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Dana was heading home after her first semester at college and on a whim she had decided to hitchhike. She stood alongside a quiet, two-lane route that led to the main highway with her bag stuffed full of laundry. She had put off feeding the dorm's pay washing machines and would take care of it at her mother's house. Her feet were starting to ache when a tractor trailer came into view. She stood straight up, braless tits at attention, holding out her thumb and flashing her big, all-American smile.
The truck's brakes squealed as it drew to a stop and when the door opened she could barely hear the driver's voice over the sound of the engine.
"Where y'going?" he shouted.
"Winchester!" she shouted back.
"I'm only going to Roanoke but you're welcome to come along!"
Dana tossed her back up into the cab and scrambled in after it. When the door shut behind her it was a lot less noisy and she started to make cheery conversation.
"Hi! My name's Dana!" She stuck out her small, soft hand for a handshake.
"Pleased to meet you Dana. My name's Ed." Ed's hand was gloved with a thick layer of callouses from driving and working on the truck. He stroked his bristled chin as he stole glances at her pert tits. They jiggled and bounced along the rough ride.
Dana started telling insipid stories about school and all the things she was learning, her friends, blah, blah blah. Without even realizing it she reached down to pull the crotch of her Daisy Duke shorts out of her cunt lips. Ed watched, imagining what her gash smelled like.
It wasn't long before they were on the main highway and Ed started asking more pointed questions. "You told me about your girlfriends, what about boys?"
"Oh there's always a couple hanging around," she smirked, "but they don't get very far."
Ed imagined the frustration of the boys she had teased. An ember of anger was lit.
"I'm really thirsty from standing in the sun," Dana said. "Do you have anything to drink?"
There's a cooler in back with bottled water" Ed replied.
Ed got a good, long, look at her round ass as she dug around in the cooler. She bounced back into her seat and made quite a show out of rubbing the cold water on her forehead. Ed suspected she was doing it on purpose. He put his blinker on and the truck drifted over to the off ramp.
"Where are we going?" Dana asked, not sensing the seriousness of the situation.
"There's a weigh station ahead that I need to avoid" Ed lied. "Five or ten miles of back roads then back to the highway."
"Oh, okay," Dana replied.
The back roads were a moonscape of potholes and the truck jumped up and down violently as it slammed into them. As Dana tried to take a drink she missed her mouth and spilled water all over her white t-shirt. Her tits were visible, plain as day.
"Oops!" Dana giggled idiotically. "I should change."
"Yeah..." Ed said with a boner growing up his stomach. "... you can do it back there."
Ed motioned toward the sleeper portion of the cab and Dana went back to root through her bag of laundry for a dry blouse. While she was occupied Ed spotted a place to pull over. The truck stopped with a jerk that knocked Dana off her feet and onto the small bed. She was laying on her back with her naked tits bouncing around when she saw Ed staring at her. He was standing in the front part of the cab, unzipping his pants.
Dana covered her tits and said, "Oooh, no, I didn't want to..."
Ed cut her off with big, rough hand around her soft, smooth neck.
"I don't give a fuck what you want!"
Dana struggled for air as Ed clamped his fingers tighter around her throat. She was too busy clawing at his hand to stop him as he stepped out of his pants and onto the bed. His hard cock poked her stomach as he positioned himself on top of her. She put a hand over her cunt and he drew his fist back, ready to flatten her nose. She threw her hands back in terror and he pulled out his buck knife. Soon her shorts were reduced to rags and he guided his cock into her moist cunt.
She was saucer-eyed looking at him as he grunted and sweated and slid his member in and out of her. He slammed his pelvis harder and harder into hers, and she felt his cock stiffen when he pumped cum deep into her. Almost immediately he stood up and grabbed her by the hair. She squealed as he dragged her back to the passenger side door.
"Get out, whore," Ed yelled as he threw her naked body out onto the ground.
Her vision went black as her bag of laundry hit her in the face. She lay there in frozen shock as the big truck rumbled away.
The brothers were taking a long weekend to go see some racing. Their father had raced motorcycles when they were kids and this was a favorite getaway every year. Both of their crotchrockets screamed through the hot, summer air and the track got closer every minute. Since they were boys they had loved adventure and keeping each other's secrets.
Mike was following, watching the rear view mirror for cops when he realized Brian was on the brakes hard enough for his back wheel to come off the ground. They both rolled to a stop next to a girl sitting on a big bag, head in her hands. The bike engines fell silent.
"You okay?" Brian asked
"She looked up an her face was soaked with tears. "No," she said.
"Let's get you off this road," Brian said and handed her his helmet.
A few minutes later the three of them were blasting along as Dana wrapped her arms tightly around Brian's middle. They had been riding for half an hour when Brian saw a rest stop. They squeezed the bikes around the "Closed for Renovations" sign and parked next to a picnic table. The helmets came off and Dana pulled her purse out of the laundry bag. She told them her story as she cleaned herself up.
"So he just left you?" Mike asked with surprise.
"Yes," Dana sniffled.
The brothers had been catching each other's eyes while she whined about the mean trucker. They had swapped stories about sex enough times to know what the other was thinking.
"Do you think maybe it was your fault?" Brian asked.
Dana stopped sniveling, "What do you mean?"
"The way you act," Mike said. "You're a fucking tease."
As Mike spoke Brian stepped up behind Dana and put her into a choke hold. After the incident with the trucker she had thrown away the clothes that had been torn to bits and changed into shorts and a tube top. Mike jerked the tube top down to reveal cute, round, bouncing tits. Dana fought Brian's burly arm with all her might but she was close to unconscientious. Mike managed to get her panties down over her flailing legs as Brian dragged her to a nearby picnic table.
Up on the table she continued to struggle until Mike gave her a sharp "SMACK" with the back of his hand. Her cries turned to teary whimpers as Mike's pants dropped to the ground and he slathered his rigid cock with spit. Mike held Dana's knees back as he pushed his stuff member into her bald cunt.
"You made me do this, you fucking slut" Mike said with steely determination. Brian reached down to paw at her tits as Mike's torso slammed into Dana's.
Mike looked up at Brian and said, "I won't cum in her. I don't want my little brother to get sloppy seconds."
"Don't worry about it. I won't be using her cunt."
More furious pumping took place and Mike shot his load deep inside Dana's soft, smooth young body. Mike pulled his belt from his pants and when Brian released his grip, Mike replaced it with his belt and a foot against her neck. Dana struggled to breathe as her little, white sneakers were pushed up to her face. Brian probed at her asshole a bit with his saliva-smeared cock and then stuck its entire length up her rectum. Dana's face contorted into a mixed expression of agony and terror. Her fear contacted the muscles of her anus around Brian's cock until he couldn't hold out any longer and he squirted his load up her ass.
After Brian withdrew he used Dana's panties to wipe the muck off of his cock and Mike did the same with her tube top. Dana cried like a spoiled child and Brian smeared her tears around on her face with the soiled panties. She was limp as the brothers grabbed her hands and feet and dropped her, head-first, into a half-full trashcan. Her little skirt spread out like the petals of a flower and her legs flopped around while buzzing flies landed on her oozing cunt.
Motorcycle engines shrieked as the brothers sped away, front wheels aloft in triumph.
The officer was on his way to work and although not yet on duty he was already in uniform and driving the police cruiser he had driven home the night before. He had left for work early because his bitch wife started complaining over breakfast about his long hours and what she considered to be low pay. "I'm ashamed to bring my sister's family over here. She and Craig have a bigger yard and decent furniture", blah blah blah. Truth was her sister was way hotter, too. Looks go a long way when you want stuff you don't need.
Dana waved her arms when she saw that a police car was approaching and the officer flicked on the lights as he pulled up to her. He stepped out of the car and said sternly, "Hitchhiking is illegal. You need to get off the roadway."
Dana's lower lip quivered as she said "I'm not hitchhiking. I was raped" her voice trailed off into shameful quiet as she started to realize that what had happened to her today was real..
The officer looked her over through mirrored sunglasses. In her despair she had thrown away more clothes and put on the first item she pulled out of her bag. It was a little black cocktail dress. As she stood there in uncomfortable silence he noticed a trickle of cum running down the inside of her thigh.
"Prostitution's illegal too, you dumb cunt!" In an instant she was against the car with her hands cuffed behind her back. Moments later she was face down on the back seat with her bag on top of her. As the car pulled away she twioed and contorted herself, eventually working her way into an upright position.
"Please, don't arrest me. I've never been in trouble before," she begged.
She went on about all that had happened that day describing it in such vivid detail that he could imagine the whole ordeal. He believed her, but strangely didn't feel sorry for her. By this time they were on a desolate country road and the officer pulled into the shoulder.
"Why are we stopping?" Dana asked, with superhuman naivety.
"Today's your lucky day," the officer said, getting out of the car. Dana's door opened and his huge hand reached in and pulled her out of the car by her ear. She stood up and tried to brush her bangs out of her eyes. The officer grabbed the top of her dress and pulled it to the ground, leaving her stark naked in the afternoon breeze.
"No, no, no..." Dana stammered.
"It's this, or jail," the officer said. "On your knees."
Dana dropped obediently and was at eye level with his zipper as he pulled out his hard cock. He smacked her in the face with it a couple of times before rubbing it around on her lips. She opened her mouth.
His member was long enough so that even when she added her hand a lot of it's length went unattended. Despite great effort the officer was unable to cum this way and, in frustration, lifted her up and laid her on her back across the hood of the car. Dana tried to push him away but with her head hanging over the fender he was able to bury his cock in her throat deep enough for his balls to hit her nose and eyes. Long, deep strokes followed as he stuck his fingers into her cunt and grabbed at her tits. After what seemed to Dana like an eternity he erupted into her gagging throat and pulled out leaving her coughing and gasping for air.
"Off the car," the officer ordered.
Dana rolled off and wriggled back into her dress.
"One more thing," the officer said. "Sit down and open your mouth."
Not daring to anger him again Dana complied immediately. As soon as she opened her mouth the officer let loose a scalding stream of pungent, bright yellow urine. It went into her mouth and ran down her dress, puddling in her lap. When the last few drops had fallen she dropped her head and thought about what she had become.
"Hey," the officer said.
Dana looked up and her face met the sole of his shoe which pushed her backward, down the embankment at the roadside and into a drainage ditch. Her bag soon followed.
"Have a nice day, retard" the officer said and he drove away.
Far from the road, across a meadow, Dana could see a farm house. She staggered toward it, dragging her bag along behind her, and was surprised at how quiet it was. When she got to the house she timidly searched for signs of life, but other than the occasional "moo" of a cow found nothing.
Looking around a barn near the house, she found a trough full of water and set to work rinsing herself off and changing out of her piss-soaked dress. She pulled out a pink top with oversized buttons and sequins and violet Capri pants. She had lost her sneakers back at the patrol car but she found a pair of wedges and the whole outfit made her start to feel human again.
"Who are you?" a voice behind her asked.
Dana spun around and, to her relief saw a 10-year-old boy.
"Oh," she said, almost laughing. "Where are your parents?"
"Ma and Pa are in town at the farmer's market. They won't be home till supper."
"Well, could I borrow a phone?" Dana asked.
"No phones at this house," a much deeper voice said.
Dana turned again to see three young men wearing straw hats and suspenders holding shovels and wiping sweat from their faces.
"Go up to the house, Jacob," one of them said and the small boy scurried away occasionally looking over his shoulder.
The three were in their late teens to early twenties and all of them eyed her with suspicion and curiousity.
"We don't like having English here when our folks are away," the oldest said. "What do you want?"
"I, I just want to get some help," Dana said with increasing nervousness.
She reminded them of the whore in the pictures from the internet. All three stared at her thinking of the rumpled stack of printouts they had passed around. Dana stared back, growing more and more frightened.
She tried to run but one of them caught her by the wrist and and then all three of them were dragging her into the barn. In one heave they threw her into one of the animal pens. She was now face-to-face with a donkey who, conveniently for everyone but her already had half an erection. Dana fled to the wooden gate but was forced back by a trio of needle-sharp pitchforks. One of them pricked the exposed part of her breast and drew blood.
"Pull on his thing!" one of them said.
Dana wrapped her delicate hand around the enormous, black penis and rubbed as she looked away.
"Lick it, too!" Said another.
Dana turned to the huge cock that was now fully erect and ran her hand along its length.
Suddenly remembering that the woman in the pictures had taken her clothes off, the third said "Get naked!"
"Yeah, get naked" all three of them said and threatened her again with the pitchforks. Dana quietly stripped off the clothes she had only just put on and dropped them into the dirt. She knelt back down by the donkey cock and resumed work. Constant poking with the pitchforks got Dana really motivated and by the time the animal came she was stroking its member with both hands and working the head fiendishly with her mouth. The donkey panted heavily with bulging eyes and its cock grew dead straight.
When the donkey finally reached climax it spewed milky ejaculate on Dana's face and hair. It ran down her arms and breasts and onto her thighs.
"What's going on here?" A man's voice bellowed.
"We just came out here and caught her doing this!" one of the boys said.
Peering over the gate their father recoiled in disgust. "Oh God!" he said.
"I just, just," Dana tried to speak
"Don't speak! Just get dressed," the old man said "You boys get up to the house!"
The mother, waiting by the barn door with hands clasped said "What happened?"
"I believe I've seen the devil's work," the father said somberly. "There's an English woman in there. She's done terrible things. I'll take her to the church up the road. Perhaps an English pastor will know what to do. Dana appeared behind him and the woman gasped at her appearance.
"Let's go get you some help" the father said.
Dana walked sullenly toward their carriage.
"No, no. Not the buggy," he said. "You need to ride in the wagon."
The wagon bumped and clattered down the road pulled by a single horse with the old man in front and Dana sitting miserably in the back. She had put her clothes on over the smears of donkey cum which now adhered fabric to her body and was elsewhere drying to a crust. Her hand clutched the drawstring of her big bag with what remained of her wardrobe.
The preacher was having dinner with his wife when he saw his neighbor's wagon in the driveway.
"Eli!" He exclamed as he opened the door. "What a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you?"
Dana peeked out from behind the old man.
"Oh my," the preacher said.
"Reverend Donovan I can't describe what I saw this English woman do," the old man said. "I thought maybe you could help her."
"We always have room for someone in need," the preacher replied.
A while later Dana was in the kitchen of the parsonage, freshly showered and wearing pajamas. She hadn't eaten anything but cum since breakfast and was grateful for a hot meal. The minister and his wife listened in stunned silence as Dana told them all that had happened to her.
"This is serious. We should go to the sanctuary and pray." the minister said, his wife nodding in agreement.
The church next door was a beautiful old building with richly colored stained glass windows and maroon velvet drapery. Dana sat in the front row as the minister stood at the pulpit and read from Psalms:
"How beautiful are your feet in sandals!
Your rounded thighs are like jewels,
How beautiful and pleasant you are,
Your stature is like a palm tree,
and your breasts are like its clusters.
I say I will climb the palm tree
and lay hold of its fruit."
Dana paid little attention to the content of the sermon but revelled in the warmth of the scene. The minister's wife sat close beside, Dana's head on her shoulder. The minister stepped out from the pulpit and stood in front of the center aisle.
"Come forth, my child," the minister said. "Kneel and pray".
Dana obliged, kneeling in font of the minister, eyes closed and hands clasped. The minister laid his hand on her head.
"Dear father" he began, "this poor, lost soul has endured great hardship. Her road to this, your house has been long and torturous. Yet, like the suffering of your only son, all things happen by your hand. Let us show her that she has come to us for a reason."
Dana opened her eyes to the sight of the preacher's erect cock bobbing an inch from her nose. She recoiled in shock but before she could react the preacher and his wife had her pinned on the floor and tied her hands behind her back with one of the golden roped that held the velvet drapes. They tied her by the neck and feet over the baptismal font and when she tried to keep the preacher's cock from entering her mouth, he pushed her head in the water until she nearly drowned. After that she sucked like her life depended on it.
"Be washed in the blood of the lord!" the preacher said as her rammed his cock into her face.
The preacher's wife joined in. Long, fake fingernails tore the crotch of Dana's pajamas to shreds. Flannel bits of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger fluttered to the floor as the preacher's wife spat on a crucifix and started working it into Dana's twat.
"Let your saviour inside you!" the preacher bellowed as his wife greegily licked Dana's clit.
The couple then switched places and the preacher pushed his cock into Dana's cunt and the preacher's wife climbed into a chair and mashed her hairy pussy into Dana's face"
'Stick out your Goddamned tongue!" the preacher's wife commanded. At the same time she pulled Dana's nipples so hard it felt like they were going to tear off. Dana stuck out her tongue and the preacher's wife gyrated on it until she was panting like a dog. Female moaning coincided with ejaculation and the godly couple climaxed at Dana's expense.
Winded and sweating the preacher and his wife untied Dana and as she staggered through the door into the night they called out "We'll pray for you!


In time Dana finally made it home. Of course she had to give a guy a handjob behind a gas station in exchange for the use of his phone, but just before dawn her parents minivan appeared. She hid her head in shame and repeated "I don't want to talk about it," enough times for her parents to stop asking.
Back at home in her bedroom, a fantasy world of unicorns and boy bands, she slept and slept, barely eating, and saying nothing. When she eventually reemerged, her while manner had changed, rarely laughing, and never revealing anything personal. Each night, she quietly went off to bed with little fuss.
Her father's concern grew to the point where he had to confront her. He sat down at her bedside late one evening and said, "Pumpkin, what happened?"
In an attempt to spare his feelings she told him in very vague terms what she had experienced. He listened attentively until she had finished.
He took a deep breath and said "I know you've been through a lot, but life can be very difficult. It's important to remember that you're all grown up now."
Then as he pushed his penis into her he said, "And you're a whore."
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