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Default Home Improvement Fanfiction - The brutal rape of Jill Taylor

Several of our classmates have attractive momes,but one of them is specially hot. It's the mother of our friend Brad, Mrs. Jill Taylor. She drives us crazy for a long time now. Even with her 42 year she looks' gorgeous. Her medium long brown hair swishes as she turns to reverse direction, watching her every time we were over there to visit our friend. She's allways verry friendly to us. So I and three of my buddies decide we are going to give some of that goodness back to her.

It was Friday when we decided to skip school and visit her. We knew that she stayed home alone for a couple of hours every day after her three sons and husband left before she also went to the college she attended, We waited to the moment they all left,and then we approached the back garden - with two long sharp knives, a roll of duct tape, a coil of rope and a biologic book with us - and hide behind a larger bush. She was just taking the garbage out,and without noticing us she went back in living the back door open, like she would asking us in. So we accepted the invitation.

I entered the living room right at the moment as Mrs.Taylor turned around in surprise and asked ''Matthew, what are you doing here?'' I replied ''Brad called me to come here for his biology book he forgotted. He said it's over on the kitchen table.'' ''Okay, I would look for it'' she said and went to the kitchen with me right behind her. ''I'm afraid it's not here'' she explained as she leaned forward to look under some magazines, At that moment I grabbed her around the neck with one arm and brandished the knife in my other hand in front of her big brown eyes.

She went to gasp as I said ''Not a sound,bitch! If you scream or fight I'll slit your throat from ear to ear. Do you understand..mom?'' She nodded her head affirmatively. I called for the rest of the group to enter. Mrs. Taylor's brown eyes grew even wider as the three other appeared. Andy grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back and secured them with a piece of rope. Sam ripped a piece of duct tape from the roll and stuck it firmly over her mouth. Her eyes darted around the room looking for any signs of help or a means of escape. Jason had already locked the door and pulled the shade down over its window. Sam and Andy were busy closing the front door as I explained the things to Mrs. Taylor: ''We want some privacy. You're allways so kind to us,so we thought to ask you to help us with our problem .We don't understand some biology stuff; so we want some personal tutoring. Jason flipped the book open to a page that we had folded the corner on. Mrs Taylor jerked when a picture of the female sexual anatomy lay before her.

Jason leaning close to Mrs Taylor's face smiled and said ''We thought we would learn a lot better with some hands on experience.'' I slowly slid my hands down the front of her red sweater and brushed the tops of her large breasts. I leaned to place my mouth to her ear and whispered to her: ''Are you going to cooperate or do we have to dissect you to learn?''
Tears formed in her eyes as she choked back her terror. She was mumbling through her gag as her head swung from side to side following the movement of the knife Sam was displaying.

'' Mrs Taylor, we want you to turn around slowly. We have locked the doors, so trying to escape will be futile and will result in great pain.'' I led her by the arm to the side of the wall where she slowly turned. Her large breast bushed against her sweater which was made tighter by her bound hands. Her skirt fit snugly over her full shapely hips made firmer by her shoes with 3 inch heels. Sam positioned his hand so that it rubbed against her butt as she pivoted. She jumped as Andy smacked her ass hard.

We decided to have a little show from sexi mom. '' Mrs Taylor, we are going to untie your hands. Remember what we told you about trying to escape.'' She turned so I could remove the rope around her wrist. As soon as the rope was removed, she rubbed her wrist trying to get the feeling back in her hands. ''Bend over and grasp your ankle and keep turning. Don't look down; look straight ahead.'' Jason instructed. She bent forward and held her ankles as she began to turn once again. Her brown hair draped over her head, her breasts hung low in her sweater. As she swung her ass in front of each of us we gave it a hard slap. Her ass jerked with each impact, but she continued to turn. Her awkward position forced her skirt to ride high on her legs. She could do nothing to hide her embarrassment from being made to display herself in such a way. She knew this was only the beginning of her ordeal. It was clear from the beginning that we wanted much more than a little leg show.

I ordered her to stop and take her sweater off. She shook her head in protest; however, the ever present knife convinced that compliance was the wise thing. She slipped her hands under the bottom of her sweater and lifted it up and off her head. Her breasts were twice the size we had imagined. They bulged over the top of her lacy bra and white camisole. We were definitely going to have fun tenderizing those jugs. Sam ordered her to again begin her turning routine. As she bent forward to grasp her ankles, her breast almost tumbled from their skimpy holder. As she turned we held one hand out with our palm up so her breast drug as it passed over. As he ass came around, it received another smack. We were positioned evenly around Mrs Taylor so her breast and ass received constant attention. After several minutes, it was time for some more clothing to come off.

Andy barked ''Mom, lose the skirt.'' Reluctantly she reached behind her back and unbuttoned the waist then unzipped the skirt letting it fall around her feet. ''What an ass!'' Sam exclaimed. She didnâ't wear a slip so her ass was covered only by skimpy nylon panties. She started to again reaching for her ankles; but suddenly bolted for the door. Jason quickly caught her and delivered a hard blow to her stomach. The air escaped her body so fast that the duct tape almost came off as she crumpled to the floor. I grabbed her brown hair and drug her to kitchen table. ''This calls for some discipline!'' I yelled. ''Get your ass up and fold your arms on the table then lay your head on them. You are going to get some corporal punishment!'' I removed my belt and cracked it hard. She knew what was about to happen as her legs quivered in anticipation.

She jumped and began to cry as my belt hit he nylon covered ass. I swung my belt again, then two more times. Her legs were shaking from the whipping her ass was taking. Sam ordered ''Stand up and take everything off except your shoes. We want to see you naked!'' Mrs Taylor rose up and removed her camisole, then her bra and lastly her panties. She stood naked before us. We all began to whistle and make cat calls. Andy moved toward Mrs Taylor and backed her against the wall. He and Jason grabbed her arms and held them high in the air. They both began to maul and kiss her naked breast. Her nipples became erect and turned a bright pink. Flicking her taunt nipple with his finger, Jason asked her: ''Do you like this,mom?'' Sam yanked the tape from her mouth and waited for her reply. A light kick in her stomach speed it up: ''Answer,bitch!''. Sobbing she said ''Yes..but please sto..'' Another kick from Sam interruped her pleadings. Then Sam lowered his hand and rubbed it high between her legs. I said ''Lay her down on the table so we can all get a feel.'' Sam moved the helpless mother to the table and shoved her down on her back. Two of us each held an arm with one hand while the other two held her ankles. With our free hands we began feeling of her luscious body.

We lowered our head and was kissing and sucking every inch of her naked torso. All she could do was wriggle in humiliation as we continued of assault. I covered her mouth with mine and forced my tongue deep inside. I flicked my tongue in and out of her inviting mouth. He soft lips gently sucked at my penetrating tongue. The two holding her ankles soon began to concentrate their attention on her legs and pubic area. Spreading her legs wide to get a full view of her pussy entrance; their fingers were soon probing the outer folds. She arched her hips trying to avoid their touch; but soon found that she was only forcing their fingers deeper in her private area.

We pulled her off the table and onto her knees. Jason said ''It's time to suck some cock. Open your mouth, stick your tongue out a let my cock slide inside. If I feel any teeth, you'll be on a liquid diet!'' Seeing not alternatives, Mrs.Taylor opened her mouth and displayed her tongue. Jason laid his dick on her tongue then grabbed her hair and pulled her head to his crotch. We watched as his cock disappeared into Mrs.Taylor's mouth. Her lips sealed around Jason's member as he began moving her head forward and backward. Shame filled her eyes at the realization of having to sexually service this young boys, classmates of her own son,at the age of 17 still minors,25 years younger then she. Our hands kept exploring her breast's as Jason pumped away in her mouth. She would gag when Jason went deep and hit the back of her throat. Soon Jason was really banging away. Mrs.Taylor's hair flew as her head was jerked. She tried to put her hands between herself and Jason to reduce the depth he was jabbing only to have them roughly slapped away. We could tell from his breathing that Jason was nearing ejaculation. She sensed it also from his throbbing dick in her mouth. Fear deepened in her eyes as she waited the dreaded moment. She knew that he was going to force her to swallow the nasty fluid. Suddenly Jason yanked her head firmly into his crotch and let out a deep groan. Mrs.Taylor jerked her head wildly as she tried to spit his exploding cock from her mouth but to no success. She chocked as the fluid continued to dump into her throat. Finally, Jason released his grip and she jerked her head back as she gasped for air. She was trying to catch her breath as drool dripped from her mouth and ran down her chin.

Sam quickly stepped in front of her and began his turn at mouth rape. The fight seemed to have lessened in Mrs.Taylor as she faced her determined attacker. Her ordeal continued for several minutes as she serviced Sam then Andy and finally me. By the time I took my turn all the fight had escaped her used body. Her head moved freely as I jerked it back and forth. She had long ago accepted her treatment. I think deep inside she hoped that we would be satisfied with forcing her to suck us off. Little did she know that her ordeal was just starting. When I finished using her mouth, she collapsed in a heap on the floor. Her breasts were completely covered in spunk and drool. She looked down at her once pristine boobs to see a slime covered mass. She sat huddled on the floor crying as she tried to wipe herself clean.

I lifted her back onto the table and told her ''Lay back and hook you heels on the corner of the table.'' As she lay crying she lifted her feet up and hooked her heels at the corners. That was forcing her feet apart but she held her thighs tight together. I slapped her knees and yanked them apart. ''We want the full view. Just pretend you're at the doctor's office getting your physical.'' I slid my hand down her shapely legs. As I approached her thighs she tensed expecting what was going to happen. ''Remember the doctor's office.'' I said as I forced my hand closer. Her thighs parted as my hand moved to fondle her labium folds. The folds were soft as I grabbed and pulled on one side. I moved my fingers to fondle her clit. She grasped the edge of the table and gritted her teeth trying to overcome the embarrassment. As I continued to fondle her, she started breathing heavier and heavier. Sam, seeing her response to the fondling moved close to the side of the tablek. Taking her hand from the side of the table, he placed his cock in her hand. Andy quickly followed on the other side. Andy said ''Start jerking on our cocks; we going to need them nice and hard.'' Mrs.Taylor's face, now a bright red, began moving her hand on their dicks. Her urethral opening was visible as I pulled her labium further apart. It was time for the start of a real show. I moved a finger just above her vaginal opening and then instructed ''Lift your hips up!''

Not realizing what was going to happen, Mrs.Taylor slowly lifted her hips. Suddenly my finger touched her vaginal opening. She froze at the torch. ''Higher!'' I ordered. ''Please don't!'' she pleaded. I slapped her leg and she reluctantly raised her hips higher. My finger was now penetrating her vagina. Her hips shook as I told her to continue. When my finger was fully inside I gave her the command ''Pump up and down. Do it slow to start then go faster and faster!'' She was now crying and babbling something about why we doing this,she could be our mother and so. She let her hips down to slowly raise them on my outstretched finger again. She repeated the process several times going a little faster each time. She was molesting herself.

As her speed picked up, I felt wetness in her vagina. I knew from her breathing and the wetness she was becoming aroused. ''Does this happen at the doctor's office?'' I quizzed. She turned her head as she continued to cry. I looked at Sam whose dick was now fully erect. ''Sam, switch now.'' I said. Sam moved swiftly to take my place between Mrs.Taylor's legs; only he didn't insert his finger. His hard dick was penetrating her vagina. Sam grasped her legs and pulled them up and against his body. With each thrust, Sam penetrated deeper into her vagina. Mrs.Taylor's arms flailed as he drove deeper. She was pleading and crying; but with no effect. Sam was now in full stride. Mrs.Taylor tossed her head from side to side as she groaned from the intrusion. She was being raped by the under age friends of her son and there was nothing she could do. Sam was roughly jerking onto his penis. His balls were making a slapping sound as the hit her raised hips. He pushed her legs farther and farther over her prone body. She was now almost folded in half. He was not being easy with his penetrations. They were sharp and rough. Mrs.Taylor jumped each time he rammed deep into her. We knew from his speed that he would soon be dumping his load. Suddenly Sam's body tensed and with a hard thrust exclaimed ''Take that,you slut!'' Mrs.Taylor's body trembled as his sperm shot deep into her vagina. She shook and her mouth quivered as his load continued to shoot. When he pumped a few more times; his dick made a sloshing sound. When he final pulled completely out it sounded like a cork coming out of a bottle.

We were going wild. Mrs.Taylor's tits were being pulled and jerked. You could hear the flesh crack as her tits were snapped back and forth. Jason replaced Sam between her legs. He rammed with ferocity; raising her ass in the air as he hit bottom. Mrs.Taylor pleaded for mercy; but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Her head was jerked to the side as a cock was rammed deep in her throat. She flailed her arms trying desperately to slow the attack. Her body was being jerked like a piece of meat in the jaws of wild dogs. Jason was pounding with all his might.''There you have, Mrs.Taylor! You nasty old slut! Mrs.Taylor's legs went limp from exhaustion. She had lost all hope of preventing a savage attack; all she could hope for was survival. She knew her body was going to suffer untold abuse at the hands of these kids. She felt Jason spewing his spunk deep into her vagina. The thought suddenly flashed through her mind that she wasn't on any form of birth control. My God, what if she got pregnant from this attack. She felt sick to her stomach at the thought of such an impregnation.

Jason withdrew and Mrs.Taylor felt herself being lifted from the table. She was abruptly stood and spun in one motion; only to be slammed chest down on the table. She felt her ankles being kicked apart hard. She braced for the inevitable doggie style penetration; but to her horror Andy rammed deep into her anus. He didn't even bother to try to lube himself to make his intrusion easier. She felt her ass being ripped open by his thrusting. She tried to twist but her hair was yanked and another cock was jammed into her throat. Andy was had his hands under her and a hold of her breasts. He was using them as leverage to jerk himself even deeper in her bowels. When he rammed in her legs were lifted completely off the floor. Her own weight was aiding in her violation. She could hear Jason making sounds like an animal. Finally she felt his balls slapping against her cunt. She new at least he couldn't penetrate any deeper.

Mrs.Taylor couldn't imagine this would ever happen to her. She had seen boys somehow admiring her body; but she never dreamed that they would be gang raping her. Her mind snapped back to her current situation. She was being anally and orally raped at the same time. There was no emotion involved only pure lust in her attack. Her hair was being swirled into a knotted mess by the hands twined within. She wished that she could just pass out and avoid this realization.

Suddenly she felt Jason's cock throbbing as hot fluid filled her bowels. Her anal rape would soon be over. She felt him to continue to slosh his dick in her cum filled rectum as he shot the last drops of sperm into her. Now she was being jerked onto the floor. She couldn't even recognize who was where as she was forced to straddle a prone body on the floor. She sensed the rough invasion of her vagina once again by another cock. She was being jerked up and down like a rag doll. Now she was slammed forward as someone rammed their dick into her already sore rectum. The guy underneath was bucking his hips high into the air as her vagina was forced down by not only her weight but the weight of the guy shoving his dick in her ass. She was being sandwiched between to sexual maniacs. Now she felt her jaws being forced open once again and a foul smelling and tasting penis shoved in her already violated throat. She had heard of such rapes being called 3 ways and now she fully understood why.

Where was the forth guy? Had he left? She caught a glimpse of feet to her side. She soon realized what he was doing. He was jerking wildly on his dick as he shoved his balls into her ears. He was planning on ejaculating into her once beautiful hair. Within a few minutes Mrs.Taylor had been allowed to collapse on the floor. Spunk oozed from her torn and battered anus as more seeped from her stretched vagina. Drool and spunk flowed from her sore mouth as she felt her cum coated hair matted against her skull. Surely her ordeal was over; what else could they possibly do.

She was prodded back to reality once again as shoes punched her sides rolling her onto her back. As she managed to open her eyes; she was staring at four guys jerking off over her body. They were going to coat her body with their nasty spunk and there was nothing Mrs.Taylor could do to prevent it. She dropped her arms to her side and waited for them to achieve their pleasure. Her indignity was soon to be complete. Before long she felt the splatters of the first shot. Lying still she waited for the others to achieve their ejaculations. After several minutes during which some managed to actually ejaculate twice her body was completely covered from her hair to her pubic area. They finally knelt and began smearing the globs around with the limp penises. Her nice firm breasts were globs of white stick glue.

Mrs.Taylor curled into the fetal position as the boys gather their clothes and dressed before leaving the house. She finally gathered the strength to try to leave only to discover the bastards had taken all her clothes with them. She fell once again on the floor crying hysterically at her situation. She had been left totally naked after being completely violated.

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Very nice !!!

--bad man--
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Nice story. I liked the bit where she has to molest herself against him.
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nice story.
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I love rape stories involving television characters & this was a great story. + Rep
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