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Default Door to door salesmen annoyances

It seems the summer weather brings out every fucking door to door salesman where I live. I mean, almost every night during the working week some fucker is at my door trying to get me to switch power provider or rope me into sponsoring a Panda, or an endangered canine or other animal. I don't need any of that stuff and I already have a dog (my Rottweiler, Tiny) that eats me out of house and home.

These guys (note it's never a woman, I mean I could probably tolerate talking to a pretty saleswoman just to peek at her cleavage and not buy anything) almost always call just as I get home from work and am trying to feed the dog and make dinner. I think salesmen assume we will sign the dotted line just so we can get back to our meal.

Last week I had a guy trying to sell me an asphalt driveway. I asked him if he was crazy, or just blind, and I pointed downward. He was standing on my cobbled drive, trying to sell me asphalt. Who in their right mind would cover a fine cobbled drive with fucking tar? That shit melts in summer and cracks and lifts during the thaw that follows Canadian winters, also it needs sealing every fucking year. What an idiot, I told him to fuck right off with that idea.

The week before that I was in the upstairs bathroom and I heard my dog growling in the front bedroom. I had to stop peeing to go in and see what was up. Tiny was growling out the window at a salesman standing at the front door. I opened the window and he said "I don't think your dog like me" and I replied "you're out of luck buddy because neither do I, so you should probably fuck off." I don't even know what he was selling and I don't care either.

Then there are the Jehovah's. I thought I'd left those bastards behind when I moved to Canada. The dog usually sees them off by going to the front door and growling at them through the window. Fuck off sounds the same in dog talk and gets rid of all door to door pests.
One good thing about winter up here, is the salesmen go into hibernation. But summer is torture.

I'm getting a door cam fitted next week. At least I can see who is calling and not get surprised by answering the door by mistake to a salesman. The caller comes to the front door and rings the bell, which activates the monitor (and a popup window on my computer screen and cellphone). I speak in the mic and ask what he wants, and if he is selling anything I tell him to fuck off. Just fuck off and don't come back.
Great system and not very expensive, and no more drops of pee on my pants from rushing out of the bathroom to see who is at the door.
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I was one of those for like a week selling AT&T U-Verse. I'm not really a salesman though so that's why I only lasted there for like a week lol.

But I got to see the other side of door to door sales and it's even crazier than you think it is. No joke, if you see a sign that says "no soliciting" you pretend like it doesn't even exist and ask anyway. The amount of spinning the truth too is pretty insane. It isn't exactly legal to solicit neighborhoods in San Antonio where I was, but we could totally get away with doing it because we weren't actually going to every single house we could. Instead, AT&T gave us a list of houses to go of people who were current or former customers of ANY product. Cell phone, internet, home phone, you name it. So because of that we could tell the people we knocked on doors and the police that we weren't really soliciting. Hell someone called the cops on us one day and we showed the cop the list of people we had and the cop was like "oh ok as long as you aren't knocking on every single door and just sticking to that list."

These salesman (and women, there were a few women coworkers) have huge balls to do this all the time because they get doors slammed in their face and someone even told us to get the fuck off his property because apparently we banged on the door too loud after ringing the doorbell. And you have to remember those door slams too otherwise be embarrassed when you circle the neighborhood once and knock on that same door to see that same pissed off person looking like they want to beat your ass for disturbing them.
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