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Kat hung there limp, naked, and panting, then she passed out, saliva and blood dripping off her chin and down onto her breasts, cum drizzled down her inner thighs. This was her fifth beat down and rape this week and I had inflicted a great deal of pain on her. I had studied how to break down a person both psychologically and physically, through torture, deprivation, lack of sleep and constant reinforcement and I used all I learned upon Kat.

By God I would break her or I would kill her. I sacrificed a lot for her, and I was now “the hunted” instead of “the hunter.” Lupa had given her to me as my reward. That was the deal we cut. He was also still paying me for any information I could provide him, although I knew that cash flow would soon dry up and I would need other ways to generate income.

I wasn’t worried, I could be enforcer for Lupa, or sell drugs and, if worse came to worse, put the little whore, hanging in front of me, to work, once I totally broke her. That, however, was proving harder than I anticipated.

I began Kat’s “training” with deprivation, keeping her in the dark, naked, cold, with no sound, no light, just enough food and water to keep her alive, I kept her sleepless with recordings of loud crashes and booming music whenever I saw her head loll to one side. I tied her up in awkward, painful positions, and then slapped and whipped her. I caned her feet, put alligator clamps on her nipples and ran a low current through them. Her screams gave me a hard-on, which I relieved using all her holes. The more I turned up the “volume” the harder she fought me, but I was glad she fought me, it made my fun last that much longer. I was not searching for any information from her, I just enjoyed my play time toying with her.

I alternated giving her basic pleasures (food, sleep, natural positions) when she cooperated and obeyed my commands or pain when she didn’t. She was a very strong person but soon she would be mine. I had already begun to see tiny cracks in that armor of “tough chick personality,” with which she surrounded herself.

Kat had always been a “kick ass,” “take no prisoners,” “Fuck You!” kind of woman and the more she fought, the more pain I brought. The more she held out, the more I enjoyed it. This was why I wanted her so badly. I knew I could prolong my own pleasure the longer she resisted, and Kat would resist for a long, long time.

I must admit she held up well for the first six weeks calling me every foul name she could summon, promising revenge and an agonizing death, or trying to laugh off the pain I was inflicting upon her. While Kat thrived on pain, it was usually balanced by some pleasure. Not this time. Even when I did fuck her, I put a plastic bag over her head and choked her to see if oxygen deprivation really did enhance her orgasms. It did! …Her screams of release were deafening and her body shook and trembled for ten minutes afterward.

Every day I would ask her a simple question….”Pain? or Pleasure?” At first she asked for solely for pain, as if she wanted to be punished for the mess she had gotten herself and Davids into. However, gradually she began asking for both, eventually trading pleasure for pleasure. It was actually getting a bit easier now. She would give me pleasure by sucking my cock or bending over to let me fuck her anally, and then, I would give her s pleasure… whether it be a morsel of food, a sip of water or release from painful positions. Day by day, hour by hour I was wearing her down. This saddened me somewhat because I had planned to use the harsher techniques if needed such as figging, or waterboarding.

Don’t get me wrong, she would have her “FUCK YOU!!” relapses, and I was always on guard to make sure she wasn’t playing me. But the “coup de gras” came when, in a fit of temper, she spit my own cum bacl pm on me and told me how, when Davids found me, he would deal with me. I laughed and slapped her hard. Then I turned on the video on my phone and held it to her face. She looked at me quizzically and with distrust.

“Oh no Kat, your precious Davids will not be coming to your rescue. No more than he did when you performed so admirably for Lupas men. You see Kat…he’s dead. We hung him back there in that warehouse and buried him under 2 feet of concrete, under a newly constructed parking lot. So No, you won’t be seeing him, well except for these his final moments. He did cry out your name right before we kicked the chair out from under him, but damn I didn’t get to record that part.” Kat froze in place, staring straight ahead….”Would you like me to play it for you again?” I could see tears forming in her eyes but she blinked them back and softly said “no.”

The video was fake but it did convincingly show Davids “hanging” by “his neck” twisting slowly from side to side. And then later his bound beaten, bloody, body laying in the dirt next to a truly dead Jessica, , a rope still around his neck, her throat a gaping maw.

I hated Davids but I still would not kill a fellow cop. It was simply bad ju-ju. Even Lupa knew it would bring too much heat. Jessica was Lupa’s doing, and while her father held press conferences, issued rewards for her whereabouts, the real story eventually came out about his drug dealing, whore of a daughter, who most likely overdosed.

No, Davids wasn’t dead. Besides, it would be much more enjoyable, thinking of him explaining his way out of the situation he was found in. That is, once he recovered, which I had heard on the street was taking quite a long time. We even doctored a video for him, copied it to a thumb drive and left it stuck in his laptop to view once he got out of the hospital. It too, showed a beaten, cum covered and “equally dead” Kat lying next to Jessica. I was sure that would destroy what was left of him that is, if the gang rape of Kat by Lupa’s men he witnessed first hand, had not been enough.

At first Kat would not believe the video, but I never argued with her. Eventually the whole of it sunk in and she became much more pliable, almost too much so for my tastes. She became like a walking zombie with a thousand yard stare. I would sometimes have to slap or Taze her to get her attention, and listen to my commands. She obeyed them, however, I had finally broken the once, proud Kat and made her my “fuck toy.” Ironically, it was not as much fun for me, when she didn’t fight back but I still achieved some pleasure by inflicting ever increasing ways to cause her pain.

The real test came when Lupa visited and I told her to crawl to where he sat and suck his cock to completion. She did as I ordered, sucking and stroking so well that even Lupa expressed his surprise. I then ordered her to prepare us a meal so we could talk business. Was I crazy to allow her into the kitchen with knives? Not really. It was all part of the test to see if she was truly broken. Still I kept my eye on her and my weapon at my side.

As we heard the pots clatter in the kitchen, we got down to business and talked in low tones.

Lupa frowned and looked to the kitchen. I smiled and shook my head. “No she can not hear us, and even if she could, it would not matter. She is damaged goods now.
“He is out of the hospital. He apparently saw the video we left and went crazy. It took four men to restrain him and he was put into the mental ward under constant suicide watch.” Lupa spoke in low tones.

I laughed. “Awww, too fucking bad, but actually quite good for all concerned, wouldn’t you say?” I smiled inwardly at my luck. I got a two for one deal. I now owned Kat and Davids was crazy. How sweet life was at this moment.
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Davids…gone? My partner, my friend, the only man I trusted with my life? Part of me wanted to wail in despair, the other part howled for revenge. Stevens—that lowdown, motherfucking bastard! He’d done this! He may not have kicked the chair out from beneath Davids, but he was as guilty as any man standing in that room. Every last one of them would pay--especially Stevens. That animal gave up a fellow cop into the hands of the enemy. If word got out, Stevens’ life would be forfeit. There’d be an unspoken bounty on his head.

I fought like hell to keep from crying when he told me. He’d effectively reduced me to something I hated—a weakling. I was lost without Davids. I couldn’t fight Stevens on his own turf. I had no one to turn to for resources. I was done unless I could find someone who despised Lupa and his minions more than I did.

I never let Stevens see me cry. I did that alone in the night, when he was done with me, with nothing but the four walls of my room as my silent witness. I blamed Stevens, and he was guilty as hell, but I was just as guilty. I led Davids to this terrible end. He was a good man, and I had led him to the slaughter.

After his big reveal about what happened to Davids, Stevens had less trouble out of me. I needed time to get my mind together and to formulate a plan for revenge.

Our routine became him dreaming up whatever torture he could think of and watching me suffer to slowly break me. Some days he just fucked me as if taking out the day’s frustration on me. Stevens liked to feel me writhing in pain, or see the expression on my face. That got him hard as granite and he could fuck most of the night. I learned to give him what he wanted and keep my face expressionless. I wanted him to think he’d won. Stevens was arrogant to a fault; I hoped it would pay off for me at some point.

Other days, he’d get a certain look in his eye. Those days were the worst. He wanted a response and would use me in every way conceivable until he got the response he was looking for—the ones that made him cum the hardest. I could tell he didn’t like me so docile, but I had to reign myself in if I wanted to find his a way out of this. I didn’t give a shit what happened to me. I wanted to live long enough to make the arrogant asshole pay.

Lupa came to dinner one night. That prick didn’t trust me. I couldn’t blame him, but Stevens assured him I was ‘broken’ and no trouble at all.

“Hey! Cumslut! Get in here!” Stevens yelled out my ‘new’ name. One night after he’d filled my cunt and ass until they overflowed with cum, he told me that I took his jizz like a good cumslut. The name stuck. I had been cleaning the kitchen in preparation for Lupa. Drying off my hands, I made my way to the living room where Lupa sat, his sizable bulk filling one of the oversized armchairs. Stevens sat, with a stupid grin on his face, opposite Lupa. I never kept my expression bland.

“Look at you…damn girl!” Lupa gave a low whistle of approval. “Man, she looks hot!” Lupa gave me a wolfish grin as he chortled to see my makeover. Wearing only a pair of black lace thong panties, a pair of sheer thigh high hose, and black stiletto heels, I pivoted at Stevens signal in order to give Lupa a show. My hair fell about my shoulders in a wavy dark brown mass of curls and I wore red lipstick. Stevens liked making me look like a whore.

“Hell, if she’d looked like this at the precinct maybe more guys would have wanted a shot at Wild Kat!” he laughed passing a cigar to Lupa.

“Yeah, well…hot or not, bitch is still a cop. Cops can't be trusted.” Lupa gave Stevens a pointed look.

“True enough…but watch this.” Stevens motioned me to kneel in front of Lupa. “You know what to do Cumslut. Get that mouth busy and I want to see the evidence on your tongue when he dumps his load. Stop looking like you’re stupid! GET TO FUCKING WORK CUMSLUT!” he reached over shoving me at Lupa’s crotch.

“You know Stevens, I think I like the little Puta better this way! I never get tired of seeing her on the end of my dick. Sure, I like fight in a woman—makes it that more sweet to break the cunt. But this…this is fitting for Have you been enjoying your stay here Puta?” he chuckled reaching out to brush a loose strand of my hair from my face.
Stevens made me suck Lupa’s cock until the man had cum twice. He spurted his filthy cum in my mouth. I moved back to stick my tongue out and show both men, and then swallowed the thick sperm. Stevens had been jerking off watching me. Just as I finished, he quickly stood and shot his hot splatter onto my breasts.

“That’s it Cumslut! Hold those fat tits up so I shoot my cum! YEAH! YEAH! You like it don’t you bitch?” he panted as he spurted all over my chest. I held them up until the last drop leaked from his slowly softening cock. His hand reached down to yank my hair. “WHAT DO YOU SAY CUMSLUT?” he yanked again as I squealed in pain.

“THANK YOU, SIR!” I whined.

“NOW, WHAT ABOUT LUPA?” he yanked harder.

“OWWWW…! TH-THANK YOU LUPA…I LOVE COCK!” I cried out. Stevens let go my hair.

Both men commented on how good I looked covered in cum. They agreed I should be used to fuck some of Lupa’s clients at a few parties he was giving. I kept my head down, waiting for Stevens to allow me to get up.

Finally, Stevens ordered me to get cleaned up and fix them a meal. I left the room as fast as possible. They made me sick. I wanted to vomit. I wiped the cum off me then went to the kitchen to serve up their food. I’d already prepared it; I just ladled food onto plates and served them. Lupa took every opportunity to pinch my ass or grab my tits. Stevens watched me for any sign of rebellion.

As the night wore on, they did whatever degrading act came into their minds. They took back down to my ‘room’ where Stevens flogged and caned me, he warned Lupa against burning me, reminding him that I was still worth selling but not if I was disfigured. He whispered something and Lupa nodded in agreement. By the time Lupa left, I was covered from head to toe with cum once again, bruises and welts. I screamed and whimpered to their glee. Lupa slapped me when I moved too slowly in sucking his cock or licking his ass. Stevens was no better. He’d clamped my nipples with alligator teeth clamps and a chain. He yanked it hard when I made a mistake, or just because he wanted to do it. He shoved a thick butt plug into my ass to keep it open so they could easily shove their thick cocks into my backside.

There wasn’t a hole they didn’t fuck, finger, slap or fill. By night’s end I was exhausted. Lupa and Stevens left me chained to a padded table while they went up to conclude their business. I wanted to gut the bastards, but knew it would be worse for me without Stevens’ ‘protection.’

Two weeks after Lupa’s visit, Stevens came down to my room—more like my prison—with a big shit-eating grin on his face. I’d finished my chores earlier (the motherfucker treated me like a damned maid) and lay upon my pallet. I wasn’t good enough to share his bed or have one of my own, or so he liked to remind me.

“Hey Cumslut, you must have impressed that dickhead Lupa, he wants me at his next party and he wants me to bring you. Kind of a ‘party favor’!” the ass chuckled at my look of distaste. “C’mon, surely you can do better than that sour look. You’ll like being passed around. Lupa must have put in a good word to his boss. Why not, right? You sucked his cock like the best little cocksucking whore this side of Welker Avenue. What’s more, he told me to get you something nice to wear. Now what more could a freakin’ cumdump like you want? All the cocks you could desire and a whole lot of jism for you!” Stevens cackled maliciously.

I remained silent, knowing it was more than my life was worth to piss him off when I was so vulnerable. He hated it when I didn't respond.

"You know, you could show a guy a little more gratitude. Without me, your ass would have been fucked to death...literally, if Lupa had his way. So, from where I stand--you owe me." Stevens reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair hauling me forward and onto the floor at his feet.

"AHHHH!" I wailed as pain radiated throughout my scalp. I was lucky to have any hair they way he pulled and yanked on it. I grimaced, breathing hard as he forced me to look up at him.

"Now, say 'thank you'." he looked down the smile gone from his face.

"Thank you." I whispered in a hollow tone.

"Hmmm...not very convincing Cumslut, but they are just words after all, aren't they?" he got that gleam in his eye I hated.

"Thank you very much, Stevens." I tried again, wanting to gag on the shit he made me say.

"Ahhh...better, but now, I don't want words sweetheart. Why don't you show me how grateful you are, baby. Show me how cumsluts show their 'thanks'." he yanked me closer to his crotch. I knew what he wanted.

I adjusted myself on my knees and sighed as I reached for his zipper. He chuckled softly as I pulled out his semi-hard cock. The bastard was already getting off on watching me suffer. Soon he'd be throat-fucking me for all he was worth, loving every second of my sounds of helpless gagging and the look of pleading in my eyes.

Stevens nodded his approval as I kissed the tip of his engorging meat. A soft sigh of pleasure escaped him as I continued. He liked my gentle touch. It made it much more fun for him to brutally use my mouth.

Even as I began to lick and suck his cock, my mind raced. Why would Lupa want Stevens in on this deal? Stevens was small time. There had to be something to Lupa’s boss showing up. I wondered if his boss liked a good blowjob. I might have found a way out of this. I had to be patient.

"Okay, bitch enough play, get to fucking work! Show Daddy how grateful you are!" he grasped my hair tighter, forcing me onto his now very hard, thick shaft.

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"You used to be a good cop, Davids, but now..." The chief's look of disgust all too plain. " Give me your badge and weapon. You are a disgrace to the force"

David's looked up from his drunken stupor at the chief and smiled, "Sure!" he slurred, "I sure wouldn't want to be the one disgracing the force" as he tossed both his badge and holstered Glock on the chief's desk.

The chief looked at him with disgust. " I have zero respect for any cop who lets his partner get killed."

In an instant, the smile on David's face disappeared, and he lunged across the desk at the chief's throat. It took two men and three blows with a night stick, to pull Davids off the chief but little damage was done by the drunken Davids except for a few bruises.

The chief rubbed his neck. " I could lock your ass up for that, but you'd only stink up the cell. GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" he roared, as the four men dragged the still weakly struggling Davids to the front door, where he promptly fell down the precinct steps.

He struggled to get up, and almost fell backwards as he fought to maintain his balance. "FUCK ALL OF YA'S!!!" Then he turned and made his way to the nearest bar.

Davids was on his second whiskey, when two men came into the bar talking loudly.

"Fuck yeah we did her, in as many ways as we could. The bitch liked it, not that she had a choice. Now I hear she's given up regularly and will do anything she is told. I want me a bitch like that."

The men ignored the unshaven, unclean, Davids as they confronted the bartender,

"Where's the money?"

The bartender produced a stuffed envelope from under the bar. The man took it, quickly scanned the contents and then exchanged a plastic bag filled with white powder.

Normally, Davids would have paid attention but he didn't look twice, as he sipped his whiskey.

The man gave him a withering stare and then laughed dismissively, as they turned to walk out the door, continuing his story.

"Yeah the one guy called her "Cat"... That was the perfect name for that piece of juicy pussy." he said laughing.

Davids froze, suddenly slightly sober. His hand instinctively went to his side, but there was no weapon there. The men were gone

He looked up and saw his grizzled reflection in the mirror behind the bar. He stood up shakily, and turned to leave, but instead retched up what little was in his gut. It spewed down the front of him. He only looked down and then once again made his way slowly to the door, the words echoing in his mind "I hear she's given up regularly and will do anything she is told."

He would be back for the next exchange.

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“FIGHT BACK! GOD DAMN YOU!!!” Steven’s screamed loudly!

Steven’s was panting and sweating from the beating he had just given Kat. He had bent her over a padded sawhorse and tethered her wrists and ankles to the floor bolts he had installed in his in-home mini torture chamber. Kat had passed out from the beating – the redness on her back, legs and ass turning to welts, the welts then to bloody splits, that later would be long white scars.

Stevens angrily flung down the cane he was using, frustrated that Kat passed out. He looked around and then picked up a bucket, filled it with ice cold water and dumped over top of Kat’s lifeless body. Kat suddenly jerked awake and spasmed uselessly against her bonds, the ropes further flaying away the flesh on her wrists and ankles. After her uncontrolled reactions, she once again just collapsed, her head hanging down once more, doing her best to stay awake against the pain but wishing for the bliss of unconsciousness to overtake her once again. Her shivering prevented it.

Stevens continued his rant, pacing back and forth spouting off to a semi-conscious Kat, “YOU CUNT!!!.... YOU…YOU… FUCKING CUNT! WHERE IS THE KAT THAT USED TO FIGHT BACK? YOU ARE NOTHING BUT… A…A…, “ struggling to find the right words “A FUCKING ZOMBIE!.... GOD DAMN YOU! FIGHT BACK YOU STUPID BITCH!!! His screams had no effect whatsoever on Kat and were met with silence. Kat had long since given up. Stevens yanked her head up roughly, grabbing a mass of her tangled, wet hair and once again screamed in her face, spittle flying from his mouth.

“SO…YOU WANT TO DIE? IS THAT IT? YOU WANT TO FUCKING DIE? HUH? OK.. NOOOO PROBLEM.” He unbuckled his thick black leather belt and looped it over Kat’s neck. He pulled back tightly.

As Kat felt the belt constrict her throat tighter and tighter, she smiled. “At last she thought, At last…” and started making choking, gagging sounds.

Stevens continued his rant. “OH NO BITCH, YOU ARE NOT GETTING OFF THAT EASY... I want one last fuck out of you, before you die.”

The thought of truly hurting Kat, once and for all, was making him hard again. He undid his now loose pants and let them drop to the floor, his cock springing up, and out. He jammed his hard member into Kat’s slit. She winced at the pain at such a dry violation, but comforted herself once again with the thought that soon, her pain, would end once and for all.

Steven’s thrust in hard and deep. He pulled back on the belt with each thrust, alternatively choking and relieving the pressure on Kat’s throat, jerking her head up and back, as he thrust his hips against her ass. Stabbing and pulling hard on the belt, backing off and releasing. He rode her, not for sex but to humiliate, degrade and show her who was the Master, but his anger, like his cock soon dissipated as Kat hung lifeless over the saw horse, a rag doll, a puppet with no animation other than that given to her by the puppet master. This was not what he wanted. Without her fighting, cursing him, his cock just wouldn’t work. He pulled his now flaccid cock out of her.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!” I could always get a hard-on before you…YOU DID THIS!”

He just stood there behind her, panting with frustration and anger. After a long pause, a new thought came to him and finally he said.

“It’s Davids, isn’t it? THAT FUCKING PUSSY DAVIDS? OK I was saving this but now it doesn’t matter. I will let you die, watching him die.”

Kat’s body stiffened and she did her best to turn her head to look back at him. She managed to choke out the words in a totally alien voice... “pleasssse, pleassssse…don’t. Haven’t …you done….enough?. Just…kill…me!” she said in a strangled voice.

Stevens smiled, thrilled that he finally got a reaction.

“Oh No you worthless cunt. Not now, OH NOoooo… NOW that I see that got a response. I am going to fuck you. Fuck you as you die, fuck you as you watch him die. You think he died like a man, don’t you? Well he didn’t. He died like the true pussy he was and now I am going to show you the truth of it. I even recorded it on my phone so I could watch it later, but it will be even sweeter watching it with you.”

Stevens picked up his phone and fiddled with it before laying it down on the wet concrete floor in front of Kat’s hanging head. He watched her shiver from cold and most likely the fear of what she was about to see, as the image started to play.

“See Kat...” as she watched a struggling Davids wrestle against the rope that restrained him on the chair.

“Look at him…cursing us futilely while we fucked you right in front of him…as he watched what we made you do.” Kat’s eyes filled with tears and her body started to shake and jerk in more pain than anything Stevens could ever deliver.

“Yeah Kat, look at him squirm, Look at those tears in his eyes….the fucking pussy.” Stevens was getting hard again witnessing Kat’s pain, hearing that moan of total despair from the depths of her soul.

He continued his narrative, enjoying himself now…“Yeah Kat see the blood on his wrists but there was much more blood than that,” chuckling, “And then? Then, he actually begged us…He did! He begged us for your life.” Stevens said laughing. “We didn’t care, we just kept fucking you. Man after man. Turn after turn. We even laid you across his lap as we fucked you.” Stevens was rock hard now at his own narrative and moved behind Kat again pressing his cock into her slit once more. Then grabbing the belt that hung loose around Kat’s neck, he once again started pulling it tighter.

“I had had my turn with you Kat so I took this same belt, the very same belt that is now around your neck and gave it to one of Lupa’s men so I could record it all.”

Stevens was stroking into Kat now…”And I watched Lupa’s man pull the belt tighter around his neck, just like this. Soon you will see his eyes bulge out as he choked…just like yours will soon.” Stevens eyes were closed with pleasure, as he continued to stroke smoothly now into Kat, pulling the belt tighter and tighter.

Kat’s body responded somehow, from the lack of oxygen or the friction of his cock.
“Oh my God,” her oxygen starved brain thought.. “I am wet” but her eyes were locked on her beloved Davids’ last moments. Moments she was responsible for. Her body jerked with sobs which only made .Stevens thrust faster, thinking she was reacting to his invasion and ready to cum. Kat was on the verge of passing out, feeling shame beyond belief, that her own orgasm was starting to build. It was then that Stevens delivered the ‘coup du grace’.
“Oh? and his last words?” thrusting rapidly into her now,

“Want to know his very last words?? Do You? No? Well I will tell you anyway … The pussy whimpered…”I Love You Kat.”

With that, four things happened almost simultaneously.. Despite herself and the shameful, degrading, disgusting horror she was in…upon hearing the words, and seeing Davids mouth form them, Kat’s cunt clenched . And as it did, Steven’s cock spouted a stream of cum into her with a loud “AHHHHHH.” He unconsciously pulled tightly on the belt around Kat’s neck cutting off the last of her oxygen.

The last recollection that faintly registered with Kat before she finally passed out, was vaguely of a phone ringing and seeing Lupa’s name appear on the screen of the phone that lay before her.

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Hazy images assaulted my mind as I struggled toward consciousness. I was lying on the floor now. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of pain, yet I forced myself to open my eyes and ‘climb’ out of the blackness surrounding me. It hurt, but I rolled over, pushing myself up, my limbs refused to cooperate at first as I slumped back down onto my side. Everything hurt. I felt like shit. Resigning myself to the hardness of the concrete floor, I allowed the coldness of the stone to seep through me as I lay on my side. Curling in a protective fetal position wouldn’t stop Stevens from assaulting me, but it did minimize the agony he’d inflicted on me—not enough to ignore it, but enough to bear it.

I had not cried since I was a ‘wet behind the ears’ teen. I hadn’t cried when I got my ass beat by some girls in a gang from the Southside of town as a kid. I didn’t cry when my father told me I was a going to end up being a worthless cunt if I didn’t straighten up and change my attitude. I didn’t cry, either when I got my ass handed to me on more than one occasion by my captain.

I was crying now. I cried for Davids, I cried for my lost pride and my lost honor among my fellow officers. Between Stevens and Lupa I was sure my name had been smeared from here to the west coast. I was branded a ‘dirty cop’. Nobody was going to trust me, or protect me even though there were some cops who were equally bad, if not worse than me. Nobody could pin a thing to Stevens. Sure, everyone knew he was an asshole, slacker and womanizing manwhore, but he was an adequate cop. That was enough. He kept his shit clean and nobody suspected a thing. They had no idea they were being sold out by their own ‘brother in blue.’

Managing to finally force myself to sit up, I dragged my battered body to the nearest wall and used it to prop myself up. Wincing with pain, I felt a tremor go through me at the memory of what Stevens had done to me. His disappointment at my lack of response had been obvious. It was as if his favorite ‘toy’ had been broken. He didn’t like it when things didn’t go as planned; that much I’d learned during my time with him. Stevens had a hair trigger temper on the best of days, but with me it reached a fever pitch. At first I just descended into apathy. He wasn’t going to let that happen.

The video of my partner was enough to elicit some response and Stevens rode that moment for all he was worth. A shiver of unease went through me as I remembered the look of pure evil on his face when he realized how to get me to respond. He reveled in my debasement, humiliation and pain.

There wasn’t a hole on me Stevens hadn’t torn into and tortured. When he was high on whatever shit Lupa gave him, there wasn’t a depravity he wouldn’t try. Now I knew why the bastard was so fucking crazy.

I remembered being secured to the sawhorse. I couldn’t move. Stevens buried his cock deep in my ass, fucking me like a damned machine. When that failed to get him off, he resorted to caning me. I felt the sting that soon felt like fire as he beat me like a madman until I was raw. I passed out, barely uttering a sound. That only angered him, but at least he stopped beating me. The ice cold water he doused me with made me cough and sputter waking me to new tortures as he revealed what happened to Davids. Laying my head against the wall, I sighed heavily.

Stevens had fucked the shit of me, pounding my pussy so hard. I came just as hard. Normally, it wouldn’t have bothered me, but this time, I came even knowing what that monster had done to my partner. He made me watch Davids last moments, my traitorous cunt milked his cock like I was a fucking whore as I watched Davids dying. I felt myself orgasm and I felt like a monster, too—my greedy snatch wrapping snugly around his spewing cock, capturing every drop of cum.

I could argue that the sense of being choked, danger, my oxygen being diminished, the rhythmic fucking all conspired to force my body to give in to a natural response. I’d always liked it hard, rough and relentless. But, the plain fact was that nothing about this should have enabled me to cum.

I eased off the hip I’d been leaning on when the pain became too much. I knew, without looking down, that the resulting imprint of his fingers on my hips and ass would be big purple bruises by now.

Hearing the door open, I didn’t look up. I knew who it was. I could smell him. I kept my eyes downcast. He might have elicited a response earlier, but I wasn’t falling for it again. He’d have to kill me first.

“You know, Kat, if you’d just given me a little something…anything to work with—well, it didn’t have to come to this.” Stevens spoke with the usual arrogance of the self-important. He knelt down next to me. I felt one large hand on my face. His fingers grasped my chin forcing me to look at him.

“Ahhh..” I hissed in pain. Every part of me hurt. I was so weak, I couldn’t pull away. He chuckled at my efforts.

“Still a fighter, huh Kat? I knew it was there. You just needed the right motivation to bring it back out. You see what I do to people that cross me? Give me what I want—things could be pretty sweet between us. Keep fucking resisting me—well, I can’t promise to protect you.” He chuckled again as I snatched my face away, bumping against the wall for my troubles.

“Just fucking kill me already.” I rasped. Stevens gave me a silly grin before responding. I marveled that he could go from cold to hot so quickly. It shouldn’t have surprised me. He was a psycho.

“C’mon Kat, you know me…you know what I’m like. Normally, I might be willing to accommodate that request. After all, once I break a bitch like you, shit—the thrill is gone isn’t it? But, lucky for you, Lupa is not done with you yet. It seems he wants to show off his latest acquisition—that would be you—to one of his newest benefactors at some party he’s hosting. He expects you to be there and looking delicious.” He unlocked the restraint from around my ankle and roughly helped me stand. I wobbled unsteadily and clumsily leaned into him. I hated him, but at this moment, I could barely stand without his assistance.

“You and Lupa can go to hell!” I took a swipe at him and nearly fell. He laughed at my defiance. This is what he liked, the fight, and the hatred. Any emotion would do for him, except apathy.

“Ahhhh…now that is the Kat I wanted to see earlier. Look, you have nobody to blame but yourself. You put that stupid scheme together to take on Lupa. You did that. You got Davids killed. You did that. Now, you belong to Lupa. Frankly, I say put a bullet in you. I know how much trouble you are. So, the next time you want to blame someone, look in a mirror. This is all YOU!” He growled, pausing long enough to march me to the door. For what it was worth, I was glad to be out of the room that smelled of sex, blood and sweat.

“Where are you taking me?” I croaked before he could continue speaking. I vaguely recalled Lupa calling Stevens. He pulled me out the door and propelled me up a set of stairs and towards a large bathroom. I blinked at the brightness of the hall lights. My prison was gray and dim.

“First you need a bath. I used to think you were hot. Now, you look like shit…like one of those crack whores we used to bust. You smell like a cumslut. Whew!” he shoved me through the door of the bathroom.

“I can bathe myself.” I muttered as Stevens tossed a towel to me.

“I know, but how much fun would it be if I left you all alone in here? Besides, once Lupa gets his hands on you…there might not be much left for me to play with.” He chuckled at his own humor as he helped me into the shower.

The shower was huge and big enough to hold 6 people. There was plenty of room for him to ‘play’ with me. Judging by the grin on his face he expected me to fight again, and would welcome it.

“Why does Lupa need me at this party?” I eyed him suspiciously. I figured I could be bold and ask, what else could Stevens do to me?

“I have no idea. Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.” He stripped and entered the shower with me. Despite the shit Stevens had put me through, I couldn’t help but momentarily stare at his body. I could see why women fell at his feet. Well, the stupid ones, anyway. He was built and the six-pack was real.

Turning on the jets of water, he pulled a nozzle from the wall and pointed it at me. I felt the warm water hit me. It stung at first, but then began to feel soothing. It eased the soreness I felt. It felt good. Stevens aimed the nozzle to hit me in specific spots. The powerful jets of water caught me in heated blasts. It hurt, but felt good, too.

“Ohhh….!” I moaned in pain melded with pleasure. I didn’t know where one ended and the other began. I could barely stand as my hands worked to fend off the water from my face.

“HA HA HA! Your reflexes aren’t too bad bitch! I have to admit it’s a fucking turn on to see you wet, naked and fighting! But, we got business and Lupa ain’t so patient!” Stevens yelled over the sound of the water. He lowered the nozzle, replacing it in the holder and approached me. Pushing me against the wall, he held up a cloth and shower gel.

I moved against the wall, suddenly more afraid of him now than I had been initially. “I can do it, or you can—either way it’s getting done.” He smiled wickedly, raising one eyebrow.

“I’ll do it!” I squeaked, snatching the cloth from him. He crowded me as I began to suds up the cloth and scrub my body. I worked the cloth, scrubbing until I felt as if my skin were peeling from my body. I kept my eyes averted from his and looked down to see the dirty water mixed with tinges of blood draining out of the shower.

“Much better. Here…give me the gel.” Stevens’s voice sounded thick. I ignored him knowing I had little choice as he washed my hair. The massage of his hands felt almost good. I inhaled sharply to avoid lowering my guard against the soothing feeling. My guard instantly rose when I felt his hands washing my back, then slipping between the globes of my ass. He concentrated on the puckered ring of my anus, sliding a soaped finger past its resistance and into my ass.

“Ssss….!” I hissed as he invaded my anal hole. He edged his finger in, up to the knuckle, then further. I stiffened as he slowly slid it in and out. “Stevens…” I whispered unable to continue. I wasn’t about to beg.

“Mmm…still tight. Kat, you are unbelievable. Soooo…fucking tight. DAMN! I love your asshole!” he murmured leaning against me, all thoughts of bathing forgotten as he pulled out his finger and positioned his cock. “Bend over.” He ordered. The water cascaded down my body as he forced me to bend, giving him access to fuck me.

I felt his cock before he groaned in pleasure. It sounded too much like a man who’d found his home. I closed my eyes as water and man pounded me. Stevens fucked me quick and hard once he found his rhythm. Slapping my ass and positively giddy with lust, he fucked me until I felt him stiffen, his movements slower and choppy until the warm burst of cum flooded my ass.

“Ahhh…shit! That was fucking awesome!” he slapped my butt and helped me stand. “I’m gonna miss this. You won’t be worth much after Lupa finishes with you.” He chuckled and finished soaping and rinsing me.

“I’m not worth much now.” I let him handle me like a useless ragdoll.

Two hours later, I sat in the back of a black SUV limo speeding its way to Lupa’s private estate. His operation was a lot bigger than anyone guessed. He’d sent two of his bitches over to fix me up like one of his prize whores. The red sequined mini-dress left little to the imagination. It had a sheer opening over the front to show off my naked tits. One of the women had brushed my nipples with rouge to make them stand out even more drawing the onlooker’s eye to them. Needless to say, I was also wearing the obligatory matching thong, garter and stockings. My feet hurt, yet they stuffed me into a pair of expensive black patent leather 6-inch heeled ‘fuck me’ pumps.

They wanted to whore me out and now I really looked the part. I stared out the window at nothing. The two men sitting on either side of me said nothing. They eyed me like hungry wolves, but knew that fucking with me wasn’t worth their lives. They were under orders to deliver me unharmed and pristine. Apparently the guest of honor was going to get the pleasure of ‘unwrapping’ me.

We arrived at our destination. The place looked like any other upscale home of the ‘rich and famous’. It sat on a lot of land and resembled its neighboring wealthy homes. I’m sure most of them did not earn their money through drugs, extortion and the flesh trade—or maybe they did. There was one good man in my life—Davids. He was gone. I belonged to that mongrel bastard Lupa.

Things passed fairly quickly once we exited the limo. We were hustled into the house, checked for weapons and ID and admitted to the ballroom. I wanted to giggle thinking Lupa dancing the foxtrot with some woman in a fluffy dress. The humor quickly dispersed as I was led like a lamb to the slaughter.

Lupa stood near the center of the floor as people milled around, musicians playing, as servers walked about with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Lavish tables lined the walls, piled high with food. The excitement in the air was almost tangible. Few noticed me. It wasn’t their business. Lupa was standing with another man, laughing a bit too loudly, almost nervously. A woman stepped near him to alert him of our arrival. He grinned patting the man on the arm. The man looked down at Lupa’s hand without smiling.

“Ahhh…here is our special little party favor, Dimitri! Right on time.” Lupa spoke in brash tones, his features were overly animated. I figured he was already high or well on his way. The other man seemed unfazed. He removed his arm from Lupa’s grasp.

“I see. But Lupa, I do not recall giving you leave to use my name. I reserve that for friends, and…beautiful women.” The man smiled. It didn’t reach his eyes. Lupa obviously got the message as he spluttered then grabbed me by the wrist pulling me forward.

“Well…ah…yes…Stavros, I think you will enjoy this one.” Lupa took on a scared look when the other man gave him an icy stare. Clearing his throat, he tried to assert his authority through the rest of us. “Take her to the white room.” He ordered. With that the men dragged me off, I stumbled along behind the men as I heard the man called Stavros reminding Lupa that he was the one seeking favors, not the other way around. Lupa said little.

I smiled. Maybe karma would kick Lupa’s ass. Perhaps, but tonight it was my ass that would be well used.

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Davids went about his grim work of torturing Lupa's man. He knew it wasn't going to be easy, as betraying Lupa promised death, while, in this guy's mind, Davids only promised pain. (if he only knew)

Davids had beaten him severely, put a plastic bag over his head to induce fear of death, and even attached electrodes to the guy's genitals, but the macho asshole was determined to prove he was tough and withstood it all. Davids was frustrated and at the end of his patience.

"I am going to ask you one more time asshole. Where is the female cop?"

The man looked up with hatred in his eyes, blood dripping down his chin onto his wife beater tee shirt, His right eye purple and swollen shut, his body convulsing a bit from the last shocks Davids had delivered.

He looked up at Davids through his puffy lips, did his best to smile. "Oh yeah, yeah, I remember her, the Puta Cop? Yeah last time I saw her she was on the end of my dick."

Davids nodded. "Ok asshole." He then produced a knife and walked over to the man who was tied securely to a chair, (just as he had been when they took Kat.) Davids ripped the alligator clips from the man's testicles causing him to scream in pain. He then grabbed the guys cock and held it, placing his knife at the base .

"Last chance asshole" He said calmly, inches from his face.

"You ain't gonna do that cop. Who do you think you are fuckin with?" He then did his best to spit blood into Davids face.

With one quick motion from his ultra sharp knife, Davids sliced off his cock. The man screamed as he looked down in disbelief, then passed out from the shock of seeing his cock missing combined with the spurts of blood shooting from his stub. His head slumped forward.

Davids grabbed his lolling head, pulled open his mouth and inserted the cock, then he pulled the plastic bag over the man's head and tied it tightly. It was a toss-up as to which, the man would die from first, blood loss or suffocation. It didn't matter to Davids. He was leaving a message for Lupa.

Davids turned to leave when he saw the plastic bag collapse against the man's face, knowing the man had awakened trying to take a breath through his broken nose and gagging mouth.

"If you live long enough asshole? tell whoever finds you, the last time I saw you was on the end of your own dick."

The man gave a strangled scream, struggling against his bonds , knocking the chair over side ways in panic, his head making a hollow "thump" on the concrete floor.

Davids walked out.

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