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Default Anna

Note: This was originally written as the first chapter as a fanfic. But I decided to rewrite it as an original story. Enjoy!

EDIT - I edited this story and made some more changed to it on the 27th Dec. It needed a bit more description.


Captain Anna Davis trudged wearily along the cracked cement sidewalk, nimbly sidestepping a crumpled piece of newspaper that blew desolately along the street. Above her, gloomy grey clouds listed lazily in a sky that was the colour of a bruise. She glanced up at it through tired cornflower blue eyes, her long red hair restrained in a tight bun except for a few rogue hairs which dangled around her face. Her clothes, which had once been good quality, were threadbare and did nothing to disguise how thin she was beneath them.

Life was tough without money, and since the war had ended she had fallen on hard times and had learned what it was like to go without. Even though she walking along what had once been one of the busiest streets in one of the busiest cities on Earth, the red haired young woman couldn’t see another living soul. Everyone was doing it tough, and the local industry now revolved around human trafficking; men, women and children were often picked up off the street and sold off as slaves.

Still, there would normally be at least a few people out on the streets; orphaned children begging or other workers hurrying home to beat the night time curfew that was stringently enforced. But this afternoon the street was deserted as though something or someone had driven everyone away, and it gave Anna the chills as she walked along, her skin prickling as though she were being observed by invisible eyes.

She heard a shuffling footstep behind her and she glanced over her shoulder expecting to see a fellow worker, but nothing was there. A queer prickling sensation spread over her back and shoulders and she quickened her pace down the cracked and worn street; despite all appearances she knew someone was behind her. She couldn't hear anything other than her own footsteps but she knew that somebody was watching her…following her…hunting her. The hairs on the back on her nick prickled and a cold shiver ran up and down her spine as she heard a husky male laugh.

Oh no.

Anna felt a trembling in her limbs as adrenaline and fear flooded through her body and she paused and glanced behind her, this time she could see several figures keeping in the shadows that were drawing closer. It was impossible to make out more than a humanoid shape, but the fact that they were keeping in shadows and following her was enough to make Anna scared. Soldiers! She thought to herself, her mind summoning up a million stories that friends and colleagues had told her about the horrors perpetuated against young girls who were frequently captured, abused and violently used by the out of work soldiers.

Her heart hammered harder in her chest and she turned back around, taking a shuddering breath as her eyes flickered from side to side, trying to find a safe place to run to or a place to take sanctuary. But the streets were still empty of people and Anna started walk faster as fear began to fog her brain, numbing her senses and chasing reason and common sense form her mind. She, along with the rest of the local population, knew very well that there were slave traders who snatched both men and women off the streets, bundled them into huge warehouses and sold them to foreigners, mining companies or whore houses.

She reached the corner of the street and glanced back to see two men following her, and she gave up trying to be brave and broke into a run, every one of her instincts was screaming at her to run faster…faster…FASTER! She thundered down the street as fast as she could, but she could hear the pounding of their footsteps behind her and knew they were catching up.

The footsteps behind her grew steadily louder as whoever was chasing her also increased their pace, their shoes thumping loudly on the pavement. Anna, her breath sobbing in her throat, dodged into an alley in a desperate bid to find a hiding place, any hiding place at all, and immediately cursed herself for her stupidity as a dead end loomed ahead, effectively trapping her in the alley.

No. Oh God, no!

Desperately, as sense and reason had long since deserted her completely, Anna clawed and banged on the tightly sealed doors that lined the grimy alley and screamed loudly for help, but no help came. Her breath sobbing in her throat, she backed herself against the wall as an eerie silence descended and her stalkers appeared in the mouth of the alleyway, their silhouettes outlined in the dim sunlight. They were big, whoever they were, far too big for her to have any chance of fighting them off if they grabbed her.

As Anna watched, one of the silhouetted figures stepped forward she fought hard not to whimper as she heard a rushing sound in her ears and felt herself swoon as fear almost pushed her over the edge and into unconsciousness - but she fought the fear and the feeling of helplessness that tried to worm into her heart. There had to be some way out of this! She was clever! She was an intelligent your woman with family and friends! Surely they would leave her alone!

Anna slid sideways along the wall away from the mouth of the alley, her hand trailing along the rough bricks until her back hit the cold, gritty wall of the alleyway. Trapped and with no possible escape route she gathered all her breath and screamed louder than she had in life. The shrill sound of it echoed around in the alleyway and it sounded as though there were ten of her screaming for help; but nobody nearby who could hear her was willing to lend a hand. What was wrong with people? Why wouldn’t they help her?

The second silhouette let out a low chuckle and began to follow the first figure into the alley way after her, and Anna felt fear as sharp as a knife twist in her as they drew closer. I’m not going to be able to get away! She realised as the situation fully hit her and she realised that she was completely trapped, with two very tough looking men approaching her. There wasn't any way in hell that she could get around two marines…

But I have to try!

Anna swallowed hard and waited until they were close enough that she could see the despicable smirks on their faces, close enough that they were almost within touching distance and then, her muscles shaking with adrenalin, she tried to dodge past them. She recognised them both, she realised; Brangus Carnel and James Thomas. Both had worked with her as a soldier before the war, but she hadn’t seen them in years.
She was small and fast; there was a chance she could slip past without them getting hold or her…

But it was all in vain; as she tried to slip past them James grabbed her around the waist and lifted her bodily from the ground, completely ignoring her as she screamed hoarsely and frantically struggled to be free. It was as though he was bored by his job as he tried to hold her still while she kicked and fought. Her struggles only increased as she saw Brangus approaching and one of her thrashing legs finally made contact as she kicked him square in the face; his nose spurting blood as he let out a strangled yell.

“Fucking bitch! Hold her still while I stick her!” His voice was gruff with pain.

He had toffee coloured brown eyes and short black hair, and as he wiped the blood from his nose he pulled out a long hypodermic needle from the pocket of his coat. Anna whimpered and struggled harder still, twisted frantically until one of her flailing fists caught James in the temple, and with strength Anna didn't know she possessed she wrenched free as her he raised a hand to his head and swayed dizzily.

She took advantage of his momentary disorientation and Brangus’s shock and turned around and sprinted for the mouth of the alleyway, screaming for help as she ran. The fear was like a living thing inside of her as she bolted up the alley, stumbling along as terror made her clumsy and left her limbs feeling numb. She could hear them both behind her, yelling with anger as they pounded along after her, and she threw her entire weight into running as fast as she could. Her heart beating so hard it felt as though it was going to burst through her chest!

Anna had almost reached the mouth of the alley when one of the men tackled her and with a sickening laugh and she was thrown to the ground; her chin smashing into the bitumen road with enough force to knock her senseless. She dimly tasted blood in her mouth and saw stars blossom and dance in front of her eyes as the man who had tackled her climbed to his feet and reached down to drag her to her feet.

“I got the fucking bitch! Get one of those doors open so we can get this whore inside.” Brangus angrily yelled to James, and Anna watched dazedly as he nodded and quickly kicked down one of the numerous doors that lined the alleyway.

She tried to scream behind the hand that was pinned to her mouth as he forced her towards the open door, but the only sound she could make was a whimper. Brangus chuckled nastily as he dragged her down the alley way and she tried again to fight him off, but it was useless. She was too disorientated from the fall, and she could already taste blood in her mouth from where her teeth had cut into her lip.

“Stupid little whore!” Brangus hissed into her ear as he wrenched her off her feet and carried her through the doorway, apparently sick of her struggles, “We’ve been trying to track you down since they discharged us all. We all lost our jobs, but at least you walked away with some compensation.”

His temper got the better of him and as soon as they crossed the threshold he tossed her to the ground and kicked her hard in the stomach and then again in the ribs, slamming the door behind him while she lay on the ground winded. The pain was worse than any she’d experienced and she could do nothing other than curl into a ball as she cried out in agony, the sharp pain from her midsection stealing all thought from her.

Anna's groan of pain seemed to only enrage him further and he kicked her again, using strength to really put his force into it, before laughing thickly and ran his eyes over her lustily. His gaze hesitating on her ass and then trailing up to her breasts as she lay there panting and helpless.

“Hey, James.” He yelled to his companion as he nudged Anna with his boot, rolling her over as though she was a ragdoll. “What do you say we have a little fun with our slut Captain before we pass her on to the other guys on the ship who paid the price for our peace? I haven’t blown my load in a long time and I still remember how good of a fuck she is.”
Anna cringed as she remembered the time that she had been doing an inventory on their ammo supplies and checking the weapons requisitions when Brangus had come down. He was a Major and technically her superior, and he’d pulled rank and forced her to give him a blowjob and had then fucked her on the boxes in the cargo hold, bending her over the boxes to nail her doggy style.
He’d taken her panties with him when he was done.

James walked into the light, his huge muscular body throwing an ominous shadow over her, and licked his lips as he ran his eyes over her. “Sure why not?” He watched as Anna opened two terrified and pain filled blue eyes and sniggered. “I’ve always had a thing for her and I was planning to fuck her anyway, I may as well get in early before she gets screwed to death by the other guys.” He grabbed his crotch and laughed as Anna whimpered in terror.

James reached down and manhandled her to her feet none to gentle, his hands squeezing her tits through her shirt and pulling her back against him so she could feel his hard cock through his pants. Anna shrieked in terror as he dragged her across the room and forced her onto a splintered desk, easily lifting her up and throwing her onto it with enough force to wind her again. She tried to crawl away but he shoved her onto her back and fondled her breasts through her shirt, chuckling as she screamed hoarsely and tried to break free.

As he leaned closer to her, intending to kiss her, she managed to rake her nails across his cheek and he swore and backhanded her across the face, the force of the blow snapping Anna's head to one side and knocking her back against the desk. While she lay there, clutching at her face and gathering her wits, he reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a switchblade. Before the tiny red haired woman could come to her senses or work out what he intended to do, he flicked out the knife, grabbed one of her hands and stabbed the blade through the palm of her hand, pinning her to the desk with a spray of blood.

Anna threw her head back and howled in agony as the pain exploded up her arm and spread through her body, immobilising her completely. She was only faintly aware of James tearing at her clothes now, ripping her shirt open in a spray of buttons and yanking her jeans down unceremoniously in his hurry to fuck her. He ogled her body as he tore her bra off and squeezed her breasts painfully, rolling and pinching her nipples, and then moving his hands lower and roughly groping between her legs, shoving two fingers inside of her without any warning and working them back and forth.

“Please! Don't!” Anna screamed and tried to wriggle away from the painful intrusion as sense returned to her through the pain, “We used to be friends…”

She tried to say more to James but Brangus quickly wriggled the knife that was stuck though her palm and she choked on her own breath as the pain exploded once more and she felt the wetness of blood against her hand and arm. She opened her eyes and sobbed as she saw that he was undressing himself now and his excitement at taking Anna by force was evident by his huge erect cock.

This couldn’t be happening…please no…

“Oh, this is going to be good.” James rasped, his pants were down now and he took himself in his palm as he watched Anna squirm in fear, spitting on his hand and lubricating his thick rod. “I’ve been dreaming of drilling you for years, Anna.”

His breathing deepened and his hands forcefully closed about her waist, roughly pulling her towards him as he positioned his hungry monster-cock at her entrance and thrust his hips forward; impaling her on his huge dick without any care or concern for her pain. He groaned in pleasure and forced himself deeper and deeper until most of him was sheathed tightly in her unwilling body. He laughed a low obscene chuckle as Anna moaned in pain, kicking as she tried pull away and force him out of her.

“That’s it, Captain.” He grabbed her hair as he spoke and yanked her head up to him, his breath on her cheek, “You fight me; I like that.”

He withdrew himself until only his tip remained, and then thrust forward again until his entire rock-hard rape-weapon was buried in her, Anna's insides tightly hugging his engorged cock as she screamed in agony and fought him. His hands squeezed her breasts again as he began to fuck her hard, harshly pumping his cock into her resistant body as his balls slapped against her ass rhythmically. Faster and faster he rocked over her as he shoved his thick weapon into her again and again, raping her with all the excitement of a schoolboys first lay. It was all Anna could do not to throw up all over herself from the pain and humiliation of what he was doing to her.

Brangus pulled the knife out of her hand and wiped it on his shirt before putting it back down on the desk next to her head, almost like a warning. He reached into his pants and began to jerk himself off as he watched James rape Anna, “Hurry up, man.” He urged thickly as he pulled his hot and hard cock from his pants.

Anna gasped and panted in pain as James drilled her harder and faster, his dick tearing at her insides as he quickened his pace even more, his breath rasping in his throat. He grabbed one of her legs and draped it over her shoulder so he could pound into her ever deeper, and Anna sobbed in pain. Her entire body was jerking which each disgusting thrust. It hurt! Oh God, it hurt so much! He was too big for her! It felt like he was ripping her insides to shreds! She cried and screamed desperately, but it only seemed to excite him more.

James continued to stab himself in side of her, grunting and groaning like some bestial creature as he reached a climax and orgasmed deep inside of her, continuing to thrust as he ejaculated streams of thick white sperm deep into her belly until he was limp again.

“Fuck! That was great. She's so fucking tight.” He pulled his now-limp dick out of her and moved around to slap her in the face with it, using her hair to wipe it clean of sperm and blood. He laughed cruelly as Anna weakly tried to sit up. “You’ll make a great little fuck-toy, Captain. Your cunt’s so tight that I’m tempted keep you myself so I can fuck you whenever I want to.”

“James, please!” Anna looked away as she sobbed and tried to use her hands to cover herself up, “Please let me go…”

“You can't go yet Anna; I haven't had my ride.” Brangus laughed as he pushed shoved James out of the way and roughly flipped Anna over so that she was lying on her belly. He spread her ass cheeks rubbed his already hard cock against her asshole, giving her a hint of what was to come and she began to cry harder. “I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass so hard you're not gonna be walking for days.” He whispered ominously as he used the juices, cum and blood leaking from her pussy to lubricate his dick. “I’ve always wanted to shove my cock in your ass, bitch.”

“No, no, please no…” Anna pleaded desperately as she felt the head of his huge cock press against her sphincter. She tried again to scramble weakly away across the table, but it was too late and she felt him press forward.
The spit-lubricated head of his dick popped inside of her clenched ass and Anna gritted her teeth and swallowed her scream from the radiating pain as her ass was stretched so he could take his pleasure from her.
“Yeah! Take it, Captain! Take every inch!” Brangus bucked his hips and shoved the rest of his cock into her resisting ass, sliding his entire throbbing shaft deep inside of her bowels. This time Anna had enough breath to wail at the intense pain as he violated her, his hands and strength pinning her down and preventing her from crawling away as she struggled on the table and screamed over and over.

She could feel him inside her; large, hot and thick and painful. He pulled his cock out all the way and then pushed it back into her with a cruel laugh, enjoying her screams and wordless inarticulate cries of pain as he violated her again. His wielded his long hard dick like a weapon, seeming to take pleasure from Anna's pain each time he rammed his nine inch rod inside of her.

Anna opened her mouth to scream as he thrust himself in even harder and deeper, her hip bones grating harshly on the wooden table as his balls bouncing against her ass. James appeared in front of her again and he grabbed a fistful of her red hair, yanking her face up so he could look at her.

“Suck it, whore.” He demanded, his other hand guiding his penis into her mouth as she cried and gasped in agony.

“No! Nnngh...” Anna could do nothing but beg as he forced it into her mouth.

She coughed, gasped and tried to pull her head away to get him out of her mouth as she felt him begin to harden but James pushed down on her injured hand, shoving his thumb into the wound. The pain of that combined with the pain of the man sodomising her was almost enough to force her into unconsciousness. Almost. But Anna wasn't lucky enough to fall into the endless void of unconsciousness yet.

“Suck it or I'll fucking cut your entire hand off.” James demanded furiously, his hand tightening in her hair as he humped her face. “And if I even feel your teeth, I’ll knock them down your bitch throat!”

His huge dick was hard now and all Anna could do was sob as it filled her into mouth and stretched into her throat, cutting off her air. Tears slipped down her face as she obediently tried to suck his pulsing rod, running her tongue up and down his shaft, but it was too hard with the pain of Brangus sodomising her, and she after a few moments she wasn’t able to control herself anymore and she began to scream and gasp as Brangus hammered himself into of her ass harder and deeper.
“That’s it, whore! You’ve got a nice big cock up your slut ass! Take it! Take it like the fucking slut you are!” Brangus was screaming abuse as he violated her ass, stretching her ass painfully as he enjoyed the sensation of her inner passage clenching as she cried.

The excruciating pain welled up again as Brangus began pounding into her even deeper, slapping her ass and groaning as she wailed. In front of her, James was fucking her face, forcing his cock further into her mouth until she could barely breathe as his hands held her head still. The pain, which was beyond anything Anna had ever dreamed off, was inescapable and unrelenting, and she was powerless to do anything but lie there screaming, wishing they would put her out of her misery so the agony would end.
“Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Here it comes, Anna! Just for you, you fucking slut!” Behind her she heard Brangus grunt and his fucking became frenzied as he emptied his load inside of her, pounding hard into her backside as sprayed buckets of cum into her ass. “Oh yeah, fucking slut likes it!”

Distantly, Anna felt James pull her forward as he came in her mouth and his jizz filled her throat and choked her, but the pain had finally become too much and all she could do was groan softly as the blackness that had been hovering around her vision swirled up and claimed her. She was blissfully unaware as the as James and Brangus continued abusing her body for the next few hours, using her for all kinds of perverse pleasures.

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Nice little story, thank-you
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Default Great!

This is a great story, and well written, too!

I love it.

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Default Thanks

Thank you I've just updated it again as I wasn't happy with the first posting. Lots of little typos and it needed a bit more dialogue and description.
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