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Default Jennifer Some Time Later

So this is the first of my new STL (Some time later) series that is a continuation starring some of my favorite victims. This series might on occasion even have guest victims from other stories. This is the continuation of Spring Break Slave Training.

Jennifer STL
Chapter 1

Jack wouldn't even wait until they got back into the office; he reached under Jennifer's skirt and started rubbing her clit. She moaned, it was easier to turn her on than it was a year ago. A whole year since the videos of her went viral; a whole year where she watched everything she cared for turn against her. Jack undid his belt, pulling out his cock and rubbing it against her pussy. She ground herself against him; she had no choice, she needed this job.

It had been impossible to continue school, as her ex-boyfriend directed all the boys in school to link with the videos. Jack was an asshole but at least he kept his word. As long as she did favors for him, the link would not be revealed. The sad part was, after what had been done to her a year ago, she no longer resisted that much. Truth be told, she kind of liked his cock. She went from having a promising future, to being a slutty drifter. She would get a new job and a new place; until sooner or later, one of the videos would resurface and would find herself re-used.

She pulled his cock out of his pants and started stroking it. Jack was only the latest of abusers, she’d met. He had an anal insertion fetish and loved sticking things in her ass; everything, but his cock. He seemed more interested in using her as a holding hole. He had just recently started her on butt plugs but she accepted them; she needed this job. The other thing Jack liked to do was make her crawl like a dog.

Jack was married; but insisted since his cock was nowhere near any of her holes, he was still being faithful. She didn't argue, instead just allowed him to poke her ass with objects of varying size. She grunted as the item was pushed into her. She could see his cock getting harder in his pants, once again wondering what he would feel like inside her. She was done pretending she was a good girl; that was taken away from her a long time ago. All she knew was that she was getting tired of relocating every time the video resurfaced; she had used her body to save her time and time again, but she was getting tired.

She puffed as he shoved the bottle deep in her ass; he twisted and pushed it deep inside of her. She could feel the pressure building in her. She looked as Jack, who was holding a five inch butt plug. She smiled and removed her bra, allowing him a quick flash of side boob. She had gotten used to being treated this way; it was still better than prostitution. “You are going to keep this on all day, aren’t you?”

She nodded and went back to work with the butt plug up her ass. It didn’t bother her anymore, that she was used by a perverted employer. She finished her midnight shift, with it in her while her boss watched in amusement. When she got home, she saw a package waiting for her at the door. She opened it; inside was a DVD, an envelope with at least two grand and a cell phone. She cautiously put the DVD in her laptop.

The familiar face of her ex was looking scared at the camera. "Jenny, Jen, I'm sorry about what happened. Please don't let them kill me." The camera then panned upward; Jennifer was nervous, as she saw three masked men and could easily guess who they were.

“Give us a call Jennifer! We've been missing the fun times we used to have with you.” One of them told the camera.

On closer inspection of the package, she saw there was a small earpiece next to the phone. His eyes showed a mix of fear and anger and...Compassion on the screen. She hadn’t seen him since he started treating her more like a whore, than a person. She agreed to be his slave out of guilt but he took it too far.

She cautiously grabbed the phone. “Hello.” She said, her voice trembling.

“Hello Jennifer, we’ve been waiting for your call.” She recognized the cold voice on the other end of the receiver. It was her masked black mailer from before. “Come to this warehouse on 4th and river and prepare to entertain us.”

They hung up, not allowing her a decent chance to reply. She sobbed as she went for her keys and decided to keep the plug in her ass, knowing it would entertain them. “Oh, and wear something slutty for us.”

The text came as she was just about to step into her car. Jennifer blinked at the last message. She was overcome with rage and started dialing the phone. “Something slutty! Kill the prick, I don’t care.” She angrily blurted out.

“We have more tapes and we have Shannon.” Her tirade was stopped cold.


“Yes, she’s doing the same thing; trying to guarantee some normalcy in her life. Now would you really be able to live with yourself, if you cost her chance at that and if you let someone die?”

“No please, I’ll do whatever you say,.”

“Jacket and panties, stockings and heels; go to the grass at the park, look for a fur blanket and a gym bag.” They hung up before Jennifer could say anything else.

She went back into her apartment and looked for her largest jacket; the more of herself she could cover the better. She found an old leather jacket, that had been left behind by a relative years ago. If no one looked too closely, it should be able to hide her wardrobe changes. She moaned, who was she kidding? How often did people see a hot young blonde walking down the streets, in just a jacket and panties? Her car would only cover her for so long, but she would have to walk across the park and probably humiliate herself in public. She sighed, preparing to accept her humiliating fate.

She drove around, trying to find the closest spot she could get to the park. The park had a huge plain of grass that couldn't conceal anything; luckily, there didn't seem to be anyone around to see her.

A text came on her phone “Walk over to the blanket and wait for instructions.”

She walked straight, having to take it slow because of the butt plug that was pressed in her. She eventually found the blanket and gym bag. She opened it and saw a collection of humiliating bondage apparatus’.

“Good, now we want you to dial us and put us on speaker; then put the mask of shame on.” She looked into the bag and found a mask with a plastic ring, used to keep her jaw open. The text went off again. “Bring the bag to the warehouse, walk!”

She blushed, feeling humiliated but she walked to the warehouse. She noticed all the looks of disgust and sleazy leers she got, as she walked to the warehouse with her ass in full view. She saw someone wearing a domino mask, waiting for her. He motioned her to go inside. She followed him inside he led her into a room.

“Where's…” A slap cut her off.

“You talk when told, you do as you're told; you piss us off, we hurt him then kill him.” He said.

“No please, don't! I'll obey and behave.”

“Good, now go back to the blanket and put the ring on.” Jennifer cried, as she grabbed the bag and walked back to the park. She did her best to catch her breath as she ended up at the blanket again.

She then phoned them. “I'm here.”

“Good, now put the phone on speaker, and then put the ring in your mouth.” She sobbed and opened her mouth; spreading her lips around the black rubber ring. “Good. We are watching you, by the way. Now, open your jacket and start fondling your breasts.” She couldn’t stop her sobbing but started to rub her breasts in the huge, wide open. She continued to fondle herself not sure how they were watching her. "Now slide one hand down into your panties and give yourself a good rub."

Jennifer nodded, slipping her hand down her panties to start playing with her clit. She moaned, as a young couple walked by in the distance. She wanted to run and hide, but instead she got another message. "Nice, now lose the jacket and look in the bag," She opened the bag, "Take out the pole and attach it to your legs." She looked at the pole; it had two cuffs for her legs; it was designed to keep her legs apart. She laid on her back and started attaching the cuffs to her legs. She felt awkward; the only way she was going to be able to walk, would be to sit up and get herself in a crawling position. After much struggle she was finally able to, “Take off your jacket, and undo the mouth binding.”

She was grateful to have the piece of plastic out of her mouth as she started to roll her jaw around. She looked around; she was sure now, that they were watching her. “Lose the jacket, now! Your tits are going to be exposed for the rest of this game.” Jennifer cried as she removed the jacket, she knew better to argue with this particular group of people.

Jennifer fondled her tits, rubbing her nipples. "Good, now rub your pussy." She started rubbing her pussy, not feeling anything at all. She didn't know if they wanted her aroused or not. She continued to fondle herself, not sure how they were watching her. "Slide your hand down your panties and give yourself a good rubbing."

Jennifer felt ashamed as she complied with their orders. I guess they want me wet, after all. "Good, now take the rope and rod out of the bag." She sobbed as she pulled a plastic rod and a length of rope out of the bag. "Now tie your hands above your head and hold them up there until we come to get you. If anyone walks up to you, beg to be disciplined with the rod.”

She nodded and started to tie the rope around her wrists. She raised her arms; staying where she was told, kneeling, with her tits exposed. “Good now one last thing. There is a sign in the bag, find it and put by you. It says ‘I'm a slut, please punish me’.” She kneeled there as they hung up. She kept her arms raised, her tits exposed and waited to be picked up.
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Chapter 2

She lost track of time, but she could hear the disgusted snorts of dog walkers passing by. She wanted to cry out call for help, to stop this but instead she stayed quiet.

It felt like forever before she heard the chilling voice of Mask. “Let's go slut.”

She didn't bother trying to stand, instead she crawled like a beast with her breasts exposed as he lead her to a small utility shed. She heard Red and another man laughing inside.

“Hi Jenny, good to be fucking you again,” He chuckled.

She didn't say anything as she crawled into the shed. Jennifer soon found herself back under the control of Mask and his gang. “We've missed you Jennifer,” He told her. “That's why we found your wimp boyfriend, just to have another go at you.”

As Mask spoke, the other men raised her hands, securing them in a pair of hanging leather cuffs. They kept her arms above her head and made sure the cuffs were securely fastened, tugging on the thick chain protruding from a beam on the ceiling. She moaned as they inched the chain higher; but didn't fight back, knowing what would happen to her if she did. Instead she allowed one of them to slip his tongue in her mouth as a vibrator was pressed to her belly, then to her exposed nipples. She gasped as the sensation caused them to harden and she blushed with shame. She was pushed forward and felt something hard being pushed in her asshole.

"Check it out, this sluts plugged!" Mask rasped in amusement.

Jennifer moaned as Mask worked it in further. "More." She uttered. Her ass was the place that all the guys took advantage of; as such, it had become her weak point.

She felt a pair of hands undoing the leather cuffs, causing her to fall to the floor. A strong pair of hands pulled her up and she felt someone starting to lick her pussy. She moaned in humiliation as Red went to town on her pussy; his tongue was as rough as she remembered it. She hated being under their control again, but realized that she had no choice, for now.

Jennifer recognized Hector as he undid her mouth ring. She was glad that she was finally able to rest her jaw but she knew that it wasn't going to last long. Hector placed his cock by her lips; she licked her lips for some moisture, then slowly put his cock in her mouth and began to suck him off.

“Oh yeah, I missed those lips of your Jenny,” Hector moaned, as Red was putting his cock in her hand. She felt their hands groping her all over, as Mask rubbed his cock against her ass cheek while playing with her plug. The harness was removed from her head and she found herself facing Hector and Mask's cocks. She stuck her tongue out and started to lick Mask's shaft, then over to Hector's and started working him over as well.

She felt Red press his cock into her chest; she did her best to wrap her tits over his huge cock, but the massive girth was more than her tits could cover. Her face was surrounded by three different cocks coming at her from three different directions. Her lips were soon going back and forth between the three of them. They pushed her head back and forth, making sure that her mouth was cock free for only a minimum of two seconds at a time.

“This bitch's ass has gotten a lot more sensitive.” Red pointed out.

Red started teasing her clit with his tongue. A wanting moan escaped her lips as he played with her tail, she hated how they could arouse her by doing that. She showed her gratitude by sucking and stroking the cocks all around her to hardness. Red continued to fuck her tits while Hector rubbed her crotch.

"You want these cocks in you, bitch?" She nodded while Mask squeezed her throat. He threw her down in disgust, as Red came all over her face.

Mask violently removed her tail and plunged his cock deep in her ass. She screamed out in pain, not expecting him to fuck her ass so harshly. She bore the pain, and was soon rewarded with the hated pleasurable sensation of fingers in her shamefully wet pussy. The humiliation brought tears to her eyes. Mask pulled out and Red immediately pushed into her. She wanted it to hurt, but instead her body was slick in shame and Red slid in easier than she thought his big cock should. She felt herself ridden like a bitch in heat. She moaned as Hector rubbed her pussy, she hated how her body reacted around them. Red continued pushing into her.

“Please, don't stop.” She moaned. Her shame continued as she felt her juices flowing. She remembered trying to go back to a normal life in different cities, but her body was too easily aroused thanks to the guys all around her. They continued to stimulate and humiliate her.

“Let's take this bitch to the park.” Jennifer nearly cried as Hector shot his load in her. She began having flashbacks of how these men conditioned her in the first place running through her head. What sickened her the most was how familiar it all felt, the cum all over her face, all these men degrading her, humbling her then later using her up for their pleasure.

“Come on slut, you heard him.”

Jennifer wanted to cry, to beg for them to just let her go; but she knew it would be a waste of time. She sobbed as they told her to get in the all too familiar pick up truck where they had humiliated her before. This time she was allowed to lie down in the cab, a set of chains was attached to the bottom of the cab. She could have told them it was a waste of time, that she wasn't going to try and run from them; but they were probably just chaining her for the fun of it. She took the opportunity to rest, knowing it wouldn't last. She wondered how long she had and what they had planned for her. The truck drove her to the park. She felt the truck going over bumps could tell that they were off the path and in more isolated territory. Dread filled her heart as she could only guess what they were planning for her. The truck stopped and Jennifer could hear them laughing.

"Been too long,"

"Even more fun, now that's she trained.”

"Sweetest ass."

Jennifer cringed as they got out of the truck. She watched the men laughing and playing rock, paper, scissors to determine who set things up and who stayed with her. The truck pulled over and she was led to a tree with a noose hanging from a low but sturdy looking branch. She walked up to the tree and raised her hands allowing them to bind her arms above her head. They raised her arms above her head and made sure she was securely fastened.

"You know what the good thing about mother nature is Jenny?" Red asked her. “She brings her own tools to a date”

Jennifer whimpered as the men used whatever sticks they could find to strike her tits, thighs, ass and feet. She whimpered but kept her complaints to herself. Her Masters' took great delight in knowing that they could turn mother nature against her and she had to stand there and take it all. Finally after she felt she couldn’t bear anymore they stopped and untied her.

“Alright, you’re free to rest until two thirty AM. Then you better be at this address wearing this.” They gave her a box with what she imagined was a humiliating costume inside. They then motioned for her to get back in the truck so they could drive her back to the warehouse. She was too tired to resist and she passed out as they chained her back to the truck.

For the rest of the night Jennifer cursed and cried, but when the time came she went to the address and did everything she was told to. It seemed to be a nice old house at first appearance, but Jennifer knew from experience how deceptive appearances could be. She shivered, as what she was forced to wear under her coat wasn't very warm. A cold leather bustier that screamed sex slave with a collar they picked up at a pet store. She soon learned the house concealed a S&M establishment. Jennifer sobbed as the door was open by a cold looking blonde.

“So, you're my new toy.” She said, more of an order than a question.

“T...toy.” Scared, Jennifer spoke out. Her eyes were then drawn to the strap on her playmate was wearing. She was brought into the living room were the dominatrix motioned for her to sit down. Jenny obeyed without saying a word.

“Now, play with yourself for my amusement.” Jennifer watched the twisted dominatrix, as the ice blonde removed a small whip from her stockings. They nylon strings whistled in the air and struck her thigh. A welt of pain formed on her thigh.

She screamed in pain. “Now perhaps you will do as you are told.”
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(I know its been awhile, I've been trying to find another editor as my poor slave is overworked with pleasing my friends and humiliating herself for my amusement. So if you are interested (in being an editor) drop me a line and let me know now without further ado.)

Jennifer STL Chapter 3

“You are a cute one,” she said looking Jennifer over. “Now let’s see you get your pussy wet for me.
Jennifer quickly moved her hand to her pussy and started rubbing herself. She started circling her pussy with her fingers but she could only get a little moist with the cruel woman who walked up to her wearing the strap on. “You're going to suck my cock bitch.” Jennifer rubbed her pussy as the dominatrix pressed her rubber phallus against her lips. She opened her mouth and started sucking the rubber dildo on its strap on harness. She looked up to see the dominatrix looking down on her with a cold look of satisfaction. She hated that she was stuck in a controlled position again. “Good girl now show me those lovely breasts.” Jennifer continued sucking while struggling to remove her bustier, “Keep one hand on your clit, I didn't say you could stop playing with yourself. Jennifer fearfully complied to her orders looking up with the cock in her mouth, playing with herself while struggling with the zipper on her bustier and doing whatever she could to choke it all down. She licked at the fake phallus with her tongue doing her best to stay obedient. “Good girl that deserves a reward,” Jennifer was happy to hear the praise since it meant she wouldn't be punished she continued sucking the rubber cock. She felt ashamed as how now that she was being treated more like a pet her pussy was starting to get more excited. Jennifer gave in and fell back into a submissive state of mind. The toy was removed from her mouth as the mistress pushed her to the ground and started spitting on her pussy and rubbing it down. She then felt the toy pushed into her. She moaned just letting go seeing no point in resisting. She felt it slammed into her and she moaned in frustration as her body was once again receiving abusive and humiliating treatment. She allowed herself to be violated as the Dominatrix used her. She wasn't even sure if the leather clad mistress was an accessory or just an unknowing pawn. Her Mistress for the evening was a sadist but was she also in on the kidnapping scheme. She didn't know and she wasn't sure she wanted to risk a life on that gamble. She looked around but didn't see any cameras. She did know that from the violent way her Mistress was fucking her it was obvious that she probably wouldn't help. The dominatrix looked down at her. She pushed Jenny down on the floor. “Now show me that ass.” Jennifer did her best to suppress a scream as the toy was pushed into her ass harshly she was ridden and violated for what seemed like forever. What if she asked for help? What if she was in on it, what if this was a cruel joke by her ex? Her thoughts were interrupted by the harsh slap across her ass Jennifer yelped as her Mistress smacked her again. She felt more pain as her Mistress withdrew slowly and grabbed her by the hair. She then dragged her to a pair of cuffs hanging from the ceiling. She was forced to put her arms up and forcing both her hands in one cuff and her left leg in the other. She did as she was told. “Very good girl, you take instructions very well,” the compliment was more like a slap to the face to her. Her mistress rewarded her by pull out and licking her clit instead.
“Thank you mistress,” Jennifer said adapting to her roll. The dominatrix continued playing with her. Jenny did her best to control the feelings inside of her but she could see how people could be enslaved by this woman's tongue. She brought Jenny close to orgasm and then pulling out leaving her gasping. The dominatrix moved her lips like the demon she was dressed as. She moved up planting a kiss on Jenny's lips Jennifer wanted to wretch as her juices covered her lips just before her Mistress shoved the strap on back in her love box. She gasped in surprise and shame as the dildo easily went in her wet pussy. Jenny had to accept her fate all she was, was a toy a form of amusement for evil perverted people. The evil leather clad woman was merciless as she took Jennifer and only stopped after the submissive victim admitted her shame by cumming all over the sex toy. She took the strap on and put it by her lips again. Jenny gasped as her mistress parted her lips and forced her to clean the dildo. Her gag reflex had improved and she was able to take down most of it without a problem. She started to realize that was all she had to look forward to being a toy for perverse amusements. She left the house feeling things couldn't get any worse, she was wrong.

When she got home she found a package waiting for her. Inside was a ring gag, a vibrator and a t-shirt, black with red letters that read “I'm a Horny Slut.” On the back there were more words that read “Fuck me please and choke me with cock.” She looked at the shirt and wanted to scream then her phone rang. She already knew who it was before she answered.
“You'll wear this for now on. For the rest of your assignment,” Mask stopped keeping her in suspense, but it mostly just made her feel sick. “Now Jenny we are going to test your acting ability. It's simple really all you have to is convince some close friends to fuck you while wearing your ensemble Jennifer closed her eyes and started thinking of the past when her and her boyfriend would fuck like mad. She would sometimes pretend to be caught masturbating knowing his cock would instantly harden. The memory helped her fingers dance over her clit. It helped her forget the camera's that they had stashed in her apartment. She thought about her next assignment and cringed. She was tired, humiliated and forced to endure even more as she had to let a group of guys she knew play with her at her place. She sobbed as she walked to the van that was waiting for her. When she stepped in she saw sitting across from her with fear in his eyes was her ex. He was the last person she wanted to see as a hostage.
“Now its very simple we're going to drop you both off to his best friends. If you don't listen guess what happens to him,” he directed her attention to the collar around his neck. It was very familer to her. It was the control collar that they used to use on her, only now her boyfriend was on its electrified receiving end. “Now you and your ex are going to convince his roomie that Jennifer is still the slut she was back in school. We even believe that you're not playing the roles right and it will be a messy ending for you both.” Mask sat beside her and cupped her cheeks roughly with one hand. “Now when you have a couple, maybe three you'll start rubbing your clit with one hand and his cock with the other. You'll then ask our agent if he wants to fuck you. It's going to be a hot party as you will be doing three fuck scenarios.” He said with a grin. “So try and have some fun being a slut at the party.” As they walked into the house Jennifer could feel all the eyes on her. Her wrecked reputation formed questions that everyone wanted answers to. She said nothing and looked at no one but her ex the other victim. As they entered the crowd Jennifer wondered what the three sex scenarios would be. She felt humiliated as everyone looked at the humiliating uniform she was being forced to wear. She took a deep breath trying to remember the simple instructions she was given, stay cool, don't reveal anything's wrong and do whatever she was told by them. Jennifer and her boyfriend mingled and acted the best they could Jennifer felt ashamed forced to wear the short t-shirt, short combo with nothing underneath. They both stepped outside when they got the signal. She took a deep breath and started rubbing her pussy while fishing his cock out of his pants. She felt so ashamed as she freed his cock and started to stroke it while fingering herself with her other hand. She turned red as her pussy started making a squelching sound as she rubbed it intensly, her boyfriends cock getting harder in her hands.
“You're just dying for a hard fuck,” she heard someone whisper from behind her.
“Yes,” she gasped like she was ordered. Denying the accusation would just cause too many questions. The drunken frat boy pulled his cock out and started rubbing her slit. She nodded at their comment
“I'm not wearing any panties,” she told them coyly as she could. The skinny blonde guy who felt more daring and started rubbing his cock against her body. She held back her disgust as she felt her pussy exposed while getting a cock pushed into her. Her' ex's cock was getting more and more rigid as she stroked it while he watched her take it like she used to when he made her his slave. He used to think that he was the baddest thing that ever happened to her but after meeting her Masters he realized he was wrong. Her skin turned a shade of crimson filled her skin as she let the drunk frat boy fuck her in front of her date. All she was to them was a piece of meat something to use and then discard when they are done. A large Mexican leaned in and started rubbing her ass.
“What do you say whore?” the skinny agent of Mask asked.
“Would you like a taste?” she asked trying to sound as playful as possible. She kissed her boyfriend as she felt the frat boy pull out and something slide in between her legs and brush against her pussy. She recognized the feel of a beer bottle sliding inside of her. She squirmed and tried not to jump as cold chill went inside her. This was only the hallway she was supposed to do it in the living room next.
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Jennifer STL Chapter 4

“This time you will masturbate and invite men to fondle you.” Jennifer felt the bottle leave her pussy and she went to the living room and sat down. She had to wait until he started to remove her top. She then started to masturbate while giving a silent invitation to the others to touch her. She looked around watching them and instinctively knew that she was being expected to service them. She was taken to the couch in the lobby where she felt her top removed and she started rubbing herself to get in the mood. She started rubbing her pussy slowly and started to blush even more as she noticed they had a bigger audience. As far as everyone else was concerned she was just a slut who had too much to drink. No one tried to stop her as she started to play with herself.
“Look at that Jenny's putting on a show.” She felt one of the jocks grab her exposed breast giving it a squeeze. She gasped more from surprise then pleasure.
“Come on baby show us what you got,” She allowed her ex to strip her naked and rubbed her hands against the gropers cock and the guy beside him. Both of them could do nothing but convince the party of their arousal. She kept quiet as another student groped her until she got a beep on her text telling her she had to suck two while getting it in the ass. She was then handed an empty beer bottle. She was told in advance what she was expected to do with it. She got on all fours so she was just in front of her ex's cock, she then took the bottle and started feeding it up her ass. By now a small group noticed her as she reached over and pulled two exposed cocks closer to where he was seated and took turns sucking all three of them. Who ever she wasn't sucking looked to be having fun turning the bottle inside of her. Jennifer could only imagine what she looked like performing such acts to the degree that no one would believe her innocence. The bottle slid perfectly in and out of her ass and she seemed to be a pro at sucking cock to the growing crowd. She hoped no one else would get any ideas, she wasn't sure if she could force herself to service anymore of them. Their cocks started to throb including her ex's she started stroking and sucking when she felt fingers rubbing her pussy. There was a small crowd gathering as Jennifer continued being used, the beer bottle was pushed and twisted in her. She started to feel like it was going to be pressed right through her.
“Who wants to see this slut get fucked,” Drunken huzzah's responded to the question. She then heard the chanting.
“Up her ass, up her ass, up her ass” She sobbed and wanted to struggle as she felt one of them spit in her ass. Her ex's cock grew almost striking her in the face, precum glistening from the head. The bastard was going to pop. She tried to get them to stop but the perverted chanting was too loud. She screamed as her ass was punished. She could see the audience of partiers around her enjoying her misery. She tried to force a smile to keep up appearances as the first cock was shoved in her ass. Jennifer tried to hide her tears of humiliation as the three took turns fucking her.
“The slut's really enjoying it, wonder how many cocks she wants in her?” Jennifer said nothing knowing her reputation was ruined once news of that night was spread. She saw no choice but to pretend to enjoy it her pride and dignity evaporating.
“Going to cum,” she heard him moan unloading in her ass. Her boyfriend doing his best to hold it in but the situation was too much for him and he started to cum as she felt a pair of hands groping her. She looked up to see a lot of the frat boys had their camera phones directed right at her. She was turned around on the table and the third one started to fuck her hard on the table. She just moaned as the perverts pushed in her until she couldn't take it anymore and she screamed in the fakest lust she could letting the horny frat boy ram her pussy. She moaned in absolute humiliation as the guy fucking her received applause.
“When you're done in there you are going to go into the bathroom next.” She nodded without stopping. The bug in her ear sounding her instructions to her. She grinded against him moaning. She felt him pull out and start stroking his cock splashing his cum all over her. She secretly prayed it would end soon, but that didn't seem to be the case at all. She got up and started running her fingers all over the cum spots. She saw them high fiving each other as the frat boys started to gather around her. She tried to press around them to get to the bathroom.
“Guess I better get cleaned up,” she said with a mock giggle. This seemed to convince the guys to let her pass.
She then proceeded upstairs to where the bathroom was and started to masturbate deliberately leaving the door open. She noticed a line backer watcher a big muscular stud. She played with herself a little a bit more teasing him, motioning him forwards or maybe not. She walked away turning around teasing him with her ass. He walked in excepting her invite as she sat on the bathtub. She started to undo his zipper fully intending on obeying whatever he wanted. The linebacker's cock sprung out of his pants and she took it in her mouth willingly knowing that she was being listened to. A strong pair grabbed her hair and started pushing deeper into her throat. She had to try and relax her throat while the football player rammed into her throat harder and harder barely letting her breathe. Hot breaths of air escaped her nose as his cock started hitting her tonsils. She didn't dare tell him to stop feeling his cock throb in her mouth, instead to her listeners surprise as well as her own she started picking up the pace with her fingers in her pussy as he continued to fuck her throat. His pubes were hitting her nose but instead of stopping she rolled her tongue around his cock inviting even more in. Her tongue rolled down the cock in her throat and started tickling his ball sack. She could tell that he was ready to explode soon, she moaned allow the vibrations to intensify the feelings around his cock until finally he couldn't hold it in any more and he exploded inside of her. A tidal way of hot sticky semen filled her mouth and since he wasn't pulling out of her mouth she had no choice but to swallow as much cum as possible, some flowed back up her gullet and poured down her chin, when he finally pulled out the rest sprayed across her face and chin. The line backer zipped up and left her there a cum covered mess. She went to the sink and tried to wash off her face, she was roughly grabbed from behind and pulled into a bedroom across the room, while still dazed by the face fucking. She thought she recognized the attacker as one of the skinny geeks from her classes but she couldn't be sure as his cock was a more deceptive size than his stature allowed her to believe. He also was a lot more aggressive and forceful as he rammed his cock in her harder and harder, she was still wet from the last trial but this was unexpected and not wanted in the least. His hands held her down with the steel grip of a man possessed as she felt him growing bigger in her fucking her harder and harder, his cock felt like iron he grunted and groaned and she could tell he was getting ready to cum. An animal like growl escaped from his throat and she could the hot cum filling her. She didn't know how much time had passed in the dark room or when it happened but another guest had arrived and rolled her onto her side. It was too dark to tell who was there with her all she could tell was that this one was teasing her pussy with his fingers and tongue. She tried to tell him that someone had cummed in her pussy, but her words were cut off by his cock being pushed in her mouth.
“Gurgle” was the only sound she made as she sucked on the cock in her mouth almost instinctively.
“Slut like you likes having cock shoved in her mouth.” he grunted before continuing to tease her with his tongue. Her hips bucked up a bit, the geek hadn't allowed her to cum so her pussy was reacting to the teasing. No don't cum she cried to herself just as once again her face and mouth received a sticky white wash.

“Way to go man, but there are more people waiting for the slut downstairs,” Jennifer just nodded broken, there was no point in her resisting. She went downstairs to see a lot of drunken horny frat boys waiting for downstairs in the living room. They brought her down and helped her up on the table.
“Dance slut” Jennifer just smiled and did as she was told, she jumped up the most stable looking table top and started to dance for all of them, she grinned dancing for them acting like a drunken slut, her body exposed her boyfriend drowning his humiliation in booze. She was even more scared now she as without him she was fair game.
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