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Default Bad Neighbors (Part 3)

Trey's strong hands held Carrie's arms behind her back. He moved her towards the crowd. The group parted as she was edged closer. She was being taken to a small wooden table, underneath the porch lights. A quilt had been folded and placed on its surface.

'What do they intend to do to me? Surely they won't rape me, not with women here too?" she thought, scared and confused.

Off to the side, two men held, what appeared to be a y shaped, 2x4 frame. Attached to it were some kind of straps. Shawn stepped forward.

"I built this for you, Carrie," he said, "It's ingenious but simple." As he talked the men lifted the frame and carried it to the table. "The single stud slips into the slot under the table, where it can be quickly bolted into place. The tables legs are also bolted into the concrete, to keep it from tipping. I have also added convenient, but strong, eye-hooks into various positions around the table." He held his hand out, like Vanna White showing a new car. "Ta da, The Masterpiece."

Her heart dropped in her chest. The small table had been transformed into some medieval looking, torture device.

"Let's see if she fits," he said nodding at Trey and a couple of other guys.

Just as Carrie started to scream, Mandy stopped in front of her, cupping her hand over her mouth.

"Now listen carefully, Carrie, while we all enjoy a few good screams, keep in mind that your husband is upstairs passed out in the media room. I repeat media room...and your adorable, little video is playing on a loop, on the big screen. In simple terms, that means it plays over and over again. Now, we all here enjoyed your video, but somehow, I don't think he would." Someone turned the radio up, so Mandy had to speak a little louder. "So do scream, but try and keep it down a few octaves." She moved aside and they continued carrying Carrie towards the horrible table.

She did scream, but not too loud, as well as thrash her arms and legs, but it was useless against the strong men. Her back felt the cool blanket, then her arms, the stretch of being pulled to the sides and strapped down. Hands caressed the insides of her smooth thighs, as they were moved apart and a her ankles and knees attached to the y's wooden beams. The lips of her sex could be seen peeking out the edges of her tight, but small thong. She was on display to the lusting eyes of her audience. The audience, (as she mumbled her "No's") were relieving themselves of their clothing. The dark yard began to resemble the beginnings of a Wicken Orgy.

Mandy took a chair over and sat down next to Carrie's head. With her head hanging off the table, Carrie was straining her neck to look up. "Here let me help you, Carrie," Mandy said lifting her head up and allowing her to see down her body. "I know I got that suit for you, but I don't think you need it now."

A pair of scissors appeared and both her bikini top and thong were snipped and removed. Her flesh, still cold from her dip in the pool, broke out in goosebumps. The nipples, already hard, now stung from their stiffness. A breeze blew over the lips of her pussy, small drops of cum still dripping from her hole. Admiring gasps and comments came from the crowd around her.

"Please, Mandy, don't do this to me," she pleaded, "What have I done to you. Why?"

"Because your are the perfect victim, Neighbor, and you were dropped right into our laps. A test subject for our scientific minds. 'How to Turn a Girl-next-door into a Experienced Slut,' It would make a excellent thesis, wouldn't it?"

"Your not going to turn me into anything, you Bitch."

"I beg to differ, Carrie. We already did, yesterday, and we will again...but first, we break you."

A younger man was between her thighs, slapping his man-meat over her mons. The cock was expanding in length with each slap.

"I'm sorry you lost so much of Trey's cum. We'll have to remedy that," Mandy commented.

"No, Mandy, no! Please, at least give him a condom."

"Now where's the fun in that?" Mandy said with a grin.

"No! No! Ahaaaa!" The opening of Carrie's cunt gave way, her tender, nether lips wrapping around the invading shaft.

Mandy scooted closer, letting Carrie's head rest over her sensuous bosom. She took her fingers and tenderly removed the hair from her eyes. "Your pussy is ours to do whatever we want."

A woman and man leaned down, sweeping their tongues over her breasts. One at each breast, sucking at the throbbing nipples.

"Don't get your heads too close together," Mandy cautioned, "I want her to see, how her belly rises over that cock." She looked over at Shawn. He was standing there admiring the show. "Hey, you forgetting something, Shawn?" He blinked out of his trance.

"Oh..the video camera.....yea. Be right back," he stammered.

"Hurry, You don't want to miss the money shot."

The young man started fucking her harder. Skin slapped against skin. His rough pubic hair scratched against her clit. Her body was lubricating on its own. She thought she was going to be forced to cum, but, 'no,' the young man didn't last that long. The cock lurched into her, pulsating as it spilled its seed.

"Is that warm?" Mandy asked her. "Can you feel that hot sperm? ...Oh, your not fertile are you?" Mandy asked, kissing the tears from her cheeks. "I sure hope so. We've never fucked a pregnant woman before. It makes me all giddy."

Another man pushed the last one aside to drive his shaft in. Cum was forced out around his member, and it trickled down the crack of her ass.

"We'll have you filled up in no time, Honey." Mandy said. "You getting all this, Shawn?"

"Every single bit, Hon," he replied, zooming the lens in on Carrie's tear stained face.

"Get this," Mandy said suddenly dropping Carrie's head. She fed her taut nipple into Carrie's open mouth. "Oooo, when he slams into her, hard like that, her warm breath tingles."

Trey tapped her on the shoulder. "If you don't mind, Mandy, I'd like to feel that warm breath."

"Be my guest," Mandy replied letting Carrie's head hang loose. "Feed her some black cock."

"No," Carrie gasped, finding herself staring upside down at a pair of black thighs, the thick, dark, cock twitching between them.

"Now don't bite, Carrie," Trey said in a firm voice, "I even feel a little teeth, and Mandy here will go wake up John for his movie."

With her hands strapped down, she had no way from stopping the black, snake from filling her lips. Her throat expanded as his cock filled it. She found herself gagging, while staring up at his swollen ball-sack. Spit and pre-cum trailed down her face. Her body jerked in panic. She was unable to breathe.

"Breathe through your nose, like I taught you, Carrie," Mandy instructed.

She had to, but she hated it. It allowed her to breathe in the aroma of Trey's sweaty, black balls, as if she wasn't gagging enough. The voices around her made her feel dirty and violated.

"Gag on that cock, Girl", "Just wait till you choke on Trey's cum, you Slut.", "Check out her cream, it's coating his cock.", "Fuck her, man, fuck her good." , "Look how her ass is moving, trying to get away from his shaft.", "You like being a Slut, don't you?"

She couldn't block out the cruel words, they would be forever etched in her memory.

Warm cum was again filling her belly. Then, Trey's cock filled her throat and mouth with his thick load. Mandy lifted her head back up, so everyone could see the cum dripping from her nose. Someone pushed down on her belly. She belched, cum bubbling from her lips.

There was a laugh. "Cool, you see her burp up that cum?" Someone else said. "What a cum slut."

She was almost broken, now to train her.

The hair of her cunt was matted with thick sperm. "I'm not fucking that," the next guy said.

"Unstrap her,' Mandy said, 'and put that quilt on the grass. I'll be right back."

Mandy returned with a small basket. She placed it the table. The group were carting Carrie over to the blanket. "Put her on her belly and hold her down," she called.

Reaching into the basket she withdrew the little brown, bottle of experimental aphrodisiac, a bottle of baby oil, and a large, empty, squirt ketchup container. She poured the concoction into the ketchup container and shook it up. After looking down at Carrie, struggling on the quilt, she thought again. She looked towards the the BBQ pit. A container next to the BBQ sauce caught her eye. She raised the label up to the group, 'Louisiana Hot Sauce'.

"Shawn, you up?" she asked.

"Yep, sure am."

"You better find a condom then," Mandy said as she moved towards Carrie, tossing the now empty, bottle of hot sauce aside.

"Ok, guys, hold her real tight and spread her ass cheeks. She's not going to like this."

Someone had to kneel on her back to keep her still. A soiled pair of panties was shoved in her mouth. The pointed end of the ketchup bottle was stuck in her puckered hole. Then Mandy gave it a good squeeze. Carrie thrashed beneath them. It took most of the group to hold her down. Mandy squeezed again, then one more time. The last squeeze was mostly hot air. The empty container was tossed, and someone stuck a thick finger up her ass.

"Keep your finger in there, Jackie, and you guys pull her up onto her knees, head down."

Shawn was strolling up behind her, rolling on a condom. A smaller girl slipped under her and began harshly sucking a descended nipple.

Mandy stretched out on the blanket, across from Carrie. She propped her head up on her hands, like a young girl dreaming. She peered into Carrie's beautiful green eyes. "You feel that,Carrie? The two kinds of heat building in your bowels? It means your about to get fucked in the ass."

"Nnn, no," the words could barely leave her weak lips.

"Yes, Carrie, Oh yes." Mandy smiled.

The powerful, unexpected thrust, of the cock, slammed her face into the quilt. She felt as though her asshole was being ripped out. She bit her lips, tasting blood beneath the soiled panties. The girl beneath her was almost crushed, but continued to suckle at her sore nipple. Her whole insides were on fire with burning cramps.

As each torturous second passed, something else happened. Her clitoris began to swell. The sticky lips of her cunt began to engorge and throb. The moist hole, still leaking semen started to itch. Even her burning asshole was effected, undulating and seizing up on the phallus in her ass.

A trigger in her mind snapped. She wanted more cock. More of the cock in her ass. More of any cock, anywhere.

Mandy sat back, opening her legs and rubbing her cunt in front of Carrie. "You can let go of her now, guys,"
"That's it, Girl, rock back on that cock. Take it in your virgin ass."

Her ass was making wet, farting sounds, as the cock pulled all the way out, than drove back into the open hole.

Scooting closer, Carrie was grabbed by the ears and her face thrust into her Mandy's cunt.

"Suck me, Carrie, suck my pussy. That's it, yea, give me that tongue."

Carrie,s hands were held and placed on erect cocks. She took hold of them, milking the shafts with her soft hands. Warm cum would coat her fingers, then they would once again, wrap around the next cock. When Shawn's shaft left her pulsing ass, a thick black one plunged into her dripping cunt. She was convulsing in orgasmic, animal lust.

Shawn took the used condom and poured its contents down Mandy's inner thigh, where it trailed down to her sex. Carrie didn't stop, she lapped it right up along with Mandy's thick, woman cream. Cum poured from her used sex, as one cock left and another took its place.

Carrie was screaming now, "Fuck me, you Bastards! I want more cock! Someone give me a cock!"

The orgy went on till all hours of the night.

The next morning, the sun came streaming over the party trashed, yard. Naked bodies were everywhere, some in lawn chairs, some on the grass, some on the table, and even one on the pool's diving board. On a quilt was a beautiful, tanned, brown haired, girl. She looked like your regular Girl-next-door, except she was covered from head to to in drying cum.

Mandy and Shawn were already up. Mandy was making coffee.

Shawn turned to Mandy, "So how is John? Have you checked on him?"

Mandy turned towards Shawn, a look of shock on her face, "Shit! John!"

They both bounded up the stairs, and threw open the media room door. A new video was playing on the big screen;

'Fuck me, you Bastards! I want more cock! Someone give me a cock!'

The video ended and the loop started again. The camera zooming into a tanning bed.

John was there, on the sofa. He had his fist closed around a stiff cock. He was furiously stroking, mouth open in awe, and tears in his eyes.

If you enjoyed this, please let me know. I will see what else I can dream up.
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Another great story!
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