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Default The Spanish Resort - By two bar buddies (MF)

Hey, this is my second try at story writing. I hope you enjoy it, this is the first part and its written in a different style than my last story, I hope you like the first part!

“Fuck, man. The heat is killing me. Hey sweetie, get me a cold one, I’m dying here, I worked my ass off today, that fuckin rich bitch was riding our asses all day, I swear I'm going fuck her up if she keeps up that bossy act, it’s not even her fortune she's spending.”

“Take it easy man, just be happy you got a job doing some construction, it’s hard enough just survive with this economy, be happy someone wanted to employ your sorry ass at all”

Ryan chugs down the beer and burps satisfied, sitting in a clammy beat down old bar in the Miami-Dade region Ryan and Todd where childhood friends, both grew up together doing the usual stuff kids do like first love, first fuck, first joint and all the usuall fighting growing up. Both Ryan and Todd went straight into the army, they were not cut out for college. If you could see them in the bar that day you could easily spot that they were not far from either prison or being homless in the near future.
The only reason Ryan and Todd even had work was the connection to Todd`s stepfather who owned several companies, and one of them did construction all over the Miami region, so Todd had hooked up Ryan when he came back from Spain where he had done some janitor work on this fancy resort, he always was bragging about. Todd was honestly tired listening to Ryan’s bullshit stories but the lack of friends and their old friendship considered he kept him around.

As the day and the evening progressed the guys got more and more drunk sitting in the old saggy bar, they only left their barstools to go pee or take a shit. Conversation went about Mandy, the hot cheerleader Ryan fucked behind the old barn and went further on to all the old shit they had pulled in their younger years.

As usual Ryan started bragging about Spain and all the amazing shit he had done that Todd knew where bullshit.

“Ryan, I swear to god or whatever the fuck you want, if I hear one more of your fucking stories from Spain I'm bailing on you, I’ll go fuck that hot Mexican chick I met last week”

“Fuck you Todd, you think all my fuckin stories are bullshit, but I tell you one I’ll know you will love to hear all about, but fuck you, with that attitude Ill save it for a rainy day or someone else, your loss dude”

Ryan noticed by experience that he was hiding something good, not the ordinary bullshit, he saw it Ryan eyes, he had that look that people have when they really want to tell you something they shouldn’t.

“Oh, lord! The Almighty Ryan really has story worth listening too, do tell mister” - Todd theatrically says.

“Fuck you, I’ll tell the story if, but if I do, you’re buying the rounds to night, because this story aint the cheap deal, and you will fuckin get a hardon just listening to it.”

Ryan looked around and made sure the place where empty, tonight even emptier than usual actually. So why not, Ryan looked like he was going to tell some kind of state secret and being the one with the fattest wallet he thought why not, its two for one all night anyways.

“You know the resort I was working on, I had worked for a couple of months doing all kind of shit, and this one day I was repairing some sprinklers outside one of the condos when this snobby woman in her 40s came out bitching about noise, the bitch told me in a polite way to fuck off an come back later, can you believe it?”

“Yeah yeah, very exciting, whats your point and did she even look good?”
“Relaxe moron, I'm getting to it, I told her I would come back later, to finish the work so she could get her beauty sleep, and I finished that work later, she had left the condo with her husband dressed up like they were meeting the president or something”

“Just be patient and hear me out, the good part is still to come. The next day I was down working one of the pumps by the biggest pool where normally only the older fuckers was sunbathing and guess what the bitch was doing. The only thing she was doing was bitching and moaning about everything to the waiters working there, small Spanish fuckers running around scared of this stuck up bitch"

Todd looks a bit more interested in the story now.

“It really started to piss me off, this bitch needed to be given a hard learned lesson, I mean what the fuck? So over the next days I kept an eye out for the bitch, looking for an opportunity to fuck this bitch up”

Todd almost choked on his beer as Ryan finished his sentence.

“Say what now? Fuck her up? What the fuck, what did you do, this story just became interesting, fuck her up? Tell me motherfucker, you crazy fuck, what did you do?”

“Shut up and listen retard. Hey baby! I think we are going to need some shots her for me and my old friend…. Well, one day I spotted her sunbathing outside their condo, her husband was standing there talking to her and i could hear from a distance that he said he wanted to try out the resort golf course or something. From the look of it something she obviously by her body language wasn’t interested in. Fuckin bitch where even giving him an attitude. So the this moron is paying for everything, and there she is lying giving him a attitude, man, this bitch was in for a ride"

Both guys downs easy the two shots, and Todd looks at Ryan and says;

“Fuck man, best story ever man, I hate bitches that marry for money, they are like prostitutes publicly accepted… Beer, honey! Keep em coming”

“So I thought this was my moment, man, the bitch was alone, I had my siesta time, one hour break before I had to get back to work, so I went over to the bitch and told her, when she was lying there only covered by her underwear, her bikini was hanging to dry in the sun, I bet she was not excepting visitors on that side of the condo, because she was quite shocked when I spoke to her, I told her I had to check her pipes, haha can you believe it, check her pipes? I told her we had to high pressure on the system so the pipes might have a leak and I needed to check it out immediately”

Todd looked like a boy listening to his grandfather telling old war stories, he was getting slowly turned on by the story. To be honest and you probably already figured this out, but these guys aren’t exactly boy scouts, they had a history of doing a lot of shit on the border to prison time, but never ever really gone all the way.

“Man, don’t stop now, I dying here”

“Well the bitch told me to get my dirty eyes of her ass as she reach for her robe. I followed the bitch inside and she told me to be quick about it, as she walked I could see how hot she was, her ass bulging under her robe, the black thong barely visible and the smell of expensive perfume was turning me the fuck on”

“Oh my god Ryan, fuck me, and what did you do? I would fuck that bitch so hard we both be crying”

Ryan looks at Todd with a look on his face only someone that got away with someone would have.

“More shots baby” – Todd almost screams

“Well, as I walked behind this fine specimen of a fuckable woman I grabbed her neck and slung her down on the floor and I told her if you move I will fucking kill you right her, and she was crying hysterical as I ripped of her robe.. “

“Oh my god” – Todd replies

“This man is a fuckin genius Todd stands up screaming to the empty bar”

“Man, the body, you know even if hit 40s she was still a looker, and she had to be, if not who would pay to have her with on expensive holidays? She was a fucking high-class trophy wife of some rich dude probably out fucking hookers on every business trip, but needed something fuckable at home also”

“Man I wish I could be there with you to see her body” – Todd says.

“Well, take a look at this my friend, I got evidence, i needed something to wank of to at night, you know.”

Ryan grabs his IPhone, trust me, this was one of the first Iphones out that Ryan had won I a poker game in Spain with some of the locals.

“After I ripped her robe of, I told her to stand up against the wall and spread it, and trust me she was scared shitless, she was sobbing about money and whatnot to get her out the situation.... take a look at this my friend, that ass is just fuckable, don’t you think?”

Ryan shows Todd his iphone with this picture all over his phone.

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Need some feedback on this writing technique, and also if it turns you on OFC

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