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Old 01-03-2014, 06:47 PM   #41
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Default where can you "see big guys abusing smaller women"??

where can you "see big guys abusing smaller women"?? I mean way bigger guys - and really skinny or tiny women.. i like the women completely over-powered by the sheer physics of a strong man. I guess it is the opposite theme - as i am new here has anyone seen a thread discussing this? couldnt find anything. (The movie "The rape monster strikes again" - was pretty good - but these seem rare).

Originally Posted by whyaskwhy View Post
Well,It actually does bother me in porn.I want to see big guys abusing smaller women.I find that match up much hotter.
I can see where the little guys could be vicious rapists though.
I have a friend who's like 5'4" or 5'5" and all my female friends tease him for it and call him "little man" and stuff like that.
While being a tall guy myself I find it very funny but deep down I halfway expect him to someday throw one or two of them down and rape the shit out of her for all the teasing.

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Originally Posted by dickbiggers View Post
This whole thesis is full of crap as a generalization. It has to be looked at per the individual. You have to gauge whether this 5-7 guy is a stick-boy or a gym rat who benches 450 and can go ten rounds. I'm a shorter guy, but fuck with me at your own risk. That's not a boast, just a statement of fact. I'm built strong and tight and I know how to fight. So looking at me as a "little twerp" is a mistake both men and women make to their detriment. Many an ass has ended up kicked because someone thought I was an easy target.

I don't like women taller than me simply from a logistics/physics standpoint. I want to be able to kiss her and 'loom' over her, and that's hard to do when you have to crane your neck to reach her. So its the little ones for me. But short of some MMA he-woman or something, I have little doubt as to my ability to subdue a woman even much taller than myself.
Best playground brawlers were always the little ones. You could almost guarantee that the biggest kid on the playground couldn't fight for shit, while the smallest (who would more often be forced into a fight by the unsuspecting) would dominate all comers in the same age bracket.

Watch out for the little guys, they'll tear you to bits!
Pain is inevitable....suffering is optional
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I envision tall (at least 5'10 but taller is better), not skinny but not fat...just lean muscle, broad shouldered, nice ass, tattoos are always good.
I want him to be able to loom over me and intimidate with size alone.

It's easier to list my turn off's than my turn on's. Turn off's are too skinny (if I can count your ribs and your hip bones stick out further than mine, that's not cool), not circumsized, full facial hair, greasy unclean unkept in general, too fat (if it hangs over your pants, I'm not interested), too old (over about 40) or too young (less than about 28), or too short (less than 5'10).

yes I am picky. But then again, it's my fantasy and I should get exactly what I want

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Originally Posted by ctomie View Post
It depends. If the rape video displays a scene of a younger guy raping an older woman, and presumably the guy's body size is smaller than the woman's, then it can be a "masturbation-stimulant" for me. Rapists usually get off on the shame that the victim suffers from, and the fact that the woman is being dominated by someone smaller and younger increases the degree of the shame.

The guy should not have a problem taking control of the supposedly "bigger" woman, as long as he finds a way to limit the way she struggles, e.g. by threatening her with a gun and tying her up.
I'm with this dude. The big turn on in rape for me is all about humiliation so the big and just about the only fantasy for me is a powerful woman (lady cop, prosecutor, CIA agent, CEO, karate instructor, lifeguard, any chick whose acheived a lot in her life and is in a position of authority) being taken down by some weak pathetic dude. The fact that he's able to do it just makes it that much more humiliating for her.
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