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Default Rizzoli's bad fortune

heyo! been awhile, neh? here's a new paid story- enjoy (all characters are 18 or older in story)


Her feet beat against the pavement, driving dirt and gravel into the air as she yells at the young man who disappears round the bend of the ally.
“Hold! Stop!” detective Rizzoli yells towards the young man with bright curly red hair as he sees her and beats down the beaten path, running fast along the pavement, her long dark hair whipping across her face, masking her sight. She brushes it out of her face, trying to see where the young man has gotten off to.
She’s been after Hubert Johnson for weeks now, ever since the disappearance of the young man’s neighbor, Emily Watson. He’d last been seen with the young woman only hours before her disappearance. Then, two days ago, Emily’s body had been found in a dumpster, her throat slit and body bruised and beaten, a young man fitting Hubert’s description at the scene of the dumping grounds. Combing the area, Jane Rizzoli had happened upon a lead that Hubert would frequent these streets, selling off bags of cocaine. Now that lead has finally paid off as she catches sight of the young thug and gives chase. She wishes her partner were here, to help in assisting with the capture of the criminal, but as she turns the ally bend, she thinks, life isn’t about getting what you want but about having luck on your side and taking the opportunities when they present themselves.
She cocks the chamber to her gun, rounding the bend, cautious of her surroundings. If Hubert is near this area then she’ll make certain to catch him. Wether in cuffs or dropping him to the ground if he resist. Emily Watson deserves at least that.
She steps in deeper into the dark recesses of the ally, blinking her eyes at her surroundings. While dark, with bags of garbage piled at the end, there doesn’t seem to be any exit. So did Hubert manage to jump over the edge of the wall or did he take another exit somewhere? As she is about to turn around and exit the ally she feels something sharp jab her under her left breast, a strong bolt of electricity shooting through her body, stiffening her spine and nerve endings. She barely turns in time, her body turning into a hard shard as she falls back.
The last thing she sees is Hubert’s green eyes, the red hair poking out from his hoodie as he’d come out from the shadows of the overhang right against the wall by the corner she’d turned. How could she be so stupid as to have missed something so obvious, she thinks. He’d been in plain sight and... she’d ... missed him.
He body slumps to the floor, head hitting the hard granite hard as blackness overtakes her and consciousness leaves her.

He’d seen her as he’d been crossing the street, watched her from the cop car and seen that she’d been alone. That stuck up cop bitch who’d been following him for who knows how long now...
He’d kept the hood up, intending to simply walk by and get past the car, hoping the cop wouldn’t notice, but of course, there’d been the click of the door, the creak as it had opened and then the woman’s voice yelling at him in no uncertain terms, to “stop.”
Fuck that, he’d thought, knowing full well that this woman was dogging him, not for his drug trafficking, which would be enough to land him in jail as is, but because of that snotty little feminist bitch, Emily Watson, who he’d had a run in with earlier. It had just been a little fling really, nothing serious, but cuz he and the bitch had had a bit of rough sex and she might have gotten pregnant with his bastard the whore had started to cause trouble. He’d caught her trying to call the feds when the two had fled together to have some personal time and he’d refused to take her back home.
She’d tried to make excuses of course, saying she just wanted to go home and that she was sorry, but he knew the truth. Knew how feminist whores like her worked. And he wasn’t one who was going to fall for it. More’s the pity for her, she was kinda’ a pretty one after all. But he wasn’t willing to stomach traitors like her so she had to go.
He’d pulled her hair back then and sliced open her neck, watched as it splattered with impassive eyes even as she’d gasped, clutching at her neck, clawing at his shirt even as she flailed trying to hold on to the last scraps of life. It had almost been cute how she’d tried so desperately to hold to life like that. He might have even have let her go if she’d just asked, but no, she’d had to try and do things her own way behind his back and call the cops. That’s why he did what he did, slitting her throat like this, watching her gasp her last breaths on the floor so pathetic and piteous like that. It had... really been amusing.
Such a waste but he wasn’t going to let himself be pulled down by some rotten skank. Too bad he hadn’t been more watchful to keep an eye on the rest of the people in the community or else he might’ve noticed the prying eyes of the neighbors as he’d walked out from the old shack from where he’d slit the bitch’s throat.
Even now, he’d slipped, letting Jack Pavilonni help the fed get a bead on him. Fuck it all. How as a man supposed to make a living if everyone was always dogging his ass?
Now he had that damned cop on his ass. He could hear her feet pounding the pavement not a few feet behind him, yelling his name. Fuck it all if she thought he’d go let her drag him to jail in cuffs.
He’d beat down the path quickly, his heart beating quickly, pounding in his chest as he turned the corner into an old dead end ally that extended several feet into a dirty neighborhood before ending in an obscenely tall brick wall, a dumpster snug at the back. He’d turned and hugged the outcrop of wall, waiting for the cop to drop in to the ally so he can make the break for it at the sign that she goes too deep into the ally to properly follow.
But as she rounded the corner, he noticed the woman cop stop, her gun drawn as she walked into the ally, slowly. Fuck it, he’d thought, he couldn’t do much if she didn’t run all the way in and get turned around.
His fingers had slipped into his pocket, a smile crossing his lips as he remembered the old tazer he’d gotten off the security guard off West Park. Old Frank hadn’t been too good in handling him and he’d managed to pull the weapon off, the thing having a nice buzz and a good charge to it. He’d had some fun using it on Emily a few times while they had their fun. Well, now he’d shove it up this cop’s ass and see how well she liked it.
As she’d stepped in deeper into the ally scanning the surrounding area, he’d stepped out from the shadows, slipping the tazer out from his pockets just as the woman had turned around, drawing her weapon up. He’d smirked and stabbed the tazer forward, jamming the stingers of the device into the woman’s breast and letting her have a full charge to her tit meat.
She’d let out a small cry as her back had arched suddenly, the electricity flying before she’d fallen back, body still twitching on the floor. She’d hit the floor hard, her eyes shutting as her breaths had become ragged and now here he stands.
Hubert looks down at the woman with long dark curling brown hair, her breathing low and heavy, breast heaving up and down as her limbs twitch. A part of him thinks he should run, book it and be out of here as fast as his legs can carry him, but another part of him looks at this woman, now helpless before him, a small trickle of blood running down her scalp and thinks, this is too good a chance to ignore and he really has such a hard on going on now he shouldn’t just pass such a situation like this up. After all, he thinks, how often is a guy like him going to be able to say they fucked a cop up the ass?
A smile cross his lips as those thought filter into his mind and he walks forward, slipping the tazer back into his jacket pocket before his hands begin to fumble with his pants. His decision has been made and fuck it all, he’s going to have some fun now.
But before letting his fly slip, he decides to prod at the woman, tapping her with his foot, pushing her to the side, seeing if she’ll waken or stir. He manages to get a moan or so, low types of noises. But it is nothing loud or serious. Nothing he’d need to worry himself over.
He looks over his shoulder, waiting to hear if there are other feds coming around, looking for their missing partner. The winds are still and silent as he listens for any beat of feet on this path or any sound of walkie talkies or just general verbiage one of the feds would use. But as he listens, that silence persist. Only the constant drone of regular suburban life whistling on the wind.
A grin slips across his face as he looks down towards the prone woman. He kneels down slowly, that grin on his lips spreading.
“We seem to be alone, officer,” he says, a hand extending towards the woman’s chest, fingers slipping beneath her shirt as fingers caress the soft flesh of her breast. He feels his rod stiffen, feeling the softness of her malleable flesh, his fingers slipping in beneath her bra, fingers pinching the end of her nub with two nails.
A soft moan escapes the woman’s lips, but nothing more.
He stares, looking over the woman’s body with his eyes, tearing away her clothes with his eyes even as his hand continues to caress her sensitive flesh, feeling it harden beneath his tips.
“You like this, don’t you,” he whispers. “You’re just a fucking slut like that Emily. All you girls are the same.”
He leans forward, sticking out his tongue, running it over the woman’s cheek, tasting the soft skin beneath mixed with sweat. Her smacks his lips before turning the woman’s face and kissing her lightly, lingering on her lips as he tugs at the bottom lip. He pulls back slowly, simply marveling at the older woman.
“Alright,” he says, “that’s enough foreplay for now. Let’s do something else.”
He fumbles with his fly and curses, realizing that the position he finds himself in is not very conducive to allowing him to undo his zipper. So he stands and pulls down the zipper, hearing as each metal rung is unhooked and slides down, sounding like a machine grating in his ears.
He looks around, still frightened, wondering if anyone has heard, but after a few moments of silence, he turns back to his target, grinning. Fingers prod his unclean garments, finding the curled serpent inside and wrap around it, pulling the head out with a good length, already hardening as hands quickly pull and prod at his staff.
“Now,” he says, “let’s see what you think of little Hugo...”

He slaps his phallus against the woman’s cheek, seeing if she responds. There is none, not even the quiver of an eye lid or a soft moan. This should calm him, but it irritates him, so he grips the woman’s nose, forcing her to open her lips out of reflex.
“Alright, bitch,” he says, “time for things to go down the hatch!”
With these words, he slips his cock between the prone woman’s lips, her lips squeezing against his rod as he slides in, feeling as her tonsils brush against the skin of his dick tingling with the sensation as he rubs against her teeth. Part of him is scared that this cop might castrate him and leave him a eunuch but another part is seemingly excited by the prospect, by the risk, like he was when he slit Emily’s throat. The feeling is so similar that he can’t stop. It’s an irresistible high that he can’t fight against.
So much so that he finds himself gripping the woman’s hair in a fistful and begins pushing her down against his cock and back up, then down again, making her head slip up against his cock like she were some common street whore.
He grimaces. If anyone were to run into them right now there’d be no way he’d get off with a slap on the wrist for face fucking a cop, but that’s the beauty of it, to be doing something so taboo, especially with the very person who can slap those cuffs on you and take all your freedoms away!
His second hand pulls away from her top to grip her head. Now with two handfuls of that thick and curly hair, he begins to face fuck the fed in earnest, thrusting in and out, his fist having two thick locks of hair as his hips slap wetly against the woman’s lips. He can feel his member stiffen, feel as the woman begins to gag, her reflexes kicking in as she tries to automatically spit him back out, her throat compressing and squeezing automatically, lips spreading wider, seeming to allow more of his girth in.
The more she chokes, the more he pushes in until he can feel himself at the entrance of her throat, pushing past that wall lining, thrusting up against it and jabbing at the back of her neck while he continues to face fuck her.
It’s a really nice feeling, he thinks, feeling her lips squeezing around his cock, making him hard like this. He can feel his member growing stiffer the longer he goes inside her, his cock twitching and thumping against the roof of her mouth making the woman make cute little gagging noises as he continues to face fuck her. It is quite heavenly, this feeling, and he’d love to just cum inside her mouth and fill her throat with his jizz but that’s not nearly as fun as taking something else from her. A dignity and shame that can never be recaptured.
Sure, it is humiliating if he cums inside her mouth and she’ll have that salty filthy taste on her lips for awhile until she washes off, but any woman can get over that after an hour or so if no one knows, if she doesn’t tell. Her pussy on the other hand...
A dark smirk crosses his lips as he pulls away from her mouth with a soft pop! The woman’s breathing coming out in low ragged gasp. Yes, it is a nice sound, but the horror she’ll have when she feels her hips wet with his seed is far better. Too much a thing to ignore.
He stands up, giving one more glance over his shoulder to make certain there’s no people coming to investigate and he turns back to the woman, smiling.
“Alright,” he says. “Enough foreplay. Let’s get to the fun part!”
He grips his cock, waving it before the downed woman, slapping it against his jeans, already feeling the precum beginning to leak out from it. His heart is racing and a dark smile is plastered on his face, malignant glee filling his being. The rush of having done what he has already is driving him wild and he wants to do more.
He walks around the fed, gripping her wrist and begins to pull her deeper into the ally. Even though he is feeling extremely high from his feelings here, he does not want to be out in the open where anyone can see him and he’s risked too much already. So for now, he thinks he’d better try and play it safe. Slowly, he pulls her back, dragging her back towards the dumpster where the bulk of items and shadows will help mask his presence from her. It takes him a bit and the woman protest some with piteous moans, but he is able to drag her back behind the metal crate, away from eyes so they’ll only see him as he readies himself, pulling down his pants around his ankles as he grips the woman’s belt and begins to fiddle with it.
A part of him still thinks about the idea that she may waken, that she may scream and give away his position of resist and fight back, but then he reminds himself he still has his tazer, which he can use at any time to knock her back into unconsciousness. He slaps it lightly with his palm to remind himself of its presence before kneeling down and lifting the woman’s legs up into the air, lifting them up above her shoulders as he begins to work her pants down her hips and over her legs, exposing the whiteness of her tanned skin.
The view is such that he feels himself almost ready to cum already, his member twitching, wanting entrance into her cop’s womb already. But he holds it, not willing to let himself be drawn in just yet. Taking time and enjoying the catch is a most important part of his work and he needs to be able to savor the grab.
Holding the woman’s legs up, he looks over her white panties, her mons pushing up against the thin fabric and he finds himself running a quick finger over the tip, teasing the woman before him. It is such that he can feel the woman twitch, jerking beneath his grip.
He licks his lips, hungering for what is beneath.
His hand comes up under the strap of the panty’s waist band and grabs hold, pulling roughly, pulling it down so it is curled around the woman’s ankles like her pants, a jumbled mess that she won’t easily move away from.
Satisfied, Hubert looks down towards her thin pink slit, looking over the pink wet opening that waits for his thick cock to penetrate it. It looks so puffy and pristine, as if it hasn’t been oft used, just waiting for him. He licks his lips, his hand unconsciously moving towards his cock, stroking it lightly.
Yes, he thinks, it’s time to fuck this bitch.
Lining his cock up to the opening of her slit, he pushes it in, feeling the warmth as the woman’s body clings to his cock head, her back arching a bit as he pushes inside then he pushes in deeper, feeling the warmth of her body give way to his invading member. Feeling comfortable now within the regions of her body, he pulls out slightly and slams it inside.
The woman’s body jerks, a groan coming from her lips. Excited, with her body now gripping his member tightly, Hurbert now begins to fuck the woman honestly. He has no interest in taking it slow, as his member slides in and out from her body, thrusting quickly, slapping away at her wet slit. He is too excited to take her softly and having just tasted her body he begins to pound away at her opening, enjoying the feel as he slams his member against her body.
It truly is an exciting thing, he thinks. Even hidden here behind the dumpster, there may always be the chance someone else walks by or another cop comes in with a gun trained on his head, or simply... that this bitch wakes up and fully identifies him, not that she doesn’t know him already.
As that thought crosses his mind his lips sink into a frown, some of the excitement losing its fervor now that the game is up and this woman will likely know who it is who has ripped away her womanhood but at once he shrugs it off, grinning maliciously. Fuck it, let her know, let her dwell on the notion that the red headed ginger she was chasing has gotten the better of her and is now going to fucking impregnate her! Yeah, he thinks, let her think on it and cry herself to sleep every night knowing that this punk kid took her rights away with his cock. That he showed her even as a fed who the real man is!
These thoughts spurn him forward, making him drill into the woman’s warm body faster and harder, slapping against her rapidly, her hips bouncing with the constant whuck, whuckt of his hips beating against hers. He can feel his rod getting harder inside the bitch, but still, he needs more, her slit too loose to hold him properly.
He wonders how many men this fed has already let inside her loose snatch and lets his hands wander to her neck, squeezing tight as he continues to thrust his body up against her, squeezing his hands all the more as he feels her hips tighten, her slit gripping his groin all the more as she struggles to breathe. It is so tight now, he thinks, continuing to squeeze as he continues to rape the woman, her legs around his neck.
Yes, he thinks. Yes, he wants more. More!
It is at this moment, at the moment when his member has grown hard and he spits his seed inside that the woman’s eyes snap open and she stares at him agasp as he is still squeezing her neck, his hips bucking as he releases the final spurts of jism in her pussy.
“What the fuck?!” the woman says, her professional demeanor falling by the wayside as she finds herself in a compromising position and begins to batt at the young man with swats of her hands. Done with what he wanted, he pulls away, stumbling back as he begins to run, pulling up his trousers as he does so. He’s got what he wants, now it’s time to vacate the premise.

Detective Rizzolli kicks at the teen, angered that she’d allowed him to get the jump on her and more in that she’d gone down so hard that she’d woken up with him raping her! Her initial reaction had simply been to scream at him and try to kick him away. Her gun and her training... all of it, forgotten in a moment of horror as she’d realized what he’d been doing and felt the warm trickle of the young man’s filth leaving her womanhood.
It had all been too much. And when she’d seen him run off, trying to pull his pants up awkward, Rizzolli could only curl up in a fetal position, hugging her own body, rubbing her arms as she feels that jism escaping her cunt lips, her body letting out small spurts and gasp as that fluid falls away from her body.
No matter what she thinks or how she tries to play the situation, there is one inescapable fact. She’s been raped. And nothing will ever change that.
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Awww! damn what happened to "After all, he thinks, how often is a guy like him going to be able to say they fucked a cop up the ass?" More more, who else could come by? Really good thanks
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cop, fed, milf

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