned to her
chest..yanking up her top,exsposing her cotton bra.her tits where bouncing so violently.
they made there own way out..swinging up and kissing together with each humiliating

"arrhh fuck im cuming".dawn shook her head in despair as i started to spasm
deep inside her,filling her with jet after jet of my hot spunk.i paused inside her
to savour the feeling of her fanny tensing and twiching as she started to sob into bens hand
"my turn...keep her qwiet.."..as ben released his hand from her mouth hand we qwickly
swapped positions..dawn begged through her tears.."doooont ..ben?..ben?...".

ben wasnt going to be talked round so she tried me."paaauuull.pleease".i just slapped my
hand over her mouth once again.as ben threw her legs over his shoulders.and taunted
her.."shhhhh...i wanted to do this to you for soooo long dawn".ben sunk down inside her.
and leant forward pushing his hand into her throat to hold himself up..he took his time.
shoving her slow,but hard.."you like that bitch?...mmm? you fucking bitch"

he gradually built up speed..stabbing into her hard and fast,,it didnt take long.before
he collasped on the sobbing girl.her face glowing red with shame as he too filled her
deep with his spunk.we both released her,and she curled up in a ball
on the sofa,her body jumping as she sobbed..ben bent down,grabbed a handfull
of dawns blonde hair and shook her head violently..giving her a stern warning.
"you say a fucking word dawn i fucking swear you know whats gona happen"
with that we both picked up our things and left.

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Got to hand it to you that's one hell of a story. Would love to see a movie like that.
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yes, very arousing, thank you
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Her,and she curled up in a ball
on the sofa,her body jumping as she sobbed..ben bent down,grabbed a handfull
of dawns blonde hair and shook her head violently..giving her a stern warning.
"you say a fucking word dawn i fucking swear you know whats gona happen"
with that we both picked up our things and left????
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