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Default Good Cop/Bad Cop – The Interrogation – Sweetlust, Analise2013, and ISO

My partner and I sat in our patrol car waiting for our shift to end. We had just gotten a tip from our informant that a huge shipment of crack was coming into town from Mexico. It would be marketed under the name “White Girl, but that was all we had. If we could find out more, it could be the biggest bust ever made in this town. My partner and I would be sure to make “detective first class.” Unfortunately, we needed more information. Little did I know, that “making detective,” was not my partner’s goal. She had other ideas, as I would soon discover.

We had been partners for over five years now, and been through some shit. I don’t care what anyone said, I had no finer partner than Kat (Katherine) Wilde. She was short 5’ 4” but she was tough as nails. And while she didn’t always take the “high road,” she got things done. She was a good cop who sometimes took short cuts. Nevertheless, I would trust her with my life. In fact, I did every single day.

We ended our shift and decided to go for a couple beers. Our work never really ended when our shift did and we needed to figure out how we could get more information on the “when” and “where” this deal was going down.

Kat took a long pull on her beer bottle and began to speak.

“I heard something today that might help us. One of the whores on 10th was mouthin’off, pissed because her drug dealer boyfriend dumped her for some little rich bitch from uptown. According to her, little “Ms. Rich Bitch” is trading pussy for free coke. She then can supply her rich friends and make a killing. She also seems to enjoy taking a walk on the wild side, hanging on the arm of Lupa."

“Oh really? If we could bust Lupa, that would be so fucking satisfying. And bringin’ down a deal of this size? Hell, we would make detective by next week. And a drug bust of this size? Even the DEA would be offerin’ us jobs.”

She looked at me for a full 30 seconds and said “Or?...”

“Or what?” I asked.

“Or…we can also 'divert' the shipment, sell it for street value overseas and retire to the Caymans.” she said with a perfectly straight face.

I laughed, “Yeah Right?” But when I looked at her, she wasn’t laughing. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Damn right I am. We have been good cops, well you have. Never getting dirty and what the fuck has it gotten us? They just raided our pension to pay the mayor and his cronies. Fuck “detective!” the Caymans sound much better to me. When you realize that the street value is over 2 million? Fuck that good cop shit. My retirement puts me in Cincinnati OH. Is that where you wanna end up Davids? Think...come on dude. This shit's real!” She stopped when she saw the look on my face “OK...forget it. You're a real princess aren't you? Do it by the book, right? Well...how many of those dope dealers walk because we do it…by the book? How many are living like fucking kings...laughing their heads off…while we bust our asses, put our asses on the line every day?”

“I don’t want to become the scum I arrest.”

"Huh? Yeah…well, “the scum” are living it up Living on taxpayer dollars even in jail. Then they walk…back out on the street in 48 hours. I am sick of being a fucking patsy. It’s always some saavy, greedy ass, lawyer or judge willing to sell their soul, and the rest of us, for what? a lousy G?”

“It’s the damn judges and lawyers we should arrest, but I don't do this job for the money. I never did.”

“Yeah...yeah...Your' daddy was a cop, and died a poor cop. Your grand daddy was a cop and also died a poor cop. So you like to keep the tradition up right? OK Just fucking forget it. Sorry I brought it up.”

“Look, let me think about it OK. I got bills just like the next guy”

“Sure you do, and guess what?....Your check ain't getting’ any bigger. I know ex, using your alimony money is taking a trip with one of her boy toys to France. Guess she makes out alright while you bust ass.”

“Don’t talk about that fucking cunt! I told you never to bring her up. It took everything in me, not to shoot the bitch that night I saw her fucking that guy. She fucking laughed at me. I pulled the night shift and she fucking laughed at me with his cock still inside her.”

She laughed. “Well...well...still a sore spot huh?” I glared at her.

“Ok..ok...sorry,” she smiled holding up both palms. “Anyways...Look at it this way. We get that shithead Lupa off the street. His little whore will give him to us on a platter. And think how much sweet revenge this will be…You living it up on some island…hot little native girls all over you. And her?...no idea where you are...Money tree all gone!”

“You just want them island pool boys licking you twat.”

“Maybe I do...who..knows...I might like a little bitch I can fuck over.” I looked at her with surprise. “OH...sorry....guess never got it did you? ...I like both sides of the fence. I swing whichever way....I'm walking.”

“All these years, I never knew. Of course I always let you handle the female arrests”

She took one long last pull on her beer bottle and put her empty down. She playfully slapped my cheek. “Well, now you do. Ya know partner, I 'love you,' like a brother, but sometimes you can be so fucking innocent and dense.

So...come on...think about what I was sayin’ at least. We pick up Lupa’s little honey....We pull her over or some bullshit infraction, and then we take her to an interrogation house…Look. I got an in with the guy down in property. Hell, he's grateful even if I only wave at him. I give him a blowjob and I get whatever I need. He'll let us have the keys to one of the rarely used houses, and not document it.”

“Oh nice? Your my partner, and never once a blow job ? What the hell kind of partner are you? “ I joked.

“She looked innocently at me, and hurt. “But You never asked.” She fake pouted. Then laughing, “Ahhh...come on big guy...don't think I never checked you out, and I seem to remember you had a wife in this mix. And you know how fucking around...fucks up a partnership. We’ve seen that many times.”
“Yeah I do. I'm the good cop remember? And I seem to remember that YOU have a boy friend.”

“Had a boyfriend. Yep...caught me with his sister…Hey, don't give me that look! She's hot as hell... You and I could both do her...and she'd still want more.”

“What look? You swing both ways and aren’t partners are supposed to share?” I joke. “We coulda had a threesome. Selfish bitch!” I said smiling.

“Look…She had nowhere to sleep...flew in from Arizona....didn't tell him she was coming. I tell her to sleep in our room and I'd take the sofa. She says...’No..No’...won't put me out. So I says, ‘Ok...we can share’...Next thing I know, I wake up to her sucking my tits? Now...who the hell was I to say ‘No’? What kind of friend would I have been? Actually?” she said laughing, “He thinks I corrupted her.. I told him your skank sister was a whore long before me. So yeah that pretty much ended that.”

“Yeah I can see that wasn't gonna end well. I wish she had stayed at my place and woke me up by sucking my cock. It’s been a while. I seem to pick the wrong kind of women and I am tired of being fucked over.”

“Hmmm....well....Lupa's girl?...she might just be your type… I mean at least to fuck, I heard she is a “hottie” and pretty free with that pussy.”
“Right? I‘m gonna hook up with a drug dealers whore?.”

”Don't consider it 'hooking up,” she laughed. “Consider it official business. Just part of the interrogation process. You trade some cum for some info?“

Laughing, “Oh Yeah, I interrogate her with my cock, right.?

“See!...Now you're getting’ the point, and I have seen your cock, I think it would!" she smiled at my surprise and continued. "I mean, really. We’d be doing a public service. We get scum like Lupa off the street… We collect on our 'retirement’ and maybe...little Miss Sunshine...can provide some extra curricular activity.”

“Hey I was joking. I am good with cleaning up the scum, but like you say, he'd pay someone off and walk. I know he has walked away from more than just drug dealin.”

“Well...he won't be walking with that cocaine if we shoot his ass. I guarantee with a little ‘incentive’ his girl will give him up, and by the time we finish with her, or she'll tell us where that shipment is and do anything we ask. And we will be diverting some of the drugs...taking ‘em off these streets…Jamaica ain't so particular, and I've got connections.”

“Right, ‘Come to Jamaica and feel alright,’ I sing songed. “Look, this could get fucking ugly. We could be caught up in a drug war.”

“Stop being a pussy, OK? Look! We can pull this off...we just need the a little info...and his bitch will tell us, I guarantee it. And….”

I interrupted her, “Let me sleep on it.”


“I said,” cutting her off, Let me think about it, OK?”

Her lips narrowed. “OK, Think about it, pal...’sleep on it’…but don't 'sleep' too long…Cause Stevens...is in on an ‘early retirement plan’, if you aren't. All I have to do is give him the word...but you being my partner for all for all these years, I thought you should have first shot. Besides...Stevens has an itchy trigger finger, while you're calm...and a stone cold killer when you need to be.”

“Stevens is a pyscho. He'd end up shooting you.”

“Yeah…too right. Sometimes he gets that look in his eyes...He even scares me…but if you’re not in, he’s all I got? “ She looked at me a long time and finally stood and threw ten bucks on the bar….”Ok , I am out. Think about it. Get back to me. This deal is going down and so’s that little rich bitch….with you or without you…partner.”

She turned and walked away. I saw her saunter out. No fear in her. Never was. I looked at her nice, heart shaped ass in those tight jeans, as I frequently did, and thought…’What if?’ (as I also frequently did.) So she saw my cock huh? I waved to the bartender for another beer. I had no place to go.
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Shit! I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d fucked up by trying to convince Davids to get in on my scheme to take Lupa’s shipment and his woman. Davids was a damned good cop. He put honor above everything else; even his own comfort and needs. I, on the other hand, had no compunction about screwing over the very system I was sworn to uphold.

I hadn’t always been a ‘bad cop.’ It was quite the contrary. I graduated from police training academy, bright-eyed and full of noble idealism like 99.9% of the others in my class. I remember hearing the speeches and seeing how distinguished we looked. My parents were beaming from ear to ear at their ‘little girl’s’ achievement. I was their little girl, alright. All 5’4” of me. That’s the beauty of me. People take one look and think—‘she couldn’t possibly be a threat.’ Well, I usually got the last laugh. I could bring down a grown man double my weight. I’d boxed on a women’s team in college. I could handle any firearm placed in my grip. I didn’t mind getting dirty and didn’t mind killing a motherfucker. I grew up in one of the most crime-ridden parts of the city. My parents were dirt poor with five kids to clothe and feed. My three older brothers made sure I and my sister were tough as nails. To date, the only woman that could beat my ass in a fair fight was my sister Maria.

Basically I didn’t take any shit off anyone—man or woman. I’d hit a child if I had to, so sure…my conscious is a little skewed. So fucking ‘sue’ me!

I’d been born poor, grew up poor. It was only by my determination to keep good grades (thereby receiving a four-year scholarship to a local college) and never suffer hunger or homelessness again that I decided I wanted a real career. I wasn’t going to be the girl that married some available dick and stay home raising a bunch of squalling brats, begging him for money to buy fucking tampons. No way in hell! I wasn’t wife/mommy/earth-mother material. I was me, Katerina Angelica Wilde. Better known by my precinct as Kat Wilde…sometimes…just ‘Wild-Kat’. The guys thought it was funny, until I punched Officer Guido Fortelli in the nuts during a pick-up basketball game. He thought it was cute to label me. Yeah…I showed those assholes ‘cute’. Now, I’m just Kat, or Officer Wilde if I don’t like you.

Reaching my apartment, I unlock the door, my holster, hat and gym bag crushed under one arm. Pushing it open, I sigh in relief. I really hope Davids comes through. This money could make a big difference in our lives. Budget cuts were getting worse. Manpower, firepower and willpower were running lower and lower these days. We were understaffed and underpaid with nothing to show for it, while the fat cats were getting richer. People like Lupa’s bitch could buy and sell us. Sure, they were the ones to vacation in the Hamptons, Nantucket, and Europe. Overworked minions like us vacationed in front of our television sets while we baked in 100 degree weather. I wasn’t taking it anymore. Not after our last bust.

Dominic Neely, a piece of shit scum we pulled off the street after many man-hours of blood, sweat and tears. The guy was heavily involved in any number of felony offenses, human trafficking being just one of the bigger things. We had surveillance, undercover work, shakedowns on his cronies and the like. Did he see jail time? Not one day. The DA’s office couldn’t be bothered to wipe their own asses after we handed the guy to them on a silver platter. The case was thrown out—no search warrant on his penthouse condo. All that work was for nothing and to make matters worse, Police Chief Bowman was called to the carpet and soundly reprimanded. So much for doing your job because it’s the right thing to do.

I bent the rules where I could without conscience or fear of reprisal. Others did it too, you kept your nose just clean enough to get by and few complained. We were all frustrated.

After putting my things away, I headed to the shower. I’d taken off my uniform at the precinct and put on my t-shirt and jeans. I smelled a bit funky (it’s a wonder Davids didn’t make some lame ass joke) and decided a shower was just the thing. No matter how tough I am—I’m still a female and I like to smell good.

The jets of hot water pounding into my flesh was heaven. I sighed in pleasure. Soaping up, I made sure to wash thoroughly, my mind drifting to the plan for Lupa and his bitch. I closed my eyes, imaging how and where we would pick her up. Danny Freitas, one of our local snitches had told us Lupa’s little cunt paid a visit to the local drug house a few times a week. She was due for some candy in a couple of days. I’d been slipping Danny some cash to make sure he kept on eye for her and report to me. The prospect of easy money made that boy my trained monkey.

I rinsed off the soapy residue, letting my fingers slide and glide over my now wet silky skin. I feathered them across my breasts, enjoy the flutter it caused in my lower body. My nipples were so sensitive, I could practically come from just stroking them. I closed my eyes and pinched them.

“Ahhhh…..ssss…!” I hissed as spikes of pleasure shot up through my spine. I circled my dark tan areolas making myself moan. My skin was an olive tone and my nipples a darker contrast. People always thought I’d been on an island for vacation sunning myself. Nope. My mother’s side of the family was from around the Mediterranean and I inherited their looks. With my dark hair and sultry chocolate brown eyes, people often mistook me for an Italian or a Latina if I threw out a little Spanish. I had a bit of the 'coke bottle' shape going on, but more athletic and tight. My full breasts often strained at my uniform top. I refused to buy a bigger, baggier size. My uniform trousers didn’t fare much better as they molded to my rounded firm ass. My ‘ex’ loved to fuck my ass. Really, if I was too lazy to work it, I’d just shove a pillow under me, ass sticking up and let him ‘ride the tide.’ He was good at it too, it was a shame he didn’t want to share me with his sister.

I continued to tease and fondle my breasts, pinching nipples and stopping to lick them in between as the water sluiced over me. Moaning in my throat, one hand slid down to my shaven mound. I loved the feel of it, so smooth and enticing. My fingers danced over the lips of my pussy, teasingly separating them. Pinching my clit, I groaned as I manipulated it. I sunk two fingers into my slick cunt. My mind drifted to Lupa’s bitch. I’d seen her in the society papers with her rich daddy. She was a pretty girl with a dirty little habit. I imagined her sweet little mouth giving me what I needed. My fingers steadily thrust into my clenching pussy as I toyed with my clit with my other hand.

When I felt the orgasm spiral through my body, my cunt spasmed. I braced myself against the wet shower wall riding out the wave.

“Ahhhh…fuck!” I breathed as I trembled from climaxing. I sucked in air and got myself together. Turning off the shower, a grin spread across my face. My plan was a good one. Lupa would go down, we’d get the goods on him and make his pretty little slut roll on him. She’d give us the ‘where, when and how’ and then we could dispose of the dead weight.

An hour later in bed, I thought about the difference between Davids and Stevens. Stevens was one step away from being a psycho. If you started a fight, he damned sure finished it with casualties. He ‘swung first, asked questions later.’ Bill Davids, on the other hand, was a straight shooter. He was the guy that looked at all the angles and made the best decision. He didn’t jump first. He was trustworthy, too. Stevens would fuck me over in a heartbeat if it gave him the upper hand. He’d made it clear he expected pussy, too—not just Lupa’s bitch…mine too. I’d tell him anything to secure his assistance. I didn’t want Stevens though. I wanted Bill, my partner. I could count on him if I could reel him into this.

With that thought, I drifted off to sleep. Danny, my boy on the streets had alerted me that Lupa’s girl was going to be showing up the day after tomorrow and we would be waiting. I had one day to convince Bill. Then I was going after her. When our little interrogation was done…she’d tell us anything…give us anything. My hand slid back to my pussy. I rubbed myself to blissful sleep.

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The next morning, it was time for me to meet with Lupa. My supply was running low, and I was planning on having a party this weekend. And what's a party without a few favors to pass around? I didn't need the money, that wasn't why I kept the bros and their idiot girlfriends supplied with cocaine. I just loved watching them hand over their money, knowing they would be back for more. I got to party, and get paid for it too. I was everyone's friend, and no one fucked with me.

No one.

I wasn't exactly what you would call physically imposing. Standing barely over five feet tall, I weighed little more than one hundred pounds. My pale, nearly porceilin skin made me look like a delicate doll, with fiery red hair and pale blue eyes that always seemed to make me look like I was up to something.

I got into my black leased BMW, my red heels and white thin summer dress showing I was ready for a day out. Little did daddy or anyone else know I was going to see Lupa. I was wearing his favorite black thong and lace bra under my dress. I also had spare clothes in my handbag, just in case he wanted to tear everything off of me.

That was the thrill. Not just the drugs, but knowing Daddy and all the other idiot debutantes he made me hang out with were completely fooled. I wanted to walk on the wild side, and be something more than arm candy to another brainless rich boy. I wanted a man, one that could make me feel like something more than another rich bitch.

I drove down to the docks, sending a text to Lupa that I was ready to go. Jessica wanted to party tonight, and he was going to rock my world. I needed at least two kilos for my plans, and if there was anything left he could snort the lines off my body after everyone was gone.

That was what we had been doing for months, having rough and kinky sex on Daddy's bed when he was gone on business trips, or meeting in hotels downtown. I couldn't wait for him, and the thought of him taking me again made my hands slip under my dress, rubbing my inner thighs.
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I lay in bed that night staring up at the ceiling, considering whether I should become a “criminal” of not. I wondered what my father would do. The force had always been corrupt to a certain extent. There had always been bad cops but now it seemed that the only “suckers” were the ones who tried to do it the right way. Was I a sucker?

And then there was the question of Stevens. I couldn’t believe Kat would consider partnering with him. Was she that far gone? Had she slept with him? I had always respected her relationship with her boyfriend, even after I threw out that whore I married. I wanted Kat, no question about it, but unsaid rules meant you didn’t fuck over your partner, and you also didn’t you fuck your partner. But Stevens? Christ! Kat was better than that. I thought about her fucking him. My hand found my cock as I thought about fucking Kat. It didn’t take long to get hard or to cum. It never did.

I lay there a long time, weighing the pros and cons. I already knew what I was going to do, but at least I let myself think I was looking at all sides of the issue. I was OK betraying the system, I owed it nothing. What I wasn’t OK with, was betraying myself. That was the sticking point. At the end of the day, you always had to look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you liked what you saw.

I met Kat the next day in the locker room. She looked at me quizzically.


“Yeah I’m in.” I said in a low voice.

“That’s great! You made the right decision. You won’t be sorry. You and me baby on the beach in the Caymans. High Five!” and she raised her open palm. I didn’t slap it. Her face dropped from a grin to a frown, “Are you sure you are good with this? because Stevens…” I cut her off.

“I said I was good. OK? I’m in, and fuck Stevens.” I was angry and it showed. Kat looked at me sideways as she tied her shoe. She was quiet for about 5 minutes as she got her gear on, and then all business.

“OK , here’s the deal. Little Ms Rich Bitch…Oh, by the way her name is ‘Jessica or Jess.’ She will be meeting Lupa today according to my snitch. So let’s go. “

We didn’t say another word to each other as we drove to Lupa’s main house. We parked a discreet distance away and around a corner, in a place we could observe but not be observed. We sat for over an hour. Finally Kat got out to use the head and not long after, a brand new, red BMW convertible drove up and parked. Not the type of car you saw in this neighborhood ordinarily.

I saw her primping in her rearview mirror and then get out of the car. I stopped breathing for a second. Jesus Christ! She looked a lot like my ex wife. Sure, a lot younger, but much the same facial features, hair and hairstyle. Her dress? a lot more “whorish” (short skirt with her ass all but hanging out. Crop top, just barely covering her tits) but I bet she was no less of a whore than my former wife.

My eyes narrowed. I felt an instant dislike for her, knowing how she probably used good men and threw them away. Well, she would find out that it would be Lupa, who would put out the trash, not her. Actually we would be doing her a favor by arresting her. Our interrogation would be brutal if she was not forthcoming, but she would live. She wouldn’t be so lucky with Lupa, but I was sure she thought she was too smart for that to happen. Bitches like her, deserved what they got. One day my ex would get hers too, I hoped. Yeah I wouldn’t have any problem dealing with this one.

“Is that her?” Kat asked stirring me from my musings.

“Yeah I am pretty sure.”

“I’ll be right back,” and with that, Kat walked over, took out her nightstick and as she walked past the BMW, casually smacked the taillight shattering the red plastic into a shower on the ground. She walked back, got in the car, smiled at me. “Now we got an excuse to stop her.”
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Returning to the squad car, I gave Davids my best shit eating grin as I slid back into my seat. Now it was just a waiting game. According to Danny, she usually spent a couple of hours with Lupa getting high and fucking. I sighed, settling down into my seat for the wait. I picked up my now cold coffee and took a sip. Grimacing at the concoction, I put it down and swallowed the disgusting swill.

“Fuck! Nothing worse than good coffee gone cold.” I chuckled then looked at him. You know, Davids, this is going to go down easy.” I stare out the window at the girl’s car. I can’t help but notice he’s quiet. I knew he wasn’t 100% ‘sold’ on this, but he was at the end of his rope. I was also banking on the fact that this girl looked an awful lot like his ex-wife, right down to that slender frame. Judging by the pics I’d seen of the ‘ex-Mrs. Davids’—Lupa’s bitch could have been her younger sister, or maybe her ten years ago.

Usually Davids is a ‘Chatty Cathy’, discussing everything from sports, finances, the state of the police department, his ‘ex’ and anything in between. I needed to keep the momentum going. I didn’t want Stevens. I didn’t tell him the real reason I didn’t want Stevens. I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him some of the places Stevens and I ended up at off-duty. He’d never believe it anyway.

Okay, it’s like this…I have a little secret. One, if Davids knew, he’d damned sure look at me in a whole different light. Stevens only found out by accident. Hey, who knew Stevens had some of the same tastes as me? I’d been discreet, or so I thought. I was out at one of the ‘clubs’ I liked to frequent.

Okay…it was a BDSM thing! I needed to let off steam and sex with my ex-boyfriend wasn’t going to always cut it. I liked to indulge in the scene, but being a cop, in the public eye, ethics…blah, blah,blah…it just wasn’t something I wanted out there. It was tough enough being taken seriously without anyone making jokes or using my lifestyle as leverage against me.

Out of all the clubs and events out there, Stevens had to pick the one I liked the best. I’d been engaging in a training session with a particularly enthusiastic Domme (I wanted to be trained by the best) when one of the club’s owners asked if several newcomers could peek in to get an idea of what was happening. Of course, Lucy would have to say ‘yes’. She loved to be on display and knew I would be on my best behavior. I had also unwisely decided to forego wearing the mask I usually donned. I could hear the newcomers approving remarks through my moans and grunts of painful ecstasy. The endorphins flooding my brain didn’t quite block that asshole’s voice.

“Wilde? Wilde? Well…shiiit! I know her!” I could hear him excitedly telling another guy. I looked up in shock. Brown eyes met blue eyes. Mine narrowed in warning when someone asked how he knew me. He grinned with a look of pure malevolence. I was fucked unless I took control.

After my session was over, I found him chatting up a little sub and grinned myself, knowing that her Dom could kick his ass. That wasn’t my worry though. I ‘excused’ him and pulled him into a private area. Between lewd remarks, innuendo and guffaws, I managed to convince him that his life was forfeit if word got out. His price was to use me for ‘training’. So, for a measly few hours each week of him ‘playing’ with me—flogging, spanking, knifeplay, or whatever—he kept his end of the bargain. Frankly I could have ‘outed’ him, too. Of course nobody would bat an eye if they heard Stevens was into some things. He was barely hanging on by a thread. Me, on the other hand, nobody suspected. They saw a good, dedicated career cop. That’s the way I wanted it. Fortunately Stevens knew he was skating on thin ice to expect me to fuck him. Sure, I gave him blowjobs (I needed to feel a man in my mouth, so sue me!) a handjob or two and that is as far as it went.

I wanted Stevens out of my life and I hoped the prospect of money would shake him loose. But with Davids on my side, we could tie Stevens to all this and that would effectively put him out of commission. He could tell everything he knew, but by the time he did, we’d be long gone. In the meantime, I had a few ‘interrogation’ tactics gleaned from my ‘training’ at the club.

“Davids, why so quiet?” I didn’t look at him; I kept my eyes straight ahead. “Come on, level with me, ‘cause I need you 100% or this will go down like a lead balloon. So, level with me now, or I call this off and Little Miss Jessica will drive off free.” I crossed my arms defiantly; the set of my mouth was stern. I didn’t need this shit, but I didn’t want the prospect of him having second thoughts at the wrong time.

“I told you, Kat. I’m on board. Just nothing to say right now. Fuck…just...let’s get this done.” He grimly replied. I nodded my head. Whatever he wasn't telling me, I hoped it didn't affect our plans.

After three hours, two more breaks—fortunately there was a fast food joint around the corner—our little ‘birdy’ emerged from their love nest. I smiled to see her clumsily trying to negotiate the steps down to the sidewalk. Looking about she made sure she was alone and patted her purse. Bingo! She was also carrying. She walked with the gait of a freshly fucked bitch. I’m pretty sure Lupa did a lot of nasty things with that prime piece of ass. She kept his ‘product’ flowing amongst her wealthy and willing friends. He couldn't ask for a better dealer than that entitled, self-absorbed little cunt. Little did she know her world was about to get rocked. I patted the dashboard and smiled.

“Let’s go Davids! Our girl has a date with destiny and I think she just broke the law!” I chuckled humorously as he pulled off after our prey.

“Fuck yeah, she’s ours!” he smiled. Smiling, that was good. I was glad to see, he was on board--at least on the surface. He tailed her as she pulled off and away from the neighborhood and out of sight of Lupa and his boys.

After tailing her for ten minutes, we followed her out of the neighborhood, intending to catch her before she hit the interstate. Once there, we’d have no jurisdiction and I’m sure she’d know that much.

Davids hit the siren in warning, flashing our lights. She took the bait